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A commission from yesterday! Sappyyyyyyyyy
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Reminds me of a killer
Reminds me I should kill him. 
(had the briefest idea to switch their positions but I mean,,,Katsuki has been taking allllll of Deku’s hits and/or taking hits for his sake so I think it’s poignant.) 
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Them *sighs violently*
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he is gorgeous
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There’s nothing that infuriates me more than when people say “this character is immature and annoying” when the character in question is a (usually traumatized) 13 year old 
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idk why the post came out of nowhere but reposting it now once again! bkdk in such costumes make me feel love...
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bk and dk care so much about each other that they always ask about the other before anyone else
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Where’s Kacchan
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What about Deku
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Aizawa: I need you to train with Midoriya.
Bakugou: Why?
Aizawa: Because I’m your teacher and I’m asking you nicely.
Bakugou: What if I don’t want to?
Aizawa: I don’t care, you’re doing it!
Bakugou: How is that nice?!
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quirk accident! kacchan has been assigned the babysitter (definitely not as punishment)
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bkdk posting AGAIN
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YukarietD on twitter
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Vigilante Izuku: I need you to take the fall for me this one time but I will owe you
Present Mic: For what?
Aizawa:*in the distance* Oh god
Vigilante Izuku: No time to explain. You in?
Aizawa:*in the distance* Fuck!
Present Mic: Say I'm your favourite in front of Shouta and we have a deal
Vigilante Izuku: Perfect your a life saver.
Aizawa: Who drank the last of the coffee!?
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Oh gosh how many days is it now that Kacchan is out from the manga?
124 days and counting since August 2nd
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no thoughts just bkdk river scene
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