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forthegothicheroine a day ago
If Van Helsing did in fact steal the communion wafers, I hope it went like the scene in the Lost Boys where they steal holy water directly in the middle of a christening or something. Van Helsing runs in, grabs a bunch of wafers, gives a thumbs up to the priest, then runs out.
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outdated2014tmblrcontent 2 days ago
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i love him 馃挄馃挄
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originalgravity 2 days ago
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camc-am a day ago
Decided to draw the boys鈥
Tumblr media
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sadlostgirl a day ago
the lost boys helping you study
Dwayne is always happy to help you, especially when the others are asleep and it's just you two, alone, hushed voices echoing off the walls of the cave.
David loves to hear you talk about what you're currently learning -- you tend to make long, rambling speeches and his attention never wavers.
Marko writes little encouraging reminders in your notes when you're not looking; he's good at motivation and making you smile.
Paul insists you take breaks to relax, and gives you motorcycle rides around Santa Carla to help you de-stress.
They all take you to the bridge to look out at the city, and shout affirmations with you ("Say it, Y/N. I'm going to ace this test!").
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luminnara 2 days ago
Headcanons for the lost boys with maybe a really sweet domestic reader. Looks after them and such?
-okay so max is obviously like, not a GREAT GUY, but he was kinda right when he said the boys need a mother/parental figure because ohhhhh my god
-they cannot actually take care of themselves at ALL
-disaster boys
-when you start doing nice, simple, little things around the cave for them, they're so confused and they assume you want something in return. David especially gets defensive about it, because he figures you're trying to hold something over his head and he does NOT want to owe anybody else ANYTHING
-it takes a while to convince them that you just wanna be NICE and that acts of service is just part of your love language
-and then all at once, they're starting to come to you for comfort, because they're all big babies with unresolved trauma
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starthelostboys a day ago
i think that dwayne and star take laddie to the library regularly but they don鈥檛 actually check out the books they just straight up steal them and never bring them back
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patient1666074 21 hours ago
OKAY AFTER READING GONNA BE BITCHIN IVE BEEN THINKING WE NEED MORE OF LADDIE AND READER AND I HAD AN IDEA! Okay so I was thinking laddie ran off again the boys can't find him and they are at the bikes and then all of sudden they see laddie and reader full on running past them with security on their asses dying of laughter cause they were causing chaos and you can think of the rest 馃槀鈾
Bad Influence
G/n!Reader x Poly Lost Boys w/Laddie
TW: Language
Kind of a sequel to Gonna Be Bitchin鈥
Tumblr media
You had been with the boys for a few months now. The first night you had met them, you were turned. At first you were kind of mad at them. Not necessarily because they had turned you into a vampire, you were mad because they had tricked you into drinking the blood. They had told you that it was just wine, and stupidly, you had believed them. After they had apologized and spent the next week trying all different ways to make it up to you, you had decided to just forgive them. After all, you were going to be stuck with them for... Well, forever. Besides, even though you hadn鈥檛 admitted it to yourself at that point, you had started to fall for them. Even though you had only just met them, you couldn鈥檛 help but have this strange feeling of familiarity. Like something was pulling you to them. It鈥檚 one of the reasons why you had gone with them when they had invited you to come back to their place. After you had forgiven them, they had explained to you that you were their mate. At first you were shocked, but in all honesty, you weren鈥檛 upset. They exact opposite actually. It helped make the feelings that you were already feeling, make a lot more sense. As the weeks turned into months, you and the boys had grown incredibly close. You couldn鈥檛 imagine life without them now. You were in love with them, and they were in love with you. This was easily the happiest you had ever been. Tonight you were all on the boardwalk, as you usually were, and Laddie had asked you to take him to go get something to eat. Of course you told him that you would, and you two were off. Over the time that you had spent with the boys, they had realized that most of the time when you and Laddie went off together, chaos was soon to follow. Tonight was no exception.聽
As you and Laddie walked along the boardwalk, you were looking around for what food looked the best and peaked your interest. Laddie hadn鈥檛 told you what he wanted, so you just assumed that when he saw what he wanted, he would let you know. Soon, he tugged on your hand that he was holding.聽鈥淐an we get cotton candy?鈥 He asked, looking up at you. You smiled down at him.聽鈥淥f course little dude! We can get whatever you want.鈥 I told him, causing a big smile to spread across the young boys face. Laddie and I walked over to the food stand where the cotton candy was, and waited in line for our turn to order. Once we got to the front, we got our treat, I paid the man and we walked off. I took Laddie over to a seat and we sat and ate, talking every now and then. Once finished, I had gotten an idea. Throwing the rubbish away, I turned to Laddie, crouched down to his height, and gave him a grin.聽鈥淵ou want to go have some fun?鈥 I asked him.聽鈥淵eah!鈥 Laddie responded enthusiastically, nodding his head and returning my grin. I stood back up and took Laddie鈥檚 hand and we walked off to find a small store. It sold some pretty good candy, and both Laddie and I having a big sweet tooth, we were frequent flyers there. Walking into the store, I gave Laddie聽鈥榯he look鈥 and we split up. We walked around, acting normal while slipping some candy and snacks into our pockets here and there. As we made our way back up to the front of the store, I looked over to the cashier. Oh shit. I looked over to Laddie, him already looking at me, and gave him a nod. The nod meaning grab whatever the fuck you can and run! So, that鈥檚 what we did.聽鈥淩UN!!!!!鈥 I yelled. Laddie and I filling our arms with whatever snacks were closest to us and bolting out of the store, cashier in toe.
David, Dwayne, Paul and Marko were just hanging out around their bikes, waiting for their mate and Laddie to get back from getting food.聽鈥淢an, they鈥檙e taking forever!鈥 Paul whined. Marko gave him a playful shove, earning a shove in return.聽鈥淐hill out dude. They probably won鈥檛 be too much longer.鈥 Marko told the whining Paul.聽鈥淏ut I miss our babe. Besides, I鈥檓 starting to get hungry too.鈥 He said. Marko just shook his head at his brother and laughed. David and Dwayne shared a look, seemingly sharing the same thought. Y/n and Laddie have gone off to go get food, play some of the games or ride the rides on the boardwalk before without any problems.... But sometimes. Sometimes when they were together, it meant chaos wasn鈥檛 too far behind. Ever since they had met their mate, they had noticed the chaotic streak that they had. It never really bothered them though, seeing as they themselves were pretty chaotic. Mainly Paul and Marko, so they were used to it. They even found it quite endearing. Their mate had such a free and wild spirit. David opened his mouth, about to say something, when they all heard shouting. The noise was coming towards them. They could hear a security guard shouting, yelling for whoever it was, to stop and drop what they had. That鈥檚 when they noticed it, the laughing. They all looked at each other, then back in the direction of the commotion. They all saw you and Laddie come into view. Both his and your arms full of food and the both of you laughing your heads off.聽
You and Laddie didn鈥檛 even stop as you ran straight past the boys. David and Paul immediately stepped into the path of the security guard, while Dwayne and Marko hopped onto their bikes and sped off to go get you two. You and Laddie had gotten pretty far and decided to hide in a little alleyway thing. You both sat there laughing your heads off and going through your haul.聽鈥淭hat was bitchin鈥!鈥 Laddie exclaimed through his laughter.聽鈥淔uck yeah it was little man!鈥 You excitedly cheered back. The two of you digging into some of your treats. It wasn鈥檛 too long before Dwayne and Marko had pulled up and found you two. The sight of their mate and the little boy sitting with each other, their laps filled with stolen snacks and candy and them laughing their heads off as they ate, was something that brought a smile to the two vampires faces.聽鈥淥kay you two, time to get out of here before you鈥檙e both arrested.鈥 Dwayne said with a smile and a chuckle, joking around. Marko laughed along, as the both of them walked up to us.聽鈥淟addie can鈥檛 be arrested. He鈥檚 a minor.鈥 I said with a grin. Dwayne shook his head and laughed. 鈥淟ook what we got!鈥 Laddie said to Dwayne, holding up some of the food that he had.聽鈥淲ow, that鈥檚 a lot of snacks little man.鈥 Dwayne said to Laddie as he crouched down in front of him.聽鈥淭hat鈥檚 a big ass haul you got there babe. You gonna share?鈥 Marko said to me with a grin as he sat down next to me. I gave him a shrug.聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 know. What do I get?鈥 I asked him teasingly. He gave me a dark grin and wrapped his arm around me, drawing me closer to him. He leaned into my ear and whispered.聽鈥淚鈥檒l do that thing you like so much.鈥 He said.聽鈥淩eally you two? In front of Laddie?鈥 Dwayne said, shaking his head.聽
Eventually David and Paul had joined us, Paul bringing a bag with him so Laddie and I could put our haul into it, making it easier to take back to the cave.聽鈥淒amn sugar, how hungry were you?鈥 Paul said to me with a teasing laugh. I walked over to him and pretended like I was going in for a kiss, then at the last second, I gave him a playful shove.聽鈥淏e mean and you won鈥檛 get any.鈥 I told him. Paul gave me a pout. God he鈥檚 so adorable. I moved back closer to him and gave him a kiss. His face broke out into a wide smile after that.聽鈥淎lright you two. Let鈥檚 get the kid back and go feed.鈥 David spoke up. I walked over to him, giving Dwayne and Marko a kiss as I walked by them and got onto David鈥檚 bike behind him. Before I got completely comfortable, I gave him a kiss on the cheek, causing him to grin.聽鈥淩eady.鈥 I said to him. With that, we took off back to the cave.聽
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lostbetweenvampiresandmusic 10 hours ago
The boys as musicals. No, I won't really explain, I just feel this, okay?
David: Phantom of the Opera
Dwayne: Sweeney Todd
Marko: Rocky Horror
Paul: Tanz der Vampire
Laddie: Matilda the musical
Michael: Grease
Star: Once
All the boys together: Mean Girls. Or Heathers.
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xxx-wounded-angel-xxx 2 days ago
Hey, I saw ur post saying you were taking requests for lost boys or Billy hargrove x male reader so I was wondering if you could do a lost boys x Billy hargrove x male reader request. I don't have anything in mind specifically but maybe Billy runs away back to california and meets the reader who is a part of the lost boys??? Idk, you can do whatever you want with it :))
Billy and the Lost Boys, my fave together <3 Thank u for this request anon! I hope you enjoy it :)
Be one of us - Poly! Lost Boys x male reader x Billy Hargrove
TW : violence (not more than in canon), some sexual innuendo
Wanna read it on AO3 ?
It was a boring evening. No surf nazi to pick fight with, not so many teenagers to terrorize鈥 Beside giving death glare to passerby with David, there was not much to do. Paul and Marko were having fun on the rides. As David and Dwayne went hunting, for the later was hungry, you decided to not join them as you were not. Instead, you started to walk around the boardwalk. You were a full vampire after all, there was not much that could decently harm you even if you were on your own.
That鈥檚 how you spotted him. Dark blond curls, jeans hugging a nice butt, leather jacket. By his looks, he was a runaway. Feeling stared at, he turned in your direction. Those blue eyes! Like Paul鈥檚, you knew that you could drown in them. He was so beautiful, you had to show him to your boys.
You decided to walk to him confidently. You were sure in your guts that he had what it takes to be a Lost Boy. 鈥淪o, what鈥檚 your name pretty runaway?鈥
That鈥檚 how you got to learn a little about Billy. You weren鈥檛 aware of where David and Dwayne went, so you decided to lead him to your blonds instead.
You found them sitting together, not very far from a concert. While Marko was quite skeptical, Paul seemed to approve of your choice, not even knowing if Billy was meant to be food or friend. You guys went on together, as you warned David and Dwayne by the mind link you all shared of where your intentions were laying by. David was the one keeping all of you safe, he would always have the last word anyway.
When David looked at him, he seemed to see what you saw because he asked Billy if he had somewhere to go. When he admitted that he didn鈥檛, David offered him that Billy could stay by your place. Billy was okay with that, if he could come with his own car. To your surprise, your lover accepted. He led you all to his car, a nice blue Chevrolet Camaro. Youn could see in your boys鈥 eyes that they were approving of his taste.
And his driving! Fast and reckless, he adapted easily to the way you all rode your bikes.
He accepted to go down the rickety-looking entrance, even looking less anxious when David told him the story of the place, and he visibly loosened up when Paul mentioned the absence of parents or adults. You offered him a smile as you settled down next to him on a couch, and caught him looking at Paul and Marko, already in their own little world. Your boyfriends had always been very tactile with each other鈥檚. Billy was looking鈥 envious? If Billy was really into men, you did a great job at picking the babe.
Since he was wearing a Metallica t-shirt, you strike a conversation with him about music. Quickly, Paul and Marko come around, launching themselves in the conversation that became loud and animated.
Glancing at David, you saw him talking with Dwayne, most likely about what to do with Billy. And when you see them bringing the jeweled bottle, you know that Billy is meant to stay.
You know that it鈥檚 David鈥檚 blood in it, so when he offered you the bottle to give an example to Billy, you make a show of drinking the crimson gift of your lover. Licking your lips, you turn to the newcomer.
鈥淪leep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. Be one of us Billy. Drink it鈥
You can see the hesitation in his eyes, so expressive, windows to his soul.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you wanna be one of us?鈥 David鈥檚 voice broke the silence. Looking at David, Billy brought the bottle to his lips鈥 and drank. You all erupted into cheers, greeting the pretty boy into his new life as a Lost Boy.
The night turned into a joyous party, the five of you putting him at ease. As the sun come closer, you helped the halfling get his stuff from his car, and showed him the way to a deeper part of the cave, not too far of your sleeping room so you could reach your new boy if you needed even in the middle of the day.
Once you and Dwayne were sure that Billy was comfortably settled down, the two of you joined your lovers and flew next to them.
The next evening, you woke up early and went to check on Billy. The boy was already awake, and greeted you as you leant on what would have been a doorframe in a normal room. Your scent and the boys鈥 lingered everywhere, as it was your room when you were still human, and the one you would usually use when things were getting hotter, so it didn鈥檛 surprise you when you realized that Billy had your smell lingering on him. David will enjoy it, you thought. I will enjoy what? You repeated your train of thoughts to David, who took his place behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. Somehow his display of affection seemed to put Billy at ease.
Apparently, boys liking boys was not in good light where he was from. But here the young runaway would be free to be whoever he wanted to be, as a Lost Boy. Between Paul鈥檚 legs, if you believed the wild rocker鈥檚 thoughts. Dude was already picturing Billy as your lover despite him only joining you guys yesterday.
But first pretty boy would have to feed鈥
While Paul was helping Billy to get ready, the rest of you were wondering how to get Billy to turn. Starting a blood bath in front of him and let him give in to the thirst?聽 Tell him and let him pick his first kill himself? Tonight? Next week? It was finally decided that he would get a few days, and that the rest of you would let him get comfortable around you all, while you would drop hints and see if he would pick up.
The days passed, and you grew fond of the half vampire.
After a week since Billy鈥檚 arrival, you all pilled up in his camaro, as he drove you all to a quiet place where you could get as high and as drunk as you wished.
David had told you that Billy had picked up on the creature of the night thing, but he had not said anything about it yet. You knew that it was only a matter of time before Billy wad finally turning, so you all let him enjoy being half for the last few nights of his life.
At least it was what David had planned. When that angry man barged in, yelling, you all saw Billy freeze. And you got to know what he was running away from.
David immediately put himself between Billy and his father, protecting our boy. Then it all went down really fast.
The man tried to get at David, blood got shed, which seemed to make Billy react. The blond launched himself at his father, protecting the vampire that had welcomed him with open arms. Before the man could do anything to protect himself, Billy had vamped out, ripped his throat open, drinking from聽 the wound.
When he got up, covered in blood, Billy whipped his mouth with the back of his right hand.
鈥淗e deserved it鈥. No one said anything about it. Instead, David smiled.
鈥淲elcome, Lost Boy. You鈥檙e one of us now.鈥
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plistommy 23 hours ago
the trio in halloween
they are dressed up for halloween from the lost boys movie
billy as david,Steve as Michael/star and Eddie as dwayne
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outdated2014tmblrcontent a day ago
Tumblr media
concept where polidori is marko from centuries before,, as poli had wrote the first ever vampire novel
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felizzlemynizzl 2 months ago
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s-o-u-t-h-o-f-h-e-a-v-e-n-69 2 months ago
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jay-birds-fly 3 months ago
Graphic design is my passion and 80鈥檚 movies are my vice
Tumblr media
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luminnara 2 days ago
The one big lost boys group on Facebook is currently having a whole argument about whether or not the boys are fu-hyuckin and I just
*taps mic*
*leans in close*
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bloodsoakedtooth 5 months ago
"Oh my god he's fucking crazy" i say, while smiling and giggling like a teen girl who just got her first crush
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