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Current life mood, and for the next couple of years, no doubt.
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sunflowersand-bees · 2 days
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(thank you to @forever-augustine for the second pic)
Seems pretty gay to me, ngl...
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kidovna · 2 days
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spidey will and mj wheeler sketches from @bujomoss’s art party session
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Thinking if El was hoping for Mike to answer "Of course I love you" like in the romantic movies and shows she used to watch :(
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messrsbyler · 2 days
poor mike wheeler. he was born in the wrong generation. he would’ve loved buzzfeed’s “am i gay?” quizzes
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My biggest and I mean BIGGEST pet peeve is when people get pressed that other people head canon their favorite characters as apart of the lgbtq community. This is mainly for the people all over my for you page who are saying they hope Wednesday doesn’t turn into Stranger Things meaning they hope that people don’t head canon their favorite characters as gay.  Like what is it to you? It’s not like it’s canon. It’s literally not affecting you in any way and excuse us for wanting representation. Let our favorite characters be gay to us. Okay? Don’t get annoyed at us for that.
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bbluesidess · 2 days
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Unsent letters and missed calls
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b1nc4tt · 3 days
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will the wise 2.0 + will has powers au ??
time: 17h51m
close ups + backstory :p >
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just a preface - do not b mistaken ! this is not an in-game dnd design, but a costume 4 the campaign
in my head, this is post-apocalypse, the party hasn't been able 2 play dnd for nearly a year + a half (cuz. yknow. the world was ending + they were a lil busy), but now everything is finally over For Good and they decide 2 go all out for their first campaign back together again. im talking like, at least a 4-5 months of planning + preparation. (mike is the dm)
they all make their own costumes, some choosing to share w and get help from the others, others choosing to do it all on their own and keep it a surprise, and mike makes props + stuff for the more prevalent npc's. they even decorate(?) the basement for the proper ~vibes~. basically its sick asf and every1 is fuckin Stoked by the time the first session comes around.
will is one of the ones who chooses 2 keep it a surprise - w the exception of his mom (2 help sew) + el (under a Very strict promise 2 not tell Any1, lest the surprise b ruined) .
design notes >
the eye make-up was borrowed from el
the gold in his hair is coloured hairspray/paint/smth idk yet i havent really decided
the gold on the boots + staff is hand painted
the pants were dyed the dark purple
the inside of the cape is the same sheer purple w stars fabric as the shirt
the staff thing is a real stick (like. its not foam or anything) + somehow willel shape it that way w her/their powers or spend an entire day in the woods looking 4 the right one or something, idk i havent fully fleshed out that part
the rings, bracelets + the moon on the staff r real metal so will's lightning/electricity is attracted 2 them (done for the vibes cuz jt looks fuckin cool)
every other moon/star is either foam or fabric
the stars on the pants r stitched on, but the ones on the cape r glued on
u cant see it in these, but the cape attaches to the collar in the middle like how it does in the frontline
his powers notes >
big fan of flickergate, so i Had 2 make his powers b electricity/lightning centered
took inspo from the 'the heart' poster(?) and made it blue
he has telekinesis as well, but its not as strong as el's
u can see the blue lightning in his eyes when he uses his powers
he gets nosebleeds less frequently than el
instead, when overworked, his fingertips essentially get fried/burned (sometimes his entire hands if he pushes too far)
discovery of his powers follows the flickergate theory of byler kiss in the upside down makes the lights flicker but also i think he shocks mike or makes his hair staticky or smth and when they pull away theres blue lightning dancing on his fingertips
once his powers r 'unlocked' so 2 speak, he starts unconsciously using them when feeling strong emotions (flickering lights, tv/radios/other electrical appliances turning on/off, shocking someone/thing and in much less common, more serious cases, blowing fuses and lightbulbs, lightening-shaped burns on whatever he's touching, completely frying electrical appliances, etc)
byler centric notes >
will helped mike sometimes w making the campaign + the prop-making (think whole days spent brainstorming ideas while mike writes the outline and will sketches the designs)
mike constantly pesters him abt showing him his costume but will holds his ground abt keeping it a secret so he only gets glimpses of scrap fabrics + foam on will's desk/floor when he comes over
ergo, he promptly loses his mind when he finally sees it and needs like. five minutes 2 fix his broken brain (which the party does tease him abt, of course)
and hey, if mikes hair/clothes r staticky when they come back from a mid-session break, u cant prove anything
ok .. i think i need 2 write a fic w will having powers now lol . this got outta hand
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eclipsebyler · 2 days
you'll never guess which one is his reaction to his girlfriend kissing him after she says ily versus his reaction to his best friend reassuring him that he'll never replace him (and the party) when he moves away to another city
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you'll never guess which one is his reaction to his girlfriend breaking up with him versus his reaction to his best friend being upset with him during a fight
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you'll never guess whom (between his girlfriend and best friend) he biked several miles way for even if it's raining just to apologize and have them back versus who he spent lying down on his basement for and complaining about their gender species because he doesn't understand their behavior
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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will80sbyers · 2 days
they are united by their disdain for people before everything else. this is what true love looks like
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karmelarts · 2 days
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they’re brave as hell for that
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aemiron-main · 3 days
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quick older english teacher mike sketch <3
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briannaqb · 17 hours
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Byler Week 2022 Day 5:
Wardrobe Appreciation
Season 4 Episode 1, Hellfire Club
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How happy Will was that Dustin got a girlfriend.
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honeysunzz · 3 days
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