sugarrocki · 1 day
This was a cultural reset actually
Tumblr media
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chandralia · 2 days
Person: Wow you’re so in sync!! It’s like you can read each other’s minds!
Bakugo: We’re not even THAT close
Bakugo, using telepathy: Right Deku?
Deku: Please stop doing that.
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slug-cube · 1 day
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the BEST hc
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dekacchannn · 22 hours
Out of all things I expected from MHA375 .. Ochako teleporting and becoming a part do Todoroki drama was NOT one of them. LOL
I guess it’s time to see if AFO really cares about Ochako the way he did about Katsuki since people kept saying how Katsuki was used against Izuku just cause he was the closest to Izuku out of everyone on the battlefield.
Hori what are you planning my guy? 😂
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thekittyheartart · 1 day
Tumblr media
Christmas Love
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kahtherineaizawa · 1 day
no because i think about this a lot
in heroes rising, nine attacks ochaco and sends her flying. izuku catches her and says something like “oh you’ll pay for that >:(“
and i cannot stop thinking about the staggering difference between that and the absolute feral beast izuku becomes ONLY whenever katsuki’s life is put in danger.
spoilers for heroes rising, ch286, and ch387
izuku in heroes rising:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
izuku after katsuki gets swiss cheesed:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
izuku after katsuki “dies” (he’s coming back you can’t tell me otherwise)
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bkdk-and-extras · 1 day
Katsuki, standing there in a big poofy dress and veil:
Katsuki: what do you mean im not wife material
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softer-ua · 1 day
Expectations vs Reality
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lucianinsanity · 2 days
Hey, it's me again, here to give you the soft headcanons
Izuku and Katsuki are living together, they are happy, they hold each other in the nights to scare away the nightmares, they sleep well when they have the other's arms around them
So one time they have a mission and they have to go to some hotel, they get there and everything is okay until they get to the room, where there's two beds
Two individual beds, both of them too small for two people, specially two large guys like them
They look at each other like "the hell are we going to do now?", They try to sleep separated the first night, it goes as expected
Izuku wakes up crying in the middle of the night and stays in the bed looking at the ceiling, feeling so alone, like part of him is missing, he looks at the side and notices Katsuki breathing quickly and squirming, his eyes closed and his forehead sweaty from whatever he was dreaming
Izuku decides to go calm him down, standing at the side of the bed and drying the sweat of Katsuki's face, he doesn't say sweet words as he knows Katsuki takes off his hearing aids at night, so he just stays there, caressing his face until Katsuki starts breathing normally
He then sits down on the floor and falls asleep against the blankets on the bed, Katsuki wakes up just to see Izuku lying with his arms around his waist and the rest of his body in a weird position ln the floor, obviously Izuku gets called out and he apologizes but at the end, both of them know they can't sleep like that
So the next night they take all the blankets and pillows and place them on the floor and sleep there because they literally can't stand to be away from each other
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kacchanisms · 2 days
Tumblr media
after the storm.
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kacchaaaaannn · 3 days
Not me making bkdk in Pocket Love and having them go on cute dates and stuff🙄✋
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here are some of the memories they made
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bonus :
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sugarrocki · 6 hours
People who think/want AFO to go after Ochaco next lol
Tumblr media
But seriously, people who think this have missed the whole point of why he targeted Katsuki to begin with.
AFO can see people’s weaknesses, as well as he witnessed Izuku’s reaction to Katsuki getting “poked full of holes”. He understands how special Katsuki is to Izuku, more than just someone he is friends with.
Ochaco is definitely friends with Izuku and they are close no doubt, but that’s just it. Izuku sees her as a best friend and nothing more. In the same way that he sees Shoto, Iida and Tsu.
But Katsuki is different. Katsuki is someone Izuku has held dear to him for nearly his entire life. Katsuki is the image of victory inside his head.
Not to mention, Izuku is turning into Katsuki right in front of AFO’s face
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chandralia · 2 days
the fact that anime-onlys still don’t know about the bkdk kiss is so funny to me
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slug-cube · 22 hours
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the woes of izuku midoriya
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mariaxchan · 2 days
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habken · 10 days
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sketches of some losers in love
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