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smarts: 2 馃搲
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(timelapse under cut)
i finally figured out how to screen record, zoom is the real homie 馃槑 people have asked before for tutorials or recordings so im happy i can finally do that!
that being said i did get distracted like 3 times in the 45 minutes this drawing took (somehow) so ignore the other stuff and im sorry for the weirdly long pause near the beginning LMAO聽
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terunoshita 2 days
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loid brainrot
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eindraa 2 days
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Spy x Family / Pokemon Crossover 2
Anya as an Espurr
Yor as a Sneasel
Loid as a Zoroark
Bond as a Furfrou
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mika213 20 hours
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Eden!AU doodles cuz WHY THE HECK NOT
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wondrousmay 2 days
*Manga Spoilers*
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I just noticed that Yor fell asleep during the bookstore date with Loid, haha! She鈥檚 too cute!
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shinybluebirdwizard 3 days
I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 insignificant that Twilight has more or less given up appearing as a perfect family and accepted Loid Forger lead a life full of messes and failures and a tangle of emotions he does not entirely understand 鈥
鈥 but is still play-acting Loid Forger as a perfect psychiatrist, beloved by all, pillar of society, too sexy for his own good at Berlint General.
Wonder why that is 馃
(We all know why that is. Because the Loid Forger at home is a real person living a real life. Loid Forger outside the home is still all pretend.)
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whateversawesome 2 days
now I鈥檓 curious about your predictions for the spy x family ending. how do you see it going down? 馃憖锟
Interesting question 馃
It's still early in the manga, but l do have my little predictions. Here's my top 10:
1.Twilight and Yor will fall in love. That's an easy one because they have feelings for each other already 馃槍
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2. We'll know about Anya's past almost at the end and it'll be devastating. We'll probably be crying for weeks!
3. Twilight's dad is alive. I believe he is a spy too and my writer instinct is yelling at me he's this guy:
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4. At some point Yuri is going to choose between the SSS and his family (the Forgers). He'll choose his family, but at a great personal cost.
5. Neither WISE, nor the Garden and even less the SSS are the good guys. In fact, l suspect they are all bad, but the ultimate bad guy will be the SSS.
6. Not going to say a lot about this one, because it's still not clear to me yet, but since this is a spy story, there has to be a big twist related to a double crossing or betrayal. I have my suspicions, but I won't say much until I know more 馃槈
7. Not everyone will get a happy ending and I'm afraid some people might die 馃様 Probably one of these will be devastating for the fandom. Who? Not sure yet, but right now my guess is that it could be this person (and it will probably be saving Anya):
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8. Will there be a classic scenario (many times used in fanfiction) of a physical confrontation between Twilight and Thorn Princess? Yes, I think so, it'll mirror the fight they had on episode 5 of the anime, only this time it will be for real. BUT they won't hurt each other, for obvious reasons 馃挄
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9. At some point, we'll be in the brink of war. It'll be very close, but the Forgers and specifically Anya will stop it.
10. Yes, there will be a happy ending for the Forger family and yes, they will stay together! There will be moments when we're all doubt it and everything seems lost, but I want to believe Endo planned this from the beginning. Those three deserve to be happy 馃槉
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What do you think?
Thank you for the ask. I had a lot of fun answering this question 馃槂
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hanz-xd 1 day
I love the idea that Loid and Yor just carry Anya around the house like a baby 24/7 after they find out she鈥檚 4, and no one ever has the courage to bring it up because Mr. and Mrs. Forger would atomize them for implying they shouldn鈥檛.
i鈥檓 always thinking about twiyor being so physically affectionate with anya, especially once they find out about her traumatic past and the fact she鈥檚 only around 4 years old. anya has never been loved. she鈥檚 never had parents to dote on her as a baby/toddler, she bounced around through multiple adopted families within the span of only about a year. it鈥檚 a lot for one child to go through, let alone the abuse she different with the science experiments.
i was super clingy with my mom when i was little and slept in my parents bed almost every night until i was probably 10 or 11 years old just because i liked cuddling with my mom. i feel like anya has been so touch starved for her whole life that she鈥檒l be the same way after the reveals. we鈥檝e seen glimpses of it already with her trying to cuddle loid on the couch in volume 1 and the way loid carries her around a lot of the time despite the fact she鈥檚 more than old enough to walk by herself/be independent. but since she never had those needs met as a baby and toddler, and the fact she feels so safe with loid and yor, she feels like she can make up for that now. and i think twiyor would both love to make up for those lost experiences for her too. both because she missed out on them, but also because they weren鈥檛 there for her back then either.
i could literally go on for hours about scenarios where anya and yor are just curled up together somewhere in the apartment, either in silence or softly giggling together. yor likes to slide her hand up the back of anya鈥檚 shirt so draw soft lines on anya鈥檚 back as a way to have that skin to skin contact. plus when they cuddle, anya usually lays on top of yor on her stomach/chest as opposed to beside her. anya kinda curls up like a kitten on top of yor since she鈥檚 so small. (if you couldn鈥檛 tell, anya and yor cuddling scenarios are my absolute favourite, i think about it literally all the time)
as for loid, he and anya will snuggle on the couch after he鈥檚 had a long day at work. but more often than not, anya is just sat on his hip while he does things around the apartment. he鈥檒l hold her with one arm while he puts away dishes, while he cooks breakfast. little things like that. anya also likes to sit in loids lap and play with his fingers to fidget. she鈥檒l also take naps on loids chest, but somehow anya always drools on him yet never on yor
anya likes sleeping in twiyor鈥檚 bed too. she鈥檚 always curling up in between them for snuggles at night because she likes the warmth and loving feeling of it. it鈥檚 a nice reminder that she鈥檚 not alone anymore, that she has a family who loves her more than anything in the world
twiyor get so many weird looks from parents at eden because of how physically affectionate they are with anya (especially yor because she鈥檚 鈥渏ust a step mother鈥 - which sends both loid and yor into a rage at the implication she鈥檚 not a real mother), but eventually they learn that those opinions don鈥檛 matter and don鈥檛 change the way they show their love for anya. they don鈥檛 care that people call anya clingy, that she鈥檚 too 鈥渂aby-ish鈥.
anya loves the affection. twiyor love the affection. that鈥檚 all that matters.
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yuzukahachimir 2 days
This moment of Yor and Loid is so important to me
Tumblr media
Is between the way Loid calm Yor down with that compliment with that gentle look in his eyes and that treacherous real smile that makes me want to replay it again.
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piracytheorist 12 hours
Woke up feeling sad again about how Twilight became a spy out of such a noble and empathetic reason - to create a world where children won't suffer like he did - and yet his work continually pushes him to manipulate and hurt and take advantage of innocent people. I need to see the consequences of that on his character at some point, I want to see him reflect on how he intentionally loses and defiles himself for his purpose, how for him the ends may justify the means but in the process he's becoming something that doesn't belong in the world he envisions.
(Anime only fan here, don't spoil me for the manga)
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diznam 10 hours
they have me in a chokehold
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jazzymarie1006 1 day
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Loid and Yor have been catching each other off guard since they met & I LOVE it!
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0yorix 1 day
Twiyor angst <333
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I don't draw comics often so it looks sloppy and bad ahhshs, literally posting before I go to bed. will try to draw stuff like this more often.
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