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“Come here...”
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grandpa dooku 🙃
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threebea · 1 day
I do love the dynamic of Cody putting up with his insufferable action Jedi, but I also love the idea of Obi-Wan also putting up with his insufferable action clone commander who has no force ability but will still jump out windows.
"I can and will scold you!"
"You don't have a leg to stand on General."
"You said: 'if I jump the General will surely catch me' and jumped out of a moving space ship."
"Was I wrong?"
"That is not the point."
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”You are strong and wise, Anakin, and I am very proud of you.”
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Just happy AU with older obikin
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That AU where Obi-Wan dies first and Maul is head of Crimson Dawn still, but Obi's Force ghost visits him randomly from time to time just to piss him off and no one can hear or see him but Maul.
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Maul: I am sorry gentlemen, but our meeting must be cut short. I have business to-
Obi-Wan Force ghost: Like I cut you short?
Maul: I will KILL you. I HATE you! Don't you have better things to do than--!?
Guards side-eye each other
Obi-Wan Force ghost: Maul, I am already dead. And no, not really.
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Obi-Wan: Remember at our wedding when you said you’d take me for better or worse from that day forward until death do us part?
Cody: What did you do?
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skyyworker · 3 days
anakin loving obi-wan’s hands, anakin sleeping next to obi-wan and it’s morning and the light from the window is really annoying so he just takes obi-wan’s hand and puts it on his face. anakin nuzzling his hand. anakin giving it soft little kisses as he slowly wakes up. anakin smiling into his hand because he loves obi-wan so much. anakin teasingly biting his palm to wake him up faster (he! needs! attention!). yea
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Freaking out over here because one of our listeners gave James Arnold Taylor a Most Things Kenobi button!!!! James is one of the greatest voice actors of our time and we have so much love and respect for him. And thank you to Deanna for being our hype-person and for being a wonderful friend 💜
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i should not be left to my own devices...
idea credit goes to my sister @emotionalteaspoon22 lol
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ameliasalt · 12 hours
obi-wan: when i’m murdered and you catch the culprit, i need you to promise me you won’t kill them too. revenge is not what i wish for you. cody: i’m sorry did you say “when i’m murdered” anakin: i like how confident you are cody will catch the killer
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Ten Random Lines
Thank you so much to @irispurpurea for tagging me! 
Rules: pick any ten of your fics, scroll to the midpoint, pick a line (or three) and share it. Then tag ten people.  
I just went through my ten most recent fics which are, not shockingly, all Tarlos except for the one Star Wars fic lol. Played fast and loose with three lines because sometimes they were weird without context. 
1. Car Crashes Call for Cookies
T.K. looks at the screen and sees several text messages and two missed calls, all of them from Andrea. “Crap,” he mutters as he punches in Carlos’ passcode and reads through them.
Gracías for your help today mijo. Text me when you’re home.
2. The One Where Carlos Can’t Leave the Couch
“Don’t tell T.K., okay?” Carlos asks. “He’s already smothering me, I don’t need him to know about this.”
“Pretty sure he’s going to notice the giant bruise on your ass,” Paul says skeptically. “But I won’t say a word.”
3. A Firefighter, a Cop, and a Construction Worker Walk Into a Bachelor Party
“Carlos Reyes, I’m here to get you fired up!” the man shouts, swinging the pants around over his head.
“Actually, technically firefighters are there to put the fire down,” Paul says as Mateo nods in agreement.
Carlos rounds on his cousin and his sister. “I am calling Tía Maria and letting her send BOTH of you to a convent, I swear to GOD  Cesca—No, no, no!” he interrupts himself as the man gyrates toward him. “If you touch me I will have you arrested for assaulting an officer!”
4. The Gift of a Queen
No wonder it feels as if his entire chest has been split open. Or perhaps that’s the grief. He’s no longer sure of the difference between his physical and emotional pain. 
5. Not a Booty Call
T.K. takes one more look at him. For such a confident, strong guy, he looks really small sitting here under the harsh hospital lights. “Take the medication,” T.K. advises. “You might not want it now, but you probably will tomorrow.”
“Yeah,” Carlos says. “Thanks.”
T.K. steps back out and the last image he sees before he sweeps the curtain closed again is of Carlos, head bowed, looking completely alone.
6. Look at Where We Are
“You got engaged in the middle of the night?” Marjan asks, a puzzled look on her face.
“Yep,” T.K. squeezes Carlos’ knee. “It just felt like the right moment.”
“Doesn’t Carlos sleep like a rock?” Nancy asks. “Did he even know what he was committing to?”
“Yeah Carlos, you know this means you’re stuck with his Catan cheating, Hawaiian shirt wearing, vitamin obsessed ass forever, right?” Mateo asks.
“I do,” Carlos says, smile still firmly in place.
7. Grilled Cheese
Carlos smiles and puts the hand that’s not holding a spatula on T.K.’s hip as he leans in for a kiss. “I thought you guys might be having a rough shift. So I came over to make dinner.”
Now that he’s not completely distracted by Carlos’ presence, T.K. spots a slew of half assembled grilled cheeses laid out on the counter and a crock pot of what smells like tomato soup. “I waited until you pulled in to heat up the pans, so everything would be nice and hot.”
“Okay,” Marjan points at Carlos as she walks into the kitchen. “You are the best 126 boyfriend. Hands down.”
8. An Awkward Position
“Sorry. But yeah, hopefully it’ll be okay.” He looks up at Carlos with a twinkle in his eye and Carlos knows what he’s going to say before the words even leave his lips. “Otherwise it might put some of us in an ‘awkward position.’”
“I knew you weren’t going to let that go!” Carlos says, crossing his arms over his chest in annoyance. “I didn’t know what else to say! I was trying to smooth things over! It was weird!”
“It was,” T.K. says coming to stand in front of him. “And then you made it weirder with your sexual innuendo.”
9. Save a Horse
He takes the seat across from T.K. and T.K.’s eyes immediately latch onto his boyfriend’s shirt. Because Carlos has definitely, absolutely, unbuttoned it exactly one additional button, and it’s revealing just a tiny bit more of his chest than it was before they came inside. It’s not obscene or inappropriate, but it is incredibly distracting.
10. Measure of a Man
T.K. bites his lip. “Isn’t running background checks on people who aren’t criminals a misuse of police resources?”
“I guess technically it is,” Carlos says. “But it was for a very good reason.”
“You abused your power for me. That is…so hot.” T.K. slides a little closer, a hand settling on the exposed skin of Carlos’ thigh, just below the line of his boxer briefs.
Tagging @bluenet13, @wanna-be-bold, @ejzah and whoever else wants to play! 
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obibabywan · 2 days
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Obikin A/B/O AU sideways tango on a bed spiciness implied!
(Originally posted to my twitter @ obibabywan)
Returning home from a long mission, Alpha Nyanakin has a surprise rut. He asks Master Omega Bunny-Wan to help him through it. He can smell him…he always loved his smell. It’s just 🍆💦🍑 smex, right? 🤔
Spoiler Alert: It’s not. Feelings are caught 💕
Dialogue above says:
A: Master Obi-Wan…my rut is starting.
O: We’re almost home, Anakin. Coruscant is but a day away.
A: Please…
O: But…
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