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Leo insomnia adventures
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art request donatello and his EVIL SCIENCE ant farm
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bred for violence
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i hope they explode
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wjoudss · a day ago
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Damn Donnie u got caught in 4K
Gotta love the disaster twins 😔❤️🌷✨
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Raph's Powers: Force Fields and Projections Leo's Powers: Portals and teleportation Mikey's Powers: Infinite Chains and Mystical Fire Donnie's Powers: The entire US arsenal
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Leo, sends Raph a voice message:
Raph, texting back: I’m a little busy, is it urgent?
Leo: No, don’t worry, just listen later
Raph, presses play:
Leo's voice message: THERE’S A FIRE-
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this is leo
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Was [once again] inspired by Like Father Like Son (by @eternalglitch ), kicking off the start of the rising champion ✨ evenifhereallydoeantwannabehere-
Still very much obsessed with dis fic bro XD
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astrolophoenix · a day ago
3rd house synastry is severely underrated—particularly when the personal planets are involved. It often gets cast off as shallow or less intense, but communication is one of the most vital dimensions of sustaining relationships, whether they be romantic or platonic. Here, no topic of conversation is off limits, and is embraced to be revisited and refined throughout the connection. There is a strong desire to pick each other’s brains apart and share learning experiences—discerning values and seeking to understand opinions, life experiences, interests, micro-obsessions, quirks, family relationships, thought processes, and overall inner landscapes/monologues. No minute detail is too small or mundane, which keeps relationships endlessly interesting and encourages growth on many scales. In my experience, it can create a therapeutic dynamic between two people + an interest in each other’s psychology, but can be tipped out of balance if venting has no boundaries. Lots of playful banter/wordplay, love letters, frequent texting, and sometimes mind reading (mental sync) or secret spilling. I’ve found that this type of relationship can be especially healing, albeit challenging, for people with harsh aspects to mercury or a debilitated 3rd house in the natal chart (coming from a natal 3rd house lilith and chiron). If you don’t feel heard or understood in your day to day, this type of relationship is a sweet remedy.
If you have a scorpio mercury/Mars or heavy 8th/12th house placements, I highly recommend seeing the movie “Scanners (1981)”💥 (TW graphic violence/horror)
People are really intimidated by square aspects in synastry, but I think they provide strong and much needed medicine for each other. For example, Leo and Scorpio energies seem like day and night on the surface, but they provide the space for much needed light work and shadow work for each other. They supply something that is not individually generated and have a line of sight to point out each other’s blind spots, making each other stronger when handled with care. They often share similar interests and passions, but pursue them in different ways. Squares provide areas of tension/discomfort which leads to movement, which leads to growth. I love these types of relationships because they push us out of stagnancy, out of what is comfortable—yet there is a recognition or familiarity because of a shared modality (which seems so simple that it’s often overlooked). There are overlapping life themes and driving forces and tactics. There are similar security needs and styles of existing with shared modalities, which can be comforting in a relationship dynamic. Despite any conflict that comes up there is an inherent feeling of safety and understanding (though in a more broad and raw, bigger picture sort of way). I think we often forget or don’t appreciate the valuable experience of conflict, that pushes us outside of ourselves to gain a larger collective worldview and exercise our empathetic muscles.
Neptune is the planet of horror that we make Saturn and Pluto out to be (not to say that any planet should be feared in its totality—we must work with all of them to feel integrated). I will probably elaborate on this in later posts.
A reflection I recently had on chiron in the 3rd house is the notion of never being presented with probing or intriguing questions at a young age by those in your daily life. In order to dive deeper into your reflections on the world and self, you need to have people in your life who care enough to not only hear you but push you to hone your inner landscape, as well as challenge and encourage your inner monologue + beliefs. We need people in our lives to catalyze us by asking important and thought provoking questions. The lack of attention and social reflection to one’s mental world from those on the outside leaves chiron in the 3rd feeling stunted in the realm of thoughtfulness, and alone in their own narrative of painful experience
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they're a 10 but they obsess cry over 4 anthropomorphic turtles and their furry rat father
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Are you really brothers if one of you isn't pushing the other down a hill dangerously fast in a shopping cart? 🤔
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Hullo friend! Was wondering if you'd be interested in a rise!Leo x gn!reader where Leo finds Y/N singing while making food or something, and is super impressed (like, 'Theres Nothing Holding Me Back' or 'Symphony'). Of course, Y/N gets flustered when the song ends and sees Leo listening :3. Have a good one, mate! 😙
(a/n: hey! thanks so much for your req and im sorry i didn't get this done earlier, school and life is kicking my ass lol but I hope you enjoy this!)
summary: rise! leo finds Y/N singing while making food.
relationship: romantic rise!leo x gn!reader
word count: 1,137
Tumblr media
Insomnia was a bitch for Leonardo tonight. Every time he tried to use chamomile herbal teas or relaxing lavender spray, it wouldn’t even do a thing and he was getting pretty frustrated. I mean, after a few minutes of silence, it gets a bit annoying especially when the only thing you have to keep you company. Heavily exhaling, he got up from his train-seat bed, stretching his back until he heard a satisfying pop.
Quietly prying open the doors of the train, he silently tip-toed his way towards the kitchen, seeing the soft eyes of April and Mikey sleeping on the couch. April and her friend, Y/N would always sleep over on the weekends' marathoning Lou Jistu movies at 1 in the morning since the crushing assignments of high school put quite the stress on their minds. The soft ambience of the fluorescent lights humming through the lair as Leo hummed a recent song that’s been circling in his head. It was really the only thing that kept him company during the lingering hours of pure boredom and he started getting invested in the song, shimming his hips and quietly harmonizing until he heard another voice inside the kitchen.
As he peered into the kitchen, he saw a (y/h/c) (h/l) hoodied figure, with dark circles under their eyes, humming a familiar song while tapping their food, eyes completely glued to the dimly lit microwave. The food kept spinning around and around, reminding him of the time when he would dance with Donnie at disco clubs during the nighttime while the singing grew louder accompanied by the monotonous humming. 
Oh, I've been shaking I love it when you go crazy You take all my inhibitions Baby, there's nothing holdin' me back You take me places that tear up my reputation Manipulate my decisions Baby, there's nothing holdin' me back There's nothing holdin' me back
All Leo did was watch in pure awe. They had the most amazing voice in the entire world! How could he not hear this earlier? The melodic tune perfectly harmonized with their voice and everything combined together in a harmonic melody as the room filled with peaceful silence and the lights illuminated behind them, making them glow in a spectacular way. His heart felt almost lightweight, his eyes and nose crinkled and eyes wider than two streets combined as he felt insomnia becoming nothing more than an afterthought. He wished he could store this memory forever until the humming stopped, and the beeping echoed throughout the room before being silenced with the panicked opening of the microwave door. 
“Whew.. that was close..” 
“Yeah, it’s a shame that it has to end~” 
Suddenly, Y/N let out a small yelp before turning around to face a smug Leo, crossing his arms and having a sincere look in his eyes. “What in the hell are you doing up this late?”
“Just enjoying your lovely singing voice, why haven’t you told me you could sing like that? It’s ¡muy bonito!”
They chuckled and slightly blushed at the compliment. “Thanks, I’ve been practising for the school talent show that April and I auditioning for. She’s choreographing the dance movements and I’m doing vocals.” 
“Well, lemme tell you, you’re going to win first place. Definitely. You only learn from the best after all~” Leo snickered before wrapping his arms around them, swaying them back and forth. Y/N had a lovesick grin on their face before grabbing the plate and walking towards the beanbag near the living room with Leo hanging on their back. 
“You know if you keep doing that, my back’s going to curve more than it already has.” 
“Yeah, but it’s fun to ride on your back..” 
“It’ll still make my back bend, babe…” Y/N said, placing the plate down on the cold concrete floor and pressing on the TV remote while Leo stood up and laid down in their lap, giving them a child-like grin. “Also, insomnia is kinda being a bit annoying to me right now, but it would help if you sang me to sleep~” 
Y/N raspily chuckled, their tired eyebags shining through the dimly lit living room which made Leo’s heart race faster than the speed of light. “Alright, what song do you want this time, Leon?” 
“Can you do that song that you sang when I first met you?” 
They softly smiled before clearing their throat, patting Leo’s head and swaying back and forth. 
Did ya really think, I’d just forgive and forget…no After catching you with her…your blood should run cold...so cold You…you two-timing, cheap lying, wannabe  You’re a fool…if you thought that I’d just let this go
Their voice started to build up and louden, now the added ambience of the tv static in the background and with Leo’s added cheers of support and utter adoration. 
I see red, red, oh red A gun to your head, head, to your head Now all I see is red, red, red…
Did ya really just say, she didn’t mean anything…oh I’ll remember those words, when I come for your soul…your soul You know that you…you dug your own grave…now lie in it  You’re so cruel…but revenge is a dish best served cold
I see red, red, oh red! Gun to your head, head, to your head!...oh Executioner style, and there won’t be no trial Dont’cha know that you’re better off dead! All I see is red, red, oh red! Now, all I see is- 
Suddenly, they abruptly paused as they heard faint snoring noises coming from their lap. When they looked down, they saw a sleeping Leo with soft resting eyes and with his arms and legs curled up, rolling onto his side. Y/N tiredly sighed, petting his head and quietly lifting his head up and placing it onto the beanbag. Sighing out a breath of relief, they quickly got a blanket from underneath the TV and draped it over a sleeping Leo. Then, a mischievous smile appeared on Y/N’s face before racing to Leo’s room and grabbing their phone and a permanent marker, running back and quietly doodling on his face. The marker gracefully glided over Leo’s surprisingly smooth face and before they knew it, his entire face was covered in black smiley faces and hearts, adding more colour than his red stripes already added. Mischievous smirk still intact, they held out the phone high and posed two peace signs before taking the photo and proudly striding to Leo’s room. As they coddled themself into the seat, they felt their eyelids getting heavy and let out a hefty yawn before falling into a deep slumber. 
As the soft sounds of an alarm clock echoed throughout the room, Y/N awoke from the bed and let out a humongous yawn until one shriek shook them from their sleepy state.
“Y/N! What did you do to my beautiful face?!” 
(hope you enjoy this one dear friend and keep them reqs coming!)
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void-the-tmnt-fangirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Big bro and little bro protecting the middle bros :>
Raph is super protective of his conjoined brothers. Sometimes he's a bit over the top but Leo and Donnie know he just wants to protect them
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Have some Leo doing mystic mojo
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rottmnt-incorrect-quotes · 2 days ago
April: Look guys, I need help.
Leo: Love help?
Mikey: Emotional help?
Donnie: Help moving a body?
*Everybody looks at Donnie*
April: You get me
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doctordearie · 2 days ago
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Leo and Finn wish everyone snuggles and a happy early Caturday!😻🥰🐾🐈😍
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