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pervysenpaix · 2 months ago
Just thinkin’ bout Fratboy!Bakusquad and MeanRoomate!Mina corrupting poor sweet preppy reader ☹️
18+MDNI| tw! dubcon, coercion, filming, college au, aged up 🧡, reader wears glasses, reader is kinda nerdy, corruption , dacraphyllia <-did I spell that right ? Lmao
Tumblr media
When you first moved into the dorms of Yuuei you never expected to be walking into a hell house. Your roommate was so nice and polite in the beginning—a pretty upperclassman who pretended to be all sweet and interested in front of your family but as soon as they left that went all out the window. She spent the next half hour berating you—‘making fun of your “childish” little argyle sweater & plaid skirt combo and teasing you for the thick frames that sat on the bridge of your nose, claiming that you’d probably look halfway decent if you lost them. Which seem to happen a lot. You’d wander around the dark apartment at night bumping into things because you couldn’t find your glasses ! Little did you know Mina was snickering from her place on the couch watching you bend over and search for them—the outlines of your puffy pussy made visible by the low lights of the tv. She’d definitely make fun of you for the little hearts on your panties. Quickly sliding her finger under the band and snapping it against your skin just to hear you yelp and see your eyes water. She’d call you a baby and say that you shouldn’t overreact but your cheeks weren’t the only thing getting wet. It’s always so much worse when she brings her friends over. They’re big and loud and rowdy and scary ☹️. The two blondes are the loudest, they’ll call you horrible yet confusing names like “thickums”, “pretty whore” or “chunky little bimbo”. It always made you so upset and whenever you pouted they’d pull you on their lap and grind against you urging to show them your crybaby tears. The black haired one was more relaxed but he was still just as mean. He’d down right insult you and say that you weren’t even worth his time but he’d be pinching your thighs and groping your tits. You can complain all you want about it hurting and leaving bruises but that’s just going to make him go harder. The redhead pretended to be all nice and sweet but he was by far the worst of all! He’d corner you in the kitchen whenever you were preparing snacks and press his hard body behind you, resting his head on top of yours as he watched you slice the tomatoes for the sandwiches. Your hands would be so shaky because you could feel his dick grinding against your ass, and when you finally nicked yourself he’d call you “dumb girl” and suck the blood from your finger. The only time any of them had anything nice to say to you was when Mina had you bent over on the living room floor with her fingers pressing against your sticky clit and her tongue in your ass. The boys would shower you in praises saying that you look so beautiful like this and that you were made to be their little cumdump. They’d definitely take turns ruining your sweet little cunny. A fat dick in each of your holes thrusting simultaneously while the fourth boy fucks Mina. Don’t worry they take such good care of you afterwards so you almost don’t mind it when they start teasing you again.
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Bakugou X Reader
You: For the last time, me and Bakugou don't have pet names for each other!
Mina: Okay, sure.
Kirishima: Hey, What's another name for dad?
You: Father?
Aizawa: What, brat?
BakuSquad: ...
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the-evilest-nerd · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy national pink day
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pfpanimes · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌕ boku no hero academia - mina ashido.
like or reblog if you save/use.
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Tumblr media
alien queen redraww 🛸🛸
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originalbnhascenarios · 6 months ago
hi! i saw that requests are open, and i was wondering if i could get headcanons for ochaco, momo, and mina (separetely) with a fem!reader who doesnt like her body? like shes always comparing herself to people she sees on the streets or online, and one time they get caught looking in a mirror and saying "ugh, no curves..."
ty in advance! ^^
Almost same as me but I just make jokes about it instead lol
Ochako, Momo and Mina with S/O who doesn't like her body
Reader here is female
Ochako Uraraka
She's often flustered over the thought of you. Even though she should be over the awkward phase by now.
But she can't help it, she doesn't want to seem like a pervert even though it's just her thoughts and she doesn't act on it but she really pays attention to the way you look... And she loves it.
So she was shocked to hear you don't like it. To her you look really mature and elegant (and if you're tall that's even better).
She could understand it though, not because she didn't find it attractive but she didn't live under a rock- she knows the beauty standards.
While she can't say she's not attracted to those features, she's more into you than she will be into a lady with the so-called perfect features.
She's focused on helping you with your body issues but she doesn't know your mind better than you do. So she simply asked what would make you feel better and you can start thinking from there together.
Momo Yaoyorozu
Comparing yourself to everyone really worried her. As someone who struggles with similar habit she can tell how harmful it is.
What she saw you sigh as you looked in the mirror she decided to take that opportunity to talk to you about it.
Curves or not you were beautiful to her. What other girls had didn't matter to her. She knows it's easy for her to say considering her beautiful body but she really means it.
And since you like comparing yourself so much there are a lot of beautiful models that have little to no curves.
While you do have the right to be insecure it's her job to show you her perspective.
Mina Ashido
She often looked at pretty ladies just like you, she looked at you. And she couldn't stand you comparing yourself to every other girl you saw on the internet.
So she played the jealousy card. She said that she doesn't like much the fact that you look at other women and that she wants you to stop.
She knew it wouldn't solve the problem but perhaps it could help a little.
Whenever she gets a chance to she always praises your body. It's beautiful and she needs you to realize that.
And she's very insistent on it. You tell her that you don't like that part? Oh she will get pouty and argue for as long as she needs- she won't give up.
~Mod Tsuyu
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zeros-writing · a year ago
hi could i request class 1a (platonic) with a youtuber/vlogger? and like he's really famous as well. thank you!
Sure thing!!
Male reader
Class 1-A With A YouTuber
Tumblr media
They'd all love it!
Mina and Hagakure would often beg you and ask if they can join you in your shows
Denki would wanna be your cameraman and he'd make sure to keep all of your equipment charged
Kirishima and Sero would be your number one hype men, they'd watch all of your streams no matter what kind of content you make
Todoroki would make you cold soba and Iida would make sure you don't stay up too late
Deku would brainstorm new ideas for your next videos with you
Bakugou and Koda would be quiet supporters of yours, they wouldn't say much about it but they would never miss an episode of yours
Momo would often stop by with little snacks and tea for you so she can make sure you're taking breaks
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hallowinspirit · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
07 - 30
Shout out to this ✨Queen✨💖💕🎀💮 Words are not enough to describe how much I love her 💗🌺
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lawlietstrawberrycake · 7 months ago
Bakugo: *sees a group of people doing something stupid*
Bakugo: God, what idiots.
Bakugo: *realizes it’s Kirishima, Sero, Denki and Mina*
Bakugo: Wait, those are MY idiots!
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lips-stained-blood-red · 11 months ago
Kirishima: Anyone d-
Kaminari: Depressed?
Sero: Drained?
Mina: Dumb?
Bakugou: Disliked?
Kirishima: -done with their work... what is wrong with you people ...
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pervysenpaix · 10 months ago
-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ 𝕭𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖊𝖘 - BakuMina x Izu(Y/N) ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ
warnings: mature content, mature language, swingers, penetration, oral sex, semi group sex, rough sex
Tumblr media
"Are you sure about this" YN sighed, looking over her slim figure in the mirror. She was a tiny thing. Dainty like a ballerina, and short in stature. Though she did have small curves, it was nothing compared to the voluptuous Mina Ashido.
The pink girl looked amazing in her black lingerie set. Filling it out like y/n never could. Her large breasts bulged provocatively, threatening to burst through the seams. While (y/n)'s flat chest barely lifted in the lacy white material.
"Oh (y/n), don't be nervous. They're bestfriends, they share everything. This was bound to come up sooner or later" Mina shrugged, "besides, I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of that Detroit smash everyone's always fawning over.
The statement made (y/n) flinch. The thought of her Izu being intimate with Mina, her close friend and his best friend's girlfriend made her nervous. Mina was everything she was insecure about; a perfect curvy body, a fun and outgoing personality. She had it all, why did she need Izuku too? Seemed kind of greedy.
Mina, noticing her friend's hesitance softened and stood behind her. SHe wrapped her arms around (y/n)'s torso and rested her chin on her shoulder. "Look at you. You're gorgeous (y/n).' She coos, placing a soft kiss on her neck, "don't you want them to see how good you look?" Y?N sighed, leaning into her friend's touch. "I'm just nervous. I look like a little girl standing next to you." She pouted, but the expression dropped when MIna lowered her hand to rest against her clothed clit.
"You're definitely a woman, (Y/n)" Mina murmured against her neck and pressed against her sensitive mound. (Y/N) bit her lip to hide the moans that were threatening to spill out. "Besides, good little girls get rewards."
The two say on the large California King in Bakugo and Mina's master bedroom. Bakugo was sprawled out with his hands behind his head while Midoriya sat against the headboard. Both close enough to feel each other's body heat but, still not touching.
They were ,both, nervous and excited. Years of buildup, and unexplored sexual tension. An invisible threat that was threatening to snap. Made weak through years of pining and obvious want. The only thing that held it together, like cheap tape, was the need to "one up" each other. To beat the other. To succeed and gain what the other could not. That greed had kept them separate all these years but. tonight it would bring them together.
The bathroom door opened, revealing the two women. Bakugo muttered a curse and Midoriya nodded in agreement with his mouth covered and wide eyes. Mina stood behind (y/n) dwarfing her tiny body, her lips swollen and her neck and chest was covered in fresh hickeys.
"Sorry we took so long, boys. Something came up" Mina smirked, licking (y/n)'s ear for emphasis. The smaller girl covered her face in embarrassment which lead to a low whistle from Bakugo. "Fuck, Deku." He groaned, "if I were you I'd never leave the bedroom. Look at how innocent she looks, all embarrassed and shit. Then she's wearing all while like a fucking virgin sacrifice or some shit."
(Y/N) giggled, but it was Mina's turn to flinch. She knew that Katsuki was just caught up in the moment but the way he eyes (y/n) so greedily made her slightly uncomfortable. Of course Mina oozed sex appeal. she was a perfect ten and she knew that. But, it was something about (y/n)'s ethereal features, delicate body and angelic attitude that had her second guessing herself. Talk about black girl magic.
(SN: Mina is black here, Mina will always be black in my fics, cause I know damn well soy sauce don't shake like that. It must be jelly. 🥵)
"Y-you look really pretty, Ashido" Midoriya mumbled, a fearsome blush covered his face and neck. He made no secret that he was checking her out, green eyes traced her curves, stopping ever so often to linger on a certain area. It looked like he wanted to devour her.
"She's fucking stunning, is what she is. Think you can handle a woman like that, nerd?" Bakugo smirked, looking up at his green haired bestie. "I can handle more than you think, Kacchan." Midoriya challenged, meeting the blonde's blown out gaze. They were both incredibly turned on, it's amazing that they weren't absolutely feral at this point.
"Babe" Bakugo called to MIna without looking away from Midoriya. " I know we already talked about this but are you sure? You too, (y/n)?" Midoriya looked up at the mention of his partner, "yes, puppy if you don't want this then we don't have to."
(Y/N) looked to Mina, "I'm fine if you are." Mina nodded with a wicked smile and turned her attention to Midoriya, "this is so exciting, Kats never lets me top. Do you prefer to be on your back or all fours?" Midoriya was stunned, "No. I uh- I'm not?-
Bakugo interrupted with a throaty chuckle and slapped a hand on his friend's shoulder, "Good luck with that brat." He rose from the bed and walked towards the girls, making sure to smack Mina's ass as she made her way to Midoriya.
"Comer here, sweetheart." He murmured, picking (y/n) up in one graceful swoop. The girl gasped but wrapped her limbs around him immediately. A large hand held her ass while the other rested right below her small breasts. "You look beautiful, you know that?" He whispered, voice softer than she's ever imagined, "Thank you, Bakugo." He hummed, running his thumb across her nipple causing a startled moan.
Bakugo used this opportunity to smash their lips together. Immediately overpowering her with his tongue. It was rough and messy; leaving them both breathless when he pulled away.
"I've always thought you were gorgeous...Since we were in high school," He murmured with her lip between his teeth, "Just imagining you and Mina under me while the nerd watched was enough to make me blow my load back at UA." He pressed closer against her, nuzzling into her neck and placing soft kisses while toying with her nipples. "Bakugo" she moaned, arching her back to get some friction against her aching bud. "Needy little thing, huh?" I knew it'd sound amazing hearing you say my name. Say it again, sweetheart."
They puled away slightly to glance at the bed where Midoriya had Mina, ass up with her face in the pillows. "That's fucking right. I'm in charge" he growled in her ear then proceeded to smack her ass repeatedly, "wow, you really are a little slut." He laughed, enjoying the sound of her moans. "Does Kacchan not punish you enough? Probably why your manners are so bad, huh?"
"Don't bring me into your shit, Deku!" He growled but there was no real bite in his words. "That brat is insatiable, she's gonna kill me one day" he smirked, enjoying the view of his bestie dominating his property.
"Let's see if I can help you out with that, yeah?" His deft fingers swiftly maneuvered the lacy panties down her thighs revealing a pint butt plug stuffed into her back hole.
"Oh fuck- He groaned, gaining a reaction from everyone in the room. Even Bakugo groaned hearing the "family friendly" pro hero curse. "See something you like?" Mina teased, wiggling her ass against him.
"Behave" he hissed, snatching the plug out and thrusting it back in, in one swift motion. Mina howled in pleasure as he fucked her puckering hole with the toy. "See hot good I can make you feel? Stop being a fucking bitch and take what I give you." Mina nodded, throwing her ass back against the green haired hero. "Yes, Deku-please fuck me!"
"Kacchan?" Midoriya called, waiting for his friend's approval. Bakugo scoffed, "You gonna keep my baby waiting, nerd? Especially with her asking that nicely? I just might have to fuck them both" he squeezed (y/n)'s ass for emphasis making her yelp.
"Watch it!" Midoriya snapped, "be gentle with her. She's delicate." He smiled softly and caught his lover's gaze, "are you okay, puppy? Is this too much ?"
(Y/N) swallowed, suddenly feeling self conscious with all the attention on her but she was still determined to finish what they had started. "I'm fine, Izu", she says and threads her hands through Bakugo's blonde strands making him smirk. "Yeah Izu, she's fine" he teased, "you just worry about satisfying my nympho while I take care of your sweet little girl.
His words sent a shiver down her spine and her arousal pooled between her legs. "You're dripping on me, (y/n)" he murmured, punctuating his words with a kiss. "Does that sound good? Want me to take care of you, sweetheart?"
She bit her lips and glanced over at Izuku who's anticipated her hesitation. His member was lined up at Mina's glistening entrance and he was thrusting the toy in her asshole. "It's okay, puppy. You can say it." He sank into Mina's wet heat and both men groaned simultaneously, 'Don't you want Kacchan to make you feel good? Be a good girl for him, k?"
(Y/N) nodded, turning her attention to Bakugo who eyed her greedily. "Please make me feel good, daddy". Bakugo groaned and kissed her again, this time slower and deeper.
"All you had to do was ask, Sweetheart".
Sweat clung to their bodies as they thrust into their bottoms. The women mewled and whined, barely cognizant in their fucked out state. That's what happens when you come 4 times, shit gets confusing.
"Look at these little tits. Fuck, Deku! She's so fucking small but she's taking. All. This. Dick." He growled, punctuating each word with a powerful thrust. "Daddy, daddy, p-please!" (Y/N) whined, but was cut off by Mina's mouth.
"Fuck, good job Mina. You're so smart. See you can be a good girl. All it takes is a dick in your asshole." Midoriya smacked her thighs each time he bottomed out, enjoying the way her ass jiggled against him. "K-Kacchan, she's so fucking good. So g-good for me."
"Fuck, Deku" Bakugo groaned, tearing his gaze away from the kissing bottoms to lock eyes with his friend. Could he even call him that anymore ? Not after this level of intimacy. The look Izuku gave him set his soul on fire. The way his mouth hung open and breath hitched when Bakugo called his name said that they were past friends. Greed consumed him. He wanted it all and he could tell that Midoriya was on the same page.
"Kiss me, nerd" He huffed, grabbing a handful of green hair and smashing their lips together. This was the breaking point for Izuku. His hips stuttered and he filled Mina to the brim with his seed.
"Oh. My. God. That's so hot." (Y/N) breathed against Mina's lips as Bakugo impaled her on his dick. He didn't stop fucking her while they kissed. No, he went harder, sending blinding shocks of pleasure straight to her gspot. The visual of his massive cock bulging from her stomach was enough to make her clench down and squirt all over the bed.
"Shit! She's a sq-squirter" Bakugo hissed breathlessly as he pulled away from the kiss, mind fuzzy with pleasure. "I didn't know" Izu murmured, gently pulling out of Mina and lowering his face to her oozing asshole. "Want you to squirt too" , he lapped up all his cum, circling the rim with tip of his tongue before sucking any excess out. Then he brought his mouth to her clit and flicked at the sensitive bundle until Mina was squirting, too.
"C'mere Deku, let me taste my baby" The two met in the middle. all tongue and teeth. Soft grunts and hair pulling as the girls watched mesmerized.
They pulled away breathless, Izuku's ears were red but he looked content, Bakugo wore a devilish smirk and wiped the saliva and cum from his lips with the back of his arm.
"What?" Izuku laughed, finally noticing their girlfriends' shocked expressions.
"I- (Y/N) started but closed her mouth, unsure of what to say or feel.
"You- you kissed!" Mina exclaimed, dumbfounded by this newest development.
"So what" Bakugo shrugged, swiping some of his cum from (y/n)'s cunt and pushing the finger into Izuku's mouth. Keeping his eyes locked with the blonde he sucked greedily making everyone take a shaky breath. He pulled off with a *pop* and gave a bright smile.
Tumblr media
"It's not gay to kiss the homies !"
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connor-likes-dogs · 7 months ago
Kirishima: So, I'm thinking a spring, maybe fall wedding. I don't want it to be too hot, though.
Mina: Babe... we're not engaged.
Kirishima, slamming his head to the table: SO THAT'S WHAT I FORGOT TO DO LAST NIGHT!
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itzseaweed · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Random drawings idk
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aashi-heartfilia · 4 months ago
KiriMina development and overall chapter review...
Now why does Ochako's battle is the only one to take place on an isolated Island that we didn't know exist before a few chapters while others get iconic locations like UA (self explanatory), or Guanga Mountains where heroes faced an utter demolition the last time.
Tumblr media
Kamino which was the place where All Might's era came to an end or even now where KiriMina and Ayoyama are being placed, the stadium from where they got their provisional Hero Lisence exam, an already very iconic place to the series and MiriMina itself and the Jaku Hospital where Gogantomachia is being kept and since Mt Lady is also there I have a feeling that things are going to go wild there already very soon.
It's already a good set-up!
Also, nice to see how Shouto took Mt Lady's words seriously and Mt Lady also thinking back to how spacey his moves are and being worried..it was a nice touch overall.
I already have a feeling that we'll get a big flashback to this moment since Ayoyama and Mineta are also there...and it's gonna be super iconic, again.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And seriously Mina getting Midnight PTSD was pretty cool. I'm really looking forward to how this fight goes. I mean I know they are gonna win but we still have Mina's freeze moment during the war arc to be addressed and this time I feel like Mina will be the one to save Kirishima, putting their story back to full circle. I feel like they're already a better pairing than our main cannon ship IzuOcha which kind of feel pale when you have strong moments like these to compare...
Tumblr media
Like you have two people who have already known each other for a long time, they work well together, inspire each other and even protect at the times of need.
They also act as an emotional support pillar when the other needs one unlike IzuOcha where usually Uraraka is the only one shown actively pinning. You don't exactly have Deku supporting Uraraka with all his might, not that he wouldn't do but the story never really bothered exploring it.
Yeah they had 'the talk' about saving Villains but its just them talking about bigger stuff at hand and that's that. Izuku never told her about the AFO secret but her views about it were never even mentioned even once because it turns out that in the grand schemes of things it was never important.
Tumblr media
She is a very capable hero but in Deku's presence she looks like nothing but a meek follower where as when it comes to KiriMina, you have two people who mutually support each other in good times and bad. They keep the secrets for the other person not from the other person.
Like, Mina is the only one who knew Kirishima had black hair, he didn't want anyone knowing and she promised to keep it that way.
When Kirishima was upset after returning from the Overhaul raid arc, she was the one to ask if he's okay. It's a small moment.
Tumblr media
Honestly, they all are. But they make this ship so much better.
Tumblr media
Also, it seems like we're getting a KiriMina team up against the villain who killed Midnight and I really like where Mina's arc is going right now because of how much of a narrative punch it packs!
At this rate almost all of the fights look super hyped expect for the one that I was looking forward to the most.
Also, she looks great and all ready to kick some ass! Go gal, we're cheering for our queen to get an acidic revenge for Midnight!
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shineskye · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌕ ˓  boku no hero layouts ⌗
• Like or reblog if you save <3
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gothictrashcandiii · a year ago
Bakusquad Band AU
*Not my artwork* if you know the artist let me know so I can credit them please
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Band AU short fics feat. scenarios with each member x GN! Reader
Characters: Katsuki Bakugou, Eijiro Kirishima, Mina Ashido, Denki Kaminari, Sero Hanta
Warnings: Eijirou’s and Bakugou’s gets spicy sry not sry, making out, groping, and allusions to sex, I got carried away with Mina’s oops Mentions of cheating, swearing, a lot of angst
a/n: I wrote Sero as tri-lingual in this one, so he can speak japanese, spanish, and italian specifically for the song that I picked
Bakugou Katsuki(drums & backing vocals) Song: Can You Feel My Heart-Bring me the Horizon
The last thing you had expected to do tonight was attend a concert. but after your best friend busted down your door with two new outfits in one hand, and two tickets in the other, you knew you couldn’t argue, they were too far gone.
you had spent at least 20 minutes for info your way to the front on the pit in an attempt to see the band. your friend couldn’t stop gushing about how hot the rhythm guitarist was, but the second you got to the front, it wasn’t the guitarist the had caught your eye.
You scanned the members, landing on the rhythm guitarist for a split second before your eyes stopped on the drummer. He was gorgeous, a thin sheen of sweat coating his skin, stray ash blonde hairs sticking to his forehead as he mercilessly beat the drums.
He was scanning the crowd with a smirk gracing his lips, loving the attention from all the fans, until he spotted you. He was dumbstruck, almost losing his rhythm. Your eyes seemed to sparkle as you stared at him and smiled when your eyes met. He winked before reluctantly breaking eye contact.
The concert ended a little too soon for your liking. reluctantly beginning to file out with the rest of the crowd after the band had disappeared into the back
just as you and your friend were about to exit the venue you heard someone call out behind you
“Oi!”you turned, meeting a familiar pair of crimson eyes. “H-hi.” you spoke meekly looking up at the handsome blonde, you weren’t expecting to actually meet the drummer you down the entire concert fawning over, it was like you forgot how to function
he smirked at your nervousness and leaned down to whisper into your ear. “I saw you staring at me in there sweetheart.”
“o-oh yeah um about that, I was just-” He cut you off mid sentence with a chuckle. “don’t worry baby…” he spoke before leaning in close to your ear again placing a gentle hand on the small of your back. “I couldn’t take my eyes of you either.” a chill shot through you body as you melted at his words and into his touch
“How ‘bout you come backstage with me sweetheart? I promise i’ll show you a good time.” he offered with a devilishly handsome smile. Gently nodding you head you bagan to follow his guidance as he pushed you through the crowd. the second you made it backstage he was on you. he trailed sloppy kisses all over your collar bone and neck before meeting your lips. “I’m gonna make you feel so good you’re gonna forget your own name sweetheart.”
Eijirou Kirishima(lead guitar & lead vocals) Song: Sexy Drug-Falling in Reverse
It had been a long summer with your boyfriend being gone so often. Most of his time was spent in the studio rehearsing and recording. but it was these moments that made it all worth it
You stood just off stage watching them preform from the sidelines. as much as you wanted to focus on the music, you simply couldn’t take your eyes off him
you had always praised Eijirou’s singing voice, always begging him to sing you to sleep, but something about watching him preform sent chills up your spine every time. He looked so beautiful, so deep within the music.
You began singing along with the music and it was almost as if he heard you because the moment you started he turned to meet your gaze. your e/c eyes meeting his intense crimson, his pupils were blown wide as he stared at you screaming the lyrics at the top of his lungs
the predatory look in his eyes and his deep voice sending a heat wave straight to your core and a chill up your spine.
It was like he could read your mind smirking at you, and flashing his sharp teeth. He let go of his guitar, grasping the microphone and making a show of grinding up against the stand. Another wave of heat shot straight to your core, causing you to clench your thighs together
he saw this and his smirk got impossibly bigger, letting go of the microphone and picking up his guitar as he continued the song
After his little display, it felt as through the show was going on forever. The constant throbbing between your legs only getting worse with every teasing motion he made.
when the show finally ended he rushed backstage, as soon as you were within reaching distance he grasped your wrist, pulling you flush to his body and bringing your lips to his for a sloppy, passionate kiss. he was breathing heavily and grasping your hips so tight you were sure you’d have bruises.
he moved his hands down to quickly grope your ass before moving down farther to grab the back of your thighs. He lifted you up so you could wrap your legs around his waist and began waking you back to his dressing room. “God the things i’m gonna do to you Pebble…” he whispered huskily in your ear, nibbling gently as you ground your hips against his. “well don’t keep we waiting baby.”
Mina Ashido(keyboard & backing vocals) Song: Misery Business-Paramore
It had been a long time since you and Mina had had a fight, usually any issues were quickly resolved, but that wasn’t the case this time.
you were in the front row, right in front of your girlfriend, she looked off, and you knew it was your fault. you hated fighting, because she would yell for a little bit and then give you the cold shoulder until she felt like you had suffered enough.
she kept meeting your eyes for a moment before rolling them in the other direction. and damn that stung. you had told her about a girl in the pit that had pushed up against you and began making out with you during the first set. although she had seen the whole thing. and to her it seemed like you were kissing back.
during the break she had grabbed you and pulled you behind the curtain. “What the fuck was that y/n?” you didn’t think she had seen you so you were stunned. “Mina I-” She interrupted you abruptly. “Cut the shit y/n, I saw you making out with that bitch in the crowd, I thought we were serious.” you knew you had to fix this “Mina we are, I promise I didn’t kiss her back, she forced herself on me!”
“But you didn’t push her off if you either.” she spoke quietly. “Mina! Come on it’s time for the next set!” Kaminari called. She turned and walked away without another word. “Mina! Wait, we have to talk about this!” but she just kept walking.
The song was almost halfway through and you could see tears gathering in her eyes as she sang with a new intensity. you could feel your heart break, what had you done?
She looked directly at you with tears welling up in her eyes, singing the lyrics directly to you. she was going to be heard even if her heart broke in the process.
Second chances they don’t ever matter people never change
Once a whore you’re nothing more im sorry that’ll never change
And about forgiveness we’re both supposed to have a exchanged
Im sorry honey but I passed it up now look this way
Well there’s a million other girls that do it just like you looking as innocent as possible to get to who
they want and what they want is easy if you do it right
well I refuse, I refuse, I refuse
You began crying along with her, had you really hurt her that deeply? you were hoping, praying you could fix it, like you always do, you couldn’t live without her, she was your world, your heart. But as if to prove your thoughts wrong she looked down at you with nothing but hatred in her eyes. you had hurt her for the last time
Denki Kaminari(rhythm guitar & backing vocals) Song: Bad Girls Club-Falling in Reverse
You and Denki were in an on and off fuck-buddy relationship until today, he had told you he wanted to be more just before he went on stage. You wanted nothing more than to be in an exclusive relationship with the sweet rockstar, but the thought about being in the spotlight simply for being in a relationship with the handsome boy, kept you from giving him a straight answer before he had to go out and preform.
He was so confused, he was sure you felt the same way, so why didn’t you scream yes and jump into his arms so he could twirl you in a circle while placing a gently kiss on your lips like he had planned? did he completely misread the situation?
He kept looking back at you with a nervous look, he just wanted to have you all to himself, and you not giving him a straight answer was making him uneasy. Were you going to reject him? he didn’t think he’d be able to handle you seeing other people, that was his worst nightmare
You were struggling because you loved Denki so much but you were scared, what if his fans hated you? what if he broke up with you and you were only seen as his ex for the rest of your life?
Thoughts plagued your mind as you overthought, until you heard his song start, his voice was perfect, but he looked so sad, you never wanted to see that look on his face again
he could feel your eyes on him, causing him to turn and looked at you, hurt still evident in his eyes. You couldn’t take it anymore, you looked at him as adoringly as you could before mouthing an “I love you.”
he understood immediately, a wide smile breaking out across his face. It was like a switch flipped as he began singing with a new passion, so intense and filled with so much love it made your heart swell, you really did love him.
Sero Hanta(Bass guitar & backing vocals) Song: ZITTI E BUONI-Måneskin
The guitar began tearing through the speakers in the venue, you didn’t think anything of it until you saw the bass player hand off his bass to the keyboard player, moving to take the lead singers place.
you were confused for a moment until you heard him begin to sing in a different language, it sounded so beautiful. He was looking through the crowd with a big smile, until his eyes landed on you. He didn’t take his eyes off you as he sang the chorus
you never thought you could be so aroused by someone singing in a different language, he was gorgeous, had a perfect smile, and he could speak and sing in different languages, he was perfect
he winked at you as he continued the song, it felt like he had put you in a trance.
Sero stared into your eyes, he could see the lust clouding your eyes from here, you were so beautiful, and he was sure you wanted him too. He tried what Kiri had done to tease his lover, putting on a show as he screamed the lyrics, he ground against the stand before dropping down with his legs spread wide before standing back up with a wide smile
He smirked as he saw the growing blush across your cheeks. he was about to take a huge risk but it was gonna be worth it. He shot out his tape, yanking you up on stage. you let out an involuntary squeal as you went flying up into the stage. He pulled you flush to his body with a large hand splayed across the small of your back as he continued to sing
You couldn’t help the smile that broke out across your face as he got closer to you. the song was ending and this was his chance, he was gonna make sure you didn’t forget him. He quickly smashed his lips against yours and you eagerly complied, parting your lips ever so slightly to deepen the kiss.
You could hear squeals and cheers in the crowd as the two of you continued for as long as you could before pulling back breathlessly. “Wow…” was all you could seem to muster, causing him to chuckle before looking into your eyes. “You wanna go out to dinner some time Cariño?” he spoke gently. “I would love to,” you answered with a wide smile “but first…” you spoke, placing both hands on his cheeks, pulling him closer, your warm breath fanning his lips, “another kiss.”
This is kinda trash but I made a playlist for Band AU Bakusquad and I couldn’t resist writing about it
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originalbnhascenarios · 3 months ago
Can I ask for fluff number 6 with Mina and a somewhat emotionless boy please.
Okay but that's a really fun dynamic!! I really like it!
6: Proposal with Mina and her not very emotional S/O
Reader here is male
Although you and Mina were complete opposites, you were also in love with each other.
You loved making her happy, you were never familiar with most feelings... But she introduced you to all of them.
Most highschool sweethearts don't stay together for long. You are a huge exception to this. You went through so much together and you felt like you couldn't love anyone else.
You knew she's the one. You made each other feel special in different ways and you couldn't get enough.
As you weren't too expressive each romantic gesture from you made her heart skip a beat.
In the end you decide to surprise her with a little something... And that something was your oath to stay with her forever.
You decided to be blunt. A nice date and a simple "Will you marry me?" without a strong face expression.
She made up for it as she didn't know if she was going to cry or not. She was smiling widely and saying "yes" over and over again almost like she thought you couldn't hear her.
Although she's the type who likes grand romantic gestures, the simplicity of your proposal was just so you that she wouldn't have it any other way.
~Mod Tsuyu
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