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kurrpip · 6 months
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Star Wars actors AU part 7
Anakin just told the younglings a funny story
Fox: ...What did the others say?
Interviewer: *sweats nervously*
Part 1    Part 2
Part 3    Part 4
Part 5   Part 6
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comradewolfe · 7 months
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I hope they don't kill each other
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suck-a-egg · 2 months
A Shiny: Marshal Commander Cody is one of the most accomplished troopers in the GAR
Rex: Good for Cody. He's a nerd.
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thereifling · 3 months
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Star Wars Incorrect Quotes
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lemoneste · 7 months
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Taking a needed break.
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bilbo-fettt · 5 months
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Idk why but this is the vibe I am getting from Rebels Season 2
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sleepingsun501 · 5 months
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The de-aging continues. I present the king himself 💙💙💙
And he’s my 100th post!
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aankir · 6 months
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Besties ✨
Ngl one of my fav chaotic duos 🙆‍♀️
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vividabyss · 1 year
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radiosummons · 2 months
The transition from Fives and Echo treating Rex with --the absolute adoration and unquestioning respect younger siblings will just give the eldest sibling while tripping over themselves to do whatever the eldest asks-- to --the quintessential embodiment of chaos gremlins that will do everything in their power to combine their little shit energies for the sole purpose of terrorizing the eldest's every waking moment-- was hilariously fast.
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I don’t know what possessed me to draw this but idk
based on this post
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thejediscrolls · 2 months
I heart ?
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Crosshair x reader
Who knew simply loving a man would be so difficult
Fluff - Angst (I mean it’s Crosshair)
Pt 1 / Pt 2
It had been a week since the incident and I decided to hold off on finishing the modified rifle. I have also decided to fully avoid the bad batch at all costs. At least for this week. Instead, I have decided to focus my attention on work and my friends from the 501st and of course Clare. I have no doubt in my mind that my embarrassing flirting attempt got around the bad batch. Possibly Fives if he saw... But he would have come up to me by now to joke about it.
I squinted my eyes as I added the finishing touches for the new decked out med kit that I made for Kix.
“I’m heading to the chow hall.” Clare announced.
“Is it lunch already?” I looked at my watch and cursed, “I thought it was still morning. By this rate, I’m going to miss Kix before I can give him this.”
I silently prayed that the 501st haven’t dispatched on any last minute mission as I worked a bit faster to finish it.
“Is it finished?” She leaned over my working station, “Wow that looks really good.” She smiled.
“Almost finished…” I said as I finished up the wiring in the med kit, “Now it is!” I smiled taking off my safety goggles and closing the box.
“Nice work! Now hurry up and let’s go before we miss all the good stuff!” She said bouncing on the balls of her feet.
“Alright alright.” I laughed as I stood up, “You just want to go see your sweetheart.” I smiled to Clare who immediately turned red, “We haven’t had a proper in office lunch together for an entire week now.”
“I’m sorry! It’s just… It’s different with him now. Before I would hang out with Tech and the bad batch as friends, but now after five years of friendship we’re finally dating! And I just can’t imagine five minutes without Tech.” She admitted with a blush.
I gave her a hug, “I’m really happy for you Clare and I’m only teasing about our lunches. Now let’s hurry up! I bet he’s just excited as you are.”
I quickly grabbed the med kit and with the door to our office closing, we began our mission to track down Tech and Kix. Also to get something to eat.
“Coruscant is amazing, we should really try that new restaurant we saw the other day by my apartment.” Clare mentioned.
“Sure! I think I’ll have some free time next week on Wednesday and Friday if that’s good with your schedule?” I asked dodging a technician as he walked by.
“Let’s say… Friday?” She asked and I nodded.
“Girls night!” We cheered.
“How have you been since last week?” Clare asked her concern not subsiding since the fiasco.
“Since I was embarrassingly rejected? Fine I suppose.” I chuckled, “I shot and I missed. At least he won’t forget me easily.”
“I wouldn’t call it rejected per say.” She said trying to lighten the mishap.
“He looked so uncomfortable when I asked to get him a drink.” I cringed at the memory, “Honestly, I think he said less than five words to me.”
“I think it’s because he doesn’t know of your feelings that’s why I don’t think you should give up just yet.” She explained, “Tech told me that he never thought that I would never date someone like him. It wasn’t until I asked him first that he realized I had feelings for him even and now look at us. I proved him wrong didn’t I? He didn’t realize he was exactly my type and I had to show him that.” She smiled.
“I don’t know… I suppose.” I muttered contemplating, “But Tech is different. He already liked you. Crosshair doesn’t like me.”
Is this even worth trying?
“Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t, but there is no harm in sitting with me at their table.” She smirked.
“Huh? Wait! No! I’m not ready just yet!” I whispered panicky at her.
“Too bad!” She sung as the door to the chow hall opened for us.
Clare grabbed my wrist before I could escape. I did everything in my power to keep from dropping the med kit as she dragged me over to her boyfriends table. It was easy to tell that they were the loudest of the clones as they made one hell of a commotion.
“Clare.” Tech smiled standing up to greet her with a kiss on her cheek, “How has your day been?”
“Better now that you’re here.” She giggled.
That allowed me to slip away from her and I mentally thanked Tech for the distraction.
“There’s the weapons genius!” Wrecker cheered raising his drink to me before I could get away.
I laughed nervously, “Hey Wrecker, how’s it going?”
“Awesome! I still can’t get over the weaponized gloves you made me, it’s so cool!” He cheered.
I smiled, the tension in my shoulders easy at hearing how an invention I made helped improve Wrecker’s odds on the battlefield, “You know I’m always happy to help.”
“Finally out of your lab?” Crosshair asked though he didn’t turn around to greet me.
I stared at his back, watching his muscles move as he ate calmly, “Ah yes.” I muttered after a split second, “For the moment. Finally out of the training facility?” I teased trying to start some kind of banter, “You know you don’t need any training, you’re already a genius sniper.” I complimented nervously hoping for anything.
“Hm.” Was all he replied and ruined any chance of any further conversation.
My shoulders deflated slightly as I huffed a bit at my foolish attempt at flattery. What I didn’t see from being behind him was the small smirk he wore.
“Clare, come sit down. I’ll go get you something to eat.” Tech motioned for Clare to sit where he was sat moments ago before he left to get her some food.
This left me standing alone awkwardly by the table. I looked around the room wondering if I could spot the 501st or at least Kix, but it was just my luck that they haven’t shown up yet. What’s taking them so long? Please don’t be on a mission. Please don’t be on a mission. Please-
“What brings you here? We usually don’t see you at lunch. Do you finally have some free time from all that genius work?” Echo asked and I felt relieved that he was talking to me.
He was the only one I really knew from the bad batch. I got along with the other members of the team, except Crosshair, but I’ve known Echo since he was in the 501st. It was actually Echo was the one who introduced me to the bad batch a year ago. I didn’t meet Clare until shortly after that when she transferred to my lab.
“I do, surprisingly.” I smiled, “But not for long I’m afraid. Duty calls.”
“I know that meaning. Why don’t you take a seat?” He asked.
I was about to decline and go look for Kix, but one look at Clare’s her blue eyes told me to sit as she looked towards the empty seat by Crosshair and then to me.
“Uh yeah, I suppose I can for a few minutes.” I nodded looking for a spot, “How has your missions been going?” I asked looking for an empty seat.
“Pretty smooth actually. At least our definition of smooth.” Echo joked.
Unfortunately for me the only seat available was beside Crosshair and I knew I had no choice. I placed the med kit to the right of me on the table as I sat down while giving Crosshair who was on my left enough space between us.
“What’s that you got there?” Hunters’ eyes darted towards the med kit curiously.
“Ah so you are still working.” Echo laughs.
“Guilty?” I shrugged with a laugh, “I mean it’s somewhat free time.” I answered Echo before answering Hunter’s question, “This is a new and improved medic kit I have been working on. I’m going to give it to Kix so he has it a little easier during missions. I’m hoping he likes it because then I can request for it to be mass produced for the other droids.” I rambled on as I admired at my invention.
“Whoa! That looks cool!” Boasted Wrecker.
I smiled, “Thanks Wrecker.”
“It looks like a box.” Stated Crosshair causing the group to quiet down waiting for my reaction.
“That’s because it is a box.” I said simply with a raised eyebrow towards him.
The group bursted in fit of laughter at my comeback.
“Why are you always creating extra equipment like this for us?” Crosshair asked.
I furrowed my eyebrows at his question, “Because I’m one of the head scientist in the weapons lab?”
He rolled his eyes, his tone seemingly suspicious, “We’re just clones, what are you gaining from making these unorthodox gear?”
I was too busy looking around the room to notice the accusatory tone and replied, “Because, I need all of you to have the best fighting chance… To come home.”
I missed the slight frown on Crosshair’s face as he looked at me. Suddenly his food suddenly seemed less interesting next to the girl sitting beside him wearing her uniform that told everyone just how smart she is.
“You…” His voice was soft, but was quickly overshadowed by Echo’s exclamation.
“There’s Kix.” Echo pointed towards the entrance and I looked to find the 501st squad entering the chow hall.
“I better go before I miss him.” I stood up and quickly grabbed the med kit.
“Mind if I join you? I want to say hi to the boys.” Echo asked while standing up.
“Of course you can Echo.” I smiled at him and waited for him to round the table towards me before we headed over to our old group of friends.
“She works herself too hard.” Hunter commented as the group watch the interaction.
“She got that from her mother.” Clare chuckled, “I’m pretty sure she survives on caf and sheer willpower.”
“Sounds like Crosshair over here.” Hunter mused causing the sniper to scoff.
“Okay Kix, this medical case is lighter and can withstand more blaster fire than a droid.” I set the container down on the white table, “And it has- No!” I yelled gaining the attention of the entire chow hall, “That does not mean to try it out!”I yelled as stopped Fives from putting a blaster to it, “Put that blaster down right now Fives.”
“You said it was blaster proof.” Fives insisted but surrendered at my stern gaze.
“Right now.” I crossed my arms.
“Fine mom…” He sighed, rolling his eyes dramatically, “You’re no fun.” He grumbled as he bolstered his weapon.
“Anyways…” I eyed Fives suspiciously as I continued, “I even put your name and logo on it, Kix. It’s all yours.” I smiled, my happy demeanor returning from watching Kix’s eyes lit up at the one thing that differentiates him from the rest. Something that gives his name and his job meaning.
“Has anyone told you your amazing?” He said lifting me up in his arms in a quick hug before putting me down to inspect his new med kit further by opening it, “No way! It lights up too?!”
“I figured it would help you see your medical supplies better when out on the field. Of course you can turn it off here,” I showed him a button outside the case, “If there is trouble and you need to remain out of sight.”
“Genius!” He wrapped me in another a tight hug, “Thank you.”
“Of course.” I laughed feeling squished before he released me.
“Jesse!” He called to Jesse who was in line to get his food, “Come check this out! Everyone get over here!”
I missed the hard glare directed to us as I talked with my old friends. The rest of the bad batch got up shortly after to join the commotion except for a certain sniper and Hunter who could sense the anger rolling off of his brother. He decided to get up and sit beside him so others wouldn’t hear their conversation.
“You could always try going over there and talking to her.” Hunter suggested.
Crosshair rolled his eyes as he returned back to his meal, “And why would I need to do that?”
“Because I don’t want to see any of the regs with blaster holes in them.” Hunter said causing Crosshair to scoff, “I know you didn’t go home with anyone that night and I have a feeling I know why or more exactly who.”
Crosshair remained silent, refusing to answer any of Hunter’s suspicions which only proved that he was correct.
Hunter stood up, “Why don’t you try congratulating her. That would be a good start.” He patted Crosshair on the shoulder before he walked away, hoping that Crosshair would take his advice.
“I don’t need to do anything.” Crosshair muttered angrily before glancing over to her form, watching her smile at Rex.
His fingers curled around his spoon as he watched the interaction. He found himself taking strides towards her, not remembering how he got up in the first place, but there he was being drawn in by that stupid itch in the back of his mind. He didn’t even understand why he was doing this. Why he was suddenly standing in front of her as she peered up at him with those dumb round eyes.
“Cross.” I called out to him inside of why he was suddenly here.
The other clones gathered around Kix as he boasted about his new gear, but all that noise seemed to drown out with him standing so close to me.
“I…” He began and suddenly the words caught in his throat and the uncertainty in his voice made him angry.
“Crosshair! She said this thing is blaster proof and you’re the best shooter here! Let’s take this thing out to the landing pad and try it out!” Fives yelled.
I looked at Fives incredulously to which he raised his hands in surrender, “You said not indoors.” He reasoned.
I shook my head with a chuckled, “Alright, why not.” I agreed causing Fives brothers to join in on his parade to the landing pad.
I smiled up at Crosshair, “Let’s go, I’d like to see what you got.” This time I didn’t miss the faint pink dusting his cheeks as a majority of us headed outside.
Crosshair didn’t move away when I stood beside him and I felt giddy this close to him. He smells like blaster smoke and the comfort of rain. I thought and cursed at myself for acting like a teenage girl around her first crush. I focused my attention on Kix who was hesitantly placed his new med kit on the ground. He looked at it as if it were his child that was going to be taken from him. I could see the question and worry in his eyes as he looked over to me.
I gave him an encouraging smile, “Don’t worry Kix! If it breaks I’ll make you a new one, promise.”
“Thanks.” He said in relief before racing over to Hardcase.
I stood by Crosshair as he readied his rifle. I watched him or more so his forearms as they tended while he cocked the gun in place.
“Do you ever get tired of it?” I asked him still not looking away from his arms.
“Of what?” He asked.
“Of shooting.” I motioned to his weapon.
“Never.” He stated, his voice holding a gruffness to it that would only tell the truth.
It was an answer fitting for him. Simple and precise while holding a world of meaning in it. I admired him for his passion.
“Hm.” I looked up to see a toothpick placed in his mouth and my brows furrowed, “Where do you keep those?”
He smirked, “Wouldn’t you like to know.” He said before raising his rifle up and aiming at his target with ease.
I scoffed with a smile at his teasing response, “I would-”
“Hurry it up Crosshair!” Wrecker yelled and the other soldiers followed suit.
With one shot, Crosshair hit the med kit dead center as if anyone had any doubt. We all watched as the smoke cleared in amazement. Any other kit would have blown up deeming it’s contents inside unusable, but this one… This one remained in tack, the only thing that happened was that it flew back a few feet.
Kix ran over and picked it up, “It lives!” Kix held it in the air as a chorus of cheers grew.
“Nice shot.” I commented while the others celebrated over a small triumph.
It made me happy seeing my friends have fun over something that wasn’t war even it was in a sense going to be used for it… At least in this moment no one’s life was at risk.
“Nice med kit.” Crosshair replied, his gun now on safety as he held it at his side.
I couldn’t help the small smile on my face nor did I hide it as I looked up at the tall soldier. I was surprised to find him already looking at me and I felt stuck under his amber gaze. Butterflies filled my stomach while I looked closer at all the small perfect imperfections on his face. I think this is the first nice moment between us… Should I ask for more? I really want to.
“Cross…” I said softly, “Do you maybe want to-”
“She’s a doll, isn’t that right sweetheart!” Jesse suddenly walked up beside me kissing my cheek as he spun to go talk to Rex.
Rex gave me a thumbs up as he called out, “You did great little genius.”
I laughed my cheeks turning red at the sudden display of affection from the goofballs I call my friends.
Crosshair glared and crossed his arms as he watched that display between her and his brother, “I get it now.”
I turned to him at his sudden choice of words, “Get what? I don’t understand?” I questioned, looking at him. My brows furrowed at the sudden rigidness in his stance, more so than usual.
He pointed a finger at me with a hard glare, “I know exactly why you are doing this. Not for us, not to keep us safe like how you said, but for your twisted desires of being praised. You just want all of the clones attention. I bet you get high off it. Well you won’t get it from me.” He said before leaving.
I felt my world turn sour as the door shut behind him, my shoulders slumping in defeat. Clare noticed this and quickly made her way over.
“What is it?” She asked, “Did something happen?”
I looked at her while trying my hardest to keep my bottom lip from trembling, “He hates me.”
Stay tuned!
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tuptastic · 10 months
Force sensitive clones except they keep it hidden until the war ends and its revealed by Rex force throwing Anakin in revenge for all the times the general had picked him up and tossed him around
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suck-a-egg · 1 month
Fives, sad about being seperated from Echo for the first time since they were decanted: Bye bye, butterfly
Echo, just wants to get away from his headache: See you later, alligator
Fives: After a while, crocodile
Echo: Toodaloo, kangaroo
Fives: Not too soon, you silly baboon
Echo: Peace out, rainbow trout
Fives: Talk to you in a bit, pigeon shit
Echo: After supper, motherfuc-
Rex, the one who is trying to send Fives away: Nope! Out, both of you
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comradewolfe · 3 months
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