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snekberry · 3 days
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sort of a continuation to this
future jon missing martin and his friends hours :)
other time travel au posts
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masao-micchi · 2 days
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elias tried to hang it in his office but gertrude almost burned it, so to the fridge it goes
More about this AU here
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aloobaart · 2 days
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S1 - S4 Jon until I figure out my S5 Jon!! How do y’all like my cat?
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ashxlr · 24 hours
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Go on. You don't want them to get cold do you?
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fleshqb · 2 days
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I just think that scarred and sad eldritch men (or just people in general) are really cool, okey?
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martin is really living in jon’s head rent free from episode one huh
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forestfan69 · 3 days
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Quick Jon sketch ! Love this guy
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socc23 · 3 days
You know when you and your cute boyfriend are traversing a hellscape of your own creation? 
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That. that moment.
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fireflysummers · 18 hours
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-steals @bulkhummus‘s sasha design like the not!sasha-
This is actually sort of a homework assignment that I did in less than two hours because reasons. If I were not very tired and very short on time for this, I would’ve probably at least shaded the darn thing.
I will post the image ID later.
The scene is from my favorite TMA time travel fix-it fic, Try Again by Ashlooloo.
Standing just a few feet ahead of her is Jon, gazing out to the horizon beyond. Glowing, phantasmal eyes float around his head, looking in all different directions as they cast dots of teal light around the sand. He glances over his shoulder as she approaches, and she inhales involuntarily.
He's absolutely covered in scars. Little round things that mark the skin of his face, arms, and legs— anywhere there's exposed flesh that she can see, there's a cluster of faded spots. A white line stretches across his neck, and there are two more like it on both his right and left collarbone. His hand is disfigured by a shiny, pink mass— some sort of burn, by the looks of it.
He's wearing a loose poet shirt with a long V-neck that reveals one more scar— a fresh, angry looking line right at the center of his sternum.
She looks him over, brows furrowed in confusion. When she looks back up at his face, his eyes are different; on one side, the sclera is black, and his iris is the same teal as the eyes that crown his head in a cyclical halo. The other eye just— isn't there. It's a black void, any depth or lack thereof completely imperceptible to her.
"Hey, Sasha", he says breezily.
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worteltje7 · 2 days
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Incredibly belated birthday gift for my friend <3
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thatoneart · 2 days
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design for a school au that literally nobody asked for! have some small jon
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snekberry · 1 day
Okay, but the way you draw F!Jon makes him look like he’s got pointy little non-canonical vampire teeth
Past Tim finding out F!Jon has pointy teeth and immediately asking his Jon if that’s why he never smiles
Your comic gives much brain rot thank you
I gave Future!Jon fangs for purely self-indulgent reasons honestly. Maybe he needs them to munch on statements.
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masao-micchi · 18 hours
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simon also gives a lot of milk to mike crew aalsksjsa
More of this AU here
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koipalm · 23 hours
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what do you mean you didnt order a 30 year old catboy. ok well can you just take it anyway
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mattdevil · 3 days
Karolina Górka not a second after telling probably the most traumatising experience of her life
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kokohamstar · 2 days
A Short Poem (inspired by Jonathan Sims TMA)
Now I lay me down to sleep I beg you Lord...please let me sleep Another night I lay awake And I believe my soul will break His eyes are watching through the night I've lost it all, my will to fight When, again, the day begins I pray he won't see all my sins Please look at me without disdain Please stop this noise inside my brain Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray to you, my soul to keep What I've become I've come to hate A monster has become my fate And if I die before I wake Live on, my love. Please. For my sake.
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