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gooseyalghul-gumdrops · 2 days ago
I think people forget that the no-kill rule is pretty much only a Batfamily thing, with a few other heroes.
Wonder Woman kills people, that bitch loves murder. Sooo… why do we have an issue when like, other characters kill bad people?
Seems kinda like we only like characters we’re told to like.
Jason when he kills people? A lot of his antis seem to have a problem with it. “It’s bad and dehumanizes the people he’s killing”—first of all, most of the people he’s killing dehumanize other people, so like. Meh. Who cares? It’s a comic.
Diana kills someone? It’s not even really acknowledged.
Talia is observed in her first appearance killing someone, and someone took that as her committing a terrorist act. In reality, this was written as a heroic act—saving Bruce. She feels horrible about it, and cries in Bruce’s arms, but modern readers look at her in the lens of what they’ve been told Talia is—a terrorist who has no regard for life. In reality, she doesn’t like bloodshed and even tells Bruce in The Demon’s Quest: “I seek the same ends as my father*, but I do not use the same means to those ends.”
*Ra’s is an environmentalist who wants to save earth, in a similar fashion to Ivy. He believes that killing off parts of the human race will help save earth and its animals. Talia does not approve of this.
So like, idk I was just thinking about it. It’s weird, right?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s just downright bizarre to me that people are against Jason killing, when we have Wonder Woman do it—and unlike Talia in her first appearance, she’s not really upset about it. And imo? It doesn’t make her a bad hero. It’s just what she sometimes has to do.
Batman wouldn’t kill even in self defense, but characters like Wonder Woman and Red Hood will. So why is one demonized for it and the other still seen as a prime example of heroes? Just wondering what people think of this.
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paula-zotter · 2 days ago
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Small Damian Wayne comic because I recently finished Batman and Robin (2011) and it made me appreciate Damian even more (and inspired me to make this comic) :)
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lovenaiu · a day ago
I just want to talk about Talia and Damian always matching outfits
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sohotthateveryonedied · 21 hours ago
why are we as a fandom ignoring the fact that damian’s mom is canonically out there having orgies
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arabian-batboy · a day ago
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Talia with a normal facial-expression and a soft smile instead of a sinister-evil grin and the most upturned eyebrows you have ever seen in your life?
Damian with a cute normal looking hair that’s down instead of that ugly Vegeta-from-DBZ spiky hair that they have been forcing on him for the last few years?
Nature is healing. 
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tiddy-socks · 2 days ago
They've met in canon now let them be friends
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birdybat · a day ago
Tumblr media
This is so cute!!!! I love the idea of Damian and Talia duelling and sharing ideas.
Mother son bonding for assassins :)
Detective comics 1064 preview
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Tumblr media
Okay but Damian and Talia in matching outfits though.
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mangasstuffcomics · a day ago
Detective comics 1064 preview
This is my favorite damian design now they need to use this all the time
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I love this design so much i love it
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mayaducardstan · 2 days ago
Damian Wayne by Patrick Gleason
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throwntothevoid · 2 days ago
Writing for the Al Ghul Family is so difficult. For Example I want to write Damian as a character who struggles with right and wrong. Like he does frequently in canon. Then I also want to write Talia as someone who is morally grey and compassionate. But it's difficult to write a kid who is so angry and entitled but then deny how a large part of that is because of how the Al Ghul's raised him. How can I write a caring, compassionate mother Talia al Ghul when her kid is struggling with so much, let's be honest, abuse.
But then I fall into the trap of making it sound like Batdad is a great parent when in a lot of cases he isn't. Like I'm making Talia Al Ghul to be an evil parent just to make Bruce sound like a good parent. I despise the whole Batfamily is good and the Al Ghul Family is evil, black and white nonsense. Especially when the Batfamily has also fucked up with their own quite frequently.
Not to mention if you make the argument that raising your kids as assassins is bad then how can someone make the argument that Bruce training kids to fight crime around the ages of 10-12 years old as any better?
I just want to write morally grey Al Ghul family but I keep on falling into the trap that is called canon and it is really hard to get out of it. At this point it's difficult to write the Al Ghul's as anything but evil.
Anyways thank you for listening to me vent my internal struggles.
My condolences to any other writers out there who are suffering the same fate.
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gooseyalghul-gumdrops · a day ago
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@ Tim and his shitty solo run stay the fuck away from me and my step son Damian, thx. Also he’s so ugly HEPP? I hate him but he don’t deserve to look that disgusting
Tumblr media
But here’s a preview of Damian and Talia (Detective Comics #1064) for the soul.
Tumblr media
She’s teaching him feminism. Good for them. I love their matching outfits.
Still pissed that Damian’s solo was cancelled for shitty writing ong.
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hailkingphantom · a day ago
dp x dc
Twins au
Danny dies a little after born and become a little ghost with the obsession of protecting his twin (the only person he was familiar). Damian grows used to have a friend that no one except him can see (everybody thinks that Danny is an imaginary friend), later Talia sees Danny. She was contented to see her son, but if her lost son is back, he needs to live.
That's how she starts experimenting with clonation, to get Danny a body (what later she would use to create Damian's clones). When is ready, she fuses Danny's ghost with the body, but when Danny awakes he can't remember who was he.
Talia sees this as an opportunity for her son to be free, so she takes the little Danny the only 7 years and give to some assassins who were planning leave the league.
These assassins wants their son to live in a safe environment and don't be use as a hacker tool. They make a deal with talia, she helps them leave and they take care of her son.
Talia is happy that at least one of her sons will have a best life, but she is heartbroken to see his little Damian so sad to lose his only friend, even if Damian denied (neither damian nor danny knew about them being twins)
She decide that someday she'll reunite them
The assassins were tucker's parents and his son Tucker. Danny becomes Tucker's best friend and Tucker's parents tell them that Danny or Danyal (Danny conserves his birthname!) is the son of a friend but she can't take care of him and ask them to.
Danny is trained by tucker's parents as last petition of Talia, but not tucker. They don't want that their little boy learn anything of their past live (Tucker only live because they said to Ra's that he was a smart boy and that could be useful have a specialist personal hacker by how the technology influences the people nowadays. Tucker lived in a small room and pass all his days being train to be the best hacker to Ra's, by this Tucker become claustrophobic and when they leave the league he try to forget everything of their past).
The duo become in a trio when they meet Sam.
Jazz still becomes in Danny's sister, but is more like she adopt the whole trio as her little siblings (why one if she can have three)
The canon pass in both sides, but early in Danny side (he become a halfa at his 10 years). The trio was visiting their sister when they hear something coming from the lab, they go downstairs and found a depress fenton parents who tell them about the portal before leave. Sam wants a picture of the portal, Danny enters into it and tripped over it, activating the portal. Jazz open the door and hear Danny's scream.
This time the cause of the twin's reunion is Vlad.
Vlad still creating Dani but this time he thinks  ¿Why should I bother making a new research when there out exist previous investigations?
So, he steals Talia's and Lex's investigations about cloning, painting in his and amity's back a target. Ra's is furious when he finds out that Talia was keeping secrets from him, but Talia is a step before him.
She needs to take her son to a safest place and she knows where.
Look like is time for her sons to reunite
Notes: Danny is the Prince of the ghost zone, but he doesn't know and thinks that the ghost that treat him with respect and adoration is because he being the 'Saviour of the infinity realms'. Apart he have classes with Pandora, Dora and the ghost writer. Talia gets a report of her son every month and tucker's parent know of him being a halfa, but Danny don't know they know.
Damian is a liminal by spend time with Danny (as a ghost) and the lazarus pit. Dani can feel Damian signature too.
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rasalghul777 · a day ago
Pattison's Bruce Wayne would die the moment Talia tells him she is pregnant. Alfred can't believe his ward will have a baby, he's uncapable of taking care of himself.
He doesn't eat but broods in the batcave
Sometimes he takes Talia out still shocked that he managed to pull a goddess like her
He wrap his head around Talia al Ghul. Because Talia loves with all her heart, pours the love into him. And he's too broken to accept everything that is her. It's too much at first, but she slowly breaks down his walls. And he allows her in his headspace.
He's shocked that now he has more family than Alfred. Growing up it was always Alfred and him. Then it was him alone for a time. But now there is a person that cares for him and loves him. And he in turn has to take care of her. Now, now he has a baby on the way. Someone who one day will become an adult and always rely on Bruce forever, and that scares him. Scares of doing everything wrong, what if his child hates him? What if he dies like his parents? He can't make his child like like he did. And like Talia lived without a mother. They both want the baby to have a perfect family unlike them. Basically break the generational curse.
This guy, decided to adopt Dick Grayson. And now he finally accepts that his family is growing. There are three more people in the Wayne name and it feels, like everything Bruce always wanted
To have a family despite the one he lost
At first it's hard to deal with Dick. He doesn't consider him his father and that's ok. He considers Alfred his friend, his care taker. But he already has a father.
And although Dick starts to get insecure of being a charity case (the kids in school are horrible), or insecure because of the baby in the way, they get through it. Bruce and Talia comfort him that nothing will change.
When the baby is born he changes as a person. Before he wouldn't take care of himself. But now he pushes through missions waiting to see Talia, Dick, and Damian at the manor. He can't fail.
He eats better, sleeps better knowing Talia will scold him if he doesn't appear in bed. Helps Dick with his homework and plays with his baby day and night.
Even Gordon points out how hard is having a family while being the police. And although he's not police but Batman, he symphatizes with Gordon.
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smallbirdy · a day ago
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more for my little collection of talia telling damian stories <3
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daminette-56 · 2 days ago
Does Damian and Talia like chocolate? Cuz I have a thing that they are both obsessed with chocolate.
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theredheaded-stuff · a day ago
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