literallyjusttoa · 1 day
Every time I see someone even reference Will hating his dad or being really annoyed with Apollo in ToA I swear I go insane.
Will loves his dad! Apollo loves Will! If you want a character with daddy issues literally pick ANY OTHER CHARACTER IN THE RIORDANVERSE!!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!?!? LET THEM HAVE A LOVING RELATIONSHIP I SWEAR TO GOD.
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scaridea · 3 days
being a transman in lgbtq spaces is a nightmare.
I have male privilege because im a man but also i cant say i experience transandrophobia because that doesnt exist and its just misogyny but also i cant say i experience transmisogyny/misogyny because thats for women only and im not a woman and actually because im a man i dont even face that much bigotry so i should be quiet and not talk about my experiences but also transmen are dominating trans spaces while also not facing that much transphobia because we're invisible.
im very tired.
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hanaflorbloom · 15 hours
every time i see someone say that we should erase all other languages and make english the 'universal language' I'm reminded how ignorant and culturally insensitive some people are. to not be aware of the historical and cultural significance of a language in most cultures is bizarre. in erasing a language you would thus be erasing years of important history of a culture. i hope these people educate themselves before speaking on something they know nothing about simply because it would 'make their lives easier'. not to mention its so tone-deaf to the people who are fighting for language revitalization due to the historical language suppression of their ancestors.
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feasibilities · 1 day
yt latinos saying tenoch huerta’s words promote resentment and division like they don’t actively participate in the disenfranchisement of darker and afro-latinos & indigenous peoples…
Tumblr media
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spceyeol · 1 day
every time there’s a surge in antisemitism, someone on twitter creates a thread about how the swastika isn’t actually a bad symbol and that (((westerners))) need to stop seeing it as such. but here’s the thing: i do think that more people need to be aware of the origin of the swastika and its religious importance, and also how it was stolen and turned into a hate symbol. but 9 times out of 10, whenever i search that accounts tweet, they have absolutely nothing in the way of calling out antisemitism or how the swastika has been used against jews. so while these info threads are important, the timing is way off and it comes off as the person caring more about defending the symbols honor than the fact that white supremacists literally use it as a hate symbol. and it’s so tiring to see this crap every single fucking time there’s an increase in antisemitism
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firmly believe steve has stretch marks on his ass and thighs and eddie goes fucking hog wild when he sees them for the first time
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bizarrenacle · 1 day
Seeing a lot of discourse wondering why people have an issue with fem!Lucerys x Aemond. I’m firmly in the camp of “write what you want,” but I do think there’s genuinely stuff to talk about here. 
1. For the most part, it’s self-insert tagged as lucemond, and therefore not lucemond. Luke isn’t even Luke at that point, but becomes an OC with (often) an entirely different name (Aemma, Visenya) and personality. This is honestly my main issue with this. Write your OC by all means, but tagging it as Luke/Aemond comes off as (at best) inaccurate and (at worst) disingenuous.  
2. There’s never an excuse for hurling abuse at writers who do this. It’s immature, and creates more problems than it solves. However, I do think the resulting frustration reflects a deeper issue. Intentional or no, het!Lucemond inevitably comes off as trying to bend a gay ship into a heterosexual one for the sake of normativity. I’ve seen comments like “it’s easier for me to write hetero dynamics.” Then...write a pairing that has them. 
3. lucemond gets a lot of homophobic flak presented as outrage over the (4 year) age difference, when the same critics ship Daemyra or Sandor/Sansa. I’ve been a part of the asoiaf fandom for a long time. Gay pairings exist, but they’re a lot less common. 
4. This is an issue for another day, but a major part of lucemond’s popularity stems from the complexity of its characters. A lot of mainstream writers and showrunners seem to shy away from making lgbt characters complex or problematic, probably to avoid criticism. George R.R. Martin is a brilliant writer, but his gay characters aren’t all that deep (Renly and Loras). Laenor and Joffrey are also, in my opinion, the blandest characters in the show. 
5. By contrast, Lucemond is a ship with two deeply flawed, dynamic and tragic characters (especially Aemond) and I really think lgbt writers and artists in particular hunger to explore that kind of complexity. We don’t see it that much. Moreover, Aemond is, in my view, a pretty gay-coded character (leather, a sapphire eye, consuming obsession and sexual repression? Come on). I don’t think it was intentional on the show’s part, but the fact that so many people picked up on it is hilarious to me considering how heteronormative asoiaf generally is. 
Also, I should clarify: lesbian!lucemond is the shit. Gay angst is what we’re here for. Just trying to imperfectly explain why a lot of gay asoiaf shippers kind of have table scraps to work with (in-canon), so we’ve got to make our own thing. Seeing it turned into a het!self-insert is...bizarre...at times. Y’all have like a hundred ships to work with. 
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if you change a modern dragon to an ancient, and that ancient has parallel genes that match the moderns current genes, those genes should transfer.
i can't see any sane reason why, say, a lionfish/hex/ghost pearlcatcher is reset to a basic aberration when it has compatible fucking genes!
"oh well, uhhh, AKSHUYALLY, it's because its ANCIENT genes and they work DIFFERENT"
i will admit i don't know shit about coding, but a teeny tiny part of me can't help but imagine it not being a fucking herculean task to make a modern gene change to an ancient parallel during a breed change.
"but the ECONOMUH!!!"
maybe it's hypocritical of me, but it's virtual money. it doesn't GO anywhere it just vanishes into the goddamn void. it is not that deep. 'JPEG dragons: the game' doesn't have a dow jones it needs to worry about or whatever.
i just feel like having to buy/brew/grind for genes that a dragon already has, just so you can turn them into an ancient, is a little fucking stupid and tedious is all!
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i'll never understand people who act all snooty about women who like "childish" scents. fuck you i love my cotton candy body spray and my cupcake scented deodorant and my marshmallow claire's perfume.
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antishipping · 1 day
can we please, please just go back to when fandom still used the term "sexualizing"? can we please just go back to when people didn't treat the terms fetish/kink like it's synonymous with sex?
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bixels · 1 day
Bro wtf was with that anon dude. AI art is an actual problem for artists, and you deserve to be able to talk about it. I know from your reaction you already know this, but I'm making sure you double know this
To be fair, the take is one that usually requires an artists' perspective, since we're most at risk by AI art, not just through work opportunities, but also our likeness and creative work being stolen for someone else's profit.
I'm not against the use of AI on an industrial level, but there needs to be a distinction made between AI art and AI graphics. AI graphics are simply images with utility; the video game industry could see massive benefits to workload and crunch if they could generate textures, for instance. But art doesn't exist for utility's sake. Art isn't just created to be consumed, but to also inform viewers about who the artist is. What does AI art say about the AI? That its algorithm was well written? That it's really good at copying real humans?
Contrary to popular belief, art isn't the pursue of beauty, it's the pursuit of self-expression and self-reflection, something that machines can't do. It's a two-way stream of communication between viewer and creator.
Until AI can produce its own emotions and understand sensory experiences without relying on external input or databases, it cannot make creative decisions, thus it cannot create "art." It doesn't understand color theory, or even how what we think of color theory, it understands the most popular trend in color theory. To an AI, blue and yellow together isn't pretty, it's just common. Breaking the components and traits of art down into a big graph and calculating their visual appeal through statistics and probability? That's not good enough for art.
Unfortunately, this is something a lot of people don't understand. For most, art is purely for consumption, rather than a means to explore and understand the world around us.
When I look at a painting of a sunset by a human, I think about their experience of being there, seeing this sunset, translating it onto canvas. I think about what they must have been feeling: loneliness? Melancholy? Awe? When I look at a "painting" of a sunset by an AI, all I see is a sunset. Because I know that's all the AI wants it to be.
So yeah, I think AI art is a problem. But I think the threat it poses to the definition of art and the way we interact with it is going unnoticed. And before anyone calls me a doomer, it's already happening. A few months ago, a piece of AI graphic using other artists' work won first place at the Colorado State Fair's fine arts competition, beating real artists. The user even bragged about how little work went into generating the graphic.
Tumblr media
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bethanydelleman · 2 days
Often online I see something like this, “Will Emma have kids?”
and I reply, “If Emma and Knightley’s equipment works, then yes, they will have children. Probably many.”
and then someone comes back and says, “Well, ACTUALLY, they had such and such birth control method...”
Yes, it isn't like old timey people didn't have any birth control methods. But nothing is as effective as modern birth control. Not even close.
Modern birth control is a fucking miracle.
Stop pretending it's not because you've never lived without it.
And women have historically had very little control over whether they got pregnant or not. No such thing as marital rape, methods like pull-out are completely up to the guy, and most methods of abortion could maybe kill you. 
Even modern condoms rely on MEN USING THEM and we know how that can go. A woman can take the pill in private. The control is in her hands.
Women being able to have sex, for pleasure, without getting pregnant did not exist until modern birth control. And yet, because life is always a little extra fun for women, poor mothers were blamed for having so many kids. 
When the pill entered common use in the 1970s, women did things they had never done before. They signed up for medical, dentistry, and law school IN DROVES. They raised their collective wages by leaps and bounds. They drove the birth rate into the ground. And they had tons of non-reproductive sex which THEY DESERVE AS A TREAT!!!
The pill changed the world. Give credit where credit is due.
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meowmeowmage · 2 days
Tumblr media
// this is a stright up rant, not gonna bother wording it well
"Give Meredith and Orsino time to work out their differences..." man,, there's just so much to unpack here like
1. They're not a married couple to work out their differences ffs
2. "No good can come of showing favor to one side" bitch when one side is oppressors and the other is oppressed, not showing favor is siding with the oppressor. Simple as that. Especially when you're part of said oppressors
3. There's no working out differences when one wants to commit genocide and the other, shockingly /s, does not want that. What differences are there to possibly be fucking worked out??
4. You're supposed to keep Meredith in check, what the fuck are you even here for if you don't step in when there has been blatant disregard for Chantry law (nevermind that even if that's followed, it's still an oppressive system) for at least 7 fucking years??? Oh right, you're here to let Meredith (and the Chantry as a result) slowly take over Kirkwall, bc that's what it's all about apparently
Fuck this shit. I'm supposed to think that Anders finally blowing the lid off this dumpster fire of a city is the worst thing to happen? I don't. Things have been shit in the city and would've continued to get worse and worse and worse. Way more would've died if nothing was done and things still would've remained shit as an added bonus. At least after a revolt, there's a path to healing. Meredith would've annulled the Circle, then would've continued to lead a regime that got people killed for imaginary slights, and would've continued to raze through the city. A revolt was coming. Better sooner than later.
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bubblemaximus · 6 hours
The most irritating thing about AI “art” imo is that AI creations can be made/posted on social media daily, while real human artists need weeks of hard work to create something shareable to their pages.
The AI “artists” are burying real artists by feeding into the algorithm.
Having new, fresh content daily is how you beat the algorithm from what I understand. I used to push myself to post full illustrations every single day—it’s possible, but DIFFICULT & can lead to a huge burnout, which it did for me.
It’s discouraging to see AI art on the rise.
I’ve also been getting very tired of people posting AI art while giving the “I made dis all by muhself I swear 😇” vibes.
Most AI images are usually & obviously awkward/lifeless looking but some are starting to look legit.
If you’re gonna make AI art at least own up to it 😩
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see-arcane · 2 days
I Am Livid.
Bile below
Well, in a fit of paranoia, I’ve gone through all my Ao3 stories and set them to Viewable by Registered Ao3 Users Only. Not because of the Musk blurb. I looked into the ‘Elon Musk using bots to mine Ao3 for writing’ thing and didn’t find anything but a lot of repeat accusations without any examples. 
But you know what I did find?
In all of these, there’s this struggling, sweating assurance that AI writing is meant to be a collaborative tool. An assisting tool. Used in tandem with human writers. To anyone who sincerely believes this, I admire your optimism and I apologize.
Because this is some next level bullshit.
Just like the immediate leap of AI art from ‘ooh look at this cool-silly trick we can get this program to do!’ to Let’s Use This to Steal From Hardworking Talented Artists and Pretend the End Product is Original Because the Program (and the Person Who Did the Hard Work of Pushing a Button!) Put It Through Their Filter and Slapped Their Name On It! is bullshit.
“AI writing saves time for you!” 
You who? The person whose whole background and career is in writing? No, of course not. Actual writers know what they’re doing. They practiced out of passion. Maybe they got degrees in it, maybe they just worked at it, maybe they aren’t even doing it for a profit (nice as it’d be!), and decide to put what they scribble out in the world for free. No, no, AI writing programs aren’t for them. The suckers.
You’re the person who would normally have to pay someone else to write something for them. 
You’re the person who’d like to hit a button, put other authors’ work through the AI blender, and vomit up another cookie cutter book series in their flavor and get a check for it.
Which is the exact same way it’s going with the people getting screwed and robbed by AI art programs. We all know this example by now:
But even beyond the competitive sphere, we have the more worrisome reality of professional artists getting gutted out of their careers, on top of hobby artists--artists who do what they do and share what they share With No Guarantee of Getting Paid--having their creations harvested and then turned around for someone else’s profit.
And it enrages me past the point of words--maybe I could use an AI program to do that for me!!!--that anyone. 
Any fucking one. 
Is in favor of this load of thieving, art-killing, utterly inexcusable horseshit. Don’t come out here with your Asimov daydreams and your fucking I, Robot GIFs. This isn���t a movie. This isn’t the heartwarming rise of the Artistically Creative Robot.
The people behind this shit are people. People who want all the accolades and money with none of the work. Sorry, none of their own work. 
Actual creatives, already a demographic living on an economic edge, are in more and more danger of losing either their livelihoods or--aren’t these artists and writers sooo dramatic?--their passion for sharing what they create with the world, simply for the craft and joy of it, when they see someone use a predatory program to steal their hard work, stamp their label on it, and sell it back to an audience who never even gets to know the robbed party’s name.
I hate AI writing. I hate AI art. I. Hate. It.
And I personally want to slap every bullshitting thinkpiecer and salesman who tries to pitch it as anything other than an as-yet-not-illegalized ‘get out of effort/paying creatives machine’ with a hardcover copy of Marx until their teeth fly out.
Are these programs perfected yet? No. 
But the potential in them is too great for people with deep pockets who want them even deeper not to be investing to make them better* (*at stealing, blending, and puking up actual people’s work.) This is just where it starts. 
I genuinely hope the legal brakes get hit on these things. I hope there are actual consequences going forward. I hope all this shit gets banned back and back and back until it’s made defunct by the inescapable fact that NO ARTIST OR WRITER IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD CONSENT TO THESE THINGS STEALING OUR SHIT and the right kind of lawyers make a case for us that unfucks the whole mess.
I really do.
But I won’t hold my breath. 
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Do you have any potentially controversial head-canons for Lucemond? Sorry I stalked your likes and saw that you liked pro team green stuff 😳
Haha you stalked my likes 😂😂😂 Nah that's fine sus out if I'm team green or team black (I'm neither fyi)
Controversial headcanons? hmmm...I don't know that thinking Aemond is loyal to his family and especially his mother, is particularly controversial, so I guess outright and immediate betrayal of them for some bussy doesn't ring quite true for me in fanfic. However, a good writer could convince me otherwise, but you've got to give some compelling reasons other than Luke being adorable.
For Lucemond in general, I'm not sure if I have any controversial takes. I like most fanfic interpretations of their dynamic no matter how diverse. If I had to pick on one of the fandom trends that I'm confused by- I'd say that while I do like simpy Aemond and think he's hilarious- an Aemond that's less soft makes more logical sense to me. It's why I was intrigued by his character is the first place; his volatility, trauma and poorly repressed rage make him interesting (and a fandom bicycle imho) and I'm always pleased when authors don't take away his rough edges while still being able to convey that he's madly in love with Luke. But I also understand it's much harder to write something like that.
For Lucerys, my headcanon is pretty much as we see him in canon. He's naughty, loves his mother, courageous even when scared and outmatched and ultimately with his heart in the right place. I generally agree with the fandom consensus here and think that between him and Aemond, Luke would be the more stable and well-adjusted of the two and certainly the moral compass of their relationship.
So sorry? That was a long rant all to say I don't have any really controversial opinions on Lucemond. I do have a controversial opinion on Harwin Strong if you'd like it, which is that I think he's one of the least interesting characters ever (really none of those dudes deserved Rhaenyra), but that's neither here nor there.
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