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kote-wan · 8 months
echo, my beloved 💙
Tumblr media Tumblr media
so yeah nothin to see here, just my fav gucci bitch
disclaimer, ive come to love his canon appearance sm but for the lols i gave him a fuckboy mullet
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chopper-base · 7 months
Rex: goddammit, you two! What di-
Echo: *sprays him with the spray bottle*
Rex: *extremely confused*
Echo: *completely straight faced* no yelling at the children.
Fives & Hardcase: *scared*
Rex: I swear, if you spra-
Echo: *sprays him again* and no threatening the ARC troopers.
Echo: *runs*
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brother-genitivi · 5 months
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let’s play a fun game called: guess my favourite clone character. bet u can’t.
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jenstar1992-2 · 6 months
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Star Wars The Bad Batch S2 Trailer (pt.2)
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suck-a-egg · 9 months
Hunter, trying his best to give Omega a semi-normal childhood: Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and… Crosshair: Was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Echo, ignoring him: Mamma called the doctor and the doctor said… Tech: You might be entitled to financial compensation if he or a loved one dies.
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canichangemyblogname · 9 months
Tumblr media
Recreating Hardcase's tattoo has been super hard (I also want to include the chin portion, but can't find many good photos that include it), so I temporarily gave up and decided to put them all into their little circles.
Then I realized Hardcase's name is really long and doesn't fit in his circle. I might also fuck around with Jesse's some more to try and get it to fit without looking so squished. Rex' jaig eyes also look a little smaller than the rest of the center graphics, so I might move that around too.
Anyway... after that I'm gonna create a mask for each (in their own file) so that I can make them look distressed and then I'm gonna convert them all to their own separate .png.
Maybe I'll upload them somewhere after that. Dunno.
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jealous-sloth77 · 2 months
Season 7 Eps 1-4 of Clone Wars are the perfect example of why Rex is my favourite clone.
That man is loyal to his brothers to the end.
He fought so hard to get Echo back. Even though he was being told to prepare for the worst, that he was getting his hopes up, he kept on fighting. Because if there was even the smallest chance that Echo was still there, he would fight as hard as be could to get him back.
And then he lets him go.
Despite the incredible amount of effort that Rex went through to get Echo back by his side, and despite the hope you could see in him that things would maybe start to feel like old times, the moment he saw Echo staring at The Bad Batch, he knew that he had to let him go.
And he did.
Because at the end of the day Rex will always do what is best for his brothers.
And if that means letting them go, he's going to do it.
He's one hell of a Captain, one hell of a brother, and overall just one hell of a character.
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hahaha1d0that · 1 year
Imperial deserters✨
The Bad Batch: Sergeant Hunter, Corporal Echo, Clone Trooper Tech, and Clone Trooper Wrecker
Tumblr media
Captain Rex, Captain Gregor, and Commander Wolffe
Tumblr media
Corporal Han Solo
Tumblr media
Sharpshooter Migs Mayfeld
Tumblr media
Cadets: Sabine Wren, Wedge Antilles, and ‘Hobbie’ Kilvian
Tumblr media
ISB Agent Alexsandr Kallus
Tumblr media
Imperial Super Commando Tristan Wren
Tumblr media
Ensign Bodhi Rook
Tumblr media
Storm troopers: ‘Finn’ FN-2187 and ‘Jannah’ TZ-1719
Tumblr media
My beloveds✨
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gospelofme · 1 year
What needs to happen in TBB season 2
Wolffe: you really put aside everything and came all this way for me? How did you even get here so fast?
Tech: several traffic violations.
Rex: 3 counts of resisting arrest.
Echo: roughly 13 cans of energy drinks.
Tech: also, that’s not our ship.
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maiseey · 7 months
If any of you feel up to it (for my Echo post) could you send me common fanon or things you’ve seen about Echo’s PTSD/TBI or injuries that you’re not sure are true? Or things you’ve seen people say are bad rep or offensive about his PTSD/TBI/injury portrayal? Or things you yourself feel are not good PTSD/TBI/ injury representation? Or just points you’d like to see me discuss?
And to my followers with TBI and/or PTSD- what opinions would you like expressed?
You can share on anon or with your name. Whatever you like. I won’t be identifying anyone in the final post.
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territhium · 1 year
Tumblr media
"Ct-1409. That was Echo's number. He's alive!" - Rex
mine ask for permission before reposting
im considering doing prints of this but ill wait to see what kind of feed back i get from this post
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tragedy-for-sale · 1 year
Wrecker's Hugs
He's a hugger we already know this but it's still nice to see him hugging his brothers and them having to deal with it 'cause there's no way they could escape his arms.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My favorite things
Rex's face of pure discomfort, 'Okay this is happening now,' I really love how he doesn't even care he's just dealing with Wrecker's very tight hug.
Wrecker saying 'This one we like!' In terms of Rex. I mean, obviously, who doesn't like Rex?
Echo smirking as Wrecker picks Rex up and taking a drink, just watching his former captain, who looks very 'Can't breath. Put me down'
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chopper-base · 7 months
Clones as things my friends have said (pt8)
Rex: I made my coffee with redbull this morning and now I'm just waiting for my heart to stop-
Fives: I didn't try to smack Capt. in the dick. I was blindfolded and he chose a bad spot to lay down-
Echo: I'm playing Russian Roulette with my life-
Kix: next time you projectile vomit, don't immediately turn iN MY DIRECTION!!!
Tup: *to the poor coffee shop employee* how many expresso shots can I legally put in one cup?
Hunter: oh shit, this bitch be a spicy tickle
Crosshair: oh no... a dead body... how sad......
Tech: where is the toaste- I SWEAR TO GOD, IF I FIND IT IN THE BATHROOM, I WILL PERSONALL- it's in the cabinet
Omega: guess what guess what!! I SET A CHRISTMAS TREE ON FIRE AT SCHOOL TODAY!
Wrecker: YOU HAVE NO PROOF! ...well, you won't after I steal your phone and delete the evidence that is-
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brother-genitivi · 4 months
Echo for the requests because we need the best boy
Tumblr media
he is the best!!!
@canichangemyblogname @clone-bar-79s @laz-laz-ace-pilot @lost-on-kamino @that-demigirl @tx-828
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jenstar1992-2 · 6 months
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Star Wars The Bad Batch S2 Trailer
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suck-a-egg · 9 months
Fives: Hey, wanna help me commit arson? Echo: What the hell!? Fives: Oh, sorry, my bad. Fives, whispering: Wanna help me commit arson? Echo, whispering: Of course. What do you need?
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