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suck-a-egg a day ago
Domino Headcanon Time, Hoes
I am working on a fic for this post but it wont be out for a while because I have a dumb dumb idiot baby brain and will focus on it way more than anything else.
so in the meantime, here are alot of headcanons about the Domino Squad some of these are sad
Domino age order from oldest to youngest: Hevy, Fives, Echo, Cutup, Droidbait
Domino squad is an actual defect squad where as the bad batch was made to have their 'defects'
because they were defects none of their chips worked the way the were supposed to
Hevy isnt good at spelling. He's not allowed to send out any reports without someone proof reading them for him.
Fives is the motherhen of the group. Hes the only one who can safely get inbetween Hevy and Echo when their arguements go a little too far.
Echo was considered the runt of the batch, and was often watched for decommisioning. It was constantly held over his head, which is why he became obsessed with the rules. If he could follow their rules and hit all the bench marks then they would have no reason to decommission him.
Cutup loves music but has absolutely no musical talent. This does not stop him from screeching lyrics to the galaxies most popular songs across the base.
Droidbait is often left behind on accident, he has been left in the mess hall more times than he can count.
Hevy and Echos relationship wasnt always rocky. At one point they were pretty close but after the multiple decomming scares, Echo pulled away to make it easier for Hevy if anything happened.
Echo didnt choose his name, he didnt like it at all but the rest of the squad made sure that he never had the chance to introduce himself so he was stuck with what they had named him. In the end, he kept it because he saw it as the one and only gift he had left from his batchmates.
Outside of missions, Fives went silent for months after the citadel and the only person who could get him to talk was Rex.
Droidbait insists on going by db because its 'less embarassing'
Cutup was the only one to embrace their squads differences. He would would practically hold an open mic night on any other cadets who would pick at them.
the cadets around Kamino will often tell one another about the "Fall of the Dominos" about how three died heros but were never spoken of again and how the two survivors went insane from grief and one lost his mind while the other lost his body.
Hevy use to steal pudding cups for Droidbait when they were cadets. he never had a reason to do it he just would.
theres a dent in one of the walls in their pod room and no one really knows how it got dented (Hevy Kyled the wall)
Echo has spiral curls that he purposefully keeps buzzed down because otherwise Cutup would start playing with them
This is a pretty common headcanon for Fives but theres too much evidence behind it, Fives shows affection through boardline violence, he gave Cutup a concussion once after an overly affectionate headbutt. Droidbait has multiple bruises on his arms from loving punches. Hevy got shoved into Sergeant O'Niner once and was given cleaning duty for a week that he forced Fives to do with him. During their 501st days he got a little too touchy with Echo and he started fighting back and ended up chasing Fives to Rex's office on multiple occassions.
and yes i do think Fives and Echo are pod twins, its another reason why Echo was watched for decommisioning.
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ladykagewaki 4 months ago
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I have many luvs for him. I馃挆ALL the Echos!!!
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notpikaman 32 minutes ago
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territhium 12 months ago
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"Ct-1409. That was Echo's number. He's alive!" - Rex
mine ask for permission before reposting
im considering doing prints of this but ill wait to see what kind of feed back i get from this post
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papanowo 29 days ago
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i know clone troopers dont really become force ghosts when they die but like... what if they did
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tattycoram 4 months ago
Fives: I think Rex mixed up our lunches
Fives: *pulls out a note that says 'we're so proud of you'*
Echo: Oh that makes sense. I figured this wasn't for me
Echo: *pulls out a note that says 'please be good. For the love of God, be good'*
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hootydoot 5 months ago
I knew we could do it boys!
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I miss them so much
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notpikaman 32 minutes ago
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jealous-sloth77 24 days ago
Echo and Fives didn't know that this would be the last few hours they would ever spend together
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That's it. Have a good day.
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stoat-party 16 days ago
How does Kamino deal with having thousands of adolescent boys running around high on testosterone? We know clones can be romantically attracted and have children [Update: I have learned that Cut鈥檚 children aren鈥檛 biologically his so that鈥檚 actually up in the air], but it鈥檚 hard to say if there鈥檚 any direct biological intervention to keep them from running off with the first person they meet who isn鈥檛 their relative. I mean, imagine how many love notes Shaak-Ti got in any given week.
But my main point鈥 do clones know where babies come from? Do they think all lifeforms grow in pods?
imagine the ramifications
The 501st effortlessly covers for Anakin and Padm茅 without even trying because they have the vaguest possible understanding of what鈥檚 actually going on
They鈥檙e providing civilian aid in a war zone and Kix has to assist a woman in labor. He knows the mechanics of what鈥檚 happening but he was never trained on females or aliens and nothing could have prepared him for this.
Tech explains it to the team when they鈥檙e 鈥14.鈥 They feel superior to the regs for this knowledge. Omega worked in a genetics lab and knows more than all of them combined by the time they meet.
Rex congratulates Hera when he finds out she鈥檚 pregnant, but he has to hide his confusion because up until now he thought that could only happen if you鈥檙e married.
Dominos are bored on Rishi and gain access to the Holonet. Hevy is the first to get curious (where do you think they got those pinups). Discussions ensue. Echo covers his ears.
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littlefeatherr a month ago
The Domino Twins by kaijurave
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Also check out their carrd: https://kaijurave.carrd.co
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thegaucheartist 6 months ago
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鈥淔or Hevy鈥
Let鈥檚 just imagine that fives painted the gun and echo did the hyper realistic (in clone wars animation at least) painting of Hevy.
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paperback-rascal a month ago
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I don鈥檛 know whenever it is fanon or Legends, but I remember reading somewhere that clones (due to their genetics) are suckers for sweets. So let me expand upon this idea, that they also are easily swayed by street food/ fast food - the more salty, spicy and greasy food is the longer the queue of Clone troopers gets to the particular vendor.
It鈥檚 pretty common to spot clones just... devouring cheap and quick meals with giant grins on their faces and sauce dripping on their armors.
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch 漏 George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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suck-a-egg 9 months ago
Hunter, trying his best to give Omega a semi-normal childhood: Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and鈥 Crosshair: Was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Echo, ignoring him: Mamma called the doctor and the doctor said鈥 Tech: You might be entitled to financial compensation if he or a loved one dies.
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mercuriiarts 8 months ago
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Some Domino Twins content cuz we needed more of them
collab with CaptianPhoenix on insta. He did the sketch and lines, i did all the other bits :)
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territhium a year ago
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i started working on this last night, yes its echo again. does anyone mind doing image descriptions for me? I feel like i over explain images.
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kamino-coruscant a year ago
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Rex and Echo through the years
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tattycoram 4 months ago
Fives: Echo and I are so close we even share a toothbrush
Echo: we what
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