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Day 24: Choking - Steve/Bucky
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 24: Choking - Steve/Bucky x f!reader
Tags: 18+ readers only, smut, protective Bucky, threesome, piv, anal, double penetration, praise kink, begging, choking, slight breathplay, multiple orgasms, teasing, overstimulated, aftercare, nicknames, no use of y/n
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Tumblr media
It was a complete accident, something that had never even crossed your mind before.
As you were walking, Your eyes were on the phone in your hand, but you should have been more aware of your surroundings especially as you’d planned to visit the boys whilst they were training, entering the room without thinking or looking. This was when a protecting metal hand suddenly bumped into your neck, stopping your movements quickly, “Doll be careful”.
As Bucky spoke, a single knife came slicing through the air in the pathway that you were just about to walk into. An apology echoed around the room from Natasha as she moved to quickly retrieve the weapon however you weren’t concentrating on that. Instead on the hand that was still pushed against your neck as Bucky scowled at the other assassin, not realising where his hand had landed before he glanced in your direction and rushed to remove his hand.
“Shit, sorry babe, did I hurt you?” his voice was sincere with an edge of anxiety as he cupped your cheeks tilting your head back so he had a better view of your neck, making sure there was no visible damage.
“Oh no, I’m fine, sorry for not paying attention I was just coming to say a quick hello” he seemed happy with your answer but still kept a close eye on you for the remainder of the day which passed by quickly and without any further near-misses.
Your thoughts were muddled however as you subconsciously kept touching your neck, liking the pressure that it gave and a habit that Steve seemed to notice as you all settled around the dinner table as the sun began to set.
“What’s wrong with your neck, baby?” Steve asked. Bucky tensed, eyes shooting over in your direction as you tried not to cringe at the intensity.
“You said I didn’t hurt you earlier, let me have a look” you batted his hands away.
“No I’m fine, I promise Bucky” you rushed out, hating that you’d made him worried.
Steve looked confused between the two of you, “wait, what happened earlier” he asked.
Before Bucky could explain what happened you were quick to cut him off, reaching across the table to grip his hand trying to reassure him, “honestly Bucky I’m ok, I was just itching my neck”. Smiling at the two of them, they seemed to let it go, continuing on with their meals as you released the breath you hadn’t realised you had been holding in.
A few hours later, the mood had completely shifted. All clothes were removed and only heavy grunts and pleas were heard coming from your bedroom as you found yourself sandwiched between the two super soldiers. Specifically, Steve was chest-to-chest, hands gripping underneath your knees, easily holding you up, cock fucking long strokes in your cunt as his tongue licked the length of your neck. All the while Bucky’s toned chest was against your back, cock thrusting into your other prepped hole, hands circled around your waist, playing with your nipples as he bit into your shoulder.
Every time they had you like this, it was so beautifully overwhelming, feeling so incredibly full of cock as they double penetrated you but it always felt so good. Your hands were desperately gripping into their hair, holding on for dear life.
“You feel so good baby” Bucky praised as his lips teased your ear and all you could do in response was moan, knowing any words to come out of your mouth would be a bumbling mess.
Through it all, there was still a small spark of an idea at the back of your mind just wanting to try it, needing to feel what it was like.
Through your cock-drunk mind, you reached to grasp one of Bucky’s wrists easing it up until his hand rested against your throat. The two of them stopped their thrusting, which only caused you to whine and try and roll your hips to continue the pleasure.
“Please” you begged, eyes still closed, not noticing the shift in demeanour from your boyfriends as both of their blue eyes darkened.
“You want us to choke you, doll?” Bucky asked, his voice husky with arousal as his fingers flexed around your neck, squeezing softly, “is this what you want?”
“Yes,” you gasped desperately, nails digging into the skin of both of the shoulders now. Bucky kissed the side of your head before returning to fucking you, moving steadily, long strokes that Steve soon matched inside your dripping cunt.
“Harder” Steve and Bucky glanced at one another, before both moving at once, fucking you so hard that their cocks were a blur, just as Bucky's grip on your neck tightened enough that you felt ringing in your ears and breathing became slightly more difficult but it was the perfect amount of pressure if the way your pussy clenched was anything to go by.
The three of your bodies moulded together perfectly as they rammed into you, drawing orgasm after orgasm out of you, Bucky releasing his grip as you screamed through each one, giving you a moment to regain your composure before gripping once more.
“Awww baby, who’d have thought you would be into this, huh? Does it feel good?” Steve teased, seeing saliva dripping down your chin as if you didn’t have the energy to swallow.
“Fuck” Bucky groaned, hips snapping against yours as he chased his own orgasm, his grip never faltered, only making you become dizzier as you came again, not being able to suck in a proper breath. The sensation was overwhelming but it made your blood pump harder and your orgasm last longer until Bucky’s cum was dripping out of your ass and his hand released its grip.
You all but slumped against Steve, not noticing him moving until you felt the cool sheets on the bed against your back. The blonde didn’t falter in his thrusting, his powerful thighs driving his cock in and out of your pulsing sensitive cunt.
To your right, Bucky kneeled on the edge of the bed, hand returning back to your neck with a thankful groan from you. “You like this baby? Me choking you while Steve fucks your ruined pussy?”
It was Steve who grunted at Bucky’s words, moving even faster as his cock throbbed, looking at you beneath him, eyes glazed, cum dripping out of your ass, Bucky’s hand around your throat, he wanted to remember this picture for the rest of his life.
“I’m going to cum in this sweet pussy of yours baby” Steve growled, fingers latching onto your engorged clit, rubbing circles to match his thrusts and you were completely overwhelmed in pleasure.
“Cum for us pretty girl” Bucky encouraged, other hand stroking your cheek tenderly as you gave one last squeak before convulsing on the bed, hands grabbing his wrist as he began to move it away but you moved it back, wanting him to keep the tension to intensify your orgasm.
Steve was crying out with you, feeling you tightly grip his cock with your pussy he pulled out, shooting his load across your abdomen strikes of white coating your skin.
Bucky released his grip before you could pass out, matching sure you were taking deep breaths to come out of the dizzy spell you were trapped in, calming you down until he was satisfied that you were back to normal.
During this time, Steve had moved to the bathroom, returning with a warm washcloth to clean in between your legs and a cold one to place against your neck, soothing the skin. You smile thankfully up at him, eyes feeling heavy as they each kissed your temple, stroking back your hair, watching you fall into a much-needed sleep.
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Tumblr media
Prompt 20 | Guided Masturbati0n
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Kinktober Day 30 - Public Sex
Explicit, Mountain/Swiss
Summary: Swiss likes to get handsy on planes, and just this once, Mountain is willing to indulge him. Almost.
Inspired by this answered ask from @kroas-adtam (happy birthday!)
Swiss’ hand stilled on Mountain’s pants, lightly gripping his cock, and Mountain wanted to growl, to tell Swiss to get on with it and jack him off, but he was uncomfortably aware of the strangers in the row behind them. Mountain glanced over at Swiss who looked uncharacteristically serious as he leaned in, his lips close to Mountain’s ear, making him shiver.
“Do you want me to stop?” Swiss whispered, voice low, and not quite the growl he usually had in bed, but it was close enough to make Mountain’s dick twitch. His words on the other hand, sent a flare of frustration through him. He narrowed his eyes, he wasn’t Dewdrop, he wasn’t going to beg for Swiss to touch him. Swiss huffed, seemingly sensing Mountain’s train of thought, and knocked his head against Mountain’s shoulder.
“Hey big guy cool it. I’m asking because we’re in the middle of a crowded plane, and you don’t usually let me take it this far.” And that was true. It was a game they played; Swiss would get handsy in public with Mountain, Mountain would stop him and promise retribution, and then Swiss would have to deal with a chubby until they were back in private and Mountain made good on his promise and fucked Swiss into the next week. But fucking hell, it had been a stressful past couple of days and he just wanted to get off. On the other hand, they were on a fucking puddle jumper and neither of them knew how to be quiet in bed. But he could make Swiss try. Mountain leaned down, his lips resting against the shell of Swiss’ ear.
“Touch yourself. If you don’t, I’m going to shove my cock down your throat when we get to the airport.” Swiss bit back a groan, turning it into an ill disguised throat clearing.
“That doesn’t seem like much of a threat there big guy.” Mountain grinned.
“If you touch yourself right now, get your cock hard and dripping on this plane, surrounded by people, I’ll let you cum while you’re sucking my cock.” Swiss inhaled sharply, and his scent spiked with arousal.
Out of the corner of his eye, Mountain could see Aether turn to look at them, no doubt smelling Swiss as well, but he turned back to Dewdrop quickly enough that Mountain felt confident in assuming he was dealing with a fairly similar situation. Well, he would leave them to it. He pulled back from Swiss and lowered the armrest between them. Swiss who had moved to palm his own cock at Mountain’s words, hissed in annoyed at the divide. Mountain just raised an eyebrow, and gestured for Swiss to continue. Swiss huffed, but conscious of their location, didn’t say anything. Swiss would have to play it safe if he didn’t want to get caught.
He had taken the aisle seat to box Mountain in, but now that meant anyone walking by would see him groping himself. Just the thought of that made his dick jump and he could feel himself growing harder. Shit. He hadn’t even touched himself yet. And Mountain wanted him dripping, who did he think Swiss was? Rain? Still he would do his best. He ran his hand up thigh, wanting to watch the look on Mountain’s face as he touched himself just because Mountain told him to, but he forced himself to keep an on the aisle instead. He would be able to see anyone coming from the front of the plane, but not from the back, and Swiss didn’t know how to feel about that. His dick thought it was great, swelling under Swiss’ hand and he had to bite down hard to keep from moaning too loudly, and who the fuck did Mountain think he was? Telling Swiss to jack off in public when he knew that Swiss couldn’t be quiet to save his fucking life. Didn’t mean he wouldn’t try, he could do this, Mountain asked him for one simple thing, and he would do it. Swiss ran a hand up from the base of his covered cock to the head, stomach tensing as he fought to keep his hips from bucking up. He dug the fingers of his other hand into his thigh, wishing for his claws back so that the pain could balance out the pleasure. He ground his palm down on his cock, feeling it pulse even through his jeans, and he could imagine his reward for listening so well.
Mountain would take him to the closest restroom, and shove Swiss into the largest stall before forcing him down on his knees. He wouldn’t need to be rough, Swiss would do it happily, but he did enjoy the feel of Mountain’s large hands on him. His hips jerked up as he ground down, smearing the fantasy in his mind, and he grasped at it with shaky thoughts. Mountain shoving him down, right. Mountain’s cock would be there, leaking and hard and oh so lickable, but Swiss couldn’t decide if he wanted to be able to undo Mountain’s pants and wrap his hands around his cock, jacking Mountain as he swallowed the larger ghoul down, or if he wanted Mountain to shove his pants down just enough to get his cock out and fuck his face so that Swiss could feel the bite of the zipper on his cheek. Swiss took a shuddering breath as his stomach tightened, and ground his hand against his cock harder. Either way, Mountain’s cock would be in his mouth and Swiss would be able to feel the weight of his cock on his tongue, breath in the overwhelming scent of roses of Mountain’s arousal, and maybe he would let Mountain cum on his face, and then he could wipe it off and feed it to Swiss, or lick it off and kiss Swiss, or -
Suddenly, Mountain grabbed his hand away from his cock, holding it tightly, his hips still jerking before he forced them still and Swiss’ eyes flew open. When had he closed them? He looked down at their clasped hands, and missed the flight attendant coming up from behind Swiss.
“Can I get you two anything to drink?” She asked, a beautiful but fake smile on her face, and Swiss hated her.
“Just water please.” Mountain replied, sounding completely calm and unruffled. The flight attendant turned to look at Swiss, and he had nothing for her. He wanted to touch himself, touch Mountain, already be on the ground in between Mountain’s legs and choking on his cock, but none of those would be appropriate response to her questions.
“Ginger ale, if you could. He’s a nervous flyer.” Satan bless Mountain, Swiss would absolutely let that man do anything he wanted to him.
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that! Do you need a sick bag or anything?” She didn’t sound very sorry, and Swiss opened his mouth to tell her, no he was fine, could she please give them their drinks and leave them alone, but -
“That would be great! I really appreciate that.” Swiss whipped his head around to stare at Mountain, who was wearing a much prettier smile on his much prettier face and Swiss hated him. Mountain reached passed Swiss to take the bottle of water the flight attendant was holding out, and then he nudged Swiss. Swiss turned around to stare at the flight attendant, who was trying to hand him a can of ginger ale that he absolutely did not want. She was frowning now, a much less fake expression.
“Let me grab that bag for you, you don’t look good.” She shoved the drink into his hand and had walked off to the front of their section before disappearing behind a curtain. The ginger ale was cold and wet in his hand, beads of condensation rolling down the green can. He looked from it to Mountain, confused, appalled and still very, very hard. Mountain let go of his hand to open his water, mouth pulling into a grin that would be all fangs if not for the glamor. After a swallow that Swiss traced down his throat, Mountain leaned in, almost kissing Swiss’ ear.
“I only told you to get yourself hard. Now you only need to stay hard. Nothing more.” He nipped Swiss’ ear and sat back in his seat, looking all for the world like the cat that got the canary.
Oh fuck.
The flight attendant came back at that moment, handing Swiss a white paper bag. He took it.
“How much longer is the flight?” He asked, somewhat desperately. She grimaced at him, more than a little condescending as she answered.
“It’ll be about another hour till we’re de-planing, but flight time, we only have about another forty fives minutes, okay?” Swiss nodded, clutching his ginger ale and his airline sickness bag. An hour. He could do this. His cocked throbbed, and Swiss swallowed. He could do this.
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♡︎𝐓𝐢𝐭 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐄𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐚♡︎
Day 16 of Kinktober 2022
Summary: he's always been obsessed with your tits.
Props to my beta reader for today @sasualblxd - thank you for your amazing help!
556 words.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kirishima Eijirou was a "tits over ass any day" kind of man. It seemed as if every ten seconds had him reaching up your shirt to manhandle one of his stressballs.
"They're just so... Squishy... -a-and soft-"
That's exactly what your boyfriend said when you asked why he was so enamoured with them. Once deep, scarlet hues are now reduced to a thin ring around wide pupils, and past swollen lips lie sharp teeth that you find yourself wanting embedded into your breasts.
You love his obsession with your breasts. You're proud of your body, the self love that you'd been teaching yourself rearing it's head and finding a way to the light. Although, Eijirou, the sweetheart that he is, just loves your breasts because they're yours.
He lays behind you on the couch while the TV plays a movie that neither of you are really paying all that much attention to. The light illuminates you both, setting the mood in the otherwise dark room, while Kirishima fondles your breast absent mindedly. He's just doing it for fun - just because it's there, really, but that doesn't explain the sudden twitch you feel at your lower back.
"Hey babe, what's up?...
"I want-... I- I want-.… To fuck them..."
Sorry, what?
Surely he doesn't mean...
"You wanna fuck who, now?"
He just snorts and mumbles into the back of your neck, giving you goosebumps as you feel his chest rumble against your back.
"No, silly... I wanna fuck your tits..."
Huh. Well at least you're not stunned and confused anymore. Now your just stunned. The idea seems fun, and the thought does bring a familiar heat between your thighs. You just wonder what's brought this on.
In reality, he's always fantasized about fucking your tits. It's the very image that gets him off when you're not there to help him, but he's finally got the confidence to ask for it now.
"... Alright. I don't see why not~"
He's almost cries at the relief of not being rejected immediately, rolling on top of you before you can say anything against it. Suddenly, your chest is met with cold air as you're stripped of your shirt, your bare breasts being massaged and pushed together.
He just loves to squeeze and play with them, though he wastes no time unzipping his fly and pushing down his pants. His cock, already at full mast, is an angry red at the tip, leaking precum all over his hand while he moans and shivers, staring at your tits like a man hypnotised.
You slowly push your tits together for him, giving him a teasing smirk as he practically drools, too aroused to be his usual, gentlemanly self. In seconds, he's kneeling over you with a hungry look in his eyes, pressing his cock between the little valley between your breasts, groaning at the contact. Pleasure shoots up his spine as his head is flung back, his eyes tearing up and his hips rutting shakily.
Each time the little head peaks out from the top of your breasts you reward it with a lick, and he practically falls apart exactly like you wanted him to. He's never came so quickly in his life, but you don't mind even as your face and chest is smeared in his spend.
He almost faints.
Tumblr media
© 2022 not-your-fucking-kacchan
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◃ 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐍𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐠𝐚��𝐢𝐨𝐧 | 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐍𝐞𝐱𝐭 ▹
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# day 9. squirting
piercer!ryomen sukuna x f!reader
genre. pwp, smut
cw. oral, fingering, overstim. squirting, pet names, praise, mating press, creampie | wc. 1400
an. this is pt.2 of last year’s work | can be read alone!!!
kinktober m.list | interactions are appreciated
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the smell of disinfectant stings your nostrils when you enter the shop. he is there. he's checking the appointment book before looking up and smiling at you.
"hi, baby," he plays with his tongue piercing as he scans you from head to toe. his chests jiggle under his t-shirt, the tattoos on his arms seem to have increased since the last time you saw him.
"hey, i made an appointment to check out a piercing" you smile. you could have gone to any piercing store to get yours checked out, yet you chose to go back to sukuna, despite everything that happened last time.
he smirks. "i've been waiting for you," he says putting the register away and stepping out from behind the counter.
you know the formalities by now. you take off your jeans and panties while he gets ready putting on his gloves and grabbing the necessities. "so what's the problem, baby? on the phone, you said that you feel it swollen," he says, helping you settle on the chair.
you keep your thighs tight, lying down. "mh yes, it feels a little more swollen ... you know, when i mh touch it," you stammer embarrassed.
he smirks, pulling you a little from your sitting potion and parting your thighs. "then, let's take a look."
he’s professional as he checks the piercing on your clit. he lifts the hood and checks it meticulously. maybe a little too meticulously. he licks his lips, spreads your folds and caresses the jewel on your nub, causing you to mumble a moan.
"it's fine, baby," he smirk, moving his eyes from your bare pussy to your embarrassed face.
"can you feel this?" he asks. you nod as his thumb circles your clit. "what about this?" he asks, grazing your slit with his knuckles.
a moan flows from your tongue. "maybe i should check better, what do you think, baby?" he asks taking off his gloves and tickling your hole with the tip of his finger.
you close your eyes when you feel sukuna press his thick finger to your entrance, "i think you should" you stammer pushing your hips toward him.
you begin to get wet under his touch, the piercer smiles at the result of his work.
"you get wet fast, baby" he teases you leaning over your cunt. he opens your wet folds with his fingers and licks the central strip, from your slit to your clit.
you feel embarrassed when his eyes meet yours, watching as you twitch when his tongue laps at the juices of your sloppy cunt.
moans run from your lips when sukuna slides two fingers into your hole. he curls them up, grinds on your sweet spot as he thrusts them in and out. his tongue laps at your clit, grazes the little jewel before wrapping his lips around your little bud and sucking it into his mouth.
"right there" you sob grabbing his wisp of pink hair. he fingers you with precision. he knows where to touch you to make you moan. "I'm gonna cum" you meow arching your back and thrusting your hips against his face.
your juices coat his puffy lips and chin. your walls flutter around his fingers, and tighten as a wave of pleasure builds inside you.
"i’d missed your taste," he hums, flicking his tongue over your swollen nub. "fuck, you taste so good, angel."
your body twitches. lewd noises coming from your cunt buzz around the room. "huh fack, like that" you mumble between breaths. you throw your head back and soft moans come from your lips as sukuna keeps up his slow, teasing rhythm.
your body shakes from orgasm. "cum for me, baby" he whispers. his fingers stretch your cunt, juices slip between your folds and under your ass, dripping onto his hand and tattoo chair .
"go ahead pretty girl" he mumbles, “cum”. his tongue presses on your clit sending you to the edge, more and more.
sukuna pulls his fingers out as a hot squirt spills from your sloppy hole. "fuck, good girl" he praises you, rubbing your clit with his fingers, forcing more squirts from your slit. "what a pretty pussy" he hums, slapping your soggy cunt.
your breath is broken. you watch him get up and wipe his chin with the back of his hand. "fuck ... fuck me, like last time," you stammer in euphoria, "please."
sukuna doesn't make you say it again. he undoes his jeans and pulls out his thick cock. the tip oozes pre cum, the vein along the shaft looks like it's about to burst from how hard his cock is.
he rubs his juice over his thick tip before curling his lips and spitting over his length. you lick your lips impatiently as you watch him slide his cock into his fist.
You groan in relief as he lines up with your hole and thrusts forward. "fuck yes" he coos grabbing your thighs and pushing forward.
he is not fully in when he resumes playing with your sensitive bud. "fuck you're amazing baby" he praises. your pussy stretches and spreads as he pushes his hips against yours, his thick veiny cock inside you.
his shaft slowly slides in and out of your wet hole. seems to swell inside you, making you moan his name.
"feels good, doesn't it, doll?" he coos, increasing his thrusts, his balls slap your ass each time he reaches deep. he has his eyebrows furrowed and his lip trapped between his teeth as he watches his cock disappear into your puffy cunt.
Your cream forms a milky white ring around his girth as he presses against your sensitive spot, and circles your clit with his thumb. "can you cum for me again, baby? Can you do it like a good girl?" he asks.
you bite your lip hard and close your eyes as you feel the coil inside you begin to swirl. "yeah, i wanna cum," you hum. he pulls out and pushes in harder, pounding your sloppy cunt.
lewd sounds make it even wetter and messier as he pushes your legs against your chest. he kisses you sloppily as he bends over you, his shaft able to go even deeper as he fucks you.
With the new position his crotch slams hard on your nub. and the knot loosens. you cum around his cock, cream along his shaft and your walls flutter around him.
"yes huh good girl" he praises pushing his hips against yours. his throbbing cock fills every inch of you and your walls wrap around him tightly as you come. "fuck, give me more, baby."
his fingers hold your hips tightly as he hammers inside your cunt. he slips even deeper with each thrust, your sweet spot swells, and you arch your back as another orgasm comes moments later.
sukuna's cock is forced out when you squirt. he slams and rubs it between your folds, seeking his high as he watches you squirm and squirt again and again.
the tip of his shaft slams against your sensitive clit as last squirts spurt out of your puffy hole.
"fuck fuck ... fuck doll" he moans. his shaft throbs on your folds before he bullies it inside you once again. "so tight" he hisses. your cunt flutters around his cock, squeezes him tightly triggering his orgasm.
finally sukuna reaches his limit. his load empties inside you. you can feel his cock throb as he leans down to press his lips against yours. his shaft twitches releasing the last drops of cum before he's empty.
your fingers entwine behind his head as you hold him to you for a wet, sloppy kiss. sukuna gasps for air when you let go, his cock slowly softening as he pulls out and his cum overflows from your slit drooling and sliding onto the chair beneath you.
"fuck baby" he coos licking his lips and looking at the mess he has made inside you and you have made on him, "i think maybe i'll have to take another look, you know, to make sure everything is okay" he whispers looking into your eyes, "tomorrow at the same time?" he chuckles, making your pussy throb.
Tumblr media
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𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔨𝔱𝔬𝔟𝔢𝔯 𝔇𝔞𝔶 𝔱𝔴𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔶 𝔰𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔫: 𝔠𝔲𝔠𝔨𝔬𝔩𝔡𝔦𝔫𝔤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
minors DNI
pairing: Eddie Munson x fem!reader x Steve Harrington
summary: when Steve asked you what yo thought of your best friend you were hesitant to admit you’d had a crush on eddie in the past. you soon come to learn it was an incredible decision
content warnings: oral sex (f receiving), fingering, unprotected p in v sex, hair pulling
word count: 2.6k
tags: @corrodedhawkins @my-my-only-angel @gayskittlelesbian @heavenlyhandscribbles @canislupus-exe @angeliiaa @mlmmetalhead @keevathediva @frogydude233 @eddieverse @licktomsass @yourmommaissofine @m-rae23
commissions | masterlist | kinktober masterlist | taglist
In freshman year of school, in the height of your rebellious phase, you had a big fat crush on Eddie Munson. His hair that had grown out enough to have beautiful curls, his wide puppy dog eyes, the smell of cigarettes that clung to him nearly constantly.
In your junior year, after joining the cheerleading team, you had started dating Steve Harrington. You knew he’d been flirting with Nancy Wheeler for weeks so you suppressed the crush that had developed at an alarming pace. When she started dating Johnathan Byers instead Steve took it in stride and asked you on a date only a week and a half later. The rest was history.
In your freshman year of college, when Steve and Eddie had become close friends by a strange twist of fate you’d been too busy studying to be around for, it didn’t bother you that their dynamic was flirty. Even with both of them being bisexual. Steve treated you like a queen and only had eyes for you. And Eddie after a few beers or a joint.
In your freshman year of college, when Steve and Eddie had become close friends by a strange twist of fate you’d been too busy studying to be around for, it didn’t bother you that their dynamic was flirty. Even with both of them being bisexual. Steve treated you like a queen and only had eyes for you. And Eddie after a few beers or a joint.
Which was why when Steve asked you what you thought about Eddie you answered in an instant that you adored him and that, aside from Robin, he was your favorite friend of Steve’s.
“Yeah but, like… if we weren’t dating and he asked you out what do you think you’d say?”
Though he asked you still found yourself nervous to tell him about the crush you’d harbored for Eddie in your younger years.
But he wasn’t upset, not in the slightest, Steve’s eyes lit up at the confession.
And so two weeks later you found yourself in Eddie’s trailer, smoke still curling in the air from the joint Eddie had rolled for you to quell your nerves with Steve sitting at Eddie’s desk and watching hungirly while Eddie’s lips trailed down your neck and his hands slipped under the hem of your shirt.
The temperature between your legs climbs to impossible heights while you grip onto the fabric of Eddie’s shirt, head tilted back into the mattress and to the side so you can look at Steve through lust lidded eyes. He watches with hawk-like concentration. Though a part of you feels like maybe you should be embarrassed or bashful you find that it’s nearly impossible to do so wholeheartedly. Especially when the chill of Eddie’s rings in contrast with his warm skin sends shivers down your spine.
“She said she used to have a crush on you,” Steve says as Eddie pulls you upright to pull your shirt over your head.
You mutter complaints while Eddie grins at you, hands trailing up your now exposed sides before finding the clasp of your bra. “When was this?”
“Her freshman year,” Steve answers when you stay silent.
Eddie undoes your bra with ease, eyes devouring you as he leans you down onto your back once more. “Was that the year you cut your own bangs?”
“Yeah,” you say weakly, face flushing with heat at the fact that that’s the main thing Eddie remembers about you while you had been head over heels for him for a few months.
His knee settles between your thighs, under your skirt and pressed tightly against your clothed cunt which clenches around nothing at the feeling, while he peppers kisses across your chest before taking your nipple between his lips, the other in his fingers. A gasping moan falls out of your mouth while your back arches against him. Sparks shoot off of your nerve endings while Eddie laps and nibbles on your now perky buds.
Eddie nudges his knee against your pussy that’s slowly beginning to ache for stimulation, earning a whine from you while you unconsciously roll your hips against his leg in hopes of relief. You feel him smirk around your nipple and graze his teeth over the sensitive skin before pulling away to look down at you, and for the first time since Steve had presented you with your current arrangement you allow yourself to fully admire him. It was a way entirely different from Steve but he was beautiful.
“Is she always so needy?” Eddie asks, teasing but not cruel.
“No, not always,” Steve answers. “Maybe she still likes you.”
Eddie’s knee moves away from you, leaving you cold and aching, but quickly replaces it with his hand before you can respond with anything more than a whine. He runs his fingers over the wet spot on your panties and his smirk doubles in size. “I think you might be right.”
He pulls his shirt off and tosses where he had with your clothes and you run your hands along his chest, tracing your fingers across his tattoos, before he leans down and settles between your hips and pushes your skirt up. His fingers once again find where you’ve soaked through your panties, running small circles along the spot and pressing a few kisses. “She loud?”
“She can be,” Steve tells him. “If no one else is around.”
Eddie hooks his finger into the stained cloth, resting it against your slick folds. “You gonna be loud for me, sweetheart?”
“Yeah,” you breathe out and will yourself not to grind into his hand and betray how desperate you are for him.
But he seems displeased by your answer by the look on his face. He forces one finger inside of you and harshly curls it in the back of you. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you,” he says. Though you can hardly hear him over the cry of pleasure you let out.
He doesn’t stay inside you much longer. Just as you begin to adjust to his presence he pulls out of you and yanks your panties down your legs, positioning them to rip the lacey material off before putting them over your shoulders. You quiver with anticipation as he slides his hands up your thighs.
Eddie captures your throbbing clit in his mouth, lapping up your arousal and licking marvelous circles. Your hands fly to take in fistfulls of his curly hair while your back arches and collapses and whines and whimpers chase each other on their way out of you. He moans against the nub of nerves, the sound making his lips vibrate against you. You clench your thighs around his head but he forces them back into the mattress with his elbows.
“If you finger her too she’ll cum in, like, two seconds,” Steve suggests, having moved at some point to prop his chin up in his hands. Though when you tilt your head to the side you can see from where you’re sprawled out that his hard dick strains against his jeans he makes no attempt to provide any relief, and you wonder if he plans on taking a turn with you once Eddie is done.
He sucks harshly on your clit before detatching himself from you, to which you let out a loud whine of complaint and wiggle your hips towards him. “Not sure if that’s a good idea, then. Cause I’m nowhere near done with her.”
“She can handle it,” Steve assures him.
Eddie gazes curiously up at you for another few moments before pushing two fingers inside you up to his rings. You clench around him immediately, earning a low groan from him, and pant out his name in a plea for more pleasure. He provides in an instant; licking and nibbling and sucking on your clit while his fingers curl against your g spot. Bashfulness has long since left you and you unabashedly grind your hips against Eddie’s face. He moans openly into your throbbing pussy and you know you’re embarrassingly close to proving Steve right. But you hardly care as you chase the orgasm Eddie’s so graciously provided you.
You climb and climb until you fall headfirst into ecstasy, practically screaming as your cum gushes onto Eddie’s mouth and fingers that he happily laps up. He fucks you with his fingers through orgasm and when you turn your head to glance over at Steve and see the hungry look on his face you’re hit with another wave of pleasure at his obvious enjoyment of your situation. You twitch and writhe against Eddie’s mouth and fingers as your orgasm that he prolongs as much as he can.
Once ecstasy crosses over into aftershock Eddie finally detaches from you and climbs over you, crashing your lips together and transferring the taste of your arousal into your mouth. You can feel the bulge in Eddie’s jeans against you as he rocks his hips slightly and you find yourself whining a wordless plea for more into his lips which, thankfully, he must pick up on when he pulls away to rip his jeans off.
Eddie’s just about as big as Steve and yo’rre sore with anticipation as he crawls back into his spot between your knees. He takes his dick in his hand and rubs his dripping cockhead along your enterence. When he makes no move to push into you even when you whine and wiggle your hips towards him your arms collapse beside your head while you let out an exasperated groan. “So you’re both fucking teases? Great,” you say sarcastically.
They both laugh while Eddie continues prodding at your folds. “It’s hard not to be when it’s so easy to get a reaction out of you, baby,” Steve says. You let out an annoyed huff and roll your eyes but have no verbal reaction. “Maybe if you ask nicely he’ll give you what you want.”
You look up at Eddie who grins down at you devilishly. You can practically see all the things he’s thinking about doing to you in his big and beautiful eyes and the thought sends a shiver down your spine. “Please Eddie,” you whine, half heartedly pawing at his hand holding his dick. “Want it so bad. Don’t make me wait anymore. Want you to fuck me.”
For a moment you think he might make you beg more but in a moment of blinding bliss Eddie pushes into you balls deep in one stroke thanks to the wetness you’re still soaked in. You nearly cry out loud enough for the back half of the trailer park to hear at the sensation of Eddie filling you up for the first time, and through the noise you can hear Eddie let out a long groan of his own as he grabs your waist and adjusts your position to his liking. With his fingers digging into your flesh he starts rolling his hips against yours at a crescendoing pace that has moans racing out of your mouth.
Once he’s settled on a pace that’s steady but quick and rough in a way that makes lust cloud your vision he moves to hover over you, one of his hands slipping under your head and grabbing a fistful of your hair and pulling it back. A harsh gasp rips from your throat as you arch your back against him.
“Oh she likes that,” Eddie notes, wrapping some of your hair around one of his fingers while keeping his grip secure.
“She loves getting her hair pulled. Practically wants you to rip it out,” Steve tells him. “How’d you know?”
“Just seems like the type of little slut to want her hair yanked on.
You reach up and smack his arm weakly. “Shut up.”
He grabs your arms by the wrist with the hand that isn’t tangled in your hair and harshly pins it into the mattress. “You better watch that pretty little mouth.”
“Or what?” you challenge, trying, and failing, to keep moans out of your voice.
Eddie looks over at Steve with a raised eyebrow. “She always so bratty?”
“Only when she’s really turned on,” Steve replies. You mentally chastise yourself when your face flushes red and your walls flutter around Eddie’s cock. His lips twitch into a smirk but he otherwise doesn’t react. “She definitely still likes you.”
Eddie yanks your head further back into the mattress as he roughly pounds into you. Proving Steve’s previous answer correct the sound of your pleasure bounces off of Eddie’s bedroom walls and echoes out into the trailer park for anyone in the nearby area to hear were they outside. But you can hardly care about anything else other than the delicious way Eddie’s cock splits you in two.
With your head forced back Eddie attacks your neck with his lips and begins to suck on your skin and nibble at it with his teeth. You glance over at Steve, having been known to get jealous once or twice in the past, and find that he’s watching unblinkingly with his bottom lip between his teeth and his dick still straining untouched in his jeans. You think about going to school the next day and listening to the jokes your friends will make about the fun night you had with Steve, all the while knowing it was his best friend who had marked you up while he fucked you.
As you gaze over at him with Eddie’s cock buried in your cunt and his head in your neck you think about him getting up from his chair, ripping his clothes off, and tag teaming you. Of hanging your head off the back of the bed and Steve fucking your throat. You thought about feeling nothing other than the bliss and euphoria provided by your boyfriend and his best, and your favorite, friends. Of being completely filled up by them. At their mercy.
The thought has you digging your nails into Eddie’s shoulders while you become impossible tight around him. Eddie lifts his head from your neck and gazes down you with eclipsed eyes and parted pouty lips. “You gonna cum for me again?”
“Fuck, yes!” you shriek, digging the back of your head even further into the mattress and Eddie’s fist as your breathing begins to get increasingly rapid and pleasure begins to take command of all your senses. “Don’t stop, Eddie. Please don’t fucking stop.”
Eddie groans loudly as the motion of his hips begins to stutter. You wonder if maybe he’s close too, which sends you hurtling closer to climax. “That’s right, sweetheart. Put that pretty mouth to good fucking use.”
Embarrassment has long since escaped you. “God don’t fucking stop, Eddie. Please, I wanna cum so bad. I’m so close, please, Eddie, please.”
You beg and plead yourself to orgasm, words eventually becoming incoherent shouts and moans while you gush a small tsunami around Eddie’s cock that fucks you through it all. Your chest heaves as you struggle to catch your breath while fireworks go off inside you. Your head collapses to the side so you can watch Steve’s reaction to it all.
“Fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum too,” Eddie pants, hanging his head down into your neck. “Where do you want it?”
“Don’t pull out,” you answer, the pleading tone never leaving your voice and your gaze never moving from your boyfriend.
Eddie doesn’t last much longer than that and soon he fills your already dripping pussy with his seed, letting out the most delicious sounds into your ear as his thrusts become more sporadic. His dick pulsates inside of you as he rides out his own release while his cum leaks out of you and onto his already stained bed sheets and mattress.
He takes his time pulling out of you, in not one bit of a rush to do so, and before he does completely Steve pushes himself from the chair and kneels down beside the bed. He leans over and places a soft and lingering kiss to your parted lips and runs his hands through your hair. “You did so good babygirl,” he praises, and your eyes flutter shut at the kindness of his words. “But now it’s my turn.”
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softcaesar · a month ago
WE SHOULDN'T — NANAMI KENTO part two (contains smut)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
context : one bed, two friends…? surely friends sleep in the same bed, right…? wait… why was he pressing into you?!
pairing : nanami kento x f!reader
content and warnings : very OOC nanami, no curses + college au, SMUT, dry humping, slight grinding, masturbation, somnophilia, dubcon(?)
!! please read part one first !!
Tumblr media
You wake up a total of three times over the course of your sleep in Nanami Kento’s dorm room.
The first time, you stir awake with a sudden shudder. The temperature of Kento's room has grown so frigid, and the skin of your arms is covered with goose flesh. You shiver again and huddle into a ball. You have no way of knowing how much time had elapsed, but you get the sense it wasn’t any longer than fifteen minutes.
“Kento?” you call out, rubbing your eyes. His desk appears abandoned, and the lampshade had been turned off. Where was he? The shuffling of slippers grabs your attention, and you crane your head to look for the source. Kento stands in the small kitchenette outside his room, preparing a coffee. The kettle is boiling. His profile is turned slightly, so you could see the gentle frown of concentration on his face while he fiddles with the coffee tin.
He was so beautiful. How had you spent so many months sitting behind him in Ecology, or across from him in the library, without coming to realize just how ethereally alluring he is? You’re so cold, even with the heavy blanket over you. You huddle up and shiver again, your eyes about to drift closed again until you hear a small sound from Kento. He’s humming. It’s so faint that you can barely hear, but the humming grows a little louder as Kento seems to get more comfortable with the tune. You don’t recognize it at all, but his voice is a subtle, lush baritone. Smiling to yourself, you let the sound of Kento’s gentle voice carry you back to sleep.
The second time you wake up from your sleep, your consciousness is muddled; you’d clearly been asleep for much longer this time. You feel a gentle pressure in your palms, and when your eyes flutter open, you’re looking straight at Kento standing beside the bed as he stares at you. He removes his hand from your palm.
He carefully removes a stray hair caught between your lips. “Sorry to wake you,” he says, holding red blanket in his arms. “You’re shivering.”
You groan softly. His hands are a stark contrast to your frigid ones, which almost tingle with the heat radiating from his skin. You’re so cold, and he’s so warm. In your reduced state of consciousness, it’s all you can think about.
“I don't have any spare blankets but Yu does.” Kento says. You don’t object as he places it over you. With his help, you tuck yourself under the covers, too sleepy to care about how weird it the situation was. Altogether, the sheets smelled clean and feel warm.
“What's the time?” you mumble.
“It's 2 in the morning,” he says, and before you could say anything, he interjects, “I’ll sleep under the kotatsu.”
Your eyes still feel heavy, and you can’t keep them open. “You don’t have to; I can make room.”
He stares at you.
“I’m serious.” You grasp for his warm hand and pull it weakly toward you.
He stays quiet.
You’re too tired to say anything; you just scoot your body closer to the wall. Kento debates for a minute before finally giving in. He climbs on the bed, the mattress shifting under his weight, and pulls the covers on top of him. His body heat radiates under the comforter, and you lean closer to him against your better judgment.
Ahh, heat. You turn on your side and settle in once more, but not before glancing at Kento. He lays on his back, as close to the edge of the mattress as possible. He’s staring up at the ceiling, his expression somehow neutral and alert at the same time. You feel your synapses shutter and eventually fall asleep.
The third time you wake up, you’re not cold at all anymore. In fact, you’re quite hot.
It doesn’t take long before you realize the source of the heat. Kento is no longer curled up at the opposite edge of the mattress. Instead, he’s pressed up against you now. His arm is draped over your chest, and his breath is hot on your neck.
You whisper his name in surprise, but he doesn’t move. He’s fast asleep, you realize. His skin is sweltering against yours, and although the covers have been cast off during your sleep, you’re now almost too hot. Though not uncomfortably so. You attempt to shift away from under his arm and toward the wall. You want to avoid any awkwardness when he wakes up. But your movement stirs him anyway. He immediately reaches back out for you, his hand grasping your waist. He hugs your body, his whole torso flush against your side.
No. No. You gasp at the sensation of his groin against your backside. You’re definitely awake now. But he’s not. A thin sheen of sweat coats the small of your back. He grips onto your waist like a vice, strong and sure, despite that he’s asleep. You couldn’t move away if you tried.
Kento’s lips part and a breathy sigh escapes him. You’re terrified of waking him up, of the humiliation that would ensue from both parties if he opens his eyes to this. So, you attempt once more to shift your hips away from his.
He grasps you again and brings his pelvis back against yours, clinging to you like you’re his life support. He’s hard, you realize. His sweatpants do nothing to mask it. You can feel all of him pressed between your thighs.      
You exhale shakily. That didn’t work at all. What now?
If you really wanted to move, you still could pry his fingers from your waist and roll away. But the jostling of the bed would surely wake him up.
And you don’t want to move. Kento’s hot breath fanning out over your chest, his body against yours. It’s doing more to your own body than you’re willing to admit. But you can’t admit that. You resolve to push him off and not let this go any farther.
Until he moves again, grinding against you ever so softly. Another low, involuntary moan comes from his throat. At the end of his breath, you hear a simple word from his lips.
It’s so quiet, you think at first you imagined it. But it happens again. The gentle buck of his hips, followed by your name in a low moan. A tremor of heat overtakes your stomach, right down to your core.
It’s about you.
The idea of his name on your lips like this felt so intimate, so sensual, and paired with the carnal bucking of his hips, his large erection rock-solid between your thighs. Wetness pools at your entrance. Each time he moves, his cock seems to rub against it. There’s a low ache deep inside of you that you haven’t felt in a while.
Despite your better judgment, you arch your back and press into Kento’s hips – a small movement – just once. He responds with a low growl that you can feel reverberating in his chest against your back. His cock twitches. Your breath rushes in with a sharp inhale. Sweat beads on your forehead. You’ve never felt this hot before in your life. But it’s wrong. You shouldn’t move. You should stop Kento before it goes on any longer. He’s asleep, and he’s your classmate, or friend, or whatever. This shouldn't be happening. Classmates or friends don't dry hump each other.
No, this is real, and it’s happening now.
And if you make him stop, he’ll wake up to find himself grinding against your ass. There’s no way you could pretend to have slept through it. He’ll be humiliated. And things will never be the same again.
You gasp again when Kento thrusts against you harder this time. The bulge in his pants literally pulsing and radiating a moist heat. Your body screams at you to press harder against him, aching for friction. But your mind screams at you not to move a muscle. You are so frustrated in so many different ways that you sigh out a high-pitched moan. He seems to hear it in his unconscious state.
Kento groans. It feels strange to not say anything back, but you have to be quiet. Every contact point between your body and his feels like an explosion of desire and tension. Your shirt has ridden up your waist, revealing a small sliver of skin. His fingers find it and dig into the softness of your belly, seeming to try to pull you even closer. Your own fingers yearn to move as well, to travel down your tummy and under the hem of your pajama pants.
No. Do not go there.
Kento’s ministrations seem to intensify. His breaths become shallow and rapid, a low moan on nearly every exhale. His hips thrust deeper and longer. You have absolutely no idea what to do. As much as your body betrays you, your mind is on high alert. What’s going to happen when Kento finally wakes himself up from this wet dream, his crotch inevitably sticky?
It can’t happen. You have to wake him up.
Kento buries his face in the nook between your neck and your shoulder. A shuddering moan comes from his throat. You need to wake him up now. You pinch the skin of his forearm – hard.
Kento gasps a huge intake of air, his body jolting awake. You lie motionless and close your eyes, feigning sleep. He props himself up to a sitting position, panting. The sudden loss of body heat, replaced by a rush of cool air against your sweaty skin, is jarring and miserable.
“Fuck, fuck,” he curses between gasps. You don’t need to look at him to know he’s uncomfortably, undeniably aroused.
As are you.
You continue to breathe in a slow, rhythmic pattern. Kento spends a few minutes trying to calm his heaving pants, as you try to ignore the pulsing ache in your core. Slowly, as to keep from waking you, Kento rolls out of bed and crosses to the door. It creaks open, and then closed. And then you’re alone.
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anantaru · a month ago
Tumblr media
✦ kinktober day 19 — dumbification feat. al-haitham : childe : ayato : zhongli x fem! reader | kinktober masterlist.
✦ warnings: nsfw : dumbification : !!! both parties are consenting !!! : calling you dumb, pathetic, stupid but in a cute way
Tumblr media
"shh, this is okay, you're okay." you could perceive al-haitham's warm breath coating the shell of your ear, his rough lips tracing over your sensitive skin before sucking down on your earlobe. "we're not done yet, you know that, right?" the obvious feeling of a self-satisfied smirk playing across his rosy lips was somehow turning you on further, your already fucked out state perceiving new heights.
your mouth widened upon trying to say something, anything, yet nothing of importance was coming out, only short babbles and incoherent sentences of pure filth. You adored whenever al-haitham wouldn't hold back, whenever he'd claim you like that, fucking you silly until you felt like an empty shell, only filled with his cock that hit all the right spots deep inside you. Your cunt was aching, sucking him in as his hips grinded themselves into you, his pelvis rubbing hard against your clit which caused you to squeal out, eyes scrunched shut with your back arching into him.
"my stupid little baby, have i fucked you dumb already?" you're nodding frantically, a faint line of drool pooling out of the corners of your mouth as your lips slightly carved up into a tiny smile. "how much I love seeing you like that." his eyes closed suddenly and his mouth fell open, a guttural groan coming right out of his throat as he felt you squeeze around his girth. It's the most expressive he's been all night with you, his usual collected demeanor slowly falling apart and it's your fault alone, a little current of self satisfaction ringing over you.
how thankful you were that childe always took such good care of you, his lips twitching up into a smirk upon seeing you unravel against him. You felt so full, his cock fully sheathed in your tight cunt before slowly beginning to rut himself in. You tried your best to spread your legs wider, anything for ajax to be more efficient in fucking your brains out.
there was drool running from past the corners of your lips, enhancing the already lewd expression on your face, "how beautiful you look like that." ajax had a self satisfied smirk on his face resembling a man who knew he was in power, who knew he could do just how he pleased. "beautiful, but pathetic." his words turning into a moan as he grinded himself in another winkle to reach deeper into your cunt. You're crying out his name, legs flying up in the air to wrap around his body tighter, spine arching into his passionate touches.
your make-up was splotched on your face, mascara runny with your lashes sticking together, a sinful masterpiece in childe's eyes, one that needed to be engraved in his mind forever. He was tasting his orgasm on his tongue already, dreaming of staining your sensitive walls with his warm cum before finally reaching his desired climax upon hearing you groan out incoherent words. Childe threw his head back, feeling how you sucked him in, tightening around his girth and archons, how he adored fucking you dumb like that.
ayato's grip was hard on your hips, your behind pushed up in the air while your face was shoved into the soft pillows. You could feel his hand pressing against the back of your head while rutting his cock forward into your heat, your pussy splitting open with every thrust. "fuck, angel, you're getting messier." his voice husky and playful, with innocent undertones that you very much knew weren't sincere.
your hardened nipples were rubbing against the bedsheets with every snap forward of his hips, only adding to the already unbearable pleasure you experienced. "more." you're crying out, feeling as if you were in a deep haze unable to escape, the ache in between your legs growing within minutes. Ayato was surprised you still were able to voice anything by the brute force he was fucking you into the mattress. "yeah?" he smirked, his sexual confidence radiating through the room as your body shivered around his hold.
"spread your legs wider then." his commanding tone was deep, hoarse and guttural, coming from deep inside his throat as you whined at his simple command. You were trying your best, shuddering legs gradually spreading a few inches while it was becoming harder to breathe from the way ayato was pushing you into the mattress. "good." your blood was boiling, ayato twirled his fingers in your hair, suddenly thrusting forward to push his cock deeper down your sobbing cunt, catching you off guard. "my dumb little baby, is that what you wanted?" you weren't responding, unable to do so, really. Yet by the way you were desperately clenching around his girth, was enough of an answer to him.
the pleasure you were encountering because of zhongli made your head feel dizzy and heavy, your vision blurred with your own tears as you scrunched your eyes shut to get rid of them. You swallowed thickly as you fluttered your eyes open again, meeting his gaze in between your legs. Zhongli was licking his lips, his lustful expression making it difficult for you to remain silent, whining at his touches.
his eyes were never leaving your sobbing cunt, your folds glistering with both your juices and his spit as he dove back in, lapping up everything you gave him. You bucked your hips up into his mouth, loosing control over your own body as your hands tangled into his unruly hair. "it seems you like that." his voice eliciting soft whimpers from you, you could hear a groan coming out of his throat upon hearing you moan his name, over and over again.
"have you already reached your limits?" you desperately tried to shake your head, to tell him that you were fine and could still take it, could take him. Zhongli pulled away his tongue for a second, staring at your wet core, "I'll continue then." he teased, sliding a finger past your folds before spitting on your cunt, moving his tongue around again to get you even wetter, eyes rolling back as your legs got tighter around his head. He had you were he wanted you, even though zhongli wouldn't admit it, always hiding his real intentions with poems and riddles, he was quite possessive towards you, only ever showing it to you like that.
Tumblr media
kinktober masterlist.
do not! share, copy or repost my work. ✎ ©ANANTARU 2022
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steveharringtonat3am · 28 days ago
Free use with Steve
Tumblr media
kinktober masterlist!!
pairing: steve harrington x fem!reader
word count: 1.2k
warnings: roomate!steve, free use agreement (fully consensual), an allusion to sex, hair pulling, degradation, a little bit of bondage, penetrative sex, edging
a/n: shoutout to the loml @ddejavvu for helping me out with some characterization!! dedicating this one to her as 1/2 of her birthday present!! <3
Tumblr media
When I had first seen Steve’s ad for a roommate, I hadn’t paid any mind to the lack of a rent price in the ad. I figured he would let me know if he actually wanted me to move in. So after he showed me around and we talked for a bit about all the major stuff, I asked about it. And he gave the most intriguing answer I’ve ever heard.
“Well, I’m gonna offer you two options. You could pay half of the rent, so about $900 a month or…you could-could pay nothing.” This option seems to make him nervous, as he shifts slightly in his seat.
“Pay nothing?”
“See, that comes with a catch. If you choose to pay nothing then I would cover you and…you would have to return the favour.” A hint of red colours his cheeks. While I admit it suits him, it gives me a hint as to where this conversation is going.
“And how would I do that?”
“By being a-available at all times.” He smiles sheepishly and fiddles with his hoodie strings
“Available for…what exactly?”
“Sex.” When he says it I think I’ve misheard him. But…he couldn’t have said anything else. He takes my staring as a cue to explain further.
“Well…that sounds bad. You don’t have to have sex with me, especially not right away. And you’re perfectly welcome to pay your half of the rent and completely forget about this. But I like you. And my job is…pretty stressful. So if you would be okay with me relieving that stress with you, I’d be happy to cover the full rent.” He smiles softly and I take a second to process all this. I mean, I did think he was really cute. And definitely my type.
Also, I didn’t have many other options for an apartment. This place was in a good neighbourhood, I had my own bathroom, a nice kitchen, and plenty of natural light. I would be crazy to give that up. And I would be even crazier to give up living rent-free in exchange for having occasional sex with my very hot roommate.
“You know what? Sure. You’ve got a deal, Harrington. Just don’t be a perv.” His laugh is boyish, grinning as he sips his water.
“You’ve got my word.”
So, I moved in a week later. Frankly, it was a great deal. Steve was incredibly sweet and we ended up spending a lot of time together. Which of course, had its perks.
“Holy shit,” I whisper into the hot room, as Steve collapses next to me, panting.
“Holy shit is right. I figured it would take at least another month before we hooked up.” He smiles at me and I can’t help but return it.
“I really thought the only times we would do anything would be whenever you wanna take your stress out on me,” I say as he tugs me close, pressing a soft kiss to the top of my head.
“Well, I had to give you a little preview of what you’re signing up for. Would hate to condemn you to mediocre sex.” He chuckles and I smile up at him.
“I don’t think anything about you is mediocre, Steve Harrington.”
After that, he really took advantage of our agreement. He started off slow, wandering hands when I was doing the dishes, gently groping me if I was near, a lewd comment every once in a while. Honestly, I liked it. It made me feel so wanted. I found myself craving every glance, comment, and touch.
When he finally upped the ante, bending me over the counter one night after dinner to fuck me with almost no warning, it was practically a dream come true.
And boy did Steve know it.
“Fucking stupid motherfuckers.” I hear Steve cursing under his breath as he slams the front door behind him. I pause my movie, turning to look at him. He’s toeing his shoes off, furiously tugging at his tie. I know how much he hated the thing. It represented everything he hated while working at his dad’s firm.
“Bad day?” I question, finally gaining his attention. The second his eyes focus on me, they darken.
“Mhm. Very…stressful.” He crosses the room quickly. His hand gently pushes my hair away from my face before gripping it tightly. Steve knows to grab at the base of the hairs, so it doesn’t hurt as much but I still wince.
“I-I can help with that?” I peer up at him and he breaks for a second, smiling fondly.
“You’re such a good girl…turn around?” He grips the fabric of his tie in his hands, making me grin and turn. The second I’m situated, he smacks me with it. It barely stings, but the surprise makes me yelp.
“Be quiet. Don’t wanna hear you.” He grips my wrists in one hand, wrapping his tie around them. This was not a new thing, so I don’t squirm. Steve enjoyed having my hands bound while he used me.
I try not to move as he tugs my pyjama pants down just enough to expose my ass. Luckily for him, it was laundry night so I had forgone panties.
“Such a slut.” He mumbles, ever a fan of degradation. His hand runs over the fat of my ass, squeezing the flesh appreciatively. He pulls away to undo his pants, the metal of his belt buckle clicking as he drops the leather to the floor. A small part of me is disappointed. I’d been hoping he’d spank me at least a few times. It always hurt so well.
I feel the head of his cock line up with my entrance and I bite my lip hard to keep from moaning.
“Fucking hell…” He curses as he starts pushing in. He goes slower than normal, maybe trying to make this last extra long. Steve was always a big fan of spending hours bringing both of us to the edge, just to stop so that we could do it all over again.
“Please…” I whisper before I can think. He stops and I tense, ready for him to spank me hard.
“I told you to be fucking quiet.” Before I can apologize, he slams into me. I gasp, barely able to catch my breath as he starts pounding into me.
“S-such a stupid toy.” He moans softly, nails digging into me. Moans continue to slip out of me as the head of his cock slams into that spot that makes me go crazy. He doesn’t bother reprimanding though, focusing on chasing his release.
“This pussy always feels so fucking good.” He groans. I can feel my orgasm building, the coil tightening with every deep thrust. I know Steve is on the edge, so I have to cum before he does. No way does he spend extra time on me now that I made noise.
“Shit!” He curses and I feel him cum. As his thrusts slow, my orgasm ebbs away. I whine weakly but he just chuckles and pulls out slowly. Cum slowly leaks out of me and runs down my thighs as Steve leans down to whisper in my ear.
“Don’t you know? Toys don’t get to cum.”
hope you enjoyed!!
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yoongis-black-grilfriend · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary; Your boyfriend and his band are hosting a Halloween themed show for the holiday. Things are going well until Eddie suddenly decides that he wants to fuck his girlfriend on stage.
Warnings: voyeurism, Creaming, penetrative sex, Cockwarming?, Spitting, Humiliation, Mean!Eddie, Overstimulation? Eddie plays the drums in this sorry.
You sway your hips to the beat of the current song that your boyfriend was playing. You were dressed in a short dress that went along with Eddie's outfit because he wanted to match.
He kept meeting your eye throughout the whole night and you could tell he was becoming more and more impatient throughout the songs that he was playing. The song came to an end and you heard “We're going to be taking a quick break and then we'll be back guys.” Your boyfriend said through his microphone putting his sticks down.
Some people let out a whine as they didn't want the band to stop playing and others took the time to get something to drink or use the bathroom. His bandmates took this time to go catch some groupies that were eyeing them all night so it was just the two of them left on the stage.
“Come up here baby” You had a little smile on your face as you had your way up on the stage. He pushed his chair back with a lustful look in his eyes. As soon as you made it close enough to him and cupped your face into his hand and slammed his lips into yours.
Letting out a small whimper Eddie lets out a deep groan with finally being able to feel his lips on your moving in sync like waves in the ocean. He detaches your lips and attaches them to your neck letting his tongue roam your neck he lets his hands travel to your legs and lets his hand creep under your dress. He uses his pointer finger to feel the dampness collecting in your panties.
In a hurry he pulls them off and puts them to his nose, his eyes rolling into the back of his head when he smells your essence on them. “Fuck you are so perfect baby, I just want to take you right now”
You let out a small chuckle that he took as you mocking him. He quickly wrapped his huge hands around your neck causing the air from your lungs to disappear. He was about to say something until one of his managers came in.
“You guys can finish up later, the next set is starting” Eddie takes this with a grain of salt and moves one of his hands to your cheeks squeezing your lips together your lips are now in a pout. “Open your slutty mouth now” you try to open your mouth as much as his hand would allow Eddie to move closer to your face and let a glob of spit travel onto your tongue.
It feels like it travels down your throat and you swallow it. He rubs his thumb on your cheek before you feel a sharp pain on it making your head be forced to the other side. The pain hurt but it turned you on and actually put a smile on your face. Your boyfriend wasn't mean to you for no reason. He genuinely thought that you were making fun of him (which you weren't) but you're not going to tell him that you liked him when he would mean like this.
Someone clears their throat and you try to scramble off the stage forgetting that someone was still there but Eddie grabs your waist. “No you don’t, you're going to sit on my cock during the rest of this performance since you think this shit is funny.”
He drags you over to his drum set unbuckling his black pants and taking his cock out of his boxers. You could already tell he was hard just by looking at him and he grabs your wrist. Rubbing the shaft he rubs it against your pussy for a couple of moments before slamming his cock into bullying his thick cock into a tight pussy you let out a loud gasp feeling his cock fully stretch your walls out.
Tears sprung in your eyes as you didn't have any time to adjust. Eddie's bandmates were already making their way up the stage not even batting an eyelash when they saw you sitting on your boyfriend's lap. Before you could say something or even protest everyone started flooding the doors and surrounding the stage.
He picked up his sticks and you closed your eyes to hide the fact that you were in pure bliss right now. He leaned close to the microphone. “I hope you guys don’t mind that I have my lady here with me, you guys know how it can get with them sometimes,” he said and the crowd laughed.
You were trying so hard not to show any kind of emotion but the feeling of thrusting his hips into your stomach was doing so many things to you right now. Looking down you see Eddie's foot pressing down pon the petal to hit the drum as he bounced up and down along to the beat of his music. Looking into the crowd you saw how everyone was enjoying themselves in their costumes under the orange lights in the stadium.
Then as the song picked up going to the chores so did Eddie’s pace. He leans over to your ear “Everyone in this crowd can see how good you're being fucked, How does that feel?” he asked and you said nothing the pleasure you were feeling was way too strong. “Answer me right now before I pull out of you and actually show all these people how hard you're being fucked, sweetheart.”
“It feels good Eds, so fucking good I’m going to cum soon daddy.” The ending of the song was approaching and so was your orgasm. “Cum all over my cock give me everything you got” trying to keep your straight face you turn your face into his shoulder as you felt the knot at the bottom of your abdomen about to snap.
With one last hit of his drums, you cum sinking your teeth into your boyfriend's shoulder to block out your screams Eddie reaches down secretly rubbing your clit and riding out your orgasm, feeling you cream all over his cock clenching your walls around him causing him to cum deep inside you. Suddenly you cry out again as another song begins.
You forgot that that was only the first song of the second set.
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myfictionaldreams · 2 days ago
Day 23: Hate Fucking - Helmut Zemo
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 23: Hate Fucking - Helmut Zemo x f!reader
Tags: 18+ readers only, smut, set during tfatws, enemies to fuck buddies, making out, quickie, wall sex, biting, marking, size kink, kitchen sex, creampie,  nicknames, no use of y/n
my main masterlist 📚 // kinktober masterlist😈 // AO3 Link
Tumblr media
His presence had been a pain in your ass for the entire mission. In fact, you couldn’t help but complain about him constantly since the second Bucky had broken him out of prison, nearly walking away from the entire situation as Zemo strolled through the door.
A small part of you understood why he was needed but by god, he was making it difficult with his condescending, manipulative, self-righteous arrogance constantly being a thorn in your side, there was only so far you could be pushed.
“You’re not leaving me with him!” you argued, trying to block the exit.
“Sorry kid, you know we need someone to keep an eye on him” Bucky tried to reason, sighing as you wouldn’t move out of his way.
“Then I’ll go with Sam! Just don’t leave me with him, I can’t be held accountable for my actions if I’m left alone with him” you tried to bargain but you knew it was a waste of time.
“I also do not need a babysitter James” Zemo pipped up from where he sat reading his book, lounging on the couch.
You and Bucky gave him a pointed look, he did of course need someone looking after him, he was a fugitive after all.
“Listen, we won’t be away for long, just sit a few feet away from each other and you’ll be fine” Bucky squeezed your shoulder once more gently moving you away from the door, walking out without looking back, not giving you the chance to argue back.
Turning on the spot you began to open your mouth to argue with Sam but he gave you a sympathetic smile, “sorry kid, we won’t be long, try not to kill each other until we’re back”. He too left, locking the door behind him leaving you alone with Helmut who didn’t seem phased by the situation but you knew he was just as angered as you were.
You weren’t subtle with your movements, stomping with heavy feet over to the armchair, not caring that you looked childish in any way, fed up that you were being left behind once again in the mission to do the job that held no value.
Scrolling through your phone, you become easily lost in tik toks, helping the time to pass and trying not to laugh as each video scrolled by, trying to keep the scowl on your face just in case Zemo looked over, not quite caring in the pettiness you were displaying.
A sudden movement out of the corner of your peripheral vision had you sitting bolt upright, reaching for the gun that was strapped tightly to the holster of your thigh, pointing it in Zemo’s direction as he gently stood.
Lazily holding his hands up, he continued walking, not phased at all by your threat. “Easy dragă, I’m just going to use the bathroom”. Taking a second to determine whether you believed him, you finally relaxed your stance.
“Don’t call me that” you mumbled, slotting the gun back into its place and watching with keen eyes as he moved to the bathroom, locking the door behind him.
Your eyes then shifted towards your phone timer, watching as it ticked by, with each passing minute, your stomach churned in anticipation. When it had officially been 10 minutes, you were striding towards the door, banging heavily against the wood with your fist.
Zemo opened the door instantly, a smirk teasing you on his face like he had been waiting for you to do this, testing to see how long it would take you.
“I’m not going anywhere dragă, you really need to relax” the Baron leant against the doorframe, crossing his arms as his eyes travelled up and down your form.
“Not so easy to do with such an arrogant prick in the room”.
Helmut’s smirk shifted to a smile, “you seem awfully pent up”.
The way he was staring at you had your insides twisting but you weren’t sure in what way, feeling unnerved you began to step away, muttering, “whatever Helmut”. However, a firm grip around your arm stopped your movements, spinning you back to look at the Baron. “If you don’t remove yourself from my arm, you’re a dead man Zemo”.
One thing you should have accounted for was his training, forgetting momentarily, not having enough time to dig your heels into the carpet as he was able to shove you back into a nearby wall, lungs being winded by the impact. “What the fuck-”
He was quick, quicker than you had expected him to be as he was able both disarm you, the gun now skidding across the floor, and your arms being pinned to your side.
“No more talking from you” his voice was low, not aggressive like you’d expected it to be compared to his actions, instead it was laced with something you couldn’t quite pinpoint. You tried to squeeze out of his grip, knees lifting to kick him but he leaned his weight heavily over you, leaving you momentarily defenceless.
It also meant that he was so close to your face that you could smell his expensive aftershave, citrusy with a hint of smoke. “Why do you fight me so much dragă?”
His question threw you through a loop, confusion settling across your expression, eyes dropping to watch his lips as he spoke but that was only due to the close proximity. “You know why I hate you Zemo, that’s no fucking reason to slam me against the wall”.
Helmut chuckled darkly, his own eyes searching over your face, “oh I have every reason to slam you into the wall dragă”. Before your brain could overthink his works, and understand the connotations behind his emphasis, Zemo dipped his head, lips lazily connecting with yours.
Initially, you were too shocked to turn your face away, eyes wide as you could feel the scratch of his facial hair against the softness of your cheeks. The man holding you close shifted back an inch, eyes darting between yours trying to gauge your reaction.
You couldn’t even think, not with your head anyway as a deep ache began to radiate between your legs so as his face hovered close to yours, you moved first.
The kiss was chaotic, with no rhythme just licking, pulling lips with teeth, both trying to frantically kiss the other harder, not being able to move quick enough, heads tilting from side to side as his hands finally released their grip on your arms, giving you the freedom, to pull his jumper, chest bumping harder against yours.
You’d not even realised just how pent up you truly were as a strong thigh pushed between your legs leaving your cunt grinding down on the muscle, mouth opening in a quick gasp before it was swallowed up by Helmut’s tongue dancing with your own.
Zemo seemed to be moving with just as much passion and ferocity as his hands dropped to the zipper of your jeans, you wanted this, want to get rid of some of that tension before you exploded. Releasing the grip on his jumper, your hands mirrored his, gripping his belt and hastily undoing it but not as smoothly as his, your hands trembling slightly from the adrenaline.
“Fuck” you grunted as your jeans were harshly pulled down with your underwear to your knees and before you could do the same to him, your body was being turned, face now being pushed up against the cool wall, hips being jutted out slightly.
“Hurry up” he couldn’t have moved any quicker if he tried as he pulled out his cock, you couldn’t even see it over your shoulder from the positioning, only realising he had even released himself when his lips attached to your ear lobe and the hard press of his tip moved against your cunt.
Zemo swears as he feels how wet you are, only taking a second to compose himself before tilting his hips up. He was bigger than you had expected, your pussy trembling with the stretch as inch after inch delved deeper. He was moving too slow so with a grunt you pushed your hips backwards, taking the remainder of his cock causing you both to shudder, you felt so full but you still needed more.
It seemed that Helmut was experiencing as much urgency as he began to fuck you hard, his hand disappearing into your head, tugging back your head to expose your neck giving him the perfect opportunity to bite the junction between neck and shoulder.
“Ah! Don’t fucking mark me you possessive freak” he chuckled, licking over the spot that he had just bit to soothe the skin before putting all of his energy to thrust deeper and harder, your face aching from the impact of your body being pushed forward but you didn’t care, finding some sick joy in the mixture of pleasure and pain.
His lips were back teasing the shell of your ear, “you should stop fighting me all the time, we could have such great fun”.
“Shut up and fuck me, Zemo”.
Saying his name seemed to snap something within him, his cock pulling all the way out leaving you feeling oddly empty before he was dragging you over the island in the middle of the kitchen, not without its difficulties with your jeans halfway down your legs.
Just as you felt like you were about to fall on your face, you found yourself being pushed until your front was against the marble countertop and before you could react, Zemo was fucking you again. His grip on your hips was harsh enough that you knew they would be bruises later but you didn’t care, mouth gaping open releasing a steady stream of moans.
His thrusts were hitting you so deep, stroking against all of the beautiful spots within, your juices coating him, causing each thrust to squelch. You felt it now, Zemo moving so quickly that you didn’t have time to dwell in that blissful build-up, it was simply just there tight and arousing and then you were cuming, hard, walls fluttering around his cock.
The tight grip your cunt had on him was nearly overwhelming for the Baron as his thrusts faltered and he too was cuming, coating you with every ounce of cum that he had in his tightened balls. His seed spilt out of you, dripping down your thighs as he all but collapse against your back.
It didn’t take long for him to recover, however, silently easing his cock out and walking away without another word but you were fine with that, rushing to the bathroom to clean yourself. It also took longer than you expected as you had to wash your face repeatedly to try and get the glazed “I’ve just been fucked” expression off of your face.
Re-entering the main room, you noted that Zemo had returned to the couch, reading the same book as before acting like nothing had even happened so you sat as well, trying not to glance at him every few seconds, mind both overthinking and blank at the same time, the only sign that something had actually happened was the slight pulsing still tingling in your cunt.
Only a few moments later the front door was unlocking, and Sam and Bucky returned from wherever they had visited.
“Good to see you two haven’t killed each other” Bucky commented, dropping into the chair adjacent to yours.
“I can be good sometimes, Barnes” you retorted, noticing the slight smirk on Zemo’s lips.
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kingkatsuki · a month ago
Squirting | Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 - 𝐚𝐧 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐮𝐥𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐢𝐝 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐚 𝐝𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐫 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐧 𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐬𝐦.
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
Summary: Midoriya is having trouble trying to make you squirt, luckily for you Bakugou is on hand to teach him exactly how to do it.
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, pwp, cucking (kinda), fingering, squirting, dirty talk, one little bit of degradation, praise, multiple orgasms, Bakugou is v v mean to Deku and very much in love with reader, not proofread!
Word Count: 4.5k.
Tumblr media
Your sex life with Midoriya was satisfactory, sometimes it felt like you shouldn’t complain. Hearing stories over drinks with Momo, Mina and Jirou about their conquests or relationships and the Pro-Hero men that couldn’t even find time for them during busy work weeks, nevermind find time to copulate, you felt lucky that you’d ended up with Midoriya Izuku. Because at least if nothing else, he scheduled intimate time for you both. Even marked it on a little calendar you kept pinned to your kitchen fridge, giggling over the word “smash” written on every other Sunday.
What did it matter if you had to fake a few orgasms, pretending to finish early so he wouldn’t continue fucking into your tight heat when you were bored and on the edge of climax. Waiting patiently for him to reach his peak before scurrying off to satisfy yourself in the shower. You were content, and that’s all that mattered.
Over time you’d both had conversations about spicing things up in the bedroom. Talking about various kinks or positions you’d like to try, Midoriya mentioned a certain roleplay scenario where you pretended to be a damsel in distress with Pro-Hero Deku swooping in to save you, thanking him for his service with your pussy. In exchange, you’d revealed one of the things you wanted to try more than anything else was to see if he could help you squirt.
Of course, Midoriya immediately began to research how to pleasure you. He wouldn’t be the perfect, dutiful boyfriend otherwise. But all the pages he seemed to read online, the videos he watched, nothing seemed to help in his endeavour to make you squirt. So in the last ditch effort, he decided to pick a friend who would be willing to help, someone he could trust, someone with no strings attached—
“Bakugou?” You tugged at the hem of the Deku shirt you were wearing, trying to pull it further down your thick thighs, “What are you doing here?”
“You didn’t even tell her?” Bakugou stood, mouth agape in your shared bedroom, turning to give his friend a glare, “Fuckin’ Deku.”
“I told her! But we hadn’t arranged a day yet…” Midoriya mumbled shyly, lingering by the door.
“The most basic thing you could do and you didn’t even do that.” Bakugou scoffed.
“No, no. I promise, she knows!” Deku continued, “She wants to. We’ve discussed it.”
You wished he’d had the courtesy to at least shoot you a text, you would’ve had a few minutes to mentally prepare yourself or if nothing else put on a cute set of lingerie. You suddenly felt so vulnerable in front of the number two hero, wondering whether he really wanted to be here or if he had been promised something in return like you had with Midoriya’s fantasy.
“Do you want me to leave?” Bakugou looked at you as though you were the only person in the room, wanting to know what you wanted him to do.
“No,” Your face felt flush as he gave you a sly smile.
You looked like an innocent lamb prepared for the slaughter, and Bakugou felt like the big bad wolf ready to devour every inch of you. He felt debauched when Midoriya had approached him in his office one evening to ask for his help with something, already prepared to say no before he’d even heard what it was. But thank whatever Gods above that he didn’t, because it meant that he was now standing in the same room as you.
“Okay, sweetheart. Guess I’m stayin’,” Bakugou gave you a soft smile as he took a step closer to you, “You wanna tell her, or can I?”
“You can,” Midoriya came to stand beside Bakugou as you sat at the foot of their bed.
You weren’t naive, you could see there was a reason that the hulking Pro-Hero Dynamight was standing in your room and that you’d discussed with your boyfriend numerous times. You just hadn’t expected him to bring home the man tonight, you felt completely unprepared and an apprehensive ebb swirled inside your tummy. You couldn’t deny you’d held a crush on the Pro-Hero since Midoriya had introduced you years ago, it was hard not to when he was absolutely gorgeous. Aging like a fine wine as the number two seemed to hold a similar soft spot for you in return. But you’d never expected to act on it, so this moment had your heart fluttering in anticipation.
“Deku said you wanted help with somethin’?” Bakugou continued, “Said he wanted help to make you cum?”
The blatant explanation had your cheeks flushed and your cunt throbbing from his crude tone, biting down on the inside of your cheeks to stop the debauched moan from leaving your lips.
“To squirt-” Midoriya clarified.
“Same fuckin’ thing.” Bakugou rolled his eyes, moving to squat in front of you at the foot of the bed. His large palms pressed against your thighs as vermillion eyes stared up at you softly, gauging your reaction, “So? Do you want me to help you squirt, sweetheart?”
His palms felt warm against your skin, making you wonder how much warmer they’d be just before he ignited them for his quirk or in the sudden aftermath. Wondering if they’d be warm enough to scorch your skin and leave a mark, a reminder of your time together. You felt him squeeze your supple skin softly as he waited for your answer, obviously wanting consent before he continued further. You gave him a gentle nod as you worried your bottom lip between your teeth.
“‘m gonna need to hear you say it, princess.” Bakugou pressed, “Deku does too.”
“Yes,” You replied simply, watching Bakugou’s lips curl into a grin as he began to soothe his hands along your thighs, the calloused palms catching against your softness as he groaned low in his throat.
“Do you have a safe word?” You scrunched your nose slightly at the question, you’d never really felt the need for one with Midoriya before. The positions and kinks you’d both explored in the bedroom hardly warranted one, and often if you just told him to stop he would.
“No.” You whispered.
“Jesus,” Bakugou turned his head to glare at Midoriya, “Do you guys do anything?”
“We do—” Midoriya countered, “We just never need one. She says stop and I stop.”
“Well, I’m gonna fuckin’ need one.” Bakugou turned back to you, “If I do anything you don’t like, or it’s too much and you want to stop. Anytime, say boom. You got that?”
You found yourself nodding before you remembered what Bakugou had said before, “Yes.”
He grinned up at you, “What’s the safe word?”
“Good girl.” The praise sent a jolt of electricity directly to your clit as you tried to squeeze your thighs together to give yourself some much-needed friction. A movement that didn’t go unnoticed by Bakugou as he gave you a coy smirk, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’ll get to you in a second, okay?”
“What if she says boom during- you know? By accident?” Midoriya mumbled.
“What? You’ve fucked her so good you’ve got her screaming ‘boom’?” Bakugou snorted.
“Well, no but-”
“So I think she’ll be safe,” Bakugou stroked your cheek, “What do you think, sweetheart? You wanna change the safe word?”
“No,” You whispered, earning a grin from Bakugou.
“Atta girl,” He squeezed your thigh in confirmation as he turned his attention back to Midoriya.
“What do you actually do together?” Bakugou snorted, “Do you even know where the clit is?”
“Of course I do,” He mumbled, “I’ve made her cum.”
“What about the g-spot?” Bakugou continued, uncaring for Deku’s endeavours in the bedroom as he was more enticed by the sight of you nervously staring down at him.
“The what?” Midoriya mumbled.
“Jesus.” Bakugou rolled his eyes, “No wonder you need fuckin’ help.”
Bakugou stood from his position between your thighs as he held a warm hand out to you to move you to stand.
“Will you take your shirt off for me and get on the bed?” His gruff voice was soft as you found yourself nodding before he’d even finished asking.
Moving your hands down to the hem of the shirt you were wearing to leave yourself in your pair of cotton panties.
“Is this part of it?” You whispered.
“Nah, I just wanted to see your pretty tits.” He grinned as you saw Deku scrunch his nose in irritation behind you.
Bakugou had a completely warped sense of power having you completely naked while he remained fully clothed. Also seeing you sat there in what was obviously a shirt you’d stolen from Deku had him irritable, not wanting to make you climax while you were wearing the shirt of another Pro-Hero. It was bad enough that you weren’t his in the first place, you deserved better.
“You’re so pretty,” Bakugou groaned as he stood beside the bed, eyes roaming your exposed skin, “Deku’s so fuckin’ lucky, ain’t he?”
You looked over at your boyfriend who was watching the scene intently, a sweet smile on his face when his gaze met yours, an evident bulge thick in his pants.
“Do you mind if I touch you a little first, to help you relax?” Bakugou moved to kneel on the bed between your thighs as he hovered over you, still fully clothed.
“Don’t kiss her,” Midoriya called out from behind.
“Shut up, Deku. You wanted me here, you don’t get to bark orders at me now.” Bakugou spat, but to your disappointment, he avoided your lips as he pressed a gentle kiss against your collarbone.
“This okay?” He whispered as he reached up to cup one of your breasts tentatively, your nipple pebbling beneath his palm as you released a soft sigh.
The calloused pads of his fingers moved to pinch the sensitive buds as he twirled and twisted them between his digits, pulling more pretty noises from your throat as he felt his cock throbbing beneath his sweats.
“You like that, huh?” Bakugou smirked, leaning down to capture the other between his lips as his teeth grazed the sensitive skin. Shamelessly clenching your thighs together as your hand immediately moved to the back of his head to thread your fingers through his messy mop of hair, nails grazing his scalp as you tugged roughly. Causing Bakugou to groan against your skin, sending pleasurable vibrations through you.
“Is this necessary?” Midoriya spoke as he sat down on the bed on the other side, causing Bakugou to pull back from your chest with a snarl. The cool air in the room cooled Bakugou’s spit against your nipple as you shivered beneath him.
“You want me to get her to squirt when she ain’t even horny?” Bakugou scoffed, “You slide it in dry, dumbass?”
“We have lube.” Midoriya mumbled, “If it’ll help?”
“Fuckin’ hell.” Bakugou pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to control his temper, were you really happy with this idiot? “If she’s turned on, it’ll be easier to make her squirt. You know that right?”
“Oh-” It was as though a lightbulb had been illuminated in Midoriya’s mind, as you knew he was probably fighting the urge to grab his phone to take notes, “I get it, keep going.”
“We’re gonna take these off so I can help Deku make you feel good, sweetheart. Is that okay?” Bakugou thumbed the edge of your basic panties, wishing you’d picked one of your sexier pairs today but he was still staring down at you with the most intoxicated look in his eyes.
“Yeah,” Bakugou began to tug the cotton down your thighs as he noticed the silvery strings of slick connected between you and the fabric. Wondering if he’d manage to commandeer them by the end of the night as a depraved souvenir, “Fuck.”
In hindsight, it was probably a terrible idea for Bakugou to agree to this when he was so completely in love with you. If he had asked Kirishima for his opinion before answering he knew his best friend would’ve shot it down in an instant. Telling him not to get himself involved and end up hurt, that having a taste of you would only make him want you more. And now Bakugou could confirm this was true. It was as though he’d been led through the gates of heaven and been shown paradise, and now he didn’t want to leave. The moment he’d coveted for so long was finally happening, and now he’d had a taste of you it wasn’t enough. He was greedy.
“I’m not sure I can do it, I’ve never before-” You mumbled shyly.
“That’s cause shitty Deku doesn’t know how to do it,” Bakugou replied with a grin.
“No, I mean. I’ve never- even with myself—“ You trailed off, hoping you wouldn’t have to be subjected to the embarrassment of explaining.
“Oh fuck,” Bakugou groaned, “That’s so hot. You been trying to make your pretty little pussy squirt all by yourself, sweetheart?”
You gasped at his blunt words and how they had your clit throbbing harshly.
“How have you been trying to do it? You got toys or you use those little fingers?”
“Both. Mostly m-my fingers,” You whispered. You’d tried toys before but none had been tailored specifically to help women squirt, little bullet vibes or clit-sucking vibrators that seemingly did little to help in your endeavour.
Bakugou sucked in a breath at your response, trying to stop himself from cumming in his pants at the admission as he imagined you alone in your bed trying desperately to get yourself off with your little fingers and silicone toys to no avail. Oh, he’d show you how to cum and he’d have you cumming hard.
“You’re pure sin, sweetheart. Pure fuckin’ sin.” Bakugou groaned, “Don’t worry, Dynamight’s got you now.”
Bakugou moved his fingers to stroke against your outer labia, groaning at how soft you felt as he began to spread your folds between his thumb and forefinger as he caught sight of your tiny clit peeking out for him. Shamelessly staring at you as he committed the sight to memory, knowing that this would be the subject of his motivations on those lonely nights when he’s fucking his fist to the thought of you.
Dragging his fingers between your folds as the calloused tips caught your clit, causing your hips to buck as he continued lower. Circling your tight entrance as he began to press his middle finger inside you, feeling your tight walls beginning to squeeze around him.
Shit, you were so tight. Did Deku even fuck you at all?
“She’s so tight,” Bakugou mumbled through clenched teeth as he began to wiggle his finger inside you.
“I know,” Midoriya grinned as he watched his friend touch his girlfriend.
Bakugou continued languidly pumping his finger inside you as you felt his blunt nails dragging along the ridges of your walls, sweet whines spilling from your lips as he finally managed to slide another inside you to begin stretching you out around him. He was tempted to swoop down to taste you, but he didn’t want Midoriya to stop him before he’d even begun as he continued pumping his fingers inside you. His thumb pressed against your puffy clit as he heard the sinful groan that left your body, your walls clamping down around him as he watched your eyes clench shut in pleasure.
“When she gets close you wanna start curling your fingers towards you.” Bakugou curled his fingers as he pressed them against the spongy spot inside you.
“Curl my fingers?” Midoriya mumbled.
“Yeah? Like this,” Bakugou pulled his soaked fingers from your cunt as he showed them to Deku, his cock throbbing at how they glistened beneath the lights in the room as you made a sound of irritation at the loss of contact.
“Don’t whine, baby, don’t whine. I gotcha. I’m not gonna leave you unsatisfied.” Bakugou smirked, moving them to slip back inside your body, “Gotta show this dumbass how to please you right, don’t I?”
You sighed as he resumed position, continuing to pump his fingers inside you as you felt the tightness continuing to build in your stomach as he worked you towards your climax.
“And if you wanna speed things up you can put your palm here,” Bakugou moved his free hand to press against your pelvis firmly, increasing the tension as you bucked your hips, “See? Doesn’t that feel good, sweetheart?”
“Yeah,” You choked on a gasp as your walls began to tremor around his fingers, Midoriya’s cock throbbing in his pants at the sight as he palmed himself through the fabric.
Bakugou’s fingers were constant on the same spot inside you, flicking his wrist with each pump as he felt your legs trying to clamp down around him. His thick thighs pressed between them to stop you from avoiding the sensation as he continued his precise movements.
“I feel funny.” You tremble, your hands fisting the sheets beneath you as you feel like you might need to pee. The shame and embarrassment throbbing inside you as you try desperately to hold yourself back, cowering away from your bliss.
“Don’t fight it, sweet girl.” Bakugou cooed gently, “Just let it happen.”
An unfamiliar sensation began to swirl in your pelvis, the coil inside you tightening as you cried out, writhing against the sheets as the sensation began to consume you.
“Stop, oh my god. It’s too much.” Tears began to cling to your lashes as you thrashed beneath Bakugou, his hand against your pelvis keeping you steady as he continued his movements.
“She said stop,” Midoriya’s eyes were wide with worry as Bakugou definitely did not stop.
“She’ll tell you to stop, but she’s got a safe word for a reason. Don’t you, sweetheart?” Bakugou pressed, vermillion eyes looking up at your face, “Do you wanna use the safe word?”
“No,” You managed to choke out, “Oh my god-”
Bakugou kept his thumb constant against your clit as his fingers continued beating against the same spot inside you repeatedly.
Your climax came so abruptly that you didn’t even register it at first, a jumbled mixture of words tumbled from your lips as you felt yourself come undone. Your mind was hazy with euphoria as both men stared between your thighs unabashedly, watching the clear stream of liquid spurt from your cunt and soak the sheets beneath you.
Tears began to stream down your temples as Bakugou pulled his fingers from your spent body, his thumb rubbing soothing circles against your puffy clit to help ease you down from your high as Midoriya stared down at you in awe.
“Wow,” Midoriya whispered breathlessly as he stared down at the filthy sight in front of him, the sheets damp beneath you as you tried to blink back the white spots that blanked your vision.
Watching his friend doing such illicit things to you shouldn’t have made him feel so needy, so desperate. Groaning beneath his breath as he watched the steady rise and fall of your chest as you tried to regain your breath, reaching out to palm one of your tits as you sighed blissfully.
“Good girl,” Bakugou squeezed your hip softly, his grey sweats now soaked with your arousal, “Did it feel good?”
Your walls continued throbbing as you nodded your head, your entire body aflame as both men stared at the mess between your thighs.
“Fuck it,” Bakugou loomed over you as he brought his lips down to your messy slit, dragging his tongue between your folds.
You jolted in surprise as your lips parted in a muted cry, feeling his tongue prodding against your tight entrance as he lapped at your release like a man starved.
“You already made her do it” Midoriya mumbled as he palmed his cock, his boxers felt as wet as the sheets beneath you as he tried to adjust his skin against the sticky fabric, “It’s my turn now right?”
He sounded like a child asking to play with a toy at Christmas, his palm wrapped around your thigh as he tried to pull you in his direction. Feeling Bakugou’s lips curve into a snarl against your cunt as he growled in irritation.
“Listen, I’m helping you out it’s the least you could do.” Bakugou pulled back from your cunt with a smirk, his chin glistening with your essence as he crudely wiped it off with the back of his hand, “Alright your turn, dumbass. Let’s see if you learnt anything.”
“Okay,” Bakugou moved to give Midoriya more room as your boyfriend settled between your thighs, his hands stroking against your soft skin as he gently dragged his fingers through your slit.
“Do you think you can do it again for Deku, angel?” Bakugou cooed as he lay beside you on the bed, his scent intoxicating as the warmth of his body heat began to surround you.
“Mmm, yeah.” You hummed, breathing a soft sigh as you felt Midoriya press a solo finger inside your fluttering walls.
“Is that good, baby?” Midoriya whispered as he began to pump it inside your pliant body, feeling your walls throbbing around him as you nodded your head.
“More,” You mumbled, keening as Midoriya happily obliged. Two fingers now pumping inside you as you began to roll your hips to meet his movements, feeling the pleasure beginning to build inside as you climbed towards the same peak.
“So fingers against her g-spot.” Bakugou guided, his hand moulding your breast, uncaring that it was covered in your drying slick as he thumbed your nipple. Your back arched off the bed as you leaned into his touch.
“Where?” Deku mumbled.
“Jesus,” Bakugou rolled his eyes as he moved back between your thighs to settle beside Midoriya, “Did ya not listen to anything I just fuckin’ told ya?”
“No, no, I did.” Midoriya mumbled, “I mean I can’t find it.”
You could feel Midoriya’s fingers messily jabbing inside you as they searched for the coveted spot, shifting uncomfortably beneath him as his nails began to catch against your spongy walls.
“Fuckin’ dumbass,” Bakugou grunted as he gave a final, lingering squeeze to your tit before shifting his body to settle back beside Midoriya, shouldering him roughly to make room between your thighs. Taking one of his fingers as he hooked it inside you beside your boyfriend's, the sensation causing you to gasp as both men filled you up. Bakugou deliberately wriggled his digit until it pressed against the exact spot inside you, almost as though it was already muscle memory, Midoriya following suit as he felt the smooth ridge along your walls.
“That— right there.” Bakugou groaned as he watched your face contort in pleasure, “See how much she likes it?”
Thrashing against the bed as you leaned into their touch, “More.”
Feeling the extra stimulation from the stretch of both men inside you at the same time as they continued to press against the spot, attempting to match each other’s rhythm but it was still off-kilter as Midoriya pressed away from you as Bakugou pressed against it. The sloppy movement actually left you feeling even hotter and bothered as neither allowed you a moment of respite, moaning sinfully as you felt the pleasure building inside you once more.
“Slutty girl,” Bakugou smirked, watching your face contort in pleasure as he kept his movements consistent.
Midoriya had never called you anything like it, and it left you feeling warm and craving the sound again. Wanting to hear Bakugou spew all kinds of filth against the shell of your ear as he helped you vault into the feeling of pure ecstasy.
“Put your hand there, man. Let her feel it— that’s it.” Beckoning Midoriya to place his hand on your pelvis to try and increase the tension building between your thighs while simultaneously holding your writhing body steady, “You like both of us at the same time, hah?”
“Fuck,” You choked on a gasp as a jolt of pleasure surged through you to descend directly to your core.
“Keep hitting it, she’s clenching.” Bakugou continued, flicking his wrist with more urgency, “She’s close, you gonna show Deku how pretty you are when you’re squirtin’ for him, yeah?”
“Yeah,” You cried out, the pleasure inside you overwhelming as you felt yourself being thrust into your bliss until the sensation was promptly stolen from you. Groaning indignantly as you felt tears welling in your eyes at the loss of sensation.
“Fuckin’ idiot.” Midoriya pulled away early, causing Bakugou to curse under his breath as he swiftly added another finger to resume his friend's movements.
Midoriya’s eyes widened as he spewed our apologies, resuming his movements inside you, “I thought she already came.”
“Just keep goin’ you’ll know when she’s done,” Bakugou snarled, biting his tongue to stop himself from starting a fight with his friend just as you were at the height of your climax.
“I’m gonna- I’m- oh my god,” The sensation was so overwhelming as you were plunged into paradise. Screaming as pleasure consumed you, your walls clamping down around both men's fingers as you came undone. You didn’t think you’d be able to squirt twice in a row, but you were proved wrong as a stream of liquid began to seep from your body.
Both men kept you riding through the pleasure as more clear spurts of liquid continued to spill out against their forearms and collect against the sheets. Pressing all four of his fingers against your clit to frantically rub it from side to side as drops of liquid began to spray beneath them. Making an even bigger mess than before as both men continued to watch in awe.
“Don’t pull back now, dumbass. Are you fuckin’ stupid or somethin’?” Bakugou snarled as your boyfriend pulled back thinking you’d already climaxed, “She’s still cumming.”
More desperate cries sounded from your lips as Bakugou prolonged your pleasure, you’d never felt quite so lightheaded as you did at this moment. The euphoria completely consumed you until all you could see were those same pretty eyes staring down at you, your cunt throbbing around his fingers as he began to slow his movements. This time allowing you to close your thighs around his hand as you reached out lethargically to wrap a hand around his wrist to stop him from torturing your overstimulated sex.
"Love yo-" Bakugou stopped himself before the words slipped out, hearing Kirishima's irritating voice at the back of his head, "Love this fuckin' pussy."
“S’too much,” You whined, feeling Bakugou’s fingers still inside you as he stopped tormenting your smooth walls, cherishing the aftershocks of you throbbing around him.
“Poor, baby.” Bakugou feigned sympathy, “But it felt good, didn’t it pretty girl?”
You were nodding before he’d even finished the question, unable to remember a time you'd felt so attractive and desired by someone. The look of absolute adoration in both men's gazes as they looked down at you with lust-blown eyes had a heightened pleasure soaring through you.
“You did such a good job for us, sweetheart. Looked all pretty and shit squirtin’ for us.”
“I didn’t think I could,” You mumbled shyly.
“Clearly hadn’t been doin’ it right, hah.” Bakugou grinned, finally pulling his fingers from your slick heat as you whined from the loss of contact.
“Can’t believe you’ve never done this for her before, asshole.” Bakugou scoffed, his cock throbbing painfully hard beneath his soaked sweats as he tried to commit the debauched sight of you to memory, “What else do I need to teach you, Deku?”
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kishibei · a month ago
Tumblr media
pervert! suna rintarou x reader | smut, 18+ | 3.8k words
summary: when your hot roommate offers to do laundry in exchange for a favor, you oblige in a heartbeat! your clothes seem to be returned in perfect condition, except there's one big problem: several pairs of panties are missing ...
cw: f reader, perversion, panty thieving, peeping, voyeurism, male masturbation, teasing, man-handling, fingering, mirror sex, dumbification, hate-fuck (?), rough sex.
Tumblr media
You’ve never had a problem living with Suna; he was the nicest roommate you could’ve asked for.
Rent always came in weeks before it was due, and he stayed out of your way for the most part. What he lacked in social aspects he made up for in general politeness. Suna always greeted you in the mornings before leaving, and when he came back he'd offer you takeout in exchange for watching movies with him.
Though he didn't talk much, you were never uncomfortable with his silence. He was much better company than your mutual friend Atsumu, who just couldn't handle shutting up for five minutes, let alone for a film.
Suna was a calming presence and when he did offer his thoughts on things, he was brutally honest. it was something you both seemed to agree upon, a small unifying factor that helped you grow a bit closer to him. He was clean and organized, and your communal spaces were a calm mix of both your living habits. You could definitely trust him with domestic tasks, he had never given you reason not to. So when he began offering to do your laundry in exchange for a couple of favors, you obliged in a heartbeat.
It couldn’t have been that big of a leap anyway. Suna was a self-sufficient man and had done his own laundry ever since he had moved in. Knowing that eased you, and there really wasn't a seed of doubt in your mind when you handed your hamper over to him before work. It was truly impossible for him to fuck this up. Most of your colors could go in the same wash, so all that was really left for him to do was load up the washer and throw in a softener mid-cycle.
In spite of your confidence in him, you still had lingering doubts about his abilities. He was a guy, of course, one who probably had his mommy back home to wash his jerseys all season long. You knew he was capable of doing his laundry just fine and yet you'd successfully convinced yourself he would fuck up somewhere. Mental preparation, you'd called it. Just in case he did manage to disappoint you. Most men had a way of doing that sort of thing, anyway.
Once you had returned, you were pleasantly surprised to be met with your clothes not only intact but neatly folded and organized on your bed. A quick look over your things proved them to be in order and you’d even caught yourself smiling as you packed everything into their respective drawers. You didn't expect Suna to go so far as folding them, so naturally, you felt as if you owed him something extra for what he'd done. Maybe you should cook him dinner?
Turning to the final pile, you paused.
Heat crawled up your body when your eyes fell on the remaining stack of garments.
"No fucking way..." you trailed off, picking up a neatly folded lace thong. You stood frozen in place, staring at the dark sliver of fabric with wide eyes. You could almost hear the gears turning in your head before the realization dawned on you. You had not only let your hot roommate wash, but fold an entire set of your panties.
The mental image that played behind your skull had you wanting to kill yourself. You could so imagine Suna standing in the middle of your room picking up pair after pair of underwear, snickering at each design choice. The mere thought of it made you want to die and at this rate, dying seemed like a way better option than having to face him after this.
It was times like this that made you wish you weren't so lazy. You had intended on separating your underwear from the rest of the wash the night before, but sleep had taken over and you’d completely forgotten about it in the morning.
Sifting through the pile, you inspected the panties one by one, cringing at the embarrassing pattern that decorated your favorite pair. Suna was an attractive man, even after living with him for this long you’d never changed your mind. From the very beginning and especially after finding out who he was, you were hoping he’d have an embarrassing routine or bad habit that would rid you of your feelings for him. But up until now, he had a clean track record.
if anything, it was rather you who had slipped up. It was you who had just now let him see your character-speckled panties, all for some small favors. Tossing the piece of fabric into the nearest bin, you threw yourself onto the bed. Violently kicking your feet, you buried your face in the pillows, screaming about your little fuck up until your throat went dry.
Quick footsteps and a sharp rapping at your door snapped you out of your tantrum. The sheer embarrassment of it all almost had you forgetting you shared the apartment with someone else. But how could you forget? He was the whole reason you were acting this way to begin with.
“You okay in there? I'm coming in!” the man called out.
Suna fumbled with the doorknob, it was his way of respecting your privacy. Wordlessly, he offered you some time to collect yourself before stepping in. Shit like that made you hate the situation even more, why'd he have to be so gentlemanly even after seeing something so humiliating of yours?
Cursing yourself, you sat up. Not only had he seen your worst pair of underwear but now he had witnessed your screaming fit. If he didn't already think you were weird, he would definitely think you were now. He was probably only checking in to tease you anyway.
“Yea Suna, I'm alright!" you blurted out. "I was actually just gonna thank you for washing my stuff!"
“You really didn't have to fold them too, you know?” the words left your lips so fast, you nearly couldn't catch what you were saying.
Suna’s eyes shifted from you to the now messy pile of underwear you sat next to, then met yours again. He wasn't stupid, it was very clear what you were flustered about.
"Oh,” he trailed off slowly, a hand coming up to comb through the hair framing in his face.
“It wasn't a big deal for me, sorry if you didn't want me to.”
“It’s fine!” you squeak. “I guess I owe you an extra favor for that.”
There’s a pause before Suna speaks again, almost like he’s contemplating the right thing to say. He's unreadable at the moment and you're about to curse him for it. But just when you fix your lips to get a word out, it appears he's decided.
“I'll keep that in mind.”
There's a smirk to his words that don’t quite reach his face, and before you can process it, he’s disappeared down the hall and back into his room.
Huffing you drag a hand over your face, turning your attention back to the stack of underwear in question. Sorting through them again you come to a halt. You're sure you’d included a couple more pairs than this so you recount, and recount, and recount. You're probably overthinking it, and things get lost in the dryer all the time. You can't even begin counting how many pairs of socks you’d orphaned in the wash.
This was Suna Rintarou you were talking about: star middle blocker for EJP. A division one player with a reputation to maintain wouldn’t do anything stupid like what you were thinking. Just because he stuck to himself didn't make him some reclused creep, he was a well-known guy who just happened to choose to enjoy a modest life. You're sure his name gave him plenty of girls to fuck, what business would he have stealing panties anyway?
You brush the thought from your mind. It's definitely a stretch, and beyond unlikely. You're almost ashamed that you even had such an idea, to begin with. Suna’s never given you a reason to doubt his intentions, but what kind of man just does a girl’s laundry for fun?
You need to be sure of your suspicions, if they were real at all. You need to catch Suna Rintarou red-handed.
Tonight, you hardly sleep. Staring up at the ceiling, your throat is dry, and your head is filled with unease, mind swirling with all kinds of theories about Suna. Frustrated, you slip out of bed to get a glass of water. The floor is cold, and a shiver crawls up your spine as your feet meet the chilly wood. It's an eerie feeling and it almost makes you want to crawl back into bed and try to fall asleep again.
Forcing the thought away, you make your way to the kitchen, treading lightly so as not to disturb your roommate. You know he has to travel in the morning, and you’d hate to be the reason he isn't well-rested. But as you pass his room, you realize he’s left his door cracked open and isn't asleep at all, heavy breaths and a soft rhythmic patting are proof of that.
The noises he makes cause you to stop in your tracks, and before you realize it, you find yourself drawn to them, clinging to the wall to secure a better view through the gap in the doorway.
Suna’s eyes are screwed shut. The faint glow of his phone screen just barely illuminates his features and you can see the soft dusting of pink covering his angular face. His lips parted and a shaky inhale followed as your eyes drop from his face to the hand that was gripping his heavy cock. You almost gasp yourself as you note the impressive size of it.
He was huge and girthy, even from afar you could make out the thick veins that decorated the shaft and the aggressive shade of pink that blushed over his leaking tip. You watched as fat beads of pre flowed down his cock, dribbling over his fingers before falling onto his weighty balls. You were so entranced by him you had barely registered what he held in that same hand until he began stroking himself with it.
Your jaw fell laxly as you watched how he worked himself with the lacy black fabric. He was practically choking his cock out with a grip so intense you were sure it was painful. Looking back at his face, you watched attentively as his brows knit together before he opened his eyes again. Zeroing in on his phone, a string of expletives fell from his lips as he picked up the pace.
The loud slapping of his skin and the creaking of his bed rivaled the sound of his voice but still, there it was. Among all the obscenities that came dripping from his tongue, there was your name.
It started as a whisper and you couldn’t even believe it was coming out of his mouth. It grew into a continuous desperate chant as if he was trying to summon you to properly finish him off before he pushed himself over the edge.
Suna came hard. Stupid hard. So hard he had let his phone slip from his grasp, and there you could see it.
You could recognize that photo anywhere, it was one of your best. Even if you had gone blind the next day, you could still point it out in a lineup of other revealing photos. There you were on Suna’s phone screen, on vacation at matira beach in bora bora, playfully bent over in a small bikini top and shorts.
This time you couldn’t hold the gasp you let out. Fully opening the door now, you watched Suna scramble to cover himself. The cum that covered his abs dripped onto his sheets as he sat up. Before he could open his mouth to speak you started.
“Fucking pervert.” you spat out.
Suna physically recoiled, the words had cut deep and bothered him more than he had liked to admit. But you’d instantly noticed how he flinched at them.
“Really, panties? And my Instagram? You're pathetic, Suna.”
He couldn't say a word, he sat staring dumbfounded blinking up at you like an idiot.
“Nothing to say, either? I expected a lot more out of you, guess you're nothing but a little pervert.” you spat contemptuously turning to leave the room. “And keep them. I don't want you going through any more of my stuff, freak.”
Suna sputtered as he watched you stand in the doorframe with your back to him. You were desperately waiting for him to say something, anything.
“That's rich coming from you” he fired back.
You froze as soon as the harsh words had reached you. Clenching your fists, you turn. "Accusing me is really low of you, Suna.”
“You think I didn't see you watching?” Chuckling, he ran a hand through his hair. “I mean watching me jerk off? You're even lower than me. I never crossed that line”
“Shut up.” you spat, turning to him. "I was only here to close your door. You're the one who left it open, you wanted to get caught.”
“Such a tease, youre the one who gave me your panties. it's almost like you wanted me to take them.”
Sputtering, you gave up on responding.
“You're no better than me.” he finished. Turning, you faced him fully now. “And you're right, I did wanna get caught, seeing you there made me cum, came real hard actually."
You cringed at his vulgarity. You’d never seen this side of Suna at all. He was always calm and reserved, the complete antithesis of what he was right now. You hated his sudden confidence and yet it turned you on all the same. Before you could think you began making your way into the room. Stopping before his bed, you lowered yourself to be at eye level with him.
“You know if you had just said something instead, we could’ve fucked.”
Bringing a hand to the nape of your neck Suna pulls you in, resting his lips against the shell of your ear. “So what’s stopping you?” he purred. Wrenching your head back to get a better look at you, his crushing grip on your neck intensified.
“Don't fight me now. If you want it, just tell me. I won't judge.” he simpered. "Besides, you do owe me a favor."
Your head spun at the thought of it, but you had also just caught him jerking off with your panties a few minutes ago. He was a creep, but you had also coveted him from the very moment he hauled his boxes in to stay. You didn't want to say it aloud, so you merely nodded. Admitting it would make it so much more real and you liked the idea of this just being some fever dream you’d wake up from in the morning.
“That won't do, I need you to say it,” he cooed, the smile playing on his lips growing sinister.
"I want it.” you whispered.
“I want it, Suna.” you said with more confidence now.
“Good,” he let go of your neck, deft fingers creeping up to get a good grip on your hair, beckoning you into a burning kiss.
The kiss was rough and nasty, spit escaped the corners of your lips and dribbled down your chin as his tongue explored your mouth. Pulling away with a gasp, you met Suna’s eyes, there was something dark steeping in them, but before you could think too hard about it, his hands gathered your hair again, pushing you down to your knees.
Your hands ran up his muscular thighs as he took the sheet off of him, swinging his legs off the bed to rest on either side of your head. He was much bigger up close and the sheer size of him made you nervous. Swallowing thickly you looked up at him again, and he brought a hand to your face, squeezing your cheeks so your lips puckered up for him.
“Go on,” he said with a nod, his other hand gripping his cock, slowly stroking it before bringing it to your eager lips. You opened your mouth and took him in immediately, already huffing around the thick of his shaft.
He was so big you could barely breathe around him, he was only halfway in and you’d already felt like throwing up. Pulling back with a gasp, you followed the trail of spit still connected to his cock, watching it split before pressing light kisses and kitten licks to the length of it.
The expression that painted Suna’s face almost made you laugh. His eyes were shut hard again and his forehead was creased in frustration at the barely there stimulation you offered him. Getting bored of teasing him, you put him in your mouth again.
You'd done it slowly this time, letting the tip of his member reach the back of your throat before pulling away. What couldn't fit in your mouth, you stroked with your hands and Suna was truly in heaven once he peered down at you working him skillfully. Grunting at your ministrations, he shifted his hands to cradle your face before plunging your head further down the shaft. You began to gag but he shushed you, gently stroking your head as he aided you closer to the base of his cock.
“See? Not so hard if you breathe through your nose, girl.” Humming around him you let him take control, allowing him to maneuver your head how he pleased, fucking your face with vigor. Tears streamed down your face and drool ran to your chin, the mix of fluid pooling down at the tip before dripping onto the floor.
“Fuck...” he grunted, bucking his hips as you took him down your throat, the harsh movement causing you to gag around him. “So pretty taking me like this…” his words were muttered and punctuated with moans. “So fucking good for me,” he grunted.
His words went straight to your pussy, and you clenched your thighs at the praise. Suna reveled in the sight of you falling apart in front of him, his words had an effect to them and he had clearly begun to make a mess out of you.
Suna was close, so fucking close. Pushing your face closer to him, you breathed heavily once you’d reached the hilt, nose buried in the light dusting of hair smattered over his pubis. A string of expletives left his lips as a warning. He couldn't quite find the words in time before he was cumming down your throat. When he had worn himself out you pulled yourself off with a pop, swallowing hastily to catch a proper breath of air.
You gasped violently, chest heaving as you huffed waiting for your breath to steady. Suna returned a hand to your face again, raising your chin to examine it. He brought his thumb to the corner of your lips, smearing around some of the fluids that escaped before pushing his thumb past your lips for you to suck. Capturing them obediently you met his eyes again, they were lidded and danced around your face and body, unable to focus on one thing.
“I didn't know pervert girls sucked cock so well,” he jested, sharply pulling back at the feeling of your teeth clamping down on his thumb. “I was joking!” he shook his hand for added effect.
“Let me take care of you now…”
Pulling you up to your feet, Suna helped you undress. He worked slowly and his touch lingered in the places he ran his hands over. Coaxing you over to him, he situated you in his lap with your back to him, pressing his nose into the crook of your neck, he spread your legs.
“Look,” he whispered, pressing soft kisses and the occasional nibble to your clavicle. Glancing up, you had finally taken notice of the mirror that sat across from you. Seeing yourself spread open with him behind you made you shiver, your skin prickled with goosebumps when his hands traveled south, holding your thighs apart.
"Aren't you pretty?” he asked, not really expecting an answer. You were already babbling about him stroking your thighs and he hadn't even touched you where it meant anything. Pushing your panties to the side, Suna ran a finger down your slit, pulling it back to admire the thread of wetness that was still connected to your cunt.
“So fucking wet for me,” he began, bringing his fingers to his lips, sucking them loudly. Your flesh burned in embarrassment as you watched him lick your slick off his digits.
“And all that just from sucking dick? You really are a slut.”
You writhed in his arms, wishing he would get done with the teasing and actually touch you seriously. You were so turned on it almost hurt, the steady thump of your pussy irritated you, and you were practically on the verge of tears.
“Suna,” you whined, circling your hips desperately. “Please,  just touch me already…”
You watched his head lift from its position at your neck, making eye contact with you in the mirror. Without warning, he brought two fingers to your cunt, harshly plunging them into your dripping hole. You cried out, bucking wildly in his lap as he drew them out before pushing them in again, curling them to skim the spongy area hidden at the back of your cunt. His digits were long and skinny and he had no problems reaching deep where you needed him. Tears streamed down your face as he worked you to hysterics, hiccupping and gripping his wrists when you were close to your peak.
“S-suna!” you yelped, shutting your eyes hard at the incoming wave of pleasure. Suna grabbed your face, turning it back to the mirror.
“Open your eyes.” he cooed, roughly scissoring his fingers in your pussy. “I want you to see how you look cumming all over my fingers.”
Prying your eyes open, you focused on the mirror. Training your sights on Suna’s nimble fingers knuckles deep in you, you clamped down on him hard, gushing over his hands and thighs with a scream.
Before you had even fully come to, Suna was already busying himself with your spent pussy. Peeling your panties off, he slotted himself between your folds, coating his cock with your fluids before sinking you down on it.
Mutually, you gasped. Your hole fluttered around his length as the stretch of him entering burned you. Letting out a shaky exhale, Suna took his time, slowly lowering you down with small strokes until he had fully bottomed out. When you had finally adjusted, he hooked his arms around your legs, folding you in on yourself as he dragged his cock out of you.
You trembled at the feeling of his length being drawn out before slipping back in. You could practically feel every vein stroke your insides and the angle of his cock had you jabbering incoherencies when he abused the spot that had you falling apart. Suna’s pace was unrelenting, he bounced you on his lap, letting gravity take over before he lifted you up again.
“Fuck,” He grunted, angling his body to sink himself deeper. “Keep clamping down on me like that and I'm gonna cum.” His words had the opposite effect on you, and your cunt was swallowing him up, squeezing his cock with a vice-like grip.
Groaning, Suna tightened his grip on your legs. Standing up from the bed, he bullied his cock into you, lifting and dropping you down on him with vigor. Moaning in pure ecstasy, you hollered at his pace grabbing onto whatever you could to steady yourself.
You’d gone dumb at this point. Sobbing uncontrollably, you were unable to moan or form any sounds other than the string of slurred syllables that made up his name.
“Suna! Su- su-…”
“I know,” he hushed you, pressing sloppy kisses to your cheek down to your neck and shoulders.
“Fuck!” he grunted. “Gonna… gonna cum!”
Gripping his wrists you tried to find the words. “Don- don’t pull out..” you slurred, teetering over the edge of bliss.
Your words shot straight to his pulsing cock and he emptied himself inside you with a strangled cry. The feeling of him filling you up with his warm seed pushed you over the edge. Crying, you gushed around him, pushing his cock out as he tried to fuck you through your orgasm. Coming down from his high, Suna pulled out of you, the mix of fluids dripping out of your worn cunt and onto the hardwood floor.
Relaxing in his arms, your eyes fluttered closed. Leaning your head back, you looked up at him. Sweat lined his brow and his face was a violent shade of pink as he huffed, meeting your gaze.
“So,” you rasped. “Wanna go again, pervert?”
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forourmoons · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*:・゚ summary — eddie convinces you to ride his face.
*:・゚ warnings/tags — fem!reader, she/her prns. face sitting, face fucking, reader is a little self-conscious, doubtful, encouraging eddie!!!!
*:・゚ word count — 1.7k
Eddie has you sprawled you atop his bed, thighs spread, held open by his meaty palms, and you sit there, palming your tits lazily. You’re down to completely nothing, he’s still in his shirt and boxers. You don’t think it’s all that fair.
“Eddie?” You call. He looks up from where he’s laying on his stomach, face between your legs. He smiles, all toothy and lovesick.
“What’s up, baby?” He asks, squeezing at your calf attentively. 
You turn your knee inwards and he stops you, palm flat. “You’re being very quiet.” You say matter of factly.
He kisses your knee with wet lips, “M’thinking.”
“Yeah?” Your voice becomes quieter the closer he inches to your cunt. “That’s scary.” you giggle.
He nips at your skin and chuckles. “That’s mean,” He kisses your leg where he’d bitten you, “No, thinking about you. About us.”
“Eddie?” You ask again. Your heart beats fast with worry and your face screws up. You sit up a little so he can see you better, leaning back on your elbows.
His grin puts your thoughts at ease. But still, he looks mischievous. You nudge him with your foot when he doesn’t elaborate.
After a beat, he says, “Want you to sit on my face.”
Your breath catches, “What?”
Eddie chuckles, “Want you to ride my face, baby. Like when I eat you out, but you’re on top.”
You laugh like he’s joking, But when he doesn’t join in with your unsure laughter, break out with a stupid joke, your voice rises in pitch, “I’ll squash you, Eddie.”
He kisses further up your leg until he’s at the width of skin between your cunt and thigh. It tickles and he grins when you shiver, “That’s the whole point.” He says into your skin, voice low and sultry.
“C’mon, Eddie.”
He looks up at you, eyes stern but still with that stupid grin, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding, you won’t squash me. But it’ll feel good. Promise.”
The thought of sitting on his face scares you, but the way your tummy tingles and your thighs instinctively move to rub together has you thinking that it might be okay. It could be…fun.
Eddie crawls up your body until he’s leaning up on his hands beside you. His face hovers above yours and your cheeks tickle when he breathes out. Moving down to catch your lips with his, he says, “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, you know that right?”
You would never feel pressured with Eddie. Never. You nod reassuringly before turning to kiss his forearm beside your head. “I know.”
“But…” He pauses, “I think you’ll have a lot of fun.”
“How do you know that?”
Eddie looks offended, face screwed up, “You think I don’t know my girl?” He pokes you in the side of your ribs and you squirm, bursting into a fit of light, airy giggles. “I know how much you love it when I fuck you with my tongue.” Your breath catches but not because of the tickling. He knows you too well. Reads you for filth. But, who wouldn’t love it? “But, I’ll love it more if you’ll sit on my face.”
 He’s working you up, you can tell. You hate that it’s working.
It doesn’t take much more convincing. Just some reassuring before he’s laying flat on his back, naked and too ready, and you sit at his side.
He pats his chest, skin slapping, with a smirk he knows you detest, “C’mon, baby. Up here.”
You roll your eyes, “I hate you.”
He tuts, and braces your legs until you’ve climbed over his chest, thighs on either side of his ribs, “No. You don’t.”
He palms at your thighs, tugging to ease you down. You lean down until your centre is snug against his chest. Eddie shivers at the wet warmth, still grinning stupidly when he watches you settle. Folds spreading below his pecs.  
You spread your hands over his chest, bracing yourself for what’s to come.
You, you think, giggling.
Eddie palms your thighs, smile turning confused, “What’s so funny?”
You shake your head, “This is so stupid.’’
“You think?”
Eddie looks at you, genuinely concerned. Brows high and pinched. You melt when he massages your skin lovingly. You feel so eased it’s a little scary. Maybe it can be both, you think. Daunting because you’re outside your comfort zone, but calm because you’re doing it with Eddie.
“No, no.” You shake your head, “No, I’m being stupid.”
“What? No, you’re not.” He says, soothingly, “Just take a breath, yeah?”
You do. You breathe deeply as he grasps your thighs to shuffle you closer up his body. You stop when you hover just above his neck. His breath feels hot against you and you clench unthinkingly. “You’ll tell me if you want me to get off?” You squeak, bracing the headboard with a too-tight grip. Your hands shake around the wood.
“My mouth might be a little full, baby.” He chuckles.
“I’m serious, Eddie. Pinch me or something.”
He pinches you and can’t help but glare at him. Stoic, he says, “Okay, yeah, I’ll pinch you or something. Just, fuck, sit on me already baby, Wanna taste you.”
“Okay.” You say breathlessly.
He guides you until you hover above his face. You close your eyes before he leans up to kiss your clit. You still don’t have the strength in you to sit completely on him yet. Still wary.
Slowly, he kisses at your skin. Over your folds, wet with anticipation, hot lips roving over you. He darts his tongue to catch your bead in his mouth and you jolt. Your legs kind of buckle and he takes his opportunity to pull you flat against his face, nose pressing into your mound.
He hooks his arms over your legs and pulls until you’re completely snug against his mouth, like the space between you is too big. Like he can’t get you close enough. With a probing tongue, it runs down to your weeping hole to gather your slick, dragging it back up to flick around your clit.
With every exploring lick, you jolt and twitch. Eddie laughs through you and it only causes more twitching. He pushes up under the hood of your clit and swirls, and swirls and swirls. Laps at you like he’s a thirsty man. 
His fingers press cruelly into the dough of your thighs and you have to stable yourself against the bed. Chancing a look down at where he’s sat below you. His head bobs back and forth, and his fringe crushes against your clit with a numbing pressure. It tickles and you can’t help but squirm against his face.
You push down with your thighs to balance yourself, bringing your hands to his forehead to brush away his hair from his face.
Grinning and messy, he pulls back from you, wet with a glistening sheen of your slick. Groaning, he says, “Fuck, baby. Makin such a mess.” Slurping, he darts his tongue back out to catch the dribbling wet like he can’t waste any. “Taste so fucking good.”
“Eds.” You whine, tugging at his hair probably too roughly. Hating the teasing in such a compromising position.
“Okay, sorry.” He doesn’t waste any time in wrapping his lips back around you. He’s slurping and licking, and if you had it in you, you’d be embarrassed. But, it’s too late for that now.
At a pace that has your fingers flexing through his hair and your legs shaking, he laps at you, pulling you close again. With his nose prodding into you just above your clit. You feel your high building in no time when he slides his hands along to use his thumbs to spread you open.
He explores your hole with his probing muscle for a quick moment, licking his way back up to flick at your clit again and you clamp your legs around his head, shoulders digging into your ass. Unravelling in his strong grip, he palms and licks until you feel yourself jolting with overwhelming pleasure.
You rock yourself against his wet face, trying to search for a release that feels excruciatingly close. Your legs tingle and your tummy aches in the best possible way. A whimpering, stimulated mess. When the feeling begins, you grind down, using his hair for stability.
Fucking yourself along his tongue, a searing heat overwhelms you, cunt clenching around nothing as you moan and cry out. You seize up around him and your knuckles turn white where they grip the headboard when his head switches movements, wriggling his face against the flat of your cunt, nudging every last nerve ending. 
When you begin to pant heavily, you remember yourself and where you’re sitauted. “Fuck,” Pushing yourself from his face and down between his legs. Squeezing your own legs shut. 
There’s a beat of only panting and sniffling before he sits up, smiling madly. You blink, panting out a sorry.
He chuckles deeply, “Fuck, baby. That was insane. You’re insane.”
You push yourself onto your ass until you sit. He pouts, “Stop, c’mere.”
He reaches out for you and let him grasp your arm and willingly pull you into his lap. You can feel his hard-on underneath your bare ass, pushing up against you. He kisses your neck, travelling up to your cheek with sloppy, wet kisses, stopping where your eyebrow ends, right across your temple. “Did,” Kiss. “Did you have fun?” Kiss.
Beaming, you say, “Yeah, I think I did.”
“You think?” He asks indignantly, a little faux offended, “Babe, you squeezed me so hard with those pretty thighs I couldn’t hear.”
You slap his chest, “Stop it.”
“It was quite rude actually. Couldn’t hear you moaning for me.” He laughs.
“Oh, poor Eds.” You entertain his teasing for a moment. He’s too cute.
He presses his nose into your neck, kissing for a moment and there are only the noises from his mouth before he nudges your face and says, “Oh, Eddie!” He moans, voice all high to impersonate you. You clamp your hand around his bicep, “Fuck, Eddie! Don’t stop! Fuck feels so good!”
You nudge him in his side and frown, “Stop. I don’t sound like that.”
He pecks you once more, “You’re right, baby. You sound much prettier.”
You roll your eyes like he didn’t actually do a good impression of you. You do kinda sound like that. You hate him.
Tumblr media
gif — kwistowee !
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sukunababy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# day 2. spectrophilia
dilf!fushiguro toji x ghost f!reader
genre. gothic romance, smut
s. father and son move into an antique mansion, ready to start a new life — but the house's past seems to be waiting for them 
cw. toji is a good dad (megumi is five), oral, praise, pet names, m. solo, size kink, creampie, mating press, fingering, doggy, full nelson, squirting | wc. 6500
tw. characters death, mention of deaths and suicides
kinktober m.list | interactions are appreciated
Tumblr media Tumblr media
once it wasn't in this gloomy condition. it had a clear and wide facade, long windows that were always open, and freshly laundered curtains. the lawn it overlooked was daily tended, the hedges were pruned, and the landlady's favorite flowers were planted according to the seasons. the woods at the back hid a small lake, and not far away a greenhouse.
now, rose mansion, no longer looked like a kind house. it had taken on the semblance of a place of despair, not meant to be lived in, not fit for people, hope or love. it had become an uppity, alive, evil house.
they arrived toward the end of a mid-june afternoon. they turned into the driveway, and the crunch of the car's wheels startled the crows clustered in the treetops, which took off cawing around the house.
"what do you think, buddy?" the young man closed the car door behind him before helping a little copy of himself out of the passenger side. "it's old," the boy wrinkles his nose, making the man beside him smile.
it wasn’t the first time you'd seen him. a few months earlier he had walked around the halls and rooms of rose mansion with a woman who showed him around the house, step by step, room by room and secret by secret, with amusing talk. he was wearing a dark coat, and his hair was falling over his forehead in a messy way. he looked like he was going through a rough period.
"it's not old," toji laughed, taking his child's hand, "it's vintage." he didn't seem to believe his own words much either. "hey, i know, it's an ugly, old ... old house," he chuckles opening the front door, "but it's a new beginning, for us."
yes, there was work to be done, but for the price for which it was purchased everything was doable. "the biggest room is mine," the child laughs as he runs upstairs, looking for the bedrooms. even as he laughs he looks wistful. his eyes sad and his eyebrows furrowed as he explores a room.
the furniture are covered with white cloths. the dust that kicks up when he removes them makes him wrinkle his little nose and sneeze a few times. his mouth snaps open in a perfect circle when he removes the tarp from an old toy car track. he pulls it down from the cabinet with no little difficulty, and once on the ground he arranges two small cars on it. one blue and the other red.
"who are you?" he asks as he looks up at the bed still under the dusty white sheet. He reminds you a lot of him. the same curious look when he was discovering something new, his eyebrows pulled together in the same way when he was thinking about something. "you're pretty, lady," he whispers as he resumes playing with the cars, as if your presence is completely normal in that room.
"who are you talking to, buddy?" his father enters the room with suitcases in his hands, smiling at the child sitting on the floor.
he shakes his head, "with a pretty lady," he murmurs carelessly. the green-eyed man does not seem upset by his answer, he sets the suitcases down in the small walk-in closet and begins cleaning in the room. "you found a really good toy mh?"
you watch them laughing and joking as they clean and brush dust around.
you want to talk to him. you want to talk to him from the first time you saw him walking around the house. you wanted to talk to him when he had shaggy hair and an unkempt beard. You want to talk to him now that he's tucking little megumi into bed.
"my room is two doors down," he reassures him, "if you need me." the child rolls his eyes dramatically making his father laugh. "okay i got it," he nods, turning off the small lamp on the nightstand, "good night, buddy." a "good night, daddy" comes back to him as he closes the door behind him and heads down the hallway.
toji lets a sigh escape as he lies down in bed after showering. he runs a hand over his face and through his damp shaggy hair before falling asleep.
shortly after midnight, his eyes snap open when you slide your tongue over his cock. his scent invades your nostrils as you press your lips to the vein on the underside of his thick shaft, his balls throbbing against your chin. "hi, daddy" you murmur moving to the tip to slurp at the pre-cum dribbling from his narrow slit.
"fuck" he moans as his eyes roll back, “i haven't had a dream like this in a while, baby" he gasps. his hips buck as you wrap your hand around his shaft and go down to work his fat balls.
"oyu like it like that daddy?" you hum, licking and sucking until the skin glistens with your saliva. the darkness in the room limits toji's view, the light coming from outside barely illuminating your head moving up and down on his shaft.
"fuck, you're an angel," he snaps suddenly, lacing a hand in your hair and jerking your head forward, making you swallow his cock. "i like it that way, though, baby," he stares at you with a smirk. his cock throbs on your tongue as you swallow him down to the base. he moans and spasms as your throat tightens around him, "just like that."
you choke on his cock when toji lifts his hips, your mouth a perfect hole to fuck. he sinks his length making your eyes water, drool and his pre-cum dripping down your chin as you wriggle.
his breathing quickens, his balls throb and his shaft slowly drools cum into your mouth, "you're such a good girl," he praises you as he thrusts his hips upward, "you like this big cock, don't you angel, huh?"
when you sloppily lap his soggy slit he loses his mind. his hips tense up and his hand holds you pressed against his cock as he pours every drop of his load down your throat, "fuck like this, swallow it all, angel," he hisses thrusting one last time into your mouth before slumping down on the pillows breathlessly.
the back garden, like the rest of the house, had been neglected for years. flowers weren't even growing anymore, yet once, the mansion, was just famous for its roses.
"hi, pretty lady," little Megumi is still wearing his bunny pajamas when he joins you in the garden. He rubs his eyes clutching his little cars in his hand.
"hi little boy," you smile at him. His little feet are barefoot and he rubs them one on top of the other making you laugh. "you should be in bed, honey," you scold him softly, "it's early for you." he wrinkles the tip of his nose and shrugs his shoulders.
"come on, I'll take you back to your room," you whisper taking his hand. He accepts without question.
"hey get away from my son." Toji comes toward you as you proceed home. He must have seen you from his bedroom window and didn't even have time to put on a shirt, the poor thing.
"who are you?" he asks, taking his son in his arms and looking at you with furrowed brows, as if he has seen you somewhere before, or dreamed you.
"she is the pretty lady" Megumi hastens to say, drawing his father's attention from you to him.
"i’ m the gardener" you giggle, extending your arm to shake his hand. he looks confused but shakes your hand firmly. "i was included in the price of the house" you joke studying the man who in turn looks you up and down.
"huh sorry i wasn't aware of that" yoji mumbles clutching Megumi to his side. Then he looks around the garden with a raised eyebrow, and you know exactly what he's thinking.
"i was hired by the real estate agents, but I've only just arrived" you smile. the man scratches his head and when he realizes he has only his boxers on he curses under his breath.
"we'd better go inside," he says looking at his son. "i'll treat you to coffee, come in", he smiles, licking his lips.
you and megumi are left alone only a few minutes, just long enough for toji to get dressed and return to the kitchen to you.
"the coffee maker is in the left cupboard" you chuckle as you watch the man look around not even he probably knows what to look for. He looks at you with a smirk as you run a car across the table playing with Megumi.
"so ... have we met mh?" he hands you the cup not sure how to start a conversation. "...the house is vintage huh?" he smiles while drinking his coffee. Megumi shakes his head and looks at you, "he means it's an old house falling down," he says correcting his father.
"the house is from the 1800s. after the first owner died, the two daughters inherited the house," you tell, catching the attention of the two fushiguros. "the eldest, after receiving half of the inheritance, left the house; the second daughter, married and stayed to live in the mansion."
"for a while the young couple was happy. they are happy because a child comes into their lives. but their happiness does not last long." megumi bends his head to the side looking at you enchanted. "huh i don't think this is a children's story, i'm sorry," you shake your head, feeling bitter that you have said too much.
"no, it's okay, don't worry" toji reassures you. "do you know what work needs to be done around the house?" he asks, changing the subject.
you nod. "well, the wallpaper in the central hall is peeling off, two bathrooms upstairs have leaky pipes, down in the basement the floor is sagging and probably the roof too."
toji massages one temple while sighing. the house had been old and uninhabited for a long time, but perhaps he had not expected all that work to be done.
"i'm going back to my work, if you look for me i'm at the greenhouse," you smile.
toji follows you to the porch when you leave, "mh you are staying here? mh i mean, you have a room, ... do you live here?" the tips of his ears turn red as he runs a hand through his tousled hair.
"yes, i live here," you smile, heading toward the woods.
at dinner, megumi doesn't break away from you. despite toji repeating to him to leave you alone, the child kept telling you about his games, the books he had read, his friends he had left behind in his old town.
"no, it's fine," you smile, taking megumi in your arms, "i can put him to bed." the child is enthusiastic, "go ahead and rest, I'll take care of it."
steam filled the bath. the water must have been boiling, and toji, in the shower, was trying to relax. more problems had come to the surface than he imagined. but he didn't want to think about those now.
his cock slowly begins to harden as you make room in his thoughts. "damn it," he cursed, grabbing his shaft and bringing it to full hardness with a few quick strokes.
you were putting his son to bed and had been so nice to him. with both of you. but ever since he had shaken your hand that morning in the backyard, his constant thought had been your tits. "fuck ..." he hisses through clenched teeth.
he can imagine how those beautiful balls of fat bounce as you slide on his big cock, your moans as you try to take it all because it's too thick for your tight hole.
his lips part as he slides his length into his fist. pre-cum glistens on his tip as he pulls the skin under the head once more.
your moans. probably the sweetest sound in existence. his eyes roll back in his head as he tightens his fist around his girth. Your pussy would have felt so much better than his calloused hand.
his thick cock would have stretched and spread you so well with his thrusts that you would have cried his name, moaned how well he fucked you, and perhaps, begged him to fill you to the brim with his cum.
"fuck ... shit," he grunts. He feels himself on the edge as he slides his cock through the circle his fingers created.
he gasps, moans and groans at the image of you cumming on him. your white cream sliding down his shaft and pooling at the base of his cock. Maybe you're one of those that gushes cum, that squirts when you come.
"yes, like that, ... fuck." his cock throbs in his hand. cum coats his fingers, and as he jerks it in his fist the load slips onto his fat balls, "fuck ... feels so good," he coos, licking his lips.
your pussy probably tastes good too. this last thought sends him over the edge. his cock throbs painfully as the last spurt of cum spurts out as well, leaving him breathless, "huh fuck ..." he coos admiring the mess he’s made.
you know he was thinking about you. you read it in his eyes and in the smirk on his lips as he steps out of the shower. he unconsciously walks past you as he wraps a towel around his hips before moving to the bedroom.
"good morning," he is damn handsome as he joins you at the lakeshore. he's wearing pants and a t-shirt that shows off his thick arms.
"good morning mr. fushiguro," he smiles as he sits down next to you. you remain silent for a while, enjoying the warm sunshine and light morning breeze.
"thank you for last night," he says. "it's a little hard to deal with a five-year-old all by yourself," he chuckles embarrassed.
"where is his mother?" you ask, remembering that you saw no woman with him on the day of the house visit. and on his little finger no sign of a ring.
"she's gone," toji hisses, "she dreamed of seeing the world, and her son was not part of that dream."
"you weren't part of that dream either?" you ask curiously.
he chuckles. "no, not at all." he’s sad. He has the same expression as the first time you saw him. "i needed a change of scenery, i found the ad for the house and thought, well why not." 
yeah, why not!
"what about you? have you always been a gardener? where are you from?"
"where is megumi?" you ask snapping to your feet. he stands up after you explaining that his son is sleeping in his room. "he's alone," you mumble, looking at toji, who has furrowed brows.
"well, I hope so" he laughs, following you as you walk back home.
the child is still asleep in his bed when you arrive in his room, but you can feel that a strange energy has recently left the room.
"is everything all right?" toji asks as he closes the door, letting his son sleep. you nod as you look down the hallway. "About the story you were telling us yesterday" he smiles looking at you out of the corner of his eye, "how did it turn out?"
"it's a story that doesn't have a happy ending," you murmur as you walk down the stairs with him. "the couple's baby got sick. a lung disease. he was getting worse day by day. the parents were in despair, the father began to be short-tempered and blamed his wife," you tell sitting next to him on the sofa.
"one night the mother woke up and not finding her husband in bed and not hearing the little one coughing she headed to his room." this part is always the one you have a hard time remembering, perhaps because it has been a while since you last told it.
"the scene that presented before the poor woman almost broke her heart. the man was holding a pillow over the child's face, who knows how long he was pressing it, because by the time the woman reached her baby there was no life left in his tiny lungs." toji rubs his finger on his chin as you tell him the story of the house.
"the man went completely crazy. He blamed his wife, said she had killed their child. To protect himself, he then, killed her too. he hid the woman's corpse and told everyone in the village that she had escaped." toji shakes his head in horror. "he hanged himself from the chandelier at the entrance just a few weeks later. maybe he felt guilty, or maybe he had spent all the family money, i don't know."
"well damn ..." he chuckles, "they didn't tell me this when i bought the house."
"over the years many people have bought and sold the house," you explain as you watch the wallpaper peel off and fall to the floor. "they say the ghost of the man is still looking for his family, scaring the tenants, who decide to sell after a few months."
"are there ghosts in the house?" megumi shouts, jumping into his father's lap. Toji shakes his head and stands up taking him in his arms, "they're just old stories" he reassures the child. "shall we have breakfast mh?" the little boy fastens his arms around his neck and smiles contentedly.
"will you join us?" yoji asks turning to look at you, but they are not the only ones looking at you. you feel a familiar energy coming from megumi's room and, apologizing to them, you go upstairs.
the storm roars outside. rain beats on the window panes and the wind outside whistles. The old wooden boards creak and the old house seems to come alive.
Mmegumi despite what is happening around him, manages to sleep peacefully in his bed. he fidgets slightly when you adjust his blanket.
"hey, what are you doing?" toji is standing in the doorway. his sweat pants fall over his hips in a sexy way, his mussed hair covers his forehead, and his muscles twitch when you rest your hand on his chest.
"can i stay with you tonight?" the answer comes when toji leans in and kisses you.
the kiss is deep. Wet and messy. tis hands cup your face as he pushes his tongue over yours. "fuck ... where have you been?"
he can feel your smile on his lips as you pull back to catch your breath, "around."
his breath becomes labored against your skin, he brings his hand to brush against your cheek, "i missed you."
toji hovers over your body when you end up in bed. you shed your clothes with ease. his body is firm, hard with strong arms. his hands calloused and warm. when he touches you a shiver runs down your back, "you' re beautiful," he whispers into the kiss.
his mouth grazes your nipples. He sucks them deliciously, alternating his fingers and tongue.
his cock is hard and throbbing, the tip drooling pre-cum as he pulls down your panties. "you're so wet, angel," he licks his lips at the sight of rows of cum sticking your pussy to the fabric.
toji smiles, pressing a soft kiss against your knee, "i'm gonna make you feel good" he bites his lip as he spreads your legs apart.
he slides two fingers between your wet folds, spreading them apart. your hole tightens around nothingness as Toji rubs circles on your clit, "fuck, this pussy ..i dream about this at night."
sweet moans fall from your lips as he slides his tongue into your hole. your dripping cunt tightens around his muscle, "hah please" you sob.
your back arches as he traps your hard nub in his mouth. your whole body twitches, your heels lift off the bed and you kick against the air.
toji looks at you through hair tousled over your eyes, your cum linking his face to yours in sticky wisps that break when he returns to lick your creamy folds.
"you taste so good," he moans, the obscene, wet sound of his tongue lapping at your cunt hums through the room.
you whimper, gripping his black hair tightly as he sucks more precisely on your clit. his expert tongue circles and grazes the bud as you sigh and moan at the sensation.
your eyes roll back in your head in pleasure. you gush on his tongue, wetting the bottom of his face, his fingers press on your sweet spot, rubbing against your walls.
your cunt drools and your clit throbs in his mouth, "yes... like that, i'm gonna cum," you meow, squirming under him.
you stutter mindlessly, getting closer and closer to your orgasm. you tremble and sob until he pushes you over the edge. you cream on his lips, your clit pulses on his tongue, and his fingers continue to fuck your hole.
your walls tighten around him. His cock is painfully hard as he listens to your moans, his balls throbbing as he watches your body shake for him.
he removes his fingers from your hole slowly, mindful of your sensitivity. he still couldn't resist laying a fleeting kiss on your throbbing clit before sitting between your legs, bringing his fingers to his mouth to lick them clean.
he kisses along your body until he reaches your lips, neither of them bothering to share the taste of your cum. "You did so well," he praises you holding your hips, "you are such a good girl for me."
your body still trembled as you wrap your arms around his neck and your thighs close around his waist.
his cock reaches your navel, dripping pre cum along the length. Toji easily spreads it over his cock with his fist before sliding the tip between your folds, grazing your clit.
he slaps it with his head, making you jerk and arch your back. your swollen tits leap into the air. toji is quick to shush you. he locks your thighs open to your shoulders.
his cock is heavy on your wet folds. toji starts working his hips back and forth, rubbing his shaft over your sensitive cunt.
"you're so messy," he teases you. his tongue peeps between his swollen lips, his eyes glued to the sight of your pussy getting messy for him, because of him. Your hole tightens and gushes under his thick shaft.
your eyes roll back as his tip presses on your bud making you cum.
"fuck ... good girl," he growls, squeezing your thighs together. your pussy cum against his cock making his swollen balls throb.
"fuck me ... now  please," you sob. toji turns a smirk on you slamming his length on your clit making you cum some more. " please."
at your pleas, he presses the fat, sensitive head of his cock into your still-spasming cunt. He quickly lowers himself, going balls deep.
"huht oji ... ‘s big," you groan, legs kicking as he pushes inside you. you cream around his length, gushing along his balls, not coming down from your pleasure.
"hmm yeah, it's big baby?" he hisses, taking that sweet spot of yours and making you cream, "fuck, angel ... you like it that big uhu? you like it mh?" you can't answer coherently, and he knows it.
he fucks you hard, grinds against your needy nub as he changes angles. You pull him down for a kiss, tangling your fingers in his hair.
your pussy squeezes and milks him. the sensation makes him moan into your mouth. his hips stutter and do not slow down as he cum in your cunt.
your bodies tremble, one on top of the other. your cunt flutters around his swollen cock, "damn, fuck," he cusses giggling.
"angel, fuck," he whispers breathlessly, releasing his cock from your twitching slit. You moan at the feeling of being empty, his seed gushing out as he lies down beside you.
toji's breath is slow. He sleeps beside you, his arms wrapped around your waist and his chest against your back.
you know they aren't safe in the house. not when he is here. but finally, after a long time, you've regained what you lost, and now it's hard to let go.
megumi knows. he's a smart kid, after all. but toji? he wouldn't understand.
you can hear Megumi tossing and turning in his bed. you can hear him get up, and you can hear the door of his room open. his tiny footsteps seem to rumble through the old house.
"hi, honey." as you guessed, his eyes are closed. he's asleep. "you have to stay away from them," you mutter, "you've already taken one away from me, you won't take them too."
"he was here," megumi whispers in your ear when toji leaves the room. the kid doesn't seem frightened; he keeps running his toy cars on the small track, looking at you smiling.
"did he hurt you?" you ask. he shakes his head.
"he sits at the foot of the bed and looks at me," he whispers. "i've asked him what he wants but he never answers," he explains settling into your lap.
the situation keeps repeating itself every time new residents arrive.
if the family has children, he starts with them. he play with their little minds, manipulate them as he pleases. then he moves on the mothers. he stresses them, makes them see things that don't exist, makes them tired and angry. finally, the fathers. with them it' s easy. he whispers in their ear. he tells them horrible things about his family. he wants to see them break up.
if he can't have his family, no one else should have one.
that's where you come in. you've seen families come and go. some break up and some survive, get out of this damn house unscathed. they run away after a few weeks, before they give in to the madness. before he hurts them.
for years, centuries, you stood watch over families that were not your own. you were tired. and then toji came along. he looked broken, like you. with him came megumi. after a long time your pieces came together.
you became selfish in these few days in their company, you realized.
"i won't let him hurt you," you reassure him wrapping him in your embrace.
it was megumi's idea for the picnic by the lake. "can i take a bath?" he giggles, dipping his feet into the water.
toji nods but before the child can actually get wet, you pull him out. "no, no swimming." Perhaps the tone of your voice is too harsh because you see him wince. "oh I'm sorry, just...the water is dirty, honey."
he wrinkles his little nose but nods, returning to sit next to his father.
"i'm sorry," you murmur to toji, who looks at his son. "that was not my intention," the man smiles, shaking his head.
at dinner, after clearing the table and putting the child to bed, toji pulls you aside.
"i didn't like what happened today," he confesses, referring to the incident in the afternoon. you know you have no right to retort; it wasn't your intention to scold the child but you certainly couldn't let him see.
"yes you’re right, i’m sorry" you mutter, drying the dishes. he doesn't seem to want to start a discussion, after all, it' s not even clear what kind of relationship you are in. he drops the subject, finishing arranging the dishes.
"are you mad?" you ask, hearing him stir under the covers. he’s barely spoken to you in the last few days. "i'm sorry i scolded megumi, i'm not his mother and i don't ..."
"that's the point," he abruptly interrupts your speech. "you’re not his mother, but i wish you were. you're taking care of him, and he loves you," he confesses, running a hand over his face and extending an arm to turn on the bedside light.
"i love you," he murmurs, looking up at the ceiling. "you've done more for him in twenty days than his mother and i have in years."
"you love me?" you ask shocked. It's been a long time since you've heard those words. your expression makes him chuckle.
he turns on his side and wraps an arm around you, pulling you to his chest. "i fucking love you," he whispers softly in the crook of your neck.
toji attaches his mouth to your hardened nipple as his fingers tingle the other. the stimulation makes your body jerk in pleasure and you feel yourself practically soaking in your panties.
with his other free hand, he rubs circles on your clit against the damp fabric.
you moan and gently tug at his hair as your hips desperately rub against his finger for relief.  "does that feel good?" he says softly. "you're so wet for me."
"Yeah, fuck" you mumble a little embarrassed after he points it out, but you find it endearing as he lets out a wheezy giggle.
"i'll make you feel even better," he smiles, bending your knees and spreading them wide.
your pussy twitches as you feel his finger pull your panties to the side, he smiles before spreading your swollen folds and sticking his tongue out to lap at your cream.
a loud moan escapes your throat as he sucks your clit and purposely teases it with quick flicks of his tongue. your legs begin to shake.
your moans and groans are like music to his ears. when he slips a finger into your tight hole and you cry out he feels the walls are already sucking him in greedily as your hips jerk to fuck his finger.
"god, you're so fucking good," he grunts, sliding another finger in, fucking you mercilessly. you feel your orgasm building and it threatens to tip over as his finger curls, hitting your sweet spot.
"fuck, toji..." you gasp as your toes curl from the unbearable stimulation that makes your body tremble. He plays with the swollen bud before sucking hard on it.
"mmhh...I'm going to cum!" your eyes close as the orgasm finally hits and your pussy gushes out and floats around his fingers.
your breath becomes erratic and a moan escapes your lips at the emptiness when he pulls out to lick his fingers. "you taste so fucking good, angel," he moans.
he hovers above you and rests his lips on yours so you can taste your juices from his tongue before he breathlessly pulls away.
"turn around," he orders, helping you get on the edge of the bed on all fours.
a soft moan escapes your tongue as toji spreads your juices with his cock. he grabs your hips for leverage as he slowly penetrates your hole, and you bite your lip hard as you feel his girth spread you painfully and deliciously.
his fingers dig deeper into your skin as he hammers his cock into your cunt erratically.
your cheek is pressed against the sheet you clutch between your fingers as you feel his tip kiss your cervix with each thrust. toji's breath is already labored from above you, his hips rolling diligently inside you as he increases the pace.
"look at you, baby... fuck...i'm so lucky!" you groan in praise, unconsciously feeding his ego.
"so good," you moan. a mischievous smile prints on his lips. you feel your body being lifted abruptly before he makes you put your back against his broad chest and your legs on his forearms, bending you in half.
your pussy drips down his shaft and onto his balls. your tits bounce up and down as he continues to thrust inside you.
"so pretty, my angel" he says between grunts. he pulls out his thick cock slowly and pushes it back into your pussy with an agonizing rhythm.
"yeah, shit," you sob. toji slams his cock hard inside you, his big balls bouncing just enough to slap your puffy clit.
"i - i'm gonna cum," you moan as your hips roll desperately against his.
the knot in your stomach tightens from the feeling of being filled as he pushes deep inside you.
the walls squeezing him make him let out a low growl from his throat, and he holds your body with both arms as he keeps fucking you in order to chase his high.
"fuck...like this..." he kisses your head as he feels you gush on his cock. his cock is pushed out as you squirt. "fuck , yes, baby, just like that," he praises forcing his big shaft into your puffy, sensitive pussy
"I'm gonna fill this pretty pussy." sporadic thrusts begin to stutter as his balls throb and his cock twitches inside you to indicate that he is close to orgasm and a loud moan comes from his throat as he finally cum.
toji pauses for a few moments inside you, catching his breath and recomposing himself before lifting your body slightly to pull out his softening cock. his cum overflows from your sloppy hole and your trembling knees fail to hold you up, so your body falls to the mattress and he chuckles at the sight.
"i fucking love you," he murmurs, helping you lie back down and laying kisses along your jaw.
"i hide and you count," he laughs as he makes you lean against the wall and forces you to close your eyes.
toji was working on renovating the house. megumi and you were helping him with what you could. and he hadn't approached the child again. perhaps, things could work out.
"ready or not, i'm coming," you announce, setting out in search of the baby.
toji points you upstairs as you walk past him. "thank you," you smile as you climb the stairs.
the rooms, however, are empty. He isn't under the bed or even in the closets.
the bathrooms, empty.
the staircase coming down from the ceiling was in the middle of the hallway, though. "honey, you shouldn't be here," you murmur, finding him playing with an old trunk.
"this is you," he says with conviction, handing you an old photograph. it was a family portrait, shortly after your son was born. "why didn't i see the baby in the picture here in the house?" he asks scratching his head.
you don't know. you searched far and wide, but he never came to you. leaving you alone.
"what are you brats up to?" toji joins you in the attic. you don't have time to hide the picture before he peeks over it.
he wrinkles his eyebrows. he looks at the small portrait and then at you. "what the fuck?" he hisses, crouching on the floor at your level.
"daddy, she's the pretty lady," megumi hums finding an old colored ball in the trunk.
you don't quite know what to say. making up a lie right now doesn't seem fair to you. "i can explain" you stammer trying to take his hand which he tugs pulling himself to his feet.
"buddy, let's go" he takes megumi in his arms and they walk down from the attic. You hear him hurry down the hallway. you hear the jingle of car keys. you hear the engine start up. and you hear the gravel crunch under the wheels of the car.
toji went to and from the house twice, and both times he did not look for you. he had returned to pick up his and his son's things. a sad shadow on his face with every step in that damned house.
once again you were left alone.
"do you wanna talk to me?" it's night when he calls you from the living room. sitting on the sofa he waits for you, his head in his hands, leaning forward.
"where is megumi?" you ask when you sit down by his side.
he smiles. "i found a babysitter," he says without looking at you. it' s so hard to see him in that condition. he's in that state because of you, and it shatters your heart.
"he told me everything," he says. "thank you, for protecting my son." his voice is almost a whisper as he turns to look at you.
"you can't stay here," you grow closer to him, "as much as I want to, i can't let him hurt you." 
you didn't know that even ghosts could cry.
he is quick to pick up your tear. "i know," he admits, moving your hair behind your ear. "but you can't stay here either."
then he asks you that question you never thought you'd have to answer. "where did  that fucker place your body?"
the summer night air cools you as you walk toward the lake. "there's a suitcase at the bottom of the lake, i'm there." you struggle to control your tears as toji holds your hand and walks beside you.
toji would have stopped anyone from setting foot in rose mansion, that way you too would have found some peace.
"wait for me here," he asks taking off his t-shirt and shoes, undoing his belt and taking off his jeans as well. you nod.
as he dives in you begin to stand on your toes. maybe you would have been happy, together. if you too, like him, were alive.
when he resurfaces he drags an old suitcase with him. maybe after so long you would have been free. that house that had been your prison was already becoming a bad memory.
"there should be a pendant on what's left of my neck," you murmur taking his face in your hands, "give it to megumi and tell him i love him."
he nods. his lip clenched between his teeth as he pulls you into his arms. "i'm sorry for what happened to you. I'm sorry for the way things turned out." his lips are cold as he kisses you. a deep kiss, a goodbye kiss.
"under the roses?" he asks. anything would have been better than the lake where you rested for centuries. you nod, though. the roses, they were more than fine.
your mind was already at peace.
"that was you, wasn't it?" he asks digging a hole in the ground. "the first night."
if you had been alive your face would have been red with embarrassment. "i'm sorry," you whisper, biting your lip.
he laughs. "don't be" he hums, "damn, best blowjob of my life."
"i'll miss you" he murmurs brushing your lips with his thumb.
"i'll wait for you" you tease him. he laughs, taking your joke seriously. "take care of megumi." he nods, placing a soft kiss on your forehead.
"i love you," you sob into his chest.
"i love you more" he whispers into your hair.
it’s dawn when toji finishes covering the pit he had dug, under the roses in the back garden.
your pendant, a heart with a picture of you and your baby inside, clutched in his fist as he closes rose mansion forever, ending the cycle of life and death.
Tumblr media
an. thank you if you' ve read this far. a reblog would be greatly appreciated + i plan to write an alternate ending bci want toji and yn to be happy together
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angelltheninth · a month ago
Endurance Test
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, blowjob, edging, cock riding, begging, cock tease, licking, dirty talk, cum shot, sub!Peter Parker, dom!Reader
Word count: 0.7k
Kinktober Day 6: Orgasm Denial
A/N: I've really been looking forward to this kinktober fic. Peter is always so cute I just want to tease him and make him squirm.
Tumblr media
Peter struggled to keep his hips from jerking upwards, his hands fisting the sheets so tight he almost teared them apart. But what could he do? You didn't restrain him but you still told him not to touch you. Which made it even more difficult for him.
"Easy. Don't twitch too much sweetheart." You mumble against the leaking tip of his cock, your hands fondling his full balls, massaging and squeezing, "You don't want me to choke do you?" You wink just before you take his cock in your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks to make the sucking easier.
"God. No, no but I- Please." He whines, low and almost teary eyed from frustration, "I don't think I can hold it for much longer."
You release his cock with a wet pop, moving your hand up and down, slowly from the bottom and then rolling your palm over the tip, making sure to spread his cum nicely. "Not yet. Just a little longer. Then you can give me every last drop." You make sure to look at him in the eye as your tongue darts out to lick the dripping bead cum flowing down Peter's hard length.
He bites his bottom lip, making it tremble upon release as another needy whimper escapes him.
"Poor thing. You're so hard. It must hurt a lot huh. How about I kiss it better for you." You trail hot, slow, deliberate kisses up and down his dick, making it throb even more when you give him a long lick from his balls all the way to the tip.
"I need to be inside you. I'm feel like I'm gonna explode." Peter pulls at the sheets, his hands needing something to tug, something to hold onto.
"I fully expect you to. And you've been a very good boy for me Peter. I should reward you now shouldn't I?" You run your fingers between your legs, briefly inserting one finger in, letting out a long moan. "Hear that? That's how wet I am for you. Let me show you."
You move and straddle his hips, spreading your lips with your fingers and rubbing his hard, aching cock between your wet pussy lips.
"Think you're ready for me? Hm?" You roll your hips against his cock, making another drop of cum drip onto his abs. He can't even form words anymore, he just nods his head quickly and whimpers out your name.
With a brief kiss on his lips you position yourself on top of him, nudging your opening with the tip once, twice, before you fully sink down on him without warming.
"Oh fuck!" Peter throws his head back, his hands leaving the sheets for your thighs, keeping your pinned against him, your hips fully against him. "You're so warm inside. Feels like my cock's gonna melt. God. Move. Move. Please. I need to come. I need-"
"Soon love, soon." You squeeze your cunt around him, focusing on his tip as you begin to move your hips ups and down, sinking all the way down each time. "Come when I tell you to. All of it. Make sure you give me all of it. Ready darling? Are you ready to give me all you've got?"
"Yes, yes. Anything. Everything. Please met me come. Please!" He starts to babble, his whole body shaking then snapping like a web thread once you nod his way. His hips start driving into you at full force, his cock shooting warm jets of cum deep inside your pussyhole, painting your insides white with his seed.
You're not far behind, especially when he looks so adorable and sexy underneath you. You start milking him with your cunt, intent on getting all of his cum.
"Holy shit." Peter throws his arm over his eyes, his chest rising and falling quickly along with yours. You need to brace yourself on his shoulder to stop yourself from falling over him. "That was intense."
"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." You lean down to give him another kiss, longer than the last one, brushing your tongue against his. "It feels nice to let go of responsibility and control once in a while huh?"
Peter licks his lips and takes a deep breath, "I wouldn't mind doing it more often."
"I was really hoping you'd say that. Try to last even longer next time hm?" You clench around him again, getting another spurt of cum from him in return.
"No promises." He smiles up at you as he pulls you down and moves his head so you can rest on his shoulder comfortably, "But I'll try anything for you baby."
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