cherrytraveller · 2 days
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yeah yeah angst potential whatever but what about Present & Future Leo bonding huh gotta do everything myself around here–
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rhinocio · 3 days
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so tired of having a brain that won’t cooperate
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ultimatedirk · 2 days
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lou jitsu goodness
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calista-222 · 21 hours
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Hug :')!
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bell-of-indecision · 3 days
here's a thought:
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yes i do take criticism
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Sunita doesn't care, April just wanted to go on a date
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chocolatepyrusart · 3 days
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2003 / 2022
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blitzxiiru · 2 days
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here they are as promised!! the future ‘12 boys in their full glory :))
i have some fun comics lined up in my queue about them, ill post them soon too!
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fryologyy · 14 hours
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lou <3
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unorthodoxx-page · 2 days
A Tale of Spirits final sneak
so this is just a sneak peak, no real thoughts.  I’m going to put it under the cut.  It’s the rough opening to an intense scene, so I’m giving people the option to wait for the chapter.  Like always, it’s rough and subject to change before the final post.
Hint: It includes Donnie.
Sneak Peak (Ty Lee POV) - Note, she’s on the roof of the tank
She hears it again, but this time it’s softer.  Ty Lee hesitates before following the sound on quiet feet.  She’s walking down half the train before she realizes where she’s heading.  Donnie.  Her shoulders drop in relief.  He must be working on something in his room.  Or hitting the wall.  She giggles a little at the thought and stops above his quarters.
She drops into a deep crouch and slides her arm down the side and smiles when her fingers find the edge of a window.  She lays flat against the cold metal, letting her toes sink into a small seam on the roof and swings over until her head appears in the window.  She grins wildly, a joyful shout building, but it dies in her throat.  Donnie sits off to the side of the small room surrounded by wire and dark sections of scales, but that’s not what makes her blood run cold.  It’s the spirit, sitting with his shell cracked open before him.  His hands move methodically through the removed organ before reaching for something sharp.
Ty Lee thinks she’s going to be sick.  
Her eyes immediately flood.  What happened?  Is he hurt?  Why didn’t he say anything?  The spirit reaching away from the window when she sees it.  The flex and bend of something green and patterned on his mutilated back.  Except it’s not mutilated.  Her wet eyes track the curve of the spirits spine and follows its connection to Donnie’s plated front.  A shell?  It’s another shell.  It doesn’t look like the other two spirit’s though.  She remembers the massive spirit with a shell made almost of jagged stone.  Remembers the hard curve of the blue one’s, but Donnie’s doesn’t look like either.  In fact, it seems….malleable.  
Ty Lee squints at the familiar metal shell, forcing herself to look past the horror, but it looks like it always does.  Even the way it lays open reminds her of when it unfolds to display his other limbs and wings.  She looks at this more organic shell on Donnie’s back, trying to put the pieces together, and pauses on the spirits shoulders.  They’re are thick lines of discolored skin on either side of his neck.  Painful blue and black bruises that seem to wrap all the way to his plastron.  The lines are too straight to be organic, almost like he was wearing something heavy.
Like a piece of armor.
She sucks in a soft breath at the implication.  Her eyes jump from the bruises to the metal shell, mind racing, before looking straight into the electric eyes of the spirit.
Note: I’m actually interested if the tension is building correctly.  Let me know how it reads!
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trans-donatello · 2 days
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poor casey, he really shouldn’t have asked
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cherrytraveller · 21 hours
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ppl have been positively DELIGHTED by my recent F!Leo post so i’m dumping some more self-indulgent stuff on here, enjoy my version of my pathetic little middle-aged meow meow
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Spike never got mutated!! Idk what you're talking about!!!
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turtle-ika · 2 days
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if i gave you a box of tots, would you protect them with your life
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ashdash2417 · 3 days
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Hey, look who’s got some more toitle doodles! Leo’s actually pretty fun to draw ngl (but the angle or perspective of the boys’ plastrons are difficult to get down hahaaa)
When Leo says “ignore all the other drawings,” he actually means ignore all the ones that aren’t him lol.
Oh, and the tiny Donnie’s you see are part of @snailsnaps ‘s De-aged Donnie AU. I recommend checking it out! :p
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meggalice · 3 hours
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Got a really cute drawing prompt from Instagram today 💖
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