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crazycatsiren · 2 hours ago
I hate to have to be this brutally blunt, but unfortunately, some of y'all are incredibly naive when it comes to these things. So, reality check time.
White supremacy is a problem in the modern witch and Pagan communities. And the way to take care of this problem is not by cutting white supremacists slacks, holding their hands, and hoping you can point them to the light. To fight white supremacy means being openly hostile to it, to give it no room to grow and fester, to give it no chance to continue thriving.
Jews, Muslims, BIPOC, ethnic minorities, all are getting actively hate crimed as we speak. We literally don't have the time nor the luxury to take any other approach.
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keypaa · 4 months ago
Astrology Observation No.3
Tumblr media
Keep in mind that there always will be some exceptions ;)
8th house neptune/or aquarius in the 8th house love receiving nudes I am sorry.
You want someone who would get dirty with you on a cemetry? Just go ask a sagittarius mars
venus-lilith in girls chart magnetic, sensual you just want to rip their clothes off so mmmmmhh
mercury-pluto/mercury in 8th house or mercury-lilith with 11 house or aquarius energy screams reading smut/mangas. The freakier the more ranking they will give your lecture LOLZ
Masculines with a sag venus love the idea of fucking foreign femmes
Aries mars will destroy your lips while kissing we are talking about idk hickies?!? not on the neck but on the lips
Marry someone who has mars-uranus but together with fixed energies and pisces, cancer or libra placements= giving ,, I am nasty but only for my husband“ vibes and you will not regret marrying them. They are you‘re own escort mam or sir for sure
You would think that mars in pisces don‘t get projected on for being sexual.
But look at Marilyn Monroe + I also experienced a lot of people assuming that I’ve had a lot of sexual encounters but I haven’t. Quote: ,, My fidelity was due to my lack of interest in sex.“- Marilyn Monroe. Even though mars in pisces is not a sexual placement on it‘s own it attracts ppl that project a dirty image on you (the neptune energy for mee)
Mars in libra/mars-venus/mars in 7th house will dress up just to get you hard/wet. We are talking about suits, stockings, lingerie in general and it goes on and on and on…
Just saw Julia Fox‘s Webcam movie and I think people with a capricorn stellium and a mix of scorpionic and aquarian tendencies would just embody her character perfectly
Aries or Scorpio in 4th house may indicate someone who likes tittie fucks Aries/Scorpio=mars/sex 4th house =breasts
Just grab a taurus sun/moon/mars individuals neck and they are gonna love you.
Leo mars/5th house mars can be very critical in the bedroom…oh boy they would call you out on some shit
Mars-Moon/ mars in 4th house/ cancer mars sometimes need a lot of closure during the act. They would try positions like modified doggy-style or the lotus sex position etc…
A person with masculine energy that has a capricorn venus in the natal or mars persona chart? uuuuh you need to dominate them not the other way around they love that shit
Scorpio mars don‘t need to do anything the way they talk about sex is just enough to cum :P
Libra sun/mars and also aries sun/mars ppl love face fucking
I still can‘t answer questions in the comment section
Luuuuuuv muah
4:30 AM
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comradekatara · 5 months ago
ugh okay i get that toph is a) extremely powerful and b) rejects traditional gender roles but she is NOT a brute. her whole deal is that her earthbending technique isn’t like the mainstream approach of using sheer force to attack. the reason she beats the boulder so easily isn’t because she’s physically stronger than him (she very obviously is not!) but because she waits and she listens. that’s the whole reason aang decides to recruit her as his teacher. because she is uniquely creative, perceptive, thoughtful, patient, and intelligent. she enjoys fighting and she’s really, really good at it, she’s sassy, she’s forthright, and she delights in being kind of disgusting in a way she wasn’t allowed to be growing up, but she’s also empathetic, understanding, and vulnerable. by ignoring that you are doing a huge disservice to what makes her character so incredible in the first place. thank you
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thatsexcpisces · 5 months ago
Astrology observations pt. 2
Tumblr media
- If a woman has her Lilith aspecting her ascendant, she’s usually likely to attract men who are older than her as she is seen as innocent and in need to be taken care of (same usually applies to cancer rising women!)
- Sagittarius sun’s are good at pretending they care about what you’re saying or talking about but the whole time they wanna leave or are spaced out thinking about something else
- DONT try to argue with a Saturn dominant or ruled person (cap/aqua) you will regret it bc not only will they try and make you feel stupid for having a different opinion but they won’t stop talking until they feel they have successfully dragged you down completely
- I’ve noticed that people who have a water mercury + an air/earth mars usually try to communicate their emotions with the most sentimental and good intentions but it comes off as cocky, detached, and as if they’re trying to one-up and disrespect the other person
- Leo placements have such a welcoming energy to them. They know how hurtful it is to be excluded and ignored so they always make sure to make their friends and others a part of the conversation and talk to them
- Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn, And Libra placements are the PURE energy of: lady in the streets, freak in the sheets
- Scorpio/Capricorn or Pluto/moon in the 2nd house have such a seductive and sexy voice
- Sagittarius & Aquarius risings have NO FILTER, they do not give a fuck about who’s feelings they’re gonna hurt as long as the truth is set in stone
- Its always those Libra mercuries who secretly stir the pot and start the drama but then sit there in silence when shit gets intense 💀
- Saturn in aspect to Pluto people:
are you okay?
- People with heavy 8th house energy or an 8th house stellium May feel that they are always going through constant changes and ups & downs in their life. Usually unexpected changes that they didn’t ask for but already have to adjust to
- Whether you like Gemini’s or not, you can’t say that they aren’t the life of the party. Ruled by mercury and as a mutable air sign, they always know what to say and how to make people laugh and have a good time
- Having an earth sign in the 4th house could probably indicate that you’ve had a parental figure (mostly mother) who made you feel forced to always overwork yourself and do the best and even please them with accomplishments
- Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio and Aries moons usually have a horrible relationship with their father
- Leo and Libra in the big 3 gives someone an amazing and trendy sense of style that others admire and may try to copy
- I feel like people overlook how fake Taurus moons (mostly underdeveloped) can act. These people are jealous and possessive so if there’s anyone that makes them feel insecure or triggers those traits of theirs, they will form an inner or secret hatred towards them. Unless you’re super close to them as a friend or in general, it’s very likely for them to talk bad about others and act nice to their face
- A lot of Aries men I’ve met are usually car guys or they’re like really into cars and having them. A lot of them also tend to be very athletic and involved in sports
- Chiron in the 4th or 11th house (or in cancer & Aquarius) indicates someone who felt left out all their life and is they are different than others and don’t fit in. Chiron in 4th/cancer is more in a family sense where maybe they felt unwelcome or like the black sheep of the family where 11th/Aquarius is more in social groups and settings where they feel different and misunderstood by peers/acquaintances
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great-and-small · a year ago
Tumblr media
Don’t hate me but I really believe the world would be a better place if pigeons were the ubiquitous avian pet instead of parrots 👀
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satvrdayy · 5 months ago
here’s my take on the sumeru characters as an actual middle easterner
so to say the very least im not surprised. like at all. but very disappointed?? as a disclaimer, i personally am on the lighter side of the skin tone spectrum, but still pass as middle eastern. my family itself is varied, some of my relatives are darker or tanned, while others, like me, are lighter. on that note, having maybe a couple of light skinned characters would be ok, but having next to none at all for tanned characters from a region where many if not most people are going to be tanned is something i take issue with. while the game also has a grand total of two tanned playable characters as of now. yikes. i like the designs, i think they’re alright given who’s behind them. but id like them a lot more if the characters weren’t whitewashed??? like?? so you’re going to name them and clothe them in their cultures but make them pasty?? yeah yeah ok. some people have said it better than me, so my opinions are pretty messily laid out, but yeah!!! what the fuck!!! it’s giving very much aladdin. it’s giving you didn’t give enough of a shit about anyones culture so you mashed it all together and then didn’t care enough to make your characters look the part beyond their outfits. but you could put in the effort to be culturally accurate when it came to cultures like chinese, japanese, and german? or, you know to put it bluntly, cultures where most people tend to be lighter skinned. yeah. you did so well representing them, wb us? hm?
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azulas-daddy-kink · 5 months ago
Pro-ship? I think you mean normal fucking person who doesn’t obsess over other people’s ship preferences.
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bridgertonallday · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
they're the same but not the same 😭
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salvadorbonaparte · 10 months ago
Yes it's difficult to unlearn things you grew up with because propaganda in schools is a very real, dangerous and effective thing. Yes it's difficult to seek out information about things you don't even know exist. But please I beg you to broaden your horizons. If I have to hear about one more American who didn't know other countries exist I'm going to take hostages.
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asscrackcreed · 16 days ago
let’s discuss - shit the fandoms wrong about
altaïr pre character development - this guy is a COMPLETE asshole he was a DICK he thought about himself only and al mualim teaching everyone that emotions like love made u weak made him learn the wrong way to act and behave
but ppl just tend to stop at that which is WROOONG this guy might be an asshole but he is emotionally very vulnerable and that’s what made him difficult because he couldn’t process his emotions correctly i mean he was very stoic and u could say that was due to the time of how games were made but see how he never audibly grieved ? basically yeah sure he was rude af but that was because he didn’t know what to do with sad feelings - he just processed it all into aggression
altaïr post character development - he became really wise and loving true and i haven’t read any of the books so correct me if i’m wrong but i feel like he would’ve made hella mistakes as a parent, i.e getting angry often, patience running thin often, raising his voice, learning how to empathise with his sons lmk if it’s specifically stated anywhere where he was a gentle parent but imho i feel like he had to relearn controlling his emotions and i don’t think he was a perfect parent at all
malik - how many times did he call altaïr a novice? once? twice? it’s cute but some of u are overusing it in fanfics that’s eNOUGH SLICES… also he’s not grumpy all the time, he was just angry at altaïr i mean tbf we only ever saw malik interact with altaïr tbf but he did also have a wife and kids and altaïr did accidently end up indirectly killing kadar so… imo he was not grumpy with everyone, maybe a little, but after his brothers death he’d be more reserved and quiet however i don’t think hes legit always super grumpy and angry
ezio - every fanfic he’s throwing a party. stop. just STOP. ezios been one of the most hard working assassins in the series hes not constantly throwin parties if we’re talking about young ezio then it works otherwise he’s probably building a career in a modern au or smth. he fell under the ‘one aspect in the media and we’re gonna run with it for his whole personality’ category
connor - i don’t think connors the most sensible person ever. i think he’s a little selfish, not in the sense that he’d let any harm come to his loved ones but he’s always been straight forward about what he wants (which is always with good intention). he doesn’t need to always be the most sensible and logical 24/7 guy. also i think he’s a little clumsy just a bit ik he was more clumsy as a kid but i like to hc he still kinda is as an adult. the connor is always looking for charles lee jokes are not that funny anymore btw…😭 he’s not your soft uwu brown beat this man is snarky and rude when he wants to be remember he IS a kenway…
edward - he has to be one of the most emotional ppl in the series. he’s always shouting and upset about smth and the fact that he married at like 19…? yeah he’s a bit of alcoholic and likes to have fun but he’s also true to his emotions and i wanna see him be more vulnerable
arno - before i played unity i thought this guy was emotional and stuff but after de la serres death he became a lot more stoic. and work oriented. he reminds me of connor tbh because they were much happier younger and both were hardened by deaths and what the templars did. he’s still a major simp i think but idk why i personally feel like it’s infatuation and elise would never have given him the love he wanted
arno before de la serres death - HES SO CHARMING? hello no one ever talks about this arno he’s so upbeat and funny and sarcastic please whyyyyyyy do we make ezio a whore and not arno like come on
evie - i’ve said it before i’ll say it again yall fuckers NEED to STOOOOOPPPP making her a goody two shoes she wasn’t ‘doing the good thing’ all the time if it wasn’t for the rooks shit would’ve been harder, basically jacob was right to make the rooks cuz u end up taking over areas and reducing resistance and gaining power making it easier to take down crowley with less repercussions in society and she was kinda wrong for making jacob feel dumb sometimes when she was so hard on him for not basically doing what she wanted
jacob - idk if i made evie sound like a villain and ofc jacobs weakness is doing what he wants but he’s still smart he would not be working with evie or fighting alongside her OR assigned work WITH her if he was dumb frfr hes HAS to be academically AND street smart that’s how he knew making the rooks was a good decision. what evie lacks he has and i don’t like when jacob is a COMPLETE idiot. hes dumb sure but he needs more credit than some of u give him. i do also sometimes use that take but he’s one of the more popular assassins because he’s so different to everyone else. hes not serious but that doesn’t make him a total dumbass
bayek - i haven’t played origins so this is a harder one but he seems a lot happier than we make him out to be and yes he seems to be the responsible father but i also feel like he can be kinda goofy sometimes idk like when he’s serious he can be completely terrifying but otherwise he’s extremely sweet
kass/alex: another person who’s very emotional i think they cry like everyday genuinely they are what ppl make jacob out to be
des - i feel like hes bummy af like this guy doesn’t wash his hands as much as he should…
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crazycatsiren · a month ago
1. Your intuition isn't always right.
2. Divination won't and can't solve all of your problems.
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keypaa · 6 months ago
Astrology Observation No.2
Tumblr media
Keep in mind that there always will be some exceptions ;)
Saturn in 12th house possibly visiting an asylum once in yo life time especially if your 12th house is in one of the water signs—> 12th house (asylums…) and Saturn is standing for hardships etc…
Golddiggggggerrrr? a lot of Taurus placements combined with taurus degrees (2,14,26) and some 8th house or scorpio energy I‘m sorry babes
Capricorn men with sag placements can I call you daddy¿
Sun-Pluto hard aspects major toxiccccbxbcbbc traits (Amber Turd lmao) Ego-death| Sun-Pluto
Blunts just for leo moons why you may ask¿. Irrelevant which sun sign ppl I’ve met had if they were a leo moon they always had a history with blunts lak wha?!?!!?!!
Mercury-Neptune using your phone or doing everyday chores etc… without realising you are constantly dreaming & tings like that til it‘s night and you wonder why the time went by soooo fast
Just observed my aquarius teachers talk a lot but it’s adorable
Virgo mars gets shit done they are sooo hardworking and freakyy like honey yeah you can for sure say that they are the real real yk yk ones
My grandfather, dad and crushhh have saggitarius venuses and they all have a passion for the outside especially for going on walks etc... tHaT cAn‘T bE a coincidence
Moon-venus/mars hard aspects would steal your cake respectfully pay attention if you have a friend that has this placement
here is why:
•a lot of females with this placement stole/slept with other peoples man (not all ppl do yk) or like came together with the ex of their friend right after their friend has broken up with their ex same for boyzz. (observed a bunch of charts)
•also kind of victimizing themselves a lot of times (big manipulation skills)
•elegant liars
•most people love them like hoe can‘t you see that they are real snitches and rats thanks 21 savage
•this one girl in my class also comes up with damn superior ideas to trick the teachers in all aspects
As I said it‘s mostly the hard aspected ppl for meee
Mars in pisces yeah nah nah they are not innocent. They would kill you if they just would not have that huge feeling of regret yeah they would throw your dead body overseas but honestly if you are dead because of them hon hon than it WAS your fault
Gemini venuses are the ones you think are bad guys/girls (I know a lot of people myself included that have the reputation to be a player and I don’t mean inside the astro community) like why I just breathed
Lilith in scorpio are good at hiding their dark side and trust me you would in no way be capable of standing still if you knew what they hideeeeeee
Mars in gem VoCaL during that shingzzelingg trust me bro (and I also talk about the boyzz)
Theory: Hard mercury-saturn aspected people think about being successful in school a lot but it‘s really really hard for them to just sit down and learn Mercury: school, thinking, learning…. Saturn: responsibility, discipline, restricting planets aspected
Aries mars or mars in aries degrees possibly thought about going to war, they were soldiers or are just obsessed with the idea of war while playing war games. (war is ruled by mars and aries is also ruled by mars)
9th house mercury always talk and think about school stuff (even if you don‘t like school) like oh God "I need to do soooo much homework. How should I do that do get this?" it‘s just so awful so it‘s constantly on your mind
Scorpio mars can be quit and go unnoticed but you can just feel the freak inside of them ( I also attract a whole bunch of scorpio mars but I am more than glad about it)
Lilith-Saturn in mens chart indicates serious problems with accepting a woman being more successful than themselves 
all the comments *cry cry kinda adorable but I CAAANANNNNNNNN‘T ANSWER THEM
Luuuuuv muah
04:30 AM
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ladymirdan · 2 months ago
Stupid 40k hot take:
So im trying to figure out the diffrence between the EC and the UM. This is my theory so far:
“This is lord commander Eidolon, he is a fucking bitch and we all hate him and hope he dies.”
*will start crying if Eidolon as much as stubs his toe and would die for some recognition from him in a heart beat*
“This is our lord and Chapter master Marneus Augustus Calgar; he is the manliest and most glorius of all men. He is something every Ultramarine aspires to be and we will follow him and his every command until the end if time.”
*spits in Calgar’s glass when he isn't looking and then laughs about it*
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comradekatara · 11 days ago
you know what, I don’t like seeing ppl call katara “selfless.” it feels like such a misreading of her character in such a fundamental way. yes, katara will do anything she can to help others, but she has never once put herself second. everything she does is in her own interest first and foremost, including when she is actively being compassionate. being kind and helpful is not inherently a selfless act!
katara has never in the show chosen to make a sacrifice for the sake of the greater good. the closest she gets is telling aang that his training under pakku is more important than protesting the north’s traditions, and even then that lasts all of half a day before she snaps. and the thing is, katara shouldn’t be expected to be selfless. katara should not feel the need to give up more than has already been taken from her.
it is well within her right to act in her own best interest at all times. she’s literally a genocide survivor. so is aang. they should be putting themselves first. so maybe it was “selfish” of aang to not kill ozai. so what? is that somehow a bad thing? they deserve to be selfish.
katara is not selfless, and you know what? good for her. her brother is selfless to the point that he can’t even conceive of himself having worth or deserving to live if he is not serving his role of helping others, and you’re telling me that’s healthy??? that anyone who grew up around such a hollow shell of a boy would ever want to emulate that??? fuck no!!!!!!!!
katara knows her worth, and that is fundamental to what makes her so amazing and admirable, what makes her such a great role model to both viewers and the characters within the show, such as aang, who see themselves in her, and learn from her never to compromise who they are in the process of being a hero.
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boxedforyourdemise · 6 months ago
While I'm at this rage train, disabled is not an identity. At all. In no circumstance.
This blog is not safe for so-called "transabled" people. I block on sight. Don't even bother interacting because you're wasting your time AND outing yourself.
You're ableist and it's fetishy and gross. You can post all the positivity you want but that doesn't change the fact that your behavior is disgusting and you should look into getting psychiatric help.
Because the only thing that could cause you to think this way is a psychiatric condition such as BIID. People who are in therapy for their BIID or recognize they need therapy are welcome to interact <3
That's not an excuse to be an ableist, though. Disabled people are trying to get healthcare as is and you think you deserve to be treated differently because you want to be disabled? Are you LARPing rn?
You people want this so badly you choose to attempt to appropriate an entire marginalized community's experience. And it's the same with a lot of so-called endogenic systems.
Lots of overlap in shitty behavior here. I'm just saying what I have a feeling we're all thinking. ✨
Ty ✨
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shitpostingkats · a month ago
Must every piece of media be ✨artistic✨ and “good”? Is it not enough for a series to just be sincere and unapologetic
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