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Star Wars fandom 🤝 Vader
“If we go back in time and snap the neck of three year old Anakin skywalker all will be right in the galaxy”
what i think would be really, really funny is if there were a time travel fic that doubled as a groundhog day situation, wherein vader gets sent back in time for 24 hours over and over until he successfully averts his own horrible future. being vader, he decides the easiest solution is self-murder, so there's tom and jerry level hijinks involving vader repeatedly trying to kill his younger self and failing. like repeatedly from age 9 onwards baby anakin skywalker just experiences a seven foot tall piece of hellspawn manifesting out of nowhere and desiring only to murder anakin to absolute death, and obi-wan is the guy who repeatedly has to chase vader off. like obi-wan sighs and picks up his lightsaber and asks anakin, "what did you even do to him?" while anakin's hiding behind a corner like STOP TALKING TO ME HE'LL FIND ME
like the plot of the terminator but it's fully just anakin skywalker having beef with being anakin skywalker, that thing he hates most. i think vader crashes his own wedding and then chases his nineteen year old self around varykino bellowing TO THE LAST I GRAPPLE WITH THEE - FROM HELL'S HEART I STAB AT THEE - FOR HATE'S SAKE I SPIT MY LAST BREATH AT THEE
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Tumblr media
The great James Earl Jones has retired as the voice of Darth Vader. Mr. Jones has made an agreement with Lucasfilm regarding the computer-generated reproduction of his voice for future projects.
Thank you for your brilliant, essential, and irreplaceable contribution to Star Wars, Mr. Jones.
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gretchenzellerbarnes · 2 days ago
absolutely wild that there are still people out here blaming obi wan for anakin's fall to the dark side... as if an actual sith lord hadn't been grooming anakin since childhood
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Obi when he sees Anakin walking out with Padme
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Star Wars: Rebels (2014-2018) 2.22 "Twilight of the Apprentice Part 2"
[ID: Two GIFs of Darth Vader from Star Wars: Rebels. He stands atop his TIE fighter as it descends into the Sith Temple. His cape billows in the wind, and his lightsaber is an ignited, red beam.]
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weixuldo · 2 days ago
“i’m gonna stop you right there… do you know who you’re speaking to?”
“calm down general skywalker”
Tumblr media
lol he’s def the confrontational type…im not entirely happy w this piece but it’s still ani and padme so it’s good enough to post🥲
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nkp1981 · 2 days ago
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BTS of “Star Wars”
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Make me choose,Favorite Anidala Scene,Naboo Wedding
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anakin skywalker x fem!reader
3rd person pov version: link
summary: seeing you cozied up with general skywalker caused the clones to talk about what they’d do to you if you were theirs. anakin stands by and listens, smug that he’s allowed to do anything he wants to you, and his battalion can only fantasize about it.
character(s): anakin skywalker
pov: 2nd person
word count: 4k
there are two versions of this fic! one in 3rd pov and this one in 2nd. i wrote both cos i know ppl have preferences
i do not condone the behavior shown by the characters i wrote, this is purely a fictional writing about something that is morally wrong in irl but hot for my own self indulgent purposes, do not allow real ppl to treat you this way without ur consent lmao. also i had to make up clone names bcos i didn’t want to use any existing clone names and risk mischaracterization
warnings: please read
dead dove do not eat, established fwb relationship, lowkey clone slander, clones speaking about a woman sexually that theyre not involved with sexually, lowkey unedited, anakin skywalker having a filthy mouth with his clones, dirty foul mouthed vile delicious “locker room talk” towards love interest, clones bet whether or not general skywalker bangs love interest, ooc anakin, ooc clones, speaking explicitly and sexually about someone behind their back, also explicit content if that wasn’t already clear
Tumblr media
“I’ve got something for you,”
You had come here to exercise, but all you had done so far was play on your holo-tablet to find the right music for the occasion for ten minutes. You looked up at the sound of the voice, straightening your back when you realized who it was.
“General Skywalker,” you addressed him properly, since you were in public. From his attire, you guessed he was fitting this visit in between meetings. With a wave of his hand and a soft smile, he dismissed the title.
“Look,” His hand came out from behind his back, a long, wide blade revealed. “Don’t have much time, but this,” he lifted it into to eyeline, twirling it by its hilt in his grip, the overhead lights glinting off of it. “is a vibroblade.” He met your gaze, brow raised, proud of himself for acquiring it.
“It’s for me?” you asked, setting your tablet aside to stand, approaching him. He hummed in confirmation. For safety, he downturned the blade, handing it to you by the hilt. It was a fine sword, but you were confused, knitting your eyebrows together as you tested the weight of it in your hand. You glanced between him and the weapon questioningly. “Thanks, but I don’t usually… use stuff like this. Knives are more my speed this feels very…” you raised the sword, in a way you thought a pirate would, “‘swashbuckle-y.’” You dropped your arm. Anakin scoffed.
“You’ve been here a while, and we’ve run into plenty of siths by now. Figured it was high time to get you something to defend yourself with in close quarters.” He pointed a finger onto the weapon as he explained, “Watch,” His large hand came to fix atop yours on the hilt, and you inhaled. Your reaction went unnoticed as he brought his saber over, igniting it. The blades of both met each other, and you witnessed how the lightsaber didn’t cut through the vibroblade. “If things get hairy, and there’s no escape, you’ve got a backup plan.” They were hard to come across, Anakin was lucky to have this one, and he was relieved to be able to give it to you, smiling down at you expectantly for your answer.
You broke out of your impressed stupor. It was a thoughtful gift. The fact that you were untrained with a sword of this size stopped you from expressing your full gratitude. That, and the warmth of his hand was still on yours.
This fitness center was made out of a repurposed hangar so it was cavernous, with expansive floor space. It had the usual: weights, punching bags, a closed off shooting range, etc. There was a lot of unused area, and spare supplies would often be dropped off. A ways away, a few clones had escorted boxes of dry rations on a hoverboard, unloading it here until it was time to relocate it if there was room in the mess hall kitchen. Ko, a clone officer, sat a box down, before taking notice of a familiar head of hair across the room. “Hey, men,” he said through a grin, “is that General Skywalker over there with (y/n)?” His comment caught the attentions of his fellow soldiers, halting what they were doing to spy.
“Ha! Skywalker,” Dice laughed, assumptions forming as to what their General was up to, “You don’t think he’s trying to butter her up, do you?”
“C’mon, guys,” Stringbean huffed, “I wanna get this over with.”
“Look, ‘Bean, they’re basically holding hands.” Copper pointed out, leaning against the cargo behind him and lulling his head in Stringbean’s direction. “Who’s gonna win the bet if we don’t pay attention?”
“Maybe making a bet about whether or not General Skywalker— a Jedi— is trying to get close to (y/n)—“
“Ah, ah, ah!” Dice wagged his finger at Stringbean, correcting him, “Whether or not they fuck, ‘Bean.”
“Well, how are we supposed to tell?”
“By watching.” Ko hissed, warning them to hush up and pay attention to the pair over on the sparring mat.
You bit your lip, meeting Anakin’s gaze who was unfaltering in his eye and physical contact. “I don’t know how to use a sword.” you admitted, your tone coming out meaner than you meant to, saying it like it should be obvious to him.
Anakin didn’t seem to notice it, “Here,” instead rounding your body to stand behind you. “I’ll show you.” Directing both of your hands onto the hilt, replacing both of his hands atop yours. He was such a wide shouldered man. That, and by doing this he curled and enveloped you almost completely. You swallowed thickly, letting him move you. There was no way that you didn’t note how strong he felt, how tall and toned with thick muscle he was. His rigid chest against your back, his flexed arms pressing into yours, his chin hovering over your shoulder, cheek against your hair— you felt dizzy with excitement. No doubt you’d ask for his help in relief later when it was time for ‘lights out’. You had a sneaking suspicion he knew exactly what he was doing to you.
He changed your positioning effortlessly, angling the blade to the imaginary opponent, “You’ll block like this. Center yourself,” Impossible to center yourself without thinking about shoving his cock into your center over and over— “When you attack, you’ll come down like this,” He raised your arms, bringing the sword down slowly, with purpose. When he stepped forward, his hips pressed into yours, and you stepped forward, not before feeling something familiar and half hard poking into you. A tingle traveled down your spine and you smirked. “If you can afford leaving yourself open, you can thrust,” Another step forward, and he shoved the blade into the air in front of them. You hadn’t been listening at all— mind occupied with General Skywalker’s perfect body pressed up against yours, fitting together like puzzle pieces— but you perked up when he mentioned thrusting. You can very much afford to leave yourself open right now, if only he had the time to properly reintroduce himself to the space between your legs. Overwhelmed, a deep blush bloomed onto your cheeks and ears.
A mischievous smile stretched out onto Copper’s lips, “Mates, is it just me or she turning red with ol’ Skywalker over there?”
Stringbean, forgetting his past protests at the notion he could be losing the bet, leaned forward, “No way,”
Dice rubbed his chin with his hand, “That she is, Copp, this is too good.”
“I’ve never seen her blush before,” Copper muttered, unable to deduce if it meant the General was making you uncomfortable, or you were attracted. You weren't pulling away at all.
“Oh, to be in his position,” Ko chuckled, the General had to be enjoying himself. Any of them would if they switched places.
You cocked your head to look at Anakin, who’s gaze lingered on yours. He stepped away, his warmth leaving you when he detached, clearing his throat. “I’ll be sure to give you more formal lessons on it another time.” You hoped he would, turning to face him with a hand on your hip. “Obi Wan and I have already agreed to switch off sparring you. You should get experience with different fighting styles.” Beginning to walk backwards off the mat, “It won’t be easy! We’re gonna fight dirty, like a sith would. Okay? I’ve gotta go, I’ll see you around,” he said, pointing to you, voice growing in volume as he furthered from you.
You nodded at him with a knowing grin, shaking your head from his ramble. “Bye, bye, Skywalker,” You gave him a flirty wave as he dismissed himself. He faced forward, and the spying clones pretended to be busy.
“Officers,” Anakin nodded at them in acknowledgment as he walked past, “I’ll see you guys later for deployment?”
Ko nodded back, saluting, “‘Course, General.”
Dice managed to slow Anakin’s stride, unloading the last bit of cargo and leaning his hand on it, “Oi, Skywalker, I saw you getting all up close and personal with (y/n) over there. Seemed cozy.” It was his special interest in poking at things his fellow soldiers thought it best to leave alone. Especially because they didn’t want their commanding officer to know they’d been spying on him.
Anakin didn’t think anything of it, expecting observation in a public area, especially when (y/n) was involved. “Just showing her some moves, that’s all.” he answered innocently, moving on to get ready for his next mission.
The men’s heads followed him as he scampered off. This was all too fishy. Copper hummed lowly, “Oh, he showed her a couple of moves, alright.” Stringbean hit his shoulder with the back of his hand playfully.
“We don’t know that yet.”
Ko scoffed, “He’s trying to move in on her.” He was certain.
None of them knew he had already moved in on you, countless times.
Their deployment was within the hour. Tasked with bringing aid to a neutral planet in order to secure their alliance with the Republic. The troops expected a resistance from the opposers, which didn’t bode well for their moods. There always was a hill to climb in order to reach victory, it was the hill that proved fatal for some. The clone troops were prepared to lay down their life for their cause, but they preferred not to focus on the possible tragedy awaiting them. Instead, they sought distractions. Distractions that made them feel normal, like there wasn’t a war occurring, that they weren’t waddling in the trenches of it.
This squad (who affectionately referred to themselves as the “Groundhog” squadron) swapped stories, knowing this would be a long ride in a shuttle, having entered the atmosphere of the planet. Their helmets in their hands or underneath their arms, seemingly reminding everyone how human they were. The conversation served its purpose, taking the men’s weight off. Anakin leaned onto the wall of the shuttle, eyes closed as he attempted a crude form of meditation. Jokes were cracked when they got onto the subject of what they’d do after the war, but nobody pointed out it was wishful thinking. Having a lover, or a wife, was a common fantasy amongst the group.
Stringbean hopped up to sit on some armory cargo, resting his blaster on safety beside him. “Maker to think…” he voices his thought aloud, picking up his leg so he can rest his elbow on his knee, shaking his head with a soft smile. “Having a plot of land to myself. A family. That’d be the life.”
Copper piped up, “I don’t even care about the family part, ‘Bean, sign me up for a wife.” It made the other clones chuckle with him.
“Ah, a wife…” Ko sighed in content from the idea, fixing his back against the cargo and resting his head back. “… beautiful woman, got a good head on her shoulders, capable, resilient. Sharing a home with her would be the dream.” Imagining it, his fantasized wife, and (y/n)’s face surfaced in his mind. It didn’t necessarily surprise him. Visualizing you offer him a meat pie you prepared for him was doing something to him.
Dice snickered, “It’s been a while since you troops’ve been laid.” Anakin smirked to himself. He shouldn’t be eavesdropping but he couldn’t help it when he felt so proud to have gotten some this morning. The officers didn’t take notice, continuing their conversation. Dice copied Stringbean, jumping up onto a box to sit, but crossed his arms. “Hell,” he scoffed, “it’s been a while since I’ve gotten laid,”
“Well there’s slim pickin’s in our line of work, Dice, don’t go feelin’ sorry for yourself.” Copper patted him firmly on the shoulder, and Dice nodded knowingly, elbowing him back.
“Let’s see,” Ko started counting on his fingers, “there’s a bunch of Jedi,”
“Bunch’a prudes, more like. No offense, General,” Dice chimed in. Anakin waved his hand dismissively, downturning his lips, knowing he was probably the only one in this battalion getting any tail.
“None taken,” The Jedi insisted, without breaking his meditation.
“But it’s not like we’re not a ‘bunch’a prudes’ ourselves,” Stringbean interjected, outstretching his hands in a defensive gesture, and it earns him a laugh from the squad.
“I hear that.”
Anakin shook his head with a smile, unable to steel himself from listening in.
“Alright, so we’ve got the prudish Jedi, our fellow Clone brothers, and…” A smirk stretched out onto Copper’s lips as he finished the sentence Stringbean started, “(y/n),”
A chorus sounded of groans, chuckles, sighs, filthy comments amongst the troop… You were a popular subject revisited yet again by the squadron. Anakin peeked open an eye, observing his soldiers’ reactions to his informant-turned-commander, who begs for his cock almost every night.
“Don’t get me started on (y/n),”
“The things I’d let her do to me,”
“Oh, the things I’d do to her if she’d let me,” A clone responded with a dark snicker.
“It’s like she doesn’t even know she drives me crazy.”
“Oi, you’re not the only one, mate.”
Anakin closed his eye before someone caught him spying. It was best to stay as far removed as possible.
“Stringbean, go back to that farm fantasy of yours.” The men wanted to hear it again, and Stringbean added a revision.
“Like I said, just a plot of land to myself.” ‘Bean gazed at the ceiling, visualizing his regaled tale in his mind’s eye. “(y/n) as my spoil of war,” These touch starved army men exhaling at the wording made Anakin scoff silently through his nose. War deranged men, showed their true, darker selves, and the Jedi witnessed it firsthand. Experienced it himself. The urge to step in rose in Anakin’s chest, but he denied it. He wanted to hear what these depraved creatures really thought of his lover. As if imagining it themselves, the boys followed Stringbean’s example and looked to the ceiling. “We’ve got two kids: a boy and a girl. (y/n) and I share yard work, and at the end of the day, cook dinner together—“
“Oi, get to the good part!” Dice jeered, and some men snickered.
“Okay, okay,” Stringbean grinned sheepishly, motioning with his hands to settle down. It seemed his fantasy was seeping into Anakin as well. “After dinner— kids asleep— we start cleaning up. She’s doing dishes, I’m clearing the table. I get a look of her in that apron,” Some guys suck in a breath. Anakin cocked his head, furrowed his brows, and exhaled through his pursed lips at the image of you in a little apron and nothing else. “Can’t help myself. Come up behind her, start fondling her. Then I nail her on the kitchen table.”
“Stringbean, you dog!” A clone shouted, and the troopers began weakly beating on him, tossing their helmets at ‘Bean while he grinned and flinched, knowing he deserved it. Being the first one to spell out a dirty fantasy meant facing certain scrutiny.
Once they had settled down, Copper wanted to share, outstretching his arms to gesture the men to quiet. “Alright, alright, that reminds me, lads.” he introduced, dropping his arms once he’d gotten everyone’s attention. “There was one day I got ahead of myself in training, (y/n) was there. Picked me up, dusted me off, brought me down to the medical bay. That night?” He raised a brow, cupping his chin in his hand, “I had the filthiest dream about her.” Being watched with bated breaths, he wasn’t sure if he should even tell this story.
“Well, don’t keep us in suspense.” A clone told him incredulously, but it was all in good fun.
Copper went on, “I dreamt she snuck into my room, told me she couldn’t stay away from me. She couldn’t keep her hands to herself, kept palming me through my pants.”
Anakin recalled an exact moment when you told him the same thing, did the same thing to him when he was recovering in the medical bay. He knit his eyebrows together, biting his lip to keep from saying anything.
“Got excited. She took care of me, sucked on me a bit, mounted and rode me ‘til I had nothing left. Fat tits bouncing. I’m surprised I contained myself while I was sleepin’.” Copper finished, leaning his elbow against the cargo.
Dice dissolved into laughter, pointing to Copper and looking amongst the group, “Mate says he’s surprised he didn’t jizz himself like a teenager,” The group followed Dice’s suit, laughing, including Copper.
Anakin felt himself perspire because he was stuck on the imagery of your “fat tits bouncing”. He swallowed thickly.
“Oi, the body on that broad, eh?” Dice reminisced, “Went to the fitness center and she was there. Had on a little bra, barely strapped in that chest of hers,” He cupped the air around his chest comically, he bounced his hands, causing a few snickers. “She didn’t notice me practically drooling like a hound. She’s glistening with sweat. Hair sticking to her forehead and neck. She’s jumping rope and I can’t tear my eyes away… the tightest yoga pants I’ve ever seen, if she bent over bet I could see her pretty little hole. The woman’s gotta know what she’s doing to us,”
Anakin, like the rest of these sleazy soldiers, was visualizing the whole damn thing. Except he knows he tore apart those yoga pants as soon as he saw you bent over in front of him. Of course you were pissed at him for it, but knowing now all these filthy perverts were waiting for the day you’d wear ‘em? He was glad he did it. Put them to one last good use getting you nice and wet for his cock. To hide his guilt, he rested his hand over his face.
“Hourglass figure, wit as sharp as a tack, looks that could kill, I wish she’d get over that crush she’s got already and get with a real man.” A clone added and an intrigued smile broke out onto Anakin’s lips, concealed by his hand.
“A crush? No way,”
“Say it ain’t so,”
“It’s obvious! A woman like that hasn’t hopped on anyone’s dick since she got here— and we’re all strapping young men— I’m tellin’ ya, girl’s hung up.”
“I could make her forget him. Gimme one night with her, she’ll forget he even existed.”
Anakin scoffed. That was highly doubtful.
“What about you, Ko? What do you think of (y/n)?”
“What’s to say that hasn’t already been said?” Ko shrugged, but the encouragement from his squad changed his mind. “I just wanna stick my dick in that cleavage. C’mon, you all have seen it. She displays it like she wants attention,” he spoke defensively, as if he had a case to defend, “Wonder if she likes being called a slut.”
You do. Anakin thought about you with a smile.
“Wonder if she is a slut.” Dice leaned back against the cargo with a wolfish grin.
You are. Anakin thought about you in response once more, smile widening.
Anakin wrestled with himself. On one hand, he could join the conversation, bond with these disgusting depraved men and their dark fantasies, or stay indifferent and detached. He knew that war changed people, and this was an outlet. They weren’t interested in taking advantage of someone when they were bred to be docile and trained to protect the innocent. You were particularly extroverted, and a bit of a tease— he had learned that first hand. Your flirtatious speech was smooth and confident, and you moved in an aesthetically poised manner, Anakin found you beautiful no matter what you did. Unashamed to admit he’s gotten stiff watching you fight alongside him on the battlefield. No wonder your image fell victim to this merry band of neglected soldiers. Attractive and available, so you had become a relatable object of fantasy. A prize to focus on to get through tough times, to get through the possibility of dying tomorrow. Never in a million years would he justify it, but he could understand it. Especially because he could hear his praise of you through the voices of these men. He could sense their intent. None of them would cause you physical harm. Briefly, he pondered if you sired these feelings in them on purpose, knowing the gross comments they made with each other when they were alone. An image of you getting off to it flashed in Anakin’s mind. It wasn’t far off from your personality to pleasure yourself to the idea of power.
“Oi, awfully quiet back there, eh, Skywalker?” Dice called, and Anakin looked at him. “We didn’t scare you or nothin’, did we?” On the contrary.
“No, just listening.” The Jedi replied nonchalantly, crossing his arms and legs as he settled against the hull wall.
Dice wanted to ask if Jedi had dirty thoughts too, but he didn’t want to shatter the illusion that Anakin was one of them— human— if he answered no. Sometimes they liked to pretend Anakin was not a peacekeeper, did not adhere to an oath, in a way Anakin liked to pretend that too.
“You ever get off to the thought of (y/n), General Skywalker?” Stringbean blurted out, breaking the silence. Immediately, the platoon scolded him playfully.
Anakin pinched his chin, “(y/n), you say?” Yes, he had. Yes, indeed, he had. More than he cared to admit. More than he thought a Jedi ever should. “Oh! You mean Commander (l/n),” He pushed off the wall, leisurely striding to the center of the group. His inflated ego had gotten to him, having completely overshadowed his more jealous traits ages ago. His tone and correction of your title made his squad nervous, and they watched with bated breath. They questioned if he was cross with them.
“I wouldn’t say,” Anakin started, a mischievous glint in his eye. He folded his arms behind his back, pacing as he noticed their worried looks. Maker, he wished he could tell them, witness their reactions when he tells them he’s been banging the “broad” they fantasize their filthy little minds about when they’re alone. His head was so big it was a mystery how it fit into the hull of this ship.
“We know you’ve got a little soft spot for her, sir, it’s obvious.” Copper ached to break the tension, and he desperately moved it into the direction necessary for him to win the bet. “We’ve all got one.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” The clones averted their gazes from the Jedi once he spoke, shuffling nervously in place. “but Maker, if I were simply a man, I’d do whatever it took to make her mine.”
Grins broke out on their faces at the fact Anakin played a trick on them, and some cheered their agreement with his case.
“Isn’t she other-worldly?”
“Extremely.” Anakin replied.
“She makes it so hard—“
“Maker, don’t I know it…” Anakin mused, reminiscing how hard you make his cock rather than what the clone was referring to.
“Has she ever hit on you, sir?”
“Oh, all the time. She’s shameless.” And Anakin meant shameless. Downright blasphemous, the words that would come out of that pretty mouth of yours.
“Easy?” One clone asked with hope.
Anakin gave him a look. “It wouldn’t be a problem for me either way.” he responded smugly, acting out the role of the indifferent Jedi who’s confident he could get you if he really wanted to.
His battalion went wild over the fact their leader is in on their little crush. Like they brought him down to their hellish level, innocent from the knowledge Anakin has put the body they covet the most in every position and every location. Painted you with his cum countless times. Has witnessed your pleading gaze and expression twisted in pleasure when he hit that perfect spot inside of you.
General Skywalker rode on that ego high, “Gentlemen, nothing quite like comin’ home from a battle, and (y/n) greeting you with open arms, open legs, and an open mouth.” He stood in the middle while his clones cheered thinking about that imagery, thinking their general is merely joining the conversation, and making it all up.
To keep the charade going, to find out more about how Anakin really felt about you, Ko yelled out, “Skywalker!” Anakin hummed in response. “Fuck, marry, kill: (y/n), Master Luminara, and that cute Pantoran Senator Chuchi,”
At the mention, the other clones joined into the game, muttering their answers in a big jumble. Anakin waited his turn to speak, “C’mon,”
“Don’t be like that, it’s just a game.” Ko assured, moving to sit at the edge of the cargo.
“Alright, alright. Let me think. Okay, one’s easy: Marry (y/n). Make her my little trophy wife.”
Like a pack of hyenas, they chittered with laughter.
“Sir? You wouldn’t wanna just ’fuck’?” The question was asked to serve a purpose, to nail in the bet.
“Why would I want to fuck once, when we’re hitched I get to fuck always?” Anakin answered. Once the hollering died down, he added. “Doesn’t matter the time of day. She shouldn’t be walking around with an ass like that if she didn’t want it split open twenty-four-seven.”
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I just met Darth Vader and I tried to tell him to invest in some beskar but he saw my Din ears and called me a REBEL SPY I WAS LIKE SIR HEAR ME OUT
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General Skywalker's Funeral Pyre
Rex watched, hidden in the forest, as Vader's body burned. He thought back through the years about who that man had once been.
He'd been a general who cared.
A teacher who protected.
A man who loved deeply.
Many people over the years had said they couldn't understand how he'd fallen so far, but Rex could. He hated himself for thinking it, but he hadn't been all that surprised when Ahsoka had told him before her own death.
Yes, he'd started out as a good man, but he had always cared too much. Rex had watched as every clone's death began to weigh on him. As he tried to balance his duty to the Order with his devotion to his wife. Rex had been the one to argue that Ahsoka's leaving hadn't been his fault over and over and over again.
He'd watched Anakin Skywalker slowly implode over the years and hadn't been able to do a thing about it.
He was just glad that the young pilot (his general's son!) had been able to get through to him in the end.
The young man in front of him sighed shakily. How much did he know about his father? Rex fought with himself. This seemed like a private moment for him, but Rex did want to pay his respects.
He stepped forward, out of the woods. Skywalker Junior's head whipped around, surprised. Rex walked towards the pyre and stood next to him in silence.
The young man looked at him. "You knew him. Before, I mean-" he guessed.
"Yeah. Yeah I knew him. Served under him in the Clone Wars. I don't mean to intrude, I just wanted to pay my respects."
He nodded. "Of course. I'm Luke, by the way."
Rex smiled sadly. "Captain Rex. You know, I could tell you some stories about him after this if you wanted."
Luke smiled back. "That would be nice. Thank you."
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Vader in (Obi Wan Kenobi)
Tumblr media
Obi Wan!!!
Tumblr media
Obi Wannnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!
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stahp it
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Tumblr media
🏵Just a little friendly reminder🏵
Tumblr media
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