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soft-spoonie · 2 days ago
it's okay and good to acknowledge your limits - especially if it's something important or something you care about. if you push yourself, you'll sacrifice your ability to do what you're doing properly or enjoy it - it'll negatively effect the other things you do as well. so no, it's not irresponsible to act in accordance to your capabilities. following your limits is the kind, caring thing to do for yourself and others. and still, even if it were irresponsible, that doesn't mean you don't deserve support or compassion or access to what you want or need to do.
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fireflies-x · 2 days ago
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emmaanemu · 2 days ago
I don’t know how to keep going
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bpdohwhatajoy · 2 days ago
I hate living like this. This is no way for a human being to live
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Tumblr media
I just saw this posted on someone’s blog and it really is just such a good example of how mental disabilities are completely shoved aside and not seen as “real disabilities.” I’m not asking to use the term cripplepunk, but it is completely fucked up that this post phrases able-bodied people as the opposite of disabled. It specifically says that able-bodied people must “amplify the voices of the disabled” as if able-bodied mentally disabled people don’t fucking count as disabled themselves. And then to demand that able-bodied people relinquish that information when they reblog a post like it’s a status of shame and proof that you’re not “actually” disabled. Plus acting like physically disabled people are all completely innocent against the mean mentally disabled people who better not use their slurs while at the same time physically disabled people do not give a FUCK about avoiding using words like “crazy,” “insane,” “psycho,” “schizo,” you name it. Fuck whoever wrote this. 
Physical disabilities are not the only disabilities that exist. Stop silencing all other disabled people and viewing our disabilities as lesser. Stop shitting on us while at the same time demanding our sympathy and care. You are not the only ones who belong in this fucking community. If you believe that “able-bodied” is the opposite of disabled, YOU ARE ABLEIST. If you have a problem with wording posts to keep from implying that only physical disabilities count as disabilities (like is shown in the screenshot), YOU ARE ABLEIST. It takes zero effort to not imply that mentally disabled people don’t count as disabled. You just don’t give a fuck about anyone but yourself.
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chronicallylav3nd3r · a day ago
dear ablebodied NDs & mentally ill people:
saying that you wish you were physically disabled so people would take you more seriously is incredibly harmful, insulting and ableist.
in no way are physically disabled people taken seriously, it’s not some kind of privilege. being visibly disabled isn’t a privilege either.
as a ND and mentally ill person i know how frustrating it is to not be taken seriously, but in no way do you want to be physically disabled. and saying that physically disabled people have it easier is terrible.
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crushedcoffeeberries · a day ago
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av0id-reality · 2 days ago
I'm trapped in a life I don't want
I want out
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neurobivergent · a day ago
"Why do you always want to headcanon a character as neurodivergent?"
Because y'all won't give us the representation. You'll take all our good qualities and all of our struggles to expand your character profile but you won't actually make them ND. Because God forbid there is a character who casually has autism or adhd or bpd or dyslexia or literally any type of ND disorder. That absolutely can't happen. Instead, you'll turn the symptoms into "quirky character traits" to make them interesting. All the while treating ND people like they're incompetent, inconvenient or dangerous.
Like, make it make sense 🙄
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scatterashes · 3 months ago
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burned-phoenix · 10 months ago
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maddiviner · 11 months ago
I’m loathe to link to the Daily Dot, but this article (and the TikTok content) gives a good overview of why BetterHelp is a hot mess in so many ways.
I used the service for a while myself, and during that, saw three different “therapists.” The first therapist seemed to think that therapy meant just having a chat an allowing me to vent, which was largely unhelpful.
She was a Christian, but kept bringing that up, which also irked me because I’d rather not have religion part of my therapy goals. She wasn’t overly pushy, but it did bother me when she said, “As a therapist I have to say that this witchcraft stuff is your choice, but as a Christian I don’t approve.”
I cancelled and requested a new person after that.The second therapist seemed alright at first, but would regularly go on tangents about politics and her own life. I cancelled and requested a new therapist after a disturbing incident where she did the entire session (on cam, as usual) while loudly and angrily doing dishes in her kitchen.
In both of those cases, it felt like these people thought “therapist” means “online friend” or something, and never seemed to have real treatment plans or much to offer.
The third therapist I saw via BetterHelp was just for a single session. Despite consistently telling them, “I would prefer a non-religious therapist,” I was matched with someone who incessantly quoted the Bible. She kept repeatedly asking me if I was a “Bible believer” or had “accepted Jesus.” She also praised me to not standing up for myself, weirdly. She said it was best to let my husband take the lead because submission is a good quality or something like that.
It was ridiculous, and at that point I requested a full refund for that month. Around that time, I learned that BetterHelp doesn’t actually vet their “therapists.” In fact, scrolling their list of offerings, I came across “therapists” with such dubious credentials as graduating from Liberty University with a degree in “marriage” and specializing in “maladaptive sexual behaviors.”
I had to call their offices to get the refund. I’ll be honest; I wasn’t exactly polite during that call, and essentially said, “What you are doing is sick - some people do actually need help, y’know. You’ve wasted my time and money.”
If you want online therapy, I recommend looking for therapists who are semi-local and offer online sessions. Many do these days, and it’s much better than rolling the dice with BetterHelp. That and, y’know, they won’t sell your data.
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soft-spoonie · 20 days ago
hey you. im proud of you. im proud of you for overcoming all the obstacles you've faced to be here with us today. and i'll be proud of you tomorrow for the obstacles you continue to overcome.
you've put so much effort into this life, and that deserves praise. even though many of the things you had to work through should have never happened to you. you did it. you're here. you're right here. and you don't have to go anywhere.
so i hope you're proud of yourself too - or that you will be, someday. take all the time you need. everyone lives differently.
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dumbsuicidalteen · 3 months ago
being suicidal and living for others is the most drowning feeling ever.
why can’t i find a reason to live for myself?
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kittykatkatprotector · 4 months ago
I want to kill myself thank you for asking
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chronicallylav3nd3r · 2 days ago
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• this user is going through bpd episode please be patient •
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crushedcoffeeberries · 7 months ago
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