#incorrect clone wars
Obi-Wan: Remember at our wedding when you said you’d take me for better or worse from that day forward until death do us part?
Cody: What did you do?
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tattycoram · 2 days
Crosshair, to Hunter: Of course you can trust me. All my motives are completely sinister
Tech: *whispers in Crosshair's ear*
Crosshair: Sincere
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sithzuko · 1 year
obi-wan: i don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time
anakin: [cracking his knuckles]
anakin: manslaughter it is
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incorrectclonewars · 3 months
Kit Fisto: [hears a bang]
Kit Fisto: [picks up younglings] Grab the small ones first! Their tiny legs are useless!
Anakin: [looks at Ahsoka]
Ahsoka: Don’t you fucking dare!
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chopper-base · 3 months
Hardcase: if any of us were to turn evil, who would be the scariest?
Fives: hmmm, probably-
Echo: Kix.
Jesse: Kix?
Echo: He could kill every single one of us and make it look like an accident.
Kix: *sitting in the corner* Echo is the only one I'd spare-
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thebaddestofbatches · 3 months
Omega: *entering the room wearing eyeliner and ripped jeans*
Hunter: Uh, good morning? Do you want something to eat?
Omega: Does it matter? There’s no point. We’re going to die soon anyway.
Hunter: Ok. This is fine. I can handle another emo phase.
Crosshair: The fuck do you mean ‘another?!’
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Anakin, doing something stupid:
Y/N: I can't believe I'm going to get married to him.
Obi-Wan: Well, you don't have to--
Y/N: No, I'm gonna.
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Tumblr media
I love democracy.
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ahsoka-tanoo · 2 months
Obi-Wan: I should have left you in that podracer on Tatooine.
Anakin: But ya didn't.
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hamartia-grander · 28 days
*at the beach*
Anakin: *sighs* sand is the worst
Ahsoka: it shore is!
Anakin: *Force-throws her into the ocean*
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metalhusbands · 6 months
Fives: The 'average person has 1 wire' factoid is actually just a statistical error. Fives: The average person has 0 wires. Fives: Wires Georg, who was held by the Techno Union on Skako Minor and is over 70% wires, is an outlier, and should not have been counted. Echo: ... Echo: I will jam my scomp link in your kidney.
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obes-kenobes-benos · 26 days
[On a hike]
Obi-Wan: It’s beautiful out here.
Cody: And quiet.
Obi-Wan: Too quiet.
Cody: Did we lose someone?
[cut to Anakin with a bear in a headlock]
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tattycoram · 27 days
Wolffe: You have friends and I envy that
Rex: You can share my friends
Wolffe: *looks at Cody and Fox*
Wolffe: I don't want those
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sithzuko · 4 months
anakin, waking up: ah, damn, what time is it?
ahsoka: it’s about 3 am, you hungry?
anakin: hell yeah let’s go eat
rex, on the cusp of breaking down: general you just woke up from a coma, why do you two aLWAYS DO THIS-
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incorrectclonewars · 1 month
Count Dooku, meeting Ahsoka for the first time: Hmmm. I’m not impressed.
Ahsoka: [sasses Anakin, Obi-wan and bites Mace’s hand]
Count Dooku: She is my favourite.
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chopper-base · 3 months
Ahsoka: Hey Skyguy! Am I allowed to drink alcohol?
Anakin: what?!? Of course not! You're too young!
Ahsoka: then why is Rex allowed?? He's only 13!
Anakin: ...
Anakin: because I said so-
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