#incorrect bnha quotes
Deku: Everyone always says I'm the most charismatic out of the group
Iida: Well, you always have a smile on your face
Deku: Thank you
Shouto: What drugs do you take?
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writersmorgue · 2 days
Tumblr media
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Stranger: so you have, at one point, dated a woman
Hizashi: correct
Stranger: but you are currently dating... a man
Hizashi: that is accurate
Stranger: so.. what are you?
Hizashi, trying Very Hard to be difficult: I was under the impression that you knew, but I am Present Mic, the voice hero
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incorrect-endhawks · 2 days
Hawks: Can you please get rid of him? I don't want him at our party.
Endeavor: Why do I have to always be the bad guy?
Hawks: I don't know. Why do I have to be the pretty one? We all have our thing.
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z-mizcellaneous-z · 1 month
midoriya: i am a nice person i think. bakugo: what the fuck? of course you are- midoriya: BUT. bakugo: midoriya: midoriya: i think that i'll start throwing rocks at people that are mean to me. bakugo: bakugo: marry me.
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fever-dreamer97 · 1 month
Aizawa: Okay, how tall are you?
Izuku: 5’7 in roller skates.
Aizawa:…How about when you’re not in roller skates?
Izuku: Oh, I don’t know.
Aizawa: Bakugo-
Bakugo: He’s not lying. He seriously doesn’t know.
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incorrectmyhero · 8 months
Kirishima: Hi Mrs. Bakugou! I'm here to ask permission to ask out Katsuki :)
Mitsuki: what is this, the dark ages? You know what? No. Since you asked, no you can't. Beat me in a duel first.
Masaru: she means yes
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incorrect-bkdk-quotes · 11 months
Kaminari: *hits Bakugou in the head with a ball*
Class 1-A three hours later, trying to coax him down from the tree: It’s okay he’s gone you can come down now-
Kaminari, still shaking: He’s not gone, he’s waiting.
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incorrect-academia · 3 months
Katsuki: So you're like, pretty good with computers and shit, right?
Izuku: Yeah, why?
Katsuki: Can you hack into things?
Izuku: Well...some things, yeah...What do you need?
Katsuki: To restore something
Izuku: Restore what exactly?
Katsuki: My Club Penguin account. I was banned
Izuku: Disappointed but not surprised. Why were you banned?
Katsuki: Nothing big. Called someone a pussy boy because they weren't paying attention to me
Izuku: No, you can make a second account
Katsuki: I did and that one got banned too for calling someone a cock sucker
Izuku: I think you deserve this
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incorrect-mha-bnha · 1 year
They Are Married
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shoutokozume · 7 months
Attractive things BNHA do
Tumblr media
Ft. Denki, Todoroki, Bakugo, Deku, Kirishima, and Dabi
Warnings - Suggestive (Especially in Dabi's)
Denki Kaminari
Tumblr media
Body Rolls - Your boyfriend is a Doja Cat enthusiast, any song by her will make him stand up and immediately start dancing along. He'll do slow body rolls throughout some of the chorus parts, hair brushed back with his left hand as he looks to the ground with his bottom lip between his teeth. He will also thrust the air when the beat picks up. (He's a slight whore and we stan.)
Winks when you make eye contact - You will feel someone staring at you from somewhere in the room, looking around to see if your intuition is true you'll make eye contact with Denki. The moment you meet his golden eyes, he'll send you a playful wink served with a cute boysih grin. He'll do an occasional finger gun when he's extra playful.
Random love bites - You were studying for the upcoming exam during free time, along with Jiro and Bakugo. Denki noticed you in the lobby and decides he wanted some attention, so he moved you to his lap and clung to you like a koala not caring that Jiro and Bakugo were both present. They wouldn't have thought much about it, if it wasn't for the fact that he began to gently chew on your cheek as if it were a dumpling. Nose scrunched playfully, as he smiling brightly when you laughed off his gestures.
Husky laugh when he's tired - You're one of the few people to witness sleepy Kaminari, he still tries to act like he's the same but his voice becomes so much quieter and lower. He'll give into his tired state, snuggling himself into your chest as you tell him about your day. At odd times you'll hear him chuckle tiredly, it's so opposite from his normal laugh that it sometimes doesn't even sound like him.
Todoroki Shouto
Tumblr media
Licks his lips a lot - Never realizes how often he does this, and doesn't realize how attractive it looks when he does it. He'll start off a sentence with a small lick to his bottom lip, lick his lips while focused, tongue peeking out everytime he finishes a sip of his drink, licking his thumb if any sauce is caught on it. Etc. Yet he is always confused when he notices your bashful state.
Focused furrow brows - You can always catch Todoroki focusing on his tests, letters from his mom, or a simple phone game. But it never fails to make anyone passing by him become a bit flustered, his legs crossed in his chair as he examines the item in his hands. Eyebrows furrowed, as one of his hands rake through his multi colored locks.
Holds onto belt loops - Whenever you two go shopping, he panics that he'll lose you in a crowd. So when you stray to far, he'll give a soft tug to the belt loop of your jeans. One single finger become his whole right hand as he locks it against your waist. He trusts that you can protect yourself, he just simply gets anxious when left alone in big crowds.
Walks out in a loose towel - Wakes up at the crack of dawn, you'll stir awake after he's done his shower and facial routine. Which is why you're always greeted to Shouto walking around the house in a loose towel that hangs near his hip bone. Hair drenched and dripping down his chest, as his toothbrush hangs out of his mouth.
Bakugo Katsuki
Tumblr media
Pulls you into his lap - Is overprotective (cuddly in denial) over you, which means he is constancy pulling you towards him and away from any other male student. But it is also comforting having you in his lap, it's like having a heated weighten blanket that snuggles into him. However other people can get uncomfortable by it, once making both of you get kicked out of the movie theatres while watching fifty shades of grey, because people thought you two were doing something else. Wink wonk.
Tsks when you fight - You have confronted Bakugo on his attitude many times, especially towards your shared friend group. Whenever you make a good point and he can't argue against it, he smirks and sucks his revealed teeth. Completely pissed off that he's losing the fight, so frustrated that he can't help but smirk to release some of the built up craziness that you've given him.
Ushers you over with his finger - You were chatting with Jiro about the new assignment and how hard it was, when your boyfriend called over your name. Sitting on his table as he had both of your backpacks hanging from his arm. He was ready to walk you home, and didn't want to be past curfew since his mom was so strict on him. Instead of waving you over like many people do, Bakugo has always used his index finger to lure you closer, his eyes softer than usual as a shy smile can be seen when you begin to get closer.
Corners you randomly - Bakugo is conflicted. He wants to come off as strong and tough to his classmates, but he also doesn't want to be rough with you or make you scared of him. So he decides to find a middle ground, which is cornering you against any wall or corner before giving you a simple compliment. He'll slam you softly against his locker, just to say "you look nice today." and then he walks off to talk with Kirishima. It's odd, yet endearing.
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
Bites his lips - Often looks up at you with his round green puppy eyes, with his bottom lip bitten behind his two front teeth. He doesn't do it to come off hot or cute in anyway, it's more of a nervous tic that he does very often. Whenever he's scared or intimidated, he will softly nip at his bottom lip to relief some stress. It looks very attractive, eyes scrolling over his books attentively as the sun glides across his honey feeckled skin. White bunny teeth softly sinking against his peach bottom lip every so often.
Sensitive thighs - His thighs are quite plump despite being a bit slimmer compared to his classmates. But are they ever sensitive, the moment you lay a hand on one of his thighs he'll suck in some air out of shock. He'll be a whimpering mess if you slap them playfully, you never think much of it and think of it as a ticklish zone. That is, until one day you see a bulge appear in his uniform pants.
Laughs when he's angry - Similar to Bakugo, the reason why he's laughing or smiling is because he's so frustrated that he has to let out some relief by physically releasing it. This usually only happens when he's fighting with Bakugo, villains, or Iida. But when they hear him begin laughing as if he's a maniac, they know that he doesn't have much more patience before he activates his quirk and attempts to kick their ass.
Draws you in his journal - Midoriya thinks you're the most attractive person to ever walk this earth, so it comes to no surprise that he's written many journal entries about you. Even if they don't mean anything to the topics of heroes or crime, he simply just loves talking about you and admiring you. His words soon became little doodles of a chibi version of you, a little cheerleader to encourage him when he's writing down new notes.
Kirishima Eijirou
Tumblr media
Pull ups on door frames - Kirishima has a pull up bar on his door frame, and no one can change my mind. Every morning and night you will never fail to catch your boyfriend doing pull ups on his door frame, veins popped as he attempts to beat his own record. His voice gritty and strained from focusing on counting, he also never has hair gel in by these times so its a rather hot sight to see.
Uses lots of lotion - Despite his skin turning into a hard rock material for a quirk, his natural skin is rather soft and warm. That's because he uses a lot of lotion, he is on a first name basis with the cashiers at bath and body works because he visits their so often. Nothing is more manly than having great healthy skin, it also helps define his muscles that he's worked hard on achieving.
Groans while stretching - Every morning or after every workout session, Kirishima Eijirou always let's out a gutteral moan while stretching his back. He doesn't realize how sexual it sounds, but everyone else to witness this does. No one has the heart to point out how dirty he sounds while doing this, but the bright blush on your face every morning has made him wonder what he does to make you so flustered.
Presses himself against you - It's usually just a simple back huge from your boyfriend, while he rests his head on your head or shoulder. But sometimes he just likes being close to you, so he'll often be only inches behind you as you wait for your next mission as a class. He's like your own personal bodyguard without realizing it, because he's always so close to you for most of the day and night. No one has ever even flirted with you or asked you out because he's right there staring at them with you.
Todoroki Touya
Tumblr media
Tongue in cheek - His legs are spread apart as he looks at you from the club he invited you to, a shot of whiskey in his hand while he checks you out head to toe with his tongue poking against his pierced cheek. He's a very horny man, so anything he can do to get you going will become a daily routine for him. You were once in church with him because Twice made you both go for being too unholy, and he sat like that the whole time with his tongue in cheek. Blue eyes staring at you, undressing you with his mind as a Jesus statue lurked over him.
Cracks his neck a lot - Is an E-boy fuckboi without social media and loyal relationship. He rolls his eyes all the way back all of the time, manspreads, flirts dirtily with you, and constantly undressed you with his eyes. But an unintentional hot thing he does, it crack his neck in a roll motion. His blue irises disappear into the back of his eye sockets while his neck lets out several cracks in satisfaction.
Quirked eyebrow - Before you two began to date, he'd often tease you for being so cute and soft for a villain. Whenever you defended yourself and said you could easily kick his ass, Dabi would always reply with a quirked eyebrow and flirtatious reply. "Let's wrestle in my bedroom then." "Can you bite me too?" "I'm sure you would love to be on top of me. " (He's a huge whore and he's not ashamed.)
Does the fuckboi V finger thing - You know the gesture I am referring to. The one where they put a peace sign to their lips, and then slowly rake their tongue between the two fingers. Dabi has a long ass tongue, that he has shown off to you countless times by doing this pose. You took a photo of him licking an invisible p*ssy, and it is now your lockscreen. His happy trail and abs are your homescreen.
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Deku: Are you busy?
Bakugou: Yes.
Deku: Cool, listen to this...
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writersmorgue · 13 hours
Tumblr media
*sniffs air* hmm this post seems to be made of more bullshit than usual
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Monoma: Shinsou has a point
Hitoshi: please don't agree with me, it makes me uncomfortable
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incorrectheroquotes · 9 months
Kirishima: Will you please apologize to Midoriya?
Bakugou: Fine, but I have to warn you, this might make me a better, more mature person and that is not the man you fell in love with
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z-mizcellaneous-z · 1 month
mitsuki: izuku. will you do me the honor of becoming my son-in-law? bakugo: what the fu- midoriya: did you just propose to me for kacchan? mitsuki: bakugo: midoriya: mitsuki: someone had to do it.
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