troubledminnesotan · 3 hours ago
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Is there still time to make his hair pink like in classic A Link to the Past...? Nintendo...?
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mochiwei · 19 hours ago
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Day 4: Favorite Character
Available here!
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saltycatfish · 10 hours ago
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blueskittlesart · 4 hours ago
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linktober day 5: Adventure pouch
when i played skyward sword (on the wii lol) I was so bad at the game that i would load my adventure pouch up with shields which i would inevitably lose immediately because it was the only way i could get through the dungeons since i was so bad at combat LMAO. the mental image of link carrying like 6 shields around with him at all times still makes me laugh
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truffeart · 10 hours ago
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Day 5: Adventure Pouch
I wish I had that pouch so I could travel easily too :( << Previous | Cover Page | Next >>    
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ashlenasharma · 2 hours ago
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for a friend
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smilesrobotlover · 3 hours ago
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More phantom hourglass shenanigans
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between-star · 2 hours ago
For art requests! A fun one for you to take however you wish- Bolson finding out Zelda and Link are together, and being THRILLED
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22nd Request!
After that Bolson offered Link new bed with lovebird discount 👌🏻
Thank you for the request! I finally have chance to draw another botw npc 😏 lol
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heroineoftwilight · 21 hours ago
You know how in Twilight Princess fairies will sit on Link's head if you stand still?
I headcanon that they recognize remnants of the Hero of Time, their friend and kokiri, in him and want to come snuggle.
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incorrectsmashbrosquotes · 5 hours ago
Link: My first time with a therapist was that she let me trauma dump for a while and then told me to lie down on the couch. I fell asleep for the rest of our session and I woke up and realized how much easier depression is to deal with when you get a good night sleep.
Samus: My first time visiting a therapist was like, he kept giving me snacks through the whole session and I started feeling better the whole time and by the end I said “wow, you’re really good” and he said “No I’m not, you need to eat regularly”.
Mario: My therapist walked me through deleting my twitter account and now I feel so much better.
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aurathian · 9 hours ago
WIP Wednesday!
creator warnings: peatrice x groose
Link raised a brow and set down his chisel. “What do you mean?”
Groose swept a hand through his hair and sighed. “I’m having feelings.”
“About…?” Now Link’s full attention was on Groose, having abandoned the carving he was working on the second he walked in.
“It’s embarrassing to even say,” he mumbled. For the first time ever, Groose seemed small, shy, timid. “I don’t know, you’ll just make fun of me.”
“I won’t. I never have.”
“Link,” he groaned. He dragged his hand across his face. “I like someone.” Link didn’t know what to say. His jaw dropped, eyes wide. He knew it was possible for Groose to like someone, given all his childhood years in Skyloft had been spent pining after Zelda, but this… this was different. When he liked Zelda, he was loud, boisterous, and mean. But now, he seemed so nervous.
Oh my Goddesses, Link thought. This is serious.
“Who…?” It was a tentative question. Link almost didn’t want to know.
“Well, y’know, it’s someone. In the village. On the surface with us. Around here, just about. Works right next door, actually.”
Link was sure he’d catch flies in his mouth at this rate. He knew immediately who it was.
“Peatrice?!” he exclaimed louder than he meant, and Groose rapidly shushed him, shooting up from his chair and slamming the door shut.
“Someone’s gonna hear!”
“I’m sorry, I just– Peatrice?”
Groose nodded, face almost as red as his hair. “Link, I know you and her had a thing going on–”
“We did not have a thing going on. I was being polite and she… took it the wrong way, I guess.”
“Anyway, I don’t know. I think I really like her. I visit her every day to deposit some stupid scrap or whatever, but it’s just an excuse to talk to her. Sometimes I have Gondo talk to her and ask her what she thinks of me and stuff.”
Link said nothing.
“Look, I need your help. I don’t know how to tell her because what if she thinks I’m a weirdo? Or a freak? The hair is an acquired taste, I know, but–”
“You’ll be fine.”
“You’ll be fine. I know it for a fact. You just need to work up the courage and tell her.”
“Easier said than done, bigshot. You have a whole world-saving adventure behind your back. I have, what, Grooseland? And that’s not even the real name because you guys are no fun.”
Link did know it for a fact, though, because one night Zelda came home from Peatrice’s Item Check and wouldn’t stop giggling to herself, so he’d asked her what had put her in such a good mood. Before she could stop herself, she blurted it out.
“Peatrice likes Groose!” And then she giggled some more. “Can you believe that?”
No, he couldn’t. In fact, it had almost made him cringe remembering Peatrice’s fondness with him during his own journey.
But now, part of him wanted to help in the matchmaking process. He knew what Zelda had been up to the whole time she’d asked Groose about Peatrice–if he liked her, what he thought of her, if he thought she was pretty–and that she was entirely in on the game.
“I can be your wingman,” Link offered. “I know Pipit did that for Fledge once.”
“That didn’t work out,” Groose said with a roll of his eyes.
“Right, sorry.”
“And it would be weird for you to be my wingman since she used to like you. Maybe I’ll just bring Gondo along, like I always do.”
“Good idea.” Link turned around and took his chisel back up, starting to work away at the wood again.
Groose sighed and held his head in his hands. “I’m going to the Item Check,” he said finally. Link bit back a chuckle and instead took off a larger chunk of wood than he meant to.
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yuzu-all-the-way · 13 hours ago
Biellman spin at 27yo, only Yuzu
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wain-wagtail · 12 hours ago
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[Zelink] Holding hands
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link-is-a-dork · an hour ago
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kaluwa-del-conte · 18 hours ago
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👻🎃 Rhinktober 2022! 🎃👻
3. Baking
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thiscatdraws · 6 hours ago
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Iiiit’s Twilight Princess Link! Once a simple farmhand with a talent for animal handling, during his adventure he’s struck with a Were-curse by the Umbra (aka the Twili 😉).
Now he has to cope with a curse on top of saving Hayrule from the Umbra…luckily he has a friend from the other side!
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shinakazami1 · 5 hours ago
Today both Stanatober and Paraboter prompts were a Free so,,
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The second one is a bit inspired by my fanfic, The Forbidden Fruit (link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/42118554 )
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