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saggitary · 3 days
Clone Wars Headcannons
All over the place but yeah enjoy
Ahsoka will let her men test out pick up lines before shore leave and give them tips on how to better pick up girls
Ahsoka picked up her eye rolling habit from Wolffe
Fives and Echo refer to Rex as “oh captain my captain” (Rex is very annoyed)
Clone troopers sleep better when they cuddle up with someone
Anakin has given Ahsoka and many of his men heart attacks when he randomly removes his prosthetic hand
There are painted line of the Resolutes floor near the medical bays to mark how far troopers have made it when they attempt to escape the medics
This usually ends with the medics full body tackling their vod and occasionally their Jedi
Hardcase has the furthest mark with Fives very near behind him
Much to Wolffe’s dismay young animals love to imprint of him during campaigns, he says he hates it but Sinker once saw Wolffe carrying around a baby loth cat wrapped in one of his blankets
Rex is a natural blonde due to a mutation and I will die on this hill
Fox and Wolffe have the highest spice tolerance of their batch and their brothers are very concerned for them
Based on the scene in the Umbara arc where Tup is hanging onto the gunship handle with 2 hands, he is a very nervous flier
Ahsoka noticed that Tup was a nervous flier and now tries to get on the same ships as him to help keep him calm
The 501st has different tallies up throughout the barracks for random things like ‘how many times the general loses his lightsaber’, ‘best quotes for the week’, etc
Clone troopers speak mando’a, kaminoan, and basic fluently
Rex always wins arm wrestling contests, even against Anakin
Ahsoka learned how to play sabacc from the Wolf Pack and has been banned from playing in most 501st circles because she always wins
The CCs have the ability to sleep with their eyes open and Wolffe and Fox actively chose to do so to creep everyone else out
Cody has broken his wrists and his shins from fist fighting droids but he continues to do it
Many troopers in the 501st have also attempted to fist fight droids but quickly stopped when the medics refused to treat them
Anakin has also attempted to fist fight droids and damaged his cybernetic hand enough that he had to get a new one
Ahsoka purrs when she sleeps close to other people 
Hardcase almost cried when he first heard Ahsoka purr because he thought it was cutest damn thing
Capture the flag is the 501st’s favorite down time activity
Cody has hidden drugs in Obi-Wan’s tea to make him sleep which Obi-Wan was rather offended by but continued to accept all tea given to him by his commander
Ahsoka set up a projector in the rec room and on hyper space trips she plays holomovies so her men can be ‘cultured’ 
Ahsoka is good friends with Padme and Riyo Chuchi and regularly gets together with them for girls nights
Rex has gotten a tattoo while drunk but Cody is the only one that knows about it
Ahsoka found out when her men’s birthday or decanting days are and makes sure to wish them a happy birthday
Ponds, Bly, and Fox were very confused when they received a transmission from Rex, Cody, and Wolffe’s vod’ika wishing them a happy birthday
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Tumblr media
I miss him, okay. Somebody better talk about him in Bad Batch S2.
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pinkiemme · 1 day
Tumblr media
Download the png files and get the telegram sticker pack here
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bibannana · 3 days
Karaoke Night On The Resolute
Fives *takes the microphone from Hardcase*: Wonderful performance of Holding Out For A Hero, Hardcase. Especially love the sparkling red dress.
Hardcase *bows and leaves the stage*
Fives *turning to fully face the crowd*: And now for my own personal take on I Will Always Love You. *turns to Echo* Hit it!
Rex *listening*: This sounds pretty normal so far-
Fives *giving his heart and soul to this performance*: AND IIIIIII WILL ALWAYS ANNOY YOUUUU!
Rex *closes his eyes*: He didn't even bother to change the rest of the lyrics.
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galozima · 18 hours
Tumblr media
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gaeasun · 1 day
I think the clones would have had a name for those who were the last of their batch. Like an orphan. but not quite. It's a special kind of burden to be the last. Maybe they marked it secretly on their armor, maybe they tried to ignore it, press on, or even wait their turn.
Just. That it was something acknowledged and mourned.
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corelliansunsets · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pair of troublemakers enjoy the leaves together
(+ I miss fall so much)
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padawansuggest · 23 hours
Fives: *recording from a bathroom stall in 79s* hey, should I call him?
Other patrons: *instantly shouting, telling him no, he’s not worth it, it’s a horrible idea*
Fives: lol
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skeltrr · 20 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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chipss-chips · 14 days
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tattycoram · 2 months
Kidnapper: We have your ARC trooper
Rex: Which one I have three
Kidnapper: The loud, annoying one who never shuts up
Rex: Which one I have three
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arrothededushka · 2 months
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notpikaman · 9 hours
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starwarjotta · 24 days
Tumblr media
Starwarstober Day 4 & 24, Rain & Brothers Fives and Echo are such supportive brothers and Rex is so done with everything
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fives-bf · 1 month
"Not my circus, not my monkeys" is Cody every time he sees Anakin and whole 501st doing anything
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bibannana · 20 hours
Fives *thumps out of his bunk onto the floor*
Tup *bolts upright at the sound*: I didn't fight the tooka!
Fives *springs up*: Good morning!!
Jesse *pillow covering his face*: It is not morning! Get your shebs back into your bunk!
Kix *who just fell asleep*: The sedatives are in my pack. Knock him out.
Fives *looming over Kix*: Ah ah ah! Rex said not to waste the sedatives like that anymore!
Hardcase *dead asleep to the world*
Jesse *groaning*: Somebody shut him up!
Fives *wiggles his finger at him*: Ha! I have now awoken and shall pester you all for another rotatio- *slumps to floor*
Echo *laying on his bunk, blaster pointed at Fives*: Gag and bound him boys. Gag and bound him.
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zhanyaak · 3 months
Tumblr media
“Find him. Fives! FIND HIM!”
a product of my clone wars-induced-at-2-in-the-morning depressive episode
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