A small continuation of this:
Tim walks down stairs to ask a question: Do you-
*Jason shoots another round into a picture of Dick*
Tim: Jason?
Jason: what?
Tim: what’re you doing?
Jason: * incomprehensibly mutters about trying to get a date with Dick’s friend*
Tim: did you get it?
Jason*pouting*: no..
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mediumsizetex · 21 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aroaceconfessions · 3 days
There was one post here not understanding why people don’t just block all ship tags and users who ship so as a repulsed aroace who doesn’t ship and is quite resentful towards shipping I thought I’d clarify why we can’t do that. Absolutely no malice to the original post or anyone who agreed with it, I just want to share why that’s not an option for me and many others personally.
The problem isn’t shipping itself. It’s how fandom is essentially ONLY about shipping. If I blocked all shipping related content and users that shipped in the fandoms I’m in, I’d have literally no content. At all. I’m the only one I’ve met so far in any of them that doesn’t ship. If there was actually non ship content, THEN we could just block all shippers and ship tags. But if we do that, our dash will get maybe 1-2 new posts a week if we’re lucky. Believe me, I’ve tried. There’s nothing there, no art no fics, only the occasional meme. It’s lonely and leaves us with nobody to talk to about the media the fandom is for, which is the entire point of looking for fandom in the first place.
Again, the problem isn’t the fact that people ship. The concept of shipping is harmless. The problem is shipping is so prevalent that there’s nothing else, and we HAVE to consume ship content if we want to be part of the fandom. We HAVE to create ship content if we want to be seen by others in the fandom. And when you’re romance repulsed, that makes you resentful after awhile. Eventually we all go ‘well why is it like this? Why is all the content about this thing I love centered around a huge discomfort of mine?’. And we try and try to change that with our own ship free content, but it never gets an audience and never even manages to reach others like us, isolating all in our own little corners bc without ships to draw in the masses and get them sharing it our work never reaches far enough to find like minded people. It gets maybe as far as our virtual backyard. Maybe others are out there, but the internet is vast and if our efforts aren’t circulated we’ll never make contact. We can’t meet new people if none of us can reach beyond our own yards.
It’s really not shipping we hate. It’s the unwritten REQUIREMENT for it if you want to be part of a fandom. It’s how we’re effectively silenced in fandom if we don’t ship. Bc we want so desperately to share our love of this thing with people, but they’ll never hear us unless it’s about ships. Unless it’s about the one thing that makes us uncomfortable, the one feeling they have that we don’t share.
If you’re able to ship while being aro and/or ace, I’m happy for you. You can still enjoy fandom. But I can’t, and it’s a very lonely existence. And it hurts.
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dis-a-ppointment · 7 hours
pet peeve:
couple who would never ever have children; have children (in canon or fanon)
some people just don't want to have kids, and that's okay. not everyone's life is fulfilled by having kids
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W’Kabi Looking at all the Attuma x Okoye shippers.
“We not even divorced yet...”
Tumblr media
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zoaroko · 3 days
Tumblr media
they are NOT cis or het. ty.
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spicerpuffs · 2 days
Tumblr media
Power Couple
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judytaurus · 1 day
Tumblr media
Lestappen in glasses ❤️🤓💙
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whisperluck · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This meme best describe Mist and Shamura perfectly.
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inkdot03 · 6 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
has ur gf ever made you into a scarily accurate snow man for @pearlinaweek Day 1: Unexpected Snow Day!
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mettagender · 1 day
You may be in rarepair hell but are you in "hyperfixating on a ship that literally only you ship" hell
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mediumsizetex · 3 days
Tumblr media
Good night, dear by Colorochka
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gendryamas · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
by @thatsaysalotalotalot
Miracle on Steel Street: A Sevenmas Tale
Gendry Waters doesn't believe in Father Sevenmas and has raised his sister Barra to (not) believe the same. When the Father Sevenmas he hires to replace a drunk Thoros for Baratheon Department Store's holiday display makes a believer out of Barra, Gendry isn't pleased. Things take a turn for the worse when his "Father S" is such a hit that Baratheon's arch rival Lannister's Emporium makes a (literal) federal case out of it. When Baratheon's hires high power defense attorney Arya Stark to save Father S, she sees the lonely, orphan boy hiding under Gendry's gruff exterior. Will he put down his guard and let her be his family? It may take a Sevenmas Miracle.
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lovequeerindigo · 17 hours
it’s funny to me when people bash ships because the characters “don’t have any chemistry.” i wouldn’t know chemistry if it hit me with a truck. i ship them because i think it’d be hot if they fucked. there’s no other reason.
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cielandpayten · 2 days
The First Meeting - Multiple Tangos AU
Basically an actual written out story rather than a small prompt!
How did this happen?
Solidarity was walking with Fwhip, Joel, and Grian after all had explained that Grian messed with some weird rift magic (which he was not surprised, of course Grian is the cause for this chaos) when his eyes landed on his husband's.
"...Is that-"
The other's appearance had changed. He was no longer blonde with red eyes, his hair was a bright blue flame instead, eyes those same blue color. He wore a black crop top with black shorts, long black thigh high heeled boots, a few keys connected to his belt. He also had a dark blue coat resting on his shoulders with white furred trimming.
The other gasped and his eyes widened, but that smile. Solidarity could never, no matter what Tango looked like, ever forget that smile, "That-!"
"MY RANCHER!" Solidarity ran over and picked the other up.
Tango gasped and blushed, giggling as the dirty blonde spun him around, "MY RANCHER! IT'S MY RANCHER!"
Solidarity held the other close, peppering kisses all across Tango's face, earning giggles, "My love, light of my life, my rancher, my husband-"
"S-Soli, you're embarrassing me!" Tango laughed as the other continued kissing his face off.
"You're blue now!" Solidarity cupped his cheeks.
"Y-Yeah..." Tango blushed, "W-Well, I, um, moved and the environment just had me change a bit. D-Do you like it?"
The dirty blonde smiled, "Baby Blue, I love it~"
Tango's whole face turned a bright shade of red before he happily pulled the other in for a kiss. They pulled back and smiled at one another, Solidarity stroking his cheeks and as they lovingly stared into each other's eyes.
"Ahem." The two turned and Fwhip was staring at them, eyebrow raised, "Are you two just gonna make out all day or can we leave?"
"Don't be jealous I have a hubby and you don't~" Solidarity picked Tango up, who giggled.
The three then left, Solidarity carrying him. They got to the other side of the tunnel and saw Joel and Grian talking to a blonde, both confused. Solidarity put Tango down, the two holding hands as they walked over with Fwhip.
Joel turned and looked at Tango, then to the blonde, then backed to Tango, "Uh... What's going on?"
"Oh my- SOLI!"
Solidarity gasped as he stumbled back, someone jumping into his arms. The person pulled back and showed off his blonde hair and red eyes, his blaze rods floating around them. He wore a red bandana, a red long sleeved shirt with 3 hearts on the sleeve, a black leather jacket over it, back jeans, healed boots, and black gloves.
"OH MY GOD, I THOUGHT WE DIED!" The blonde screamed, tears in his eyes. He pulled Solidarity into a kiss, the other gasping as Tango screamed, the other three (Fwhip, Grian, and Joel) staring in confusion and shock. The blonde pulled back, tears rolling down his cheeks as he yelled, "YOU SCARED ME! HOW COULD YOU LET AN ENDERMAN KILL YOU?! I TOLD YOU, YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED BY ME SO I COULD PROTECT YOU! WE WERE ON OUR LAST LIFE AND-"
"GET OFF OF HIM!" Tango yelled, pushing the other off.
The blonde gasped and stumbled back, staring at Tango in confusion, "...Huh? Soli, who's this?"
"My name is Tango-" The other hissed, hugging Solidarity's arm to his chest, "And this is my husband!"
"WHAT?! HE IS NOT!" The blonde pushed Tango off and hugged Solidarity, showing off the three hearts on his sleeve, "My name is Tango and this is MY husband! We're soulmates! We're literally destined to be together!"
Solidarity stared down, "...Tango..."
"Double Life..." The dirty blonde mumbled to himself.
"HE'S MINE!" The first Tango yelled, pushing the blonde off, his blue hair letting off small blue and white sparks.
Blonde Tango's hair did the same, except it was orange and red sparks.
Grian moved to stand beside Solidarity, "Hey, so-"
"What the hell did you do?!" Solidarity faced the other dirty blonde, his blue eyes now purple.
Grian's green eyes turned purple to match his, crossing his arms over his chest, "You think I meant for this to happen? I didn't know this would happen!"
Solidarity groaned and grabbed the dirty blonde, pulling him behind a building for some semi privacy as Joel and Fwhip tried to calm the two Tangos down.
Solidarity whispered out, "That's two Tangos! One from Hermitcraft and one from Double Life! You know my deal with the others, what the hell am I suppose to do if I'm connected to two?!"
Grian glared, a white symbol appearing in his purple eyes as he whispered, "Listen, I'm not sure what happened! I just opened one rift, but I guess my powers mixed with Grumbot's messed up somehow. It shouldn't interfere with your deal with the others."
Solidarity sighed, closing his eyes as the mark disappeared and his eyes turned back to blue, "It better not. I don't want a repeat of... that disgusting murder game."
The two walked back to the group and both Tangos moved to stand in front of the dirty blonde, telling him who his "real" husband was, both bickering and yelling at one another.
"G-Guys, please, I-"
"Hey everyone!"
The group turned, but the Tangos continued to fight and argue. Solidarity, Joel, Grian, and Fwhip saw Scar walking over with another blonde.
Scar smiled, pointing to the other, "Look guys! The rift really changed Tango's appearance."
The new Tango was clearly confused. He had blonde spikey hair, his eyes red, but he looked like a human. He wore a white buttoned up shirt under a black tie and a maroon vest, black pants, black healed boots, red goggles resting on his head. However, unlike the other Tango's, the biggest difference with this one was he had a golden prosthetic arm.
The Tango locked eyes with Solidarity's, eyes widening. He walked over and took the other's hand in his as he bowed slightly.
"Well, aren’t you a tall glass of water~!" The Tango purred, Solidarity's face turning bright red.
"H-Huh?!" Solidarity gawked, Joel, Grian, and Fwhip snickering.
"My name is Tango, what’s your name, cowboy?" Tango kissed his hand before standing up straight. He was an inch or two taller than Solidarity, allowing the other to gently cupped his chin in his hand. Tango tilted Solidarity's chin up, smiling, "Or can I just call you mine~?"
Solidarity nearly passed out, his heart beating way too fast. Is this how he makes Tango feel?! Because he was pretty sure he was going to die from embarrassment.
The other two Tangos pushed the new one off and the three began arguing and bickering. Solidarity fell to the ground, eyes wide, face a bright red, a hot mess, completely embarrassed by everything. Scar and Fwhip were confused, not sure what to do, while Joel and Grian fell to the floor laughing.
"O-Okay, okay, enough!" Joel gently separated the three, "Listen, clearly Grian's rift messed up and, as much as I love to see Solidarity being teased with, he's going to literally die from embarrassment! So, let's try to settle this! Uh-"
Grian helped Solidarity stand, "Listen, there's a lot of worlds with a lot of copies of us out there, as we can see." He then clapped his hands together, "So, names! Uuuuh.."
Solidarity blinked, "U-Um, we could just call them where they're from." He pointed to Blue Tango, "H-Hermitcraft, Double Life or Double, and...?"
The last Tango hummed, "...Call me Create!" He smiled, "See, where I'm from, I'm teamed up with four other people to makes machines that use little to no redstone! We try to just use stuff like the wind and watermills. And, because we're creating these machines ourselves all from scratch, it makes sense!"
Solidarity smiled and nodded, "Alright, Hermit, Double, and Create!"
Grian then spoked, "And since you all love Solidarity, I guess all three of you are married to him!"
"WHAT?!" They screamed.
Create huffed, "As if I would share a beautiful diamond with two pieces of coal!"
Hermit glared, "YOU LITERALLY JUST MET HIM TODAY, YOU HAVE NO SAY!" "I'm the one who is literally bound to him!" Double yelled.
Solidarity groaned, "Great job, Grian..."
"You're welcome! Now we're going to go!"
"Wait-" He turned and the others left, laughing.
Solidarity was left alone with the three bickering Tangos. He took a deep breath and stepped forward. He grabbed Hermit and gently pulled him in for a kiss, making the other two whine and get upset. However, before anyone can properly voice a complaint, Solidarity pulled back from the kiss, Hermit smiling happily, completely blissed out. He then pulled Double in for a kiss, the other moaning into the kiss, smiling into it. Solidarity pulled back from the kiss and finally pulled Create in for a kiss. The other cupped his cheek and hummed, pulling back from the kiss early to kiss Solidarity's forehead.
"T-There!" Solidarity exclaimed, stepping back, all three happy with the kiss, "N-Now, please stop fighting! I-I love you, Tango, a-all of you! I-I know you guys love me and will probably want me to choose, b-but I won't be able to! I-I love you all, I-I love... I just love Tango, a-and you're all Tangos so..."
The three Tangos stared at each other before Hermit gently hugged Solidarity, nuzzling into him, "I think I can speak for all of us that we love you too and that we will accept your decision. We'd never want you to choose and hurt yourself. We love you."
"Doesn't mean we'll be happy with each other!" Double glared at Hermit, hugging Solidarity as well, "But, we can be happy with and for you! We love you too, so we will do whatever to make you happy!"
Create went behind Solidarity, holding his hips, "I may have just met you, but I can confidently say I love you more than anything in the world. I'd be happy to do whatever you want, within reason, just to see you smile~"
Solidarity blushed but he did smile and sighed contently, "Thanks guys..."
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marco3173 · 2 days
Tumblr media
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