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Cupid's Chokehold
Azriel x Reader
Summary: You are a Cupid, a nearly extinct creature of Prythian. When you get caught trying to shoot Elain with your arrow, well, it's a little hard to explain what you're trying to do.
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2,966
Notes: is it finally time for this?! 😍😌
You take aim, an arrow notched in your bow, string drawn taut to your cheek, focused solely on your target: the female in the lilac dress as she snips wildflowers at their stems, collecting them for her bouquet. The tall orange-haired male that’s pretending to read under the weeping willow is as much of a metaphor as you’ve ever seen, watching her longingly. You take a calming breath, making sure your sights are set right where you want the bolt to follow.
The string of your bow starts to slip through your fingers as you’re about to release, but your hold tightens and your breath and body stills as a cool, sharp blade is tucked into the underside of your throat.
His breath is hot in your ear as he growls, “Put your weapon down or I’ll slit your fucking throat.”
The low baritone of his voice sends shivers crawling up your spine as you straighten, the cold knife against the swell of your throat awakens all of your senses as he presses down with warning.
You watch as the male beneath the tree’s head perks up, his metal eye gleaming in the light of the setting sun as he scans the area, alerted. Surely he hasn’t noticed you, but his gaze falters in your direction, brows furrowing as he stands, calling out to the female in the pretty dress, ushering her towards the house with a final survey of the yard.
You let the arrow relax in your grip, moving your bow down to your side where the male behind you snatches it from your hands, still a steady hold on the weapon pressed to your neck. A single movement would have the blade tearing into your flesh.
Biting your tongue and curling your fists, you hold back a frustrated noise. You’d been trailing them for weeks. The young female always tucked inside the large estate or in her gardens, while the male watched from the windows above. He must be a traveler, for he doesn’t look like he’d belong to this court, with his autumnal colored clothing and the fact that you’d only seen him on a few occasions, but the two were never together.
You knew they’d have a great relationship with a little help from you.
“I don’t mean any harm,” you raise your hands in surrender, flinching as you hear him toss away your weapon. The clang from the metal of your bow has you hissing as his knife cuts a razor thin line across your throat and you stumble back a step into his hard chest.
He grabs your arm with a firm grip, sheathing his weapon at his hip as he restrains you, pinning you flush against him. He ignores your sweet scent that puffs up when he does, mind going cloudy with it for a second, glaring down at the top of your head.
“Your weapon proves otherwise,” he grunts. You try to crane your head up over your shoulder to look at your assailant but the sun is shining too brightly for you to make out his features.
You gasp as blackness sweeps up, consuming the both of you, slipping you into the folds of shadow and darkness. Your hands grasp for something to hold onto, the feeling of falling through a void takes the breath from your lungs but he’s holding your wrists in one of his and there’s nothing for you to clutch to.
Your knees buckle as the floor returns beneath your feet.
He wrenches you up, arms twisting painfully behind your back until you’ve regained your footing, and then he’s shoving you away from him.
A murmur of something in a language you don’t understand has the faelights turning on, ever so dimly. Squinting, you can barely make out anything in the room, even the male seems to have disintegrated into the blackness. You search the darkened room for anything, for him, to come back, just so that you’re not alone, when your eyes snag on the wall of gleaming, polished weapons hung nicely – menacingly – and ready for use.
You swallow harshly. A torture chamber.
And there. He’s standing leisurely against the wall, arms crossed tightly over his chest, just…watching you.
“I mean it,” you stutter, hugging yourself firmly. You’re sure that you can see your breath frosting in the cool air. “I wasn’t going to hurt them.”
You’re not sure why you’re trying to explain yourself. Clearly this male is an act first, ask questions later type, but there’s something about those dark eyes glowing in the soft blue light from his stones that makes him even more threatening.
He doesn’t respond, doesn’t move from his spot and it leaves an unsettled feeling in your stomach. You’re frozen beneath his gaze, pinned to your spot by it, not that you’d dare to move anyway. In fact, you’re lucky you’re not chained to the large stone table separating the two of you.
It’s a stalemate, him staring at you while you stare back at him. Your teeth clack together from the chill that’s burrowed its way into your bones is the only sound to be heard.
He can’t say that he feels bad for the pretty female he’s caught. You were trying to kill Elain after all. Eventually he straightens, eyes flickering with something that’s gone too quickly for you to make out. He takes a step closer to you and you take one back.
“Come here.”
“Why? So you can use one of those knives to carve me up?” You retreat another step as he advances, eyes glimmering with sick delight at the chase you’re giving him.
“No,” his tone lowers further, “But I will if you don’t.”
Your jaw aches from trying to stop your teeth from chattering as you weigh your options. Walk directly to him and face the brutality of his bare hands or, you think, eyeing the wall of torture weapons, retreat further and feel the wrath of the metal against your skin, forged for sadistic truths.
He doesn’t care. Either way he will get what he wants.
But today is not the day he gets to interrogate the beautiful female sneaking her way across his lands.
You step forward, keeping your eyes locked on his. You’d like to reach for a weapon on the wall as you pass but it’s so cold you can’t feel your fingers, and surely you’d be stopped before you could land a well placed blow.
If only you had your bow.
When you’re within arms reach he grabs you again, the same darkness swallowing you once more.
You yelp, wrapping your arms around his neck and holding on for dear life, your icy fingertips pressing into the skin at the nape of his neck has his breath hitching in his throat though you are unable to hear it over the racing of your heart thrumming in your ears.
Light blinds you as the shadows disperse. You squint against the brightness, releasing your captor and retreating, getting a good look at him once your eyes adjust.
He’s a handsome male, dressed in fitted fighting gear that leaves little to the imagination, his taut muscles straining beneath the fabric. His hazel eyes glow, marking each and every movement you make, where your eyes roam across his body, widening when you see his wings. It’d been too dark in the chamber to see them, but as they’re tucked tightly behind his back, well, you’d never quite seen anything like them before up close. They certainly are not like your own, hidden away.
The door creaks open and it’s then that your attention is drawn away from the captivating male. Two more enter, filling the room with even more dangerous auras. One, who looks like he holds all the power of this court, violet eyes acknowledging the male beside you, and the other, taller than both of the others, sizing you up as soon as he enters.
It’s apparent that they are from the same lineage, with their dark hair and caramel skin. They have the same wings, though you think that the warrior who’d stopped you has the biggest ones.
You thought the Lord would be the one to speak first but it’s you who’s blurting out beneath their heavy gazes, “Where’s my bow?”
“What is your name?” he counters, as if he’d been waiting for you to break the silence. Why, you didn’t know.
“Welcome to the Night Court, (Y/N),” he greets. “I’m High Lord Rhysand, and this is Cassian. I see you’ve already met my shadowsinger.”
Shadowsinger? What the hell is a shadowsinger? You wonder, but glancing at the male beside you, the tendrils of inky smoke curling around him protectively, you see his connection to the shadows. Singer though, you doubted it.
“My bow,” you inquire again.
“Your bow,” Rhysand echoes, picking at a piece of lint on his finely pressed coat. “Ah, yes, what an interesting weapon indeed.” He reaches into the folds of space, your gleaming weapon appearing in his grasp, the honeyed metallic soaking up the sunshine streaming through the windows. “For something made almost completely of gold, it sure is light.”
Your brows furrow at the sight before you. You’d never seen magic quite like this before, how he could manipulate the air around him into a pocket world for his–your–belongings. 
“It’s not a weapon,” you protest, stalking towards the male to retrieve your beloved longbow. The two males look like they’re ready to pounce on you but the High Lord only smirks and just as you’re about to lunge for the curved gold it disappears again.
“If it’s not a weapon why does it look like one and why was it pointed at my sister-in-law?” Rhysand muses, walking around you to sit on the edge of the fancy oak desk, leaving you standing between his two guards.
All on purpose. You’re already playing right into his hands.
You refrain from speaking. Your bow can be used as a weapon if needed, though its intended use is not to harm, but the opposite.
The males violet eyes glimmer at your silence, “This will be much easier if you speak. Unless you’d rather go back to Azriel’s chamber?” he ponders coolly. 
You eye the male at your side again. Finally, a name to go with the stoic face that has been threatening you. Azriel.
“Give me back my bow and I’ll leave,” you reason, trying to keep your voice steady as you turn back to the male in charge. You don’t need to shoot your arrow at the female in the garden. There will be other challenging cases.
But none as interesting as those two.
He tuts, swinging a leg back and forth, a well practiced feline smirk gracing his lips. “That’s not how this works. Not until you give us some answers.”
“Like what?” you ask, catching your lip nervously between your teeth. You’ve never been caught before, and by someone so powerful. The males reeked of power, protectiveness, scrutinizing you under their harsh gazes and towering over you like a child. It’s unsettling to say the least and your stomach twists with worry.
“What are you doing in my land? Following my sister?” he questions again. Your skin crawls at the gentle caress of him inside of your mind, testing your walls.
You cut him a harsh glare that has Azriel angling into you, prepared to catch you should you decide to strike.
“Yes,” you admit, though you don’t release the information that you’d been roaming his land undetected for weeks, “It’s my job.”
“And what exactly do you do that involves a weapon if you don’t intend to kill anyone?” his tone is clipped, his eyes hardening at the thought of you murdering Elain in his own gardens.
“I’m a Cupid.”
“A Cupid?” he asks incredulously, eyebrows itching to twitch into a furrow. The way he says it feels condescending and your cheeks heat as you look towards the ground.
“What the hell is a Cupid?” Cassian blurts, his curiosity getting the better of him. He sounds genuinely concerned, like he’s going to catch something from you. He shifts wearily away as he looks between his friends, regarding their own confusion.
“A Cupid is a being made of love and desire,” you explain, glaring at the male. You’re sure your entire face is redder than the siphons littering his leathers. “Our arrows are conduits of attraction and affection. They form this sort of bond, once the two parties are struck. You call it a mate, I believe. You haven’t heard of us because we’re a rare breed and not so easily caught.”
“You must not be very good at your job then, if you’re standing here before us,” Azriel comments. His voice is even but you can hear the clear pride of how well he thinks he’s done.
“Or maybe you’re too good at yours,” you bite back and the apathetic male raises an eyebrow slightly.
“Why didn’t you shoot your arrow at Elain weeks ago?” the High Lord presses.
You blanch. You hadn’t figured they’d known about you being in these lands for that long. They were powerful beings indeed.
At your surprise, the handsome High Lord continues, “I am not a monster, I let creatures in my lands be unless they threaten my people.”
“What about their kind?” You gesture to the two males flanking you. You’d seen exactly what their kind could do when you were up in the bitter mountains, following Elain and her sisters as they visited a friend.
It was horrible, what you’d seen. The males took whatever they wanted, treated their women less than filth, their wings clipped and forced to do chores. You’d left at the sight of a young female screaming and fighting so they wouldn’t clip her, throwing up in the bushes outside of the camp. 
You would kill anyone who would try and touch your wings, hidden now as they always were when you weren’t flying.
Darkness fills the room, choking you as the stars in Rhysand’s violet eyes wink out. Clearly you’ve overstepped, insulted the King of these lands with your words. A challenge.
“You know nothing of my court,” he growls and you gag, staggering backwards, tripping over your feet as your hands claw at your throat, the inky smoke constricting your airway. When he’s sure you’ve understood not to insult him again, he releases you, spluttering and coughing, gasping for air.
“I didn’t shoot her,” you wheeze, figuring that you better start talking before he really decides that it will be easier to kill the intruder in his lands, “Because they have to be struck together, by the same arrow. If I only hit the female, I'd have to retrieve it and find the male. It’s easier if the two are in one place.”
“I didn’t mean to insult your kind,” you apologize softly but the High Lord doesn’t turn around. Cassian lends you a hand, a soft expression on his face and you take it with an apologetic look which he accepts with a nod.
“Cupids are rare because there are only a few of my kind left. Hunted down by jealous individuals or those that want to use us for bad.”
“Bad?” Rhysand asks over his shoulder. He’s crossed to where he keeps his strongest liquor, pouring himself two fingers full of the amber liquid, knocking it back before splashing some more. You wince, embarrassed that you’ve made him feel this way, but you continue on.
You nod, your face contorted in a tight grimace. “Making the wrong two people fall in love.”
The silence is deafening as he stills, spine straightening as he’s reminded of his own mother and father: mated but not meant to be.
“Why them?” he asks, trying to keep his voice from wavering and there’s no room for arguing or changing the subject. He clutches the glass tighter in his hand. “Why not someone else?”
“He has already been shot, she has not. I’m just finishing the job.”
The tension is palpable, silent but screaming all at the same time. You have a feeling that you’ve said something you shouldn’t have, again, but you’re unsure of what. Azriel hasn’t stopped openly glaring at you and you liked him better when you couldn’t read his facial expressions. 
The shadowsinger scoffs, “What if she doesn’t want it?”
And maybe he’s still mourning the loss of the love he never had, that beautiful sweet sister of his High Lady. 
You cut him a glance, “It’s not my decision to make.”
“Like hell it isn’t,” he explodes and you take a step back at the absolute fury in his eyes. Cassian even goes so far as to take a half step in front of you, shielding you from his brother, whose shadows curl up around his shoulders like a crown of darkness. “You go around shooting people without their consent, making them ‘fall in love’ or whatever bullshit you’re spewing–”
“The Mother wills it,” you grit, interrupting him, hands curled into fists at your sides. This is why you didn’t let people get close enough to trap you, because of the nonbelievers. “They choose whether or not to accept the bond, I just make it known that there is one.”
“Unfortunately I cannot let you shoot my sister with your arrow,” Rhys breaks up the both of you with a scowl.
“I understand,” you nod graciously, “If you get me my bow I’ll be on my way.”
“No,” he says and you swallow thickly, a bad feeling coiling in your gut, “You’ll be staying here for the time being. With us.”
“Because I have a feeling there’s more to you than you’re letting on, Cupid.”
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Nyx: Uncle Az, why have you forbade me from entering the delicious chamber?
Cassian and Gwyn, holding back laughter:
Nesta, shaking her head: 
Azriel: It's called an oven and you will die.
Nyx, puffs up little chest: I am strong, Uncle. 
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Dear Azriel - Part 3
A/N - some slight talk of injury etc but no other trigger warnings I don't think! I can't get over how many of you are loving this story!!❤️
Your head fell back and found its place between the Shadowsinger's shoulder and jaw as Azriel gently and carefully cleaned your wounds. You cast your eyes down to where the wolves claws had slashed your skin and saw that someone had stitched the skin back together, the first two slashes were uneven and sloppy, the remaining were neat and clean "Sorry about the stitches, I tried my best but you were losing so much blood and I didn't want to call Rhys incase he sent you away again and I was panicking, so my mother took over after seeing the mess I made of the first two" your heart warmed "You were panicking? The Great Spymaster of the night Court, the Angel of Death, panicking? Sounds unlikely" he nudged you gently "Don't tease, I nearly lost my mind when Lucien came through those trees with you in his arms."
Feeling brave you stretched your neck up and lightly placed a kiss on his jaw "Thank you for looking after me, Az, you're the best nurse a girl could ask for" he rolled his eyes at you and then frowned "What's wrong?" His eyes met yours, big and sad "They'll scar, especially the first two I messed up" he murmured as he ghosted his fingers over them. Unsure of what had come over you, you twisted from your position, the movement pulling on your stitches and turned so you were facing him, your legs over his "It doesn't matter Az, I already have the one from the war, besides, it means I'll have battle scars, just like you" you beamed up at him as your fingers ran over some of the scars on his chest. You'd never seen him like this, so soft, he ran his fingers through your hair to tame some of the tangles and then he proceeded to wash it, you sat still as a statue in his lap, just watching his beautiful face as he did this for you, careful not to get any of the soap in your wounds.
The two of you sat there when he was done, just staring at one another, you broke the silence with a question "What are you thinking about, Az?" He took a deep breath before he spoke "I'm thinking about how the mother can be so cruel, making you human and me Illyrian, I'm thinking about how I couldn't breathe while I brought you here, I'm thinking it was selfish of me to bring you here rather than to Feyre to heal you, I'm thinking of that kiss on Starfall, how it was all I'd been thinking about since we met and then you were in my arms and kissing me and by the time my brain caught up with what was happening and I kissed you back, it was over and I'm thinking that if I could do what I wanted to do to you right now we'd rip your stitches and you'd get hurt again." blush was crawling up your neck again at his words and something in you, maybe your self-control, snapped as you threw your arms around his neck and pulled yourself as close to him as you could as your lips met his.
When he'd lifted you with him out of the bath you didn't know, your brain caught up when you felt the bed underneath you and the littlest amount of his weight on top of you, the rest he was supporting with his forearms on either side of your head and you were all to aware of his length pressed against your thigh and his shadows crawling up your legs. His kisses were dizzying, addicting and you never wanted to stop kissing him. You were about ready to beg him to touch you when he stopped in his tracks and pulled his lips from yours and you let out a small whine of complaint when he stood "We have company." Was all he said as he walked naked and glorious to the airmorie in the corner of the room, his room, you'd been unconscious in his bed for three days. You watched as he dressed himself with a slight pout on your lips.
"Please don't look at me like that Princess" Princess, your toes nearly curled at the nickname, he took your hands and pulled you to your feet, it was then you realised he was redressing your wounds, he kissed you quickly when he completed his task and said "I'll meet you downstairs when your dressed" and left you alone to do just that. Your brain caught up with you again, guests, he said there were guests.
Azriel's mother appeared in your doorway 10 minutes later just as you were struggling into a pair of soft leggings you had found on the chair next to the bed "Would you like some help?" She asked gently and you nodded at her, once she'd helped you into the leggings she walked over to Azriel's armoire and held out two jumpers to you, a cream and a black one "Choose one, Rhysand is downstairs and thinks he's gonna convince my son to send you away again so let's send you down there in one of his jumpers, just to prove a little point" the two of you shared a small smile as you pointed at the cream, you couldn't picture Az wearing a cream jumper but the idea of it made you smile. It was massive on you and hung off one shoulder, you could've worn it as a dress and the two of you shared a giggle at the big holes in the back ready for wings you didn't have.
"I love that boy but he can be blind sometimes, he loves my son, I know that, but maybe you are the best thing for him" she told you quietly as she handed you a pair of cosy socks to put on.
"Am I really the best thing for him though?" You asked "I won't live nearly as long as he will, I'll grow old and grey and he'll still look like him, I'll die." She sat you down at the desk in the corner of the room and stood behind you, taking your wet hair in her hands "My son hides behind his shadows, hides behind the armour his built for himself, he'll lead legions into war, throw himself into danger without Rhys having to ask him, but he needs you, to him your like spring after a long winter, he needs to come back from his tasks and his jobs to goodness, my son's job is a terrible one and he needs the goodness in you to keep him anchored so he doesn't lose himself in it. He'd rather love you and lose you to old age than not have you at all." Tears welled in your eyes "I don't want to hurt him in the long run" she gently placed a hand on your shoulder "You won't and the High Lord downstairs might be like another son to me but I won't allow you to be sent away again if you want to stay, you are always welcome in my home." It was then you had noticed she'd done two braids down each side of your head. "I always wanted a daughter" your heart warmed as you smiled up at her.
You quietly followed her downstairs and stopped on the bottom step next to her as she sighed while you took in the shadows pouring out of the dining room. It was going well then, Feyre appeared through the shadows and gave you a small smile, protective hand on her stomach, pregnant, she was pregnant. "Az told us what happened, are you okay?" You gave her a tight lipped smile and said "Yes, I'm okay, thanks to Lucien, Azriel and his mother." She really did look sorry but you were still mad that she and her mate were allowed to be happy, together, that they were starting a family and no one had told you and they wouldn't even give you and Azriel a chance to try, his mother squeezed your hand and led you into the dining room. Rhys and Azriel both cocked an eyebrow when they took in your appearance, shadows racing towards you as if you were their home, it was almost comical how similar they looked even if they were looking at you for different reasons "Dinner is almost ready, will you and Feyre be joining us Rhysand?" Azriel's mother asked from beside you, shadows flared again, Az wanted his brother out of here, and soon but he would never kick him out, he was his High Lord after all, before he could answer the door burst open and heavy footsteps came towards the dining room "Y/N! You're alive!" Cassian. The giant illyrian took you in his arms and span you round and Az looked like he was about to explode "I think it's best you put me down" you whispered to Cass who did as you suggested and smirked at his brother, he then turned to Azriel's mother "Hi Mama" he smiled as he wrapped her in his arms, Nesta smiling gently at him from the doorway of the dining room.
The seven of you sat down to the most uncomfortable meal you'd ever experienced. Azriel sending defiant looks at Rhys, Feyre sending sorry ones at you, how could no one tell you she was pregnant, Cassian was being Cassian, Nesta slightly amused by the whole situation and no one had spoken in 17 minutes, you knew that because you'd counted them in your head "So Nes, where's Elain?" You attempted to break the silence and thought Nesta was your best shot after the two of you had formed an unlikely alliance over smutty books "She's with Lucien, they are getting to know one another'' you smiled at the oldest sister, knowing her feelings for the red head "He's a good one Nes, I promise" she nodded at you but you could tell she didn't agree "What about Emerie and Gywn? How are they?" She smiled now, thinking of her chosen sisters "Good, Emerie and Mor are getting closer and we had to talk Gywn out of walking to the human lands to see you with a bag full of books." Your heart warmed and cracked at the same time, you loved the three Valkyrie's and you couldn't help but smile at the idea of Gywn turning up at your door with a bag full of books, a shadow curled round your wrist like a bracelet.
It was then that Cassian spoke up through a mouth full of mash potatoes "Don't grin like that, when we stopped her she hit me with the bag of books, I had a black eye for days and that was after she'd hit Az upside the head with them" Nesta looked at you and you back at her as the two of you burst out in fits of giggles.
Where Az, Rhys and Cass had gone after dinner you weren't sure but you were sure Cassian had gone to play referee. Nesta sat beside you in the small cosy drawing room, both of you watching the flames dance in the fire place when she said "I think I can do it" you looked at her "Do what Nes?" She met your eyes and said "I think I can make you Fae, if I use the trove" she said it so quietly you almost didn't hear her. The trove, the one that had almost killed her, the one that made her almost as feared as Azriel, Lady Death. "I can't ask you to do that Nes, it's too dangerous, it nearly killed you last time" she shook her head "You deserve to be with him and if can do it I will, let me do more research?" You nodded "Nes?" She looked at you "Don't mention it to Az, don't get his hopes up." She nodded in agreement.
You weren't sure when Nesta had become more of a friend to you than Feyre but it had happened, the youngest of the sisters was completely taken by her new life, her new role as High Lady and her Mate. It was like she wanted no reminders of her old life, any ties to the human realm, it was then you realised she was pregnant when they sent you away, she didn't even tell you. Didn't want you to know. You were pulled from your thoughts when you ventured into the grounds of the estate and saw the three Illyrians in some kind of stand off and headed towards them, sick of the rift you'd caused between the brothers. "She's not going anywhere Rhys!" Azriel was losing his temper, Cassian looked nervous and Rhys was stood arms across his chest, cocky as always, you quietly took your place next to Cass, the only one who had noticed your arrival, deciding it was safer than standing next to Azriel in case he or Rhys lunged for the other. The High Lord went to speak when you cut in before he could "What is your problem with me Rhys? I thought we were friends? Feyre's pregnant and no one told me, she didn't tell me, was that you as well?" His Violet eyes shot to you at the same time as Azriel's shadows wrapped around your back, ready to protect if they needed too. "I don't have a problem with you, Y/N, not at all, I have a problem with this relationship" the Shadowsinger's jaw clenched at his words "Why?" Your tone demanding "You're human" was all he said in way of an explanation "So was Feyre" you shot back "So I know that's not the case, have I just not proved myself like she did? Am I not good enough for your brother? Or are the rules just different for you, my Lord?" Cassian took a step closer to you, you were pushing Rhysands temper and you all knew it.
Rhys didn't answer you, just stood and glared "Fine" you turned to head back to the house "She stays Rhys, or I'm done, you'll never see me again" you span to look at Azriel, Cassian's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head at his brother. Rhys' eyes snapped to Azriel as you spoke again "Az, you don't mean that, you can't mean that" the way his shadows were dancing round him like a storm told you that he very much meant what he'd said "She's mine Rhys." He didn't wait for Rhys to respond as he pulled you to him and shot into the air.
You arms were wrapped so tightly around his neck you wondered if you were strangling him as he glided through the air away from the estate and his family, into the mountains, he didn't speak to you, he just flew. You weren't sure how long you'd been in the air, head on his shoulder enjoying the closeness but it shocked both of you when Azriel let out a roar that was almost a scream and your eyes snapped open, the first thing you saw was blood running down his left wing and then you saw the arrow protruding through it and your breath caught in your throat, he tried to hard not to flinch as two more arrows hit him no matter how much he tried to avoid them, by the time the 4th found its mark the two of you were falling, Azriel never once lost his grip on you as the trees from the forest below were approaching you fast, he roared again as he flipped the two of you so it was his back that took the impact of the trees and the ground, not you and you clinged to him as you hit the ground and skidded to a stop, his wings shredded to bits and you cringed at the sight of them. Please don't be dead, please don't be dead.
You wiggled your toes in your boots that you had shoved on before heading into the garden and they moved and responded as you wanted them too, okay so nothing serious was broken and you peeled yourself off the injured Illyrian and stood, it was darker in the forest than it had been while you were flying, the trees blocking out the starlight. "Well boys, looks like we bought down the Shadowsinger" a voice spoke from the dark as terror ran down your spine, your eyes adjusted to the darkness as a group of Illyrians appeared through the trees, Azriel still on the ground, no strength to help you, you unsheathed Truth Teller from his thigh and mirrored the stance that you'd seen him make many times before without taking your eyes of the group in front of you, these must be the rebels, the ones who fought against Rhysand's rule and the leader laughed at you "Don't try and pretend you know what to do with that girl" Fucked, the two of you were absolutely fucked, that was your last thought before something hit the side of your head and you crumbled next to Azriel on the floor.
When you awoke you were in a camp, you barely had time to register what was going on when someone spoke "What are you to him?" They had Truth Teller in their hands and pointed it from your throat to Azriel who was in chains hanging between two trees in front you, alive, awake but weak, relief flooded through you as his eyes met yours but it vanished quickly when you saw the terror in them "I'm no one" you lied "Just a human who wondered too far, I was being returned to the human lands with a warning from the High Lord" they seemed to contemplate your answer as they walked over to Azriel who met their eyes, the terror in his gone and defiance filled them, you flinched as they dragged the blade down his chest "See, your reaction tells me that isn't the case."
Anger started to fill you and your veins felt like they were on fire, who did these Illyrians think they were, Azriel was one of the strongest of them all, and they stood there and laughed as their leader was carving him up, you stood on shaky legs, they hadn't thought to put you in chains, you were human, you weren't a threat "Don't. Touch. Him" voice mimicking the tone you'd heard Azriel use maybe twice in your presence, they laughed at you, laughed and much like the day before something in you snapped and a white hot light shot out of your palms and chest.
When your vision came back to you the Illyrian was gone, his boots were all that was left of him and Azriel's eyes were wide with shock. "Impossible" one of the others murmured, you took a step towards them, they took a step back, you let the unknown power in your veins run free as you took them out one by one as they tried to flee. Exhausted, you were exhausted as you turned back to Azriel and ran to him "Az, Az, how do I get you down?" His head nodded towards where they'd anchored the chains, you could see he was exhausted too, his wings still shredded, the arrows still in them, he had bruises on his face and all over his body, they'd beaten him while you'd been unconscious, anger flooded you again as you took the chain in your hands and it disintegrated into nothing, his knees hit the ground so hard you cringed and you caught him as he started to slump forward.
You were starting to panic when he croaked one word at you "Cabin" your eyes looked around desperately to see what he was talking about and there it was, what you assumed was the leaders cabin, you had to get him into the cabin "Okay, Az, I need you to help me, just a little bit okay?" You told him as you tried to pull him to his feet so you could swing one of his arms around your shoulder, he complied, using what you were sure was the last of his strength to get to the cabin.
Thankfully the fire was roaring when you stumbled in, Azriel fell to the ground again, closing the door behind you to keep out the cold of the mountains, you took in the damage on his body, not only were his wings shredded, so was his back, anger settled in you again as you realise this wasn't damage from your crash landing, they'd done this to him, they'd flogged him. "What do I do, what do I do first Az? Your back? Your wings? Your chest?" He was barely holding onto consciousness as he said "Wings. Break the arrows. Take them out." And then he passed out, you supposed that was a good thing, you couldn't imagine the pain the arrows were causing him, without you having to break them and pull them out of the leathery skin. Rhysand!! Rhys its Az! Help me! You screamed in your mind as you dropped the shields he'd taught you to have, hoping to gods he could hear you, you weren't entirely sure how it worked.
You marched back out to the camp and grabbed Truth Teller from the floor, you needed to cut the arrows rather than snap them, you weren't sure how much damage that would cause, running back into the cabin you almost slammed into Rhys' back as he looked down at his brother "You came" you breathed out, he looked over his shoulder at you "You called" you and Rhys worked silently as you worked to remove the arrows, you had tried to do it under his guidance but your hands were shaking and tears were welling in your eyes at the sight of the warrior in front of you so he took over while you worked on cleaning the wounds on his back and wrapping them in gauze. When the two of you had patched him up as best as you could, Rhys carried him to the bedroom and placed his brother on his front in the bed and motioned for you to follow him.
"What happened?" He spoke through gritted teeth. So you told him. Told him everything that had happened since Azriel had taken off with you the night before. "Impossible" he murmured when you finished retelling the part about the power you had unleashed for the the sixth time even after letting him see it all in your mind. "That's what one of them said" you told him "It appears you aren't as human as we thought" he mused "The power you described is a power from a long lost court, one we thought was long gone, Dusk" you just stared at him "I'll do some research" he said as he stood "In the meantime, I think the two of you should stay somewhere safe, he's not going to forgive himself for this, and he's not ready to see me yet, come" you followed him back into the bedroom where he again, picked up the Shadowsinger as if he weighed nothing and offered you his elbow and Winnowed you to his cabin "Stay here for as long as you need, the cabin will look after you and it's warded against anyone who's not family" he placed Az down gently again, smiled at you and left.
You dragged a chair into the bedroom and sat next to Azriel for hours, hoping that he'd regain consciousness sooner rather than later, you were absentmindedly ghosting a finger up and down the curve of his wing book in your other hand when he started to stir "Feels nice" were the first words he spoke to you, he turned his head to look at you and when your eyes met your chest tightened and for the third time in two days, something in you snapped.
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violet-shadows · 2 days ago
Scary Stories
Summary: On a camping trip with the Inner Circle, a spooky tale has you leaning on Azriel for comfort. 
Pairing: Azriel x Reader (She/Her)
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: none
A/N:  Thank you to the anon that requested this!
 ⊱ —————— ❈  —————— ⊰
The Harvest camping trip had become something of a tradition for the Inner Circle, serving as a final hurrah before the harsh winter chill swept the Night Court. This was your third year attending with your mate and you were looking forward to the trip. There was something magical about snuggling next to Azriel by the fire and retiring to the quiet of your tent, huddled together for warmth under an endless sea of stars. Campfires, marshmallows, and ghost stories were the perfect reprieve from the stresses of daily life and you couldn’t wait to spend a few days in the wilderness with your family. 
“Why are you bringing so many blankets?” You asked Azriel as you both buzzed about your bedroom, packing your bags for the trip. He was shoving yet another wool blanket in the trunk containing your camping gear and it had you curious, seeing as the shadowsinger was more than used to the cold. 
“Do you not remember how cold you were last year?” He said, his tone playful. You thought back to the previous year’s trip when the unseasonable warmth in Velaris lulled you into underpacking on warm clothing. Azriel had fretted the entire time, disturbed by your constant shivering despite his best efforts to keep you warm. He had insisted that you wear his coat, but the draft let in by the wing holes made it largely ineffective. In the end, you spent the trip tucked into his side, one wing wrapped around your shoulder while you nursed mugs of warm cider. Those memories were some of your fondest.
“I’m dressing warmer this time, I promise,” you assured him, tugging at your chunky knit sweater for emphasis. He peered over at your bag suspiciously and nodded, but did not remove the additional blankets. 
“Amren said she prepared a story for us this year,” he mentioned. “You ready for that?”
“I just hope it’s better than Cassian’s,” you replied. From down the hall, you faintly heard the General give an indignant shout. “Sorry, Cass!”, you called out. Both you and Azriel chuckled, recalling Cassian’s “scary” stories which ended up more comical than thrilling, but fun nonetheless. 
“I think her’s will involve significantly less laughter,” said Azriel, “so brace yourself.” 
“I’m counting on it,” you said, glaring when he gave you an incredulous look. “Oh c’mon, they’re just fun, scary stories.” 
“Fun!” Cassian commented with a laugh as he passed by your open bedroom door, bags in hand. He didn’t stop to elaborate, so Azriel filled you in.
“Last time Amren told the stories Mor winnowed right back to Velaris and Rhys stayed up the entire night,” he explained. “Are you sure you won’t be scared?”
“Sounds like you’re the one that’s scared, Shadowsinger,” you teased and Azriel grinned at you.
“We’ll see about that, love.” 
⊱ —————— ❈ —————— ⊰
The flight to the campsite offered a beautiful view of the Night Court landscape. The hills were lit up in hues of red and gold as summer gave way to autumn, and the crisp fall air was sweet in your lungs. The campsite sat at the base of the mountains near a small stream, far from any other settlements. Thanks to Rhysand’s magic, camp was set up swiftly and you were soon gathering around the fire for dinner and stories. 
Mor started it out with a tale about a Bogge that stalked a maiden for all of her days, constantly lingering in her peripheral no matter where she went. A hush fell over the group as Mor narrated under a rapidly darkening sky, and when she finished, gooseflesh had broken out over your skin. You shared a look with Azriel, who wore a knowing smirk. “Are you scared yet?” he teased and you elbowed him in the ribs. The story was unsettling, but with Azriel at your side it was hard to find anything frightening. 
“I seem to recall you having nightmares about the Bogge when we were young,” said Rhysand, returning to the group with more spiked cider. Azriel’s cheeks reddened slightly and you giggled. 
“And should I bring up your first encounter with a Martax?” Azriel shot back, earning a laugh from the entire group. Another round of drinks was passed around as darkness fell, and soon the only light remaining was the warm glow of the fire. Azriel pulled you close, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and extending his wing to shelter you. You sighed in contentment, leaning into his touch. 
“Amren’s turn,” Feyre announced, prompting the immortal. Amren’s stories were known to be terrifying and you were all eager, if somewhat nervous, to hear her tale. 
She began to speak, her steady, dispationate intonation adding the ominous atmosphere. The story she told was long an winding, but enraptured you nonetheless. Soon, you found yourself on the edge of your seat, leaning forward as you listened intently. She spoke of a creature more powerful and frightening than any in Prythian, one so horrifying, she said, that Bryaxis looked like a kitten in comparison. The details came to life in your mind’s eye, and as the story went on, you felt your heartbeat quicken. Enthralled by Amren’s words, no one but Azriel noticed when one member of the group slipped away into the shadows. Just as she reached the climax, revealing a bone chilling twist, a great roar sounded from the trees behind you. 
You screamed, jumping to your feet at the sound, along with most of the other guests. For a brief moment, you were frozen in terror until you heard a familiar, booming laugh. “Cassian,” Nesta shreiked indignantly, glowering at her mate. He continued to gafaw and soon, the rest of you were cackling as well. 
“You knew,” you said, swatting at an amused Azriel. He shrugged, a rare, easy smile on his face, and you didn’t have it in you to be mad. 
“I thought you said you weren’t scared, Y/N,” Cassian teased, reclaiming his spot by the fire. “You could have heard your scream in Velaris.”
“I was just… startled,” you lied, chuckling as you settled back in your seat. Amren finished the story, it’s conclusion both eerie and shocking, and your mind remained fixed on it, even while the others followed up with their own stories. The shadows cast by the firelight continued to catch your eye throughout the night, and an uneasy feeling rose within you whenever you glanced towards the dark forest. 
You tried to hide how unsettled you were as you bid your family goodnight, walking into the woods towards yours and Azriel’s campsite. The forest seemed unusually alive and each snap of a twig or sway of a branch made you jump. Without the light of the fire and your family’s warm presence, the fear from before was no longer fun, morphing into an uncomfortable feeling in your gut. 
Azriel, ever observant, wrapped an arm around your waist. “Are you alright, love?” he asked, sounding equal parts concerned and entertained. You nodded, swallowing thickly as you cast yet another glance over your shoulder, and Azriel chuckled.
“Don’t laugh at me,” you grumbled, wrapping your arms around yourself as Azriel moved to open the tent flap. A gust of wind whistled through the trees just then and you jumped, drawing a strangled gasp. Suddenly, sleeping in the dark forest did not sound like fun. 
“Alright, come inside where it’s safe, love,” Azriel teased, beckoning you into your tent. While your mate would be able to sleep on nothing more than bare ground, he had taken care to make the shelter as comfortable as possible for your sake. You shed your outer layers, and the two of you slipped beneath several warm blankets on top of a plush mat. Outside, the wind picked up, and you shuttered, remembering the way Amren had described the creature’s voice, it’s hateful whispers carried on the breeze. “What’s wrong?” Azriel asked, no longer poking fun. He looked down at you, eyebrows furrowed in concern, and you wrapped your arms around him, inhaling his comforting scent.
“I may or may not be a bit… unsettled by Amren’s story,” You admitted, feeling your cheeks flush. A twig snapped outside and you held your mate tighter. 
“You’re scared,” Azriel surmised, his quiet voice like velvet. 
“Yes,” you said, closing your eyes. He wrapped both arms around you, tugging you even closer until you were nearly on top of him. 
“You know I would never, ever let anything happen to you, right?” He asked, sounding earnest. His shadows, barely visible in the darkness, settle overtop of you both like a protective cocoon. 
“I know.” And you did know. If there was one thing Azriel had proven to you time and time again, it was that you were safe with him, always. “The creature from the story was just…” 
“Horrifying? Ghastly? Dreadful?” Azriel suggested and you chuckled, nodding your head in agreement. “Even if it were real, I wouldn’t let it get to you.” 
“You’d fight it?” You asked, skeptical. The monster Amren had described was not one any warrior want to take on. 
“If keeping you safe was my motivation,” he shrugged, running a comforting hand up and down your spine, “I’d fight the whole world.”
“Even a Bogge?” you teased and Azriel groaned, trying to hide the smile on his lips.
“I’m gonna kill Rhys for telling that story.” 
⊱ —————— ❈ —————— ⊰
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soyzaweels · a day ago
You came for me 💜
Art🎨: aarspi
Tumblr media
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fieldofdaiisies · a day ago
plsplspls do one were you are super shy . I think it would be so cute if you were like so much shorter that when you want to talk to him you pull on his sleeve and when you meet the rest of the IC you hide behind him.ahhhhh love you!
Hahahah omg I love this so much. Thank you for requesting it. I hope you like. If it is not what you imagined please feel free to tell me!! <33
Azriel x Reader | Little One
type: fluff  warnings: none
I hope it is fine I did it more like headcanon style + story parts in it
*all rights reserved*
most of the time when you want to make Azriel aware of you or want him to listen to you will always pull on his sleeve; sometimes he is so deep in thought you simply cannot reach him otherwise and you obviously don't want to shout his name all the time
Azriel thinks it is adorable; although he does not let it show he absolutely adores it when you tug on his sleeve before you tell him something
sometimes he now pretends that he doesn’t hear you just so you have to pull on his sleeve
Azriel also loves how small you are compared to him; he loves how perfect your tiny hands fit into his; how much he can shield you from the outside world
when hugging he often places his chin on top of your head while your arms curl tightly around his torso
he is your protector, your strong Illyrian warrior who protects you from the dangers of the outside world
Azriel will always keep an arm around you, just to make you feel comfortable when walking through crowds
the real big struggle comes when Azriel wants to introduce you to his family
of course you feel terribly honoured and loved that he already wants to take this big step, but then you are also terribly scared — part of his family are the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court
“Az?" You pulled on the sleeve of his jacket, finally drawing the Shadowsinger’s attention back to you. "Azriel, I am scared," you breathed, looking up at him with big eyes. Azriel smirked, his gaze locking with yours while he glanced down at you. The spymaster chuckled lowly and placed his hands on your shoulders, thumbs brushing over your collarbones. "There is no need to be scared," Azriel assured you, a smile on his lips. "They are High Lord and Lady! Of course there is a lot to be scared of!” Azriel laughed once again, the sound rich and deep and you felt it at the tip of your toes. Gods, you loved it so much when he laughed. “Yes, but Rhys is also my brother and Feyre also something like a sister. So nothing to worry about. It will be fine, I promise.” His hands slid down your body to your hips, he moved your body closer to his, his chin coming to a rest on top of your head. Your arms curled tightly around his torso and you took in his wonderful scent — night-chilled mist and cedar.
obviously you can only agree to meeting them — you know how much it means to him and you also really want to meet them; they are his family after all
after flying to the House of Wind you clasped Azriel’s hand tightly in yours, holding on for dear life
you seek the shelter behind his wings, always a tiny step behind your mate and slightly hidden by his wings
you greet his family with a smile on your fae, yet still you are hidden behind your tall mate
your mate chuckles lowly, his hand reaching backwards to squeeze your thigh
his shadows start stroking your sides, soothing something of the tension
Azriel slowly brings you forward, tugs you to his chest and finally introduces his mate to his family; he assures you once again in a whisper that everything is fine and that they already like you
High Lord and Lady grin at you, making you feel warm and welcome
Cassian immediately finds you adorable and wastes no time to approach you, he gives you a big hug and tells you how happy he is that ‘Azzy finally has a girl’
slowly you start to open up more and more, the shyness and self-confidence start to vanish and you start feeling like home
Azriel enjoys that whole day with his family and his mate so very much
he always keeps you close to him, always a hand on your thigh or both your hands in his large, scarred hand
in between he always comfortingly kisses your cheek or your temple while whispering sweet nothings into your ear
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deathandhisfawn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The way SJM emphasized and differentiated Azriel’s reaction from Cass and Mor’s. The way everyone else grimaced at the coldness but Azriel looked at her with sorrow. Yeah his understanding and connection is on a far deeper level.
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princess-tulip-writes · 15 hours ago
if someone hasn’t requested already can we please get azriel princess treatment 🥺 - 💞
princess treatment with azriel
Tumblr media
- the sweetest man alive, let me tell you
- he literally worships the ground that you walk on
- praises everything that you do
- even if it’s something as little as putting plates away.
- “ you’re such a good girl, baby.”
- i feel like he gives back pats as an appreciation thing.
- like he pats your back whenever you do something good.
- kisses your nose too
- will 100% rub your feet for you
- they don’t even have to be sore, and he’ll rub them
- just wants to make you feel really good, is all.
- “my baby looked so pretty today”
- is always calling you pretty.
- you can’t escape it
- “my pretty girl”
- “come here, pretty one”
- all that stuff
- thinks that you’re just so damn gorgeous and pretty
- and you just hear the thoughts that he can keep to himself
- he thinks about how beautiful you are plenty more
- he just is very secretive
- kisses you a lot
- your hands mostly
- makes you train
- “i have to teach you how to fight, princess. you’ll need to learn to protect yourself when i’m not there.”
- but if you refuse, he’ll be a little more stern about it and explain to you why it’s so important to learn to fight for yourself
- doesn’t ever like to make you lift a finger, but this is the only exception
- makes cassian take it easy on you though, because you’re still his little princess
- usually is the only one who spars with you, in fear that someone else will be too rough with you or make you uncomfortable
- like amren
- but cassian does too, more often than anyone else tbh
- he just has to go easy or else azriel will be breathing down his neck
- you hate it
- but he does it because he loves you <3
- likes to tease you by training with you while his shirt is off
- you get so worked up and usually end up begging him to fuck you somewhere
- he loves it so much
- “what’s the matter, precious?”
- your face is all red
- “i cant help you if you don’t tell me.”
- holds you all of the time
- arm around your waist type of guy
- also really loves to fly you at night
- it’s actually kind of a night routinely thing
- really just loves to hold you as close as possible and feel your whole weight in his arms while you look at the stars, mesmerized
- there’s nothing better, he’s convinced
- buys you everything you could ever want
- there’s a dress he saw you staring at? bought it
- a necklace you like? bought it
- shoes? bought it
- and you better believe that you have a very extensive collection of lingerie in your favorite color, pattern, and material
- yes, he does like when you model them for him
- but only if you wish to
- “you’re so ravishing, princess.”
- boob guy
- not even sexually, just generally speaking
- loves to lay his head on your breasts at night, holds them for you throughout the day, kisses them if sore, ect.
- just really really loves them
- he’s definitely the type to lotion you up after a bath
- you have so many lotions in your favorite scents, it’s not even a joke
- he goes based off of which one is more moisturizing when choosing them
- so intentive
- if you like to read, get ready for plenty of books
- also, he really likes it when you read to him
- his head in your lap as you read a passage out of your favorite book to him, is so relaxing to him
- just really likes to hear your sweet voice
- “i can see why that’s your favorite book, baby.”
- if there’s someone in the inner circle that you simply don’t like, he tries to reason it out but if there’s a much deeper meaning behind it, he tries his best to keep you two away from each other
- his heart melts whenever you kiss his hands
- that’s more of a dating-him-in-genral thing but still
- has your scent memorized
- like, whenever he smells a flower that smells like you, his heart palpitates
- thinks about you 24/7
- how much he loves you, if you’re safe, if you’ve eaten, what you may be wearing that day, ect.
- you occupy his mind all of the time
- is the type to really enjoy doing night routines together
- by that i mean brushing your teeth next to each other, washing up, and a soft nightly makeout session
- will get a little sad if he comes home late and you are asleep and did everything already.
- but understands
- if you haven’t, and just fell asleep whist waiting for him, he’d politely wake you up to finish off the night
- “hey, hey, it’s just me, baby. come on, let’s go get ready for bed. i’ll carry you.”
- really loves to carry too
- he’s a very strong guy, and can handle so much weight
- tells you that it’s dumb that you think he can’t lift you, because he can
- and without strain everytime
- overall, a really great guy
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acomaflove · a day ago
Night Court Employee of the Month
Rhysand, in his office doing work: *silence*
Cassian, Amren, Azriel, and Mor: *burst into the room*
Azriel: We need to know who your employee of the month is.
Rhysand: We’ve never done that before.
Amren: We are now. Choose someone.
Rhysand: This is ridiculous.
Cassian: Actually, it should be an easy choice *points to himself*
Mor: Put your hand down Cassian. I have this victory locked in.
Rhysand: Fine, since you insist on this: I choose Feyre.
All: *groan*
Feyre, from down the hall: I TOLD YOU ALL THIS WOULD HAPPEN.
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sweetelains · 2 days ago
🤍 Elriel 🤍
Inspired by movie: Gemma Bovery (2014)
Tumblr media
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nessiandaily · a day ago
Baby Nessian with Uncle Az💙
Tumblr media
artist: _nizzy_art_ [instagram]
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emnlln · 2 days ago
I fell in love with Elain and Azriel as a pair from the moment they shared the same page, even just in mention by Feyre—how they would compliment each other and find peace & refuge with each other. But it’s interesting because the Lucien x Elain bond was spoiled to me prior to reading acomaf and I actually got SO intrigued by it. I absolutely loved Lucien in acotar, and I knew very little about elain and thought they had a lot of potential as a couple. And I can’t deny the idea of the heir to the day court and the sunshine/flower girl being mates sounds beautiful.
However, I was honestly super disappointed by Lucien’s actions towards Feyre and how complacent he was in acomaf and then further let down in acowar when it came to how he handled his bond with Elain. I just feel like he’s lost a lot of the personality traits that I loved about him in the beginning. I would hope that whoever he ends up with would bring that back out of him, and so far, that hasn’t been Elain.
Then there’s something about Azriel and Elain that just feels right. There’s something so comforting about them. How quiet and soft they feel together. Spending time in the gardens, talking about her garden plans late into the night, her calling his scars “beautiful”—all such sweet moments of connection. Then throw in the angst of slight touches and charged glances and the desires that keep him up at night and it just brings everything together.
If nothing else, the Lucien x Elain x Azriel love triangle will SERVE. I’m already eating it up.
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shallyne · 2 days ago
Elriel Headcanon
Azriel is secretly learning some gardening facts to impress Elain
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profound-imagination · 18 hours ago
Free Falling - Azriel Part 2
A/N - Soooo many of you asked for this and so many more of you loved part 1! T/W for blood!
True to his word, Azriel had taken you flying. You'd sat patiently while Feyre fixed your nose, the Shadowsinger right behind her, carefully watching what his High Lady was doing, shadows tangled around your fingers and up your hand like a beautiful tattoo. Azriel took Feyre's place when she announced she was finished, he stood between your legs as he ever so gently wiped the dried blood from your face.
"Can we go flying now, Az?" You shot him your best pouty face, one you knew he struggled to say no to, it was how you always ended up with an ice cream and a trip to your favourite book shop whenever the two of you visited the Rainbow. He nodded at you but made no attempt to move away from you. You watched his body tense as Cassian walked in "Are you okay, Y/N?" He asked, guilt all over his face, you smiled up at Azriel and gently pushed him back, which he allowed, and jumped down from the table you'd been sitting on "I'm okay, Cass, see, good as new!" You backed up your point by scrunching up your nose at him. "I'm really really sorry, I didn't mean too!" You walked over to Cassian and wrapped your arms around his middle, choosing to ignore the small growl you heard come from the Spymaster behind you "I know you didn't, Cass, it's okay" the General smiled down at you, returned your hug and stepped away "I better go and face Nes, she's gonna kill me" you laughed at his retreating back.
You turned to Azriel and grabbed one of his hands, he froze for half a second but let you drag him towards the balcony. You squealed with delight when he swept you into his arms and shot into the air, your arms found a home round his neck as he flew. As promised he'd flown with you all night, he even free fell with you a couple of times although he never loosened his grip on you, not once. The night had ended watching the sun come up over Velaris from one of his favourite spots in the city, your back to his chest, his arms still wrapped around you.
"What's it like having wings?" You asked him, unsure of what you wanted him say, they were apart of him, he'd never been without them but he answered anyway "When I was younger, I hated them, they were another reason for my father and half brothers to torment me, when I was dropped in the Illyrian war camps I didn't know how to fly having never been allowed to use them, I hated them for a long time but once I'd mastered them, as soon as I could control them, it was freedom" as if to prove his point his wings wrapped around the two of you like a cocoon, warm in the morning sun. You marveled at the sight of the sun on his wings, they seemed almost transparent, without thinking, you raised a hand and traced along one of the veins with your finger, Azriel shuddered behind you and you pulled your hand back into your chest "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" You didn't know much about wing etiquette and were panicking if what you had just done was rude or had hurt him in some way "It's okay" he reassured you "Our wings are just sensitive, that's all" you tensed "What do you mean? Did I hurt you?" He shook his head "No Little Human, you didn't hurt me" realisation washed over you and your cheeks flamed "It's almost like if I did this" he whispered, his breath caressing the shell of your ear, you were just about to ask if he did what when you felt his lips on that one spot on your neck and his fingers ghosted up the inside of your thigh. You shuddered this time and the Spymaster looked rather pleased with himself.
He'd taken you for breakfast at his favourite cafe and then walked you all the way to your room stating that you should get some sleep. He placed a small kiss on your cheek and wished you sweet dreams. You slid down your door once you had made it through it, your heart full but sad that the night was over. Without bothering to change, you crawled into bed "Night, Az, I had the best time with you" you whispered to the lingering shadows that had followed you into your room, knowing they'd be off to tell their master in no time.
The Court of Nightmares was a horrible place, one that you wouldn't have ever wanted to be in without Rhysand's protection, but everyone else was going and you refused to be left behind. It had caused the first ever argument between you and the Shadowsinger and you hadn't had chance to make it right since arriving here as he had stepped into his shadows and disappeared, Rhys had waved you off when you asked where he was, stating that Azriel was working and that you'd see him later.
Guilt had begun settling in your chest, you knew what had happened to Mor here, knew what they thought of humans and he was only trying to protect you. Making two cups of coffee you set off in search of Azriel, he worked too hard and you were going to force him to take a break and talk to you, mainly so you could apologise, your words from this morning haunting you "I don't need your smothering protection Azriel, I can look after myself!" You'd regretted them the moment you'd said them, the shadow that had become a permanent accessory on your wrist fell away and crawled towards him and hurt flashed through his eyes as he winnowed himself to the Court of Nightmares. You ran into one of the twin wraiths, you weren't sure which and asked her to take you to him.
She took you lower and lower into the mountain and you were beginning to think you'd never see daylight again when she stopped in front of a big wooden door, she nodded at you and was gone, you pushed the door open with your shoulder and stepped in, the first thing that hit you was the smell of blood, the next thing was the creature in the middle of the room quietly begging for mercy and the last thing was Azriel, covered in the creatures blood, a look on his face you'd never seen, one that terrified you to your core. You dropped the mugs, both hit the floor and smashed, splattering coffee all over your feet and up your legs, the creature's eyes shot to you, Azriel spun to face you, shadows shot towards you to block your vision of the horror in front of you.
Azriel didn't move, bloody dagger in one hand, a piece of the creature in the other. The creature took you in, sensing you were weaker than the Illyrian in front of him he began begging you for help, your brain was unable to fathom what you were seeing as Rhys appeared next to you, he took your arm and winnowed you out, back to the House of Wind. "Y/N -" he started but you cut him off "You make him hurt people?! Is that not what your father made him do? Has he ever had a choice?!" Rhys sighed "He's always had a choice, ever since I became High Lord, he's always had a choice" you cringed "So, he does this willingly?" You couldn't comprehend it, Azriel who was so soft and gentle with you, Azriel who bought you ice cream because it made you smile, Azriel who carried you to bed when you fell asleep in the library. Azriel who read to you when you were too tired to read yourself but wanted to finish the chapter.
"He does this, to protect Velaris, his family, to protect you." You shook your head "Don't bring me into this! He's been doing this for hundreds of years, Rhys! I've only been alive 20! I've known him for less than a year!" You sat on the sofa, head in your hands, elbows on your knees. Rhys took a seat next to you "He never wanted you to see that side of him, he thinks it'll scare you, that you'll think less of him" you digested Rhys words and asked "Will he kill that creature?" He stiffened "I think you've got an idea of what is going on between the two of you, the bond you are starting to feel?" Unsure where he was going with this, you nodded "That creature witnessed Azriel freeze, it learned in that moment, that Az has a weakness, that creature will die because it saw you and he will not risk it getting back to its masters and them coming after you" you shuddered, the weight of being responsible for something's death washing over you, tears started to well in your eyes.
"You need to know that you will always have a target on your back if you're with him, just like Feyre does, just like Nesta does, continue your lessons with Cassian, you will need to be able to defend yourself." You nodded again and Rhys took your hands in his "I know what you saw wasn't something you ever saw him capable of, he doesn't enjoy it. Please be gentle with him, he needs that." You met his violet eyes "I guess I now know why everyone is so scared of him." Rhys chuckled "They'll be more scared of him if you accept the bond, you think he's overprotective now, you just wait." With that he was gone, back to play his role.
Three days, you hadn't seen Azriel in three days. He hadn't come back to the house, hadn't tried to see you or explain and you were getting annoyed. Rhys and Feyre had come to join you for breakfast when you finally broached the subject on the fourth day. "Where is he, Rhys?" Feyre looked between you and her mate "Just tell her" she said, you loved this girl for always being on your side, even against Rhysand. He nodded at her and said "Eat first, then I'll take you." You'd never eaten so fast in your life, you were done, had your boots on and you were ready to go within 15 minutes.
Rhys took you to a cabin, not the one Mor had taken Feyre to, this one sat back from a cliff edge, higher up the mountain than you'd ever been, this one, Azriel owned, but it was warded the same. Rhys dropped you in the trees a few meters away and bid you goodbye as you turned and headed towards the cabin. A plan formed in your head but you were going to see how this panned out as you placed yourself at an equal distance from the door and the cliff edge "Azriel Shadowsinger! You come out here and talk to me right now!" You yelled at the door, you knew he could hear you, he probably knew you were here from the minute you arrived as you sent a tug of annoyance down the bond, you still weren't quite sure how it worked but Feyre had explained that thread that she and Rhys had and you couldn't deny that you were in fact his mate and you'd spent three days trying to contact him through it, you only ever got a response to one each day, the last one you'd send him on the verge of sleep. I miss you, goodnight. Goodnight, little human, I'm sorry.
The door opened and there he was, your mate, your heart sang and you longed to take him in your arms, he looked so sad and his wings were drooped behind his back. He took a seat on the steps leading up to the door but he said nothing. No matter how you tried to get him to talk to you he said nothing, no matter what emotions you sent down the bond to him, he still said nothing. "It's your job, Az, I understand, please talk to me, it hasn't changed how I feel about you, I was just shocked." He scoffed, the first sound he'd made since your arrival "Shocked? That's not what your face said, horrified and disgusted more like." He crossed his arms over his chest and went back to silence. "Fine" you feigned turning to look at the view out of frustration but as soon as your back was turned you ran, straight for the cliff edge, you heard him spring to his feet as you sent two words down the bond. Catch Me.
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the-book-gnome · a day ago
Soothing Shadows
Parings: Azriel x fem!reader
Word count: 1.1k
Warnings: unprotected sex (do not recommend) p in v, mentioned blood, period sex, petnames(my love, princess)
18+ only ! minors do not interact !
Azriel was always trying to make you feel better in any circumstance. He hated when you were in pain and he couldn't do anything to help you. He kept pacing at the end of the bed, you were curled into a ball clutching onto the lower part of your stomach, usually your cramps are not the bad but for some reason it’s a lot worse this time. His pacing was starting to piss you off, along with the fact that his shadows weren’t being very quiet in their whispering, you just wanted to relax but he was making that extremely difficult.
“Would you stop pacing az,” you mumbled into the blanket. He stopped instantly, rushing up to the side of the bed where you were laying. Resting his hand on your forehead, gently rubbing you to soothe you. “I think I have an idea.” You felt a few of his shadows curl around your body, trying to comfort you. “As long as it’s a quiet idea I don’t care,” when you opened your eyes your heart melted. Azriel was looking at you with so much love in his eyes, you could feel it threw the bond. “Well I'm not quite sure it’s quiet, that depends on you but we can try if you’d like, it’ll take the pain away, or at least it should from what I’ve been reading.” You looked at him confused, not understanding what he was speaking of, “What should take the pain away?”
You we’re taking deep breaths, doing anything to distract yourself. Azriel's eyes softened, he’d do anything to help ease the pain, “sex, the pleasure of it will take over what hurts so you won't be in pain for a while. If you are not comfortable with that it’s alright,” your cheeks flushed at his words. The two of you have had a lot of sex but never like this. Wouldn’t he be grossed out by it or something? As if reading your thoughts reassured you. “Darling I see blood every day, this won't scare me off I promise,” he had a little smile on his lips. As nervous as you were, you didn’t want to be in so much pain, so you nodded at him permitting him to do whatever he wished with you.
“Will you be gentle,” you whispered as he moved the blankets from you and moved you onto your back. “Of Course my love,” Azriel crawled on top of you, his wings fanning out covering you from the bright sun. You whimpered as he moved your hands from your stomach, his shadows quickly replacing them, kneading softly at your skin, massaging you. Azriel slowly kisses his way down your body, being as gentle and as loving as he could. He wanted to show you that you had nothing to worry about. Taking one of your hands in his, he gave you a reassuring squeeze as he used his other hand to pull up your nightgown. His shadows pulled down your underwear, placing them on the floor next to the bed.
Your cheeks flushed as the scent of blood in the room grew stronger, “az I’ll ruin the sheets,” his head was above yours, his free hand holding your face. “Don’t worry about that darling, I’ll buy new ones.” Placing a soft kiss on your lips, he moved his hand down to your sex.
You watched closely as he circled your clit with two fingers, you whimpered as a small feeling of pleasure shot through your body. You let out small whimpers every circle he made, the pleasure slowly easing the pain. It wasn’t enough to completely get rid of it though. “More please,” you whispered, still slightly shy. “Of Course princess,” He sat back on his knees, taking off his shirt and pants effortlessly, as he pulled off his boxers his cock sprung up to his stomach. Azriel pulled your legs up, your feet flat against the bed and your knees up. He kissed both once then moved back on top of you. He pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, you moaned as he slid his tongue inside, the warmth of his mouth on your made you even needier than you previously were.
Azriel was propped up using his forearm, his other had his cock in his hand, stroking it gently as he kissed you. You felt his shadows swirling around you, every now and then they would graze over your sensitive bud. He moved his cock up and down your folds, then gently pushed into you. You felt the sting as he entered, no matter how many times he fuck you it always hurt a little at first. Once he was fully inside of you he let out a grunt. Breaking the kiss and moving his head back so he could watch you. “Ready?” You looked back up at him and nodded. You loved the feeling of him inside you, it made you feel so full.
Azriel slowly started thrusting into you, he could feel the blood coating his cock, which only made him grow harder. You felt divine, every inch of you was perfect and he knew that he was never going to give you up. He brought his head to the crook of your neck, kissing gently as he told his shadows to help pleasure you. They tugged at your nipples and clit, adding to the pleasure even more.
You gripped his shoulders tightly, he thrust causing your tits to bounce, he was going harder, seeming to lose lose a bit of his control. Your mouth was gaped open, sucking in air and exhaling moans. His thrusts hitting deeper every time, you bucked your hips into his, meeting each thrust and chasing your high. You didn’t care about the blood anymore, only the promise of an orgasm. The pain of your cramps had gone away as soon as he entered you.
Your moans got louder the closer you got, he was hitting all the right spots, his shadows tipping you over the edge. You squeezed your eyes shut as pleasures flooded your senses. Your orgasm crashed over you, you locked your legs around Azriel, and he quickly followed behind you, giving one more thrust until he was spilling inside of you. The both of you breathing heavily.
Without saying any words he slipped out of you and picked you up, holding you to his chest. You did your best to wrap your arms around him but you were exhausted. Warm water wrapped around your bodies as he sat down in the tub. Washing the blood and releases away, you easily fell asleep in his arms. Everything felt warm and fuzzy, you couldn’t help it.
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thefangirlofhp · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
1. coffee smell
Oftentimes, more than not, it reminded her of the unpleasantries in life; the cheap tang of it staining her tongue, the smell hanging in the air and heralding a kind of monster headache to be experienced at midnight that no tossing or turning could overrule. It brings to mind the unsettling state of her insides, twisting and coiling with abnormalities and anxieties that viciously beat the blood out of her thundering heart. The frown its withdrawal brings, stiff and deep and heavy on the heart. It brings to mind a state of being, madness, wherein unavoidable truths were met when wandering the plains of altered mentality and loss; it hung around her like a cloak, or a shadow, something constant and absent but permanent at her back. The smell hung around every corner and nook of Velaris, where the smell of spices dissipated, there it was staining the cobblestone streets and low walls, even snaked between the vines and bougainvilleas.
Now, she has come to learn it is a language in of its own. The smell brings the touch of a soft smile to her lips absently, reminds her of the heaviness a single glance bore down on her. The early quiet mornings, where everyone is asleep still but the more riveting person is roused awake, sat at the empty breakfast table with the steaming hot dented metal of the brewing pot to keep him company and a small ceramic cup to speak its truth. The smell takes her back to those quiet moments in time, the stillness before the world—and they—wakes up where it is only her, paused in the doorway, him slumped in a dining chair and the steaming coffee.
It is the hazel of his eyes, as he teaches her how crucial of a cultural pillar the brew is in Velaris. The quiet teachings at the mornings, before she leaves for her gardens and him for his devil’s work. The smell becomes a storage box of all the little details that words cannot uphold; the details and clever engravings of his preferred cup, the bleariness in his eyes as he rubs it away with a hidden yawn and a sheltering fringe of pitch black hair. An entire language in of its own to whisper love in her ears.
Overtime, now more than ever, it replays the cherished story in simple concise elements of smell. It is their breakfasts in the terrance of Rosehall, clinks of china and chirping of birds in trees and the nasal muffled biddings of good mornings to be wished and how have you slept’s. It is the faint melody that plays in an orchestra as their lives unfold, and the children wake, and the cats tease their way into their laps and attention but always her gaze would flit to his and there his eyes would meet hers in a staple of truth. As the universe would inevitably go on, and the dreamers hope, there would be his eyes always for her to look upon, relaying the attention she bids him.
Coffee had a lovely little way of declaring love.
[tags: @tswaney17 @julesherondalex @mis-lil-red @gorl-power @thesirenwashere  @stars-falling @trying-to-read @dreamerforever-5  @hail-doodles @eloeloeheheh @i-am-lost-in-my-world @abraxos-is-toothless  @queen-of-glass @elrielllll @negativenesta @b00kworm @harmonyindark245 @ducksmurf135   @empress-ofbloodshed @sleeping-and-books @thewayshedreamed @agem10 @superspiritfestival @maybekindasortaace @maastrash @courtofjurdan @ireallyshouldsleeprn @gracie-rosee @bookstaninthesoul @elriel4life @fawnandshadows-main @123moiaussi @impossiblescissorspeachpaper ]
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deathandhisfawn · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azriel being so genuinely curious about Elain—what her thoughts are, what makes her laugh, how she plans her gardens. Just overall genuinely wanting to know her inside out. There is no doubt how much he cared for her. SJM did an amazing job in planting small yet telling seeds of Elain and Azriel’s relationship that have been quietly blooming throughout the series it’s honestly so beautiful.
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