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the saddest wettest puppy at the shelter
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Kadaver Kids (Xavier Thorpe x singer!Reader)
this was inspired by Tonight You are Mine by @lovetorn cause I really liked theirs and I have been considering doing something like this anyways.
pairing: Xavier x reader
description: Ajax drags Xavier with him to see his childhood friend’s band perform.
warnings: its a song fic. song lyrics are included. yuh.
word count: 2520
Status: unedited
Part two
Tumblr media
“So who is it we’re seeing again?” Xavier asked as he followed Ajax out of the uber and onto the sidewalk.
“My friend Y/n. We were neighbors growing up. She’s a normie, but she’s always been really kind to me. She’s in a band and this is their first ever concert in Jericho.” said Ajax, paying the driver on his phone before shoving it back into his pocket, “Wanna smoke before we go in?”
“I’ll wait with you.” Xavier politely declined.
Concerts had never been his thing. They were too loud with too many people but Ajax had been so excited for the show, and so insistent that he didn’t want to go alone.
“what type of music do they play?” asked Xavier as he leaned against the wall of the ally beside the venue.
“Uh.” Ajax began, blowing out smoke and coughing slightly as he did, “like, rock? She calls it angry girl music.”
“sounds interesting.”
Xavier turned his gaze to the ally’s entrance to see a throng of people already lined up outside.
“we should probably head over soon if you want to be close to the stage.” he said, gesturing to the crowd.
Ajax nodded and put out his joint before shoving what was left back in his pocket.
“good point.”
A few minutes later and the pair were inside. It was a nice venue, a bit decrepit, but nice. They found places front and center in the audience and began to wait for the band to come on.
“There’s no opener, its just gonna be them.” said Ajax, “and they’re throwing a party after at Y/n’s parent’s house after that we’re invited to. It’s just gonna be a little get together.”
“I forget that you’re actually from Jericho.” Xavier laughed, “and we’ll see, depends on how late the concert goes.”
The pair fell into silence for a moment before Ajax spoke up.
“Listen,” he awkwardly began and Xavier turned to face him, “Y/n? well shes really pretty. That’s all I’m saying. Just, be careful okay?”
“What? is she a maneater like the hall and oats song? don’t worry Ajax, after Bianca I think I can handle anything. Plus, I’m not really looking for anything new right now.”
“I meant more so that if you hurt her we’ll have problems.” said Ajax, “And yeah I know I just wanted to say something you know? just in case. She’s like a sister to me. We literally grew up together bro.”
Xavier nodded.
“Right, no hurting Y/n.”
“No matter how tough she makes herself out to be.”
“Yes. No matter how tough she makes herself out to be.” repeated Xavier, annoyance coloring his tone.
“Good.” nodded Ajax, “Again, I’m sorry about this. I just couldn’t in good conscience say nothing.”
“No man, I get it.” nodded Xavier, “family is family.”
“Thanks.” Ajax smiled, “I wonder when they’re gonna come on. We’ve been here a while already.”
Just as the last word left his mouth, the entire venue went pitch black and there was the sound of muffled footsteps. In the darkness, Xavier could just make out four figures as they found their places.
The stage lights raised and a girl at the front yelled:
“We’re Kadaver Kids! Get ready for us to make your ears bleed! one, two, three, four!”
I wrote a song on your guitar and it sounds like.
The lead singer broke into a killer breif guitar solo.
You wrote a song on my guitar and it sounds like shit.
Xavier moved his eyes across the stage. The drummer was to the right, dressed in ripped black jeans, a black muscle tee, and lots of jewelry. To the left was another person playing guitar with close cropped hair and a muddied and torn vintage dress matched with thick soled combat boots. The bassist stood at the front beside the singer in a pair of black overalls and with hair teased to all hell. The singer herself was holding a guitar that she was only using to play the songs solos.
“That’s Y/n.” Ajax said, leaning over to Xavier so he could hear, “the lead singer.”
You only like me when I’m sad
You only want me when I’m feeling bad
You only like me when I’m sad
You only want me when I’m feeling bad
And now I’m feelin’ so bad!
She sang, her h/c hair whipping around her face as she put her heart into the music. She too wore a pair of thick soled black boots. Paired with a pale yellow babydoll dress and again, a lot a lot of jewelry. Her ears full of earrings, at least five necklaces, a spiky collar with matching wrist cuffs and, of course, rings. Lots of rings.
Xavier understood now why Ajax had warned him.
After the first song ended, the audience cheered and Xavier leaned over to Ajax.
“I’m surprised,” he laughed, clapping, “they’re actually good.”
Ajax nodded enthusiastically.
“I’ve been trying to tell you!”
“Hey all!” called the girl, Y/n, sounding much sweeter than when she’d been singing once the audience had calmed down, “Thank you so much for having us! I am actually from Jericho and this is the first time we have ever had the privilege of playing here.”
There was another round of cheers and Y/n looked around at her bandmates with a wide smile before turning back to the crowd.
“As I mentioned, we are Kadaver Kids! we’re gonna do like, some little stupid introductions for you guys now. On the drums we have Ace!”
The drummer played briefly and the audience cheered.
“On guitar we have the wonderful Violet, everyone give them a good ol’ round of applause.” said the bassist next gesturing to the guitarist behind him who too played a brief solo before the audience silenced them.
“Our lovely bassist here beside me is the incredibly talented Louis.” said Y/n, turning to face the man beside her who smirked and played a bit to the same response as the others.
“And our jaw dropping vocalist and lead guitar is the amazing, undeniable, fucking dumbass, Y/n.”
Y/n waved and the audience cheered much louder than before. Once they had calmed down, she opened her mouth to speak again.
“Just one last thing, I wanna give a shout out to my best friend who is in the crowd with us tonight, Ajax! Ajax, raise your hand!”
Sheepishly he did so to several cheers.
“Alright well, that was quite a warm welcome for us all.” said the bassist with a light laugh, “The next one we’re gonna play is called Awesome Party, dude!”
“We encourage singing along.” said Y/n, dipping the microphone and speaking directly into it.”
The bandmates exchanged a nod before they turned back to the audience and Y/n started singing.
Well it’s a cool, cool party thanks for telling me
to come back to your house that we grew up in back in july
did you know that you forgot to call me on my birthday 
well thats okay, cause I dont even know your birthday anymore
I dont even know your birthday anymore
Xavier couldn’t take his eyes off the girl as she half screamed and half sang. There was something so incredibly brutal about her, she was all rough edges.
And things dont change at all that much
you’re still wearing the same sneakers
I still smoke the same cigarettes
The bassist kept making weird faces to girls in the audience who were swooning on the spot, the guitarist was jumping around as they played, the drummer smiled brightly the whole time despite the visible sweat dripping down his face. They all appeared to be having the absolute best time despite the tone of the music they played.
It’s a cool, cool party but I can’t come back again
you are everything, you’re perfect
you’re my best misquito friend
it’s a cool, cool party
I don’t love you anymore!
As she screamed that last line she stood up straight, eyes wide as she looked out at the audience in apparent amazement during a short instrumental break.
I dont love you anymore!
I don’t love you anymore!
I don’t love you anymore!
She kept screaming the line, appearing more and more joyous with every repetition.
I don’t love you anymore!
“Are all their songs so sad?” asked Xavier as the audience applauded the end of the song.
Ajax shrugged.
“Shes not a very happy person, she tries her best though.”
“I will say, they have a great stage presence. They’re really playing the crowd.” Xavier said once they had finished a song called The World Ends With You that Y/n had spent all of dancing and jumping around the stage. She was absolutely eye catching, intoxicating even.
“Yeah. I’m really happy to finally get to see them live. I used to watch them practice before they blew up and I helped record some of their first album and shit.”
“Really? thats so cool.”
“Alright folks, last song of the night.” Y/n announced all too soon.
“Last song of the night!!!” roared the bassist into his microphone to many cheers and screams from girls in the audience.
Y/n rolled her eyes.
“Oh don’t mind him, he’s not nearly as cool as he seems.” she teased and he feigned offense from beside her, “we’re gonna end it on a sad, slow, fan favorite. Can anyone guess what it is?”
There were sounds of people screaming the names of so many different songs that Xavier couldn’t hear a single thing anyone was really saying.
“Yeah! Howd you know!” cried Y/n in suprise before dropping the act, “Just kidding. I have no clue what any of you said but what I do know is that we are going to play Humpty! yeah! A super sad one instead of a regular sad one!”
The music started and Y/n drew herself close to the microphone, holding it as if it were someone she loved dearly.
I’ll live in the bathtub, its cool and its clean
its smooth and its sturdy, it’s all that I need
“her voice sounds totally different on this one.” Xavier said, leaning over to Ajax.
“Yeah.” he responded with a smile, “it took her so long to figure out how to sing the way she wanted to. This is what she sounded like before the band. They only have a couple songs where she uses her real voice, I’m really happy they’re playing one even if it is so sad.”
All the eggshells are on the ground
and I try, I’m trying to pick them up but
they crack and crumble, it’s all too much
too frail for me to touch.
“Does she write the songs?” Xavier asked, his gazed fixed on the girl who was now bent over into the microphone as she sang with a powerful yearning.
“Yeah.” Ajax nodded, “always has since she was little. She says that everything she sings has to be something she writes because if it’s not, it wont be true.”
I broke what you gave me
but you kept giving more
and I’m sorry for taking
But I keep wanting more, more, more
Xavier thought hard about what his friend had said.
“Does that mean all her songs are based on like, real experiences and shit?” he asked.
“Yeah.” Ajax answered as the song ended and the crowd exploded into cheers once more.
“That’s metal.” Xavier nodded.
“Thank you guys so much for coming out! Again, we are Kadaver Kids and there will be no encore because I, am tired!”
The crowd laughed and her band mates got up. As they were readying to leave, Y/n leaned back into the mic once more.
“Oh! And as for the pretty boy in the front row,” she called, pointing at Xavier who felt his cheeks grow hot, “You can come see me backstage.”
She winked and the audience went wild.
“Guys! Guys! Guys!” she cried, feigning innocence, “It’s cause he’s Jax’s plus one! duh! god! you guys are all so dirty minded.”
She stuck her tongue out in fake disgust before waving and following her bandmates off stage.
Xavier stood there, dumbstruck for a few moments, staring at the space on stage the girl had just occupied.
“Holy shit.” he said under his breath, she said he was pretty.
“come on!” said Ajax, excitedly tugging at Xavier’s sleeve, “let’s go say hi!”
Xavier followed his friend back past the security guards and into a dingy area with several closed doors off of it. In the room was everyone except the guitarist and singer.
“hey guys!” said Ajax with a big smile and a wave, “you were amazing!”
“Thanks” said the bassist, standing up from the couch he sat on and walking over.
“We’re really happy you could make it.” called the drummer from where he still sat, “Y/n is so excited to see you.”
A door opened and out stepped the guitarist now wearing a pair of faded grey sweatpants and a white crop top that lay flat over their chest.
“Sup.” they said, nodding to Ajax who smiled back.
“So, whos your friend?” asked the drummer, pointing to Xavier who suddenly felt very self conscious in his jeans, hoodie, and flannel.
“This is Xavier.” said Ajax, stepping to the side a bit so everyone could see.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Lou.” said the bassist, holding out his hand which Xavier shook.
“I know I was introduced as Ace but that’s my stage name. I’m Nate.” waved the drummer from the couch.
“Vi.” Said the guitarist as they took a seat next to nate.
There was the sound of another door opening and everyone turned to see Y/n emerging, now clad in a pair of short black shorts and an oversized grey hoodie.
“Jax!” she yelled, flinging herself at his friend who hugged her tightly back.
“You were amazing up there Y/n.” Ajax said once they’d separated, 
“Why thank you,” Y/n smiled and mimed curtsying before turning to xavier who felt the blood rush to his cheeks once more.
She was much shorter than he had expected.
“I expect you’re Xavier then?” she asked, looking up at him as she pulled her necklaces out from beneath her hoodie.
He nodded.
“hehe we match.” she smiled.
“What?” he asked.
she gestured to his chest and he looked down to see that the hoodie he had on just happened to be the same one the girl was wearing.
fuck. that was cute.
“yeah, I guess we do.” he answered.
“I like you.” said Y/n after a moment, grabbing his hand in her own.
Ajax sent Xavier a look he understood to be a reiteration of the warning he’d given before the show.
“To the after party?” asked the drummer standing up.
“yeah!” exclaimed Y/n, jumping up slightly before turning to Xavier, “Come on!”
With that she dragged him out of the venue through the backdoor.
Fuck. I’m in trouble.
Pressed 2 Death by Illuminati Hotties
Awesome Party, Dude by Sorry Mom
The World Ends With You by Newgrounds Death Rugby
Humpty by Mitski
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naruto - kishimoto / everyone - mitski
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Kagami Tsurugi is an avid Mitski listener no i will not take criticisms of this take at this point in time thank you
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I went to a mitski concert earlier this year and seeing that post earlier about mistki reminded me I wanted to say the phones weren’t really an issue at the Detroit concert, I can’t speak for all of her concerts but she did compliment the crowd and generally misery loves company so of course people are gonna complain about the bad stuff and not highlight the good stuff but her concert was amazing and the crowd was alive and dancing overall so I thought I’d put that out there
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to think that we could stay the same to think that we could stay the same TO THINK THAT WE COULD STAY THE SAME TO THINK THAT WE COULD STAY THE SAME
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"How are you doing?"
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mitski's response to the tweet asking people to put away their phones during her shows
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Mitski is exhausted by people reducing her to “sad girl music” and the white fans in the comments are like, “Mitski said no more depression,” which misses the point quite comically.
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i hate these posts about how mitski is not being respected as an artist and “people don’t respect art and artists” which is true, they don’t, but these posts NEVER touch on the fact shes a woman of color with a fanbase made up largely of white women. are we seriously pretending that has no significance at all when her fans disregard and violate her feelings and opinions, oversimplify her music as “sad girl female manipulator music”, and their choice to consume her as a product rather than seeing her as an artist whos work they respect??
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let me see you and stay
neil hilborn // text post – @rebeccabinch //  naudline pierre – through the clouds, 2020 // flintcoded, 08 –15 – 21 // the first bad man – miranda july // sade alandria zabala // georges bataille // @tristamateer // mess is mine – vance joy // @softhe4rted , i will – mitski // taylor jenkins reid, the seven husbands of evelyn hugo //georges bataille – the dead Man //
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Favourite songs, masquerading as books.
Incidentally, much much harder to pick a favourite ten songs than it is to pick ten books!
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the seinfeld mitski magnum opus
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mitski for l’officiel mexico!
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