hopalongfairywren · an hour ago
The line for the dsmp panel is legitimately unsafe
Guys, I don't know if it will reach it's intended audience, but seriously people need to get out of their. The theater's max capacity is
400 people
That is a human crush waiting to happen. If you don't know, a human crush can happen when the amount of people in an overcrowded area reaches or exceeds the density of four to five people per square meter (0.37 to 0.46/sq ft) it can cause the crowd to implode in on itself, crushing people to death via asphyxiation.
Since everyone is pushed so tight together, all it takes is for one person tripping to cause the whole crowd to potentially collapse, crushing people.
I don't know if the dsmp panel has reached this tipping point, but just in case, people need to CALMLY start backing out. Stay on your feet, do not push.
Stay away from walls and solid objects.
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politijohn · 23 hours ago
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Keep it up, Joe
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jack-o-phantom · an hour ago
Hey! If I haven't been as active it's because I've been taking a short break off social media for the time being!
Doesn't mean that I won't reblog things once in a while or answering a few asks, just checking in once in a while.
Mainly doing this because I've been working more on personal projects and thinking on changing a few things around for myself :)
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belunchiis · 16 hours ago
Delilah is a Bitch!!!
But we knew that already....
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titleknown · 18 hours ago
In other news of “Copyright law and automated enforcement of copyright law is out of fucking control...”
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inkz123 · 5 hours ago
Reminder for traditional artists who use paints/water based media.
Jic, never, or at least TRY not to place ur coffee mug next to ur paint water mug.
I almost took a swig outta dirty paint water. Again. For the hundredth time.
My paint water mug should be neon colored or sumthing so theres a peripheral indicator when im not paying enuf attention smh
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bettertwin1 · 21 hours ago
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my hand hurts after this one anyways enjoy!!!
Oh you're goung to make me cry you draw me so AMAZING I LOOK SO GREAT AND COOL AND- gosh I love when you guys draw me I feel so-
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cryptid-witch-of-the-moss · 18 hours ago
oh no, what a shame it would be if someone told everyone the australian non emergancy ambulance number and the posions infonomation center
1300 60 60 24
131 126
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witchplease-freakbitch · 14 hours ago
Please be careful everyone ... I'm currently getting a fair few messages and private asks about abusive ppl that violate the SSC in our community. Please be very very sure of your play partner, and never let your mind or a person guilt trip you into doing smt you have an icky feeling about!
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t-poserat · 2 months ago
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If you can, please donate to the Internet archive, links in the tweet. The loss of the archive would be devastating for dozens of reasons.
Edit: I'm just going to include the donation link here, should have done that to begin with.
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important-animal-images · 3 months ago
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jayden-stormblessed · 2 months ago
serious post. start combating any misinformation you find. monkeypox is not an sti. monkeypox spreads through *any form of contact*. it is not exclusive to gay people, and it is *not* gay people's fault. we can not let history repeat itself. don't let flashy headlines take the place of medical facts and information.
conservatives are already itching to start a witchhunt against LGBT people and monkeypox is something they are going to latch onto.
don't let them. don't let this turn into a repeat of the AIDS crisis.
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living-history-lesson · 16 days ago
Reposting stuff from insta
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zirkkun · 2 months ago
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This is a terrifying norm I’ve been seeing in fandom recently, with a lot of people asking for photo ID’s to enter a server or for 18+ commissions or to follow a private Twitter account. While I understand the sentiment and realize that there’s an issue of minors trying to get into adult spaces, this is an incredibly dangerous practice that needs to stop.
I have seen this popping up more and more in the past year and frankly, I’m sick of sitting back and watching it become a social norm. Not to mention, there is a huge difference between a company with a team of lawyers and legal statements with the intention to protect your information and giving this to a random person online.
Here is an article from IAPP discussing more in depth the current difficulties for age verification online.  Thanks to @murmurkins for digging around to find this!
Here is also some resources for Discord specifically on how to moderate and run a server that has 18+ channels and designating a server as 18+. Discord also notes that if you are locked out of 18+ channels, you can appeal this by sending a picture of yourself and either a photo ID or your Discord tag. Again, while not a perfect solution, this is their last resort, not the intial requirement. It’s dangerous to do, and Discord recognizes this, which is why they have a system to protect your information AND they require that all third-party individuals have a privacy policy telling individuals how they will protect others’ information. 
If anyone wants to respond to this post with more information on other websites, feel free! The biggest issue I have seen with this is on Discord, so that is where my information is focused.
TL;DR: Don’t give your ID out online to random people for your safety. Make sure who you are giving personal information to has a privacy policy. While it is an issue that minors are accessing 18+ content, this is not a safe solution to the problem.
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important-animal-images · 3 months ago
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thedoormann · 28 days ago
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What to know about your pet before you take them to the vet (bars)
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politijohn · 2 months ago
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July 15, 2022 // source
I will continue amplifying voices like this re: the latest public health crisis, monkeypox, because the media isn’t. I’m not about to watch the LGBTQ community be victimized by our system’s incompetence or be villainized by the Right if this spreads further and we’re then blamed as we were for HIV/AIDS.
I hope you’ll help me spread the word.
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