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saggitary · 3 days
Clone Wars Headcannons
All over the place but yeah enjoy
Ahsoka will let her men test out pick up lines before shore leave and give them tips on how to better pick up girls
Ahsoka picked up her eye rolling habit from Wolffe
Fives and Echo refer to Rex as “oh captain my captain” (Rex is very annoyed)
Clone troopers sleep better when they cuddle up with someone
Anakin has given Ahsoka and many of his men heart attacks when he randomly removes his prosthetic hand
There are painted line of the Resolutes floor near the medical bays to mark how far troopers have made it when they attempt to escape the medics
This usually ends with the medics full body tackling their vod and occasionally their Jedi
Hardcase has the furthest mark with Fives very near behind him
Much to Wolffe’s dismay young animals love to imprint of him during campaigns, he says he hates it but Sinker once saw Wolffe carrying around a baby loth cat wrapped in one of his blankets
Rex is a natural blonde due to a mutation and I will die on this hill
Fox and Wolffe have the highest spice tolerance of their batch and their brothers are very concerned for them
Based on the scene in the Umbara arc where Tup is hanging onto the gunship handle with 2 hands, he is a very nervous flier
Ahsoka noticed that Tup was a nervous flier and now tries to get on the same ships as him to help keep him calm
The 501st has different tallies up throughout the barracks for random things like ‘how many times the general loses his lightsaber’, ‘best quotes for the week’, etc
Clone troopers speak mando’a, kaminoan, and basic fluently
Rex always wins arm wrestling contests, even against Anakin
Ahsoka learned how to play sabacc from the Wolf Pack and has been banned from playing in most 501st circles because she always wins
The CCs have the ability to sleep with their eyes open and Wolffe and Fox actively chose to do so to creep everyone else out
Cody has broken his wrists and his shins from fist fighting droids but he continues to do it
Many troopers in the 501st have also attempted to fist fight droids but quickly stopped when the medics refused to treat them
Anakin has also attempted to fist fight droids and damaged his cybernetic hand enough that he had to get a new one
Ahsoka purrs when she sleeps close to other people 
Hardcase almost cried when he first heard Ahsoka purr because he thought it was cutest damn thing
Capture the flag is the 501st’s favorite down time activity
Cody has hidden drugs in Obi-Wan’s tea to make him sleep which Obi-Wan was rather offended by but continued to accept all tea given to him by his commander
Ahsoka set up a projector in the rec room and on hyper space trips she plays holomovies so her men can be ‘cultured’ 
Ahsoka is good friends with Padme and Riyo Chuchi and regularly gets together with them for girls nights
Rex has gotten a tattoo while drunk but Cody is the only one that knows about it
Ahsoka found out when her men’s birthday or decanting days are and makes sure to wish them a happy birthday
Ponds, Bly, and Fox were very confused when they received a transmission from Rex, Cody, and Wolffe’s vod’ika wishing them a happy birthday
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tattycoram · 3 days
Rex: I'm not a father figure
Cody: What are you doing?
Rex, holding a vibroknife over a sandwich: Fives doesn't like the crusts
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firefly-fez · 2 days
okay what the heck did the 212th get up to during the rako hardeen arc tho. their most senior commanding officer was murdered but not really but it was a covert operation so. they would not have been told that he was not, in fact, dead. but the council knew obi wan was alive, so it’s not like they would have been reassigned which presumably would have happened if it were a real death. So did they just spend like. 3-5 business days in limbo being like. ‘go on leave until further notice’. they probably all DEMOLISHED 79’s during the time they thought obi wan was dead. imagine rex trying to deal w/ that. Anakin and Ahsoka have run off on some vigilante council-disapproving quest like usual, meanwhile the 212th and half the 501st are drunk off their ass drinking to General Kenobi’s memory. He tries to comm Cody to get him to help whip the men into shape but Cody is also drunk in 79’s
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jesuis-snips · 2 days
omg tbb and cody is back but... has anyone busted up laughing when this scene came out bc i sure did
Tumblr media
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obes-kenobes-benos · 2 days
Rex: Don’t worry. No one else is going to ask Cody out. Obi-Wan: Why not? Rex: Because Cody is terrifying.
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fives-bf · 3 days
Cody: can I be frank with you guys?
Anakin: I don't see how changing your name is gonna help but sure okay
Rex: can I still be Rex?
Anakin: shhh, let Frank speak.
Cody: *leaves*
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thememerman · 2 days
“you all gave up everything because of me”
“we made the right choice, Omega”
Tumblr media
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phoenixyfriend · 22 hours
I think Anakin should accuse Obi-Wan of being a blonde* and then refuse to hear any arguments against it.
Need Anakin to make dumb blonde jokes and use his own single brain cell moments as evidence when Obi-Wan tries to protest.
Anakin: It is my force-given right to be dumb as hell.
From @atagotiak on discord:
Obi-Wan: Your hair is brown (also honestly you were smarter back when you were blonde tbh)
And from @jebiknights:
anakin: as my fellow blonde- obi wan: do YOU even count as a blonde anymore??? anakin: once a blonde always a blonde!! i hope space legally blonde exists so anakin can half ironically idolize space elle woods ahsoka joins in on both sides as she wishes whatever is going to cause maximum chaos anyway, i think anakin also needs to start making comments about if he doesnt consider himself blonde does that mean he dies his hair? [picture of comics Obi-Wan] look at this man and tell me he isnt dumb orange cat color this man is a ginger
Anakin hides strawberry-shaped trinkets around Obi-Wan’s rooms because he's Strawberry Blonde. Obi-Wan is seconds away from strangling this kid.
Ahsoka decides this means her masters need to take a Rap Album photo with Rex for team blonde. Rex is appropriately confused, on account of being the only blonde here, and he does bleach it.
(Ahsoka snacking, watching, with no horse in the race because she has only eyelashes, and also sees colors differently from humans and so her vote doesn't count.)
Anakin is convinced enough (and bored enough) to get on a table for purposes of Shouting Blonde Truthing From The High Ground, because he will die on any hill.
Tumblr media
* Any actual discourse on the topic of McGregor's hair color is banned. If you're arguing about whether he's actually a redhead, it needs to be in character. I've already heard it all and don't care to hear more. He's described as having auburn hair. He's animated and drawn with subtly different shades. Some cultures would consider him a redhead, and some would consider him a strawberry blonde, and some would consider him a brunette. It's all relative and we're not having that conversation again. General practice has him as some variety of muted redhead, and that's what I'm sticking with.
And from @epicmusic42:
As someone with the same type of hair colour as Ewan, I will chime in to say that stress levels and sun exposure literally change the colour. Low stress + high sun = ginger Low stress + Low sun = brown High stress + high sun = arguably pink High stress + Low sun = blonde
Also an option is that Ewan portrays a variation of the character that is not accurate to the reality of the person, and the Real Obi-Wan is more ginger than the actor portraying him, okay done talking about this now.
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Tumblr media
I miss him, okay. Somebody better talk about him in Bad Batch S2.
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extrahotpixels · 2 days
Tumblr media
Idk I just think clones deserve to wear stylish, comfy clothes and holocall their riduur whenever they want <3
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treasureplcnet · 1 day
Tumblr media
the tbb2 trailer just dropped and i’m making very generous assumptions about rex’s outfit despite the grainy and terribly lit footage i have received
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pinkiemme · 2 days
Tumblr media
Download the png files and get the telegram sticker pack here
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notpikaman · 11 hours
Tumblr media
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bibannana · 3 days
Karaoke Night On The Resolute
Fives *takes the microphone from Hardcase*: Wonderful performance of Holding Out For A Hero, Hardcase. Especially love the sparkling red dress.
Hardcase *bows and leaves the stage*
Fives *turning to fully face the crowd*: And now for my own personal take on I Will Always Love You. *turns to Echo* Hit it!
Rex *listening*: This sounds pretty normal so far-
Fives *giving his heart and soul to this performance*: AND IIIIIII WILL ALWAYS ANNOY YOUUUU!
Rex *closes his eyes*: He didn't even bother to change the rest of the lyrics.
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firefly-fez · 2 days
Obi Wan: Every day, I re-live every choice I’ve ever made, trying to find just one thing I could have tried to get through to Anakin—
Ahsoka: If I had stayed in the order, if I had warned him, if I hadn’t released Maul, if I had saved more of the children of the force—
Rex: If I could’ve removed my chip sooner, or we had caught Maul quicker, if we had killed him instead of capturing him—
Fives: I mean, if any of y’all had kriffing listened to me—
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darthbooks · 22 hours
Tumblr media
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stoat-party · 2 days
Tumblr media
The solitary clone… Rex and Gregor are together, and Cody and Crosshair are together. I imagine that’s gotta be either Howzer or Wolffe. BUT I can hold out hope for Boba Fett.
Faster will probably be the racing scene from the trailer. Tech-centered maybe? I feel like this season will have justice for Tech’s and Echo’s lack of focus last season.
Tribe… could that be the Kashyyyk episode? Hard to say because I don’t know if Wookiees structure their families that way. Probably a double reference to the Batch and a literal tribe.
A conspiracy? That’s gonna be a two-part arc, which is interesting.
The Crossing, seems like a pun. I imagine Crosshair will come back after whatever happens with the “conspiracy.”
And “Plan 99” implies the whole team will be together and working toward something big. OR it’s some sort of escape or rescue plan, but I like the thought that they’re working for the proto-Rebellion. Edit: Bail being in the new trailer supports that theory.
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