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fives-bf · 3 days
Rex: Let's play a game called Anakin vs Obi-wan vs Padme
Fives: Uhh what?
Rex: I'm gonna say a quote and you have to guess if Anakin said it about Obi-wan, Padme or himself.
Fives: How hard can it be?
Rex: okay "You are the love of my life"
Fives: Fuck.
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tattycoram · 2 months
Kidnapper: We have your ARC trooper
Rex: Which one I have three
Kidnapper: The loud, annoying one who never shuts up
Rex: Which one I have three
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captora · 14 days
Tumblr media
ARC trooper Fives has me acting some kind of way 😩
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rexs-wife · 4 months
Y’all think Fives ever just yells “HIGH FIVES” and just straight up BODY SLAMS people? People is Echo.
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osfi-am · 2 months
Tumblr media
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fandomlover18star · 6 months
Tumblr media
I know this is like quite a serious arc right now BUT why the heck does this look like Fives is about to start singing an emotional solo piece in a music video?!?
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chopper-base · 3 months
Hardcase: if any of us were to turn evil, who would be the scariest?
Fives: hmmm, probably-
Echo: Kix.
Jesse: Kix?
Echo: He could kill every single one of us and make it look like an accident.
Kix: *sitting in the corner* Echo is the only one I'd spare-
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rammota · 4 months
fives’ arc be like
Tumblr media
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brittandbiscuits · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rip, Alt_Fives.
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magpie-lords · 4 months
Tumblr media
Fives: I cant believe he's alive *Happy cries*
Fives should have been there to find Echo - and so I created it, might make it a series, force ghost fives and bat batch Echo - Anyway Enjoy, And suffer!
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cinno · 1 year
Tumblr media
commission of Fives for @cyareclones !!! please go check out their art while you’re at it💙💙 totally underrated and they make such beautiful work
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fives-bf · 26 days
Rex: The assignment was to bring in something important to you
Fives: and I did that.
Rex: I meant an object, not echo!
Anakin *hiding Obi-wan behind his back*: yeah Fives, he meant an object, you dumbass!
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tattycoram · 5 months
Fives: I think Rex mixed up our lunches
Fives: *pulls out a note that says 'we're so proud of you'*
Echo: Oh that makes sense. I figured this wasn't for me
Echo: *pulls out a note that says 'please be good. For the love of God, be good'*
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thebaddestofbatches · 6 months
Fives: I drink to forget but I always remember.
Echo: You're drinking orange juice.
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ariadnes-red-thread · 3 months
Bad Habits
Summary: You can try to break your bad habits all you want but somehow you always end up here, with Fives.
Pairing: Fives x AFAB!Reader
Warnings/Tags: 18+ *MINORS DNI*, This is pretty much just pure smut (PiV, oral, face-fucking, fingering), Soft dom!Fives, Dom/Sub dynamics, Mention of safeword, Language, Drinking/Alcohol use, Toxic dynamics/Controlling behavior, Fluff ending, Brief appearence by Crosshair
Word Count: 5000
A/N: “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran has lodged itself in my brain and it won’t leave. So, like Fives, I’ve decided to make my problems into everyone else’s problems. 
Almost no actual song references. Just a smutty lil piece about being addicted to another human. Also, I h/c that Fives likes control. It helps him push back against the fear and the feeling that the rest of the galaxy views him as just a number. Likes, comments, reblogs and feedback are always so appreciated!
My bad habits lead to you...
Tumblr media
It’s late and you’re buzzing. You’ve had a few drinks, sure, but it’s not just the alcohol. It’s a combination of everything that has your heart racing and a feeling of possibility tingling just beneath the surface of your skin. There’s the neon lights, the thud of the bass, the din of the crowd gathered at 79’s tonight, and, most intriguing of all, the company of the handsome, mysterious man who has just settled into the bar-seat next to you.
The striking man smirks at you as he throws back a shot of sticky, brown liquor. You watch as he swallows it without flinching. His eyes quickly flick back to you, returning your hungry look as they drift over your figure. You’re leaning against the bar and wrapped in a low-cut black dress with a hem that sits just below the swell of your rear. You look fantastic and you know it.
“Nice to meet you, Crosshair.” You tilt your body towards him, arching your back just a little as you say his name. His attention falls to your cleavage, as you intend.
“The pleasure is mine,” He assures you.
His silky voice licks at your ear and you wonder what else that tongue can do. Crosshair’s eyes travel back up to meet yours and they’re nothing but deadly. This man wants to eat you alive and you just might let him.
“Excuse me, ma’am.”
You internally groan at the voice over your shoulder. Even in a sea of clones, you know who it is without turning around.
“Yes, Fives?” You lock eyes with Crosshair’s deep brown ones, hoping that maybe Fives will take a hint and fuck off.
“The Captain is lookin’ for you.” 
“Rex is looking for me? Right now?” The disbelief in your voice is palpable.
“Yep. Says it’s urgent.”
You know he’s lying. You know it. Even as the civilian medic for the 501st, there’s no convincible reason that Rex could need you right now. Not to mention that, when you left the Torrent Company’s table to strike out on your own with the explicit purpose of talking to anyone but Fives, Rex had his face buried in the tits of that beautiful bounty hunter he’s seeing. So, all of that to say that you know for a fact that Rex isn’t looking for you. You know that what you should do is tell Fives to go to hell and bother someone else. But you can’t resist the bait. You never can.
You turn to Fives. He sees his moment and captures it. He clasps your upper arm in a gloved grip before he tugs at you and leads you towards the door. You don’t even have time to say a word to your new friend. You throw an apologetic look over your shoulder at Crosshair, hoping it’s sorry enough that he might wait for you to shake off this pest of an ARC trooper and come back to the bar. His glare at your companion is murderous and you have no doubt that, if Crosshair had a weapon, Fives would be a dead man.
With his typical disregard for danger, Fives doesn’t even glance back as he leads you out of the club. He takes you just around the corner to the alleyway. Using his wide, armor-clad form, he backs you into the durasteel wall and cages you there. He presses his gloves against the building, one hand on either side of your head. He stares at you like he has something to say but, even as you wait a beat, no words come. You’re impatient. The night is cool and the durasteel that you’re leaning against is icy on your spine. Your thoughts are still with the attractive man at the bar. This isn’t a game you want to play tonight.
“Funny I don’t see Rex around here.” You cross your arms, trying your best to appear stern. “What do you want, Fives?”
Either he doesn’t hear you or he ignores the question. He’s frowning over your shoulder like he’s suddenly unable to meet your eyes. 
“Him? Really?”
He’s pouting, you realize. You hate to admit it but it’s a cute look on him. You and Fives do this dance every time you’re planetside. You’ve been regularly sleeping together for a few months now. The first time was an accident. The two of you had ended up closing down the bar together and, as the poor, besieged bartender kicked you both out into the slowly brightening dawn, you launched yourselves together and practically tore each other apart in this very alleyway. Now, your nights out all ended the same way, entangled in Fives as you both heaved heavy, blissed out breaths. Recently, you realized you were falling for the man and that wouldn’t do. So you started to look elsewhere, desperate to break your bad habit before it broke you.
Still, you always ended up here.
“What’s wrong with my new friend, Crosshair?” You say, the taunt in your voice intentional.
Even though he’s still not looking at you, you feel yourself leaning into his wide frame already. Hells, it’s like he’s magnetized.
“Dunno,” Fives shrugs, finally dropping his stare back down to meet yours. Your breath hitches as his amber eyes lock onto you. “I guess nothing if scrawny and sulking is your type.”
You scoff, his wild assessment of Crosshair giving you reprieve from his spell. 
“I don’t see any better offers.” You raise an eyebrow at Fives.
“I’ve got one.” His hands fall to your low waist. He tugs, pulling himself closer to you as he tilts your lower half up into him. “You look beautiful tonight, ya know?”
“We can’t keep doing this, Fives.”  You sigh but, the more he speaks, the more you find yourself entranced by his full lips. The sudden increase in closeness sends ripples of electricity pulsing through your body, betraying you in its anticipation.
“That’s not a no…” His response is cheeky and hopeful. He grips your hip a little tighter, making small circles in the fabric of your dress with his thumb.
Every time, you swear it’s the last. You tell yourself you’ll go home with someone new. You think maybe you’ll meet someone who will take you to dinner and ask you out in the light of day. But, despite your best efforts, somehow your nights always go like this, staring up at Fives and finding yourself pulled in once again. 
He can see it too. Fives is an exceptional recon scout and he knows how to read you like a holomap. He always has. It’s part of what makes this so addictive. What makes him so addictive.
“Let me take care of you, mesh’la.” He leans in closer.
“Fives,” you whisper as his lips ghost over yours.
You try to think of another reason to protest but your mind is empty and your throat has gone dry. Suddenly, old habits feel easy and you can’t remember why you wanted to break them to begin with. You can see how his breath hitches in his throat. He’s waiting for permission. He’s waiting on you.
Your permission comes in the form of a slight lunge forward into his lips as you give in to your desire. As soon as you make your decision, he meets you there. Your arms wrap their way around his neck and one hand gently tugs at his close-cropped curls. His teeth nip at your lower lip, begging entrance. You surrender to him, like you always do. You’re already breathless as his tongue intertwines with yours. Your dress rides up as Fives presses himself against you, his knee finding its way between your legs. The pressure against your most sensitive area makes you grind into him before you even realize what you’re doing. His mouth travels down your neck, leaving wet, hot marks along your sensitive skin. Fives finds your ear, heavy breath bating against you as he whispers.
“I’m going to make you feel so much better than he ever could. I promise.”
You moan. You know it’s true. That’s how you always end up here.
A few more hushed words and hurried kisses later, you and Fives do that intertwined, stumbling dance back to your place. It’s one that you choreographed together and then performed time and time again. He knows the code to your apartment, which he types in with one hand while the other is wrapped all the way around your back, weaving through the openings in your dress so that the tips of his fingers are brushing against the sensitive skin under your breast.
As you tumble forward through your apartment and into your bedroom, the mood switches. He pulls himself off of you. Fives circles, shutting the blast door behind you both and closing out the world. It’s only the two of you now. Though you feel empty without his warm skin pressed to yours, you don’t follow after him. Instead, you stand still, knowing what comes next. He sits himself at the edge of the foot of the bed, elbows resting on his knees. His glinting eyes meet yours.
“Safeword?” He checks in like he always does.
“Tatooine.” You respond without hesitation.
“Good girl.” Fives bits his lower lip as he leans back onto his palms. “Undress for me.” 
You reach for the zipper along the side of the dress. You clasp the cool metal of the pull tab between your fingertips and peel the teeth apart one by one. The fabric falls off of your form, caressing your skin before it piles on the floor around your ankles. Fives is a man under a spell. His jaw hangs just a bit as he watches. Then, suddenly, it snaps shut. He’s realized something.
“No underwear? In that dress?” His voice is torn between a groan and a whine. “Fuck mesh’la. You’re trying to kill me.”
“It wasn’t for you.” 
It’s true. The panty lines were ruining the look of the dress so you had decided to take the risk and forego them for the night. Although it was for the sake of the outfit, you say it just like that to bait him. A flash of anger crosses his face. 
“I should have taken you right at the bar.” Fives snaps. “Show that sniper exactly who you belong to.”
It’s your turn to bite your lip, the thought sending a shudder of pleasure down your spine.
“Oh you like that, don’t you?” He knows what desire looks like on you.
“Yes,” you admit. The idea of Fives taking you anywhere he wants has you panting before him and you feel your cunt clench at the pooling emptiness, hungry and ready for attention.
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Good girl.” He’s grinning at you. “Touch yourself. Play with your nipples.”
You bring a hand up to your breast and his smile fades in an instant. He watches under hooded eyelids as you begin to roll and tweak one nipple and then the other. Desire roils your blood and you let out a small moan at your own teasing. His jaw is taut as he watches you.
“Who are you thinking about?” Fives’ tone is back to being calm and even. Only the low rumble behind his voice lets you know how close he is to shattering this facade.
“You, sir.” It’s true. You can’t wait for him to get his hands on you.
“That’s right, mesh’la. Come ‘ere.”
You make your way to him, doing your best not to rush. He spreads his legs so you can stand in between his muscular thighs.
“Take my armor off.”
Fives reaches up, dragging his gloved fingertips across your bare skin until he reaches your shoulders. He flattens his palms against you and gently applies pressure. Under his restrained touch, you sink to your knees between his legs before you begin to reach for his armor. You know the latches by heart. Piece by piece, you strip him and carefully pile the armor beside you on the floor. This isn’t hurried. You treasure this armor. It keeps him safe and brings him back to you, even if this is all you can get of him. You push the thought away, trying to focus on the toned, handsome man being revealed before you. It works. As you remove his codpiece, his hard length appears as a tent in his bodysuit. Your mouth waters and you swallow at the sight. You reach to stroke him through the fabric.
“No, no.” Fives captures your wrist, quickly twisting your joint so he can pin your hand to the bedsheets. The motion catches you by surprise but it doesn’t hurt. “Did I say you could touch me yet?”
You whine. Now that you’ve seen a teasing promise of his cock, the steady, diligent worker you were moments ago has disappeared. You want to feel him and this is taking entirely too long. Desire courses through you, sending sparks to your core. You need heat, you need friction, you need Fives. He can see the defiance flailing in your eyes as you get ready to object to his pace. Keeping your wrist pinned, Fives lifts his free hand to your face. He runs a single knuckle along your jaw.
“Patience, cyar’ika. Keep working on my armor.” Fives orders before he releases your hand.
You still want to protest but you don’t dare. The brattier you are, the longer it will be before you get what you need. So you turn dutifully back to your job. Fives looms over you as you peel off his shin plates. You can see him from the corner of your eye, watching you like a sparring partner. His expression is dark and his eyes have bloomed black in the center. He raises a hand to your breasts. They are swinging heavy from your chest as you work. One finger traces along your areola, making the skin pearl as he draws small circles in your sensitive skin. He mirrors your movements from earlier, tweaking and twisting at your nipple.  Each touch sends more flutters of heat to flood your core. Your fingers start to tremble and you begin to fumble at latches that you could undo blindfolded. He turns his attention to your other breast, pinching that nipple just a bit harder, searching for the line where pain and pleasure blur. You gasp at his ministrations, keening into him, and Fives smiles a knowing smile, one that says he found what he was looking for. 
Despite the distractions, you finish stripping the armor from his legs and then turn your attention to his shirt and his gloves, leaving him in only his lower body glove. You start to reach for the waist but your eyes meet his and he gives you a stern look. You drop your hands to your knees and you wait, never taking your eyes off of his. Fives’ eyes are dancing slivers of amber surrounding inky black orbs. No matter how far you get into the scene, they never lose their mirth. You see desire burning in them as well. He’s teasing himself as much as he’s teasing you. Finally, Fives cracks and pulls himself from the fabric, revealing his long, thick member. He strokes himself, pressing his fingertips along the rigid vein that runs under his shaft, as he stares down at you. He teases the swollen head and smears the bead of precum that has formed on the end. You lick your lips as you watch him. He cracks a smile at that.
“You want to touch me?” 
“Yes, sir.” You nod, your eyes locked on his hard cock.
“Good girl.” Fives rasps. “Go ahead.”
He leans back again. It’s your turn to take the lead and you're going to savor every moment of it. You start at his neck, dragging your fingertips downward. You run your nails across his skin, trailing them across his stomach with just enough pressure to leave the lightest of darkened lines. There will be plenty of time to leave lasting marks later. This is just to tease him. You may be subordinate in the scene but you know you still have the power to turn him to putty.  
Finally, you reach his groin.  As you trail your hands along his inner thighs, you lower your open mouth to his cock. You feel him tense as you place his weeping tip on your tongue. You savor the salty, slightly tangy taste as you start tracing careful circles around his tip, teasing him. He gasps and you savor that too. He runs his fingers along your hair, wrapping his grip in your locks. You lick a long line on the underside of his member, drawing along the vein. He shudders as you finally take him fully in your mouth. You jerk on his cock as you suck, one hand twisting at his base while you hollow out your cheeks and your tongue glides around his shaft. 
“My good girl.” He repeats, his voice rumbling now. His grip on your hair becomes tight. 
You relax your jaw and take him further, gagging yourself just a bit so you can swallow him. Your fingers dance their way to his balls, scraping across his sensitive skin. You pull more moans from him while you squeeze and tug his heavy sacs. Without warning, he pulls his cock from your mouth.
“I’m going to fuck your face.“ He says and it’s not a request. He’s leaning down to lock eyes with you now. “What’s our signal if it’s too much?”
You place your hands on his legs before you tap three times on his left thigh with two fingers.
“And if you’re okay?”
You take two fingers and tap twice on his right thigh. Fives smiles at you, proud and hungry, before his look goes dark.
“Open up.” He takes two fingers and taps on your cheek, an unspoken reminder of his check-in signal.
His cock slides back into your mouth. There’s a moment where the world is still and then that stillness is shattered. He thrusts into you without mercy, groaning and sighing. You relax your jaw as best you can but his pace is unrelenting. Tears start to form in your eyes. His other hand wraps around your neck as he pumps himself into your mouth. The pressure is gentle, just enough so he can feel his cock expanding your throat. He removes his hand for a second to tap twice on your cheek. You tap twice on his right thigh. He trusts you and so he returns his hand to your throat as he begins thrusting harder. His cock sinks deeper into your throat, blocking your airway and pulling choking sounds from your stunted breaths. The tears are spilling from your eyes now and spit dribbles down your chin. His rapid grunts let you know he’s close. You’re ready for him, begging him to spill down your throat, needing him to become undone.
Instead, he stops his thrusting, tugging you off of him. His chest is heaving as he lifts you to your feet. Without warning, his hand is between your legs. Fives gathers up the slick that has dripped down your thigh with his fingers before he runs a single fingertip along your slit. He thrusts the one finger inside you. You let out a small gasp at the unexpected and almost unbearably pleasant intrusion. You twist on his single finger, needing more. He’s ready to give it.
“My turn.” He pulls his hand from between your legs and brings it to your lips.
You open your mouth and clean his fingers, the taste of both of you mixing on your tongue. He pulls his fingers from your mouth and kisses you hard before his next order.
“On the bed. Hands and knees.”
You follow his directions, presenting for him. You hear him groan and mutter under his breath at the view. Your heart races in anticipation.
He lays a hand on one cheek and then the other. He repeats it until your soft skin is darkened and you are thrusting your hips back at him, aching for him to touch your center. 
Finally, you feel his hot breath glazing over your skin. You sigh and he hums happily in response, dropping his mask in the moment of excitement. His tongue meets your lower lips, dancing in long lines against your opening. He gently traces your cunt, pulling sighs from you. Teasing you. He continues his slow and steady path, alternating gentle, pointed licks with lavish sucking, first on one lip and then the other. You whimper. Still, he takes his time, savoring your taste as if your desperation makes it even sweeter. The word he’s waiting for finally slips from your mouth.
“Please, what princess?” You can hear the smirk that you know he’s wearing.
“Please, sir. I need more.” You whine.
Fives chuckles.
“How can I say no to you?”
He flattens his tongue against your slit and begins to lick in a frenzy, sending heat curling up your spine. His tongue travels from your clit to your frenulum and then back again, his facial hair an added sensation as it prickles your skin. He delves into your cunt. His tongue pressing against your inner walls. Your chest falls to the bed, pushing your hips back against him as you keen at his overwhelming attention. He pulls another moan from you, though it’s half-stifled by the sheets you’ve buried your face in. Two fingers find your clit as he begins to thrust his tongue into you. He’s already got you writhing with his teasing and, before long, he works you right to the edge. Without hesitation, he sends you toppling over it, shaking and crying out.
You clamp down as you cum, thrusting back into him. He meets you hungrily, drinking up everything you give him. Your hips slump as you come down. He feels you start to relax. You move away from him just slightly, creating the smallest bit of space between the two of you.
“No,” Fives orders and reaches a hand up to your stomach, holding you in place and pulling you back into him again with his firm grip. “I’m not done with you yet.”
He flips you on to your back, angling himself above you, and pushing your legs up into your stomach. With a devious wink, Fives dives right back into your cunt. You cry out, still sensitive from your last orgasm. You writhe under his relentlessness but he holds you tight. His tongue finds your swollen mound as a single finger enters you. His fiery eyes are locked on yours now as he thrusts it in and out of you. You’re whimpering from the relief of finally having him inside you. He adds another finger, working you up again. He sucks your clit into his mouth, teasing it slowly and steadily. It’s a sharp contrast from the force with which he stretches you with his hand but he knows you. He knows how to work you up without overstimulation. And he also knows you can take more. He adds a third finger. The stretch is almost painful, especially in your state, but Fives fucks you through it, opening you and curving his fingers so they find that spot inside of you that makes your eyes roll back. Your world goes white as he pulls another orgasm from you.
He lets you relax this time. Your limbs fall numb to the mattress like they belong to someone else. He climbs off of the bed so he can strip his lower half. You watch him through foggy eyes, admiring his broad, handsome form in your moment of bliss. He climbs back into bed next to you, laying into your side. His touch is gentle as he brings a palm to your cheek. The curtain falls for a moment and you glimpse Fives, the man you’re falling for. The sweet desire in his eyes is unlike the joking impish glint that usually lives there. You know that most don’t get to see it and you feel lucky to have a glimpse, even for a second. It’s addicting, these moments.
“You ready?” He asks, checking in with you again, as he draws his thumb across your lower lip. You can tell that, beneath the practiced patience, he’s teetering on that precipice of passion.
You nod, sucking his thumb into your mouth, wanting to throw him over that edge.
“My good girl.” He growls. “I’m going to fucking ruin you.”
And he does. He guides you back to your hands and knees. His member slots against your entrance as you brace yourself on your forearms. In the next moment, he sinks to the hilt, his cock reaching your deepest center. You keen back into him with a moan that borders on a cry. He pulls back before he sinks in again. Repeating the motion, he thrusts into you over and over, his cock dragging along your walls as his balls bounced off the back of your thighs. He’s grunting as he thrusts, muttering more to himself than you.
“Fuck yeah, mesh’la. You feel like fucking heaven. Osik, this is my pussy. Mine.”
Fives wraps an arm around your front, pulling you up to his chest so he can thrust up into you. His cock reaches new depths. His other hand snakes down to your center, where he starts to draw circles around your clit. You’re babbling as he rolls his hips home again and again. The angle of his hips and the friction on your most sensitive area sends you over the edge for a third time. It shocks the both of you. He slows his hips as you clamp down again. 
As you come down from your high, Fives pulls from you. You should be tired but you want more. You’ll always want more of him. You whine at the emptiness. His lips meet your neck in a small gesture or reassurance. He brings you back down to the bed, twisting you onto your back. He settles his weight onto his left forearm, which lays next to your head and cages you with his chest. His right hand reaches down and clasps your knee, pulling it up to his hip so he can still reach the depths of you.
You both moan in unison as he slides home again. His hips send waves of pleasure into you as he starts thrusting again. His lips find yours as he hungrily kisses you. His head then falls to your neck. He’s leaving marks now and you know you should yell at him before he leaves one you can’t hide with your jumpsuit but you can’t bring yourself to care. You want to be his, bad habit or not. 
“Give me one more.” Fives is beginning to stutter his hips. His words come through gritted teeth as he holds himself back, demanding one more peak from you before he lets himself tumble over the edge. “Cum for me, my good girl.”
Your whines become high pitched sobs. Your head is still spinning from the other orgasms but somehow, he reaches down between your bodies to find your swollen clit. With rapid circles, he coaxes come more out of you. Your walls convulse around him as you scream out his name. Fives thrusts for a final time, finishing deep within you.
You both collapse on the bed, his weight falling onto yours. After a beat, he quickly rolls off of you, pulling his softening cock from you and guiding you around so that he can hold you, face to face and pressed to his chest. There’s a moment where your heart flutters and you think about pushing away but you’re too exhausted to protest. Instead, you tuck your nose into his neck and let him stroke your hair until both of your breathing slows.
When it finally does, Fives slips from the bed for a moment. You hear the sink run in your fresher. When he comes back, Fives has a damp towel with him. He sponges your lower half as he lays gentle kisses on your skin. You’re sore in the best way, wriggling just a little under his touch. You’ll definitely feel him tomorrow. Tomorrow. The thought makes you frown. That’s why you didn’t want to do this. So you wouldn’t have to miss him tomorrow. That’s why this is a bad habit that you need to break. Nausea sets in.
Fives, unaware of the struggle waging inside you, tosses the used towel to the side before he climbs back into bed. He pulls your sheet around you both. He wraps his arms around you and molds himself to your form. His heat, which you craved so desperately only minutes ago, suddenly feels suffocating.
“Should you be going?” You pull yourself away from him. No need to get comfortable in arms you can’t stay in.
Fives isn’t having any of it though. He gathers you back into his chest.
“No drills in the morning. Rex canceled everything until the afternoon.” He mumbles into your shoulder as he presses his lips to your skin. Then, he pauses for a moment before he adds, “Let’s go get breakfast at Dex’s.”
“Sure,” You snort.
“I mean it, cyar’ika.” He separates from you just enough for you to be able to see his face. You peer at his features, expecting to see some of his spritely humor. You expect to find the punchline. Instead, he wears only an earnest smile. “Let me take you out.”
“You’re serious?” You’re still skeptical but you feel yourself melting into him.
“Aren’t I always?” He winks before he plants a kiss on your forehead.
As you fall asleep in Fives’ arms, you’re smiling. You never could kick your bad habits but maybe they were leading you to where you were supposed to be.
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zoruui · 1 year
Tumblr media
a mf will never heal from what happened to fives
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