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gibbledygoo · 2 days ago
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I just know the owl house has been so quiet and I can’t stand it
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pra370r1an · 2 days ago
Eda: So, let me get this straight.
Eda: Luz is dating Boots who was a bully to her.
Amity: Right.
Eda: Goops is dating that weird kid that tried to throw him in detention to take over his human club.
Gus: Uhh, yeah?
Eda: Flower girl is dating the Golden Guard who once tried to kidnap, shanghai and forcefully recruit her into the Emperor’s Coven.
Willow: Well, when you say it like that...
Eda: And finally, Vee the basilisk somehow, in the couple months shes been there, ended up dating Luz’s old bully from the human realm.
Vee: Yeah, I’m still unsure how I did that.
Eda: How the Titan are me and Raine have the most normal couple meeting story here!?
Camila: I’m pretty sure “made to duel to the death by an evil granny” quite counts as normal there Eda...
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ideologyofone · 2 days ago
You can’t tell me Raine isn’t looking at Eda in this scene
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icedmochasi · a day ago
The concept that the rebellion, especially Raine, Darius, and Eberwolf are going to be blamed for the spell going wrong, and that a great number of people will scapegoat them to cling to their image of Belos, interests me so much. 
From the outside looking in, the spell may have gone wrong and tried to kill everyone because those three had to be forced to participate and caused blacklash due to disharmony. 
The rebellion was also a well kept secret for the most part. 
Imagining them having to go into hiding, on top of everything else, is so good to me. 
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tessellated-sunl1ght · 19 hours ago
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I jsut… I really want them to be friends
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pizzaboat · a day ago
Eda internally: holy shit, Raine is good at everything
Eda externally: you suck at rebelling.. nerd..!
Eda externally: I'm sorry, you're an angel.
Raine, affectionately: I love the whiplash you give me
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bokoblincore · 2 days ago
i love how apple blood is (atleast according to the toh wiki) technically alcohol in the boiling isles..
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..and raine just casually carries it in their lunchbox to school in their teens to share with Eda, a fellow teen
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i love the owl house /srs
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akannuoli-thots · a day ago
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kanderdraw · 19 hours ago
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Doodles from the livestream yesterday. Thanks to all who stopped by. 💖
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lumitycrikey · 2 hours ago
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grimsonchin · 15 hours ago
Potential S3 concepts for Raine and Eda ? 👀
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Another concept piece
Tumblr media
[Disclaimer: this is just my take on S3 not official]
Also Raine with a mullet ? Eda with short hair?? *passes away*
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siver-designs · 22 hours ago
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Another set of The Owl House cats. This time the coven heads. I only did the ones that had some plot relevance. If the others get that i shall go and draw them as well.
Reblogs >>>>>> likes
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icedmochasi · 2 hours ago
Fingers crossed the likes of Darius, Eda, Raine, Lilith, King, Eber etc, all have updated designs as well. 
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Random TOH AU where Darius, upon his mentor’s death, discovered the secret of the Golden Guards (aka, grimwalkers), goes a little crazy and runs away with baby Hunter. Eberwolf is skeptical but agrees to help him, and the two of them enlist Raine as well. They almost get away with it, but Lilith catches them. In the spur of the moment, she panics and shoves them out a hidden escape route. The only place they can think of to go is Eda’s house. Therefore, Elder Hexside Gang (and Eberwolf) raises Hunter together.
Lilith: Oh my Titan, I can’t believe I just did that.
Raine: Why did you just do that?
Lilith: I don’t know!! Why did I just do that?!
Darius, who’s clutching the next generation of baby grimwalker to his chest: Could we do a little less talking and a little more running, perhaps?!
Lilith: I’m having a crisis of conscience here!
Eberwolf: *shoving her from behind* Do it on the move!
One escape sequence later…
Hooty, sticking his head through Eda’s window: Edaaaaaaa!!!!
Eda: *sleepy owl grumbles*
Hooty: Edaaaaaa! You have visitorsssssss!
Eda: I really don’t give a-
Hooty: Hey, isn’t one of them your ex? And they have a baby!
Eda, shooting out of bed: They have a wHA-
*Eda opens the door to Darius and Eber arguing with an increasingly hysterical Lilith and Raine standing awkwardly by, holding baby Hunter*
Eda: …
Raine: Hi?
Eda: I have questions.
Inspired by this art by Tess_Bee🐝✨ on Twitter
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tessellated-sunl1ght · a day ago
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Raine Whispers my beloved
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sunny-little-yang · 2 hours ago
the timeskip + all the kids having longer hair or getting haircuts means that in the boiling isles we could get:
short-haired eda a la echoes of the past
curly-haired lilith with her orange roots growing back in
long-haired raine, much more similar to the strangely floofy hair they had in otwat
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ordinaryschmuck · 2 days ago
If Eda and Raine Stayed Together (Part 108)
Eda, Raine, and Raine’s gang step into a pub.
Derwin: Er, Raine, can I talk to you for a second?
Raine: Sure. (To Eda) Save us a table, please.
Eda: Will do.
She, Katya, and Amber walk off to a table while Raine and Derwin hang back.
Derwin, whispering: Maybe you should tell her the truth.
Raine, whispering back: Or maybe I shouldn’t.
Derwin: Raine.
Raine: If Eda finds out I’m leading a rebellion against Belos, she’ll want to join. And I don’t want her to. I...I don’t want her to be in danger. Her curse is getting worse by the day, and it’ll only be a matter of time until it overtakes her. So, unfortunately, it’s lying for now.
Derwin: But I overheard some big news about this Day of Unity--
Raine: Day of Unity--No. Whatever that is, it’ll have to wait until later. For now, let’s get some drinks.
Derwin: Alright...
Begrudgingly, Derwin follows Raine to the table Eda picked out.
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