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thehargreevesfamily · 23 hours
Klaus: If I accidentally sat on a voodoo doll of myself, would I be trapped forever in that position, doomed to starve to death? Five: How am I supposed to know? Diego: You say as if we don’t use you as a source of knowledge of the occult. Five: *sighs* Five: You wouldn't be trapped.
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winter-seance · 1 day
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The Umbrella Academy 3.03
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viktorhargreeves · 4 hours
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VIKTOR & SISSY ♡  2x10 “The End of Something”
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fiveapocalypse · 2 days
So has NO ONE old enough ever thought
“The umbrella academy is just the incredibles” cause like …. Like
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Viktor: Look, no news is good news because at least its not bad news
Klaus: Screw this goldilocks of news I want answers
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Klaus really likes parallel play so he often just sits silently in a room with his siblings to their confusion and when they ask what he's doing he just tells them they're running the vibe ansd need to return to whatever they were doing before
Klaus later discovers that Five and Viktor are the ones who won't question them as much so the three are often found doing their own thing in a close vicinity to each other
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nenufair · 4 hours
Viktor: *falls from a temporal vortex after ending the world*
The world, immediately: *gets him run over by a car*
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wingedshoes · 7 months
you're ALL WRONG the umbrella academy can never be riverdale because they have 30 year olds playing 16 year olds and tua has an 18 year old playing a 58 year old
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thehandl3r · 7 months
Lila talking about the umbrella academy:
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hoss-bonaventure · 7 months
my favorite thing about klaus is how inadvertently useful he is. he’s not even trying to help out or be a team player, yet he ends up being the 2nd most productive sibling in getting shit done. luther and diego run around acting like headless chickens constantly, and klaus just walks on screen looking like he just came back from hell (which isn’t far off from the truth) like “hey, here’s an extremely vital piece of information you guys have spent the past 3 episodes looking for—i’m gonna get wasted now.”
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delicateavenuenacho · 7 months
Klaus is the absolute most accepting sibling of the Hargreeves and you can’t convince me otherwise. Finds out Ben is falling for a living member of his cult that he doesn’t know the name of? Sure Ben, you can possess me to hang with her. Finds out Allison got married to a guy from the 1960s that he met earlier that day in jail? Gets him out of jail no questions asked. He’s family. Finds out Viktor is in a situationship with a married housewife from the 1960s who he first met while she was aiming a gun at him? He’ll do everything possible to help her and her son. They’re basically family. Finds out Diego is dating a woman who tried to kill them multiple times that he met in an asylum who’s actually another magic kid from 1989? Would do anything for her. Come to family meetings, he says. She’s basically family, now. Finds out Luther is dating another Hargreeves (alternate) who also tried to kill them all at first meeting? Klaus is officiating their wedding! And finally, Five is still mourning his coping mechanism mannequin-wife? That’s rough, pal. All the love.
I love Klaus.
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hargoovy · 7 months
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...he got 7 of them
decided to redraw my first piece of tua art since we now know what the mummies looked like!
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nicostiel · 7 months
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#the umbrella dance academy
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id-be-home-with-you · 7 months
Reggie: This is the sparrow academy-
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Absolutely obsessed with how quickly Diego just accepted the whole Umbrella/Sparrow dance off hallucination as a real thing. He looked around confused for a minute, questioned Luther once, and then just fucking rolled with it. No wondering how they all knew the same choreography. No asking where the music was coming from. Man was just full on down to dance. Truly peak himbo behavior.
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oskarwing · 7 months
Things about the Umbrella Academy’s childhood we’ve been told:
Viktor used to cry when the others stepped on ants 
Diego told Klaus that he would grow pubes if he licked a battery when they were 8
Luther used to marry Viktor’s action figures; Viktor caught him doing that
Ben and Diego made Allison’s Teddy say “Luther smells Dad’s underwear” 
Klaus broke his jaw when he was 12 years old after falling down the stairs trying to walk on Grace’s heels
After Five went missing Viktor would make sandwiches for him and leave them on the ground with the light on 
Allison rumored her way into a soccer club 
Diego and Klaus huffed paint together in the basement 
Luther wanted to go to summer camp; Reginald told him he would never go
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