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staff · 6 months ago
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Welcome back @brickwhartley!
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darcyolsson · 6 months ago
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im like 99% sure that one of the first things bliss did when her and rowan started dating was look up y/n fanfiction and read it aloud (when they could still see it as a joke instead of a horrible invasion of their privacy)
alternate caption. rowan’s hate for the fangirls origin story (real)
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justpastryvideos · 7 months ago
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tio-trile · a year ago
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For the true story is too heartrending
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peanutlolxd · a year ago
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Its burger time
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mouseonvenus-main · 8 months ago
Consider this a part 2
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I still think they would be friends
[ID: 6 images of Gregory from FNAF Security Breach and the crying child from FNAF 4. The crying child wears a striped hoodie and curly hair, Gregory is shown in his in-game design. In the first image, the crying child pushes his hair out of his face to reveal scars in the shape of bite marks on his forehead, looking up at them sadly. In the following image, Gregory says “Sick!” with a happy expression as the crying child, shown from behind, has three question marks over his head. The next set of images shows Gregory climbing out of Glamrock Freddy’s chest hatch, both waving happily at the crying child, who looks up at them from the corner of the image with an exclamation mark over his head. In the next image, the crying child is shown crying and waving his arms, a thought bubble picturing the mouth-stomach of Nightmare Fredbear from FNAF 4. Gregory’s (confused) and Glamrock Freddy’s (sad) heads are shown in reaction bubbles. In the next image, the crying child’s back is to the viewer as he hugs Gregory above the shoulders, apparently crying, and Gregory awkwardly hugs him back. In the final image, it is the same hug but flipped, with Gregory’s back facing the viewer as he hugs the crying child around the shoulders. The crying child does not hug him back, his arms limp at his sides and one wide, terrified eye poking above Gregory’s arm to look at the viewer. End ID.]
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brainrrott · 7 months ago
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Now what the fuck is station management up to?
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thenightmareismyreality · 2 months ago
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bothvinforfaen · 15 days ago
no but actually, when I was like 16 I decided to get in deep with the cult, like fanatically deep. Donating my entire allowance and dedicating myself to biweekly bible study deep. Mainly because I had deluded myself into thinking that if only I could become a perfect jehovah’s witness, god would heal my crippling gender dysphoria by either taking pity on me and simply give me a dick and testosterone for the low price of my freedom and dignity, or alternatively taking it away all together and let me live my life blissfully as a cis woman for all eternity in paradise. The latter never sounded appealing to me, and I’m not going to pretend that the blatant sexism within the cult wasn’t a part of it at all, but even if you removed it, I still didn’t particularly care for having tits. I did realize that the former alternative probably wasn’t likely to happen in the end, and that’s probably one of the big reasons I never could admit to actually just being a guy, even though it was kinda obvious. Cause when you know you can’t ever have something, it’s easier to pretend you never wanted it in the first place, lol
#ex jw#isn't it funny that I even entertained the idea of fucking JEHOVAH giving me top surgery or some shit?#dude are you daft? the babykiller who hates the gays? You really think THAT GUY would support trans rights?#also. my OG mutuals probably remembers me sort of coming out as nonbinary back then‚ and i want you to know that I was not#practically everything I ever said about my gender back then wasn't real and I KNEW it wasn't real. I was just scared as fuck lol#cause I couldn't open that can of worms and then close it again. and like yeah. experimenting with gender can be great and important#but I wasn't experimenting‚ I knew it wasn't completely right from the moment I said it and idk. I want that out in the open I guess lol#funny thing is I kinda did that thing AGAIN not that far back when I was like oh yeah any pronouns goes :) oh no it's they/them achtually#oh now im he/they and oh I just want to define anything and blah blah blah#and I was sitting there and I just asked myself what the hell I was doing cause you're a grown ass man and you KNOW you're spewing bullshit#like i thought i would keep things ambigous but in hindsight. the url i had and having my other name in my bio was kinda stupid#in my defence i didn't think about my url and i still don't really mind my legal name so lol#but i realized i was just pussyfooting around everything and i'm tired of it so yeah!#anyway. look at me revealing my fucking lore here. i've gotten way off track and idk what i was trying to get to#if you read this far you get like. knowledge about me you probably didn't want#you're welcome i guess? idk lol#insert drive through meme or something
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captainofthetidesbreath · 5 months ago
Just remembered "The Horror and the Wild" is the perfect go-to for anything Vandran and Avantika's relationship, generally Vandran, generally Avantika, and frankly anything Uk'otoa's warlocks, including generally Fjord. But, also, just Vandran and Avantika.
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kindahoping4forever · 5 months ago
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I mean. 🌼⭐🌼
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prettyboykatsuki · 3 months ago
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*pounds my fist on the floor*
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bronan · 11 months ago
zain when some random asshole named “““jason””” shows up and tries to make moves on his dad:
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katkalis-draws-fanart · 27 days ago
So now's as good a time as any to talk about how much I love my Big Daddy plush and how he's been altered to be different and weighted!
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I couldn't stop myself from taking creative liberty to make him more unique than others by surgically implanting two large beanbags inside of him, plus some stuffing from other stuffed things to puff him up where he got flat from me resting my head on him. The bean bags were decently large:
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On top of that, I did a practice craft of hand-drawing my own art to turn into the hanging things that I tend to make:
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So now I have a weighted and well-stuffed bouncer plush and a nifty little hanging decoration of one!
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Bonus: his surgical scars and one of the four(?) miscellaneous fallen toys that contributed to his inner mass:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My Mr. Bubbles is now legitimately a weighted grafted monster and I LOVE him.
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bitteroryx · a year ago
i feel like we all can agree that techno's canonization of chat as voices in his head is one of the best goddamn desicions he's ever made
today's stream shows that off so well:
voices in shattered succession screaming :
and the gold, of course, in ABSOLUTE FUCKING UNISON:
as well as us getting a peek into techno's head when he uses gamechat to type out thoughts, because we are in his head and we get to hear his actual thoughts and concerns
it seemed at first just kinda for fun, but now it creates not only the easiest and the coolest way of audience participation, but it also enhances our understanding of the character so much more and just makes interactions and situations that much more cool and impactful
/i was legit laughing my ass off when everyone was yelling at the egg to gtfo of our real estate, it's so good
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toews-a-peek · a year ago
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The 2021-2022 season is going to be the year of the Toews
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ur-favoriterecord · 3 months ago
Sneasler & Electrodes "relationship" in the au essentially boils down to this
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