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The Clone Wars 馃寣
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captora 1 day
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Thinking about a clone wars rom com playing out in the halls of the Venators, with camera cuts to the other clones just being increasingly exasperated by the nonsense they have to put up with.
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ddeck 2 days
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compilation of Rex experiencing the horrors of life
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cobaltbeam 9 hours
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I am simply weak for women and swords
[Ref picture and timelapse up on my patreon X]
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Grizzer humoring Hound and his silly kissy face.
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anstarwar 2 days
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Have lightsaber, will 鈥渂ake鈥 cookies
First few came out a little extra crispy
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error2061 2 days
Re-watching the clone wars series is a religious experiance because Obi Wan Kenobi is really That Bitch and it's pretty funny in hindsight.
Anakin is supposed to be the wild one yet this man flirts his way into everything, disobeys jedi orders/rules, gets the shit kicked out of him at least once per arc, then leaves with a sassy remark or pun that angers literally everyone in the vicinity.
Everyone in the galaxy knows his name and is either painfully in love, hates his guts or both. It's a miracle he got as far as he did.
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heyyyyyyy kel
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phoenixyfriend 10 hours
"Obi-Wan did a war crime."
Obi-Wan attempted a war crime. However, the Separatists are so bad at following the Geneva Yavin Convention that he couldn't actually get past the first step.
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l3ahmundane 2 days
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How the times change </3
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captora 2 days
*One minor inconvenience*
Fox opening a room temperature box of wine at 9am in the morning:
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rexobibang 1 day
Announcing the Captain Rex/Obi-Wan Kenobi Big Bang 2023!!
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Hello all! Please join us for the inaugural RexObi Big Bang!
We are welcoming all writers and artists, and anyone with an interest in the relationship of Captain Rex and Obi-Wan Kenobi, be it romantic, platonic, or queer platonic!
Please join us in rarepair hell with the following tracks:
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Sign ups open on January 1, 2023! You can check out the rest of our Timeline, too!
For more information, go check out our Rules & our About!
@swfandomevents and @thebigbangblogproject
Art by the magnificent @mock-arts
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derickbatista31 3 days
Commander Thorn
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Commander Thorn
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littlefeatherr 2 days
Crosshair - I wanna see the bad batch as shinies by kaijurave
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Also check out their carrd.
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