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meepxii · a month ago
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feliz cumpleaños a mis bebés preciosos WAAA
los amo mucho, you don't have any idea. they're my emotional support and i'm so happy
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kokoroisbleeding · 10 months ago
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Bet they're the chaotic duo of the Casa Madrigal
I wish they interacted more in the movie :((
I love these two <33
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peculiardovelie · 7 months ago
so i took this picture,
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and brightened it a ton so here’s little things i see in mirabel’s side of the nursery the day of her ceremony :)
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the little bear that pepa is holding when mirabel asks about bruno. she picks it up with antonio’s things so it looks like she passes this toy down to him. 🥺
Tumblr media
little drawings of the family on the wall. i can see mirabel holding a little butterfly wand with butterflies around her, pepa and a rainbow, dolores, augustín and mirabel together, i think I see julieta behind abuela’s head, abuela, isabela, and luisa.
Tumblr media
this corner of the room which has a book along with a bookshelf, a mini building on the shelf, and what looks like a picture of julieta and augustín
Tumblr media
this side of the room has a guitar, a ball, a tapestry, butterfly’s hanging from the ceiling, and the exact sheets and pillow she will have ten years later (i’m still salty about how casita or this family never gave her a room)
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bloodydilf · 3 months ago
18+. minors dni. 🔞
Tumblr media
♡ perv!bruno madrigal x reader
♡ a/n: rewatched encanto with the family last night and thoughts were being thunk 😗👉🏽👈🏽 love me some voyeur bruno. (also, reader kinda knows he's watching them)
Tumblr media
“Bruno,” you whimpered, as you rubbed yourself harder against your soiled pillow; your hips gyrated until the bed shook, knocking against the wall in rhythm.
The one where he was watching from.
He caught his wrecked sobs with his hand, while the other wraps around his leaking cock— the veins pulsing as he fists himself with vigor upon seeing you throw your head back.
“Oh, fuck. Please,” you pleaded, mouth agape as the grip on your pillow grew tighter.
Your unfocused eyes locked with the hole in the wall, almost as if you were aware of his voyeuristic ways.
He was throbbing in his slick covered palm, painfully aware that he'll come any minute. He never lasted long with you.
Bruno couldn't be sure what brought it on: maybe it was the thought of you putting on a show for him, or the way that you said his name, but he gritted his teeth as he pumped himself a final time.
With a groan, ropes of white coated his stomach and shaking hand. He brings it to his lips, tongue peeking out to kitten lick his fingers— his mind tricking himself into believing it was you cleaning him up.
When he glances up, you're on your back coming down from your high. Your heated cheeks and heaving chest made his cock twitch, signalling for another round.
He moves to tuck himself back into his pants, when he hears you giggle.
“Hope you enjoyed that, Brunito.”
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familia-madrigal · 10 months ago
Encanto HCs
Mariano asked for Mirabel and Isabela's help for preparing his proposal to Dolores.
Isabela is Dolores' maid of honor
Camilo gags when she sees Dolores and Mariano together while Mira laughs in the background
Luisa has a LOT of suitors. And not just guys.
Camilo is actually really good at academics. He used to tutor Mirabel when they were younger.
Agustin and Felix started courting Julieta and Pepa at the same time.
When they proposed, Bruno asked them "Are you guys REALLY sure about this? I'm telling you, you won't live a single peaceful day when you marry them."
Isabela talks to plants sometimes.
When Isa learned to grow other plants, she started growing crops and supplies it to the village and to her mom.
She also talks to her tia about the ideal weather for the plants
Luisa's scared of holding babies. When she was young she accidentally threw Mirabel a few feet in the air and Agustin fainted. Since then she never held babies till they're old enough (like 4 or smth)
Antonio likes cuddling her tho. He thinks she's like a teddy bear.
Dolores has a beautiful voice. She turned Mariano's poetry to songs
Also if their first-born's gift would be music related.
When Bruno passes, a new child is born whose gift is altering realistic/ memories.
The only good cooks in the family are Julieta, Abuela, Felix, Dolores, and non- surprisingly Antonio. Non of Julieta's daughters can cook.
When Bruno performs the rat telenovelas, the rats say the actual lines that Bruno says and Antonio just laughs at this..
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eclipsedoracle · 10 months ago
Everyone: you told us bad stuff and it happened! YOU'RE A MONSTER
Bruno: I saw bad shit so I said bad shit. That ain't bullying, THAT'S AN ASTUTE OBSERVATION
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desichameleon · 9 months ago
loose strands
pairings : camilo x messy haired!gn!reader
request : yes / no
summary : the readers hair is always a mess but today camilos going to try and redo it !
warnings : messy hair, slightly annoying camilo, embarrassed reader, i think thats it !
a / n : yes this is based off of me.
You practically skipped up the hill to Casita, hair that was neatly in a braid just an hour before already had small chunks of hair falling out. What could you do? Your hair never seemed to want to stay in one place for long enough. You knocked on the door and waited for a minute or so, hm maybe Camilo will let you do his hair today! 
The door is opened by Mirabel who gives you her signature warm smile, “hey (y/n), what brings you here? oh déjame adivinar... Camilo.” she says giving you a smirk which you only shrug at, “well you might want to fix your hair” she giggles, letting you in. “nah, I’m fine” you say waving goodbye and you walk up the steps towards Camilo’s room.
Knocking on the glowing door you start to realise your hair was actually a proper mess, but as soon as you were about to fix it the door swung open to reveal a beaming Camilo. “hey (y/n)!” he said pulling you into a tight hug, “hi mi amor” you smiled back, hugging him just as tight. “ay, has your hair ever stayed in one place?” the shape shifter jokes as you laugh and walk into his room, “no, it’s always had a mind of its own” you sigh sitting down at his vanity trying to tidy your crazy hair up a bit. 
Camilo comes up behind you moving your hands away and taking a brush out and brushing through your hair, you smile as you watch him through the mirror, he looks so focused. “mi vida, has anyone ever told you its rude to stare?” he chuckled making eye contact with you in the mirror which made you avert your eyes to your lap and your cheeks heat up. “cállate” you murmured as he howled with laughter while tying your hair back into its neat braid. “oh vamos, you know you love me” the Madrigal smirked when you got up and hid your face in his neck. 
“te amo, now shut up.” “Yo también te quiero”
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latecomerfangirl · 5 months ago
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“I know…”
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fra080389-2-me · 10 months ago
Details of the Madrigal family tree. Bruno's portrait is faded, like it wasn't retouched in a while. His and Mirabel's are the only one without some kind of flowers on the top of it (even Felix and Augustin got that). Bruno's has additional leaves (maybe lilac or catalpa?), Mirabel's nothing at all.
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nonfiniito · 3 months ago
Bazen bana gelir seni dert etmeler
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meepxii · 6 months ago
after Bruno's return, Agustín gets really jealous whenever Mirabel refers to him as her father
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kokoroisbleeding · 10 months ago
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Don't bully Bruno! >:(((
Julieta just shoves arepas down their throat to heal then beat them up again to avoid suspicion and to get rid of evidence akajsjskfbkj
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merymikey · 4 months ago
Read the Madrigals whole wiki and look at Camilo's part
Tumblr media
They updated it ig
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conclush · 8 months ago
A new start
Tumblr media
pairing . ִ ་ ˖ ʿ ִֶָ ׄ Julieta madrigal x Fem!Reader
summary . ִ ་ ˖ ʿ ִֶָ ׄ You and Julieta's first child and this is gonna be a new adventure for the both of you.
warnings . ִ ་ ˖ ʿ ִֶָ ׄ none just fluff super fluff
an: sorry if I have some wrong words I just used Google translator.
Tumblr media
You were screaming like it's gonna ripped all your skin, You were sure the whole of Encanto could hear your screams and sobs as your labor continued.
you throw your head back and let out an almighty roar as you give one last push. Tears of exertion are running down your face. Your throat feels scraped raw from screaming. The baby finally is out, however. You hear the snap of scissors as abuela cuts the umbilical cord.
„ you did great mi amor.” your beloved wife said.
„ gracias cariño.” you said weakly.
Abuela takes the child and wipes her down with a towel, cleaning it of any blood or leftover placenta. You expect her to give the child back to you, but she just stands and bounces it around in her arms. With surprise, you note that tears of joy are running down her face.
„ She's even more perfect than I could have imagined.” she whispers.
„congrats to you both.” Abuela smiled happily.
„mamá, can you give our child to my wife.” Alma nodded in agreement.
A new Madrigal was born in the Encanto, You and your Wife had a fantastic night nine months ago you didn't even knew you could be pregnant by Julieta Madrigal the woman who heals wounds with just her arepas.
It was a miracle in the la casita.
Julieta said kissing your child on the forehead.
„so, What should we name her?” Julieta asked you, while you look at her and then the baby your carrying right now.
You hummed before answering „ how about Julia.” Julieta matched you smile „ seriously?” you giggled weakly.
Oh how she loved your laughs and giggles.
„ because Julia looked like you, and it remind of you mi amor.” you let a year fall down on your cheek.
„ hey, why are you crying for?”
„ its just happy tears mi corazon”
„ Since a newborn baby madrigal has been born, Let's celebre-” Abuela was cut off by the door opened wide causing Julia crying.
„ where's my sobrino!?” It was Pepa, since you became pregnant Pepa has been with you almost when Julieta is away or healing in Encanto, She was very happy when she found out your pregnancy ofcourse she was excited to be The Best Aunt.
„Pepa!” Abuela and Julieta yelled at her, Pepa knowing the situation would get worse because there's a newborn child.
„ay, sorry sorry” Pepa whispered walking quietly to you and your wife direction.
„ c-can I hold her?” Pepa asked for you and Julieta permission.
„ ofcourse hermana she's your nephew, where's Bruno?” You couldn't hear their conversation because of dizziness.
You didn't know you fallen asleep.
„ Buenos días mi amor.” You've finally woken up you felt you heart flutters when your wife kisses you all over your face.
„ Buenos días también, where's Julia?” Julieta placed a wooden tray of food beside you. You were worried if something happens to your daughter.
„ don't worry too much mi amor she's fine, she's sleeping and you should rest too but eat first.” you just hummed in response.
„ I love you so much julieta” you peck her on the lips.
„ And I too, your love is all I need to feel complete mi amor.”
You loved your little family and this, This is just a new start for you and for Julieta there's many things ahead for both of you, you loved her with all your life. And she loved you with all her heart dearly and she would cook everything you ever want because that's how you loved each other.
Tumblr media
an: is this good? I hope y'all liked it
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supreme-lxadxr · 7 months ago
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"..I don’t really have a good reason- but if I did, you’d be like, 'Ooh, that’s a good reason!'" -Bruno
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barbara-g-brown · 6 months ago
Madrigal family ✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Still don't have time to watch this cartoon, but have coughed all the spoilers😂👌🏻
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