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tattycoram · 2 days
Fives: *opens 501st barracks door to see Cody standing there with a bag of snacks*
Fives: What are you doing here?
Cody: Rex is out, I'm here to babysit you
Fives: Babysit? I don't need a babysitter, I'm not a child
Fives: *opens the bag of snacks*
Fives: Ooh a juice box
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lilzoo · 17 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they're captains your honor
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osfi-am · 6 months
Tumblr media
An alternate universe where everything is fine and now Rex has to babysit yet another skywalker
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excavatinglizard · 6 months
Tumblr media
Me, at the lake with no wifi and exactly one(1) reference of clone armor: I think Rex deserves an emotional support tooka
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ujalayi · 7 months
Tumblr media
Hastily colored sketch of the absolute beloved 🥰
Rex fans (everyone in the entire galaxy) this one’s for you
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circadianaa · 5 months
Tumblr media
death by a thousand cuts
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Tumblr media
It was most definitely Ahsoka’s idea
Rex, Ahsoka and Anakin as that trend back in 2020 with the ghost photoshoot that went viral on TikTok
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Rex: *Opens the door and holds it open* After you, sir.
Cody: No thank you. I never let anyone walk behind me. 7 out of 10 attacks come from behind.
Rex: Well, that still leaves a 30% chance that I'll attack you from the front...
Cody: Yes, but it will be easier to stop. I can obviously always block the blow. I would countert it. Not that you would ever have the guts to-
Rex: *Slaps Cody* *Walks inside*
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chopper-base · 4 months
My favorite Rex moment is STILL when the man impaled the zygerian slaver with a spear by throwing it from ACROSS THE ROOM and then just nonchalantly goes
Tumblr media
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kaminocasey · 29 days
Sweep Me Off My Feet
Summary: Fives gives you advice on how to land Captain Rex.
Pairing: Captain Rex x GN!Reader
Warnings: 18+, Fluff, Feelings
A/N: I got this idea at 1 AM and it demanded to be written. Here is the song that I listened to to get a feel for 79s in my head lol.
Tumblr media
You’ve been trying to get Rex’s attention for a little over two months now. Every single time you manage to get him to look at you, it’s never for very long. You want to change that.
You and Fives are on the dancefloor of 79s, laughing and having a good time when Fives leans down in your ear to tell you the one thing you’ve been dying to hear for the last two months.
“The captain is staring at you.” He chuckles. “Hard.”
“Is he really?” You’re afraid to look, even though you really want to.
Because if you look, you know he’ll stop looking.
“Should we give him a show then?” You ask Fives.
Fives, who just happens to be your best friend, knows about your infatuation with the 501st captain. He’s seemingly made it his life mission to be the best wingman possible. So far, he’s doing an alright job. He found out that Rex actually likes you and thinks you’re “funny and charismatic”. He just won’t look at you.
“If you want.” Fives smirks, gripping your hips as you grind against him in rhythm to the music. 
The music is loud and you can feel it thumping in your chest. It’s not hard to get lost in it. Fives starts to push you away from his body, except he quickly spins you so he can pull you back against his body, lifting your arms so that they rest around his neck.
“Sneak a peek. He can’t tear his eyes off of you.” Fives murmurs in your ear. 
You try to be really sneaky about glancing at Rex. Fives is right. Rex has an arm spread along the back of the booth and he’s watching you.
“He’s just shy, cyar’ika.” Fives tells you.
You look back up at Fives. “So, what do I do, then?”
“Go over there, scoot into the booth right there in the crook of his arm and give him the absolute cheesiest pick up line you know.” He starts to push you toward the booth, swatting your ass in a playful way. 
Before you can panic, you move to the booth quickly and scoot in, next to Rex. He looks at you, clearly startled but you’re grinning nervously at him.
“Hey, cap. If you were words on a page, you’d be fine print.” You lean toward his ear so he can hear you.
Rex doesn’t have time to move away, because you make him let out a genuine laugh. 
“That was a really good one.” He takes a drink, smiling.
Your heart clenches in your chest and you bite your lip, excited that he’s finally not looking away from you.
“Are you a magician? Because when I’m looking at you, you make everyone else disappear.” Rex leans down to your ear and chuckles.
You can’t help the nervous fluttery feeling going insane in your stomach right now as you let out a laugh. That was a really good one. You start to wonder how he knows pick up lines, but then you remember Fives is his brother.
“Any chance you have an extra heart? Mine’s been stolen!” You lean in toward his ear at the same time that he was starting to lean in toward your ear and your lips nearly accidentally touch. Neither of you move, though.
“Um… are you my blasters because you’re… set to stun.” He goes warm all over his body. 
You let out a giggle but look down at his lips as he glances down at yours.
“That might be my favorite.” You grin before bravely brushing your lips over his.
He goes slightly rigid only for a second before melting into you, pulling you against him. Rex’s lips are softer than you’d expected. But they seem to fit perfectly against yours, like they were made for each other. Like you and Rex were made for each other. 
“I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” Rex admits when he pulls away.
“Makes two of us.” You smirk, brushing your lips against his again. 
You hear a loud cheer and when you look over, you see what seems to be the entire 501st cheering you and Rex on from the dancefloor. Rex shakes his head, exasperated with his brothers like always and you can’t help but laugh, rolling your eyes. Fives gives you a thumbs up and an “I told you so” face. 
“Do you wanna get out of here?” You asks Rex. 
“I would actually.” He nods, smiling. 
You both climb out of the booth and head outside to hail a taxi back to your apartment. 
“Oh wait.” He says as you wait for a taxi. “I’ve got another.” 
“Lay it on me, cap.” You grin widely up at Rex.
“Even in zero gravity… I would fall for you.” He smiles softly.
Your lips part slightly, speechless. 
“I mean that.” He tells you before pulling you into his arms and kissing you breathless. 
Unable to part, a few taxis come and go but you and Rex get lost in each other. You must be brooms, because you seem to have swept each other off your feet.
TAGS: @grievouus @brynhildrmimi @madameminor @dumfanting @rain-on-kamino @misogirl828 @corona-one @tecker @ladykatakuri @the-sith-in-the-sky-with-diamond @twistedstitcher27 @zoeykallus @maulslittlemeowmeow @littlemousedroid @arctrooper69 @rexxdjarin @agenteliix @padawancat97 @hated-by-me @sleepingsun501 @crosshairmylove587 @idlenesses @redheadgirl
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clu-ven · 28 days
"I'm so tired..." Prompt with Captain Rex
word count: 3.2k
summary: Rex needs some goddamn sleep
-> mainly SFW with vague indications to anything spicier <-
Tumblr media
You get used to the late nights and early mornings, everyone does. 
When you spend a lot of time going from planet to planet, it gets hard to differentiate between what’s supposed to be night and day, each rotation merging together. No matter the time, space always looks the same and with the different time zones you frequent, it’s no surprise that you’re still wide awake in what’s supposed to be the middle of the night.
It’s not just you that suffers from this, though the clones usually have their hands full with their shifts, too busy to notice their odd sleep schedules. 
So sitting at one of the desks in a quieter part of the ship, working away on some overdue paperwork while Captain Rex fills out a mission report across the room isn’t too unusual. If anything, the only thing that's unusual is how quiet it is.
Normally there’s more clones roaming around, all working on their own  reports at the individual desks scattered around the room but tonight, it’s almost empty, with just you and the Captain present.
When Rex first entered, he greeted you with a weary smile before hunkering down with his work. It’s a rare occurrence to have some alone time with the Captain, even if neither of you are doing much talking. Thankfully, the silence that hangs in the room is a comfortable one, soothing compared to the loud blasts of the battlefield or constant chatter of the mesh hall. 
Every once in a while, your eyes leave the reports you're filling out and trail over to Rex, a smile lingering on your lips as you watch him, deep in thought. 
Like always, he’s still fully suited, his helmet placed casually on the side of the desk. It must be uncomfortable to sit there for so long in his armour, though you doubt Rex cares. He’s a man who’s always ready for action, hating the idea of wasting precious time on putting his armour on. He sits hunched over his work, completely engrossed by it with one of his arms propping up his head, hand leaning against his forehead.
Rex is like a statue with his eyes glued to the holopad in front of him. His brow is creased, deep lines running across his face as he puts all of his attention into his work. 
Damn, you need to concentrate on your work too but that’s easier said than done.
It’s a difficult task to get back into work mode but you keep your head down and at least try to fill out a few more sections of paperwork. The good thing about doing some administration so late at night is that it’s sure to make you sleepy… eventually. The mundane task is bound to make anyone want to fall asleep or it’ll at least make anyone rethink every life choice that has led them to this moment. 
Even Rex must find it boring. You’re tempted to call out to him, say some witty line about how this makes cleaning the gunships look fun but you stop yourself, not wanting to intrude or interrupt his train of thought. You don’t even look up, knowing that if you glance his way again then you’ll get no work done, your mind wandering to other places.
Kriff, even without seeing Rex and just knowing he’s nearby is enough to distract you. You blink a few times in the hopes of pushing these thoughts out of your head and focus solely on the work in front of you. But it’s no use, you’ve lost all motivation to even finish the last sentence you’ve begun. You can’t bring yourself to do it, your brain completely shutting down at the thoughts of writing a single word more. Honestly, you’re too drained to deal with it now anyways and it can always wait until tomorrow.
Shutting down your holopad and clearing up your paperwork, an unfamiliar sound comes from the other side of the room. For a moment, you freeze, trying to process what the hell the sound could be. 
Was it a snort? Well, definitely not one from laughter, it was too quiet. Maybe it was a hum from the ship… though you think you would have recognised the sound if it was. 
An array of different possibilities flood your mind and just as you look up, opening your mouth to ask Rex if he heard it too, you realise what… or who the source of the sound was. 
With his hand still pressed against his forehead, keeping his head from smacking against the desk, Rex snores again. You can’t believe it. Is he actually asleep? 
Slowly pushing out from your chair, you stand to get a better look at him. His holopad is still on, showing a half filled out mission report. You don’t try to hide the soft smile that tugs at your lips, it’s not like he’s going to see it. Peering over at him, you realise Rex is undeniably asleep, even letting out another snore to confirm it. 
Being as quiet as possible, you tip-toe closer to him until you're beside his sleeping frame. Keeping your voice a mere whisper, you stoop down beside him “Rex?”. He doesn’t respond besides a small twitch of his nose. 
A part of you doesn’t want to wake him. For the most part, Rex looks peaceful when he sleeps except for the occasional crease of his brow, as though he’s still thinking about the work in front of him.
If it was the best option then you’d probably leave him here, perhaps turn off the light and find somewhere else to do your own work, giving Rex as much peace and quiet to rest as possible. But looking at the position he’s in and the way his armour seems to dig into him, you conclude the best course of action is to wake Rex and get him into a proper bed for the night…. Or for the next few hours until the morning briefing.
Placing your hand gently on his shoulder, you try again. “Rex” you drawl out, this time a little bit louder as you nudge him. His eyes screw closed for a second before he wakes with a start, immediately sitting up right as if he got caught sleeping on the battlefield. 
“Wha- what’s happening?” He blurts out, scanning the room with urgency.
“It’s ok, it’s ok,” you assure him, keeping your hand on his shoulder “you just fell asleep, that’s all”. Realising it’s just the two of you, Rex relaxes under your touch. 
Breathing easily, he slumps back in his chair, thankful you’re the one who caught him sleeping. “I’m sorry,” he apologises, rubbing one of his eyes as he mutters more to himself than to you “I’m so tired…”.
It’s as if you can feel him tugging at your heartstrings. The Captain always has so much to do, report after report, constantly trying to keep the others in check. You doubt Rex ever has enough time to get a proper night’s sleep. 
“C’mon Captain,” you stand “time for bed”.
Still groggy from sleep, it takes a second for Rex to process your words “Hm? No, no I can’t. Just uh, just let me finish this report” he tries his best to sound authoritative and fully in control but the yawn he finishes his sentence with says otherwise. 
“Captain” you sigh, a sympathetic but stern look crossing your face.
Rex tilts his head as he looks at you, still rooted in his seat. “Don’t give me that look,” he groans “I’ll be done with this report in no time”. You don’t change your expression, knowing that not even Rex himself believes he’ll finish this report anytime soon.
It only takes a few more moments for Rex to crack, averting his gaze as he mumbles “Fine, I guess I can finish it in the morning”. Putting both of his hands flat on the table, he stands with a huff.
He doesn’t protest when you pick up his helmet and lead him out of the room, guiding him through the quiet corridors and passing the various sleeping quarters until you get to his.
Reaching the door to his quarters, it takes Rex a very drawn out minute to punch in the code. He grumbles under his breath as he does, blinking hard in an attempt to keep his eyes open and focused on the keypad. You stay quiet, not wanting to distract him and instead you let Rex take on the dreaded keypad on his own. 
With the keypad’s beep of approval, Rex sighs in relief when the door begins to move.
The heavy metal door effortlessly glides to the side, revealing Rex’s compact room. It’s not exactly what you were expecting, the room being pretty cramped even though there’s hardly any furniture inside. Sure, there’s a sink and mirror so Rex doesn’t have to shave with the others, a small trunk presumably for his extra set of blacks as well as a bed that’s built into one of the walls and spanning the width of the confined room. Yet it doesn’t seem like enough.
Slowly wandering into the room, Rex glances behind him to make sure you follow him inside. Rex deserves a much bigger room than this, kriff, most of the clones do but you always thought his quarters would be bigger since he’s the Captain. But you don’t turn your nose up at the room, finding it quaint and liking its closeness. As you put Rex’s helmet on top of the trunk, he sits down on his bed. 
“Thank you… for well, for forcing me to get some sleep” he chuckles softly, his eyes crinkling.
“Anytime Captain, I’ll see you in the morning” with the bow of your head you turn to leave his quarters. You nearly make it out of his room when a thud sound causes you to stop and look back. With his eyes already shut, Rex has flopped down onto his bed, his legs dangling off the side and his armour still on. 
You sigh to yourself and turn back around to face him, making your way back over to the drowsy captain. “Rex,” you say softly, nudging him yet again “you know you shouldn’t sleep in your armour”.
While your main goal is to get Rex to sleep for a few hours, you didn’t mean in his armour. You’ve heard enough complaints from the likes of Hardcase and Jesse to know that even napping in full armour can cause a few sore muscles and lingering knots. 
Rex opens one of his eyes, gazing up at you but making no attempt to move. “Am I dreaming?” He asks, mouth half muffled by his pillow. Putting both hands on his torso, you try to gently pull him back up to a seated position. 
“You never know,” you tease “maybe this is a nightmare”.
Rex smiles to himself as you hoist him upright, knowing that couldn’t be the case. “But this can’t be a nightmare if you’re here” he shrugs, stating it as if it’s fact.
You’re taken aback by his words but you try not to show it. Rex could have meant a million different things by that or he mightn’t have meant anything at all, simply the incoherent ramblings of someone on the verge of sheer exhaustion. But deep down, no matter how much you try to deny it to yourself, you wish it means something. 
“Well, luckily for you it’s neither,” you force a smile, pushing those emerging emotions and desires deep down “you’re just tired beyond belief”.
Rex hums in relief as you work on getting his pauldron off. He savours your touch as your fingers brush against his blacks, fiddling with the ties of the armour.
This isn’t a situation Rex has ever found himself in. No one has ever taken off his armour for him with such care. He wants to watch you but Rex opts to keep his head down, instead focusing on the sensation alone as you remove his pauldron and start on his chestplate next.
Breaking the silence, you tease him again “I swear Captain, you better stay here and get some rest or else you’ll have an incident report to fill out”.
“Is that a threat?” He questions, though you can tell he’s not serious by his tone. You scoff, shaking your head but your smile remains bright “No, it’s a promise, Captain”.
Rex chuckles, shaking his head slightly. He’s thankful for you, someone who doesn’t treat him like he’s just a number and willing to joke around with him from time to time, not always falling into the professional role of the GAR. 
You treat him like a friend and sometimes, Rex wonders if that’s how you see him. Not as a colleague or a Captain, but as a friend you could turn to in times of need, that you could always rely on to make you smile or listen to your problems. Maybe that’s why Rex’s chest always seems to grow tight when you’re around or why he always scans an area to see if you're near, hoping to spot you in the crowd. He nods to himself, determining that’s why.
“You ok, Rex?” You ask, dropping more pieces of his armour to the side of his bed.
He looks utterly exhausted and you’re sure you can hear his brain clocking into overtime. With tired eyes, Rex is quick to assure you “I’m alright, just have a lot on my mind”.
“Is it that mission report?” your voice is so soothing to him. Even at the mention of the half complete mission report, Rex doesn’t feel an ounce of stress, too busy relishing in your voice. He shrugs his shoulders, mumbling “I guess”.
“Don’t worry about it, it’ll get done, they always do” you try to reassure him “and I’m sure General Skywalker won’t mind if you hand it in a little later than usual”. As much as Rex wants to worry about the report, he finds it hard to concentrate long enough to stress about it. 
With the top half of his armour off, you pause. Technically, the next piece of armour you should be getting off is his codpiece but you don’t think that would… *ahem* be in line with GAR policy. “You think you can handle it from here or should I keep going?” you ask, a touch of playfulness in your voice. Rex meets your gaze, his lips twitching upwards into that little lopsided smile he does every now and again.
It’s as if electricity surges through his body at your suggestive remark, his brain suddenly jolting awake as he tries to quickly decipher what you could be insinuating -if anything, that is. “Oh I- well, uh,” he stumbles over his words, clearing his throat before trying again “Y-yes, I’m sure I can take it from here, thank you for your uh, for your help”. 
He hates how he can’t get a sentence out properly, becoming more undone by the second. Usually Rex can easily keep his head in times of intense stress but with you? You always know how to seamlessly get under his skin, making him get flustered even with a mere glance in his direction.
You bow your head, taking a step back from Rex. “It’s no problem, Captain” you reply, giving him one last smile before you turn to leave yet again.
This time you nearly make it out of the room, the durasteel door sliding open before you hear Rex call your name. With one foot out the door, you stop and turn to look at him, waiting for him to say more. 
Rex opens his mouth though no words come out. He doesn't know why he called out to you, well, he does deep down but he’s not ready to face those emotions just yet. He can feel his face getting warm and he prays you don’t notice his cheeks turning a light shade of red. 
“I-” he doesn’t want you to leave, not now. Can’t you stay just another few minutes? Or until he falls asleep? The bed may look uncomfortable… which it admittedly is but there’s enough room for you too. 
But he knows he can’t, that if any superior found out then you’d both be reprimanded. Or what if you reject him? How is he supposed to look you in the eye after the embarrassment of blurting out something so impulsive yet vulnerable just to be rebuffed by you?
Becoming increasingly aware of you waiting for him to speak, Rex forces the words out “Don’t stay up too late”. Maker, he wants to kick himself.
“Oh,” you weren’t quite sure what you were expecting Rex to say but for some reason that wasn’t it. Though you stay professional and nod to him “I’ll try not to, Captain”. You step out into the hallway, holding his wishful gaze until the door swiftly shuts between you both. A breath you didn’t know you holding, shakily leaves your lungs.
You try to shake the feeling that maybe Rex wanted to say something else, doing your best to shrug the feeling off as being nothing more than your own fantasy. 
The sound of your name snaps you out of your thoughts and you whip your head to the side, noticing a surprised Echo standing only a few feet away. “Did you just…” he trails off, not fully believing his eyes before slowly continuing “leave the Captain’s quarters?”.  A knowing smirk quickly forms on his face and Echo folds his arms.
Panic hits you as your eyes go comically wide. “What? N-no, it’s not like that, Echo!” you hurriedly profess.
The smirk doesn’t leave Echo’s face. “Woah, like what?” he asks, innocently “I’m just saying what I’m seeing”. You roll your eyes, too tired for his teasing.
“Echo...” you warn.
“Hey, your secret’s safe with me!” he chuckles, his smirk changing into a comforting smile “just be glad it wasn’t Fives who caught you, the whole battalion would know by morning if he found out about this”.
“There’s no secret to keep safe! Nor is there anything going on for Fives or you or any other trooper to ‘find out’ about” you try to clarify, a silence hanging in the air before you quietly add “but thank you… I would appreciate it if you kept this between us”.
With a wink, Echo continues on his patrol “You know I will”.
You sigh in relief. The last thing you or Rex need right now is a rumour. Running your hand down your face, you try to wake yourself up as you turn to head back the way you came. You know you can trust Echo but you also know how perceptive Fives is and how easily he can detect whenever Echo is keeping something from him.
But right now that isn’t something for you to think about, knowing you’ll stress yourself into oblivion if you do. Instead, you try to focus on one thing only; finishing off Rex's mission report by morning.
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tattycoram · 4 hours
Fives, stubbing his toe: Ow! Son of a bi-
Rex, pointing at Tup: Fives! Children!
Fives: ...iscuit. Son of a biscuit
Echo: Nice save
Fives: Yeah, fucking nailed it
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rskacreates · 10 months
Some Sketch Story request from Instagram-Also a bonus notes drawing- Enjoy!!! I will not give context- GOODBYE
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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osfi-am · 4 months
Tumblr media
Happy Halloween from the 501st batallion o/
(Also pink haired Rex hehe)
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steebersss · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
offers derpy captain rex WIP in what i WISH WE GOT FOR CEREMONIAL UNIFORM!!!! whatever sorry its been like ten years
follow my tweeter at steeberss
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brittandbiscuits · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rip, Alt_Fives.
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