#incorrect clone wars quotes
bibannana · 2 days
Obi-wan *looking at Anakin and Ahsoka who just crashed a speeder*: I was never this troublesome as a Padawan. You two-
Quinlan *pulling out damning evidence*: Are you sure about that??
Obi-wan *frowning*: What have you- no!! *tackles Quinlan snatching away the holo-images*
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padawansuggest · 2 days
Jango: *giggling at a holonews headline about a Senator dying on the toilet*
Mace: It’s like he doesn’t understand simple humanoid emotion!
Taun We: Well, through the miracle of science, that can be arranged.
Obi-Wan: Oh force, is this gonna be another crazy experiment that crosses another line of sentience violation we were never meant to cross?
Taun We: *slow shrug, holds up fingers close together in a ��lil bit’ gesture*
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tattycoram · 2 days
Crosshair, to Hunter: Of course you can trust me. All my motives are completely sinister
Tech: *whispers in Crosshair's ear*
Crosshair: Sincere
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Fox: What if one day I got hit by a speeder?
Rex: I'd run over to help you and call Hound.
Cody: I'd be the one driving the truck.
Gregor: I'd be the one teaching Cody how to drive.
Bly: I'd be in the backseat telling Cody to floor it.
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boomtowngirl · 12 days
Ever since I saw this post by @tattycoram I couldn’t stop laughing and I knew I wouldn’t rest until I drew it 🥲
So here’s my take at how I think this conversation went:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’d like to thank @firstofficerwiggles for hyping me up to post this S2
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malewife-saber · 18 days
*gathered around staring at a smashed high-tech datapad*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sithzuko · 1 year
obi-wan: i don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time
anakin: [cracking his knuckles]
anakin: manslaughter it is
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incorrectclonewars · 3 months
Kit Fisto: [hears a bang]
Kit Fisto: [picks up younglings] Grab the small ones first! Their tiny legs are useless!
Anakin: [looks at Ahsoka]
Ahsoka: Don’t you fucking dare!
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ahhrenata · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
happy may the fourth! 🥳
-> (x)
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just-my-photos · 2 months
Anakin: You deserve a reward for putting up with me.
Padme: You are my reward.
Obi-wan: You deserve a reward for putting up with me.
Cody: True, you can be really difficult at times.
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theunsungheroes · 27 days
Obi Wan: Do you ever feel bugs on you when really there's nothing there? Anakin: Those are the ghosts of the bugs you killed before. Obi Wan: Obi Wan: *sobs* Cody: You fucking scared him, you idiot.
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bibannana · 21 days
Hondo *smirking*: Kenobi my friend, I have your son!
Obi-wan *wondering how Hondo keeps getting his comm frequency*: I'm a Jedi. I don't have a son?
Hondo *looks behind him frowning*: Then this annoying, over confident, man-child with a lightsaber isn't yours?
Obi-wan *looks around for Anakin*: Do you have-
Anakin *pops up on screen*: Don't worry Master, I have this all under control.
Obi-wan *blinks*: Anakin. Hondo I do wish you the best of luck..... you will be needing it.
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padawansuggest · 21 hours
Anakin: *to Rex* What would be a worse way to die; set on fire, or sliced in half by a saber.
Obi-Wan: *handing Cody a cup of caff* Anakin, you’re so odd. I plan on dying peacefully in my sleep, snuggled up in Alpha’s big burly arms.
Alpha 17: whooooo *high fives Obi-Wan while other clones agree around them*
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tattycoram · 27 days
Wolffe: You have friends and I envy that
Rex: You can share my friends
Wolffe: *looks at Cody and Fox*
Wolffe: I don't want those
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Rex: enters
Fives: At the end of the day we are all human beans.
Echo: Together we will rice
Jesse: Lettuce pray
Hardcase: Ramen.
Rex: walks out
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lilalostarwars · 1 month
Cody: *Giving a lesson in self-defense* Okay, so, self-defense isn't some fun boxing match. It is about escaping with your life.
Cody: *Gestures to whiteboard with Strike, Scream, and Run written on it* So strike, scream and run! Alright, let's try it!
Fox: *Stands up* *Smacks Rex* *Screams high-piched* *Runs away*
Cody: That may have been my fault.
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