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therequiemforthelost · a day ago
Just wanna make a quick shout out to the self shippers that:
Don't gush often
Don't talk about their ships often
Are low energy and low spoons in general
We all have our reasons, but that doesn't make your ships any less valid. You have so much love in your heart and your F/Os are very lucky to share that with you!
Pro//shippers please DNI y'all make me very uncomfortable
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asradarling · 9 hours ago
˗ˏˋ synopsis :: After an argument with your frustrating roommate, he accidentally slips out a confession. When you come back home, a surprise waits for you.
┊ ✦ themes :: Angsty, argument, roommate AU, college AU, fluff
┊ ✦ warnings :: Argument, crying, swearing, everything works out in the end :))
┊ ✦ pairings :: Scaramouche/Kunikuzushi x GN!Reader
┊ ✦ wc: 2200~
୨⎯ a.n :: I love to hurt my own feelings and then comfort my own feelings via writing keke
Tumblr media
You unraveled countless crunched papers in a trash can, taking a sigh of relief when finding your notes.
Scaramouche briefly looked your way when you stood, looking back to his phone when you turned around.
You gripped your knuckles. “I’ve told you countless times to not throw away my stuff..”
“And I've told you countless times to not leave your stuff around like a slob. You know I'll throw anything away on the ground.” He didn't give you any attention, which only frustrated you more.
You scoffed, nearly speechless. “It was on the dining table! The table!”
Most called him the most frustrating in the entire building. Sure, he looked cool from afar and had his nice moments, but up close he was just insufferable!
He scoffed, crossing his arms and smirking at you. “Well, then you shouldn't have left it in a place where it could fall.”
You clutched the paper to your chest and felt your eyes well up. Kunikuzushi froze with a shocked expression when he finally noticed. His face turned into confusion.
He scoffed. “You're so sensitive!”
“Why are you always like this?!” You shouted. “Why are you so egotistical?! So– So rigid! You never act this way with anyone else!” You turned your back, unable to bear looking at him. “So why do you act this way with me–?”
The shouting must have finally shown how you feel to him. He stood with a hand reaching out, but retracted and crossed his arms, head held high.
“Jesus— You're so sensitive! And dense! You knew my rules fully well! How the fuck do I find you attractive..”
You turned around to jab a finger at him and shout so some more—
But wait.
What'd he just say?
A second of silence passed.
“What.. What was that?” Now you were the one confused and Kunikuzushi was shocked.
“Wait– No! No! I didn't mean that! Y–You’re not–! I'm not– Stop with that look!!”
You dropped the note paper. You both flushed red. You turned, hand over your mouth, opening the door out.
“I– I think I need to sort myself out.”
The door shut. You left Kunikuzushi behind. You sighed and slumped against the door. Your heart was pounding and your head aching.
You covered your red face with your hands and shook your head. “What does that mean! What do I do..” you hissed.
Kuni would probably try to follow after you sooner or later, so you got up and walked down the lobby. You stared at the elevator ceiling, just trying to fathom what happened.
“I get frustrated with Kuni. I yell at him. We argue. ‘How the fuck do I find you attractive’..” You pinched the bridge of your nose. “Nope.. can't figure it out.”
The elevator doors open. You walk out, lost in thought. When you looked around, a group of friendlies was spotted, upon seeing you they ushered over.
The twins, Kazuha, Itto, Xiao, and Diluc. All good friends of yours. Nice people, great to hand out with, so welcoming.
“It's you!” Aether said. Everyone crowded around you.
“Are you okay? You look a little pale..” Lumine was always like a big sister to everyone.
“You can tell us if anything happened.” Kazuha put a comforting hand on your shoulder, his voice music to your ears. Maybe you should have just roomed with one of them.
Xiao put a hand on your forehead to check your temperature and Diluc just studied your face with a hand on his chin.
Itto leaned down to your level, staring at your face with raised eyebrows. “Everything alright? Hey– Where's that scary shortie always with you?”
You stared down to the floor and saw your eyes blur. “Kuni..” You tasted the words in your mouth. He really was always a step behind you, now that you thought about it.
Everyone promptly freaked out a little bit upon seeing your reaction. Xiao, Lumine, Kazuha, and Diluc immediately got bloodlust for whatever or whoever hurt your feelings while Itto and Aether are busy comforting you.
Kunikuzushi got his nickname ‘Scaramouche’ from how boastful and egotistical he was. Coined by Venti, from the theater department. But in this moment he had felt something he hadn't ever– or really something he had been desperately repressing.
He felt shame. He felt guilt. And worst of all, he craved you now more than ever.
He paced back and forth in the dorm room, biting his thumb. He glanced at the fallen note paper and picked it up.
Why did I say that! What does it mean! What are they to me?!
His head cluttered with thoughts.
“God– God dammit!” He scowled. He knew the answer to all those questions.
He knew how much he liked you, he knew how many times he was an utter failure at expressing his feelings, and he only had himself to blame. He knew he didn't deserve any apologies, and that you deserve a million.
An apology..
How do the couples in the movies do it? One says something stupid, the other storms off in tears, one gets flowers and gifts and appears at the footstep of his beloved, apologizes and everything is fine.
The image of your crying circled in his head, usually you were angry! Anger made things simple, but this? It was new territory, though it was definitely something he had to see.
He may have looked like he never bothered to care or remember anything about anyone, but he was always silently observing you.
One of your favorite hangout spots, especially at night, was a fast food place where you would just eat junk food and gossip or vent.
“Remind me who I need to kill again? So insignificant I seemed to have forgotten their name.” Xiao looked to you with determination, sipping from his cup.
“No, no, no.. we're going to talk through our feelings like mature adults!” Aether wiggled a finger, though his words didn't give any sympathy for Kuni.
Lumine clasped her hands with an eerie smile. “Nah I'm with Xiao on this.. murder sounds nice!”
Aether, Lumine and Kazuha sat on one side of your guy's favorite booth. You sat in-between Diluc and Xiao. Itto sat backwards on a chair he dragged over.
“Well, did something happen between you and the scary short dude?” Itto piped up.
The gang stared at you, awaiting a response.
“Uh.. Well we got into an argument– and he said something.. strange.” You stared at your lap, already flushing up at the thought of his words.
Everyone nodded along, it was a rare time everyone was silent, but the gang knew how to act when it came to venting.
“What happened next?” Kazuha said, never breaking a smile.
“Well– At first he was really mean and called me ‘sensitive’ and I was shouting..” You glanced back up to see a group ready to commit cold blood murder. “–But at the end he said ‘how am I attracted to you’.. like– what?!” You slightly shouted, hands covering your face.
A collective shouted “WHAT?!” made other customers turn their heads.
“So that means he like-likes you?!” Itto, as clueless as he is in romance, was probably right.
Diluc rested a hand on your shoulder and took one of your hands from your face, gently squeezing it. “You don't have to figure everything out immediately, remember that.”
Everyone took turns comforting you, all of their love languages were so different it itched all of your current comfort needs.
You thanked them, their warm expressions were part of the reason you could continue through the hell of college. How they smiled when you smiled, how proud they were when they could help you.
Thus you left, one big group with interlocking arms, simply chatting while following you back to your dorm. Everyone crowded around a corner, waiting and watching you come back.
The keys rattled in the door. It was late into the night, and you were sure the bastard was already asleep. You slowly opened the door, peering through.
“You're back–!” A loud voice saw your arrival. There stood Kunikuzushi with flowers in his hands.
Your favorite flower, with your favorite colors. Your favorite movie ready to be played on the screen with your favorite blanket on the couch.
“Kuni, I—”
He abruptly held you in a hug, his hand clutched the back of your head, the other holding your back. “You don't have to say or answer anything..”
You stayed still in shock at first, but accepted his embrace. His hair tickled your neck, his skin was cold but soft. You were surprised that such a stereotypical apology was actually working on you.
When he let go, he looked you in the eyes.
No tears.. good. He thought, subtly checking you up and down.
He dragged you by the hand to the couch, averting his eyes. “I remembered you like this movie.” And you had.
You smiled and sat next to him, covering yourself in the blanket you two had shared for movie nights in the past.
With the current information, everything he had done in the past made sense. Every little confusing move was just his horribly translated attempt at getting your attention or giving affection.
Your friends, peeking from outside the door, nodded and left you two alone.
“Still not off of my hit list..” Xiao crossed his arms and shook his head.
Kazuha laughed. “We'll hear how well he did on apologizing tomorrow.”
“It'd be a first for him..” Diluc sighed in frustration.
An empty popcorn bowl, two people nuzzled under a blanket in the dead of night. Watching the final bits of the movie, your eyes felt heavy as you nodded off.
Kuni flinched when your head slumped onto his shoulder, clearly with no idea what to do. He stayed perfectly still, staring at your face.
He slowly reached out to your hand, smiling smugly like an idiot when he grasped your hand. You might have not been very ‘charming’ when sleeping, but Kunikuzushi couldn't stop staring at you nonetheless.
Something peeked out of your pocket, a folded up paper with ‘Kuni’ written on it.
“Maybe you should give him a letter!” Aether added. “Talking about feelings is hard, why not leave something for him to read in the morning?”
You nodded along, rubbing your chin and thinking.
“But would you forgive him? You don't have to.” Xiao looked at you with a worried look.
“You don't have to, you can just say how he fucked up!” Lumine shrugged.
Aether poked his sister. “How he hurt you.”
“Fucked up.”
“Fucked up!” Itto joined in the bickering.
Diluc pinched the bridge of his nose. “You all are hopeless..”
The letter spoke about how his words hurt, how you were okay with his rules, and how you liked him too, if he did mean to say that.
He scoffed, stuffing the paper in his pocket and turning off the TV. He looked back down to you and brushed your hair back.
Slow and carefully, he got up from the couch and propped your head on a pillow. He snatched a memo pad and scribbled something down. He stood back up, about to walk away.
You grabbed his hand. “Come back..”
He looked back to you, stunned and speechless. “Well– .. If you say so..” He frowned with a sour look on his face as he returned under the covers.
“So needy..” Yup, still terrible at expressing emotions.
He rested on your chest as you gently combed through his hair with your fingers, he almost looked like he wanted to cry.
Sure enough, you quickly dozed off. Once sure of your ignorance, Kunikuzushi stared at your face with a rather complicated look on his face.
He quickly pecked you on the check, hiding his flushed face in the nape of your neck. After tonight, he was more comfortable with you whether he wanted to be or not, and whether he could accept it or not.
Such, the two of you had sweet dreams.
Your alarm shocked you awake. You rubbed your eyes and groaned, the gentle sunshine welcoming your wake. A notepad sat beside you with large text addressing you.
Y/N. Sorry about last night. I was wrong. Your notes are on the kitchen counter, don't forget it. I read your letter.. and I feel the same way. I'll be back by 3. Good luck on your exam. Sorry again.
P.S You look stupid in your sleep.
It was definitely him, though you could hardly believe it. Sure enough your notes were un-crumbled on the kitchen counter. Only time could tell how sincere his apology was, but at least in that moment, you smiled with hope at the paper.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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timothymcgees · 2 days ago
yeah sorry man i gotta get going. yeah no its just i gotta get home and kiss my f/os you know how it is
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lau-isa-sen · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
she is ashamed of her teeth and eyes, he completely loves her teeth and dilated eyes you can help me with Donations in my KO-FI  for my medicines
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jeffbytes · 2 days ago
a much needed cute fun distraction this evening 😚 naturally as robots some of these parts were uh, missing
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tired-little-fawn · a day ago
Your F/O doesn't want to hurt you.
Your F/O has never wanted to hurt you.
Your F/O would never want to hurt you.
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The holidays can be so difficult but just know your f/os will always support you through it. Whether its your familial f/os, platonic, romantic, etc., they'll do their best to make the holidays as enjoyable or as easy as possible. They recognize that it isn't easy and will always be there for you.
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sshoujo-ais · 13 hours ago
when you see ppl saying some weird/incorrect shit abt your f/o
Tumblr media
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candyheartedchy · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A little comic about their first kiss. 😘
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fluffyselfships · a day ago
when you finally get an f/o that out flirts your s/i
Tumblr media
dont look at me or my shame
Tumblr media
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selfshippingquotes · a day ago
F/O, in court after they committed murder: The court hates seeing a girlboss win.
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newtsselfships · 2 days ago
Shout out to the self-shippers that have f/os from media they aren't even really interested in.
Like we just looked at them and were like, 'Forget all of this. You're all I need!'
Do I care about the overall plot? Not really. Do I care about them? Absolutely.
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blackheart-biohazards · 2 days ago
Today is a good day to enjoy your ships, no matter what they are!
💕 enjoy your self ships!
💕 enjoy your dark ships!
💕 enjoy your fluffy ships!
💕 enjoy your problematic ships!
Keep on shippin’! ⛵🏴‍☠️
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deanportmans · 2 days ago
Little positivity for y’all with f/os who you’ve taken out of canon .
Whether it be because canon sucks or did them dirty, you hate the media or creators, or just simply like the character but never got invested in the media they’re from; y’all are awesome and so fucking valid! Your f/os adore you and feel so privileged to have your love! And isn’t it more fun anyway? Being able to play by your rules? 💙
Proship / comship DNI, this ain’t for y’all
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seeliebun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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caracello · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ok2rb, she/they for both + flame/flames for red! <3]
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