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in this broken home, everyone becomes predictable.
send a number 1-101 + a fandom, and i’ll make you an edit with lyrics from that song | @jameszmaguire sent #59: tales of dominica by lil nas x
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in 2x10, i wonder if five pushed luther from under the chimney bc he found luthers body buried under bricks in the apocalypse
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TOP 10 TUA DYNAMICS (as voted by our followers):  6. FIVE & VIKTOR
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TUA S4 this is your last chance to give us a Five scene with Teenagers by MCR. Please 🫶
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HC: sometimes the siblings randomly accuse five of being a famous murderer/serial killer and it leads to conversations like this:
Five: -if you paid any attention to the stuff I’m explaining, you’d know this already
Any Sibling: shut up, you’re the zodiac killer
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The Handler: You know what I say when I feel like swearing? Fudge
Five: If you fudging touch my siblings Im gonna fudging kill you
The Handler: Much better
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To Nightfall
A/N: A v fun chapter to write. Enjoy!
Warnings: alcohol, brief sexual content, mentions of alcohol, sexual content and death/dying
Word Count: 5666
Chapter 16: A Dream Come True
Tumblr media
“Dearly beloved.”
Klaus stood below a beautifully decorated arch just outside the banquet hall, where the ceremony was taking place. There was already a red carpet rolled out to the arch and once everyone was in their places, (Y/N) had walked the beaming Sloane down the aisle to her fiance. It was such a magical moment. She now stood behind the bride and was holding her flowers with Viktor standing behind Luther as his best man.
“We’re gathered here today for a good time, not a long time, so let’s have a good time, huh? ‘Cause the sun can’t shine every day. Can I get an amen?”
The crowd along with the bride and groom erupted into “amens” and cheers and whistles in response.
“Luther,” Klaus started once they all calmed down. “Do you be taking this banging hottie to be your lady?”
Luther lovingly smiled at her. “I do.”
“Sloane,” Klaus tearfully sighed. “Do you promise to love and cherish this big hairy bastard for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours?”
“Give or take a day.” Five called out, getting lovingly shushed by Klaus. Sloane grinned at Luther, her tears hardly contained.
“I’m gonna try.”
“Well, then… I’m sorry.” Klaus wiped at his eyes for a second before throwing his hands up in the air. “I pronounce you married as shit! Viva la apocalypse!”
Sloane threw herself at Luther, pulling him into a loving kiss. Luther wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer as everyone cheered and clapped. (Y/N) grinned as she carefully clapped with the flowers in her hands, her heart unbelievably warm for them. Never in her life had she imagined her family like this, all together, for Luther’s wedding. It was something they probably wouldn’t have believed if told two timelines ago.
The party moved back indoors, where the newlyweds began their first dance as the rest watched them with so much love in their eyes. Klaus was the most enthusiastic out of all, moving to the music as he cheesed at them. Luther and Sloane looked at their family with sweet smiles before returning to their dance as the fog machines hissed out their white clouds. The colors from the party lights and the disco ball danced across the room, giving the room a soft, yet spirited look.
“This is officially worse than the apocalypse.” Five muttered and looked around before his eyes landed on the spread of food and drinks. “Ah, there we are.”
He began to walk away, but (Y/N) grabbed him by the hand and pulled him back to her, a sly smile on her face. She cocked her head to the dance floor, where Diego and Lila had already joined. “Come on, bub. This can be like our wedding dance.” She whispered, and Five couldn’t argue with that. So, after setting his drink down, he followed his love onto the floor. Even Klaus joined, dancing with himself to the beautiful music.
Five and (Y/N) felt like they were actually thirteen again as they danced. Their hands clasped while her other sat on his shoulder and his other wrapped securely around her waist. In this very moment, if the Kugelblitz had sucked them up and signalled the end of its reign of terror on the cosmos, Five wholeheartedly believed he would die a happy man. The place he found himself, with his family, with his wife in his arms, was a place he finally felt somewhat content in. It was most likely the best place he could be in right now, all things considered. He hoped (Y/N) felt the same.
“Do you wish our wedding was like this?” He quietly asked. (Y/N) lifted her head from his chest and softly smiled at him, the light dazzling in her eyes.
“No.” She whispered. “I already had this and I almost threw up about three or four times. What we had was perfect.”
“In front of the Ball of Twine?”
“I was standing in front of you,” She nuzzled her nose with his. “That’s more than perfect.”
With a grin, Five touched his forehead to hers, swaying to the music in complete bliss.
Once everyone was tuckered out from dancing, they moved to the tables to replenish their stamina by indulging in the food spread. (Y/N) had sat herself down at her shared table with Five, a plate in one hand and a drink in another, when she saw Chet taking a photo of Luther and Sloane. She softly smiled at them before realizing that no one had given any speeches. She turned to Five just as he walked up to the table with two more glasses of alcohol to add to the collection on the table. “I’ll be right back, okay?”
He nodded and watched her leave the table and go up to the DJ booth, grabbing the microphone and standing at the edge of the dancefloor. “Can I have everyone’s attention, please?”
Her family paused their conversations to look up at her with curious gazes.
“Uh… as Sloane’s maid of honor, I’d like to give a speech before I’m absolutely shit-faced for the night.” She pulled a few chuckles. “Luther… I know you and I have never been the best of friends and I’m glad that’s changed. If I’ve learned anything from experiencing a countdown to my death for a third time now, it would be that I need to love who is true to me, then to cherish who I love. And I love you, Luther. I wish I said it more, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It is, and… it’s been a blast being your sister.”
It all started to sink in that this may be the last time she would see her family. She didn’t know if that caused her eyes to water, or the sight of Luther wiping away his tears. Perhaps both.
“Sloane, though the first time we met, you tried to kill me, I can’t say it’s nothing that hasn’t happened before. I’m so happy that our best moments were within an hour, inside a weird-ass hotel room, sipping on wine and listening to jazz as everything around us got sucked into a black hole. Because I learned that my new family member is one I’m proud to call my sister. Luther, this one’s a keeper,” She winked, earning some more chuckles. “Sloane… I can safely say that you are in good hands with my brother. And your (Y/N)’s smiling down at you right now. I know it.”
Sloane fanned her eyes to keep her tears at bay as she grinned at (Y/N).
“Congratulations, you two.” She lifted her glass, everyone else doing the same and cheering for her as she returned the mic and went to the newlyweds to exchange hugs and kisses.
Having the perfect opportunity, Klaus danced his way over to Five and pointed at him. “Cinco! Mi hermano.” He greeted his disgruntled brother and sat beside him. “Listen to me, Dad is upstairs right now with a plan to save everything. So, what say you and I pop up to the suite for a little chitchat?”
“What, are you like Frick and Frack with the old man now?” Five frowned at him.
“This dad’s different. He’s a turtle. Hard on the outside, but all cute and wrinkly and occasionally delicious on the inside.”
Five swallowed the liquor in his mouth and looked up at his brother. “Klaus?”
“Old dogs like me and him never change. He has never had our best interests at heart. And you’re lucky (Y/N) isn’t over here right now or else she’d rip you a new one. This is the happiest she’s been in the last few hours. So!” He dropped his shot glass into a bigger glass, both fizzing up and spilling over a bit. “My only plan for tonight is to get fucked up beyond all recognition, and then enjoy my possible last time having sex with my wife.”
Klaus groaned. “Sure.” He clinked his glass with Five’s. “Have at it.”
“I shall!”
(Y/N) returned to the table just as Klaus twisted in his seat to get a look around the room, eyes landing on Diego, who was happily munching on his food. Lila was about to sit down with her own food when she noticed Klaus’s calculating stare. Before he could even stand, she placed her food down and went up to him, pushing him back down in his chair.
“Klaus.” She pulled a chair up to him and sat down. “Don’t even think about going over there and filling his empty head with bad ideas.”
He looked at her in feigned offense. “Moi? How dare-” His facade fell when Lila pressed a fork into his chest, right over his heart.
“You may be unkillable, but I’ll find a way to make sure that your time on this earthly plane is chock-full of pain and suffering. Got it?”
“Yeah. Sure.”
“Great. Big smile.” She turned him forward and posed, Chet taking a picture of them, the bright flash affecting both him and Five. Lila gave him a kiss and walked away. “Bye.”
Klaus groaned and blinked his eyes to rid himself of the spots in his vision. He turned and set his sights on his next victim: Luther. He stood up and stumbled away from the table.
Meanwhile, Five was happily feeding his wife shrimp from hand to mouth and then allowing her to hold his glass while he drank from it. It was something neither of them had thought of when they started doing it, but it was enough to make all the singles in the room sick with the two’s PDA. Her lopsided grin faltered when Five bit off a piece of pineapple from her kabob she was holding.
“Oh…” She mumbled as he munched on it. “You ate my fruit, Five…”
He lifted his head and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “What’s yours is mine, baby.”
“Hey, guys.” Viktor greeted and joined their table with a plate of food for himself. (Y/N) turned to her brother with a regained smile.
“Enjoying the party, Viktor?”
“It’s nice, yeah.” He nodded, looking around the room with a thoughtful smile. “It’s good to see Luther finally find someone and settle. What about you guys?”
When he turned back to them, Five had slammed his empty glass on the table a millisecond before (Y/N) did. “Sucker.”
“Best out of three.”
Viktor chuckled at the two as they started another drinking contest. As he watched them, Klaus greeted the bride and groom at their table. “Mazel tov to the Mr and Mrs.”
“Hey, brother!”
They happily clinked their glasses with him before he crouched between their chairs to talk to Luther. “Now, about Dad.”
“No, no, no, no.”
“The answer’s no, Klaus.”
“Baby, baby, he’s a changed man.”
“No, the man is incapable of change.”
“Lulu, he’s different. You know, he helped me to conquer my childhood fears.”
Luther hummed as he continued to eat.
“We played catch together.”
“Whoa, wait,” He frowned. “You played catch with Dad?”
“Yeah, we call it bus-ball, but that’s kind of our thing. I mean, you could find your own thing with him.”
Luther groaned in irritation. “Would you stop? Listen, you’re being duped.”
Klaus chuckled. “No, I’m not being duped-”
“No, you are. You are.”
“Come on!”
“In fact, worse. You’re being enabled by your own father.”
“Yeah, but I really think if you just give him a little chance-”
His exclamation echoed throughout the room, everyone flinching at his volume. Klaus, in particular, covered his ears and shrunk in his place. Sloane reached over and placed a hand on her husband’s knee. “Babe, it’s fine.” She whispered. “It’s our wedding.”
Klaus whimpered as Luther nodded. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He reached over and brought his brother into a crushing hug, kissing his forehead. “Listen, I’m just trying to enjoy my wedding, okay? And you should, too.”
“Go have some salmon and a Jell-O cup.”
“That sounds nice. Alright, well.” Klaus stood and began walking away. “Screw it, I tried.”
The atmosphere of the party shifted immensely when the elevator dinged. The doors parted to drop off Reginald, whose presence shocked the party members in the least pleasant of ways. Everyone’s eyes watched as he awkwardly walked around, all except for (Y/N), who kept her tipsy gaze fixed on the tablecloth in front of her. Five gently intertwined their fingers and squeezed her hand as Reginald busied himself at the food spread.
“It’s okay, Starlight.”
“No, it isn’t.” She shook her head. “Why is he here? He can’t just show up to a wedding he’s not invited to. Especially not one he was uninvited from.”
“I think…” He reached for the bottle and began to pour more alcohol into her glass. “I think you need another drink.”
(Y/N) nodded in thanks and took a hearty gulp of her drink, pressing a hand to her chest as she suppressed a belch. Her eyes traveled over to Reginald, who was currently finding a place to sit and eat. No one was welcoming in the slightest, all glaring at him whenever he looked their way. For a moment, he locked eyes with (Y/N), but her stare was deadly and it threatened his life, so he took a seat at an empty table and began to eat.
From his table, Klaus caught his father’s attention and wordlessly encouraged him to try a smile. Reginald’s look of shock melted into an odd and forced smile as he looked about the room. Though, he didn’t receive any of the reactions he hoped for. Everyone was either looking at him in horror or disgust, for none of them had ever seen their father smile. Before the agonizing moment could drag on any longer, Reginald flinched in his seat at a bright flash, Chet grinning with a camera in his hands.
At that, (Y/N) rolled her eyes and turned back around, chugging the rest of her drink and then taking Five’s and draining that as well. “Okay,” He sighed and filled both the glasses again. “Guess those are yours now.”
“What’s yours is mine.”
Ben was left alone after Allison departed from their shared table, previously sulking with her during such a high-spirited event. As he buried his head into the table, Klaus came over and sat with him. “Hey, Ben-ihana. Don’t hit me!” He chuckled, pretending to flinch before dropping the theatrics. “Hey, listen. I know we ain’t exactly been best buds in this timeline or whatever, but man, do I have a mission for you-”
A loud and nauseating belch erupted from Ben’s mouth, causing Klaus to cringe and fan the stink away. “Ugh… Charming.”
“Eleven people.” Ben drunkenly slurred, picking up a piece of shrimp.
“There are only eleven people left.”
“Okay. Drunk Ben clearly likes numbers and… shrimp.”
“And you couldn’t even invite me to your stupid bachelor party…”
Klaus looked up at Ben’s dejected face, his brows twisted in a sadness he thought was incapable of him. “Oh… Have we finally flicked off bad Benny’s hard candy shell?” He cooed as he rubbed his back.
“Why don’t you like me?” Ben whined.
“Because you’re a huge puckering asshole.”
“Okay, but you like the other Ben.”
“Yeah, we love the other Ben.”
“Why? What was so special about him?”
“Because he was a know-it-all. He was a scold.” Klaus’s face lit up in recognition. “He was a tiny dark cloud on a perfect sunny day…”
At his heartfelt laugh, Ben frowned in confusion. “Those… Those are all bad things.”
“Yeah, but they looked great on him.”
“Okay, you know what? I am so much better than that other Ben.”
“I was Number One. Twice. Does Dad give a shit? No. He was busy hanging out with you.”
Klaus pouted and leaned closer. “Oh, man, methinks you might be trying a little too hard. Look around. Nobody’s polishing their boots or pressing their tights. We’re a complete and total shit show. Ya get it? A-And our Ben, my Ben, was just that kinda disaster…” He leaned even closer as he lowered his voice in adoration for his deceased brother. “...and it made him ridiculously easy to love.”
Ben didn’t respond, for he was too far away to form any words. All he had to do was to simply not try. After all, it was one of his favorite things about his sister. (Y/N) had been unapologetically herself. No matter how many times they silenced her, no matter how many times they casted her aside. She was so loveable because she was such an amazing person, and she never tried to hide it.
Perhaps that was why Reginald thought so highly of her, even when she failed so tremendously. Ben felt a pat on his shoulder and Klaus was gone, unknowingly leaving him to mourn his sister.
Just as Viktor left the table to speak with Allison, the clinking of silverware against glass could be heard. Everyone’s attention turned to Reginald, who was standing with the mic in one hand and a glass in the other. “I know it is customary for the father of the bride to make a speech…”
Off to the side, Viktor nervously approached Allison. “Hey.”
As soon as she saw him, she sighed and turned back around. “I’m not in the mood.”
“No, I get it.” She turned back to him. “It’s a wedding. Everybody’s drunk, and we’re all supposed to be chummy. But I’m not feeling it.”
“That’s fine. You don’t have to be in a festive mood. But will you please just hear me out?”
Their conversation was drowned out by Reginald’s voice sounding throughout the entire room. He lifted the mic to his lips and looked at the bride as he cleared his throat, the feedback whining a bit. “Sloane, ever since you were a little girl, I’ve always known you were exceptionally bright. And though, I can’t say I know Luther all that well, from the few moments we have shared, it seems you found yourself an adequate partner.”
A few hushed reactions sounded, most in confusion, before he continued. This time, though, he looked to (Y/N), who was scowling at him in her seat, her eyes heavy with alcohol. “I acknowledge that, as a father, I was not without my faults. I hope these shortcomings will be seen as only a rough patch on an otherwise verdant lawn.”
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and grabbed the whole bottle of alcohol, taking a large swig of it. Away from them, Viktor and Allison were still having their attempt at reconciliation.
“Look, I’m sorry. I was wrong. I lied, and… I betrayed your trust.” He softly spoke as tears glossed his eyes. “But you’re… more important to me than anything in this entire world. Will you forgive me?”
For a second, Viktor had hope in his relationship with his sister. Her eyes widened just a fraction and her nose flared as her face softened. Only for a moment. Within the next moment, she blinked and her cold and standoffish nature returned.
“No. I don’t think I will.”
A small smile made its way onto Reginald’s face. “I’m proud to call you my children. Even those whom I raised in a revenant version of myself. I hope that tonight, we can create a few special memories in whatever precious little time we have left.”
Viktor’s crestfallen expression mustered up a bit of courage to continue talking. “If you won’t forgive me, just know I forgive you.”
“For what?” Allison tilted her head. “I didn’t do anything wrong. You know, I’m… really tired of being the asshole that has to meet you halfway. I am tired of being a sucker.”
“You’re the sucker?”
“Our whole lives, all you said you ever wanted was for us to be close, and we finally got there, and you fucked it up. Not me.”
Viktor swallowed. “Is this really how you wanna end things?”
“Don’t worry. I’ll sleep fine tonight.”
With that, Allison walked past her brother and towards the elevator. As she did, everyone watched her in confusion, but they all figured what happened. Reginald trailed off his speech for a second before focusing again and reciting a poem.
“The sun rises over a lily’s field.
A mother veiled, her lips concealed.
The mourners come in droves of black
to bury what their hearts unpack.
With shallow breath and time eclipsed,
I pray you miss death’s gentle kiss.”
(Y/N)’s eyes moved away from Allison, who glared as the elevator closed in front of her, to Viktor, who pinched the bridge of his nose as his shoulders trembled. She ignored the applause Reginald received from Klaus, Diego and Lila, her heart broken for her brother and for her sister. Speech concluded, he bowed and took his leave for the night.
“I didn’t think the old man had it in him.” Five muttered.
“One of our biggest flaws as a family is underestimating the capabilities of our father…” She whispered, chugging her glasses down.
From the DJ booth, Chet nervously tried to revive the party. “Alright, alright. Time to turn those frowns upside down! This one is for all the party people in the place.”
The upbeat music that played through the speakers was just enough to get everyone out of their seats and back onto the dancefloor. (Y/N) made sure to get a good, long drink in before hopping from her seat and pulling Five with her onto the floor. Viktor watched them for a moment, but then he sniffled and wiped the tears from his face before joining his family.
Despite Reginald the Party Crasher and Allison blowing up at Viktor, the family still danced their hearts out with each other. For them, it was the least they deserved. Years of childhood trauma that carried to adulthood, then the constant threat of their impending doom, resulting in them being the only people left to celebrate the growing of their family…
Of course, they would be laying it all out.
Even with her spinning head, (Y/N) was so unbelievably happy to be there. The sight of Five wildly dancing with a bottle of alcohol in his hand was something she never thought she’d see, but it was certainly something she welcomed. She laughed aloud as she twisted and jumped and spun to the beat of the music, occasionally pulling people to dance with her. She even danced with Ben, and at some point, Diego was giving her a piggyback ride around the dancefloor.
Eventually, the dancing began to wind down into a slower tempo. Luther and Sloane held each other close as they danced, Diego and Lila sat together near the DJ booth, Klaus and Ben were off getting wasted together, Viktor sat beside himself to eat some more and Five stood on the dancefloor, dreamily watching as (Y/N) sang along to a love song into the microphone.
“Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.”
The girl could barely hold herself up, but she still put on a show. Her eyes were gently closed as she focused on how the lyrics and melody of the song went, but everything was so fuzzy. Still, she was in a very pleased mood.
“Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.”
Her eyes opened and immediately found Five, who sloppily grinned and waved at her, just as drunk as her. She returned the smile and continued with the song.
“On the day that you were born the angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true.
So, they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And star light in your eyes of blue.”
(Y/N) leaned her head back during the small pause, stumbling back a bit when she lost her balance, but composed herself and went back to the mic.
“That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.”
The song broke out into a short instrumental break, during which (Y/N) let go of the microphone and danced with herself. Since her eyes were closed, she failed to notice Five drunkenly doing the same. When the music signalled for her to come back in, she grabbed hold of the mic stand and sang the repeat with more passion than before.
“On the day that you were born the angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true.
So, they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And star light in your eyes of blue.”
Snapping her eyes open, she pointed straight at Five as she swayed her hips.
“That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.”
Completely enamored, Five made his way up to her and hopped onto the platform, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close as she seemingly finished the song.
“Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.”
She smiled at him as he leaned forward, peppering kisses to her cheek, moving his lips to her ear. “(Y/N)... I love-”
Close to you!”
(Y/N) interrupted him to sing her favorite part of the song as loud as she could, Five lovingly smiling at her as he held her steady. She began to repeat it, but he silenced her by pressing his lips to hers in a very uncoordinated kiss. Immediately, she was thrown off and wrapped her arms around his neck to keep herself from falling.
Sloane lifted her head from Luther’s shoulder to look up at him. “So, just to recap this night… Ben, Five and (Y/N) are blotto drunk.”
They broke out into chuckles.
“And Viktor and Allison almost punched each other out.”
“Oh… Yeah.”
“Yeah… And Dad recited a weirdly moving death poem.”
Luther scrunched his face up as he hummed. “You know, that’s not bad for a Hargreeves family wedding at the end of the world.”
She softly smiled at him. “You know, I didn’t need a big to-do. This is all I needed.”
He gently kissed her and held her tighter as she rested her head on his shoulder. This was all he needed, too.
“Oh, guys! Come on!”
“Freaky little turds.”
Five and (Y/N) pulled away from each other when they heard Diego and Lila shout at them. They were just about to enjoy a peaceful time outside where the ceremony had taken place, but they found themselves bombarding a very intimate moment between the two teens. Five groaned and adjusted his wife’s dress so that it was properly back in place and moved to sit beside her, (Y/N) quietly and sweetly apologizing to them.
Diego shook his head at them and pulled Lila with him to the seating area built with stones. (Y/N) moved her empty heels out of the way so Diego could sit down, Lila following suit and resting her head in his lap. Surprisingly, those two were the least drunk of the party, Diego being careful with his liquor and Lila having not a drop. With a hazy mind, (Y/N) noted that as well.
“Is this where the party is now?” Viktor asked as he walked outside.
“Welcome, Viktor.” She grinned at her brother, who chuckled in amusement and sat at the top row of stones.
Luther and Sloane were the next to walk outside, staring up at the orange glow of the Kugelblitz above them. They made their way up to the rest and took their seats. “Hey, guys.” Luther greeted with a grin. He turned to Viktor and leaned close. “Hey, uh… I saw. And I… I appreciate you trying.”
Viktor looked down for a moment as his argument with Allison flashed through his mind, but when he concluded that he did all he could, he nodded to Luther in thanks. A commotion started when Klaus and Ben stumbled outside, approaching the group with alcohol and cigarettes.
“Oh, no, no, no, no!”
“Hey, what?”
“Klaus, why are you bringing Ben here?”
“Come on!”
Klaus quieted Five and Diego’s complaining by holding a hand out. “Guys, hear me out before-”
“Hear him out.” Ben repeated, placing the cigarette between his lips.
“The brother that you all knew as Ben is gone. And not- I don’t mean our Ben, the nice Ben. I mean this Ben. The asshole, he’s gone now.”
“Gone.” Ben whispered after gulping down some liquor.
Luther shook his head at them. “Klaus, what are you talking about?”
Klaus continued on as Ben animatedly nodded and pointed. “And the man that stands in front of you is new new Ben, and he’s one of us, and he’s a member of the team. And he’s part-”
“...part of the family!” The two of them exclaimed in unison. They broke out into drunken giggles as Five wiped his mouth.
“And as a welcome gift, I suggest we throw him off the roof.”
“Yeah, I’ll help.” Diego agreed.
“Come on!” Klaus playfully groaned.
Luther smiled and waved his two brothers off, pointing at Ben. “Hey, you know what? You know what? He can stay. He can stay.”
“Why?” Diego frowned.
“‘Cause it’s my wedding day, man. Come on. He can stay.”
Klaus and Ben quietly cheered and joined the family on the stones, quietly thanking Luther as they did. Once everyone was seated, their gazes moved up to the sky, where dark clouds painted across the bright orange canvas. It had slowed its course down, the lifeform that was left taking longer to get sucked into its end.
It was sort of peaceful, the way they all admired it. At any second, they could die with everything and everyone else in all of space and time. They found themselves so very lucky to be here now.
“Hey, you wanna know something?” Luther gently spoke with a smile. “Tonight is all I ever really wanted.”
“To get hitched?”
“Just… everybody coming together when it really matters. One big real family.”
Luther reached down and kissed Sloane’s hand, Ben and Klaus cuddled up along with Diego and Lila. (Y/N) wrapped her arms around Five and snuggled into his side, burying her face into his neck as he continued to drink. He wanted the moment to remain much longer, he really did, but his stomach swirled and groaned. He coughed and fled from her arms, hurrying a few paces from everyone as he gagged. Everyone exclaimed when they heard the grotesque sounds he made.
“Oh, I think I’m gonna hurl…” He murmured as they giggled. “Actually, uh, I think I’m hungry… See ya, guys. I’m gonna hit the buffet.”
“Me, too! Wait for me, bub!” (Y/N) stood and followed him back inside. Before she was gone, she turned to her family, blowing a kiss to them. “Goodnight! Thank you for having us! Congrats to the groom and bride!”
“Night, (Y/N).” Sloane smiled before the girl scampered off back inside. She leaned her head back to look at Luther. “Does she always get that drunk?”
Luther frowned and shook his head. “God, no.”
“Maybe we should call it a night.” Lila rose from her spot.
“Come on, it’s early.” Luther whined.
“Goodnight, guys.”
Ben watched her and Diego leave with a grin. “Where are we going? To bed?” He chuckled as he stood and began walking away.
“Who’s this guy?” Luther jokingly pointed at him with a chuckle.
“Ben.” Klaus sighed and ran to catch up with him. “Where’s he going? Where’s he going? This isn’t the end. Come on, who’s up for some more…”
“Scrabble?” Ben suggested.
“...karaoke… Yeah!”
Viktor smiled at the drunken conversation between the retreating pair and let out a heavy sigh. “That’s my cue.” He chuckled and stood, making his way back inside after bidding the night’s farewells.
(Y/N) tried to stifle her giggles as she and Five staggered down the halls of the hotel, Five gripping a metal bowl full of food in his hand. She had almost dropped the bottle in her hand when her face smacked into the wall, but she steadied herself and followed after Five. He slammed his hand into a wall to keep himself from falling, but his halt caused her to crash into him, the two falling to the ground. Food and booze forgotten, Five rolled over and hovered over (Y/N), bringing her into a messy kiss. She hummed and kissed back as she ran her hands through his hair.
“With everything we’ve discussed, it’d be folly to wait.”
At the sound of Reginald’s voice, Five pulled away from his wife and staggered to his feet. The door to the White Buffalo Suite was cracked open, the boy only able to see his father in the room without opening the door any further. Reginald was facing someone who was blocked by the door.
“There is no time. I can’t do this without you. Do we have a deal?”
Reginald reached out and shook hands with whoever he was talking to. Before Five could burst in and get to the bottom of this, (Y/N) had found her way back to her feet and grabbed him by his tie, pulling him with her into the open elevator.
“Come on, bub. Let’s take this party to our room.”
Five’s eyes stayed trained on the door of Reginald’s room as (Y/N) pressed the button to their floor, dancing in place as the doors closed them off from whatever secret interaction had just occurred.
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topperscumslut · 1 day
klaus, luther, and five are so similar but no one likes to talk about it
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eddospaghetto · 22 hours
Allison: why are you guys dressed like that?
Five: well I think me and Viktor are elves
Klaus, wearing a over-sized Santa suit: yeah and I’m Santa klaus bitch *slides past on a sled*
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gaysparklywizard · 2 days
umbrella academy as shane and ryan quotes (part 3?):
luther: "snoopy, it was so bad. it was so bad."
diego: "[lila], sometimes we argue, but i've never wanted to murder you!"
allison: "look, man, cousins are weird. how come they aren't your siblings?"
klaus: "come on. i think it would be a great gesture for this new leaf we've turned over. come on and give me a hug."
five: "i like people who don't like other people... does that make sense?"
ben: "i thought this was gonna be a harder pitch. but you were like, 'hey, come inside me'"
viktor: "hey, dipshit. are you scared?"
lila: "[diego] and i are actually not friends"
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"i can make them better!" This, "i can make them worse!" That. Oh yeah? I can give them a hug while gently kissing them on the forehead and telling them that it's not all their fault
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bronzetomatoes · 7 hours
When is the Umbrella Academy going to have a lull in the action long enough for Five to run out of adrenaline and have a mental breakdown
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Tumblr media
I admit I have never tried a P&M sandwich, Five, I have failed you 😔
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nicostiel · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Five Hargreeves + Text Posts Part 5
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caitxkitty · 3 days
Viktor: I just said some really deep shit and you just hit us with “honk my fucking cock”
Klaus: yah
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Diego: What do you know about dragons?
Five: In theory or practice?
Diego: Practice
Five: They’re not real, Diego
Diego: You sure? Can you make some calls?
Five: To who? Hogwarts?
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