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reimeichan · 2 days ago
Hello there, unknown, unnamed parts of me. I can hear your suffering and feel your hurt. Unfortunately, I don't know how to reach out to you to help you. I can feel the barrier between us, perhaps that means it's not yet time for us to meet. I want to meet you. Maybe we can talk to each other at some later point. And when that happens, I'd like to help you through your pain. I've also been suffering and hurting for so long, but I have had people help me and teach me how to be kind and compassionate. I would like to share that with you. I think you deserve the same kindness and compassion that I received, and I hope it'll help take away at least some of that pain.
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juicedoesthings · 2 days ago
i don't say this to be mean but if you think you are experiencing DID/OSDD but all your alters cause you immense stress because you can't connect to how you feel when you are them / all of your alters have a different aesthetic and name that you feel like you can't take because it's theirs and you've decided that,
that is most likely not DID/OSDD (or is, plus this next part) and you may be victim to OCD and categorizing the self / making rules for your identity based on aesthetic. Memory loss and a "switch/im not my other part" feeling can come with many personality disorders and mental illnesses other than that, and for me, this self categorization and belief i was a system just because i have multiple ways of interacting with the world, people, online groups, and experienced age regression due to trauma was very detrimental to my well being to the point i experienced worse symptoms and believed i was incapable of being a complete identity.
i've seen a couple posts circulating about people with psychosis and ocd or overlapping bpd symptoms immediately diagnosing themselves as a system because of the "endogenic" circulating idea that you can be a system just because you identify yourself as one due to another disorder or self identify as one for any reason. many therapists have tried to break me out of the belief over the years while others tried to push the idea further onto me that i had did/osdd.
overall all mental illnesses are, mental illnesses. and seeing many people nowadays immediately assume all symptoms of dissociation and memory loss and identity confusion/depersonalization are osdd/did alters is extremely worrying to me. especially when most are teens and believing misinformation these communities are pushing as mental health activism.
because i was a victim of this i want to say please make sure - if you are suffering and feel you have no identity anymore - that you work on finding a place away from people with did/osdd and especially find places away from endogenic communities. you are not broken and i promise you there are millions of other treatment options for you, and others who have dealt with this as well. loving yourself and your whole self comes with so many steps and it seems so hopeless at first but god was it liberating for me to escape compulsive compartmentalization.
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appbeljuice · 2 days ago
any other systems like have moments where alters temporarily fuse together at front? like for example there was four of us at front and we all kinda fused together? whenever i describe it to people i like to use steven universe fusion just bc like its the only comparison i can make to it? because we look sound and act different but we are aware we are fused its weird
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ultrabright-flashlight · 8 months ago
*experiences symptoms when no one is around to see me* I have got to stop faking for attention
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xenodelic · 2 months ago
There is so much shame that comes with having amnesia and other memory issues.
As someone that has multiple conditions that cause memory loss (DID, TBI, ADHD, etc) we can't even begin to describe the shame and guilt that is conditioned into people who are """forgetful""".
Having memory issues does not make you a bad person. It doesn't mean you are uncaring, lazy, or immature.
Memory is simply one of the many things that people can struggle with. It has nothing to do with who you are as a person. We are conditioned to think otherwise because being "forgetful" makes people less productive to a capitalist society. Society is arranged to make life a living hell for people with memory issues. This is an aspect of structural ableism. People in power do not want people like us to exist because we are less useful to them.
Dont get me wrong - it can absolutely hurt when someone you care about forgets something that's important to you. You're not wrong for feeling upset that someone missed an important date, event, detail, etc. That makes sense and feeling that way is not inherently ableist.
All we ask for is for compassion to be extended to people who struggle with memory. We ask for people to stop assigning moral value to how effective someone's memory is. We desire for social structures to accommodate people of all cognitive functions, not just those who are most productive to a capitalist machine.
And if you are someone with memory issues, know you do not need to be ashamed. We've been conditioned to hold negative beliefs about ourselves and our struggles for somebody else's benefit. Guilt and shame will not resolve our struggles. You are worthy and valuable as you are.
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faery-cemetery · 3 months ago
"If you had a disorder as serious as DID, we would notice."
You did notice, you just called it by a different name.
When you noticed us acting different, you called it
too sensitive
intentionally being difficult
When you noticed our amnesia, you called it
not listening
not trying
When you noticed us dissociating, you called it
not paying attention
not caring
acting stupid on purpose
wasting time
being lazy
People love to say they care about people with mental illness, and then disbelieve anyone who has one because they've already passed judgement on them.
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abitofajournal · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
bound to fall in love
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frogsforthefrogwar · 4 months ago
If your advocacy for truama/abuse survivors isn't inclusive of
Survivors who are not women
Survivors who developed hypersexuality
Survivors with personality disorders
Survivors with anger issues
Survivors with did/osdd
Survivors with substance abuse issues
Then maybe you should start making an effort to make it. I'm not asking anyone to shift focus to a topic they don't understand, but you dont have to become an expert in hypersexuality or personality disorders to not actively exclude or demonize them
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voidxbrat · 3 months ago
This is some love going out to other people with severe mental/developmental/etc disabilities! I mean severe like, in of need full-time assistance or *a lot* of accommodations. I mean people who legitimately can’t always control or understand their own behaviors. People who cannot live on their own, or maybe can’t make their own decisions. The people who get left out of everything, by everyone, even those who say to support people with stigmatized mental illnesses and not very nice symptoms and behaviors. Because, for all everyone shouts that they support these things - you really show you don’t very often (even on this site). Something people on here still really need to understand and support, is what *serious* and *severe* mental/developmental/etc disability really is.
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lost-diaries-system · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Please don't repost! Okay to reblog!!
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bunnysystem · 6 months ago
Attention neurodivergent people!
(And anyone with chronic illnesses)
I have come across an amazing app that can help tremendously if you struggle with accomplishing tasks, self care, taking your medication and more.
It's called Finch
Tumblr media
Finch allows you to do a multitude of things, the developers say they are striving to make self care and mental health motivating. So far it is working really well for me! And they have a 4.9 ☆ rating for a reason!
In case you don't want to read further please use my invite code if you download the app:
So what exactly does it do?
For starters finch combines completing tasks, and reflecting on things into caring for a little pet. (One that will never die or be upset with you) You pick their name and pronouns. (From he/him she/her they/them)
Each day you will need to complete tasks and/or reflections to help your pet gain energy:
Tumblr media
You can set daily tasks for yourself, completing a task gives you 5 energy, and setting goals gives you energy, the amount is based on how many you set. For each task you can also set reminders.
The app also gives you suggestions on things to put, this can range from simple self care tasks like brushing your teeth, washing your face, to simple exercises like do 5 push ups, do 5 squats etc. There is also a section for if you're having a hard day, tasks like drink water, survive the day, get out of bed, change clothes, stand for 10 seconds.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Ignore that I put morning meds twice)
The other way you gain energy is by completing reflections. In this sense it functions as a sort of journal. It asks you to reflect on things, or if you complete a task you can reflect on that as well. You can also go to the reflection section and pick from a variety of starter points, or even rant.
Later you can click on the bottom right square and it shows you all your reflections there. You can set whether things you reflected on were positive or negative. This helps the app learn to be more customized to you, and to track your feelings. The app does infer whether it thinks it is positive or negative based on your wording but it isn't 100% accurate. (How could it be)
Tumblr media
Once your little buddy is energized for the day they will go on an adventure! This takes like 6 hours. However you can speed up their return by getting more energy. Completing tasks speeds it up by 10m and by writing reflections you can speed it up by up to 30m depending on how much you write.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When your pet gets back they will have a story to share with you, and they will ask you a question. Depending on your answers it affects your pets personality. Which you can track by clicking the little bird head on the bottom left. All pictures you can click on and it tells you what it means. (This goes for pretty much anywhere on the app)
Tumblr media
On to the final and probably most fun part: Dressing your pet up
You gain rainbow stones by getting extra energy after your pet is done its adventure, when your pet comes back from an adventure you get some (the amount depends on your friendship level, which is gained simply by checking in each day), you get a little gift in the shop each day that gives you some, you can also get some by people using your invite code, and by adding people to your tree town. (In order to add someone to your town you both have to use your friend codes in the tree town menu)
These stones can then be used to purchase clothing or dye-(when your pet is a toddler. It only takes a few days for your pet to grow.)
Tumblr media
You can also set a widget on your home screen (ios and android) so that you can see your pet all the time. I find this really helps as whenever I open my phone I see my little dude and click on him. Which opens the app.
If you get this app please use my invite code:
If you want to be a part of my tree town send me a dm and we can exchange friend codes!
You can send positive vibes, hugs, and more to your tree town friends as well as have your pets visit eachother!
I hope this app can help you guys as much as it has been helping me!
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treatybrain · a month ago
i feel like something a lot of a ppl need to understand with DID is that it’s an extremely internal experience and, most of the time, isn’t as clean-cut as it is portrayed. sometime switches can be simple and feel possessive, as one alter enters and one alter leaves, but in other times it can feel like the slow and swaying liquid inside of a lava lamp. everything can mesh together and cause even more dissociation/confusion as a reaction, leading to not knowing who is exactly fronting and even how many. every system is different, but this is always the worst for us.
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g-0-thy · 10 days ago
"oh but my childhood/trauma wasnt *that* bad" i say, after proceeding to accidentally retell the most horrificly obvious traumadumping story while thinking its a funny memory
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chronicallylav3nd3r · a month ago
“if you really cared you wouldn’t had forgotten it”
is a sentence i hate. there are so many reasons to why someone has a bad memory; disorders that cause amnesia / memory loss such as DID/OSDD or head injuries, disorders that cause a bad memory in general such as ADHD or mental health conditions. even a bad diet or a lack of sleep could cause bad memory. these are just a few examples.
it’s really unfair to be accused of not caring over something you have no real control over.
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sicksadstar · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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symphony-system · 6 months ago
You’re not faking your system
Habits don’t change by accident, that’s the whole point of how habits work.
Sure, singlets have different personalities for different situations, but their gender, sexuality, favorite colors, etc, won’t change along with it.
If you made up your alters for attention, how come they’re thinking in first person inside your head where nobody else can hear them?
Denial is a totally natural part of the survival mechanism. Gatekeepers or other systemmates don’t want the host to know about the system until they’re ready. It’s a lot to take in.
You can’t fake a switch headache.
You can’t fake vertigo from height dysphoria/mis-match.
You can’t fake switching your dominant hand/leg/eye.
You can’t fake pesudomemories. Pseudomemories are just as real as “real” memories, under the hood. It’s all the same brain mechanism. They’re just as impactful.
It’s normal for alters to have a lot of things in common. You already share so much.
It’s normal for alters to have a lot of differences between them. It’s normal to have different races, animals, etc. The brain creates what it thinks it needs at the time.
It’s normal for alters to change and evolve, just like “real people”. 
It’s normal for alters to have a shallow or undeveloped personality, especially for fragments who don’t front much or only have very specialized roles.
It’s ok if you can’t tell who’s fronting right now.
If your voices sound super different in your head, but indistinguishable to other people, that’s ok. You share the same vocal cords, and you might have a shell alter acting as a filter.
Mood swings are one thing. If you’ve “always felt this way and can’t understand why you said you felt a different way earlier,” that’s something else.
Roleplaying with your systemmates in a fictional setting is a safe and healthy way to get to know them and to let them express themselves, especially when it isn’t safe for you to drop your external mask of pretending to be one person.
You don’t need to identify with everything on this list, or even with most of this list. Believe in yourself.
Please reblog and add your own!
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juicedoesthings · a month ago
i don't know who needs to hear this specifically but with the influx of discord servers dedicated to only mental illness discussion and spaces that only talk about racial discourse etc.
don't join those. those are echo chambers, and they will effect how you see your life. if you only focus on your mental illness or disabilities or only focus on racism you experience i know it may feel good to have a community where you can say "well i know this because i am this and no one else understands me if they're not this" or spaces where you can "educate" people who join but you are isolating yourself from actual society. it's a form of isolation. please find mixed social servers with many different people and many different opinions and branch out. communities like these ruined my view of the world and made me assume no one was like me at all out there if they didn't fit a cookie cutter definition and I do not want anyone else to fall into that.
you will find other people like you that aren't prone to community isolation for things that make humans human ! and it will feel liberating
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