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“you all gave up everything because of me”
“we made the right choice, Omega”
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What’s something strange that turns the batch boys on? Not like super kinky, just,,, out of the ordinary or that one wouldn’t expect
I absolutely ADORE your writing <3
Interesting question....
The Bad Batch x Reader HC's - About Strange Turn Ons And Love Boners
Tumblr media
Warnings: Suggestive / Maybe 18+ In Parts
Seeing you engage with nature and spend time with him outdoors gives him butterflies and all kinds of loving as well as intimate boosts. Spending time at a campfire, seeing you roasting food over an open fire and catch fish with him at a river, makes his heart swell and other parts of his body. It's not necessarily sexual, but can very well and up to be if you are both in the mood.
Combing or wash his hair can have the same effect. He feels taken care of and loved when you softly take off his bandana to comb and wash his hair, letting your fingers softly stroke his scalp. Hunter will lean back into you with a soft but deep sigh, you can count on him to be really hands-on right after.
Sweet talk gets him every time. Soft and loving words, out of your mouth, make his heart dance and every fiber of his body tingle. Echo is soft like hot wax in your hands when you tell him how much you adore him and shower him in gentle kisses.
His life has been rough, and he is a sucker for all the softness you can give to him. Be gentle and loving, and Echo will be all yours, body and soul.
If you let him apply lotion on your naked skin, after you shower or before bedtime, makes him all giddy with love and arousal. Taking care of you is part of his love language and a turn on for Echo.
Seeing you cook for him, and letting him taste in between you do, makes his heart swell and his senses tingle. You can't get rid of him in the kitchen, he loves seeing you there, doing your thing.
Your real and honest laugh can make him forget everything he just thought of, seeing you happy and engaging with him like this, is a huge turn on in every possible way for him.
When you work with him, maybe in the engine room, seeing you stained with machine oil, gives him all kinds of good feelings. You don't even have to do that much or know much about it, as long as you're there, trying to help in any way. It gives him an instant love-boner.
When you listen to him, attentively, trying to understand and engage in what he is info dumping on you, makes him all soft and giddy. He'll want you more than any other time when you really listen to him and try to learn something.
Dropping some things he told you about, showing that you really listened and learned a thing or two, makes his chest swell in pride and other parts in arousal.
Understanding him without many words. He is not much of a talker, but you'll learn his body language and looks. As soon as he realizes how well you understand him, he is head over heals for you.
Teasing him a little, with words or very simple, gentle touches, can make him lose his mind and leave him speechless.
Being close to you in total darkness is a huge turn on. Just to feel you without seeing you, finding his way on your body with seeking touches, and you're doing the same with him, tingles into every fiber of his body.
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Echo *peeks over Wrecker's shoulder*: Oh you've made Mac and cheese. Brilliant!
Wrecker *smiling*: Yeah! I made some Barbara and cheese!
Echo *stops reaching for the scoop*: I'm sorry the what?
Wrecker *serves up a big bowl for Omega*: Barbara and cheese. Omega decided that Mac was a boring name and called the pasta Barbara.
Echo *accepts a bowl from Wrecker*: That's not why it's called- you know what? I don't care enough to correct this.
Omega *chanting*: Barbara and cheese! Barbara and cheese!
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25 Days of Life Day: Day 7 - Life Day Light Display with Echo
Warnings: Fluff
WC: 1.4K
A/N: I’m pretty sure this is the longest one I’ve written so far lol. I just really love this man 😭💚❤️💚
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“GAH!” You mess with your hair one last time before deciding this is as good as it’s going to get.
Echo had finally asked you on a date after years of longing and stolen glances, so you were trying to look just right for him. It just felt like you were never going to reach a contentment with how you appear. Everything felt… too much or not enough. How were you supposed to dress for a date with someone you’ve been in love with for nearly ten years?
“What’s wrong?” Omega appears in the doorway of your fresher.
Since you’d all settled down aside from the occasional job, Cid allowed the guys to turn the upstairs of her bar into an apartment that you all lived in.
“Oh, nothing.” You lie, putting on a smile.
Omega rolls her eyes, clearly not believing you. “Is this about your date with Echo?”
“You know about that?” You ask, putting all your makeup back into your bag.
She sits on the edge of the tub, watching you with a smirk. “You do realize I’m not a little kid anymore, right?”
You chuckle and smile at the girl that you’ve known for five years now. Of course she wasn’t a little kid anymore. Her teenage years were arriving and she probably knew more about life stuff than you realized. You try to be there for her when she asks questions, whether it be about girl stuff or boys or really anything she needs. She’s like the little sister you never had.
“I’d go with the blue dress, by the way. Echo’s favorite color is blue.” She walks back into your room to grab your blue dress from the closet and brings it back to you. “And your hair looks good. Stop messing with it.”
You kiss her on the head with a grateful smile. “When did you get so wise?”
“Learned from the best.” She grins. “Have fun tonight!”
She walks out of your room, closing the door behind her so you can get ready. You quickly pull off your robe to put the dress on and go and do one last onceover before walking over to Echo’s room across the hall. With one last deep breath, you knock on the door a couple of times.
When Echo opens the door, you’re met with a wide smile and the kindest eyes you’ve ever seen. Immediately, your heart goes soft like it always does when you see him. He’s wearing a blue collared, button up and khakis and you just know that Omega had something to do with his outfit.
“Wow… you look beautiful…” Echo looks you up and down, struggling for words. “I mean, you always look beautiful. But wow…”
Warmness creeps into your face at the compliment. “Thank you. You look great, too.”
“You ready to go?” He offers his flesh arm and you nod, taking it.
“Have fun you two.” Hunter calls from the living room.
“But not too much fun!” Wrecker calls from the kitchen.
Echo rolls his eyes as he opens the front door so you two can leave. You can’t help but laugh. The support of all the Batchers means everything to you. You spent so much time worrying about whether or not they’d allow it or support it.
“They’re too much.” Echo shakes his head.
“Yeah, but they mean well.” You squeeze your hand over his as you lean into him while you walk toward wherever it is that Echo planned your date.
You walk in comfortable silence for a bit until you realize you’re headed to the park. The sun has finally set and you’re able to notice the Life Day light displays throughout the park.
“Oh wow!” You grin eagerly.
“You like it?” Echo walks toward a vendor stand selling hot cocoa and caf.
“I love it. I’ve never seen lights like this.” You tell him, unable to look away from all the lights.
“How many?” The vendor asks.
“Just one.” Echo holds up a finger.
You give him a curious look. “You don’t want one?”
“I thought it’d be more romantic if we shared? Unless you’re worried about germs?” He teases as he pays the vendor.
“I don’t mind your germs.” You laugh, rolling your eyes.
Echo chuckles and hands you the cup of cocoa and takes your hand. Looking down between you at your hands, you squeeze his hand and then look back up at him. Your hands fit together perfectly. He smiles down at you as if you’re somehow more to look at than the beautiful lights.
Echo leads you down the path where a tunnel of soft white lights starts you out. You look up at the arch and then through it at the lights at the end of it. Somehow in the last five years, you’d never seen this Life Day light display.
“My mother used to take me to Life Day light displays when I was a kid…” You tell Echo, handing him the cocoa. “She used to work a lot… but she always made time during the Life Day season to do fun things like this.”
Echo gives you a soft smile, encouraging you to continue as he takes a drink. He’s always been so patient with you.
“I always think of her during Life Day… It was easy to forget about during the war…” You tell him as he hands you back the cup. “But since the end of the war… It's like, I don’t want to forget anymore… I love celebrating with Omega, giving her the things that I had as a child… I love celebrating with you.”
You near the end of the light tunnel and are able to see all the light displays even clearer now. It really is beautiful and you couldn’t be more glad that this is where Echo took you for your first date.
“I love celebrating with you, too.” Echo admits. “I didn’t have things like this before… so it’s nice. Makes me feel like a regular person.”
“Well, you are now.” You grin.
“I suppose you’re right.” He nods like he’s remembering he’s no longer a soldier.
You look up toward the archway of lights, noticing the mistletoe and stop Echo. When he gives you a confused look, you point up.
“Oh-” He becomes flustered.
“If you don’t want-” You start to apologize, not wanting to make him uncomfortable, and start walking.
“Wait.” He grabs your hand and pulls you back toward him.
He grins down at you, wrapping his scomp arm around your lower back to pull you near and cups your face. It makes you happy knowing that he doesn’t mind touching you with it. You remember years back when the thought of you even touching it wasn’t an option. He’s come so far.
You both have.
“I’ve been wanting to do this every year for the last five years.” He chuckles.
He leans in toward you and you meet him halfway, eagerly. His lips are as soft as the first time you kissed a couple weeks ago and he tastes like the peppermint cocoa you’ve been drinking. It’s enough to make you a little dizzy, going warm and fuzzy all over. When he pulls away, he takes his time opening his eyes.
“Have I mentioned how much I love doing that?” He asks, softly.
“Have I mentioned how much I love you doing that as well?” You reach up to kiss him again.
“Photo?” A man with a camera comes up to ask you.
“Please.” Echo hands the man a credit and takes the cup of cocoa, sitting it down out of the way so he can pull you into his arms, dipping you as he kisses you.
The man snaps the photo and when Echo doesn’t pull away from you immediately, the man waits a moment before clearing his throat, awkwardly.
“Oh. Sorry.” Echo pulls you back up and takes the photo from the man, grinning down at it before showing you. “You look absolutely beautiful. I’ll never get over how lucky I am.”
“Stop.” You go warm in the face and take the photo from him to look at it.
The lights all around you shine around the two of you so perfectly and Echo is smiling into the kiss as you cup his cheek. It’s definitely going by your bedside when you get home.
“Let’s go look at some lights.” Echo hands you the drink from the ground again and takes your hand, kissing it before continuing down the path.
You’re pretty sure that your future with this man is even more bright than all of these lights combined.
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this is not a drill. im calling a trailer either tonight or tomorrow. THEY’RE WAKING UP AT LONG LAST
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modern au arc trooper echo
| (he/him OR they/them) |
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Thoughts About Cross and Redemption
I know we all want to see Crosshair get a redemption arc in S2 but from a narrative standpoint I don't know if I want that. Not that I don't want a redemption arc, just maybe not in this season.
I would love to see Cross back in The Batch but it's going to have to take time.
Cross needs to know that his way of thinking is wrong. He has to know why The Batch did what they did and Crosshair needs to process why his choices have been bad. But then he also needs to integrate back into the squad and that's going to require two things: 1. The Batch understanding why Cross did what he did or acted the way he did 2. The Batch learning to trust Cross again and Crosshair learning to trust them.
And those things are going to take time. The rift between them cannot be easily fixed and for that redemption to feel earned it has to be drawn out, focused on in depth.
I think about this in the same way that I think about Din and Grogu's reunion in TBOBF. As much as I love that scene and was dying to see them back together again, the reunion felt rushed and didn't work too well narratively. I'm worried the same will happen here. I really want Cross and The Batch back together again but doing it too soon wouldn't work for the story.
It needs to take time.
And I think that is part of the reason why I'm scared for the future of the show. The lack of advertising feels like they don't care. If they don't care, they won't make more seasons. If they won't make more seasons, then this part of the story isn't going to get the development it deserves.
It'll be interesting to see what they do but I hope they tackle any redemption with right depth.
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some new shots of Echo from the second trailer! ❤
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The Bad Batch Trailer Spoilers Without Context
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My brain right now: Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo
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I've been feeling like this since TBB season one, but I think as much as Echo likes this squad, he might end up leaving or dying haha I hope not
We know he's probably more interested in leaving with Rex than hiding from the empire and doing shit jobs. BUT WHAT IF HE DIES TRYING TO RESCUE CODY IN THAT MISSION FOR REX HUH?
We know he has the same function as Tech pretty much and he surely isn't anywhere near Rex during Rebels.
This season hasn't come out yet and I'm already hurting my own feelings for nothing
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It’s out!!!! Ahhh
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