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unicorngunter · 2 days
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bibo slug reaction
the rings of power were so awful i had to make fun of them just a little
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tondw0o · 3 days
Two Screenshot redraws I did today :)
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steddietheacorn · 3 days
yes, this strengthens the bagginshield canon evidence tenfold to what it already is in tDoS.
but i wish i'd never found these gifs and i wish i'd never seen the appendices clip where it plays this scene and i'd never heard the frantic panic in thorin's voice because if id never seen any of that then i wouldn't be sour that it was left out.
#why the fuck did they LEAVE THIS SCENE OUT
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edit: this also isn't in the extended edition, as much as i wish it was, and it's not in any deleted scene montages i can find. here it is in the appendices video i saw if anyone wants it!
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Kili and Fili: We missed you, Uncle Thorin! :D
Thorin: Missed me? What did you throw at me?
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consultingpacha · 19 hours
I’ve been thinking on Bagginshield as benders, and Im having trouble deciding.
Thorin strikes me as either a lava bender or a lightning bender
Bilbo feels like an earth bender, but could just as easily be an air bender, because he’s light on his feet. So, no idea tbh.
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iheartthilbo · 3 days
I’ve been trying to track down this image below. It is currently being claimed as the cover for two different fics. Does anyone know to whom it originally belongs? (It is rather intriguing and lovely btw. Especially Bilbo. Not everyone captures him as well as this.) Confirmed this wonderful piece is by @varrix
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I always notice nearly every time Thorin is ashamed or apologetic he always breaks eyes contact and looks shamefully at the ground.
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must-be-mr-boggins · 2 days
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Top 10 Anime Betrayals
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quality-street-rat · 2 days
Bofur: Alright. So if y/n is our dad friend, what would happen if he marries one of us?
Y/n, across the camp but heard his name: WHAT???? What is it?
Bofur, yelling: Since you're the dad here, what happens if you marry one of us?
Y/n, wiggling his eyebrows: Well then you'd have to call me "daddy."
*confused silence*
Y/n: Hang on--do you not--do you guys even have that word here?
Kili: Yes but why is it applicable here???
Y/n, turning red: Oh god, nevermind, it's a bad joke from my world, don't think about it.
Bofur, grinning: Well if it turns you of all people that color, then we have to know!
Y/n: Oh fuck no, I do not have the emotional capacity to teach a pack of dwarves and a hobbit the cultural shift to the connotation of the word "daddy."
Kili, mildly insulted: Hey!
Thorin, interested now: You said it was a joke. Explain, this particular "pack of dwarves" loves jokes.
Y/n: You just love to see me uncomfortable, don't you Oakenshield?
Thorin: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Bilbo: I must admit I am curious.
Bofur: Yes y/n, tell us!
Y/n: NO!
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lordoftherazzles · 3 days
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I am so excited to share a bit more of this fic - you’ve read the plot bunny from back in the summer, but now I can cross one of those off of my list!! (Once I finish, we’re almost there!) In a WEEK the Hobbit Collab will launch and you can see the amazing collab I’ve gotten to do with @consultingpacha​!
→ Plot Bunny
Here’s a little sneak peek from “The Night We Met”, which will fully launch on Dec. 6th!
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“I have to get back to the vegetables, but if you need anything–”
“Yes, I’ll holler,” Thorin insisted as he cut Bilbo off, watching the hobbit’s face visibly wilt. Swallowing thickly and feeling a tug on his tunic, Thorin glanced down towards his nephews who gave him that stern look that Dis often wore if he stepped out of line. It was a gentle little reminder to try to make light of the moment–something his sister insisted on time and time again. “Thank you, Mister Baggins. We appreciate the hospitality.” Thorin even forced the corners of his mouth upward.
Wouldn’t Dis be proud?
That seemed to brighten Bilbo’s mood. His pointed ears nearly stood straight towards the sky. “Of course!” At least Thorin didn’t seem to hate this arrangement entirely, and perhaps the dwarf was growing more comfortable now that rain wasn’t dumping on his head constantly. Whatever it was, Bilbo took a little pride in it as he exited the washroom, not quite closing the door, but giving the dwarves their privacy and returning to his duties as proper host and tending to the food.
“Uncle? Are you okay?” Fili asked, flinging his tunic aside and picking off his socks before pulling at Kili’s.
“I’m fine, Fili. This is all just very…”
“Strange?” Fili’s big blue eyes stared up at Thorin’s own, a frown on those tiny lips, only to be accompanied by Kili’s wide-eyed stare.
“What’s…strange?” Kili stammered, struggling to get his voice around the words. “Is it bad?”
“It’s not bad, just different, now let’s get you two washed up, you look like you’ve been rolling in the dirt.” Poking at Fili’s bare belly and Kili’s side, earning squeals and giggles from the young pebbles, Thorin was happier to distract them than to dive into his uncertainty. Even if it meant he got another dose of being soaked–but at least this time it was by lavender scented soaps and bath water versus the rain from outside.
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khadarzars · 3 days
Me: *is rewatching botfa*
Bilbo: *takes off the ring* Thorin!!
Thorin: *sees Bilbo appear before him* Bilbo..! 🥺‼️❤️❤️👁️‼️‼️❤️🥹
Me, knowing damn well what happens next but still continues watching anyway:
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Damp majesty
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notpikaman · 9 hours
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mysandwichranaway · 15 hours
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for the "an unexpected collaboration". I worked with @ahufflepuffhobbit 💕💕💕 and i drew this for her fic, that will be revealed on December 6th!!!!
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steddietheacorn · 3 days
a real sad goldsick!thorin headcanon i just thought about
bearing in mind it's 2:30 in the morning and i've not slept so it's probably a mess but
so i'm rewatching bofta (again, no i have no shame i fucking love it), and in the scene where thorin finds out bilbo betrayed him, i've always noticed the heavy tears in his eyes. i honestly must have watched bofta near enough one hundred times, but this time i suddenly thought, that what if those tears are the real thorin underneath? i mean, just look at him as he gets real angry at bilbo and threatens him and tries to kill him.
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and here he is in tDoS when he holds a sword to bilbo and confronts him. bilbo can see there's a shift in thorin, he's completely struck that he's threatening him like this.
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but i rlly wanna talk about thorin at this point. now, richard is an absolutely incredible actor, especially when it comes to the eyes, and i can't help but think there's confusion there and resistance and worry for what he can feel the gold sickness doing to him, what it's making him do to those we all know he fiercely cares for. also, see his scene with dwalin when he threatens to kill him, too.
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also, the acorn scene (because i can't not mention it, it's like shakespeare if bagginshield were poetry);
Tumblr media
in the acorn scene, the real thorin comes back, only once, just for a few minutes, and so thorin's tears are no longer hurt or confused or panicked. they're soft, overwhelmed with emotion and fond bewilderment at how bilbo can find such solace in simple things like this. they are just relieved to be out from the suffocating sickness. this scene was supposed to show us the thorin as we all know him to be, before the paranoia and defensiveness of the fever steals him away again. but more importantly, thorin knows this is the real him.
what if thorin can feel and experience and know what the gold sickness is doing to him, to bilbo, erebor, to his nephews, to his company, but it's overtaken him?
idk just the thought that he's threatening everyone and starting wars and being a shit king and becoming his grandfather/father and leading everyone he cares abt into peril, and thorin can't do anything.
the idea that thorin is in there all along, somewhere but very clearly still in there, might explain what nudged him to tell everyone to stand down and then go walk around the gallery of kings and break free from the madness. thorin's also sort of continuously being brought back slightly by his company; bilbo's "the dwarf i met in bag end would never have gone back on his word ... doubted the loyalty of his kin" // gandalf's "thorin son of thrain" etc, so he's always close to coming out of the sickness but he barely can because it's controlling him, he has no power over it, until the tears win and thorin breaks free from the sickness at the others' words.
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i also wanna mention this bit of richard talking about thorin's relationship with the fever, experienced directly through his family line; "... so when it [the sickness] starts to manifest itself in him, he knows exactly what is happening to him, and it's terrifying." so yeah, just the fact that thorin is canonically at all times conscious to what is happening and the fact that, in richard's words, it scares thorin to his bones but he's helpless.
and okay yeah ig you could say there tears in his eyes because thorin's emotions were intensified for obvious reasons, but i like to think that it's because the good heart thorin so obviously has is still in there, showing us the kind of leader he still is, that we've seen him be. but it's also tragic.
it's like the tears are like windows into the real thorin, but the real thorin has tears only and nothing else. he can feel his own movements as he tries to throw bilbo over the ledge, can hear himself threatening to kill dwalin, but he's unable to do anything about it.
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Thorin: So, I was driving home from the store, and turning the corner onto our street, when suddenly, from out of nowhere, this other car zooms into the intersection, runs the stop sign, and totally cuts me off! I mean, he missed hitting me by this much! This much! I can't tell you how angry I am!
Balin: Thorin, you can't let some maniac driver get to you like this.
Thorin: This wasn't just some maniac driver, Balin.
Kili and Fili, the drivers behind Thorin: Uncle, we can explain...
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consultingpacha · 3 days
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Re stocked! Get your Bagginshield sticker before it runs out!
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notpikaman · 9 hours
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