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Ravio is slow when he’s tired. He goes too long without sleep, he becomes unable to process things and starts dissociating.
Legend likes to exploit this for his own amusement.
Legend: *talking fast* Hey, hi, hello, hey, hello, hi, hiya, hello, hi!
Ravio: *blinks* Hello?
Legend: *stands in front of him* Hey, hi, hello, hey, hello, hi, hiya, hello, hi!
Ravio: *incredibly confused* Um…what are….? *pokes Legend* No, you’re real….mmm.
Legend: *suppressing laughter* Can you do me a favor and tell me how many minutes are in a meter? I would do it myself but I’m very bad at astrophysics.
Ravio: Um, two I think.
Legend: *blinks* How did you get that answer?
Ravio: *staring off into space* I don’t know. I think I’m dreaming but you’re not. Did I get it right?
Legend: *pushing Ravio towards his room* For the love of Hylia— go to bed.
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— dissociation
the book of disquiet by fernando pessoa // a breath of life by clarice lispector // againts the mass of the night by kaye donachie // how to dissapear completely by radiohead // normal people by sally rooney // rené magritte // virgina woolf // by me // enrico robusti
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notabled-noodle · 2 months ago
because I haven't seen a whole heap of decent information about this... I thought I'd do a beginner's guide to dissociation
disorders that can cause dissociation include:
eating disorders
some people also experience dissociation due to chronic pain
being dissociated can feel like, but is not limited to:
feeling disconnected from the world
feeling "blurry", "buzzy", "foggy", or "out of it"
not feeling any emotions
not feeling any physical pain
not remembering whole periods of time
feeling like you're floating outside of your body
your brain constantly going in and out of focus
dissociation is generally broken down into two categories:
derealisation: the feeling that the world around you is unreal, foggy, or just out of reach
depersonalisation: the feeling of being outside of yourself, or of not feeling real
I hope this is a helpful post, and that I've made people more aware of what dissociation actually is. if you have any follow-up questions, please feel free to ask!
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Self harm doesn’t always happen when a blade touches skin.
It’s skipping meals because you don’t feel like you deserve to eat today. It’s having sex because you want to be used or abused or defiled. It’s drinking recklessly because you might have the ‘courage’ do something stupid. It’s smoking - not because you need the nicotine - because you know it’s bad for you. It’s banging your head against a wall when you’re angry. It’s crossing the road without looking because you lowkey hope a car might hit you. It’s thinking about all the ways you could break a bone and make it look like an accident. It’s not taking painkillers because you want to suffer. It’s taking painkillers in excess because you know it’s dangerous. It’s walking home the more dangerous way because you’re kind of half hoping you’ll get attacked or raped or stabbed. It’s going for long walks at night and getting chilled to the bone and hoping that you get lost so that you can’t find your way back. It’s seeking out triggering material. It’s all the stupid little ways you punish yourself for existing.
Sometimes self harm happens when you put effort into depriving yourself of things you like or need, and sometimes it happens when you don’t put any effort into doing the things you like or need.
It’s a pattern of self-destructive behaviour, and it doesn’t only happen in one way.
This sort of behavior is classified as “para-suicidal” It’s putting yourself in a situation of danger or destruction with the intention of risking your safety rather than a direct attempt on your life. Kind of, leaving it all to chance? Also doing things to harm yourself or your self worth because you feel you deserve to feel the outcome of those actions.
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Inspired by my 10 minute dissociative episode next to the pies at the grocery store today
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If I'm going to feel this way for the rest of my live I'd rather not live at all.
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bound to fall in love
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My parents when pregnant with me (probably): We don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. We just want a healthy child
Me: *is none of the above*
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do not perceive me
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baby girl i dissociate so much you don’t even KNOW. i don’t even know
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I've reached the point of not even being able to put into words how miserable I am
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