transgendz 2 days ago
馃毃please help!!!馃毃
September 24 My roomate and I are trans, disabled, and homeless. Due to a death in the family, I need funeral clothes and transportation money. This goal is to cover that, and our bnb for 10 days as well as food. I'm increasing my goal a little from my last post, because we need food.
Dm for proof
V3nm0: @tab-99
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thefrogginbullfish a day ago
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abbycatsuk a day ago
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Satin to bed 馃馃惥
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rouge-the-bat 21 hours ago
the freaky weird strange queers with identities beyond many others comprehension are my family. bless us for being unfathomably fuckin rad 馃挅馃寛馃挏
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genderoftoday a day ago
today鈥檚 gender is that feeling you get in your calves while walking when you haven鈥檛 walked in a while
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demigirl-demigod 23 hours ago
Putting on a super cute femme outfit, looking incredibly hot: clothes have no gender. I am non-binary and very hot. I鈥檓 so powerful in this.
*leaves the house*
Gender dysphoria:
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fx1rys1xt 23 hours ago
If someone is gonna call me their bf/gf it better be 鈥渉e鈥檚 my girlfriend鈥 and/or 鈥渟he鈥檚 my boyfriend鈥
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verxian-nephale a day ago
Enbyspec Flag
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A flag that represents all nonbinary identities on the spectrum, kinda like the rainbow flag but for the nonbinary community specifically
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cigarette-ahegao a day ago
LGBTQ+ and atheist Arabs continue to suffer for their beliefs and identites, do not let our struggle stay hidden, do not let lives go in vain, we exist here too, and we are struggling
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pridolcons a day ago
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鈾 鈥 graysexual combo flags
gay, bi, lesbian, aromantic, pan, agender, genderfluid, nonbinary, trans ( anon )
read dni, like/rb, and credit if using
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raspberryroo1312 2 months ago
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mywitchcultblr 3 months ago
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I'm still in the closet and still doesn't have money to escape from this place, but celebrating pride in secret. Okay to reblog
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bagel-rights-activist 3 months ago
hey shout out of recognition and validation to all the queer people who didn鈥檛 exhibit many queer behaviors or have queer many experiences when they were young!! shout out to trans women and trans men who didn鈥檛 feel bad about or uncomfortable with their AGAB when they were younger and didn鈥檛 gravitate toward the 鈥渙pposite side of things鈥. shout out to nonbinary and genderfluid ppl who felt content with their AGAB all of their childhood or even teen years. shout out to lesbians who didn鈥檛 have any crushes on girls growing up and liked traditionally feminine things and shout out to gay men who didn鈥檛 have any crushes on boys growing up and liked traditionally masculine things. shout out to bi and pan and omni people who only had hetero attractions growing up. shout out to aros and aces who thought they experienced crushes or attraction or whatever while growing up and didn鈥檛 feel excluded by being surrounded by allo people. shout out to literally any queer people who didn鈥檛 鈥渟how the signs鈥 growing up because that can make you feel invalidated or worried that you鈥檙e faking it and you shouldn鈥檛 feel worried about that! When we say that everyone鈥檚 journey and experience is different, that includes you!! Happy pride month <3
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bigspicysenpai 2 months ago
Changing my pronouns to Yes/And. Please respect my commitment to the bit and refer to me as whatever is funniest in the current situation
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genderpunks 5 months ago
if you have a 鈥渨eird鈥 gender, you are quite literally the definition and example of what trans is, not a bad example, or an outlier. you are the very heart and soul of the experience of transness. keep it up
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