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winter-seance · 2 days
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The Umbrella Academy 2.05
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in 2x10, i wonder if five pushed luther from under the chimney bc he found luthers body buried under bricks in the apocalypse
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viktorhargreeves · 2 days
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in this broken home, everyone becomes predictable.
send a number 1-101 + a fandom, and i’ll make you an edit with lyrics from that song | @jameszmaguire sent #59: tales of dominica by lil nas x
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caitxkitty · 2 days
HC: sometimes the siblings randomly accuse five of being a famous murderer/serial killer and it leads to conversations like this:
Five: -if you paid any attention to the stuff I’m explaining, you’d know this already
Any Sibling: shut up, you’re the zodiac killer
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I love how when Ben decks Klaus in the opening of S3 and he (very dramatically) falls over the coffee table and Allison literally doesnt even react 😭😭
Doesnt see if hes okay
Doesnt go to help
Doesnt even glance in his direction
Girls like, its Klaus if he can stumble backwards for 3-5 business days hes good
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thesevenumbrellas · 3 hours
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We’re so lucky to have her
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eddospaghetto · 1 day
Allison: why are you guys dressed like that?
Five: well I think me and Viktor are elves
Klaus, wearing a over-sized Santa suit: yeah and I’m Santa klaus bitch *slides past on a sled*
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dis-a-ppointment · 2 days
Look what they did to my girls this is the reason I support women's wrongs
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gaysparklywizard · 2 days
umbrella academy as shane and ryan quotes (part 3?):
luther: "snoopy, it was so bad. it was so bad."
diego: "[lila], sometimes we argue, but i've never wanted to murder you!"
allison: "look, man, cousins are weird. how come they aren't your siblings?"
klaus: "come on. i think it would be a great gesture for this new leaf we've turned over. come on and give me a hug."
five: "i like people who don't like other people... does that make sense?"
ben: "i thought this was gonna be a harder pitch. but you were like, 'hey, come inside me'"
viktor: "hey, dipshit. are you scared?"
lila: "[diego] and i are actually not friends"
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I saw a post where they talked about each hargreeves having a different color for their powers (like five having blue and Viktor having white) but then I had a lightbulb moment. Seven siblings. Seven colors of the rainbow. We could totally have that scene that was in one of the Barbie movies where they just blast someone with rainbow sparkles
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wingedshoes · 5 months
you're ALL WRONG the umbrella academy can never be riverdale because they have 30 year olds playing 16 year olds and tua has an 18 year old playing a 58 year old
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rocks-in-my-vodka · 6 months
when that dance battle started in the first episode, i for real was just ready to accept that that was what they were doing. like yea. dance it out, you little funkies
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delicateavenuenacho · 5 months
Klaus is the absolute most accepting sibling of the Hargreeves and you can’t convince me otherwise. Finds out Ben is falling for a living member of his cult that he doesn’t know the name of? Sure Ben, you can possess me to hang with her. Finds out Allison got married to a guy from the 1960s that he met earlier that day in jail? Gets him out of jail no questions asked. He’s family. Finds out Viktor is in a situationship with a married housewife from the 1960s who he first met while she was aiming a gun at him? He’ll do everything possible to help her and her son. They’re basically family. Finds out Diego is dating a woman who tried to kill them multiple times that he met in an asylum who’s actually another magic kid from 1989? Would do anything for her. Come to family meetings, he says. She’s basically family, now. Finds out Luther is dating another Hargreeves (alternate) who also tried to kill them all at first meeting? Klaus is officiating their wedding! And finally, Five is still mourning his coping mechanism mannequin-wife? That’s rough, pal. All the love.
I love Klaus.
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hargoovy · 5 months
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...he got 7 of them
decided to redraw my first piece of tua art since we now know what the mummies looked like!
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caitxkitty · 1 day
Klaus, high as shit, talking to Viktor: you’re supposed to be an apex predator, but look at you. You’re just 12 pounds of pure gabagool!
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Allison: Im not a ‘red flag’ I told you what was wrong with me. Im a caution sign at most
Ray: You didnt even tell me you had the sibling equivalent of the power rangers!
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