kinoselynn · 3 days
slenderman my childhood nightmare
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weaselishmcdiesel · 3 days
I almost wonder if there's any correlation with "Favorite Pasta When You Were In Middle School" to "Favorite MCYT Person"
Probably not but it would be interesting if there was
there may be! im not sure but this ask did inspire me to compare my long-term faves
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a cannibalistic monster, the demon avatar of wrath itself, and one minecraft youtuber who wins
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Toby, trying to comfort Y/N: What’s wrong? Anxiety? Low self esteem? Obsessive thoughts of random arson? I’ve been there.
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miiilowo · 24 hours
smile dof 🔥🔥
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smile dof
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froggymakinsoup · 1 day
Draw Brian and Tim? Thanks :)
yeah they're good buddies
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Tysm for the request!
[click 4 better quality]
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peachii-32172 · 3 days
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worm-tired · 1 day
Guess who’s been drawing creepypastas ?
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More below the cut, this is a doodle dump so there’s a lot <3
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Literally my,,, five? Weed smoking boyfriends
Some of them are blurry, I took them at night (:
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ark-bile · 2 days
Is there a lore reason proxy eyes look the way they do?
Yes there is actually 😈😈
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So glad u asked bro
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wingeddog · 3 days
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i think i'm horrified by the way the images are laid out. a variety of drawings nonetheless
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crashedkitten · 3 days
This was the first patch I did that took me over 2 hours. This patch is from the tunnel scene in marble hornets and took about 4 and a half hours because I just wasn't happy with how Alex's arms were turning out and kept going back to it.
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prinxen · 3 days
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sinfulcreepypasta · 3 days
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Sacha and Laughing Jack 
Based on the painting Lilith by John Collier
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unclepeachfuzz · 2 days
Literally not finished, but here is a teaser ;P
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Uh uh uh some self indulging art, plz don't be mean to me </3 I am manifesting many things, and this is one i need 😐🫵🤨
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Y/N: Honey… Are you okay?
Jeff: [Looking at coffins on Google]
Jeff: Yeah, why do you ask?
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somuchpastasauce · 2 days
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i don't think i ever posted this here but uhhh sketches be upon ye
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scary-lasagna · 2 days
hope you're doing well Kitty 🤍 its a stressful time of the year so how about Slender's s/o giving him some TLC?
Shh.. [Slender x reader]
Paperwork. Paperwork. Oh, look! More damn paperwork. An endless sea of papers sits on his desk, overflowing him to the point of shaking hands from delivering endless signatures, and blurry words that mix and swirl towards unreadable documents.
Slender hasn't had a decent amount of rest, or even breaks, for the past month. Ever since the last proxy mission went haywrie, and they had to trespass into another territory to save themselves, Slender has had to deal with the aftermath.
Even worse, the proxies aren't allowed to return to the field until everything is completed. Which means barely any financial or soul income except what souls the others have clinging to their clothes after each hunt.
And of course with the proxies home consistently, they're all wrecking havoc on the manor, breaking things, getting in disagreements, and Jeff STILL has that fucking cheese stuck to his celling, and-
Looking up from his bow over his papers, Slender realized he didn't even notice your presence looming beside him. How long had you been standing there? His tense shoulders dropped and that poor pen he was holding was allowed to live another day without snapping.
"Hello darling," Slender reached out, and tugged your waist closer to admire your beauty. A pleasant sight for sore eyes, your face always made him feel at ease and melt his woes away.
"You're so overworked, my love." In pure spite of his height, even towering over you from his seated position in that elegant, comfy leather, office chair of his. Your soft hands cupped his jawline and stroked his thin cheekbones, radiating your calm and gentleness across his skin. "Why don't take a break with me for a little while?"
"These need to be submitted by midnight, my dear." His tone lingered with defeat, his shoulders slumped, and his brow tired from worry and distress. "I simply cannot stop or it won't get done." His gaze cast down to the shoes he's so familiar with you bouncing on, walking, and watching them climb up the stairs late at night.
How long has it been since you went to bed together? He's been working such late nights, he hasn't realized he's been neglecting you.
Slender sighs and takes comfort in the sound of your beating heart. Oh, he wished he could go to bed. To watch you slip on your comfy blanket over your pajamas, and tease you as you peeked over the covers before he got into bed.
"How can I help to make this a little bit better for you, dear?" You soothed, running your thumb along his cheekbone. "And don't say nothing, I want to help."
"For starters, you can organize these pages, then bind them with the leather strip, here." He motioned toward the papers and the binding kit respectively. "And we'll go from there."
You placed a kiss on his thumping temple and parted from his embrace, working on organizing the papers. You couldn't help but read some of the cruel conditions they want Slender to abide by, just for the specialty of heat and water.
It's a cruel and unusual regulation that no one should have to abide by, nonetheless someone as high as Slender. No wonder he was so tired! He's selling his souls, his nutrients, and his energy away, quite literally!
It wasn't your business to meddle in, but you wouldn't, couldn't, stand here and watch the love of your life sacrifice himself for artifacts that heated the manor properly in the winter.
And you weren't going to help with that, either. You huffed, slapping the papers on the desk, and closed your eyes, and when you opened them, it was a silent protest between you and your lover.
"I have to."
"You don't. There are other ways, my love! You cannot throw yourself away like this! I won't let you." Slender merely sights and leaned back in his chair, he knows you are right. He knows he'll be tired for the next three months, and even more so after that when he turns these in.
"I don't want them to suffer like I have. I want them to have warm beds at night, and full meals whenever they wish." He talked as if he was falling into a daydream, hoping for better and healthy days both for himself and the residents of the manor. "They've already been through so much, even you," He turned, and pulled you in by the waist again, "All of you deserve more than what you have."
"Sweetheart, hush. You've done enough. Winter is months away, and we'll figure out something. I promise you that."
Slender's head bowed, and finally rested on your chest. You calmly soothed him, stroked his back, and cradled his head toward your own beating heart. The only melody that seemed to calm him down at his most desperate hour.
"Let's go to bed, darling."
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