#fives and echo
leon-anna 3 months
Some quickies of Fives bc, I needed to.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This last one is of him in the barracks after Echo 'dies'. It was so painful to imagine what he must've been going through after that, and then to think they'd never get to say goodbye to each other! 馃槩馃槶馃槶
Fives is holding Echos blacks in the second picture...*cries*
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tattycoram 5 months
Fives: I think Rex mixed up our lunches
Fives: *pulls out a note that says 'we're so proud of you'*
Echo: Oh that makes sense. I figured this wasn't for me
Echo: *pulls out a note that says 'please be good. For the love of God, be good'*
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fives-bf 26 days
Rex: The assignment was to bring in something important to you
Fives: and I did that.
Rex: I meant an object, not echo!
Anakin *hiding Obi-wan behind his back*: yeah Fives, he meant an object, you dumbass!
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metalhusbands 3 months
Tumblr media
A Captain proud of his boys
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hootydoot 9 months
Tumblr media
Inspired by the disappointed dad vine
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Imagine it's some time during the clone wars and it's not going to well during one battle. Obi wan ran out of ibuprofen an hour ago and rex lost anakin in the mess of droids and cant find him. Echo and fives swapped armor at some point and keep forgetting to answer to whoever calls their names. Ahsoka is really trying to girl boss but shes getting a little too close to the sun. What to do?
and then it's like god descending from the heavens. A bright light is descending, in reality. The only thing anyone hears before the explosion is "YEE TO THE HAW" and then everything within a ten mile radius is electrocuted- droids, clones, and jedi.
This proves fatal to the droids, but the clones and jedi suffer from just the electric shock. Obi wan glances at fives and echo, who are both knocked out on the ground, and ahsoka and rex, who are sharing similar looks of confusion, as Jesse and cody are both shaking like they're still being electrocuted but really that's just them
From the dust cloud that rose, anakin walks out with the >:> look on his face and says, with his hair frizzing up and his eyes a little to excited, "I found :> a bomb >:>"
And they kind of pass this off, you know? Until order 66 comes around. Anakin is literally bowing down to a sith lord, about to go take some kids to heaven (or hell, ya know) and palpatine is like "ayo execute order 66" and it just. Doesnt.
Because that electric bomb, the strong one from years ago? It may have accidentally fried the circuits in the inhibitor chip. So anakin is all like "let's go do murder" and all the clones are like "no" and hes like aight (okay to make this a bit more realistic let's say they talk him out of it idk? Its funny)
And that's the story of how stupid tcw anakin saved rots anakin bc hes dumb
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bibannana 5 months
Fives *standing infront of Echo posing*: I'm a luxury few can afford.
Echo *not looking up from cleaning his blaster*: Great. If I didn't buy you go away and bother someone else.
Fives *lowering his arms*: No. Hold on, you were meant to ask how much I-
Echo *shooing motions with his hand, stepping towards shipwide comm*: Shoo. I didn't buy you since I can't afford you.
Fives *stepping closer to Echo*: Wait vod-
Echo *making a shipwide announcement*: Can anyone afford this bothersome luxury?Identification is CT- 5555, but he goes by Fives.
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magpie-lords 4 months
Tumblr media
Fives: I cant believe he's alive *Happy cries*
Fives should have been there to find Echo - and so I created it, might make it a series, force ghost fives and bat batch Echo - Anyway Enjoy, And suffer!
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i-zapshroom 6 months
star wars fanfic but it鈥檚 just Jaster Mereel being a good ba鈥檅uir to his millions of clone grandchildren and giving Jango Fett a good smack upside the head
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thebaddestofbatches 6 months
Fives: I drink to forget but I always remember.
Echo: You're drinking orange juice.
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mikeluciraphgabe 2 months
Echo got Fives鈥檚 tattoo tattooed onto his own body a few months into being on TBB
It鈥檚 tiny, but definitely there if you look for it
It鈥檚 directly behind his right ear. (Fives always stood on his right)
Rex cried when he found out and gently asked to see it
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howtheworldcouldb 9 months
look sometimes it's about the fact that Star Wars is a tragedy and a war and the genocide of so many peoples and sometimes it's about a mentally ill college kid, his funky little mentee, and their three million brother figures with varying impulse control
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tattycoram 5 months
Fives: Echo and I are so close we even share a toothbrush
Echo: we what
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fives-bf 3 months
Fives: Are you awake?
Echo: What?
Fives: Are you awake?
Echo: Who the fuck do you think said "what"?
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metalhusbands 6 months
Tumblr media
The agony of losing a brother
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hootydoot 5 months
I knew we could do it boys!
Tumblr media
I miss them so much
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