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Echo *face scrunched*: Stars you're a pest!
Fives *nods*: Aye, but a lovable pest.
Echo *clearly annoyed*: No-
Fives *lays his head on Echo's shoulder*: Your pest until my love steals me away from you.
Echo *shoves him off*: What love?
Fives *laying on the ground*: My own twin! You wound me so!
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Rex, briefing the 501st: And that concludes our battle plan
Echo: Alright, Fives, you're up
Fives, walking to the front of the room: Now let's see how much you guys were paying attention
*Kahoot music starts playing*
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The disaster family at Disneyland:
Obi Wan: organises an absolutely immaculate itinerary planning the day from start to finish down to the last second. He has meticulously calculated and timed every single ride people want to go on in order to anticipate when the lines will be the shortest, and has accommodated every single one of the parks everyone wants to visit.
Anakin: immediately runs off as soon as they get in, destroying all of Obi Wan’s plans.
Ahsoka: follows him but feels bad about it later and comes back to find Obi Wan. She forces him to wear matching Minnie Mouse ears with her which doesn’t actually take much convincing. They both look adorable in them.
Rex: looks apologetic about the desertion and will claim he wants to go off to find them and bring them back but will get distracted and inevitably dragged onto rides by Anakin. He doesn’t like rollercoasters (cue flashbacks of every time Anakin has crashed a ship or used the force to throw him) but it’s too late because he’s already in line and Anakin is very persuasive.
Cody: helped Obi Wan plan everything and can see how stressed he is so he goes to find them all and actually brings them back. Ahsoka comes back on her own though because she knows Anakin is a bad influence. Cody also particularly enjoys the parades and is trying to come up with a good excuse to hold Obi Wan’s hand throughout the day. He’ll claim it’s so they don’t get separated but no one believes that, not even him, but they’re all too scared to challenge him on it.
Padmé: An absolute adrenaline junkie. If the ride moves slowly, she’s not interested. She was fine with It’s A Small World the first thirteen times Luke made her go on it because she will gladly make sacrifices for her children but it’s getting to be too much. She longs for the rides that move so fast it feels like her head might be detached from her body. That’s what she came here for.
Luke: Wants to meet all the Princesses and is adorable doing it too. He’s scared of Mickey Mouse though and I do not blame him. That mouse is evil. He can feel it in the force.
Leia: Stays by Obi Wan’s side the entire day. She knows she’s too small for a lot of the rides, but she respects how organised he is. Refuses to let go of his hand. When she gets tired, she rides on Cody’s shoulders. She’s also able to convince absolutely anyone to buy her anything she wants from the gift shops. It doesn’t matter how expensive the thing is. She gets her persuasive abilities from her father (and Obi Wan has also been teaching her to negotiate a little too) who as it turns out is actually the weakest when it comes to saying no to her. Anakin is the biggest girl-dad and that is canon.
Fives: Points out at one point they’re in one of the parks that seems to sell merchandise with them on it. There are droids literally everywhere as well as people in very familiar costumes but no one notices. No one can see past the fourth wall except him. Once more, Fives knows the truth and is ignored. He gives up and gets a picture taken with the Darth Vader they have in the park and texts it directly to Anakin and says “look familiar?”. The reply he gets is just “is that Black Panther?” Fives sighs. Anakin has the wrong franchise and he doesn’t even know, he thinks to himself. Fives has achieved full enlightenment and self-awareness. The idea that he is a fictional character should scare him, but it doesn’t. It’s actually way less pressure because then his terrible life choices aren’t actually on him. He didn’t write them. He claims no responsibility.
Echo: kidnapped by Mickey Mouse. Luke’s instincts were correct. The mouse cannot be trusted. Echo will not be recovered until season 7 where they come back with The Bad Batch. For now he will remain lost in Magic Kingdom until he is either rescued or becomes part of the park.
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Who’s winning?
I'm willing to bet that Fives and Echo are having a long-term competition to see who is better at insulting people without them noticing.
Jesse keeps track.
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I'm willing to bet that Fives and Echo are having a long-term competition to see who is better at insulting people without them noticing.
Jesse keeps track.
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Echo *looking around the group*: So we are all in agreement here?
*Fives and Hardcase nod confidently*
Jesse *shrugs but nods as well*: Sounds good to me.
Tup *sees the others nod and nods with them*:.....okay.
Kix *sighs*: I can't and couldn't be bothered to try and stop you.....so yes.
Dogma *hesitates*: I really don't think-
Fives *pats him on the back*: It'll be fine.
Dogma *releases a breath*: Alright. Yeah. Okay, I agree.
Hardcase *smiles*: Okay so we sell Fives-
Rex *walking past*: Nobody is selling Fives.
Jesse *frowns*: But it's for-
Rex *shaking his head*: No absolutely not. You are not selling anyone.
Fives *raises his hand*: I'm okay with being sold!
Rex *walking away*: No.
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How would Kix, Fives, Echo, Jesse, and Hardcase be with kids?? I see Kix worrying they’d get hurt all the time 😂
i think fives and hardcase are naturals of course, they just know what’s fun. sometimes they can be a bit much, especially hardcase, but when it comes to safety, fives turns into a real stickler for rules (which everyone finds hilarious of course). safety first, reinforces the buddy system on field trips, makes sure no one gets hurt or left out, zero tolerance for bullying. hardcase is an arts and crafts master, from macaroni art to blanket forts, he’s just the best. he’s also the best at video games (he’ll let the kids win… sometimes).
jesse is another one of the kids’ favorites. he’s got such big brother energy and anytime he’s with them everyone laughing so hard they can’t breathe and their cheeks hurt from smiling so much. that game kids play where they hide under the blanket and then someone pretends to be a monster and yank them out? yeah, jesse’s the BEST. he also roughhouses with them a lot which makes fives and kix nervous
kix doesn’t really like kids, he thinks they’re kind of gross and fragile and annoying but he’s still sweet and gentle enough with them that he’s the favorite of a few. he does much better with the older kids, especially when they’re curious about what he does. he likes hearing about what they’re interested in, what they want to do in the future.
echo, like kix, i think would be great with the older kids. he genuinely enjoys hanging out with them and i think it heals a lot of his inner child to just play video games with them or join in a game of soccer. he runs a few DnD campaigns and is really patient and sweet to kids who have never played before and want to learn. he’s an absolute menace when it comes to nerf battles and if one of the little kids shoots him in the back of the head while he’s DMing, he’ll whip around, somehow find a nerf gun, and decimate everyone playing. with the kids that like it, he’ll roughhouse like jesse, throw them around, it gives fives a heart attack
bonus: one of the only times dogma and fives genuinely get along is when they’re on the sidelines biting their fingernails while echo and jesse lead a game of contact football. tup is letting the kids learn how to braid his hair while DESTROYING the teens in a game of risk
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Obi-Wan: Okay, kids, questions?
Ahsoka: *raises her arms while hopping around to be seen despite being in a group of 5* oh, yes yes, me! I have a question!
Obi-Wan: Yes, Padawan-not-mine?
Ahsoka: Okay so if we made a humanoid pyramid, would you end up at the top, or Anakin.
Obi-Wan: …why couldn’t you end up at the top? Wouldn’t that be lightest near the top? Anakin would be near the bottom.
Anakin: *long gasp* Did you just call me FAT??
Obi-Wan: Ani. You’re a giant in comparison to literally everyone else here.
Anakin: *gasps and turns to Rex to ask for defense*
Rex: *stepping back with hands up* Listen. I’m not. A part of this.
Cody: I am. You’re massive, Skywalker.
Anakin: *turns to Obi* Why is your commander so mean to me?
Obi-Wan: *deep sigh* He’s mean to everyone equally. Except Wooley. I’m pretty sure he would like to adopt Wooley.
Cody: Bold of you to assume I haven’t already said the adoption vows. He’s my baby. I birthed him myself.
Ahsoka: Why did you say the adoption vows if you birthed him?
Cody: Backup plan.
Obi-Wan: *more sighing* Ahsoka, why do you want us to make a humanoid pyramid?
Ahsoka: Oh, I don’t. I just bet Bariss twenty credits I could distract you all with the dumbest thought that came to mind and it would work :)
Anakin: Well. She got us there.
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Hello there! Idk if you're currently taking requests so I'll just shoot you the idea for entertainment —Cody dropping Obi-Wans lightsaber because he has to catch something far more valuable instead...being Obi-Wan lmao (yk from the RotS post where Cody picks up the lightsaber and looks up as if expecting Obi-Wan to follow)
(From this post)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
these arent good enough for seperate posts here yall go
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Domino Headcanon Time, Hoes
I am working on a fic for this post but it wont be out for a while because I have a dumb dumb idiot baby brain and will focus on it way more than anything else.
so in the meantime, here are alot of headcanons about the Domino Squad some of these are sad
Domino age order from oldest to youngest: Hevy, Fives, Echo, Cutup, Droidbait
Domino squad is an actual defect squad where as the bad batch was made to have their 'defects'
because they were defects none of their chips worked the way the were supposed to
Hevy isnt good at spelling. He's not allowed to send out any reports without someone proof reading them for him.
Fives is the motherhen of the group. Hes the only one who can safely get inbetween Hevy and Echo when their arguements go a little too far.
Echo was considered the runt of the batch, and was often watched for decommisioning. It was constantly held over his head, which is why he became obsessed with the rules. If he could follow their rules and hit all the bench marks then they would have no reason to decommission him.
Cutup loves music but has absolutely no musical talent. This does not stop him from screeching lyrics to the galaxies most popular songs across the base.
Droidbait is often left behind on accident, he has been left in the mess hall more times than he can count.
Hevy and Echos relationship wasnt always rocky. At one point they were pretty close but after the multiple decomming scares, Echo pulled away to make it easier for Hevy if anything happened.
Echo didnt choose his name, he didnt like it at all but the rest of the squad made sure that he never had the chance to introduce himself so he was stuck with what they had named him. In the end, he kept it because he saw it as the one and only gift he had left from his batchmates.
Outside of missions, Fives went silent for months after the citadel and the only person who could get him to talk was Rex.
Droidbait insists on going by db because its 'less embarassing'
Cutup was the only one to embrace their squads differences. He would would practically hold an open mic night on any other cadets who would pick at them.
the cadets around Kamino will often tell one another about the "Fall of the Dominos" about how three died heros but were never spoken of again and how the two survivors went insane from grief and one lost his mind while the other lost his body.
Hevy use to steal pudding cups for Droidbait when they were cadets. he never had a reason to do it he just would.
theres a dent in one of the walls in their pod room and no one really knows how it got dented (Hevy Kyled the wall)
Echo has spiral curls that he purposefully keeps buzzed down because otherwise Cutup would start playing with them
This is a pretty common headcanon for Fives but theres too much evidence behind it, Fives shows affection through boardline violence, he gave Cutup a concussion once after an overly affectionate headbutt. Droidbait has multiple bruises on his arms from loving punches. Hevy got shoved into Sergeant O'Niner once and was given cleaning duty for a week that he forced Fives to do with him. During their 501st days he got a little too touchy with Echo and he started fighting back and ended up chasing Fives to Rex's office on multiple occassions.
and yes i do think Fives and Echo are pod twins, its another reason why Echo was watched for decommisioning.
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Rex: What are you doing?
Jesse, standing in the middle of a mine field, holding a baby creature: I uh... I'm afraid anything I say will upset you.
Rex: You're probably right. Just don't move.
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Fives: I'm my own fucking spirit animal
Echo: You're my spirit animal, Fives
Fives: FUCK YEAH *growls*
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Wolffe *looking around*: Hmmm.
Comet *looks over at him*: What?
Wolffe *frown grows across his face*: My Commander sense is going off. Something is wrong.
Sinker *also frowns*: What?
Wolffe *shaking his head*: I don't know. It's probably-
Fives *barrelling through the halls being chased by Echo*: What up Wolffie!!!
Wolffe *blinks*: Ah. That's it. We're teaming up with the 501st.
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Cody *hand on Rex's shoulder*: Wonderful. Best man I know.
Rex *smiles*: Thanks.
Cody *looks over to Wolffe*: Pest. Complete pest.
Wolffe *nods*: That's fair.
Cody *pats Bly on the back*: Reliable. Can be improved though.
Bly *blinks*: Uh what?
Cody *stares at Fox*: Precious man. Makes questionable decisions though.
Fox *running on adrenaline and caf*: You're right.
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Tumblr media
Fives my beloved 🥺
What if fives managed to get one of pong krells sabers and challenged him to a duel 😌 I think he would lowkey try that.
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Obi-Wan: Ahsoka, get that hidious thing out of the living quarters, would you?
Ahsoka: Sky Guy, Master Kenobi wants you to leave.
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