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Double chin.
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Strength- Ch11
Tumblr media
Gif by @anakin-skywalker 
Obi Wan x female!reader
Series Summary: You’re estranged from the Jedi Order and have spent much of your life avoiding them. So, what happens when you have to assist Jedi Master and General Obi Wan Kenobi in battle and you’re forced to come back to Coruscant and work with him?
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Chapter 11 Summary: With the latest arrival at your door, you’re finally in a position where you can’t push away what you feel anymore.
Genre: Enemies to Lovers
Warnings: Use of (Y/N), swearing, Force bonds work how I say they do, kissing, SMUT (including non-explicit descriptions of fingering, handjob, oral (m&f receiving), (f)masturbation, implied unprotected PinV (be safe in reality please), exhibitionism, (very quick but technically) cum eating, blink and you miss it authority kink, teasing/ light dirty talk, body worship with mentions of scars), fluff and feelings.
Word Count: 3.8k
Rating: 18+
Author’s notes: It’s finally here!! The chapter we’ve all been waiting for!! Not an awful lot plot wise happens here haha but enjoy!!  The support continues to mean a lot!! This is the second last chapter of this story. 
Tumblr media
You couldn’t breathe, let alone speak right now.
“Can I come in?” Obi Wan asked, forcing himself not to pay attention to the fact that you were, once again, dressed only in a robe in front of him.
You still couldn’t trust yourself to speak so you only nodded and stepped aside to let him through.
“This is nice.” Obi Wan commented as he looked around your flat. It was tiny and a bit decrepit but compared to the state of some of the other apartments in this level, it was one of the better ones.
You managed to find your voice again and scoffed. “Oh yeah, I’m the envy of everyone in Coruscant. The cracks in the ceiling really add to the ambience.”
Obi Wan cringed. “I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Why are you here, Kenobi?” You asked, as you moved into the kitchen and turned on the tap. You needed to occupy yourself and washing the dishes was the first thing that popped into your head.
Obi Wan took a breath. He hadn’t been in total control of himself when he decided to come here, something else had taken charge and finally woke him up so he didn’t really know what to expect from you by showing up here, but it was too late to go back now. And he didn’t want to go back. He followed you into the kitchen and leaned against the wall. “I needed to talk to you.”
You let out a harsh laugh. “After all this time, you suddenly just decided this?”
“I’ve been a bit busy.” He said defensively.
“Oh yes, I’ve heard all about that. A lot of victories being won in the Outer Rim and Coruscant is certainly grateful to have you back. Congratulations by the way, that was quite the rescue you pulled off.”
“Anakin did most of it, I was unconscious for the majority of it.” He mumbled sheepishly.
And it was that. That unassuming, gentle manner that began to break your wall down. “Still humble as ever I see.” You said, glancing at him, a hint of affection coming through.
“People seem to like it still.” He said, giving you a small smile.
Reminding yourself of why you’d left in the first place, you focused back on the dirty plates. “You needed to talk?”
“Explain is probably a better word. You need to know-”
“I get it, Kenobi. You don’t need to explain. I’ve gotten over it.” You fibbed, eyes never leaving the sink and the soapy suds you were creating.
“No, you don’t understand. I-”
“I don’t want to hear about how you need to live by the Jedi Code. I get it. I don’t need to hear the spiel all over again.” Your voice growing louder, more to hide your distress than anything else.
“That’s not what I’m here to explain!” Obi Wan said, his voice rising too.
“Then what? What could you possibly have to say to me?!”
“I-” He stumbled.
You sighed angrily and turned to face him. “You what? Come on, Kenobi. You hate me? You want me to leave? You wished you’d never met me? Just say it already!”
“I love you!”
That shut you up. You found yourself unable to speak for the second time this morning. You simply just turned your attention back to your washing up.
Obi Wan rubbed a hand over his face. “Dammit darling, this is not how I wanted to do this.”
“What were you expecting? That I’d leap into your arms and forget everything?” You said quietly.
“No. I know I screwed up. With your permission, I’d like to explain myself.” He took your silence as a sign to continue. “When I first met you, I thought you everything in a person that I’d want to avoid. You drove me insane. Mostly because I couldn’t figure you out. You were everything I had been trained not to be, yet you were one of the most incredible Jedi I’d ever met. Just listen.” He said quickly as he saw your jaw clench in protest.
“You were kind, smart, capable and you weren’t afraid to speak out when there was something you knew to be wrong. Take Felucia, had it just been Anakin and I on that mission, the Separatists would still have their base. I knew the order was a poor one, but I would’ve followed it anyway and went back with the information and then waited for orders to take it down but you, you just did it.” He paused and waited for you to say anything but when you didn’t, he carried on.
“So, what I couldn’t figure out was why I was so intent on fighting against you and why you were able to get under my skin so much or why you argued with me just as often. I figured those moments of peace between us were mere glitches. But then this bond was created between us, and I kissed you and it all fell into place and I panicked. A total sense of euphoria overtook me that night and it wasn’t something I was expecting, everything I was experiencing was the complete opposite of what I’d been told would happen if Jedi were to allow that sort of attachment in their life. I realised that I was fighting with myself and taking it out on you. The entire time. That kiss served to clarify everything I had been supressing, I was fighting you because of how right it felt to have you in my life. You must have noticed it. This bond we share was created for a reason, we connected in a way I hadn’t with anyone before. Even when we were arguing, we won battle after battle, we worked well together. I knew you as if you were a part of myself. That’s something I’d only ever experienced with Anakin and that took years to cultivate, with you it was a matter of months. I think you would say the same thing.” He paused to allow you to speak but you stayed quiet, but he’d noticed your actions had slowed down.
“But acting on those feelings went against everything I had been taught my whole life but what scared me was how willing I would be to give it all up. You unlocked a part of me I wasn’t ready to acknowledge so I did what I thought was best, what I’d been told to do, and I put the emotion away. I pushed you away and that was wrong, and I am so sorry. Letting you walk away from that temple was something I’ll regret for the rest of my life because…” He stopped and took a deep breath. “Because I am so in love with you. And I think I have been for quite a while.”
He waited for you to say something.
You didn’t. Your nails were embedded in your palms under the water as you struggled to keep your silence.
“Very well.” Obi Wan said sadly. “I’ll leave you alone now.” He left the room.
You tossed your sponge into the sink in frustration and braced your hands on the edges of it as you let out a deep breath. What were you doing? Why were you so insistent on pushing him away when that was the last thing you wanted? Everything he said was true. You dried your hands and darted out of the room, hoping you hadn’t left it too late. “Obi Wan, w-” The ‘wait’ died on your lips as you saw he hadn’t actually left yet, and your words cause him to hesitate by the door. Well, here goes nothing. “Lower it.” You said softly.
Obi Wan, still facing away from you, did what you asked, and he sensed your signature mix with his own and then he heard your voice in his head as you told him the three words he’d wanted to hear for so long. He whipped around to face you.
You nodded your head and brought down your own shield and hoped you would never have to use it again and you smiled as Obi Wan crossed the floor in three strides and took you in his arms and kissed you with a fierce passion you didn’t know he had. It felt different this time, the tether that had been holding you back from one another finally broke. This kiss had no lingering feelings of ‘what if’, this time, both of you were sure. You both groaned in relief at the feeling of it and Obi Wan kissed you with such strength that your spine curved and the only thing keeping you standing was the hold he had on you. You pulled away slightly and smiled against his lips. “How slowly were you walking to that door?”
“Master Yoda would’ve beaten me in a race.” Obi Wan said with a grin before he traced his lips down your neck. “Say it again.” He murmured against your skin.
Threading your fingers in his hair and sighing in pleasure at his actions, not minding the way his beard scratched your skin, you did as he asked. “I love you.” You said aloud, pulling him back up to kiss you. “I love you.” You said again as he kissed the other side of your neck and backed you up against the wall, his lips never leaving your skin.
“I love you too.” He let you shrug off his robe and he pushed the shoulders of your own robe down and his lips tracked the path of scars life had given you. He started with the puckered one on your shoulder before moving across the jagged line on your collarbone. He recalled Ventress’ words and he knew nothing would stop him from loving you the way he did. He planned to worship you for as long as he lived. Sensing your impatience however, he wrapped his hands around the backs of your thighs and lifted you up.
It wasn’t that you weren’t enjoying his actions, you were just eager for them to progress and as he lifted you up, you wrapped your legs around him and continued to kiss him. Bedroom.
Obi Wan didn’t need to be told twice. He carried you through to your room.
It was a frantic fumble to shed one another of your clothes since neither one of you wanted to part from the other. Once you both had successfully managed this, Obi Wan gently laid you down on the bed. He moved on top of you but just before he brought his lips to yours, he asked, How worried do I need to be about the gentleman you were pushing out the door this morning?
Well, that depends on your performance here, General Kenobi. You replied, a sly smile on your lips as you pulled him towards you. You didn’t miss the way his breath hitched slightly or the way his signature sparked with heightened interest. You made a mental note of that.
Later. Obi Wan said as he kissed the side of your neck, he knew now he wouldn’t be able to really hide things like that from you now, but he wasn’t wanting to explore that part of him yet. His focus was on you.
You let out a soft groan as he left his mark on you. You rolled your hips and kissed behind his ear before crooning, “But what if I want to now?”
Obi Wan couldn’t stifle the moan that left his mouth. He faltered in what he was doing and looked into your eyes and saw the devilish smile on your face and the seductive glint in your eyes. “You’re going- you’re- you’re going to make this difficult.” He said distractedly as you continued to push up against him.
“What? Can’t handle a bit of teasing, Kenobi?” You purred as you gently bit his lip before kissing him again and you threaded your fingers in his hair and tugged so as to bring him even closer. Your hand then drifted down his body and you smirked against his lips as you noticed the way his grip on the sheets of your bed tightened.
Obi Wan couldn’t help the satisfied moan that left his mouth and he let himself get lost in your touch for the moment but as he felt your hand leave him and both of them then go to his chest, he was able to remain strong enough to stop you from changing positions. He chuckled as he saw the frown on your face before he kissed you and brought your hands up and placed them on your bed frame. You’d had your fun; it was his turn now. Keep them there.
You gripped the metal frame before you broke away from the kiss for air. “What are you- oh.” You moaned as Obi Wan left another mark on your collarbone before his hand skimmed down your body. Chuckling, Obi Wan kissed you deeply and kept his hand where it was before he kissed his way down the same path his hand had taken.
Your breaths came out in short pants as his fingers continued to move but his mouth ghosted over where you wanted him most and instead left soft kisses to the insides of your thighs. Your hold on the frame tightened and you couldn’t stop the whine that left your mouth.
Obi Wan smirked as he glanced up at you. “What? Can’t handle a bit of teasing, darling?”
If you weren’t so annoyingly desperate, you would’ve thought of a fun way to wipe that smug smile off his face, but you just needed him now. “Kenobi, if you don’t- fuck!” You threw your head back against the pillow as he finally gave you what you wanted. The combination of his mouth and fingers brought you to the edge much faster than you’d anticipated.
Obi Wan worked you through it, not stopping until he felt your hands in his hair gently pulling him back up. I didn’t say you could move them yet. He taunted as he moved some strands of hair out your face.
I don’t fucking care. You hadn’t really caught your breath back yet, but you couldn’t help yourself. You grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him hungrily again and applied pressure to his chest.
This time, he allowed you to push him off you and straddle him.
How long have we got? You asked as you kissed your way down his chest, taking your time as you paid close attention to his own battle-weary body, kissing each nick and scar as you continued to go lower.
Ah yes, reality. The concept seemed so far away right now. He groaned at your touch; his brain unable to form a complete sentence with what you were doing right now. Long enough. That was all he could manage, though he knew that time with you would never be long enough.
“Did you know I tried to leave?” You asked quietly as you laid your head on his chest. “I thought leaving Coruscant would make things easier but every time I got in line for a ship, I thought of you, and I felt you and I couldn’t do it and even though it drove me crazy, the holonet and this thing the Force created were the only two ways I knew you were still alive, so I stayed. I didn’t have it in me to go.”
Obi Wan continued to paint little patterns on your shoulder with his fingertips, his attentions alternating between there and the scar that Grievous had given you. “It wouldn’t have mattered if you’d left; I’d have found you. You could go to the furthest planet in the galaxy and live in the middle of nowhere and I’d still find my way back to you. This bond between us, it’s not something that can be broken, you’re a part of me now and you always will be, darling. Sorry, old habit.” He mumbled as he kissed the top of your head.
“Hmm, I quite like it actually.” You replied, angling your head up to kiss him. “I think that was why I fought you on it so much.”
Obi Wan let out a soft laugh before he brought his lips to yours. After a few moments, he broke away and pushed some hair from your face. “I’m going to leave the Jedi Order.”
Your eyes widened and you sat up so you could face him properly. “No, you’re not.”
“Yes, I am.”
“Obi Wan, I’m not asking you to do that. I understand what this means for us. I can deal with the secrecy. You can’t just-”
“I know you’re not asking me, darling. This is what I want. I waited once before for someone to ask me and I’m not making that mistake with you. After this blasted war is done, I’ll leave. We just have to live in secret until then, but we can’t live our lives like that, it wouldn’t be fair to either of us. Dooku is dead, all that remains of the Separatists is Grievous. Once we kill him, it’s over.”
One look in his eyes told you that he was firm in his decision. “If you’re sure…”
“I’m certain. I love you and I cannot remain a part of something that would forbid that for reasons that have brought me nothing but happiness.”
You moved so that you were straddling his lap once more and his hands fell to your hips. “Thank you.” You whispered, kissing his lips softly. It soon turned into something more and you began to subtly grind your hips against him, an act he mirrored and one that left both of you softly groaning into one another’s mouths. Just as you felt Obi Wan get ready to move you onto your back, you heard the dreaded sound of his communicator beeping.
Obi Wan somehow found the strength to tear himself away from you. “I have to go.” But he still couldn’t help but plant light kisses up and down your neck.
You closed your eyes and let him continue for a few moments before you let out a sigh. “I know.” You conceded rather unhappily, moving away from him. You tossed your head back against your pillow with a frustrated huff before you sat up on your elbows and watched as he put his Jedi robes back on and then a rather wicked idea popped into your head. You slipped a hand between your legs and let out a soft whimper.
Obi Wan turned sharply to the sound of your happy sigh and his mouth went dry as he saw what you were doing. The strength he’d found to leave you was now evaporating swiftly so he had to act fast. He walked over towards you. “Not- shit-.” He broke off with a groan as he watched you and he could barely get any words out. He took a deep breath and forced himself to speak. “Not without me.” He rasped, not concealing the utterly wrecked nature of his voice as he grabbed your wrist.
You smirked and guided his hand so that it brought your own to your mouth and sucked whilst sending a not-so-subtle reminder to him of what your mouth was capable of doing to him.
Obi Wan just about choked. Shit shit shit shit.
You hummed out a laugh as you heard that.
“Fuck, darling. Please. I’m only human.” Obi Wan begged, his voice hoarse as he watched you. His communicator beeped again but he was only paying attention to you now.
“Hmm still tastes like you.” You said, your voice sultry as you looked up at him. “You sure you don’t want a taste?” You spread your legs wider and lightly traced up and down his thigh.
Obi Wan was sure his brain had short circuited. He swallowed thickly but couldn’t find the ability to speak. His communicator continued to beep incessantly but he was getting to the point where he was fully prepared to fling it against the wall. Holding onto the last thread of logic he had, he found his voice once more, but he scarcely recognised it. “Darling… please. Just wait a little longer. Please.”
He sounded so completely undone and desperate that you knew it wouldn’t take much now to convince him to stay but you couldn’t risk him being found out so soon. You took pity on the man and released him. “Well, when are-”
“After your shift.” He answered, probably too quickly for there to be any chance of him holding onto any slice of dignity but he simply did not care. He planned on memorising every inch of your skin and while this morning had certainly started that process, he knew he wasn’t close to being done.
You tilted your head at him and laughed. “I knew I wasn’t crazy. You were there two nights ago.”
“I had to see you. I’d been to that diner every day before I got sent into the Outer Rim, but I’d never gone in until that night. I nearly stepped in with that man, but you seemed to have it handled.”
“He’s an ass but he’s harmless.”
“And do I need to be worried?” He said with a teasing lilt to his voice.
You smirked. “Come back tonight and I’ll let you know. We have some things that need exploring.”
Obi Wan chuckled. “Until tonight then.” He kissed your forehead but as he went to turn away you grabbed his wrist and hauled him back towards you.
This kiss was deep and intense, and you think your body’s subconscious attempt to get him to stay a bit longer. You only let him go once your lungs insisted that they have oxygen.
“Tonight, can’t come fast enough.” Obi Wan panted, keeping his forehead pressed against yours.
“You better go before I trap you here.” You said as you caught your breath.
“You make that sound like it’s a bad thing.”
You laughed and pushed his chest. “Get outta here, Kenobi.”
“Goodbye darling. I love you.”
“I love you too.” You called after him and only when you heard the door shut did you fall back against your pillows and let out a deep sigh. You would never get tired of saying that.
After a few minutes, you stood up- on rather shaky legs- and walked into your small living space and that was when you noticed them. Your breath caught in your throat as you walked over your living room table and laying there, on a beige cloth, was your lightsaber and your master’s lightsaber. You grinned to yourself as you picked them up. You really loved that man. And you couldn’t wait until this war was over, after that, everything would be just right.
Next Chapter (to be posted)>
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i have fallen down the F1 and motocross hole and can’t get up
I have an idea
A very good idea
yall remember that one pic of ewan mcgregor in his biking suit
Tumblr media
I also found this gem:
Tumblr media
so idea is: Fett Racing, with rising Star Cody Fett, son of legendary Jango Fett who died in an accident when Cody and his brothers were younger
(Still not sure what Cody and Jango would be driving but I’m leaning towards nascar or rally, most likely rally bc its my fav)
Rex, something like a middle son who made it into F3 meets Obi Wan’s younger brother Anakin, an absolutely insane driver who he becomes best friends with
Obi Wan is a retired motocross driver turned coach that can still absolutely destroy any competition, and who Cody is infatuated with
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Tumblr media
i miss her so much 🤲🏻❤️🥹
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Fordo: Congratulations, you idiots! You won gold and silver in the Moron Olympics!
Alpha-17: ... Okay, but, Who won the gold-
Fordo: SHUT UP!!!
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Quick reminder that codywan is the third star wars ship in the top 100 this year. That means it's the third biggest star wars ship!
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You know Wolffe had a panic attack after The Jedi Who Knew Too Much.
Also the fact he restrained Ventress' arms when her lightsaber is what took his eye. And then she got away by kicking loose enough to elbow him right over his prosthetic and then brain him on a street lamp.
His internal thought process was definitely something along the lines of "Don't let her get her lightsabers, don't let her get the upper hand, don't let her hurt anyone else."
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Obi Wan calling Anakin General Skywalker in S2 Ep9 like his name isn't My irresponsible, reckless and insubordinate padawan (sigh) Anakin (in B-flat for disappointment)
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Tumblr media
@anstarwar has done it again and absolutely destroyed me with how amazing an artist they are!!!!!!
Seriously, I believe Anstarwar has holiday special commissions open, so if you can you should!!!
Howzer and my OC Knockout (ofc who else?). Just- look at how soft and in love they are??!!!
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Unpopular Opinion: Gregor should have made it back with the droids and the Colonel and should have gotten a new squad
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Tumblr media
Freaking out over here because one of our listeners gave James Arnold Taylor a Most Things Kenobi button!!!! James is one of the greatest voice actors of our time and we have so much love and respect for him. And thank you to Deanna for being our hype-person and for being a wonderful friend 💜
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obi-wan: when i’m murdered and you catch the culprit, i need you to promise me you won’t kill them too. revenge is not what i wish for you. cody: i’m sorry did you say “when i’m murdered” anakin: i like how confident you are cody will catch the killer
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a gift for my bestie :3
Not done yet, but I like it already
Tumblr media
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Gar Cyare Chapter Eight
Continuation of my ongoing Alpha-17/fem!reader series.
Word Count: 4,900
Warnings: mentions of conspiracy, descriptions of a training session, mentions of surveillance, some minor language.
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Jahaatir (To Deceive)
Tumblr media
The room was so bright.
It was fairly uncommon for you to work in your office anymore. You had been watching Alpha train the future ARCs, and it was rare for you to work without the sound of shouts or fighting or blaster fire in the background. And the prospect of working with windows and natural light in the background? Almost completely unfamiliar by this point. 
But Alpha had asked you not to attend ARC training that morning. Something about high-security clearance training. Even when you had reminded him that you had the clearance, he had insisted. Apparently, it couldn’t be written down, even in a report, and watching the training was enough to make you a target after you left Kamino… and it was supposed to be rather disturbing besides. 
Reluctantly, you had agreed, and now you found yourself back in your office once more.
Abruptly tired of the brightness, you darkened the office with the automated tint controls the Kaminoans had installed in every exterior room. Even Kamino’s cloud cover was uncomfortably bright just then, which was a bad sign. That much artificial light couldn’t be good for your eyes, and you didn’t spend nearly as much time in the training area as Alpha did. Maybe you should petition for Alpha to train the ARCs in a different spot for a while. Surely he couldn’t object to a change that lasted a day or two?
You blinked, realizing that you had been staring blankly at your report. In the back of your mind, you had been running the same calculation over and over all day. You didn’t like the results you were getting from it, but they weren’t changing.
You were finishing your work on the report.
Counter-intuitive as it may be, now that the Senate had given you a longer deadline, you were working faster. Without the constant stress about potentially missing deadlines, you were able to plot out the best ways to record information. Yes, you still had to finish large sections of the report - the ARC training section came to mind, as did the section about the troopers during their formation and the ‘decanting’ process - but the rest of it was nearly complete. 
At your absolute best guess, if you were to complete an average amount of work every day, you would finish the report in as little as six weeks. When the report was sent to the Senate, you would stay on Kamino while the preliminary reading was done in case there were any questions that needed to be followed up on. That never took very long.
In under two months, you could be leaving Kamino for good.
It was incredibly frustrating to you. After so much work and struggle and fear and pain, your life on Kamino had finally turned into one that you enjoyed, and now it was going to end. You could stretch things out for another month or two, but it would be a struggle to keep working on it beyond that.
You fiddled discontentedly with the datapad. The screen displayed the full outline for your report. You had added several more sections - including the ARC training segment - that had been approved by Jaiss to be included in the final report. There were several options for further expansions, but your last communication with your supervisor had included her tactfully mentioning that the Senate needed to access the report sooner rather than later. Jaiss had gone so far as to suggest that you finish the report as it was and submit an outline for a second report at the same time. If the Senate chose, they could have you stay on Kamino and write the second report on an even more extended timeline.
It wasn’t a bad idea, but you weren’t willing to leave it up to chance. With everything that had happened while you wrote the first report, there was a strong chance that the Senate wouldn’t want to risk having another full report commissioned. Brid hadn’t been an incredibly high-level Senate worker, but she had several powerful friends. Even with her fall from grace, she could have the influence to make sure you didn’t get the funding for a second report.
Before you could fall too deeply into a pit of depression or frantic bargaining, there was a light knock on the door of your office.
Normally, you would just call for someone to come in. Even without the original group of ARCs on Kamino, there were still plenty of people who might drop by your office. The kids, Limit, Alpha… but none of them would knock, with the possible exception of Limit. No, this was someone else, so you stood to answer the door personally. 
When the door slid open, you took half a step back in surprise. Hoping to play it off like you were being polite, you nodded and gave a vague gesture to the interior of your office. “General Ti. Please come in.”
“Thank you,” the general said politely, sweeping into the room. With her floor-length robes and the colorful montrals that extended up from the top of her head, Shaak Ti was an imposing figure. However, she was one of the most graceful, elegant, and well-mannered people you had ever met. Somehow, she managed not to be intimidating, but there you still had a healthy amount of respect for her.
She sat down in one of the chairs you had positioned on the other side of the desk from your own seat, waiting patiently while you followed at a distance. When you were sitting behind your desk once more, you took a deep breath. “What may I do for you, General Ti?”
The Jedi Master tilted her head at you, the motion making her blue- and white-striped lekku sway. A smile curved her lips, her facial markings giving them a pale cast against the rest of her skin. When she spoke, her voice was soft and musical. “Did you know the captain often speaks of you?”
You blinked stupidly for a moment, trying to remember if you knew a captain. Then it struck you that she was talking about Alpha and you felt ridiculous. “Oh, I- no. No, I didn’t know that.” You collected yourself, straightening a datapad on the surface of your desk. “I would ask if he had anything positive to say, but I would like to believe that I know him well enough to make an informed guess otherwise.”
General Ti laughed. “Yes, that would be an accurate statement for most people, but I am sure it is no secret that Captain Alpha-17 has quite a soft spot where you are concerned.”
Trying to hide emotions from a Jedi was a fool’s errand, you knew that. Stars, it was common enough wisdom that variations of it were found in proverbs across the galaxy. Still, you found yourself helplessly struggling to hide your reaction as you tried to formulate a response. “He has been… very generous… in helping me find my place on Kamino.”
There was a moment in which you were sure she was going to call your bluff, but her eyes merely sparkled with laughter as she nodded. In a tone that managed to give the impression of sharing an inside joke, she said, “Do not forget to appreciate your own efforts. There are not many who would look past the roughness of his exterior and take the time to find the good man who lies within him.”
“Then that is their loss,” you told her firmly. “I’ve never met anyone as selfless and kind as Alpha. He surprises me every day.”
“You care for him.”
It was a dangerous statement. The general could use your sentiment to destroy your position here, to ruin Alpha’s life entirely. If you were smart, you would deny it with every ounce of effort you could muster.
But you didn’t. 
“Deeply,” you admitted recklessly. You would have liked to say that she forced the truth from you, used some arcane Jedi trick that gave you no alternative. But she didn’t. You had the option to lie. She would have known it was a lie - of course she would have - but she couldn’t have known what the truth was, not to a certainty. 
Still, you couldn’t bring yourself to regret the choice you had made. This was too important to lie about. 
General Ti watched you, her dark eyes serious and insightful. At last, she inclined her head. “Perfect.”
“I’m… sorry?” you asked. 
“I did not know much of you before recently,” General Ti told you conversationally. “I knew you were an administrator sent by the Republic’s Senate to create a report on Kamino. I knew you were tricked into allowing the Separatists past Kamino’s security forces and then spent the months afterward attempting to right your wrongs. I knew you were popular among the ARC troopers, the young cadets, and several key members of Kamino’s staff. But I knew nothing of you personally.”
You nodded slowly. Those were all fair assessments, though the almost casual mention of the Separatist attack nearly took your breath away. “You’re acting like that’s all in the past. What do you know about me now?”
The general folded her hands in her lap, her Jedi robe creased into flattering lines despite its simplicity. “Simply, I now know that you are someone who cares.”
“That- doesn’t seem like much,” you said, voice cautious. 
“It is enough,” she countered. “I watched you attend a graduation ceremony for the ARC troopers. I saw your tears and sensed your mingled pride and sadness - they were the feelings of a friend, perhaps even a sister. You do not see them as tools or products. You see them as they are.”
It was a simple statement, likely too simple to appease a Jedi, but it was all you could think of to give as your reply. The men were important to you, especially the ARCs. They had started as a curiosity, a group to be watched simply because they were so renowned. Then they became friends as you started to spend more time with them. Stars, Drift had been the one to find you after Brid had convinced you to leave Kamino. 
And then, of course, there was the attack. Alpha had been the one you would most closely identify as your rescuer, but the ARCs had certainly done everything they could to keep you safe. That had taken them from friends to something more, something closer. But when they had stepped in to keep you safe and comfortable when their commanding officer - their brother - had pushed you away? Well, they had won your life-long loyalty for that. Even if you had still been under the mistaken impression that they were lesser life-forms, how could that opinion not change when they had done so much for you?
“I would do anything for them,” you added impulsively, immediately abandoning your resolution to be as quiet and distinguished as the general herself. The emotion in you was too strong for anything less. 
“Good,” General Ti repeated. “I came here to request your assistance on a matter that has recently been brought to my attention. I will not pressure you to help me, but I will admit that there is a chance this will impact troopers of all ages here on Kamino.”
“I’ll help,” you agreed, the reply both instant and instinctive.
It wasn’t often that one got to surprise a Jedi, but you seemed to have done it. General Ti blinked at you before offering a slow nod. “I appreciate your passion, but you must be certain. I will need to reveal certain information that cannot go beyond those investigating the issue. If you need time-”
“Respectfully, General, no.” You smiled in an effort to make that sound retroactively more polite. “I understand that I may have answered too quickly to sound sincere, but I am. I would be thrilled to help the Jedi under most circumstances, but if there’s a chance I can do something for the troopers, it’s not something I need to think about for very long. How can I prove that I’m serious about helping and that I won’t change my mind?”
The general’s slow study of you was… unnerving. There was an underlying sense of pressure in being around a Jedi at all - how could there not be? They were famed for being able to see through people. Not literally. Well, you hoped not. But most legends agreed that the Jedi were able to parse a person’s innermost feelings about a person, thing, or situation. 
With that in mind, you met her dark eyes directly, focusing on your own determination to help the troopers who had done so much for you. 
You would never know whether your focus played a role or if General Ti came to her own conclusions, but she smiled faintly at you and began to explain.
“So she wants you to help track an information leak?” Alpha asked. His gaze was directed away from you, but you didn’t blame him. After all, watching the progress of the ARCs-in-training was his job, and you had come to find him while he was working. 
“Yes,” you confirmed, also watching the room where the new ARCs were doing a series of drills Alpha had ordered for them. “Apparently, they’ve already done some of the-”
“Hey!” Alpha shouted, the unexpected volume making you jump. “Maw, if I catch you trying to pull that osik again, you’ll be out of here and I’ll see if I can get you officially demoted. Do. The. Work.”
Before you could recover from the mild scare, Alpha was speaking again. This time, it was at a much more reasonable volume. That was good, since this was an incredibly secret conversation despite the location you were having it. “Who is ‘they’? If you’re coming into an investigation that’s already underway, you need to make sure the others are people whose work you can trust. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back and check everything they've done so far.”
“General Ti and Commander Colt have been looking into things up to this point.”
Alpha’s stormy expression cleared - at least, until one of the ARCs glanced up at you both. “Good. They’re both trustworthy. They know what they’re about and you can be sure they did things the right way. Why are they bringing you on?”
“I- Wait, what does that mean?” you asked, trying to fight back a feeling of hurt. Did Alpha think you were that strange of a choice?
“Sorry, neverd’ika,” Alpha apologized instantly. “I just mean that you aren’t an investigator. You have the skills, but I wouldn’t have expected anyone here to recognize that if they haven’t seen the way you work.”
You were mollified slightly. “Okay. Well, the general must have noticed something in one of my past updates for the report. It was one of the sections where the Kaminoans didn’t want to give me the information I needed, so I had to get creative about how I got it. And they- Oh. Are there cameras and audio recording devices in this room?”
The thick layer of condescension in the smile that spread across Alpha’s face would have offended you if it hadn’t been tempered by an even greater amount of fondness. “Yes. Too late to be asking that question, little spy. But you don’t have to worry. I’ve been shutting both of them down every time I step into the room since I first came back here as an instructor.”
“Don’t the Kaminoans have a problem with that?”
“Of course,” he told you with a snort. “But I don’t exactly go up to the cameras and start slicing them. I’ve rigged up a disruptor. I keep it in my kit and it leaves the audio and video feeds of any devices within a certain range unusable. The kaminii can’t trace it back to me, so they can’t do anything other than get kaden.”
“And that means..?”
“Angry.” There was a little smile playing around the corners of Alpha’s mouth, one he clearly thought he was hiding from you. 
He was trying to teach you Mando’a. He had been leaving little hints, dangling them in front of you until you asked for translations, then tried to hide his delight at it. You let him think you hadn’t noticed, mostly because his glee was adorable and you knew he would hate that you thought something he did was so cute.
“Kaden, then,” you agreed absently, your mind already having wandered onto the next thing. “Do you have more than one disruptor?”
“Of course. Wouldn’t be much of an ARC if I didn’t have a few backups.”
You nodded. “Could I have one of your backups?”
“No.” As you were gaping at the immediate refusal, Alpha gave a sidelong glance at you. “They’re useful and you never know when you might need one. The next time we have a few hours, I’ll teach you how to make your own.”
That was… frustrating, but you couldn’t deny that it made sense. “Fine, but we’ll have to make it soon. General Ti wants me to start helping with the investigation as soon as possible.”
“What exactly- hang on.” Alpha cut himself off to give a series of new orders to the ARCs. There were more abbreviations and code phrases in it than actual Basic words and you hadn’t even begun to sift through the unfamiliar mass by the time Alpha’s attention had returned to you. “What exactly are you going to be doing? Or did the general tell you not to tell me?”
“The opposite, actually,” you told him, basking in the slight surprise that crossed his face. “She said she would appreciate hearing your insight, but didn’t want to involve you since you have the ARC training to occupy your time.”
“She already has you talking like a karkin’ Jedi,” he grumbled, but you could see the pleased look that had bloomed at the confirmation that General Ti trusted him. He nodded at the ARC trainees in front of you both. “This isn’t much of a distraction right now. Tell me what I need to know.”
“Like you said earlier, there’s an information leak on Kamino,” you explained. “The general and the commander have been trying to track down the source. They’re fairly sure it’s one of the bounty hunters who live here.”
Alpha cursed, long and low. “Those beroya. What are they leaking?”
“Training methods, numbers, building layouts,” you replied, bracing yourself for his response to the next part. “At least, the general thinks so.”
“She thinks?” Alpha snapped, instantly fulfilling your expectations. “She doesn’t know what’s been leaked?”
“No,” you said, wincing a bit. “It’s a miracle she found out about it at all. Some Force thing that Commander Colt managed to find proof of in the outside galaxy.”
Alpha snorted so hard you were worried he would hurt himself. “The Jedi don’t believe in miracles, they make ‘em. But if someone is giving out secret information, there’s trouble coming. That information is gonna get used, and soon.”
"That's what Commander Colt said," you replied absently, your focus drifting to the ARCs in front of you. 
They were starting to work as a unit, but Alpha had told you that wasn't really what he wanted to see from them. "ARCs have to work alone more often than not," he had told you when you first started observing the new group. "They can't get too comfortable with the idea that they'll have someone else to rely on out there." 
You hadn't liked hearing it phrased that way, but you understood the sentiment. It was literally part of Alpha's job to make sure the ARCs could work independently, and he certainly did his best at it. 
Alpha had apparently noticed the direction of your gaze and focused on the ARCs as well. His eyes traveled briefly over the group. "Four minutes, men."
"Negative," Echo replied, sounding near-frantic. "We have nine minutes left on the clock."
Alpha's habitual scowl deepened. "Consider this a message from the clock, then. You have three minutes, fifty-three seconds."
A helmet-muffled curse came through the comlink before the group split into harried movement. The tasks they had left to complete were divided between men and completed as quickly as possible.
“Where are the General and Commander now?” Alpha asked.
He kept his eyes on the trainees as he asked the question and you followed suit as you replied. “They went to speak with the Kaminoans. I reminded her that all long-range communications are supposed to be monitored. If someone is sending information off of Kamino, there should be a record of it.”
Alpha didn’t say anything for a long moment. When you managed to pull your attention away from the troopers as they frantically worked to complete their mission, you found his eyebrows raised, expression considering. “That’s a good point. Like I said, you have all the skills you need to help the General with this. She was smart to include you.”
You started to politely demur, but Alpha asked, “Why aren’t you there with them?”
“General Ti pointed out that the Kaminoans don’t like me,” you admitted. “Me going with them would do more harm than good.”
Alpha was quiet, but there was a smirk playing around the corner of his mouth. “If I know the General, she put it in better terms than that. She has tact.”
“You told me once that tact is a lie that only stupid people believe.”
A rich laugh burst from Alpha as you watched in delight. He cut himself off fairly quickly, but the unguarded reaction still warmed your heart. “I did say that.”
Alpha’s smile entirely changed his face, and you were suddenly sharply aware that you were staring at him with a love-sick expression plain on your face. With a lack of other options, you dropped your gaze to the countdown displayed on your chrono.
You had started timing the ARCs-in-training on your wrist chrono as soon as Alpha had announced their quickly dwindling time, but you shouldn’t have bothered. The millisecond their allotted time was up, Alpha brought his comm to his mouth and snapped, “Time!” 
The men pulled up short. They were spread around the battlefield in various phases of task completion, but all of them stopped and stared up at Alpha - and, by extension, you. Alpha made a gathering motion with the hand he had lifted to hover in front of his chest. It must have been a signal, because the ARCs-in-training instantly started to approach.
As you watched them, you frowned. “What happened to Aftermath’s leg?”
“He got shot.”
You gaped openly, horrified. “And you made him keep doing a stupid exercise? He needs to go to the medbay! You send him and I’ll go ahead to warn Limit-”
“Easy, little one,” Alpha told you, catching hold of your elbow before you could hurry away. “Simulated blaster fire.”
“He’s limping,” you pointed out.
“The training outfits they’re wearing have specialized equipment built in,” Alpha told you. “When it senses blaster fire, it sends a harmless electrical current through the muscles of the area to temporarily deaden it. Lucky for Aftermath, you can still walk after getting shot in the calf.”
You took a moment to absorb that. “Does it hurt?”
Alpha shrugged. “Less than a blaster bolt.”
You grimaced, knowing exactly what that meant. It did hurt, then. “When does the current stop transmitting?”
“When I shut off the transmitter.”
“Alpha!” you chided, but bit back your reflexive demand to turn it off. He had asked you to trust him, asked you to be a silent observer instead of trying to actively participate in the ARC training process. If he felt it was best to keep the current running to teach Aftermath something, you could only go along with it.
Alpha’s thoughts seemed to be running in the same vein. With a sarcastic tilt to his head and a knowing little smirk, he asked, “What was that, administrator?”
“Nothing, Captain,” you bit out, somewhere between smiling and pouting. You had almost slipped and you both knew it. Instead of admitting that openly, you gestured to the training area. “Carry on.”
Alpha programmed the observation platform to sink until it was level with the floor of the training area, then began to deliver feedback to the ARCs-in-training. You always loved to hear Alpha break down a mission, offering insight to the men, but his voice faded as your focus shifted inward.
You had expected Alpha to argue against you being involved in General Ti’s investigation. You weren’t an investigator, as he had pointed out, and he tended to focus on how much he wanted to keep you away from any possible danger. You had gone into the conversation prepared for Alpha to object, but you hadn’t expected the compliments he had given. Alpha thought you had investigatory skills. That wasn’t something you would have realized about yourself, but it was a large part of the work you did for the Republic. He wasn’t entirely wrong, and the boost to your confidence was noticeable. 
You still weren’t sure how much help you would be to General Ti and Commander Colt, but you felt a lot better about things now.
“-I have never seen such a dush performance. You men are supposed to be the best?” Alpha shook his head, folding his arms over his broad chest. “We’re done for the day. Get out of my sight.”
Fives beamed. “A free afternoon? Hell, yes!”
You winced even as you watched Alpha’s body still. He had the air of a predator ready to attack and all the ARCs-in-training watched him warily - other than Fives, of course. 
“This is not a free afternoon,” Alpha bit out. “I can’t stand to look at you any longer today. Do you even understand what you did wrong?”
“We didn’t complete the mission,” Fives said with a shrug. “But how could we? You kept giving us orders that didn’t make sense.”
“Did I?” Alpha asked, glancing down the line of ARCs. “Does anyone else feel my orders didn’t make sense?”
The silence that stretched was so long and intense that you felt like you couldn’t have broken it if your life depended on it. The men seemed to feel the same way… until Echo uncomfortably shifted his feet.
“Two of the orders you gave us did blatantly contradict each other, Captain,” he said, stiffening his shoulders as if preparing to be hit. 
That seemed to do the trick, and murmurs of agreement came from the group as a whole. Aftermath added, “One of your orders even ran counter to the mission, sir.”
Alpha stared at them. “I wanted you to disregard my orders.”
This quiet was stunned instead of awkward. Alpha nodded as if confirming their thoughts. “You had your mission, you knew your objective. This exercise was supposed to teach you to focus on that objective instead of getting bogged down in all of the di’kutla orders you might be given along the way. You’re going to be ARC troopers - assuming you pass - which means that you have more latitude in the field than most other men. This was your chance to think for yourselves and choose to follow the orders that would help you complete your objective. You failed.”
The men looked guilty, but Alpha’s voice was merciless as he waved a hand at the door. “Get out of here. I need to figure out how to continue your training from here. If you’re gonna be ARCs, you’ll need to think for yourselves. I’ll have to come up with a way to make sure you do that. Dismissed.”
There was no happiness or excitement as the ARCs trudged through the doors. Alpha’s lack of belief in them had a clear effect on their motivation. With your own recent experience with Alpha’s ability to increase confidence, you could relate. 
Alpha watched the ARC trainees leave the training area before turning back toward you. The flurry of expressions that crossed his face was fascinating and almost comical: confusion, concern, guilt, frustration, and reluctant resolution. 
“Don’t, neverd’ika,” he sighed. “I know you think I was too hard on them, but it’s my job. I can’t-”
You grabbed his hand, lacing your fingers through his and tugging him down until you could press a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you for believing in me, Alpha.”
Now the primary expression on his face was suspicion, and that made you laugh. “If this is some kind of trick to convince me to go easier on them, it won’t work. Feel free to keep trying, though.”
“No, no, I just-” you shrugged. “I’m glad you think I can help the General and Commander with their investigation. If you believe in me, I feel like I can do it.”
Alpha scowled outright. “Of course you can do it. But if you think I’m not going to be right by your side, you better think again. This could be dangerous, and I’ll hettir ki haran before I let you do any of it alone. I’ll be there.”
From his stance and the firm note in his voice, Alpha expected you to argue with him, but you only laughed again and gave him a quick hug. It was definitely best to have Alpha on your side.
Author's Note - I know I have a habit of not posting all of the Mando'a translations, but I feel most can be understood from context or looked up pretty easily if someone is really curious. I'm making an exception for 'hettir ki haran' because it's a phrase I cobbled together. Loosely, it means 'burn in hell'. Hettir does mean burn and haran is hell (though the Mando'a translation is closer to the total destruction of the universe than an afterlife). I couldn't find a translation for the word 'in', so I substituted ki, which is 'in' in Māori. Just in case someone wanted an explanation for my invented phrase!
I apologize for the lateness of this chapter! Last week, I was convinced I should have posted a chapter and this week, I was convinced I posted one last week. I'm all turned around. But here you go and thank you for your patience!
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The part that messes with me the most about the Jedi's approach to Anakin their complaint that he was too old
If a literal child is too old for your cult, I don't know what you're doing but it is nothing good
How can you expect me to believe that things you can only learn at a young age, when you don't have enough life experience to challenge it are in anyway good
How can you expect me to believe that a healthy mental state is one that requires you to have no other mindset, and no knowledge to challenge your teaching because they Jedi don't get to leave, unless they leave for good
They genuinely have no knowledge to question their experience, is this not terrifying
How can you expect me to believe this isn't indoctrination when it requires you to be so young as to be completely impressionable and at the mercy of adults who control everything around you
You are never too old and never too damaged to get better, not in the real world, not when it comes to sustainable ways to improve your mental wellbeing
Yes it is easier if your foundation is already built but you can still build a foundation from broken rocks, it will just take more effort
But somehow Anakin was both too old and too damaged for the Jedi
Something is wrong and I don't think it was with Anakin
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Tholme: Are you okay?
Quinlan, laying facedown: I'm sad.
Tholme: damn me too
Tholme: No wait, hi sad, I'm dad
Tholme: I mean, what's wrong
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