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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
→ PAIRING: Hwang Hyunjin x fem!reader
→ GENRE: idol!au | smut — MDNI!
→ SYNOPSIS: hyunjin struggles to contain himself during a meal, causing him to lose control.
→ WARNINGS: smut | established relationship | sub!hyunjin | dom!reader | oral (M) | use to sex toys (vibrator) | orgasm denial | public blow job | felix gets an idea of what is happening | humiliation | use of the word 'slut'
→ WORDS: 2.4k
→ requested by anon | requests are currently: closed!
Feedback and reblogs are highly advised and appreciated!
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Tumblr media
"Shhh darling. You're too loud." You coo, looking up at a flustered Hyunjin through your lashes.
"S-Sorry. Just.. too good." He hums, eyes fluttering close. His dress shirt bundled up at his stomach, his hands barely keeping it in place, back against the hard stone wall of an abandoned alleyway. His cock pulled through his boxer shorts and the zipper of his dress pants.
"Do you want people to hear how much of a slut you are? Mhm?" You cock an eyebrow, lazily stroking his saliva soaked length. He whimpers, shaking his head slowly. "Didn't think so." 
You were due to meet the member 15 minutes ago for dinner, however, Hyunjin thought it'd be a good idea to beg and whine on the way there about how good he feels, about how he desperately needs you; to feel you.
"What is it huh? You weren't like this back home. Is it because we're in public? Do you get off knowing that someone could walk by at any minute?" You tsk, rolling your eyes. Hyunjin shakes his head side to side fast, tears prickling in the lower lash line.
"I just– feel too good, y/n'' You hum, wrapping your lips around his hard, angry cock. You instantly deep throat him, throat closing around his length as you swallow. A strangled moan falls past Hyunjin's lips, his legs shaking as they struggle to support his weight.
Your feet firmly planted on the floor, legs spread wide apart, with your dress raised to the knees, giving Hyunjin a full view of your clothed core. He whimpers, watching your fingers rub your clit through the material of your lace panties.
"I wanna…touch – fuck!" You hum around his cock, ignoring his desperate plea. You flatten your tongue, stroking the underside of his cock as the sides brush up against your cheeks. Hyunjin groans, too lost in the pleasure to care if anyone can hear him.
So lost in the moment, he forgets. Forgets what he is and isn't supposed to do. His hips buck suddenly, his cock reaching deep inside your throat causing your eyes to widen and to gag. Hyunjin's eyes widen, your gagging bringing him back down to reality.
A wave of submission, fear and worry wash over him in waves as you pull his cock out of your mouth with a wet 'pop' before slowly standing up straight. You glare at him, aura overpowering and making you feel taller, bigger than you are, whilst doing the opposite to Hyunjin.
He felt so small, small as a mouse. Desperate, pathetic whimpers and pleas escape his lips. Your hand squeezes the base of his shaft as you lean in slowly.
"Did you just–?" 
"I– sorry, I didn't mean it!" Hyunjin stutters. You lick your lips slowly, watching Hyunjin tremble in front of your very eyes.
"Slut." You speak in monotone, Hyunjin swallowing thickly. Hyunjin lets out a shaky breath, your hand releasing from his shaft, disappearing into your purse.
You pull out your phone, bringing up an app before your thumb swipes on the screen. Hyunjin's eyes widen, his legs bucking beneath him. You smirk, enjoyment evident on your face as you watch your submissive boyfriend shake and struggle. The strong vibrations ripple through his body, his cock throbbing and dripping with pre-cum. 
"AH– stop, i can't… so much, too much– so good!"
"So pathetic." You tower over Hyunjin, his legs shaking. His back slowly slides down the concrete wall, desperate whimpers and sobs shake his body. "Look at you. So consumed with pleasure you can't even stand straight."
You scoff, tongue in cheek. All Hyunjin can do is nod and whimper, his mouth loosely hanging open, pants leaving his lips at a fast, erratic pace.
"Stand up and get dressed. We're late enough as it is." You giggle, turning down the strength of the vibrator so Hyunjin can at least stand straight. He fumbles with his clothing, hands shaking from pure adrenaline. You lean in, kissing his lips sweetly, your actions contradict your previous actions.
"Oh, and try not to make it obvious that you have a toy inside you. Don't want your friends to think you're a slut too. But maybe you'd like that." 
You both enter the restaurant, apologizing and making up some excuse as to why you arrive late. Hyunjin was doing his best to control himself, hide his raging hard on. His underwear soaked with his pre-cum, he could feel the material sticking to his length, the low vibrations buzzing throughout his body. He felt disgusting, humiliated; but he didn't hate it. He loves it.
You take your seats, Hyunjin sitting next to Felix. Felix kept an eye on Hyunjin, he knew something was wrong. When you're friends with someone for so many years, you learn about certain behaviors and moods. The way Hyunjin is presenting himself, shifting in his seat every so often, pausing between sentences to stop an explosion of moans escaping; he knew something was going on.
You knew Felix had an idea and that spurs you on even more. Your hand sneaks under the table as you're chatting casually to Seungmin, gliding it up Hyunjin's leg. His breath hitches in his throat as your fingers come into contact with his crotch.
You palm his length, slowly at first applying little to no pressure. You keep your idle chit chat, Hyunjin grabbing his glass of water and downing some.
"Are you okay, Hyunjin?" Felix leans in close, whispering. You squeeze Hyunjin’s crotch suddenly, a whimper escaping his lips as soon as he opens his mouth to reply to Felix. Felix blushes, as does Hyunjin. A deep shade of red.
He looks down at his lap, embarrassed and ashamed. You palm Hyunjin, adding more and more pressure the longer you carry on before pulling away; much to Hyunjin's relief. You casually pull out your phone, instantly opening the app. 
Hyunjin's head dips low, his legs shaking as his hands bawl into fists on his lap. He squeezes his eyes shut, his pants replacing his moans. You smirk, amused by his reaction as you lick your lips slowly. You feel the material of your lace underwear sticking to your folds due to your slick, the look of pure desperation on Hyunjin shaking your core.
You lean in, lips ghosting along the shell of his ear as you whisper seductively. "Poor Hyunjin. You look so desperate, it's quite cute." Your tone of voice mocking, Hyunjin shivering at your words. Felix is watching, swallowing thickly as he shuffles in his seat.
He knows.
You smirk, licking your lips, keeping eye contact with Felix. You tilt Hyunjin's chin up so he is forced to look at you. You hum, content with his lewd look. His eyes glossy, tears threatening to spill, cheeks a nice rosy red, bottom lip swollen from biting it too much.
"You're so adorable. Your eyes are begging. it turns me on." You coo, stroking his plump, swollen lip with your thumb. 
"It hurts." He whispers, his legs continuing to shake.
"What does?" You coo some more, pouting as you cock your head to the side.
"My cock. I-It hurts so much. I want to cum.." 
"You can't." You state, almost demanding. "I told you this back home. No cumming until I say so. Understand?" 
"But–" You raise your brows, your hand now gripping his face. Hyunjin whimpers, swallowing thickly.
"Not until I say so, Hyunjin. And don't even think about sneaking off to the bathroom because there will be punishment and you don't want that now, do you?"
"N-No ma'am." 
"Good boy." You smile sweetly, releasing your grip on his face. You pull your phone out, showing Hyunjin the app you've been using to control his vibrator, purposely showing Felix at the same time. Felix notices, his eyes widening and looking away as his cheeks flush pink. You smirk at his reaction, making a mental note that you would like to play with Felix, that he too, also radiates sub energy.
"D-Dont raise it anymore. Please, I beg!" Hyunjin whispers, almost on the verge of it becoming a shout. You pout, finger hovering over the screen.
"P-Please!" Hyunjin sobs. His sobs make you shiver and hum in satisfaction.
"Mhm, I do love it when you beg, almost makes me want to ride you right here, right now." You coo, rubbing your thighs together to create friction. Hyunjin shivers, his hands gripping onto his dress pants as he struggles. He lets out a pathetic whimper, loud enough for you and Felix to hear. Felix swallows thickly, trying his best to ignore the sexual tension and the situation that is currently happening beside him.
You smirk, noticing Felix struggling to compose himself. You raise a brow, licking your lips. A burning desire to play with both men tingles at the tips of your fingers. 
"Oh shut up, Hyunjin. Any louder and your friends might hear you." You coo. "Oh wait, someone already did."
Hyunjin looks at you with wide eyes. You cock your head in Felix's direction. Hyunjin slowly turns his head, his eyes meeting Felix's. Felix blushes deeply as does Hyunjin. You lean over Hyunjin's lap to speak to Felix.
"I would love to play with you two." You whisper. Both men look at each other and whimper, thoughts and scenarios rushing through their minds. You giggle before resuming your position and talking to the members.
You go back to idle chit-chat, 'ignoring' Hyunjin. You laugh, joke about with the others, joining in on the teasing and the serious conversations. You had to elbow Hyunjin and give him the stern look, secretly telling him to act normal; which is impossible when lust is coursing through his veins at lightning speed.
Deciding that Hyunjin has gone long enough with the vibrator being on low, you decided to be cruel. Sure, Hyunjin isn't going to like you for it, but he knows it's all fun and games at the end of the day. He knows you will be pampering him in kisses and praises, telling him how much of a good boy he is for you. He thrives off the praises, makes him feel good because he knows you're enjoying this just as much as he is; that's why he obeys you so much. 
You grab your phone, side eyeing Hyunjin. He's too busy talking to Chan to notice what you're about to do. He picks up his glass, taking a sip of his beverage. You smirk, increasing the vibrations to max. He splutters, coughing on the liquid.
"Are you okay?!" Chan asks, concerned as he passes Hyunjin a napkin to wipe himself clean. Hyunjin nods, not trusting his own voice. He knows if he speaks, it will come out as a pathetic squeak or worse; a moan. Felix looks over at you, then Hyunjin, then you again. You raise a brow, smirking as you wave your phone in the air. Felix understood instantly, the tips of his ears going red as he clears his throat.
He cannot deny that what you and Hyunjin are doing is turning him on. It's also making him curious. He has never seen his friend act like this before. He thought it was the other way around, but seeing you act so cocky and confident, causes his mind to race with thoughts. One thing he knows for sure, is that it's going to be a long night of pleasuring himself when he gets home.
"I–I can't! Turn it down." Hyunjin begs, his eyes filling with tears as he shakily breathes in.
"Mhm?" You look at him, pretending you didn't hear him. "Oh! You want me to turn it down?" Hyunjin nods fast, his cock straining against his clothing making it painful for him. His underwear soaked in pre-cum, sticking to his skin. He's uncomfortable. His cock hard, burning, desperate for release.
"No." You say with a grin before going back to your conversation with Jeongin.
He's so close. So close to embarrassingly making a mess in his own underwear. He's never done it before, he never plans on doing it. It's not unusual for you to tell him to hold his orgasms, but that's when he is naked. He's never had to worry about staining any of his clothing because he's never had to.
A wave of shame washes over him, desperation and eagerness. He's so close. His body threatened to betray him. The longer the vibrations carry on, the closer he becomes. His thighs burning, head dipped low so the members don't see the stream of tears falling down his face. He's in pain. He wants it, he needs it. But he doesn't want to go against your word. He's loyal to you; like a dog.
But it hurts. It's so painful. He cannot bear it any longer. His dress shirt sticking to his body due to his sweat, sweat patches forming under his armpits. His hair sticks to his forehead as he bites down harshly on his lip, drawing blood. He digs his own nails into his legs, clawing at them desperately.
He grips onto your arm desperately. You look to the side, your core throbbing at the sight of him. It takes everything in your power not to fuck him there and then. You reach out, placing a hand on his sweaty cheek and stroking it gently as you coo.
"What's wrong, baby?"  He leans into your touch, broken sobs shake his body. He forgets where he is, forgets he is with friends as he whispers;
"I'm going to cum." 
You smirk, reaching down and giving his hard cock a squeeze over his dress pants. That was the final push he needed. He grips onto your wrist, head hung low as his body shakes and convulses. Warm, sticky liquid coats his underwear, a feel of embarrassment and disgust washes over Hyunjin.
You watch your sub shake, struggling to come to terms of what he's just done. You cannot deny the fact that it was attractive. His nails dig into your skin, making you hiss. Hyunjin looks up at you with doe eyes, smiling lazily. Fucked out. That's the only way you could describe his current expression. 
"Excuse me." Felix stands up and rushes off to the bathroom, making you giggle to yourself. Clearly he heard and needed some 'alone time.'
"Shh baby. You're alright, I'm here." You coo. Hyunjin whimpers, hoping you feel sorry for his embarrassing action; but you don't. It just encourages you even more. You lean in, ghosting your lips over the shell of his ear.
"I think you need a lesson in how to behave considering you can't do that, don't you think?"
Tumblr media
→ note: wooo. idk what this is but uh, yeah. lmao! its a requests and like 'reunited', it became to long in word count for it to be a drabble and such. just a reminder (even though i have it stated at the beginning and on my pinned post) requests are closed. i need a few days to catch up, start my own stuff and just feel like myself again. i hope yall enjoy!
Tumblr media
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first time together - hyunjin
Tumblr media
pairing: hyunjin x fem!reader
word count: 2.4k
genre: fluff, smut {18+}MINORS DNI
synopsis: in which a late night at the dance studio turns steamy
warnings: smut, fingering, some nipple play, teasing, unprotected
!my content is not suitable for minors! 18+ !
my writing is intended for entertainment and do not represent any real person! the names are just used for fiction! english is my second language so there may be some grammar mistakes! this post contains mature themes. by reading more you consent to nsfw content and take all responsibility!
Tumblr media
tangled limbs strained against invisible binds as the music changed tempos. each move melting into each other fluidly with each beat. the room dimly lit from the lights on the ceiling casting a soft shadow of his long elegant form. 
the soft yet sensual movements of his body drawing you in. eyes fixated on each movement he made. losing himself to the music until it finally ends. 
all that could be heard was the soft panting and hands clapping. you were absolutely marveled at his skills. his lips casting the softest smile while finally turning his attention on you. soft looks shared from across the room. 
“like what you see?, hyunjin teased while making his way over to you.
“you know I always do,” you tease back as he sits next to you on the cold dance studio floor while grabbing his water bottle and chugging it. droplets of water going down his long neck. the soft movements of his adam's apple going up and down. his long veiny fingers wrapped around the cold wet bottle. long wet hair sticking to his forehead and neck. he finished his bottle and tossed it aside while licking his pink plump lips. then directing his attention to you and facing you.
 “you know… I can't concentrate while dancing when you look at me like how you are right now,” he teased, having caught your staring. everyone in the world would agree that your boyfriend was absolutely breathtaking. so getting all his attention and being asked to see his new dance to the song “taste” was exciting. to say you weren't eye fucking him the whole time was an understatement. you weren't together that long and haven't taken things all the way. you were barely alone together. always with him and his members, constantly interrupted at his place by a bunch of the guys shirtless eating chicken breast and ranting about the gym. 
“well you should be concentrating on me instead, so…”you teased before cracking up at your boyfriend that's giving you a disgusted face and poking you in the nose before blushing and giggling at your comment. hyunjin loved to tease you and you normally wouldn't tease him back, but you were on a roll today. blaming your hormones and watching him dance like you've never seen before.
“was my dancing okay? I've been working very hard on it so I hope it wasn't too bad. the boys said I still had to practice and fix some things before our performance,” he whines and pouts while grabbing your hand in his. your hands molding perfectly into each other with his overpowering yours in size.
hyunjin would never admit he liked skinship, but in reality he craved it and needed it to survive. he needed constant physical touch from you to feel safe and assured. 
“my love… you did amazing. I'm not lying when I say you are the best dancer I have ever watched. each movement was smooth yet calculated. you are so talented. I wish you saw yourself how I see you… perfect,” you voiced while brushing his hair behind his ear and smiling as he leaned into your touch. you loved how long his hair had gotten and how he looked with a mullet.
he couldn't describe in words what the feeling was, but he felt light and warm. whatever he does, and whatever he sees he always thinks to himself if you would like it. he thought of you both as one.
he got distracted by the thought of you while looking into your eyes. getting lost into them as you finished speaking. he brought his hand up to your cheek making you now lean into his touch. brushing his hand softly over your cheek before looking down at your lips while licking his own and looking back up to your eyes. you looked down at his lips and blushed, giving him the confirmation to kiss you.
lips pausing before the kiss. just barely touching and breathing each other's air. feeling dizzy from the attraction and need for him. 
“never seen you look at me like that before. I got to say… it's really turning me on,” he says before giving in and crashing his lips to yours. lips molding perfectly together. the hand on your cheek slowly going to your neck while the other goes to your waist. you climb onto his lap and straddle him. both of your breathing getting louder and louder as the kisses intensify. his hand on your throat slowly gets tighter while the one on your waist goes to your ass and squeezes it catching you off guard which allows him to trace your bottom lip with his tongue causing you to slightly moan. tongues meeting and rolling over each other. your hands making their way to his long hair and tugging on it causing him to let out a loud groan. It was like music to your ears causing you to start grinding your hips on his lap. eliciting a sweet moan from the both of you. actions getting hotter and hotter until he couldn't take it anymore. lips parting while you both heavily breath.
“should we move this to the couch… the floor kind of hurts,” he giggles while panting. leave it to hyunjin to be goofy and dramatic at a time like this you said to yourself.
“mhmm,” you confirmed before attaching your lips to his neck.
“then hold on tight baby,” he whispers while putting both hands on your thighs, holding firmly. he gets up from the floor with your legs straddling his waist and arms holding onto his shoulder and neck with ease as if it was nothing. In a mere second he sat you both on the couch that was in the dance studio. the same position as before with you straddling his lap, except now on the black leather couch. one hand travels back into his hair while the other travels to his shoulder before ghosting over his neck. he gives you a slap on the ass which causes you to squeeze on his neck causing the loudest moan to escape his lips. your lips break away from the kiss as he looks at you with pure lust.
“you look so good with your hands wrapped around my neck baby,” he teases before picking you up and pinning you under him. his hand now gripping your neck while the other is on your waist getting closer and closer to your breasts. his hand squeezed over your breast causing you to groan into the kiss. 
you would always catch him staring at your breasts and whenever you would cuddle he would use them as a pillow which you eventually learned was intentional and not by coincidence. his hand went to the bottom of your tank top tugging at it asking for permission to take it off. you took your hand and put it on top of his guiding it to take off your shirt. lips parting as he hungrily takes your tank top off revealing you in a pretty white lace bra. his lips attach to your neck giving you sweet soft kisses then trailing down and stopping right before he reaches your bra.
“can I kiss and touch you here baby,” he asked, biting his lip in anticipation.
“yes baby, please,” you say right away, missing his touch and wanting him to take you completely.
“always so needy,” he groans before his hand slips under your back and in one swift movement unhooks your bra. It's off in an instant. his eyes locked on the beautiful sight. you were perfect to him. he wasn't the best with his words so he wanted to show you how much he cared for you.
once he was out of his trance his tongue found his way to your hardened peak flicking and swirling while his hand squeezes and flicks the other causing you painful but intoxicating sensations. he takes his time looking up at you and seeing what you like the best while moving onto the other hardened peak showing the same attention being more aware of what you liked.
you gripped his hair hard causing him to let go and giggle at your neediness for a second before attaching his lips to yours once again. your hands travel to his chest running up and down. one hand slowly goes towards his crotch lightly touching it while taking your hand away as if you hadn't done that causing him to groan and let go of your lips while sitting up and taking his shirt off before hungrily bringing his lips back to yours. your hands roam back to his crotch rubbing him up and down through his pants. hyunjin was not shy about making noise. he was moaning loudly into your kiss and making the sweetest noises, making you excited to hear him when he finally was inside you. hyunjin breaks your kiss and leans his forehead on yours, panting at how breathless he was.
“we don't have to do this… we can stop here… we are on a dusty sofa that isn't fit for a queen like you,” he said calmly until he laughed at the end when he said you were queen. hyunjin might have cringed at himself for saying that out loud, but he truly saw you as just that. when he dates someone its because he truly has deep feelings for them. you were his everything. you giggled with him then grabbed his face with both hands and looked into his eyes and gave him a kiss on the nose which caused him to scrunch his face and look at you with a pout. 
“my love… we could be almost anywhere and I wouldn't care… as long as I'm with you that's all that matters,” you voiced. he smiled warmly and kept eye contact. you knew he wasn't the best with his words, but you both had a way of understanding each other without words. he leaned back in and devoured your lips in a kiss. Your hands going straight for his waistband of his sweatpants and tugging. he took the sign and gave you one last peck before getting off of you and standing up.
his long fingers slowly made his way from his chest to his waistband when he finally stripped himself of his pants and boxers causing his hard long length to bounce up and slap his stomach. In the dim room you could see the pre cum on his tip glistening. you licked your lips causing him to smirk before reaching you again.
“I know you're on birth control, but do you want me to use a condom?” he grunts when you wrap your hands around his hard length spreading the pre cum with your fingers down his length before letting go causing him to whine and pout at you like the drama queen he is.
“no baby,” you seductively moan when his hands reach your waistband and takes them off in an instant. still standing next to you he plays with you and runs his long fingers over your panties to feel how wet you are. you cant help but whine.
“you're cute when you're whining for more… tonight I'll pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams,” he mutters before taking your panties off and climbing back on the couch above you. he latches his lips back on you while running his fingers over your wet folds. teasing you sliding up and down barely entering his fingers until you whine some more. he finally shoves two fingers inside you causing you to moan into his mouth. his fingers curving and hitting that spot that felt so good pumping in and out of you. adding a third finger stretching you some more and getting you ready for him. the closer you got to release the louder you got. he started pumping his fingers in and out of you erratically while you moved your hips with the rhythm losing composure. your kisses get sloppy with your nerves on fire, your hips jerk and you release on his fingers. he kisses you gently before letting go and putting his fingers in his mouth slowly savoring your taste. 
“I need you jinnie,” you whine, needing him to fill you up. he chuckles and smirks looking down at you.
“are you sure you want this,” he says, features softening while looking into your eyes for any discomfort. 
“yes jinnie, I do… I want you,” you reply with a smile. he gives you a peck on the forehead before lining himself up to your wet core. looking at you one last time before slowly pushing his long hard length into you. 
sweet moans leave both of your mouths as you adjust to his size. once adjusted he slowly rolls his hips, filling you up and massaging your inner walls. thrusting harder and harder feeling your juices spilling out knowing he's hitting the right spots for you.
“you look even more beautiful with my length in you,”he rasped in your ear. the breath tickling your ear and starting to make you dizzy from arousal.
moans leaving your mouth with each thrust. music to his ears causing him to grunt deeply knowing he's hitting all those spots for you and driving you over the edge.
raising his body up and lifting one of your legs putting them on his shoulder. hitting all new spots you didn't think were possible. eyes never leaving his as his slim muscular build contracts with each hard thrust and contorts with each pump. a long veiny hand coming to your wet nub and rubbing it vigorously. 
“god you're so beautiful,” he rasps. 
head dizzy, all that was on your mind was one another. feeling as one and feeling intoxicated with the other. wanting to feel good, but make the other feel just as good.
“f-fuck,” you whimper feeling yours walls flutter around his hard throbbing length. eyes rolling back as you clench on him and you release.
hips thrusting into you even harder and sloppier, overstimulating your wet core as he jerks flooding you with his cum. letting out a loud sweet moan from those pretty pink lips.
collapsing on top of you. refusing to let you go and wanting to stay buried in you. he felt safe. finally looking up at you, he stares into your eyes and looks at your lip giving you the sweetest peck. he takes one hand and intertwines it with yours.
“you make me so happy….. I feel like you and I are one…. I love you… and I want to be loved by you… you're my angel,” he whispers looking into your eyes, hopeful that you feel the same.
“I love you too jinnie… and I always will,” you whisper back. both smiling and giggling like idiots savoring this moment.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day 7 of CHRISTMAS EVEL (07/12/22) // STAYC – Beautiful Monster
CONTENT INFO: hyunjin x afab reader, demon!hyunjin, human!reader, bestfriend!hyunjin, secret identity, nonidol!au, college!au, bestfriends2lovers, a bit fluff
WARNING: dom!hyunjin, sub!reader, fingering, squirting, dumbification, hyunjin “hypnotises” reader (part of his demon power) but after they’ve consented many times, mind reading, praise kink, corruption kink, name calling (angel, good girl)
The characters do not portray any of the skz members in real life, the names are just used for fiction. Also minors do not interact, this post contains mature themes. By clicking on “read more” you consent to nsfw content.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin hates himself for it but he simply can’t help it. Whenever you’re near, whenever your skin brushes over his all so slightly, he can’t hide his real self anymore. He knows, it’s his duty to keep it a secret, not reveal the secret identity to a human being, an innocent human being like you are.
But the problem is, his true self always does the worst job whenever he’s feeling you being a little bit too close for his likings or rather for his desires. It makes him sick, it makes his stomach twist for two certain reasons – first, you’re his best friend, you have been for two years now since that frat party in the beginning of your first semester of college. Second, he’s not allowed to show his true identity, he’s sworn an oath from a young age.
After all, Hyunjin is a demon, a creature of darkness, a beautiful monster and not supposed to be in a humans’ world but the odds have never been in his favour, deciding his destiny was to work as a spy for the evil kingdom.
It was all so easy – until he met you and slowly fell in love.
So he’s in the worst position right now. It has all started so innocently just like it always does, a movie night sharing some popcorn and drinks, cuddling under a blanket like the both of you always do, until, somehow, your head landed on his lap, revealing a grown problem in his pants.
Hyunjin feels embarrassed, it’s always hard to hide his attraction towards you, especially on movie nights when you’re so close to him. He knows you don’t have a problem with physical touch, that’s why he’s expecting you to just brush it off, pretend you haven’t noticed.
But what Hyunjin hasn’t had in mind yet is the fact that you feel similar towards him – you’ve waited for this moment from the beginning as well, contemplating just making the first move already.
“Want me to help you, Jinnie?” You ask him totally straightforward and confident – while internally screaming, you can’t believe your best friend feels the same attraction you do. So you hope you don’t mistake his bulge poking at the fabric of his jeans for something different, he’s a man after all and you’re watching a movie together, it could be because of something else as well.
“P-Pardon?” He questions even though he’s understood you perfectly, he just can’t realise it yet. 
“S-Sorry, that was a dumb idea.” 
Hyunjin wants to stop himself. He has to, he needs to, he totally should. But it’s getting unbearable, all these movie nights and the fact that his heart longs for more makes him even more desperate.
“No, it wasn’t. It’s just– I really like you, Y/N,” he confesses, making you sit upright now, looking into his eyes – his usual dark brown shade which sometimes changes colours, you could swear, turning almost pitch black.
“Hyunjin, I like you too. I like you more than just a friend.” His gaze flickers down to his hands laying in his lap, nervously fidgeting, and even though he wants to do a little happy dance, finally knowing you feel the same things back, he can’t because he knows it’s hopeless.
“That’s not the problem, Y/N,” his head snaps up again, as he stares into your eyes and you could swear he reaches your soul with it, coldness running down your spine at the thought, “I have a dark secret I can’t tell you.”
You sigh, contemplating what the mystery behind Hwang Hyunjin might be, “Jinnie, whatever it is, I’m okay with it. You’re the only person I care about and I would do anything for you.”
He has to stop himself, the idea of you following each and every of his commands doesn’t only turn his eyes into their real nature, it also makes the uncomfortable tightness in his trousers reappear.
“Y/N, there’s so much more behind it– and regarding the other topic, once we start I won’t be able to stop, okay?” He’s honest and that’s all you value. “I trust you, okay? I’ve wanted this for so long and there’s really nothing that could ever come between us.”
Hyunjin swallows the lump in his throat that’s been built. “I want this too,” Hyunjin takes another deep breath, “but you need to know, once we’re intimate, I might become a different person– I really mean it, please don’t freak out.”
“Is it about your eyes turning black? Don’t worry about that Jinnie, you’re a– what? Demon? Half-demon? I’ve read enough about it and your secret is safe with me.”
Well, he can’t help it but his mouth instantly falls agape at that confession, “You’ve known?!” You chuckle, already making your way closer to him again, “Of course but it’s okay you haven’t told me, I understand.”
“Thank you,” he says, meaning it. Out of a sudden, you crawl on top of him, straddling his lap now, as you lay your arms on his shoulders. “What are you waiting for? Ruin me, demon boy.”
And with that, his lips crash into yours and it’s a kiss that can’t be compared to any other person before, you’re instantly hypnotised just by the mere fact of his mouth laying on yours and in the back of your mind you realise now why he’s valued your consent so much – he really won’t be able to stop and neither will you.
When his tongue slowly enters, dancing together with yours, you notice your thoughts escaping and the sensations you’re granted possessing your whole mind. As if you’re under a spell, you allow him to flip you onto the sofa, as he’s hovering over you and faster than you’re able to realise, one of his hands is already sneaking under your nightgown.
In a normal state, in a situation with any other person you would curse yourself for not wearing any underwear but tonight you’re thankful since it’s making everything easier for the both of you. Hyunjin’s fingers find their way between your wet folds, smearing the precum all over them, before he slides them inside without any effort.
Pumping in and out of you, it’s the first time now he’s looking at you again and you swear, you could faint at the sight. His eyes have turned into total darkness, a shade of black you can’t compare with anything else – even darker than the night.
“You’re so good for me, all wet just for me, angel,” he whispers and if you were capable of thinking anything logical, you would wonder if it’s a coincidence he calls you by that specific nickname being the opposite to his identity.
“It is, angel, I absolutely adore the idea of an innocent girl like you being ruined and turned into evil by none other than me.”
Okay, so he can read your mind.
He can WHAT?!
But you can’t complain, you simply can’t, you’re completely possessed by now – not just by his nature but also the fact that he’s driving you closer and closer to the edge that’s indicating your climax. With the squelching sound coming from between your legs and his other hand now around your throat, adding light pressure to the sight, you know you can’t resist any longer.
“I know you’re close, I know what you’re thinking, angel. Be a good girl, come on,” he whispers and so you do. A mixture of moans and the scream of his name echoes through the room, drowning out the sound of the TV that you’ve forgotten about a long time ago, you cum all over his hands – more than you'd expected.
Liquids are spilling and running out of you, as the tingling sensation spreads through your veins, while your vision gets filled with bright white stars, glittering in front of your eyes – the total opposite to Hyunjin’s demon eyes.
When you open your own again and slightly shift your position, you notice a wet patch on the blanket underneath the both of you. 
“Did I just–“ you can’t seem to finish the question.
“Hm, you did. And you were so pretty doing it,” Hyunjin praises you. Once you’ve come back again, everything feels normal, exactly like before – your best friend turned lover’s eyes are brown again but his problem is still prominent.
“Wanna keep going, Jinnie?”
And once your words find their way into his ears, his eyes turn into darkness again.
Tumblr media
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cb97percent · 23 hours
DAECHWITA: Chapter 6
Tumblr media
“May I ask for the reason?” Because I can’t stand the endurance test of being desperately in love with your son anymore. I fold.
Tumblr media
Chapter 6: Scents and Sensibility
📜5.3K words | Approx. 25-min. read 🚨Please see the series masterlist for general warnings: Semi-public sex, breeding kink, oral sex, creampie, unprotected sex. 📻Accompanying soundtrack 💭Reblogs & comments are always appreciated and please keep in mind they are the ultimate motivation fuel. 🍮Like my content? Consider supporting my work with a pudding!
Tumblr media
Time was moving in excruciatingly slow motion, and you weren't able to tell exactly how many days had passed. Although it felt like months to you, the weather was still a bit chilly, so apparently the season's hadn't changed. The clouds were as dark as ever, raining gloom on The Forbidden Grounds non-stop. The earthy scent rising from the ground hurt like hell every time it hit your nostrils because it reminded you of Chris.
The older prince. Your one and only.
Word got out that he was sick. You were also worried sick for a while because you didn't know what exactly was wrong with him. There was nobody around that you could ask, and the corridor his chambers were located in was not convenient for a quick breaking and entering to satisfy your curiosity.
Right after that disastrous night, Chris was besieged by Hyunjin’s eyes. He had been watching his older brother from afar ever since.
The younger prince. Your sworn enemy.
Hyunjin was sure some ugly consequences were going to follow, but the blow he kept expecting on pins and needles never arrived. Unlike his own natural tendencies, Chris didn’t do anything to get even out of spite; he was too busy hurting over you.
He was wilting.
“Your medicine, young master,” Mina entered Chris’ chambers with a small tray in her hands, interrupting the poem he was in the middle of reading in his bed.
“You don’t have to sound so sullen, Mina. It’s just a cold,” Chris uttered from his nose and sat up in his bed, “I’ll be up and running in no time.”
“Just a cold has been around for three weeks, young master. Overstaying its welcome, if you ask me,” the old woman placed the tray on the nightstand and handed her shadow-son his pills with a tall glass of water. Just then, a gentle knock was heard on the door.
“May I come in?”
“Your highness,” Mina bowed and left the room as Hyejin walked in with a small plate in her hand. She sat down on the bed and caressed her son’s hair, eyes shadowed by worry.
“How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine, mother,” Chris coughed his lungs out.
He would never say how bad he was feeling out loud, physically or emotionally, but he didn’t have to. Although he would stubbornly ride out whatever he was hurting from until it cooled off, it didn’t take a genius to figure out he was lying. This time around, however, Hyejin knew it wasn’t the almost-pneumonia that was tearing her baby to shreds. She was way too familiar with the symptoms of heartbreak for her own good.
“Look what I have for you, Chrissy,” she held the plate at his eye level.
For any other person, the answer was ‘apples’, but for Chris it wasn’t. 
To begin with, there were three kinds of apples: you had your reds, your greens, and your yellows. Favoring sweets over sours, Chris had never been that fond of green apples—the only thing pleasant about them was the scent. While Hyunjin’s preference was red apples, Chris loved the yellow ones, but not solely because of the taste. Hyejin would always carve little bunnies out of the fruit for her boys, and there was no such thing called red bunnies now, was there?
On that rainy afternoon, Chris was still feeling like he had been hit by an eighteen-wheeler, in the weakest condition he had ever been in, but seeing that plate full of apple bunnies, an endeared smile manifested itself right under his reddened nose.
Tumblr media
“Your highness.”
You walked into the queen’s chambers to meet her at your request for once. Even though that wasn’t an etiquette day, she still had her little kettle of green tea ready, the jasmine scent filling up the entire room like she had been burning incense for the past hour or so.
“To what do I owe the pleasure?” she asked after clinking her glass spoon at the edge of her porcelain cup three times.
This wasn’t a rushed decision. You had thought about it until you almost drove yourself crazy, trying to see it from every angle possible, to estimate every possible consequence if you were to actually go through with it. Whether trying to survive this storm was going to be worth it in the long run.
“I would like to leave this estate.”
Even if it meant a part of you was going to die.
“Is that so?” Hyejin put her cup back on the saucer softly, “Do you think it’s a wise decision considering you are so close to your graduation?”
“I can still finish my studies by not residing here, your highness.”
“May I ask for the reason?”
Because I can’t stand the endurance test of being desperately in love with your son anymore. I fold.
“The purpose of me for being here was to figure out an end plan for my academic career through intensive education, and I believe I have done so, your highness.”
“So your end plan is being a jack of all trades but master of none?” Hyejin tilted her head with a soft smile, “It doesn’t seem like much has changed since the first time I saw you.”
Little did she know everything had changed since the first time you saw her. Your heart was beating for two now, and it was pumping pain into your veins one memory per second. Her excellency, on the other hand, gave you the one answer you weren’t expecting of her.
“I believe you wouldn’t object to a little condition.”
Of course. When wasn’t there ever a condition? Your entire life had turned into a compilation of your initials on some paper somewhere.
“What is it?”
“Christopher personally trains with The Grandmaster on Fridays. Since he will be away this week, you can take over for him.”
You didn’t know what to be more bewildered about. Her excellency readily accepting your decision? Her only condition to let you go being something seemingly so simple? Or…
“My… My father has been coming to the grounds?”
“For the past fifteen years.”
“Excuse me?!”
“Raising your voice is not very civilized and is indeed very rude.”
You bowed your head in apology, embarrassed of not being able to control your emotions. But still, fifteen years? How come you weren’t aware of this all this time? You did an instant replay of the past fifteen years of your life in your mind at maximum speed, trying to remember a detail you must have missed.
‘He has nothing but my admiration.’
Once. He had only talked about it once. It was when you were sixteen or so. When your father was training his seventh dan clan, he did say nobody was able to execute those patterns as well as the older prince. 
You had completely forgotten about this.
“Why wasn’t I allowed to see him, your highness?”
“It wasn’t a question of not being able to allowed, child,” Hyejin carried on with her explanation, “I know for a fact you always have your Fridays full. He most likely didn’t want to interrupt your studies.”
“How convenient,” you muttered between your teeth.
“Rest assured he was able to see you no matter from how afar.”
Afar. It seemed like this was the only way people could see each other on these cursed grounds.
“Why is he not able to come in this Friday?”
“I have been informed he is going away to inspect some land for his cherry orchard.”
You beamed at her words. So he was finally considering retirement and go after his one dream. An immediate uneasiness started spreading in your chest at the prospect of messing this up for your fath–
“Your highness, me leaving this estate wouldn’t have any effect on my father’s retirement plans, would it? I’m begging you, please don’t–”
“If I may be completely frank with you, it would about a year ago,” Hyejin interrupted your pleas, “but not anymore.”
Really? What exactly was different between a year ago and now? This whole ordeal seemed fishy for some reason like everything that went down under these curvy roofs.
“So I train his grace for one day, and I’m free to go?”
Relief, suspicion, resentment, hope… You were feeling so many things at once, and it made you slightly nauseous. There was also the cherry on top that was seeing Chris again. One last time. You hadn’t seen each other since that night although you really wanted to. You wanted to talk things out, to make things right again between you, but it seemed like Chris wasn’t willing to. It wasn’t like you were as pure as driven snow, but he didn’t even attempt to see you despite his excessively cruel words. It stung so much that you couldn’t bring yourself to make the first move. It might have actually worked in your benefit because if you did swallow your pride and everything ended up peachy again, you were never gonna be able to find the courage to leave. 
And you had to leave because you knew for a fact this was a world you didn’t belong to. You looked at her excellency and requested with the most purposeful tone you could produce.
“Then I want it in writing.”
Tumblr media
It’s for the best.
You watched the little koi pond from the dojo window and kept repeating that to yourself over and over again, trying your utmost best not to reminisce about your memories with Chris here. His perfect stance. His flawless technique. The sound of his little laugh. The way he bit into his lips when he was embarrassed.
You turned around with the voice and your heart dropped to your stomach. God, you fucking hated it. You hated it, you hated it, you hated it. You hated the urge to immediately hug him. You hated the sandalwood scent that filled the entire hall. He was as surprised as you were, but what filled his eyes was much more noticeable than how taken aback he was.
“Wh–What are you doing here?”
“Training you.”
“Actually, I happen to train with the grandmaster of…”
“...The Dragon Pride Dojo, yes, I know. He happens to be my father, your grace.”
Chris’ surprise had turned into pure shock by then, his jaw dropping all the way to the floor.
“He speaks very highly of your skills,” you approached the sword holder, and grabbed the one resting in the middle of the rack, “I didn’t know back then the older prince was you, of course.”
You walked back to the middle of the spacious room and pointed to the delicately ornate weapons.
“Please pick up your sword.”
Chris eventually snapped out of it and made his way right in front of you with his usual sword under his firm grip. Number two with a black handle. You gracefully bowed to each other because respect was of paramount importance when it came to the arts of Mars.
You promptly began your demonstration of the advanced patterns. He was supposed to watch it first, then practice the moves alongside you, and attempt using them against you. Although you were not looking at him directly, you could feel how his gaze was fixated on you, photocopying every single movement into his mind. When you finished the pattern choreography, he walked up to you with firm steps and you began instructing him in a much slower pace this time. It had been a while since you were in such close contact with each other.
“You’ll be on the offense. Execute the first, second, and fifth degree patterns, then attempt to disarm me with what you’ve just learned. Sword at the ready, please.”
You hated it. You hated how much dignity and honor his tall stance was exuding. You hated how his fiery eyes were tainted with blotches of heartbreak. You hated how you were a part of the reason he was so aggressive with his attack as if he was trying to slash his resentment in half. The only sounds reverberating in that room were panting, grunting, soles of feet harshly stomping on the floor, and razor-sharp blades clashing against each other. 
At long last, Chris knocked your sword out of your grip with the move he was able to copy to a T. Both of you were waiting for the other to say something, anything, so that the puss of this restlessness would ooze out the tiniest bit to provide some relief, but no dice. You couldn’t take it anymore and uttered with your eyes still on the floor. 
“I’m sorry for not telling you about Hyunjin sooner.”
He didn’t seem to be ready to talk about this, but you had run out of time. It was either now or never.
“I really am,” you interrupted him, “I can’t undo the past, but I can control how much it affects my present. And it can’t.”
You looked up to face him, afraid to witness traces of loathing under his furrowed brows, but the only thing you were able to see was regret. A faint, defeated smile climbed on the corner of your lips.
“I just need you to know you own my heart, Chris. I really need you to know that.”
His stern expression dissolved and he parted his mouth to say something. It was apparent that he was struggling as much as you did to find the right words.
“I’m sorry for saying what I said,” he managed to utter averting his eyes from yours, “I know it wasn’t fair, but it hurt me so bad that I just… I just wanted to…”
“Hurt me back?”
He hated it. No matter the reason, he hated how much pain he inflicted on you. It was indeed a heat of the moment thing, and he hated to admit it, but it was true. He nodded.
You at least appreciated the honesty.
“Well, I guess… this is goodbye, your grace.”
Your words instantly riddled Chris with panic and worry, his widened eyes screaming disbelief. He shook his head in denial.
“What? What goodbye? What…”
“I’m leaving this estate tomorrow.” 
With every word you uttered, he was becoming more aghast than his first glimpse of you in the dojo that day. Your vision was completely blurred with a wall of tears by then, and you weren’t able to control the crack in your voice anymore.
“You were the best thing that has ever happened to me,” you forced the most synthetic smile through your tears, “I will never forget you.”
Your feet started to lead you to the door as if you were a marionette controlled by someone. Before you could even complete your third step, you heard the loud crash of a sword dropping on the ground.
When you turned around, you saw Chris walking towards you with hasty steps.
“No, I won’t let you.”
He harshly pulled you towards him and locked his lips on yours like he was squeezing a handful of sand in his hands. If he loosened his grip the smallest measure, you were going to slip away for good. He couldn’t have that. He would rather die than letting you go again.
“Please,” he spoke against your mouth with his eyes still closed, “I can’t stand being without you. Please don’t do this to me.”
His soft lips felt like home. His warm skin under your fingertips felt like a safe haven. His scent felt like an ice cube dragged over your scorched heart. You found yourself pinned against the inkwash-painted beige wall, readily handing the key to your soul to the only man ever. The love of your life. Your soulmate.
“I’m begging you. You know we belong together.”
You were never not missing Chris. You never not wanted him to touch you, to feel you through whatever means. Every time you let him inside you, you felt complete. It didn’t matter where you were or what you were doing. Even when you were in between your sheets, even when you were in his car, or even when you were trapped under his frame against a wall, it just felt like the purest form of love to ever exist. You kept moaning into each other’s mouths, desperately trying to feel each other in the rawest way possible while cursing at all that time you chose to spend apart.
“I miss you,” you threw your arms around his neck, “God, I miss you every minute of every day.”
“Don’t… Don’t go to him,” Chris managed to utter, “Stay with me. Choose me.”
“Look at me.”
You held his face between your hands and drowned in those doe eyes that ripped your soul out of you every single time.
“It’s always you.”
Chris unleashed himself on your lips again, and not too long after, you felt his warmth spilling inside you, covering you like a cozy embrace through and through. He pressed his forehead against yours while trying to catch his breath.
“If you’re– If you’re really gonna leave, spend the night with me. Please.”
“The night? No.”
“Baby, pl–”
“No, I’m not gonna wait until the night. I’m not waiting for one more fucking second,” you spat and ordered him, “Leave the dojo five minutes after me and come to my room.”
You fixed yourself and dashed to your building to wait and wait and wait. It felt like you had been waiting for hours when you finally heard your door slide open.
“Oh, thank god.”
You buried your nose in his neck, inhaling as much of him as your lung capacity allowed you to. Who the fuck even needed oxygen when Chris existed?
“I missed your scent so much.”
“Nothing is worth being away from you,” he uttered in between his rushed kisses, “Nothing.”
You had run out of time to waste. That was a luxury neither of you were able to afford anymore. You stripped each other with hurried, clumsy movements and took shelter under in between your sheets.
“Inside me. Now.”
“Are you– Are you wet enou–?”
Chris bottomed out with one sharp thrust, eliciting a breathless moan out of you in the meantime.
“God, yes. Yes!” he lost a piece of his sanity sinking inside your tightness once more, “Never leave me without you again.”
You intertwined your fingers with his, and begin to kiss his soul out of him again. You didn’t want to be away from him even for one second; the skin-to-skin contact was to be maintained at all times because otherwise, you were simply going to implode.
“I love you so damn much,” you whispered to him, “Harder.”
“I don’t– I don’t wanna hurt y–”
“We’ve wasted enough time apart. Harder!”
He rammed himself into you like he wanted to rail you flat. Words were not enough to express how much you had missed that delicious pressure between your legs.
“FUCKING CHRIST!” you squeezed his hands, “Just like that, baby. Give it to me.”
“Anything my girl wants. Kiss me.”
His girl. Every time he called you his anything, the butterflies in the pit of your stomach picked up their civil war where they left off.
“Anything my man wants,” you caressed his hair, “God, I’m so in love with you.”
You could feel him smiling into your lips. Every time he smiled at you, you felt your whole entire existence melt away.
“Anything, huh?”
Chris slowed down his pace, and his voice changed into a much deeper and huskier tone.
“What if I wanna mark you?” he moaned into your ear, “I wanna cum inside you again. Wanna mark my territory for good.”
“Not if I mark you first,” you gently bit into his earlobe, and started dragging your nails on all over his body. You were scratching his ink-adorned arm, his back, his torso, and marking hickeys on his neck while Chris was deliriously moaning, loving the claim you were posing on him.
“Mine,” you bit into his lips, “You’re mine.”
He pulled out of you, and pushed your legs all the way back to the headboard while practically drooling at the sight in front of him.
“You know why I love putting you in this position?”
He grabbed your hands and placed them right under your knees, urging you to hold that position until told otherwise. You watched him descend between your legs with your breath hitched in your throat.
“Two things. One: your dripping wet cunt is on full display for me. You look so vulnerable and I fucking love that.”
Chris closed his lips on your pussy and started slurping on you in earnest. You pushed his head down for more pressure and kept rolling your hips against his face until the vibrations of his moans against your clit prompted an explosive orgasm.
You loved it when his mouth was stained with you. You fucking loved watching him lick you off his lips.
“And two…” he kissed your thighs and got on his knees, “I have a higher chance of knocking you up like this.”
You felt his rock hard cock slide right into you so easily because of how wet you still were. Chris changed his angle to reach the most secluded corners of you.
“Ah, fuck, that’s deep.”
“I know. I know how my queen likes it.” 
His queen. That was the first time he called you that.
“She likes it deep, and she likes it hard,” he held onto your ankles to keep you in place, “She fucking loves it when I play with her rough.”
You still hadn’t properly come down when he started fucking you again, and you could feel yourself still slightly throbbing around him. You watched him throw his head back with a groan and a smile due to intense pleasure. Seeing him get lost in pure rapture was way more satisfying than an orgasm.
“Wouldn’t that be great, baby?” Chris spoke in between his rhapsodic moans, “Just the thought of you carrying our child drives me fucking insane.”
“Don’t say things like that.”
Because you were losing your goddamn mind over it, and of course he would notice. Of course he would notice how you were clenching around him. Of course he would notice how you were getting wetter, making him feel like he was getting licked inside you.
“I promise I’ll take such good care of you,” he kept pounding into you with a somewhat soothing voice, “I won’t let a day pass by without making you cum hard in return. Would you like that?”
You lost control of the decibel of your moans over his fantasy promises, and Chris took that opportunity to start massaging your clit to drive you crazier.
“You’re gonna wake up cumming in my mouth every morning. Then I’ll fuck you so good you’re gonna be on a permanent ecstasy high.”
You were writhing under him by then, but he didn’t stop running that mouth of his.
“I’ll massage all your sore spots with kisses. I’ll make love to you until you fall asleep in my arms.”
Chris was speaking with so much intention that you weren’t sure whether it was make-believe or not anymore. His words started to fluster you in the best way possible. 
“You can ask for anything from me, baby. You can do anything you want to me.”
“Because I’ll be carrying your child?”
“Because you are you,” he slowed down and leaned into your face, “Anything for you.”
Only Chris was capable of doing this to you—making your heart swell in your chest while turning you on like crazy. You instinctively cupped his cheeks and kissed his face off.
“Do it,” you looked into his darkened eyes still filled with adoration, “Fill me up with you.”
He started going faster and his breathing started becoming labored with every thrust.
“Shit, I’m so close.”
“I need you. I need all of you.”
“Baby, I’m–”
You wrapped yourself all around him and trapped him in your leglock.
“I can ask for anything, huh?” you chuckled, “Then I want my man to unload inside me.”
“Ah, fuck!”
You let Chris ride out his high and collapse on your chest to catch his breath, stroking his hair and placing little kisses on his head all the while. He came down not too long after and hit you with a proposition that you never expected in a million years.
“Let’s leave. Together. Start a life away from here,” he squeezed your hands and kissed them, “I don’t want anything else than to be with you.”
“Are you out of your goddamn mind?!” you exclaimed with your eyes all widened.
“Actually, no. I can totally picture it,” he proceeded to paint you a word picture with a tranquil smile on his face, “We’re sharing a life together at a place by the sea. We have two kids, and–”
“Yes, but I want four.”
“You’re gonna give birth to them I guess.”
“Hey, I’m gonna have my little badass band, okay? Medicine will catch up. I’ll give birth to the other two.”
You erupted into a fit of laughter, infecting Chris in the meantime. He brushed his fingers on your cheeks and continued.
“I want a life with you, baby. I’m not saying let’s get married tomorrow, but… eventually,” he spoke in a calm but serious manner, “There are too many things I want to experience with you.”
“Like what?”
Chris placed a kiss on your forehead and pulled you into a tight embrace.
“Like life. An ordinary life where we can finally breathe easy.”
Tumblr media
The arrangements were complete. A designated chauffeur drove you to the address you provided him, which wasn’t actually your home. 
“5 PM at The Marina Square. Wait for me by that cotton candy stall.”
Chris had mentioned that there were things he needed to tell you first. About his past, about what he was doing prior to his imprisonment, about why they were trapped on the grounds in the first place, and apparently about the double life he used to lead. Once you met, you were supposed to go to the house he claimed to have grown up in, and basically spend some time planning for a future together. Where you could live, what you could do for a living, when he would officially meet your father, and all that jazz.
6 PM. 7 PM. 8 PM.
You waited and waited and waited for hours, but Chris never showed up. Your heart had been broken before, but this was the first time you felt it shattering into a million pieces. Like a bunch of pie crust promises. It had started raining when you hailed a cab to go to the only place you knew, and it didn’t stop raining on your face the whole way back. You knocked on the door, and when it opened you immediately asked before even exchanging greetings.
“Please say yes.”
“You don’t even know what I’m gonna say.”
“I don’t need to,” your superhero pulled you into his embrace, “It’s always a yes for you, sweetheart.”
All the floodgates cracked open with that ‘sweetheart’ and all the sobs you were suppressing for months, every time you felt lonely, every time you were longing rushed like a torrent. You buried your face in your father’s chest and cried and cried and cried to your heart’s content as if somebody died.
“Please forgive me. Please. I’ve done the best I could. I’m so sorry,” you grabbed a fistfuls of his shirt like you were in immeasurable agony, “I’ve made so many mistakes, dad. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
Minhyuk didn’t do anything besides caressing your back under that downpour and letting you cry out whatever burden your mind was crawling with. Only when you started losing your voice did he place a kiss on your forehead and finally spoke.
“Nothing is worth these tears, sweetheart. Nothing.”
Perception was a fascinating thing. In less than fifteen minutes, you were in front of the fireplace with your father again as if you had never left. As if the past twoish years had never happened. The only thing reminding you that all of it was indeed real was this unbearable pain settling in your chest like a tumor. Minhyuk resolved to not ask you any big questions until you felt ready to talk about this.
“What if they try to do something to you, dad?” you asked, having massively calmed down by then and still watching the fire with furrowed brows.
“This is not the Middle Ages, you know that right? They don’t throw people into dungeons anymore,” Minhyuk chuckled, “Why would they try to do something to me?”
You heaved a deep sigh and vomited everything about your initial deal with the queen like a machine gun. You were expecting your father to be outraged, or at least slightly surprised, but he just sat there, listening to you intently. When you were finished, it was his turn to take a deep breath.
“Sweetheart, can I ask you something?”
“What is it, dad?”
He examined your face attentively and posed a question that had actually never occurred to you before.
“Didn’t you ever find it odd that there is only one royalty with a foreign name?”
King Yoongi. Queen Hyejin. Prince Hyunjin. Prince Christopher.
“I didn’t really care for it much, but your tone tells me I should have,” you responded all intrigued, “What’s going on, dad?”
Minhyuk got up to bring you a fluffy pillow from your room and placed it in front of the fireplace.
“It’s been a very long ride so far. How about you sleep on it for now?” he kissed your forehead, “We’ll talk later, okay?”
Yes, the curiosity was there. Yes, you felt like whatever your father was going to tell you will be followed up with a thousand and three questions by you, and you had absolutely no energy left for any of that. You just placed your head on your pillow and closed your eyes to drift to one of the most peaceful sleeps of your life.
There was indeed no place like home.
Tumblr media
Chris headed to the courtyard around 4.30 PM with sturdy steps and without any luggage to not arise any suspicion. If anybody asked him where he was going, he was just going to say ‘For a ride’. You know, like he always did. To clear his mind. To breathe for a little while. His car was waiting for him at his usual spot along with two armed guards, one next to the driver’s seat door and the other right in front of the car.
“Do you mind?” Chris unlocked the doors from afar, but the two men stopped him from going inside the vehicle.
“Your excellency, we need to escort you back to the queen’s chambers.”
“What are you doing?” Chris started to get antsy when the guards held onto his arms.
“This way please, your grace.”
“Let me GO!”
His mother always had the worst timing when it came to seeing her son for whatever trivial reason, but more importantly, Chris was on borrowed time. If he didn’t leave soon, he was most certainly going to be late. Not only did he not have the means to reach you directly, but there was something else causing him to get more anxious with each passing second.
What if you weren’t there when he eventually did make it to you?
The guards pulled the doors to the queen’s chambers open, and Chris rushed in, making it crystal clear that he was in a hurry.
“Mother, can we please make this quick? I have prior engagements I need to attend to.”
The chambers were really dark, and Hyejin didn’t feel the need to turn on the lights or light a candle. Yet, Chris was still able to discern the shadow behind the desk waiting for him while stirring a porcelain cup in their hands. 
“Hello, brother,” a velvety voice greeted him with a smile, “Going somewhere?”
Tumblr media
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sulfurcosmos · 21 hours
people!! let me reiterate something for you, yeah?
you are not “shaming” writers to do anything when you flag their posts. you’re ruining their interactions. which will go down even with the community labels. because for some reason those flagged posts just don’t show. even for people who have the community labels enabled.
you’re just making this space where writers share their content become miserable because you’re making them feel bad about their craft.
you’re telling me that a writer who usually gets 1K went to 200 notes and that’s fair?? do you have any idea how harmful that is?
you’re going to force writers to stop writing on this app.
you’re going to have writers deactivate.
interactions are dropping again. as a whole.
there’s no way to stop minors from doing what they want to do. the wise ones actually steer clear the moment they see “minors dni” and a community label won’t change that. because guess what? you can turn on the option that allows you to view it.
it’s nobody’s job on here to babysit children. writers give disclaimers and warnings and that’s more than enough. this isn’t a kid’s app. and minors have a whole community of sfw writers to follow. they don’t have to follow people who write mature content. they can block writers they don’t want to see in the tags. in fact, most nsfw writers block minors the moment they see them!
flagging posts is entirely unhelpful to the writing community and i will not have it! stop trying to ruin a good thing so many of us have been fighting for. interactions were finally getting good on this app and you decide to pull this shit.
“i want minors to be minors” — um, literally you can go to a bookstore and buy a book with nsfw scenes. and nobody stops you. minors are being minors online. a lot of them stick with people their own age. and this form of filtering isn’t helping anyone. when i had my community labels disabled all the post said was “this post has a community label, would you like to view?”. like– how is that any different from a keep reading link? y’all do too much. stop being so performative.
you aren’t the hero you think you are. i promise you that.
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Mine | Ch. 12
Tumblr media
Pairing: hyunjin x reader
Genre: angst, smut, fwb, slow burn, idol!au
Summary: As a successful kpop idol, you never have time for romance or relationships. After getting your heart broken by men in the industry, you vow to never allow yourself to get hurt again. You try your best to avoid commitment but soon find yourself struggling to avoid catching feelings when you meet Hyunjin.
Series Masterlist
a/n: wowowow this was the longest chapter yet! This honestly could’ve been broken into two separate parts, but so much has happened between Hyunjin and y/n, I couldn’t resist extending this chapter more and more 😓 I hope this gives y’all some comfort after last chapter’s heartbreak (hehe oopsie) 🫶 thank you for all the comments, let me know your thoughts on this one too!
Sharply turning the corner and exiting Hyunjin's dorm building, you briskly walk back home. The cold winter air brushes past your cheeks, turning the warm moisture around your eyes into icy droplets prickling against your skin. It reminded you of when you had stormed out of Jaehyun's apartment, but this time was so much worse. Rather than having a hole punched through your heart, you felt like it had been pulled out of your chest entirely.
It was a deep sadness that you felt in your bones, one that left you locked up in your bedroom for days alone, only leaving to use the bathroom or to get food once your body was at its breaking point. Your members were concerned, but they knew better than to question you or to push you too hard. You would open up to them when you were ready, and you appreciated the space they gave you as you mourned your broken heart. After that first night you left him, you cried until you were too weak to cry anymore. But in the nights that followed, the tears behind your eyes were replaced by an overwhelming emptiness that engulfed you in misery.
You hated yourself. You hated that you hated yourself. You hated that it was always you who ruined things, and that you couldn't blame anyone else for your sufferings. You hated that your hurt and insecurities ended up hurting those around you. You hated that you couldn't change. You hated that you might have lost the most important person in your life, one who made you better, made you whole, one who loved you even when you couldn't love yourself.
You thought you might never feel complete again, a vital component of your being forever locked up with the memories of him. You made peace with this fact, and continued your days in meaningless activity, doing the bare minimum of what was expected of a functional human being. None of it brought you any joy though, nothing ever excited you anymore but you figured that was part of growing up. You found yourself wondering what the point of it all was, if there even was a point.
But you had a responsibility to lead your group, and as you went through the motions, forcing yourself to get up each day and be productive, your perspective started to shift. You found yourself cracking a smile whenever your members would joke around during practices, making fun of each other and busting out goofy dance moves. You appreciated their carefree spirit, unchained to any expectations, duties or person.
When was it that you lost sight of your own desires and started living for the contentment of others? You can't remember how long you've dealt with these feelings of worthlessness and self doubt, and you suspect that becoming an idol had only amplified the discouraging voices in your head. All you know is that you now had a long journey ahead to reverse your way of thinking.
Day by day, you try to overwrite your pessimistic attitude with positivity. You learn to laugh at yourself rather than wallowing in pity. You start doing things that you like, regardless of others' opinions. You pick up hobbies in your spare time, developing new skills such as cooking and embroidery, finding pride in your finished works. You cut your hair short, something you've always wanted to do but were too scared to try, and you even frequent the Han river for a nighttime bike ride every now and then. You spend more time with your friends, the ones who have been there for you through thick and thin. You also spend more time with yourself, becoming comfortable in your loneliness, and enjoying your independence.
Gradually, you learn how to cherish yourself. You realize that you had neglected your happiness for far too long, that prioritizing your needs isn't selfish, and that it was okay to love yourself. Your quest for self love was the longest and most challenging one yet, but little by little you understand better how to be gentle with yourself, how to be patient with your progress, and how to feel proud of how far you've come. Finally, you find success in a relationship, your relationship with yourself—the most important one of all.
Before long, your group's schedule picks up again and you're busier than ever. You're glad you're at a healthier and happier point in your mental state, because you don't have time to dwell on any more causes for emotional distress any longer. Your group was set to embark on your first world tour, and you were beyond thrilled. Traveling the world with your best friends, exploring new locations and doing what you loved was like a dream to you. You felt so lucky to be able to have this experience and you were ready to embrace all that it had to offer you with open arms.
You performed in the largest stadiums, entering stages to be greeted by thousands of screaming fans all waving their fluorescent light sticks. You ate delicious foods, savoring flavors you've never tasted before. You adventured to new cities, falling asleep to a different view outside of your windowsill every night.
A year went by before you knew it. Landing back in Seoul where you began, you were delighted to return to the familiarity of your home yet you carried the collection of experiences from overseas with you. You had changed. Since you last set foot in this city, you were no longer the same fragile girl. You were confident and vivacious, brimming with excitement and a newfound fervor for life. You weren't afraid anymore.
After concluding your tour, the company granted you and your group mates a vacation. You were free to spend your time as you wished, relaxing and recharging after your extended group promotions. Eager to catch up with friends you hadn't seen in a while, you immediately agreed to a dinner date with Yeji when she found out that you were back in town.
Yeji: Y/N!!! You're finally backk~ Come eat dinner with me please?? 🥹
Me: Of course! When and where? I'm on vacation so my schedule is pretty open 🤗
Yeji: Yay!! Hmm, are you free tomorrow night? I just have a recording session until 6pm but we can go right afterwards! Meet me at the JYP building?
Me: Sounds great, see you then!
With a sigh, you toss your phone on your bed before getting ready for a shower. You were excited to see your friend again after so long but a tiny part of you was skeptical about going to the JYP building for fear of running into...him. You're sure you've moved on now, what with your new focus on self growth taking the front seat in your life, you hadn't occupied yourself with thoughts of any boys for a long time. Actually, you hadn't been with any other guys after him, and you weren't looking to be with any either.
You can't lie and say that he hasn't crossed your mind every now and then. The only difference was that now your memories of him were fond rather than painful. You hadn't kept in touch with him, but you believe it's for the best. There had been instances when you overheard gossip from your friends in the industry about Hyunjin's whereabouts and who he's dating, and though it stings you a bit each time his name is brought up, you're soothed by the knowledge that he's doing well. You've done enough to hurt him in the past, and you don't want to interfere with his life and happiness anymore, so you're perfectly content with watching him thrive from the sidelines.
Regardless of your history with him, you and Hyunjin were both adults, and enough time had passed for you both to move on. You tell yourself that you're being ridiculous for worrying over something as harmless as bumping into him again, and quickly shake off your doubts. The chances of you crossing paths with him in such a large building were slim, and even if you did end up seeing him, you probably would just politely greet him and continue on your way.
Your dinner date with Yeji arrived the next evening, and you successfully pushed away any thoughts of Hyunjin and turned your attention to picking out an outfit instead. You settled on a pleated miniskirt made of a tan khaki fabric paired with a cropped, white long sleeved shirt. Since it was still chilly outside, you threw on a wool peacoat, and completed your look with thigh high socks and baby doll heels. Ever since your confidence grew on the inside, it reflected in your appearance as well. You enjoyed piecing together outfits, because looking good made you feel good too.
You walk out your dorm building and hail a taxi, shooting Yeji a text to notify her that you were on the way. She doesn't respond, but you figure that she's busy recording. Once you arrive, you wait outside the entrance doors, texting her again to let her know you're here. Shortly after, Yeji tells you that she's running a bit late and to come wait in the recording studio, she'll be done in a few minutes. You follow her instructions and navigate to the third floor, peaking through the windows on each door as you make your way down the hall trying to locate the recording studio.
You pass by several conference rooms, lounges, and practice rooms filled with various artists and company employees. Yeji was nowhere to be found but you continue wandering the halls. Glancing at each room, you move from door to door before the sight of a familiar figure makes you pause in your steps.
The gleam in his eyes was unmistakable and the pout that he wore on his lips was just as you had remembered. Sweat glistened on his skin as he executed his choreography in the mirror, giving him a ethereal glow. You noticed that he had cut his hair short and colored it black too, a stark difference from the long blonde locks you were accustomed to. His new hair made him look mature, exuding a sort of sophisticated masculinity that you hadn't seen from him before. He was still as gorgeous as ever though, some things just never change.
Enamored in watching his performance, you're caught off guard when he suddenly turns and locks eyes with you. You try to duck out of sight, but your reaction is a bit too slow, because he's already noticed your presence and starts walking towards the door.
Mentally cursing yourself for getting caught spying on his dance practice like a fool, you quickly straighten yourself out as the door opens and Hyunjin peeks his head out.
"Y/N, is that you?" He asks with eyes wide.
"Hey, yeah it's me." You give him an awkward wave and flash a feeble smile. God, this was embarrassing.
"You...cut your hair." He motioned to your newly chopped tresses.
"Oh, yeah, I did." You twirl a loose strand around your finger.
Hyunjin smiles at you. "It looks great."
A blush creeps across your cheeks as you mumble a thanks. "It looks like you cut your hair too. It's so different from before."
"A good different?" He runs a hand through his bangs, letting them fall effortlessly at his temples.
"A good different." You grin in return.
You swear you see Hyunjin's cheeks turn a shade darker, but then again maybe it was from all the dancing he just did. There's a few moments of silence as you both fidget in you spots, figuring out what to say next.
"Anyways, did you...need help with something?" Hyunjin stepped out to join you in the hallway, shutting the door behind him before leaning a shoulder on it.
You admire his build for a moment. He was slimmer, more toned. His veins were visible on his forearms which extended from his sculpted biceps that noticeably bulged when he crossed his arms together. Hyunjin looked good, and you're so glad you put in the extra effort with your outfit today. Not that it mattered.
You snap out of your trance to answer him. "Oh yeah, uh, I was trying to find the recording studio? Yeji told me to meet her there. We're getting dinner soon..."
You pull out your phone to check if Yeji had texted you back yet and she had.
Yeji: I'm sosososo sorry babe, my session is gonna go all night 😢 I won't be able to make it to dinner, can we reschedule? I'll make it up to you!! 😭😭
You audibly sigh as you read her message. Now you had to walk yourself out of the building alone, in front of Hyunjin. After he caught you watching him dance too! Talk about a walk of shame.
Hyunjin points you to the direction of the recording studio. "It's just around the corner, do you need me to walk you there?"
You heart rate quickens at his thoughtful gesture. "Actually, it looks like I won't need to meet her anymore. Her session got extended so she just canceled dinner." You drop your gaze and frown at the ground.
"Oh, sorry to hear that..." Hyunjin timidly comments, stretching an arm to scratch the back of his neck. "Well, it was nice seeing you again. We should catch up sometime." He politely smiles before shifting to leave.
You panic as he turns his back to reenter the practice room. After a whole year of radio silence, you were face to face with Hyunjin again. So much had changed since you last saw him, but he still managed to get your heart racing just like the first time you met. You missed him. There is so much you want to say, so much you want to ask, and so much you've been holding back this past year, but you struggled to find the right words. Something about his aura, his very being affected you in a way nothing else in this world can. All the confidence you had built over the past year came crumbling down in an instant, and you reverted back to a nervous schoolgirl after just one conversation with him.
No, you are not the same timid girl you were before. You've built yourself up for so long, and you don't want to let your insecurities get the best of you anymore. With a self-assured inhale, you gather the courage within you to say one last thing.
"Wait!" Hyunjin freezes in his in his tracks but turns to face you.
"Do you maybe want to get dinner with me instead?" You instantly avert your eyes and focus on the wall next to you before you lose your mind. Did you really just ask Hyunjin to dinner? After rejecting his confession and not seeing him for a whole year? You want to curl up in a hole for speaking without thinking first, but you collect every ounce of confidence in you to back yourself.
"To catch up! You know, as friends?" You try to save yourself from further embarrassment. "You don't have to if you're busy or uncomf-"
"That sounds good." He promptly replies.
The shock is evident on your face as you speechlessly stare back at him.
"Just give me a minute to grab my stuff, I'll be right back."
You're left breathless, standing in the hallway as Hyunjin heads back into the dance studio to retrieve his items. I guess this is really happening. You think to yourself, unsure of how to feel but deciding to maneuver through the situation as you go. You try to convince yourself that dinner will be casual and that there's nothing strange about the circumstances you currently found yourself in, but your fast beating heart betrayed you.
Hyunjin emerges from the door once again, bag slung over his shoulder. "There's a good hotpot place across the street. You cool with eating there?"
You nod and follow closely behind him as he leads you to the restaurant. You walked in silence, the only sound coming from your footsteps on the pavement. Hyunjin seemed unbothered by the tension you were feeling, casually strolling with a hand in his pocket.
Meanwhile, your mind was going a hundred miles an hour trying to calculate your next move and what to say. You felt like you owe Hyunjin an apology for how your relationship left off, but at the same time were unsure if you should even bring up the past. It didn't look like Hyunjin held any animosity towards you, and he showed no qualms about joining you for dinner. As you entered the restaurant, sitting down across from him at the table, he courteously passes you the menu and even mentions his favorite items.
You can tell that Hyunjin was putting effort into making the ambience comfortable between you two, so you quell any apprehension you felt and elect to do the same. You hadn't spoken to him in over a year after all, so you were genuinely curious to hear what he's been up to and how he's been doing. There were endless topics you could talk about and no need to fear any awkward pressure.
After your food arrived, you decide to initiate the conversation. "What were you practicing for today?"
"I have an upcoming dance video to film for Artist of the Month." He timidly grins.
"Shut up. That's amazing! Congratulations!"
"Thanks." He chuckles. "I'm excited about it but still nervous at the same time. The choreography is pretty intense and I even cut my hair, so I don't know how the fans will react."
You earnestly look Hyunjin in the eyes. "They'll love it! You looked great doing the choreo, the video will be a hit for sure."
"You think so?" He smiles at you. "You did seem to enjoy watching me through the window." His grin turning into a smirk.
Your eyes widen before deflecting his stare. You can feel your ears heating up, revealing your embarrassment, but you can't say you didn't enjoy his teasing. You always appreciated the playful nature between you and Hyunjin, and you weren't going to back down from a simple sly comment.
You clear your throat. "I was just...monitoring your technique. That's all."
Hyunjin just giggles in response. He looks so adorable doing so, you can't even be mad.
"Anyways, what have you been up to lately? It's been a while since we talked..." His voice trails off.
"Yeah, it has been a while." You suddenly find it hard to look at him. "A lot has happened actually. We just finished our first world tour and now we get a little break."
"How was the tour?"
"It was incredible. Preforming in places I've only imagined, trying new foods, exploring the cities...I've never felt so alive." You gaze dreamily as you reminisce on your experiences. "I really feel like I took a piece of each city with me. I don't think I'm the same person I was before I left."
"Don't tell me the Y/N I know is a different person now."
You smile shyly. "I'm still the same me...just, a better version, I think."
"Didn't think there could be a better version."
Hyunjin gazes at you with his chin rested on his hand. Flustered, you try to change the subject. "What about you? Had any new experiences since we talked?"
Hyunjin straightens in his seat. "Not really, just been focusing on work as always."
"Are you still painting?"
"Of course." He nods.
"That's good to hear, the world wouldn't be as beautiful without your art."
"I beg to differ." Hyunjin laughs. "But thank you. I wish I had more time to paint though, I haven't done a big painting since the last one I showed you."
You slightly wince as you recall that night. It was a beautiful painting, and you're sad that it was now connected to the painful memory of your parting. Lifting your head to take a glimpse of his expression, you notice the corner of his mouth drop in a slight frown. Hyunjin quickly resumed his smile when he noticed you watching, and you found it heartbreaking.
"I'm sorry." You start. "About that night, I shouldn't have left like that. It wasn't fair and I was being selfish in the moment."
Hyunjin's eyebrows raise at your unexpected apology. "It's okay, don't worry about that. I get why you left, you needed space and I wasn't giving it to you." He feigns a smile.
"No, it's not okay." You look him in the eyes. "I was selfish, Hyunjin. I was a coward for running away instead of confronting my feelings, and I'm so sorry that I left like that. You were my friend before anything and you deserve more respect than for me to leave without talking it through with you. I've regretted that night every since, and I spent this whole year working on myself so I don't make the same mistakes again. I'm just—I'm so sorry Jinnie." You hastily blink back your tears.
Hyunjin stares back speechlessly. His lips slightly part as he's about to respond, before closing again in a toothless smile. He hums a sigh. "Thank you for the apology, Y/N. I appreciate you saying those things but, honestly I already forgave you before you even said anything. Yeah, I was heartbroken when you left." He pauses. "But more than anything I just miss my friend."
You beam at his admission, wiping the moisture off your face and returning his smile. You didn't deserve a friend like Hyunjin, after all you put him through, but you are determined to become worthy of his friendship. "I missed you too." You confess. "A lot. There were so many times I wanted to call you but I just didn't know what to say."
"Well, you can call me anytime you need." He chuckles. "So, are we good?"
"Absolutely." You grin.
You finish your dinner with Hyunjin, engaging in animated conversation during the whole meal. There was so much you had to fill each other in on, and you didn't want the conversation to end. You wanted to ask him so many questions, attempting to fill in the blanks of your relationship while you were apart in order to make up for lost time.
Hyunjin is curious of your whereabouts as well, beaming as he listens to your stories from abroad. You both are reluctant to leave the restaurant, but it was already five minutes until closing, so you figure it was best to head out now.
You both exit the building, turning to say your goodbyes outside the door. "Thanks for joining me for dinner today, I actually feel lucky that Yeji canceled on me." You laugh.
"I'd never pass on a hangout with you. It was great to catch up again."
"It was really fun. I missed...talking to you."
"I missed talking to you too." Hyunjin smiles. "It's getting late though, do you have schedules tomorrow?"
"Nope! I'm on a break from promotions so I can stay out as late as I want."
"Oh nice!" Hyunjin glances over your shoulder. "Do you want to grab some drinks then? There's a bar that's open late next door. We can continue our conversation."
"That sounds amazing, I still have more to tell you!"
Hyunjin escorts you to the bar next door, opening the door for you to enter. You take a seat in the corner of the room in a secluded booth, dimly lit with a single candle on the table. You order your drinks before jumping right back into the conversation where you left off.
"Were you invited to Yeji's birthday party?" You ask. You had just received your invitation last week. If there's one thing Yeji knew, it was how to throw a party, and given the social butterfly that she is, you know that the whole entertainment industry was probably invited.
"Of course I was. Yeji threatened to steal my paints if I didn't agree to go." Hyunjin rolls his eyes.
You visualize Yeji sneaking into Hyunjin's dorm to burglarize him and laugh at the image. What Yeji wants, she gets. "Cool, then I'll see you there."
"Yup! All my members will be there too, I can introduce you."
"I'd love to meet them! You told me so many stories about these boys, so it'd be nice to finally see them in person." You take a sip of your drink. "I think I'm gonna bring Lisa as my plus one."
You're hesitant, but there's a question you're craving to ask. "Are you bringing anybody?"
Hyunjin sets his drink down, some of the wet residue shining on his lips. "No, I'm not bringing anyone."
Relief washes over you, but your heart rate quickens at the desire to ask further. You take another gulp of your drink, fueling yourself with liquid courage. "So there's no one you plan to ask...as a date?"
Hyunjin chuckles. "None at the moment."
"Oh." You nod your head. "Cool."
"Is there anyone you want to ask...as a date?" He cautiously questions.
"No, no. I actually haven't been with anyone ever since..." You bite your lip in hesitation.
"Me?" Hyunjin asks.
"Yeah, you." You turn your face in embarrassment and down the rest of your drink, the cold beverage cooling your nerves.
Hyunjin laughs and does the same. Placing your empty glasses on the table, he calls the bar tender for another round of drinks.
"Well, that makes two of us." He admits. "I haven't been with anyone else either."
Your stomach flips at his confession. You're filled with butterflies at the realization that Hyunjin is still single and hasn't seen any other girls. Could it be that he still had feelings for you? Was it possible that there is still a chance for the two of you to work out?
You shake your head and rid yourself of these thoughts. Even if there are lingering feelings, you have no right to ask Hyunjin for a second chance, not after how he poured his heart out to you the last time, only to be ruthlessly shut down. But you can't help but think of how perfect it would be now. The timing was just right, now that you're back in the city. Not to mention your improved mentality. You were more confident now, and you're sure that if he gave you a chance, you could prove to him that you could do it, you could be the girl he needed. You wouldn't run away again. You could give him the love he deserved. You're not scared anymore.
But what does he think? Would he be open to giving you another chance, or is he still resentful for how things ended? Hyunjin said he forgives you, but is the hurt still there? You were an absolute wreck after you left him, and you don't know if he had suffered the same heartbreak. Why hadn't he dated anyone else afterwards? You wonder if he's moved on.
"Is there a reason?" You hesitantly ask. "Why you haven't been with anyone else?"
Hyunjin sits back in his seat, his fingers casually twirling the straw in his cup. With a sigh, he answers you. "I just...haven't been looking I guess."
"Is it because of..." Your voice falters.
"Yeah, me." You murmur. "I still regret what happened, and if I was the cause of you losing your excitement for love—I wouldn't be able to forgive myself."
"Don't worry Y/N, it's not your fault." Hyunjin reaches a hand across the table to comfort you. "Sure, I was really fucking sad after you left. But you know me, I'm a hopeless romantic, so I don't think anything could stop me from aspiring to eventually find love one day. I just figured that it's more productive for me to focus on my career right now, that's all."
"I'm sorry I made you sad." You sniffle. "If it makes you feel any better, I was a complete mess after I left. I think I cried my whole body weight in tears."
Hyunjin laughs. "That doesn't make me feel better, but you don't need to keep apologizing. Yeah, I got rejected by the girl I really liked, but hey life goes on. I still have my charming good looks, don't I?"
"Yeah, yeah, you're handsome, we get it." You roll your eyes and giggle. "I shouldn't even worry about you, you probably could have any girl you want."
"Well, almost any girl." Hyunjin shrugs.
You bite your lip, cheeks heating up. You meant it when you said he could have any girl, and that included you. But do you dare tell him? Tension builds in your abdomen, your hands turning clammy as you teeter totter between revealing your heart to him or not. You knew once you first met him, that there would never be another man who could measure up to what Hyunjin was to you. He was everything you ever wanted, and you'd regret it for the rest of your life if he became the one that got away.
Filled with determination, you take a deep breath. "You could have me too, if you wanted to."
Frozen at your words, Hyunjin bolts up in his seat. "What?"
"If you want—no, I mean...I would like to try again with you, if you'd give me a chance." You sincerely confess.
"Y/N, I dont know if that's a good idea."
You feel your stomach drop at his reply. Still, you want to put everything on the line this time. You want to tell him everything that you couldn't say before.
"I know I messed up before. I acted like a child and I hurt you. But as much as I'd like for us to forget the past and be friends again...I don't think I could ever be just friends with you, Hyunjin."
"Y/N..." He looks at you with a pained expression.
"I'm sorry if I'm stepping out of line, but I need you to know. This time, I'll be honest with my feelings, I won't run away anymore, and I'll do whatever it takes to make you believe me." You gaze at him with conviction. "If you give me a chance, I'll prove it to you. But if you truly have moved on and don't see me like that anymore, I'll respect your decision and never bring this up again. I made a mistake and I'll own up to the consequences if your feelings have changed."
Taking both your hands in his, Hyunjin lets out a deep sigh. Slowly lifting his eyes to meet yours, you're terrified of what he's about to say, but you prepare your heart to take it all in.
"Y/N, when I told you I loved you, I meant it. Back then, I would've been over the moon to hear what you're telling me now. Even today when I spotted you through the window, I thought I was dreaming. I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't stop when I saw your face right in front of me again." Your breath hitches as you await his next words. "But after everything that happened, I just...don't know.
"You don't know...if you can trust me again." You carefully whisper.
Hyunjin slowly nods his head.
You can't blame him for being apprehensive, but you couldn't give up now, not when he just admitted that he still has feelings for you. You're convinced that you and Hyunjin are a perfect match, that you had the potential to really make it together. If he needed time to trust you again, you would patiently show him every day how honestly you wanted this.
"Hyunjin, let me prove to you that you can trust me again. We can take things slow, I'll wait for you for as long as it takes. I just can't give up on us if there's even a slim chance that you'd want this too."
"Y/N, there's nothing more that I'd want in the world than to be with you. I've wanted that for a long time, it's just gonna be really hard."
"I don't care how hard it is. Anything is worth it if I get to have you again." You bare your whole heart and soul to him. Though it makes you feel vulnerable, throwing aside all your inhibitions to grasp at any chance to convince Hyunjin of your sincerity was exhilarating. As scary as it was to open yourself up fully, the relief of getting to unleash your deepest thoughts and desires was refreshing. "Please Hyunjin, please believe me."
Hyunjin closes his eyes, deep in thought. His grasp on your hands tightens as he releases another deep breath, opening his eyes to look at you again. "If we were to try again..." Your pulse quickens. "You have to promise me that you'll be more open with how you feel. Tell me if you're having any doubts or if you need more or less space. Just don't keep me in the dark anymore."
"Jinnie, I promise you." Your heart swells with emotion. "I swear I'll be more open, I'll tell you everything. This year of not being able to talk to you made me realize how precious it was to have you there for me. I won't take you for granted ever again."
Hyunjin releases your grip to place his hands on either of your cheeks, using his thumbs to lightly brush away your stray tears. "If you can promise me that, then I'd like to try again too."
You're a blubbering mess with your face in his hands. Tears quickly escape your eyes as you struggle to control your stiffened sniffles. You wish you weren't such a crybaby at times, but no amount of self control could contain how happy you felt in this moment. "I promise I'll do better Jinnie, I really will." You whimper between your sobs.
Hyunjin just chuckles at the sight of you before him. "Okay Y/N, I believe you. Please stop crying, this should be a happy moment for us."
"But I'm crying because I'm happy." You pout, finally able to breathe normally again. Your heart is so full in this moment, you wish you could jump across the table and bury yourself in Hyunjin's arms. But since you were in a public area, you opt for something less dramatic.
"Can I kiss you?" You ask Hyunjin with pleading eyes.
He smiles at you. "Yes, you can." Hyunjin leans forward over the table and you boost yourself up in your seat to meet him. His lips were just as soft and gentle as you remember, and though it was only a short peck, it filled your whole body with warm tingles. After being apart from Hyunjin for so long, you wish you could kiss him for hours to make up for the time lost. However, you remind yourself that you should take things slow, and that still had to work towards winning his trust.
As you separate from his kiss, you blush as you shyly sit back into your seat, hands clasped together on your lap. "Thank you for giving me another chance Jinnie. I'm going to do things the right way this time."
Hyunjin quirks his head. "The right way?"
"The right way, like, I want to properly date you." You fumble with the material of your skirt. "We can take things slow so that I can gain your trust more and more, not like what we did last time. I just want to be around you and spend time together...outside of the bed."
Hyunjin slightly blushes at your proposal. His initial bashfulness was quickly replaced by a smug smile, however. "I think that's a good plan. But, are you sure you'll be able to resist me?"
You turn bright red at his provocation. "I-I'm not saying it'll be easy, but I think it's the right thing to do." You clumsily mutter.
"Okay, then I'll follow your lead." Hyunjin flashes you a toothy grin. "It's really getting late now, shall we head back?"
You nod and follow him out of the bar. After returning to the JYP building, Hyunjin waits for you to call a cab home. Once your ride arrives, you share a warm embrace as you bid farewell. Hyunjin opens the door for you to enter the car.
"Text me when you get home, okay?"
"I will! Thank you for tonight." You smile.
"It was my pleasure." He grins back at you.
Before he closes the door, you spring one last question on him. "Can I have one more kiss?"
Hyunjin laughs. "Of course you can."
Your connect your lips in a final kiss, moving your lips slowly against his, softly sucking on his skin. You fight the urge to open your mouth and welcome in his tongue, and you unfortunately part ways far too soon, as to avoid irritating your driver. Hyunjin waves to you from the sidewalk as you drive away, and you wave back.
You press a finger to your lips, still warm from where he kissed you, a sprout of desire budding in your abdomen. Now that he is back in your life, you are determined to keep him. You know you shouldn't get too ahead of yourself however, and that good things take time. You're not sure if you know the right way to win back his heart, and you're nervous that you'll mess up again. One thing you confident of though, was that it was now your mission to make him yours.
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no nut november — hyunjin (loser #3)
pairing: hwang hyunjin x fem!reader
tags: no nut november mini series, established relationship, domestic bliss, smut!!!🔞
warnings: swearing, mentions of masturbation/watching porn, mentions of overstimulation, cockwarming, unprotected sex, no nut november as a bet, slight dirty talk, use of names like “pretty boy”, group chat shenanigans
inspo: that video of jinnie fixing his hair with his head thrown back and everyone staring in awe.. you know the one
notes: this is so self indulgent when it was meant to be my gift to @sluttywonwoo lmao. i hope you enjoy the softness of it all, boo! and i hope you feel the joy i felt when writing this <3
banner by @sluttywonwoo
{ wc: 4227 }
Tumblr media
“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!!” You heard Hyunjin screaming from the next room.
You were in the kitchen trying to make breakfast, following Hyunjin’s mother’s recipe for his favourite breakfast food. He came over to yours after your weekly game night—since most of the rooms at theirs were full anyway, and besides, it gifted you with a peaceful morning. Or so you thought.
Hyunjin came into your kitchen, dancing around in what you assumed was celebration, wearing nothing but his boxers and your old jumper from highschool.
He was dancing around so much, flailing his arms enough that the jumper had started riding up, his happy trail peaking out through the fabric.
You swallowed.
“What happened?” You asked, as casually as you could, focusing on the pan in front of you.
“Jeongin lost!”
To prove his point, he showed you the group chat he had with his friends, in which the youngest retold his story from the night before.
You’d have to congratulate them both for finally being brave enough, you noted.
“Cool,” you said simply.
You weren’t really surprised he was talking about that bet again. It was like it was the only thing he could think about since it started. When he told you about it—all you could was laugh and shake your head.
But then he told you what the stakes were, and only after that did you agree and promise him you’d do your best not to get in his way. If it meant you had a whole weekend of Hyunjin to yourself—then you’d play along with their stupid bet.
Although, it was already driving you crazy.
You knew Hyunjin wasn’t doing it on purpose, it’s not like he could help how gorgeous he was, but he didn’t make your life any easier when he so casually licked his lips after taking a bite from the food.
“Thank you, babe,” he said with a smile before devouring the rest of his plate.
You sighed.
The rest of the day was spent catching up on Hyunjin’s favourite K-Drama. You liked it, but what was better than the show was your boyfriend’s commentary. The gasps, pleading at the characters (as if they could hear him), and calling out the plot twists a few scenes before they were revealed.
“What?” He asked as he caught you smiling at him.
“Nothing,” you grinned, placing your head on his shoulder as you cuddled closer to him.
November 9th
A few days passed since you last got to spend time with your boyfriend. But today you knew you had all night together.
Your roommate went to her girlfriend’s house on Wednesdays and it so happened that that was the day Hyunjin finished work reasonably early.
She was never there to disturb you and your boyfriend had more time and so it always ended up with a sleepover.
From being the day you spent together it had evolved to your self care day—one that Hyunjin happily agreed to participate in with you.
There was only one problem. The stupid bet.
You spent all week waking up from wet dreams. Sometimes they were only about your boyfriend and sometimes they involved other people, too. That’s how you knew it was really bad. You were faithful, even in your dreams, but when other people showed up you knew you were unsatisfied and needy.
Luckily, agreeing to the bet never meant that you weren’t allowed to do anything by yourself—but needless to say, that didn’t quite cut it anymore.
Still, you decided if you were still this horny when he showed up it wouldn’t be fair—you could even class it as sabotage, and so, you took matters into your own hands. What else did you have to help you?
It was still early in the morning, you had the whole day to yourself, and so you opened your phone and logged onto an incognito tab.
Your fingers moved across the keyboard, searching and researching. You tried all your go-to’s, but you knew you were screwed when you were on the third page of the search results and none of the videos were even close to what you wanted.
You wanted Hyunjin.
You even went as far as looking for actors who resembled him—but that was impossible. No one was anywhere near as beautiful as him. You were sure it was cosmically impossible for there to be more than one Hyunjin.
That thought, of course, led you to imagine the impossible scenario of having two of him pleasing you at the same time. Kissing and touching and groping and—
You groaned as you locked your phone.
Desperate times called for desperate measures, and so you unlocked your private file on your phone.
There was only a handful of photos on there and even a few short videos he sent you during the times you were away from each other for too long.
You looked through each one of them carefully, taking your time to appreciate his body, his dick, his face, his moans.
After a few moments of just admiring you got to work, shimming your shorts off your body.
You went on for as long as you could—managing to pull out six orgasms before you had to stop and gulp in some air. It felt empty.
You weren’t nearly as satisfied as you thought you’d be, not to mention, you could only think about the look on your boyfriend’s face if he managed to get you to cum that many times in a row.
You dragged yourself out of bed, washing the sweat and stickiness off you in the shower quickly. You might’ve taken extra time touching your tits—still feeling the need to please yourself however you could—but that was between you and the shampoo bottles.
Once you were ready, hair mask washed off, you made your way into the living room accompanied by your soft lo-fi playlist.
Everything was exactly how you wanted it to be on your day off—curled up on the couch under your fluffy throw blanket.
A few dozen tiktoks later, the door opened, your boyfriend letting himself in with the pair of keys you gave him a few weeks back. He had a clear bag in the other hand—and you could already spot your favourite sweets in there.
“Jinnie!” You exclaimed with a grin, opening your arms in an invitation. You didn’t want to get off the couch just yet and considering your boyfriend was just about to join you anyway he didn’t mind.
“Y/N/N!” He parroted, kicking off his shoes by the door. He quickly put down his keys and the bag, rushing over to you as he skipped from side to side.
“How is my dimples doing today?” You asked after he fell into your arms.
“Tired, but practice was good,” he nodded at you. “Did you move today?”
“A little,” you said, scrunching your nose.
“Your hair smells nice,” he sighed contently, burying his face in your neck.
“I put a mask on it,” you said, touching the now softer locks.
“You started without me?” He gasped.
“I thought it would be best to avoid the shower part together,” you pointed out, eyebrows raised.
Hyunjin hummed at you, nodding in confirmation that you had the right idea.
“I bought those strawberry masks you like, and they were on offer so I got you an extra two to keep. And there was this lip scrub I wanted to try,” Hyunjin said, pointing at the bag on the table with his leg. “My lips are so dry.”
“It’s the weather,” you hummed.
“Or maybe I don’t get enough kisses,” he pouted up at you.
“Kissing makes your lips drier,” you countered.
“False,” he shook his head.
“And the fucking stubble burn makes my chin and lips crack,” you said with a huff.
“I get stubble burn, too,” he raised his eyebrows.
“From what?” You gasped at him.
Hyunjin moved his eyes towards your crotch before looking up at you pointedly.
“Complaining, are we?”
“No! But I’m just saying,” he shrugged.
“And I’m just saying, you haven’t done that in ten days.”
“Why are you counting?” Hyunjin giggled.
“Because there’s nothing left to do,” you sighed dramatically.
“Oh, shut up,” he chuckled. At that he lifted himself off your body, easily making his way into the kitchen.
“Do you want peppermint tea or camomile?”
“Peppermint please,” you grinned at him, getting up.
“No, no, where are you going?” He stopped you with his hand up in the air.
“To get the hairbands?” You said, matter of fact.
There was a very clear routine in place, familiar, and you were simply following it.
“You, sit. I am man, man gets hairbands. Man makes tea.”
“Okay, man,” you rolled your eyes. But you snuggled deeper into your blanket nonetheless.
Soon Hyunjin offered you the warm cup of tea before he skipped over to your room to grab your matching pink hairbands. They had bear ears attached to them, and Hyunjin smiled softly to himself as he pushed the plush fabric up to his hairline. He plopped yours over your head (he knew it was yours since it had your foundation colour on it, stains that wouldn’t come off no matter how many times you washed it) and helped you push it up past your forehead.
After that he grabbed the edge of your blanket and frappes it over his legs.
Then he grabbed your phone, opened it easily since the passcode was your anniversary, and started queuing songs on your spotify.
It was all as it should be.
Once the tea was finished—Hyunjin telling you all about the drama unfolding between the new trainees in the studio across from theirs—you both put your mugs to the side.
“Am I allowed to get the masks?” You asked with a raise of your brows.
“Nope,” he grinned, jumping up and running towards the bag. As if you were gonna race him.
He plopped back down on the couch, bag in hand, and unloaded its contents. First, the strawberry face masks, and then the lip scrub, and then your sweets, and then some cherry flavoured lip balm, and then a new body lotion that “even has glitter in it!” and then a replacement of your moisturiser that Hyunjin may or may not have stolen from you.
“Anything else?” You joked as you looked down at the loot in your lap.
“Is there something missing? I can go out and—“
“Calm down, Jinnie,” you laughed, placing your hands on his forearms, “what’s up with you today?”
“Nothing,” he shrugged, “I just wanna make sure you have a nice relaxing day.”
You nodded.
“Are you having a relaxing day?” You double checked.
He nodded.
“Okay,” you agreed. “You first.”
You handed him the mask, offering your face over to him.
He wiped your face with micellar water and a cotton pad before slowly and delicately placing the mask on your face. After tapping around it a few times to make sure it was stuck on properly, and bopping your nose for his own amusement, Hyunjin announced he was done. You opened your eyes and grabbed the second mask, applying it to his beautiful face.
You let the masks set for twenty minutes—enough time for you to tell Hyunjin all about your plans for your sister’s birthday—and once you peeled them off and washed your faces it was time for the lip scrub.
Hyunjin grabbed “the wand”, as he called it, and scooped up a generous amount of the scrub before grabbing your chin.
You focused on his face as he spread the small grains over your lips—his eyes zeroed in on them. Your heart started beating faster as you felt a wetness pooling in your underwear at the attention he was giving you. You took in a deep breath.
“You’re too far away,” he muttered to himself, scooting closer. He grabbed your thighs, pulling himself towards you, then lifted your shins to place them on either side of his body.
You could easily place your forehead on his, and so you did.
“Close enough?” You whispered.
“Could never be close enough,” he shook his head simply. You scooted closer still, your hands settled on his thighs, smiling at him.
He grabbed your chin again, angling your face so he could scrub the product onto your lips.
Hyunjin puckered his lips at you, eyebrows raised. So you leaned in closer and kissed his lips.
“No,” he giggled, “pucker them.”
“Oh,” you giggled back, following his instructions as your eyes settled on how adorable he looked while he concentrated on his task. And, as much as you tried not to focus on it, you took a moment to realise the intense stare he held on your lips was accompanied by a fluttering in your pussy you tried so hard to ignore.
As Hyunjin moved the product on your lips in circular motions, you instinctively moved your hands up his thigh, playing with the string on his sweats casually.
Hyunjin swallowed visibly.
“Um,” he started, voice cracking lightly, “did you want to be closer?”
“Jinnie, I really don’t think that’s possible,” you said slowly, trying not to move your lips too much as you spoke.
“I mean like, uh, maybe I can be inside you?” He offered, avoiding your eyes completely as he looked around himself for a cotton pad to take off the excess product with.
“Uh,” you let out, feeling your heart race at his suggestion. “Well, that would definitely make us closer.”
Hyunjin nodded as he wiped your lips. “But are you sure? I mean, the bet.”
“Not like that,” he shook his head, “just to be close.”
“No moving?” You tried to confirm.
“If you want.” He handed you the products casually, keeping the routine going—even if the conversation was suggesting something entirely out of the ordinary.
You looked down at the small empty space between your bodies. You could very clearly see the outline of his erection through his grey sweats.
You licked your lips, tasting the coconut on them, noticing how soft they were.
Hyunjin was studying your face, the way your eyes moved from his lap to his lips a few times before you nodded.
“I don’t want to lose though,” you said, even though you didn’t really mean it that much. Sure, the prize was a very good one, but at this point you were starting to care a whole lot less about it.
“I miss you,” your boyfriend said, rubbing your shoulder softly.
You chuckled as you waved at him. “Hi!”
“I know,” he rolled his eyes, squeezing at your bicep, “I miss being close, I mean.”
“I would love to, if you think it’s okay,” Hyunjin grinned, “but we aren’t done with our skin care.”
“Of course,” he nodded seriously, “we can keep going like that.”
You smiled before shifting around to slip your shorts and underwear off.
“Do we need to warm you up or—“
“—no,” you scoffed, pulling on the knot tied on Hyunjin’s sweats. He laughed.
“Are you wet enough?”
“I came six times today,” you said casually, pulling his dick out of his boxers, “I’ve been wet since the morning.”
“Six?” He gulped, a small twang of jealousy in his voice. You weren’t sure if that was to do with the fact you got to cum or that he wasn’t involved in it. It was probably a bit of both, you thought.
You climbed onto his lap, pulling the blanket around yourself to stay warm and slowly with Hyunjin’s hands on your hips helping you sink down onto him, you got into position.
The pair of you let out a few breathy gasps at the almost foreign sensation, realising you both truly missed the feeling of Hyunjin inside you.
After a few small breaths, and a kiss on your shoulder, you grabbed the lip scrub and kept going.
“You’re really fucking wet,” Hyunjin sighed as soon as you wiped the excess product off. He used up every muscle in his body to concentrate on keeping still as you touched his lips—only now putting his thoughts into words. “Did you actually cum six times?”
“Yeah,” you shrugged.
You could feel his dick twitching inside you as the words left his mouth.
“Are you sure you want to hear more details?” You cocked up an eyebrow. Hyunjin licked his lips.
“You can tell me if you want,” he said, lowly.
“No,” you chuckled, “I’m not trying to make this any harder for us.”
“Why are you complaining when you got to cum today?” He pouted.
“I’ve been cumming every day this month, actually,” you said simply. Hyunjin thrusted up at that.
“Hey!” You warned him, even if it was undermined by the small moan that you let out beforehand.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. That was just… a hot thing to say.”
“Do I need to get off?” You asked seriously, giving him a pointed look before applying some lip balm on his beautifully plush kissable lips.
“No, no, no,” he insisted, “stay close.”
After he applied lip balm to your lips, the pair of you shared a small kiss, and then you started massaging the moisturiser into his face.
He intertwined his fingers behind you, resting them on your lower back as he closed his eyes, completely content.
“I missed this,” he mumbled out softly, “your warm cunt and your smell and your wetness all over my c—“
You leaned down to kiss him, sighing into his soft cherry flavoured lips.
“You need to stop talking,” you warned.
“God, I wanna fuck you so bad,” he ignored you, opening his eyes as he stared right at you, his lids heavy.
“What did I just say?”
Still, he ignored you, unlocking his hands and trailing them to your hips. He pushed upwards, his dick nudging your sensitive spot gently.
“Jinnie,” you whined, “don’t do this.”
“Will you clench for me, baby?” He begged you, eyes wide and pleading in front of you.
“That is just as bad as moving.”
“Please. Just once, wanna feel how your cunt wraps around me so ti—fuuck.”
Hyunjin let out a louder moan when you repeated the action, pulling your body forward so your noses were touching. The new angle helped you feel the stretch even more, and it took all your self control and then some to stay still. Hyunjin was clearly losing his focus, you knew you had to stay strong for the both of you.
He pressed his lips against yours hungrily before thrusting up twice, his cock dragged against your walls so deliciously that your head fell backwards, allowing Hyunjin to press open mouth kisses to your neck.
You weren’t sure who started it, you or him, but soon you were bouncing up and down his dick repeatedly, your hands flat on his chest.
“Wait,” Hyunjin said breathlessly, holding your waist so you’d stop moving. “The bet.”
“Yeah,” you breathed in deeply. “The bet.”
You nodded at each other as you settled back down on your knees, once again staying perfectly still.
“Where were we?” He coughed, grabbing the moisturiser from where you discarded it on the couch, distributing a generous amount on the back of his hand before he started applying it to your face.
Once you covered all other areas, going through your joint skin care routine step by step, all that was left was a head massage to relax the face muscles.
You kissed Hyunjin softly, your faces still slightly sticky as the products all settled into your skins, and smiled at him as you pushed the hairband off his head, carding your hands through his hair.
You carefully unknotted his hair with your hands, slowly pressing your fingers into his scalp. His mouth hung open, his tongue poking out under his teeth as he relaxed into your touch, eyes fluttering shut.
His dick twitched inside you again, and you had to actively breath out to stop yourself from clenching. You weren’t sure you could play along with his bet any more if he made you stop again. So you just had to act like this was any other Wednesday and his dick wasn’t inside you.
But you didn’t want to complain too much, even just having him inside you without any movement was a huge improvement from the empty feeling you had until now and so you’d happily stay this close to him if that’s what Hyunjin wanted. You were greedy of course, of course you wanted all of him and you wanted it now—but if you could still win this bet while having his dick inside you, you would take it.
You were pulled out of your thoughts when Hyunjin moaned softly, eyebrows scrunched as he melted into your touch.
You rubbed circles into his hair, moving up and down, focusing on his neck and his temples and anywhere that might have tension.
You dragged your nails up and down his scalp, something he’d asked for several times before, and smiled to yourself as his eyebrows raised themselves in pleasure.
Just when you were about to announce you were done and demand your weekly foot massage, Hyunjin squeezed your hips tightly.
“What is it, Jinnie?” You asked softly, unsure of what the squeeze was meant to tell you—he still hasn’t opened his eyes. Did he sense you were about to pull your hands away? Was he trying to tell you he wanted you to keep going?
“What does my pretty boy need?” You hummed, dragging your nails across his scalp one more time.
At that, Hyunjin’s head fell onto the back of the couch, his hips lifting as a long and loud groan left his chest.
You felt his dick pulsing inside you as he came, hard, a wet feeling dripping down your entrance as some of his cum leaked outside of your pussy.
His chest rose up and down heavily, his eyes blinking open as you admired his blissed out face, the way his jawline sat so proudly in front of you with his head tilted back.
He was outrageously gorgeous.
His thumb rubbed circles into your hips where he was still squeezing you, slowly loosening his grip as he came back down to reality, and in turn, came to terms with what just happened. In his own Hyunjin kind of way.
He brought his face into your chest, sobbing theatrically into your body.
“I tried so hard! I was trying so so hard,” he practically wailed, “We lost!”
“Yes, yes,” you patted his head comfortingly, “it’ll be alright.”
“We lost!”
“What were you expecting was gonna happen with you inside me?” You chuckled.
“I thought I could be strong!” He threw his head back, dragging you closer to him. “How could you let me fail so spectacularly?”
“I literally warned you,” you rolled your eyes.
“You let me crash and burn,” he shook his head, “betrayed by my own girlfriend.”
“Will you stop,” you pushed at his chest, laughing loudly at his antics. “It’s not my fault you came from literally nothing.”
“Nothing? I had my favourite girl around me scratching my head and playing with my hair. That’s literally what I imagine heaven looks like.”
“Right,” you rolled your eyes fondly. “How does it feel to be the third one out?”
Hyunjin groaned. “And after the two most obvious ones. Seungmin is gonna tease me to death about this.”
You laughed at him before slowly pushing yourself up, dripping down his sweats and over your fluffy blanket.
You grabbed your shorts off the floor before announcing you were going to get cleaned up quickly.
“Wait, can I make you cum please?” He asked, so softly. You would’ve melted right there and then if it wasn’t for the slight soreness starting to build up in your body. You were sat on his lap for a fair amount of time, feeling him stretching you out, not to mention your adventures from the morning.
“To be honest, I probably can’t go again today.” Hyunjin nodded. “But since we’re out anyway, you can do it anytime you want.”
You mirrored his grin, Hyunjin nodding at you before he let you go clean up the cum now running down your legs.
When you came back out the living room was already clean and organised, Hyunjin even put the blanket and his sweats into the laundry machine.
You wrapped your arms around him, grinning as you pecked his lips again and again and again.
“Do you still love me now that I’m a loser?” He pouted.
You laughed as you started, “you were a lo—“
“—yes, yes,” he rolled his eyes with a groan, “I don’t know why I even asked.”
“I love you still, Jinnie. Maybe even more now.”
“How come?” He asked as he rubbed his nose against yours.
“Because every day I fall more… yeah, no, I can’t say it,” you scrunched your nose up in fake disgust.
“It’s okay, I know you fall in love with me more every day,” he completed the cliche for you with a grin so big little dimples appeared by his eyes.
“Okay, you be the cheesy one, I’ll order some food.”
“No, that’s fine, I can do that—“
“—I am woman. Woman order food,” you mocked him.
Hyunjin laughed at you, his whole face laughing with him, before he pulled you into a hug and squeezed you.
As you ordered the food, Hyunjin sent a message to the group chat.
hyunjin: i’m out.
jisung: already? you suck.
hyunjin: you didn’t last 48 hours!!!
jisung: that’s not what your mum said
chan: please don’t
seungmin: han what does that even mean
minho: eliminated ❌
hyunjin: put my face up in the sky like the hunger games
jeongin: hyungs, sorry but all of us would die in five minutes if we were in the hunger games
chan: yep.
changbin: i wouldn’t
chan: yep!
seungmin: you’d get hungry and die
chan: actually yep to that
changbin: i’d get good sponsors because of my charming looks and they’d feed me forever
felix: yep!!!!
felix: and don’t worry hyunjin, next year you can try again!
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angelwonie · 2 months
CHERRY CHAPSTICK || hwang hyunjin
Tumblr media
PAIRING: hyunjin x fem!reader
SUMMARY: being hopelessly in love with your best friend is bad enough in itself, but when you decide to spontaneously kiss him at a party and he kisses you back — that's when it gets complicated. or maybe it's not complicated at all.
GENRE(S): smut, fluff, childhood friends to lovers, mutual pining
WARNINGS: smut [unprotected sex, fingering, praise, manhandling, use of petnames], consumption of alcohol, hyunjin is a simp
happy birthday deni @cosmic-railwayxo my gf!! i love you so much and i hope you like this gift babe
Tumblr media
It’s not all that difficult to pretend Hwang Hyunjin is your friend.
Okay, clarification – Hwang Hyunjin is, in fact, your friend. For real. No pretending is required. You suppose that’s a given after he’s been by your side for the past seven or so years. And through all those years, he has time after time proved himself to be the shoulder you can lean on no matter what. Which means that your friendship is perfect. 
In a perfect friendship, there is no room for secrets, though. No facades or lies. So maybe it’s not a perfect friendship, after all. At least not on your part. Because you do keep secrets from Hyunjin. One secret, actually. One thing you can never tell him, no matter how badly you want him to know, just because you’re way too scared of losing him. 
The fact that you’re madly in love with him. 
Your best friend. Hwang fucking Hyunjin. It’s the most annoying thing ever. Only you are unlucky enough to fall for the one person you shouldn’t fall for. 
Your self-pitying is cut short when you hear your phone buzz and the phone caller ID shows up on the screen. Of course, it’s Hyunjin. You sigh, rolling out of bed as you pick up. 
“Hey, I’m outside,” He greets you. “Are you ready?”
Ready? It takes your brain a second or two to process what he just said and then it hits you. You’re supposed to meet up with your friends and go to an art museum together. One look at the clock on the wall tells you you’re already running late – you’re supposed to meet them at the museum at 1pm, which means you have less than twenty minutes left. And you’re still in your pajamas.
“Uh,” You bite your lip, frantically searching for a shirt to wear as you hear Hyunjin giggle through the phone. That alone makes you smile despite your situation – he’s got such a pretty laugh. If you could, you’d record it and listen to it every night before going to sleep. 
“It was a rhetorical question,” He says. “I know you just woke up. Just hurry up, okay? It’s cold out here, so wear a jacket.”
He hangs up and you’re left smiling, not only because of his laugh, but also because he cared enough to tell you to put on a jacket. Of course, he did, you mentally scold yourself, because he’s your friend, dumbass. You put your clothes on quickly so as not to keep Hyunjin waiting for too long and apply your cherry Chapstick – the one you've been using ever since Hyunjin mentioned cherries were his favorite fruit. 
You walk out the door with your jacket slung around your shoulders around ten minutes later. 
He’s leaning against the wall of your apartment building, looking down at his phone with his black hair falling into his eyes in a way that looks totally planned, because there's just no way those hair strands arrange themselves like that naturally. What is he, pretending to be a model because God forbid if one day passes without some random girl asking for his number? You scoff a little too loudly at the thought, and it makes his head snap up, eyes meeting yours as he puts his phone in his pocket.
“Finally,” He drawls, dramatically as always, as the two of you start walking in the direction of the bus stop. It’s automatic now – when you’re going somewhere, you always take the bus together. “I would’ve freezed to death had you taken any longer.” 
“Oh, shut up,” You nudge him with your elbow, smiling when he lets out an all too loud ‘ouch’, rubbing his arm like you just punched him with all your might. “Why are you so excited about this, anyway? Haven’t you been to that museum, like, seventy times?”
“So?” He furrows his brows. “It’s still refreshing to look at paintings, even if you've seen them thousands of times. Art is timeless, you know.”
You hold back a smile. Hyunjin really has a way with words. You don’t think you’ve ever heard anybody talk the way he does – like the whole world lies in the palm of his hand but he doesn’t realize it. But maybe that’s just your own feelings talking. Either way, the way he speaks is one of the things you love most about him, and so, it has simultaneously become one of the things you have to pretend to hate. 
“And there you go with that hopelessly romantic talk again,” You’ve reached the bus station, so you stop walking, and so does Hyunjin. 
The air’s not as cold as Hyunjin had claimed, but with how much wind there is, you don’t regret putting on a jacket at all. You lean against the bus stop sign, eyes darting to look at Hyunjin as you wait. He’s deep in thought, you realize, with his hands buried deep in his pockets and his gaze scanning the area like he hasn’t seen it a billion times before. He really does find beauty in everything, you think to yourself. The wind ruffles Hyunjin’s hair and he closes his eyes to feel the breeze – a simple act yet it’s enough to make you question whether you’ve got a hopelessly romantic mindset, too. 
Maybe you only have that when it comes to him. Is that even possible? You suppose it’s just as possible as falling in love with your best friend – unlikely, but not impossible at all. You’re living proof of that.
The bus arrives and Hyunjin looks back subtly as he’s entering to make sure you’re following. It’s sweet. He’s sweet. Oh, what a tragedy this whole thing is. Probably even more tragic than those Shakespeare books you read unwillingly because Hyunjin said they were his favorites. 
The bus is almost empty, so you plop down next to Hyunjin in some of the front seats. Your leg bumps into his accidentally and you snatch it back far too quickly, but he doesn’t seem to notice, glancing out of the window, tapping his fingers on his thigh to some tune. For a while, you look at his movements, trying to figure out what song he’s playing, but you give up soon enough when you can’t seem to recognize it. It’s way too early for that kind of thinking, anyway. 
“We’re here,” You say when you arrive at your stop, well aware that Hyunjin knows it. That’s just another part of your routine, you guess. He picks you up, looks back when you enter the bus and you announce the stations for him even though he’s got it memorized. “They’re angry we’re late, aren’t they?”
“Probably,” He sighs. “I’ll just tell them the bus was late.”
It feels like your whole heart swells up at his words. Yes, Hyunjin knows you don’t like to get blamed for things and yes, he’s your best friend, so it would seem that it’s only natural he tells a white lie to save your ass. 
Except Hyunjin doesn’t tell lies. He’s like the god of honesty or something, because you swear, all these years you know him, you’ve never heard him tell a lie. Not even when he and Changbin were planning your birthday party – when you asked him why he was busy, he told you straight up he was choosing what cake to buy. Changbin pretty much beat him up for that, and yet he did the same exact thing the year after that. Now there’s no beating up at stake and he’s willing to cover for you? 
“Why would you do that?” You mumble to yourself as you walk behind him, the museum coming into view.
“Just ‘cause,” He says as you catch up to him, and you realize he must’ve heard you. “It’ll take up our time if they start whining about it. I’d rather look at paintings than hear them complain for half an hour.”
Ah. There it is. The reason he’s willing to lie. Of course, it’s because of the paintings, you should’ve known. He’s obsessed with them, after all. See, this is where having purely platonic feelings for Hyunjin would’ve been a major win. It would’ve been so much less painful if you weren’t getting your hopes up each time he did something remotely affectionate – you would’ve simply thought of them as friendly acts, not signs of his undying love for you. Guess you really are like Hyunjin, after all, if not a romantic, at least you’re hopeless. 
“Good point,” You say, voice faltering just a bit. 
After that, you just walk alongside him in silence until you reach the museum. As expected, your friends are standing out front, some of them talking loudly in between each other, and others smoking cigarettes. The smoke reaches you when you walk closer, and from the corner of your eye, you can glimpse how Hyunjin scrunches his nose up in disgust at the smell. Cute, you think to yourself, letting out a soft laugh. 
“Hyunjin, Y/N,” Changbin is the first one to spot you, and soon every one of your friends is looking in your direction. “What the hell took you so long?”
“The bus didn’t arrive on time,” Hyunjin says instantly. 
You look at him and he sends you a soft smile – one that drowns out the sound of Changbin’s annoyed voice and makes you zone out for just enough time to make Minho grab your wrist and pull you inside, muttering something about ‘wasting time’ under his breath. The two of you enter the museum first and show your tickets to the staff and stand in the hallway, waiting for the others. 
“You’re making it obvious, you know,” Minho says as you smile in Hyunjin’s direction, and it makes you turn to him with a confused expression. “That you like him. It’s only a matter of time before he realizes it, too.”
You sigh in defeat. There’s no use in lying to him, he’s got you all figured out already, so instead, you just mumble a small ‘I really hope he doesn't’ and glare at him when he chuckles. 
“You shouldn’t look this depressed even before he’s rejected you,” He comments and you scoff. Like he has any idea what it’s like to be in love with your fucking best friend. “What do you know, maybe he likes you, too.” 
You roll your eyes at the way Minho wiggles his eyebrows at you, but you don’t get to do much more than that because all of a sudden all of your friends are there. Hyunjin is there, too, his shoulder brushes against yours when he stands next to you. How do you know that it’s him before you even turn to look at him? You have no idea, but you can just kind of tell the warmth you’re feeling is radiated by him. And it turns out to be true when you turn your head to the side, almost losing the ability to breathe when you’re met with his gaze already set on you. 
He looks beautiful even in the poor lighting provided by the lamps above his head, eyes shining with this light they only hold when he’s surrounded by what he loves the most. Art. You can tell he’s happy even though he’s not smiling or laughing. It’s silent, his happiness, but for someone like you, someone who’s spent years looking at him, learning how to read him, it’s evident nonetheless. 
“Someone’s happy,” You hum to Hyunjin after your friends have vanished to look at the erotic paintings, giggling like school girls and boys. 
“Them? Yeah, they’re really enjoying this.” 
“I meant you,” You follow him when he slowly walks to look at one of the paintings, examining it. His brows furrow and his jaw is set when he’s focused, and right now is no exception. “One would think you just won a million dollars from the way you’re skipping around.”
You don’t say that you think it’s adorable or that if it were up to you, you would come here every day just to see his eyes sparkle like that. His stare leaves the painting when you utter those words, moving to look at you with an expression you can’t figure out. Which is weird, because you know exactly how to read Hwang Hyunjin. Usually. But now, his eyes are a little widened, his lip pulled between his teeth, fingers tapping his hip like he doesn’t really know what to do with his hands. It stresses you out a little and makes your heart jump in your chest because you could swear for a moment his gaze fans down to your lips. 
This only lasts a second or so, though, because soon enough, he turns his attention back to the painting in front of him. No words, no nothing. You walk a little closer, feeling kind of hurt that he’s so uninterested in holding a conversation. Maybe he senses something is wrong, or maybe his timing is just perfect, because not even a minute later, you hear him gasp quietly, shuffling next to you.
“Look,” He says just as you’re about to ask him what’s going on, and you turn around to look out of the window like him. You immediately recognize the vehicle you’re met with, a smile slowly spreading itself over your face. “It’s that food truck you mentioned last weekend, isn’t it? The one with the hamburgers you wanted to try”
“Yeah, it is.” You grin wider. He remembered. You were rambling about that food truck while he was trying to finish his homework, so you didn’t really expect him to listen. But he did. 
“Let’s go, then,” He smiles, eyes still trained on the vehicle and sparkling. 
“Wait-” You start, but before you can say anything else, his fingers wrap around your wrist and he drags you through the hall in a hurry. The paintings surrounding you start to blur when he starts running, his hand tugging at yours and forcing you to pick up the pace, too. He runs out the door and you shiver when the cool air hits your skin – now you’re really regretting leaving your jacket in the dressing room. Sensing your slight hesitation, Hyunjin whips his head around to look at you for a moment, before pulling at your hand again and jogging up to the food truck, 
You’re left catching your breath as he orders something, just now realizing that you left all your friends behind at the museum. Hyunjin seems pretty unbothered, though, handing the seller his card, his cheeks a little red – probably from the cold air or all the running. You’re a hundred meters away from the museum now, and surely, your friends have noticed your absence, but you can’t really bring yourself to worry about that when you see the satisfied smile on Hyunjin’s face as the seller hands him his order. 
It’s only then that you notice his hand is still holding onto yours, and you pull it back so quickly you hit your thumb on your thigh. It hurts a little, but the pain is dull compared to how fast your heart hammers against your chest – it’s like when you’ve run a few laps too much around the stadium, and it makes you feel dizzy and nauseous as hell. Hyunjin sends you an inquiring look, but you avert your gaze, waiting as he takes the order from the man inside the truck. 
You’re so stupid. What if he understands you like him now? What if you’ve just ruined everything? You can’t act this weird. You’re supposed to be his best friend. But a friend wouldn’t react like this to his hand touching yours. 
“Let’s sit,” You say this as he walks closer to you, partly to break the tension, but mostly because he’s making you nervous with the way he’s eyeing you cautiously like he’s trying to look into your soul and find out all your secrets. “There’s a table over here.”
You plop down on the chair furthest away from Hyunjin, even though it sparks up a feeling of guilt in your stomach. He might look like he doesn’t notice this – to someone that doesn’t know him, at least. But you do know him, and you can see how his jaw tightens, gaze a little absent. You can basically see the thoughts racing through his mind. You wonder if one of them has the suspicion that you like him. 
“You realize we can’t go back inside after running out like that? Our tickets are in Lisa’s bag,” You say after a while, breaking the awkward silence. You don’t want it to be awkward. Not with him. So the best thing is to just pretend nothing happened. Essentially, you think, nothing did. “You won’t get to look at your precious paintings.” 
Hyunjin shrugs and his gaze softens. “You said it yourself, I've seen them a million times before.” 
You nod, reminded of the hamburger in your hand. It’ll get cold at this rate, you realize, and bite into it, mostly because you don’t know what else to say to Hyunjin. The food is great, though, so you’re thankful he brought you here. And thankful he remembered. But instead of thanking him, you’re acting like a crazy person – all because you’ve got this stupidly huge crush on him and everything he does makes your heart beat faster. Even though he probably only means it in a friendly way. 
Wow, this is getting impressive. At this point, you’re just friend-zoning yourself so he won’t have to.
“Is it good?”
“What?” You look up at him with your mouth full of food. Hyunjin’s lips quirk upward, and it makes you want to die as you swallow. Why do these things always happen to you, of all people?
“The hamburger. Was it worth it?”
“Oh,” You say, this time making sure there’s no salad between your teeth. “Yeah. It’s really good.”
“Good. Let’s go then, if you’re done eating,” He smiles and stands up. Looking down at the lack of hamburger wrapping in his hands, you realize he didn’t buy anything for himself at the food truck, and it makes you knit your brows together in confusion. Why did he run all the way here, then? Especially when he could’ve stayed inside and admired those paintings he’s always gushing about instead? 
You stand up, too, but as you take the first step in Hyunjin’s direction you basically trip over your feet. Or, as it turns out once you lower your gaze, your untied shoelaces. “Shit.” 
Hyunjin interrupts your intentions of tying them by kneeling down himself, making you freeze in place as his fingers come up to tie the laces. You don’t say anything – just look at him from above, the way he moves his fingers swiftly, the way his muscles flex when he does it, and the way he needs to shield his eyes from the sun as he stands up (way too soon, according to you), flashing you a smile. It’s genuine and cute – one of the rare times he’s not laughing at you or smiling because the situation requires it.
“You should be more careful. Not tying your shoelaces is dangerous, especially for clumsy people like you.”
Your breath hitches in your throat, but you don't really get to react in any other way because suddenly, your friends jump out from behind the corner of the building you ran away from, crying out when they spot you. They’ve been looking for you, that much you can gather, but your eyes linger on Hyunjin, and Hyunjin only. 
Vaguely, you can hear how they’re complaining about you and him ‘leaving them out’, but you can’t really focus on the words spilling out of their mouths, mind occupied with replaying the picture of Hyunjin tying your shoes earlier, the way his smile made you weak in the knees. You seriously need to stop thinking about him this way.
But you can’t. Not when you’re so hopelessly in love with him. 
Parties aren't really Hyunjin’s thing.
Of course, he enjoys spending time with his friends, and he doesn't really mind hanging out as a group and drinking. But these kinds of parties – sweaty bodies everywhere, all too loud music and cheap alcohol mixed with the sight of people hooking up in the open – he genuinely despises. There are way too many people and way too little space. 
You don't feel the same way about parties. That much is obvious from how you're dancing with Changbin in the middle of the living room belonging to someone whose name Hyunjin doesn't remember. You’re on your third, maybe fourth, drink already, but who’s really counting. Except for Hyunjin, of course. Your laugh is louder than usual, it reaches his ears even though he’s standing a couple meters away, hiding in a corner. He’d never admit it, but the only reason he ever comes to these godforsaken parties is because you beg him to. And because, usually, he has to drive you home afterward. 
He doesn’t mind it as much as he pretends to, though. 
Your words are slurred as you fall into his arms suddenly, but it’s a miracle you even managed to spot him in that state of yours. He crunches his nose in disgust at the reek of alcohol surrounding you and pushes you away from him so he can grab at your shoulders. The way you pout is cute, he thinks and shakes his head immediately as if that’s going to get rid of his dumb thoughts. His eyes fan down to your outfit – the all-too-low cleavage of your top and the short skirt that hugs your hips. It’s shameful how his pants feel too tight all of a sudden, so he averts his gaze. He’s too late, though, because you already noticed.
“Do I look pretty?” You ask him and swirl around, like what he needs right now is to get a better look at your legs. It takes all in him to keep his eyes on the back of your head until you turn around to face him again. 
“You look drunk,” He replies, albeit not very convincingly due to the light shiver in his tone, holding your arm tighter when you almost trip over your own feet. 
“I’m not drunk,” You protest, but lean into his touch nonetheless. The way he holds you against his chest when someone tries to pass by leaves your heart pounding at a dangerously fast speed and makes you feel a little lightheaded. That has nothing to do with the fact that you’re drunk, though. But the words you let escape your mouth after that do. “I like it when you hold me like this.”
Due to the alcohol in your system, you don’t really realize what you’ve said, but Hyunjin does. And it feels like his heart is about to beat out of his chest. He hopes you can’t hear it, because god, how embarrassing would that be? Here he is, feeling nervous over something you said while being both drunk and his friend. It’s natural for friends to like hugging each other. Right? 
“Aren’t you gonna say anything?” Hyunjin can feel how you lean more of your weight on him, your smiling face a little too close to his own. He can hear your breathing clearly now, and the hand that holds onto his shoulder for support is burning his skin. “You’re lucky you look so cute right now or I would’ve gotten real mad at you.”
His breath hitches, but he doesn’t think you notice. Or maybe you do. He can’t really tell in this poor lighting and with the way your thigh rests between his legs. It’s distracting. You are distracting. 
“But, then again,” You lean so close to him that your noses almost touch and he can feel your hot breath on his lips. “You always look cute. When you’re focused and you furrow your brows. When you’re looking at paintings and your eyes light up. Even when you’re scolding me and your jaw is set, I find it cute. Because you’re doing it out of concern for me. You’re always so nice to me. Always so sweet. It’s not all that weird that I fell in love with you, actually.” 
That’s when it all slows down. It’s like the world outside is nonexistent. His eyes are wide, and he’s pretty sure his hands are starting to shake. He looks at you – your wide smile, the way your gaze drops to his lips for a second longer than appropriate, and how you’re tilting your head to the side. You’re going to kiss him, he realizes. You’ve just told him you like him and now you’re going to kiss him. He can feel your warm hand rest on his chest and he wants nothing more than to pull you closer, even though he shouldn’t. 
What he should do is push you away. Tell you you’re way too drunk and you won’t remember any of this tomorrow. But he doesn’t. Because there's still that part of him that reminds him you haven’t even drunk that much, that you’re completely aware of your actions. It’s still you – your sparkling eyes, soft hair that smells of strawberries, and touch that drives him insane no matter how innocent it is. His best friend. The girl he’s in love with. 
When your lips press against his, Hyunjin knows he wouldn’t be able to pull away even if he wanted to. 
You taste of whiskey and cherries, the latter presumably from the chapstick you’ve been using for the past couple of years – the one Hyunjin has been dying to know the taste of for a shameful amount of time. It’s even better than he expected. Your hands are in his hair, and his fingers rest against the bare skin of your stomach, spreading goosebumps all over it. Experimentally, he urges you to open your mouth and when you do, he lets his tongue slip inside. 
He pulls you closer, and you sigh contentedly into his mouth in response, pulling at his hair. It feels so good – feeling his lips on yours after only having imagined what it would be like to kiss him. And he’s kissing you back, just as fervently. It’s like a dream come true. You slip your hands under his shirt, way too drunk on him to even think about where you are and that you’ve just confessed your love for your best friend. Alcohol is good for something, after all, you suppose. 
Feeling your fingers trace his abdominal muscles brings Hyunjin back to reality, and as much as he wants to let you touch him, he remembers you’re at a party. And there’s alcohol in your system. This is wrong. There’s no guarantee you even meant what you said, or if you’ll remember it tomorrow. So, as much as he doesn’t want to, he pushes you away. 
“You need to go home, Y/N,” He says upon seeing your confused expression. “You’re drunk.”
For a moment, none of you move. You’re just staring at him with your lips swollen from kissing, pupils wide, and Hyunjin thinks you must be the most beautiful person alive. But there’s a hint of pain hidden in your eyes when he meets them and it sparks up guilt in his stomach. He wants to hug you, but he doesn’t. You’re drunk and overreacting. Tomorrow, if you even remember anything at all, you’ll be thankful he saved your friendship from going under. Because there’s no way you’re actually in love with him, after all. 
“Come on, let’s get you home, alright?” He wants to grab your hand, but you pull away. 
There’s no reason for you to be this upset. He’s drunk, you’re drunk, it happens. And so it’s only natural he wants to pretend nothing happened. You’re best friends, after all. But it still hurts and the alcohol still flowing through your veins only urges you to speak your mind.
“If you didn’t want to kiss me, you could’ve just said so.”
And before you can think twice, you leave him standing there and ask Minho to drive you home. He doesn’t ask any questions and you’re thankful for that. 
Right now, it doesn’t feel like you have any answers. 
You’ve never avoided Hyunjin before.
Not when you were mad at him for listening in on a fight you had with your mom, and not after he caught you making out with his best friend in high school. Sure, both you and him got mad sometimes, but you’d always talk it out. Or, as it would be more accurate to say, he would talk, and slowly, but surely, you’d come to realize there was no reason to be mad. And everything would be back to normal. 
But the thing is – this time you’re not mad. Just embarrassed. And scared. Really fucking scared. And since Hyunjin is the source of those intrusive emotions, your smart brain came up with the idea of avoiding him until you magically fall out of love with him and will be able to tell him that the kiss was a mistake you regret making. 
It’s a horrible plan, really. But it’s all you’ve got.
And it works just fine for, like, thirteen hours. Out of which you slept ten. 
In the morning, Hyunjin calls you, but you ignore it. He doesn’t call again, probably coming to the conclusion that you’re still asleep. Then, you skip class to avoid him. Stupid move, because that just makes him send you even more messages, asking you if everything’s alright. And the worst part is, you want to respond to them. You really do. This is Hyunjin, after all. Your best friend. You’re missing him already. Why did you have to be so stupid and kiss him? You could’ve just let him live in ignorant bliss and saved your friendship, but instead, you chose this. You really are stupid. 
All in all, dodging his calls and skipping class is manageable, but you can’t really keep avoiding him when he quite literally grabs your hand as you’re on the way to the bathroom, pulling you into some empty classroom. 
“What are you–” You begin to say, but he cuts you off.
“You’re avoiding me,” It’s not a question. His gaze is hard and you look down – partially because you’re ashamed, but mostly because you’re afraid that if you look at his handsome face you’re just going to start crying, reminded of how he pushed you away yesterday. “Why?” 
That is a question, but it’s so dumb it makes you scoff. Does he really not know why you’re avoiding him or is he just playing dumb? It seems pretty simple to you – you told him you like him, he rejected you, and now avoiding him is easier than facing the truth. But he doesn’t appear to understand that, eyebrows raised as he eyes you cautiously. 
“Why?” He asks again, and so you cave. 
“Because,” You lock eyes with him and feel all those emotions you felt at the party all over again. “I told you I liked you yesterday. So now I’m embarrassed to even look at you.”
Silence falls over the room after you say that, your fingers fiddling with the hem of your shirt as you wait for him to say something. Anything. 
“You were drunk,” He sighs after a while. “I didn’t take it seriously. You don’t need to be embarrassed, so let’s just forget it ever happened if that’s what you want.” 
One second passes. Then two. He thinks you weren’t serious. That’s amazing news – it means you can just lie about it and never talk about it with him ever again – so why don’t you feel relieved? If anything, it makes you feel even more miserable. Because maybe – just maybe – you’d hoped he’d say he’s in love with you too. Or at least that he’d take you seriously, because, fuck, this is serious. And honestly, lying about it for another seven years seems worse than telling him right now and getting it over with.  
“I meant it,” The words fall off your tongue suddenly – an outburst of feelings you hadn’t originally intended to share. “What I said yesterday. I wasn’t even that drunk, that was just an excuse.”
You suck in a breath. One. Two. Three. It’s fine; you’re fine. Just say it. You can’t exactly back off now, either way. Hyunjin’s expression is unreadable, but that might just be your heart banging in your ears so hard you can’t focus on anything else. Okay. You can do this. 
“I’m in love with you, Hyunjin. I’ve been in love with you since I can remember. It was bound to slip out sooner or later, I guess. This just kinda makes me wish it happened later.” 
There. You said it. 
Hyunjin’s face remains unchanged, only a small spark in his eyes indicating he heard you. A few strands of his hair fall into his forehead, but he doesn’t push them away. It’s like he wants you to step forward and do it yourself. You don’t have the courage to do that, though. Instead, you just stand there and look at him until he decides to say something. 
His voice is soft and welcoming, so you reply right away. 
“Because you don’t feel the same way about me. And I’m scared nothing’s gonna be the same between us after this.”
He looks at you and it feels like he’s staring right into your soul. Though you suppose he wouldn’t need any special powers to do that, since you basically exposed all of yourself to him right now. He’s only silent for three or four seconds, but it feels like years as you’re standing there. You’re in the chemistry classroom, you realize, so if you were to run away now you could just say you were afraid a professor would catch you. You never get that far, though, because, at that moment, Hyunjin decides to finally speak. 
“You always do that, you know,” You furrow your brows, but he only smiles shyly. In surprise, you notice how his cheeks are tinted light pink. He’s blushing. You haven’t seen him blush since, like, sixth grade, when your mom called him handsome. “Jump to conclusions. I pushed you away yesterday because I didn’t want you to do anything you would regret later. Like drunkenly kiss your best friend that is hopelessly in love with you and give him false hope.” 
It takes a minute for his words to sink in, but when they do, it feels surreal. Is he saying what you think he’s saying? He must notice your confused expression, because he walks closer and leans his face down so it’s parallel to yours. 
“I’m in love with you, too, stupid,” His nose touches yours and you shiver. “Did you really think I would’ve gone to that food truck if it weren’t for you?”
You giggle as if trying to hide the way your heart is doing loops inside of your chest. “The hamburgers really weren’t that good.”
“I knew you were lying.” He smiles, tilting his head to the side. You can feel his breath on your face, his eyes sparkling in the poor lighting of the lamp above your head. When his hands settle on your waist, you feel like you’re about to float into the air. “Can I kiss you?” 
There’s no hesitation when you nod and that’s all the convincing Hyunjin needs. He leans forward to close the space that is dividing you from him and presses his lips to yours softly – carefully, as if not to hurt you. His tongue swipes across your lower lip and you hold onto his shoulders like you’re afraid your knees will give out. The kiss, his hand settling on your cheek to caress the skin, the softness of his lips – it's perfect. All of it.
Until suddenly, the door flies open and you jump away from him like you just burned yourself. 
“What are you guys doing here?” 
Hyunjin’s fingers leave your waist, and it makes you look toward the person that interrupted your moment. You start fixing your clothing awkwardly as you lock eyes with Changbin, whose gaze flicks from you to Hyunjin and back again, before the realization hits him and he audibly gasps, covering his mouth with the palm of his hand. 
“Oh my god,” His dramatic tone makes you roll your eyes, but really, you can feel your whole body heating up. “You’re hooking up and you didn’t tell me?” 
“We’re not ‘hooking up’,” You’re not looking at Hyunjin but you just know he’s scrunching his nose up in distaste. “We’re… figuring things out.”
“Well, maybe you should figure them out somewhere else, because I have class here in three minutes.”
Changbin sounds amused, and you can see from the corner of your eye how Hyunjin glares at him before taking your hand in his and leaving the classroom. You’ve almost arrived at the dorms by the time it hits you that he’s actually holding your hand. Hwang Hyunjin is holding your hand. And not just loosely, like he’s done since you met him when dragging you off somewhere – no, this time, he’s deliberate about it, interlacing his fingers with yours and walking right next to you. 
The warmth you feel settle in your chest isn’t just because of the temperature change that occurs as you walk into his dorm, that’s for sure.
“Minho’s not here?” You ask, looking around. You’ve been here plenty of times as Hyunjin’s friend, but this feels different somehow. It doesn’t exactly help your nervousness that the dorm is empty, except for you and him. 
“Went out with his girlfriend, I think,” Hyunjin lets go of your hand to pull his sweater over his head, probably noticing the change in temperature like you. Maybe it’s stupid, but you can’t help the way your eyes linger a little too long on the stripe of skin that is exposed when he unintentionally drags his shirt up with the sweater, your brain going into overdrive when you see how his muscles flex as he drags it down to cover his stomach again. Unfortunately, it seems that this doesn’t go unnoticed by Hyunjin. “Are you uncomfortable or something? Because if you need time to think this over or something, I’m okay with that.”
“What?” You look up to meet his gaze, feeling your face heat up. “No, I don’t, I was just… Thinking about how I like your kitchen.”
You’re fucking stupid. You could’ve said anything – literally anything – but you chose this? And just like you fear, Hyunjin notices your embarrassment, and you can clearly tell from the look he’s giving you that he’s got you all figured out already. That’s one of the disadvantages of falling in love with your best friend, you suppose. 
“You’ve seen my kitchen, like, a thousand times,” He points out and you send him a glare when he purposefully leans on the counter so his muscles are even more visible. “I don’t think you’ve seen my bedroom, though.”
Your heart jumps up to your throat as his eyes scan your body, lip pulled between his teeth. It’s not like him to be so straightforward, and you can see how his cheeks are turning pink from what he just said. Cute. That makes you feel a little less nervous, though your heart still pounds against your chest when you walk closer to him, grabbing hold of his shirt to press your lips to his. 
His touch is warm when he wraps his arms around you, his mouth moving against yours slowly. He’s taking his time, a sigh escaping past his lips as he parts them, letting your tongues interlace. You’re the one to start walking towards his bedroom, fingers pulling at his hair and he helps you open the door. His hand feels warm on your waist when he pulls away from the kiss to rest his lips against your cheek and sit down on his bed, pulling you along. 
Situating yourself in his lap, you connect your lips to his again, but he doesn’t let you ravish in his taste for too long before he starts pressing kisses against your jaw. It’s not like you mind, but you grind your hips against him in revenge nonetheless, noticing how his grip on your waist tightens and he sucks down on the skin on your neck, making you moan out softly. One of his hands works to unzip your jacket and push it off your shoulders, the other slipping under your shirt and sending shivers down your spine. 
“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, you know,” His fingers trace your skin slowly and the sound of his voice when he rests his mouth against your shoulder – all raspy and quiet – is enough to have your underwear soaking through faster. If he thinks you want to stop now, he’s insane. 
“I want to,” He looks up at you with hooded eyes, smiling when he lifts your shirt over your head. Then, his hands come up to slide your jeans off and you help him by lifting your legs a little, now sitting down on his bulge with only your panties and his sweats dividing you from feeling all of him. He drags your hips along his experimentally and you whimper quietly, feeling how you’re soaking through your panties and probably onto the fabric of his pants. “I want you, please.” 
His eyes grow a little wider at your words and you help him unclasp your bra, letting it fall to the ground. You whine when his fingers find their way between your legs, rubbing against the fabric of your panties softly. Wriggling in his lap to create friction, you hold onto his shoulders and he gives in quickly, pushing your panties to the side so he can press his palm against your clit and rub it, eliciting a moan from you. 
“You’re so wet,” He mumbles against your shoulder, pressing kisses to it as he starts dragging his fingers through your folds, all while the palm of his hand keeps rubbing against your clit. “And so pretty.” 
Your fingers work to get rid of his shirt, and he helps you by lifting your hands. This makes you whine at the loss of contact between his fingers and your pussy, but he only smiles as he brings it back between your legs, rubbing against your heat agonizingly slowly. You buck your hips into his hand to feel more, but that only causes him to retract it, looking at you disapprovingly. 
“You’re so annoying,” You groan at him, feeling your pussy throb, hungry for his touch. “Can’t you just-”
But you don’t get to finish that sentence as he pushes two of his fingers inside of you, making you gasp loudly and hold onto him tighter. He starts pumping them in and out of you, stretching you out so well and making you squirm in his grip, your breath uneven. You’d expected him to start off slowly, but he doesn’t – he buries himself knuckles deep inside of you and his thumb rubs your clit in a steady rhythm. The kisses he litters all over your collarbones are soft – a contrast to the way he’s fucking you with his fingers that – as you notice upon looking down between your bodies – are glistening with your arousal. 
“Feels good, baby?” He asks, and you clench around his fingers in response, burying your head in the crook of his neck. 
He starts pushing his fingers in and out of you faster, hitting that spot that makes your toes curl and makes you moan his name. It’s getting hard to keep yourself up now as you’re approaching your orgasm, Hyunjin’s hand grabbing at your tits while the other makes you clench around him repeatedly. Your thighs are starting to shake, that familiar feeling of pleasure stirring up in your stomach. The feeling of his hard cock poking into your thigh doesn’t help at all, only serving for your moans to grow louder when he rubs your clit faster, more precisely. 
The sound of your pussy squelching with arousal as he drives them into you fills the room along with the moans you let out into his ear, and you feel his cock growing harder from underneath his sweats. Even though it’s difficult to gather your thoughts enough to think of anything else other than how good he’s making you feel, you manage to bring your hand to palm him through his sweats, which earns you an even quicker pace of his fingers that’s making you see stars. 
“Fuck, do that again,” He moans and you comply, grabbing his dick through his sweats and making his hips buck into your hand. You whimper at that, tightening around his fingers, nails digging into his biceps. “Want to fuck that pretty pussy of yours so bad. You want me to, don’t you?” 
You nod frantically, pushing your hips further down on his fingers and moaning his name with each movement. You’re so close now, clenching around him like crazy, pretty much bouncing on his fingers to feel him deeper. He brings you to the edge quickly, continuing to rub your clit as you cum, soaking his fingers with your slick and moaning in a way that would’ve made you feel embarrassed if it weren’t for how lost in the pleasure you are. 
“Oh my god,” You breathe out when he retracts his fingers, licking them clean of your juices. 
He looks up at you worriedly. “Are you oka-” 
You cut him off by kissing him, opening your mouth, and swallowing his moans when you palm him through his sweats again. He slips his tongue inside your mouth, and groans when he gets a taste of your cherry chapstick – he wants to bottle up that sensation and replay it every night. Your hands move to slide his pants down, and you grind down on his dick, now only divided from you with his thin boxers. 
“I want you, please, Hyunjin,” You’re way past getting embarrassed, begging him without even batting an eyelash. “Want your cock.” 
His worried gaze turns lewd, and he helps you pull his boxers down, letting his cock spring free. The sight is mouthwatering, and you know he notices you staring from the way his lips quirk upward in a soft smile, reminding you exactly why you’re in love with this man. He pulls you into his lap again, so close that your tits are pressed against his chest and his cock rests against your clit. You whine when he drags it through your folds, soaking it in your juices but not really creating any friction. 
“You’re so impatient,” He coos, positioning himself at your entrance and pushing just the tip in, causing you to clench around nothing. “You want my cock, princess? Want me to fuck you stupid?”
“Mhmm, please.” 
Hyunjin smiles, grip tightening on your hips as he pushes you down on his cock, a moan leaving your mouth when he enters you fully. It’s painful only for a few seconds – then, feel the throb in your pussy grow again and so you start moving up and down slowly, moaning softly each time you sink down on his cock. He’s biting his lip, watching your movements, and letting his hands come up to play with your tits. 
You push your chest out into his hands, bouncing up and down on his cock and feeling your walls suck him in tightly like you don’t want him to ever pull out. And you don’t. It feels so good to have him inside of you – you can feel every bit of his dick clearly and he looks really hot, with his eyes half-closed and a sheepish smile on his features, tongue darting out to wet his lips. 
“You look so pretty fucking yourself on my cock,” How he manages to look so angelic while saying that, brushing your hair away from your face, and at the same time making you clench around him frantically, you don’t know. “Wish I’d fucked you sooner, princess.” 
His words make you whimper, and you feel your thighs burn from the way you’re bouncing on his cock already. You hold onto him, but it doesn’t stop your legs from shaking and you whine, annoyed. 
Hyunjin’s hands move to your hips when he sees you struggling, and you whimper a little when he lifts them with ease before pushing you down on his cock again. It’s a whole different sensation when he does it. He’s fucking you much harder now, driving into you from a deeper angle that makes you see stars, legs giving out completely, and letting him do all the work. Hyunjin doesn’t seem to mind that, though, small groans leaving his lips as he helps you ride him.
“You’re so fucking pretty, baby,” He whispers and presses a kiss to your jaw, not slowing down in the slightest. “My pretty girl.” 
You’re feeling a little dizzy from both the praise and the way he’s hitting all the right spots, fingers probably leaving marks on your skin from how he’s holding onto you, ravishing in the way you whimper his name with each roll of his hips. You can feel the knot in your stomach tighten yet again, and there’s no way you’re going to last much longer with the way he’s splitting you open on his cock. 
“Fuck, Hyunjin, I-” The words die down in your throat as he keeps rutting into you, your eyes rolling to the back of your head when his dick hits the spot that makes you curl your toes in pleasure repeatedly. “I’m gonna cum.”
“Me too.” 
He groans and captures your lips in a kiss as his cock twitches inside of you, the feeling pushing you over the edge and making you clench and unclench around him repeatedly when you cum. He follows not long after, shooting his cum into you and moaning softly at the sensation of your walls sucking him in. You whine when he pulls out, but the sound is soon replaced by a hum of appreciation when he lies down on the bed and pulls you down so your head lies on his chest and he can wrap his arms around you. 
“I love you so much,” He says, burying his face in your hair. 
You smile. “I love you, too.”
And as you’re left regaining your breath in each other’s arms, Hyunjin still feels the faint taste of your cherry chapstick on his tongue. He wouldn’t have it any other way. 
You never thought facing your friends after everything that happened would be easy, but it’s safe to say you weren’t expecting to hear party horns go off the moment you entered the cafe at which you decided to meet. 
“Congrats on bagging your best friend, Y/N!”
“Are you out of your mind? Be quiet,” You really want to kick Changbin as he shouts that as loud as he can, but you settle on sending an apologetic smile to the people sitting by tables around you and glaring at him instead. Looking to your left, you meet Hyunjin’s gaze, but he doesn’t seem as if he’s about to run away, so you decide that Changbin hasn’t lost his title as your friend just yet. You’re really thankful for the way Hyunjin squeezes your hand reassuringly, winking in your direction – even if it doesn’t exactly help calm your heart down. 
“If I were you, I wouldn’t care that much,” Minho comments as the two of you get seated. “Changbin’s pretty much spilled it to everyone, anyway.”
“Not everyone,” Changbin protests immediately. “Just a few trusted individuals.”
“A few hundred, you mean,” Minho snickers. “Either way-”
“Stop lying, I literally only told those girls from NCTU-”
“Either way, we just want to say we’re happy for you. Even if this means I’ll have to witness you kiss,” Minho shudders playfully and you can’t help but smile. “You look happy together, and that’s enough for me.”
“Just please don’t break up before spring break,” Changbin adds. “It will make the camping trip so awkward.”
You smile at them, feeling as if a big weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. They’re happy for you. You feel Hyunjin squeeze your hand, and you whip your head around to look into his eyes that sparkle with adoration. 
“Don’t worry, I don’t have any plans of letting Y/N get rid of me that easily.” 
Butterflies swarm in your stomach, just like they always do when he says something this cheesy and sweet at the same time. You suppose you’ll feel this way for another seven years. And then seven years more. You smile, and he smiles too. He leans down to press a kiss to your lips and you can’t help the way you feel like the happiest girl in the world when your lips move together. 
“You guys are so gross.” 
Hyunjin laughs as he pulls away, and so do you. Moments like these make it worth waiting seven years to have him.
Tumblr media
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sluttywonwoo · 2 months
so like. best friend hyunjin begs and begs and begs for a massage because he’s had a really long day dancing and you’re like fine okay but you owe me. and like,,, imagine massaging that man’s thighs and slowly seeing the buldge in his sweats get bigger and bigger and when you try making fun of him for it he just goes “so you’re not wet right now?” and when you say no he goes: prove it. bye i must never speak again -💛
COME BACK HERE you can’t just send me this and then disappear >:(
Tumblr media
word count: 2.2k (no excuse honestly)
details: smut 18+, thigh riding, handjob, switch!hyunjin + switch!reader
Tumblr media
“if i do it will you stop complaining?” you ask in a huff, crossing your arms over your chest.
“mhm,” your best friend answers, already grinning.
“fine, but you owe me. lay down.”
hyunjin does as asked and lays back on your bed, stretching out his legs for you. you sigh and climb onto the mattress, straddling his ankles a little awkwardly. you start with his calves, massaging the muscles through the material of his sweatpants. hyunjin groans in relief and lets his head fall back on your pillow.
“you know, if you wouldn’t push yourself so hard, your legs wouldn’t get this sore.”
“i have to, though,” he argues. “i can’t let the rest of them down.”
“yeah, yeah,” you mutter, not wanting to push the issue further since you know he’ll just be stubborn about it.
you’re both quiet as you make your way up his legs. his muscles are tight, almost like he’s tensing them on purpose, and you have to tell him more than once to relax. you’re extra gentle with his knees since there isn’t a lot of tissue there and then swiftly move on to his thighs.
hyunjin is in the studio almost every day. he’s naturally lean, but the amount of time he spends practicing has made him visibly toned. he has the body of a dancer through and through, which means his thighs are strong and firm. your hands have never looked smaller than they do on hyunjin’s thighs, a fact that you try not to think about as you begin to massage them.
you don’t want to make him uncomfortable so you start just above the knee, planning to slowly work your way up if that’s something he tells you he wants. you’ve been best friends for years now, but you’ve never touched each other… like this, so it’s a bit of uncharted territory and that makes you nervous.
he seems to like what you’re doing so far, though, if his little hums of pleasure are anything to go by.
“you’re really good at this,” he compliments suddenly.
you feel your face turn warm.
“thanks. i’ve never done this before, so i could be fucking up your muscles for all you know.”
“worth it.”
your roll your eyes and shake your head at him even though his eyes are closed and focus on applying pressure to the spots that feel the most strained. hyunjin tenses underneath you again and you pause.
“am i hurting you?”
“no, feels good.”
“then relax.”
your gaze falls to his hands that are clenching and releasing by his sides and you’re about to accuse him of lying to you about hurting him when something in his lap draws your attention away. then it all makes sense. no wonder he’s been so restless. he’s hard.
like. really hard. you can see the outline of his cock through the material of his sweats. the pants leave almost nothing to the imagination with how tight they are. no wonder he’s so tense, he’s been trying (and failing) to fight an erection this whole time.
you couldn’t really blame him. the thighs were an errogenous zone. but that didn’t mean you were going to let him off the hook.
“want me to massage that too?” you ask, eyeing the bulge in his pants.
hyunjin’s eyes shoot open as if he knows exactly what you’re referring to and his cheeks go red.
“i, um…”
“was asking for a ‘massage’ actually code for something else because that’ll cost you extra.”
“no! that’s not- i didn’t mean to—”
you smirk and squeeze his legs, making him jump. his hands fly to his crotch to cover himself, even though it’s far too late for that, and he refuses to meet your gaze. you like watching your best friend squirm so you decide to push him a little further.
“you know, if you wanted to get in my pants you could’ve just asked.”
“please, like i’m the only one affected,” he scoffs. “i bet you’re even worse off than me, i just can’t see it.”
you’re not sure where this newfound confidence of his came from all of the sudden but you you don’t think you like it. it’s your turn to be flustered as you stutter out, “wh-what are you talking about?”
“you. being turned on by this.”
“you’re the one with a boner,” you point out, trying to deflect.
“yeah, and i bet you’re wet right now.”
“i’m… i’m not!”
“prove it then.”
you blink. “what, how?”
“c’mere,” hyunjin says, beckoning you closer.
were you really about to do this?
you shuffle forward until you’re straddling his waist. he hisses as you unintentionally brush up against his erection, hands coming up to your hips to hold you still.
he eyes you carefully as if to ask if you’re really okay with this, thumb tracing the waistband of your joggers. your heart is racing, but not being one to back down from a challenge you nod for him to continue. he dips his hand into your pants, fingertips catching on the elastic band of your underwear before delving beneath it.
hyunjin smirks. “i fucking knew it.”
“yeah, well it’s because you moan like a pornstar when i’m touching you,” you protest defensively.
“who can blame me, with hands like yours?”
you smack him lightly on the chest with a disapproving frown. “get your head out of the gutter.”
“my hand is literally down the front of your pants right now.”
“and are you going to do anything about that?”
“do you want me to do anything about it?”
you stare each other down for what feels like several minutes but in reality is probably only a few seconds before being the first to break. your expression softens and your shoulders slump forward as you admit defeat.
“touch me?” you whine quietly.
“all you had to do was ask.”
hyunjin is entirely too pleased with himself, you decide. he’s the one who got horny first but you don’t call him out on it because it turns out you find it quite hot when he gets cocky and you’re already feeling impatient.
to your dismay, he takes his hand out of your pants, which is the exact opposite of what you want him to do. you’re confused until he brings his fingers up to his mouth and sucks your arousal from them, eyes fluttering closed as he savors the taste of you.
you’ve yet to pick your jaw up from off the floor when he opens his eyes again which makes him grin.
“why don’t you ride my thigh, baby?” he suggests, “since you seem to like them so much.”
baby. that was new.
“but… they’re still sore,” you point out.
“i’ll be okay,” he promises.
as if to prove it to you, he pushes your hip so that you’ll lift your knee up and he can slot one of his legs between yours while moving the other to the side. hyunjin can sense you’re still hesitant so he takes the initiative and guides you down onto him.
“how’s that?”
“it’s um, it’s good. does it hurt?”
hyunjin tucks a strand of hair behind your ear and sighs fondly. “no, baby. it’s fine. you’re fine.”
“but what about you? don’t you want to…” you trail off as you nod down at his dick.
“i don’t think i’ve ever seen you this shy before,” hyunjin muses, mostly to himself. “it’s cute.”
“it’s not every day you and your best friend get each other off,” you mutter in response.
“it’s just me,” he reasons as he helps you rock yourself on his thigh. “it doesn’t have to be weird if we don’t want it to be.”
“you’re r-right,” you agree, holding back a moan. “but what about you?”
“what about me?”
“don’t you want to cum too?”
hyunjin shrugs. “you can just palm me over my sweats if you want. i’ve been hard for so long now it won’t take much.”
“i don’t want you to ruin your pants, though.”
“something tells me you have a higher chance of ruining my pants than me,” he argues.
you whine again, spurred on by the pressure against your clit and the embarrassment his words make you feel. you’re already dizzy with pleasure but then hyunjin starts to bounce his leg on the bed, creating even more friction for you. you gasp and keen forward, bracing yourself with both hands on his chest so that you don’t collapse on top of him.
“you’re trying to distract me,” you accuse through grit teeth.
“is it working?”
“no. still want to make you feel good too.”
“what’s stopping you, then?” he asks, even though he knows exactly what’s stopping you.
that’s always been his weak spot. he relents with a sigh, not stopping entirely but slowing enough so that you can think with a clear head.
“you can do whatever you want to me,” he says earnestly.
“can i… can i take it out?”
you’ve been dying to see his dick ever since you noticed the outline of it in his pants. it seemed huge, even bigger than you imagined it being, but you still want to see it for yourself.
“fuck, if you want to.”
you do want to, so you pull his sweats and briefs down just far enough to get his cock out and take it in your hand. once again, your hand looks tiny in comparison.
hyunjin’s dick is so. pretty. it’s big, like you guessed it would be, and flushed like he’s aching for you. there’s precum pearling at the tip and it takes everything in you not to lean down and lick it off. you know he’s been hard for a while so you don’t waste any time spitting into your palm and rubbing it over the head of his cock.
your best friend groans and kicks his head back.
“you don’t know how many times i’ve thought this,” he admits.
this was obviously news to you. as attractive as hyunjin was you always tried not to think about him in that way— though in moments of weakness he was known to make an appearance in your fantasies when you’d get yourself off, trying to think of quite literally anyone else as you did.
“yeah?” you asked, trying to grab hold of that confidence you’d had earlier. you discover it’s a lot easier to sound sure of yourself when you have a man trembling beneath you. “is it as good as you imagined?”
“feels good for me too,” you tell him. “bet fucking you would feel even better though. you’d fill me up so nicely…”
“fuck you, i’m not going to last.”
you smile and begin to pump him faster, simultaneously chasing your own high by rubbing your clit with your free hand as you ride his thigh.
“wanna cum, jinnie?”
his eyes are screwed shut and his bangs have started to stick to his forehead. you’ve barely touched him, aside from the massage, and he already looks fucked out. “yes, baby, please!”
“so you don’t want to fuck me?” you pretend to sound disappointed which makes his eyes snap open in panic.
you watch as the muscles in his stomach tense and he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth, his entire body fraught with restraint. he’s right there on the edge, you can tell.
“i do! i do- i can go again! i promise, just please, i can’t stop it—”
“you sound so pretty when you beg for me.”
that’s all it takes for hyunjin to cum, back arching off the bed, crying your name.
seeing him fall apart is what does it for you too. your own orgasm catches you by surprise. you clench down around nothing as you cum hard and collapse against his chest.
his dick gets caught in between your bodies, still spurting cum… it makes a huge mess and ruins both of your shirts, not that either of you have enough energy to care.
“s-sorry,” hyunjin apologizes as soon as he catches his breath.
“no, i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to fall on you. are you okay?”
“i’m fantasic,” he assures you with a thumbs up. you roll your eyes. “i’m serious! i don’t think i’ve ever cum that hard before. you have magic hands.”
“so that’s why you enjoyed the massage so much, huh?”
“exactly. if anything, it’s your fault.”
you push yourself off of him with a scoff, only to be pulled back in by his arms wrapping themselves around your shoulders. you lay there for a moment and listen to each other’s breathing.
“did you… mean it about being able to go again?” you ask shyly.
“yeah. i can always get it up for you.”
you’re not exactly sure how to take that statement so you decide not to dwell on it now. just add it to the growing list of things you’d have to discuss later… after you fucked each other’s brains out.
“i mean since we have to clean up anyway, i thought maybe we could go for round two in the shower?”
hyunjin smirks. “say less.”
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ppiri-bahng · 5 months
fic recommendations
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
main account: @lotus-dly for both nsfw/sfw fic recs!
— Place to keep some of my favorite nsfw works that have me in a chokehold hehe
— Please read all tags and warnings on fics because some may contain elements or themes that you are uncomfortable with. Once again, all works in this masterlist are explicit. If you are not 18+ do not interact with this post, the stories, or the authors listed.
updated: 7/11/22
Tumblr media
sharing is caring ft. 3racha by @charmercharm3r
share you with the boys ft. all members by @sparkystraynger
hybrid fic ft. hyunlix by @skz-bb
how to relax: a guide by danceracha! by @bngchnsi
red lights ft. hyunchan by @seo--changbin
bet with changbin & minho by @ballelino
friendship with hyunjin and minho by @/ballelino
complicated with 3racha by @/ballelino
company ft. minbin by @btssmutgalore
skz reaction to you holding his hand during sex by @seungisms
for the birthday girl by @spilledtee
plus one of three ft. minchan (ongoing) by @/sparkystraynger
anything for you ft. chanlix by @hyunsuks-beanie
they are obsessed with their thick s/o by @lustfuldevils
reactions to rimming by @joodlepo
reactions to squirting by @/joodlepo
devil’s tango by @/huenjin
skz reaction to pegging by joodlepo
kinktober day 8 by matryosika
inexperienced!reader ot8 by ballelino
maniacs by cb97percent
two cute subs ft.hyunbin
record by @lxveshotaro
reap what you sow by @foenixs
safe by @subskz
wolfish by @yeonjuns-beanie
trust me on this one by @lixtokki
just one more, puppy by @cookiewrites
game night by @my-favorite-bangchan
chan scenario by @/sparkystraynger (not a fic but i think about this post a little too much hehe)
relax by @cookiewrites
11:57 pm by @thevampywolf (not a fic either but when i tell you i’m obsessed)
lunch for nine by @/thevampywolf
02:36 by @/seungisms
she’s really sensitive there by @/sparkystraynger
chan driving drabble by @hyuneater
fuckboy chan by @/sparkystraynger
american whiskey by @straywrds
giving chan head by @kpfh
sex education by thevampywolf
kinktober day 10 by ballelino
kinktober day 2 by seo--changbin
sweet by tasteleeknow
a first time for everything
victory by fizzydrink698
fan by @/ballelino
lee know boyfriend drabbles by @/btssmutgalore
bubblegum ft. chan by @cb97percent
truth or dare by @bugeater101
glasses by @youn9racha
kinktober day 4 by @seo--changbin
changbin’s company by @/btssmutgalore
trying with changbin by @/ballelino
changbin as your problematic fav by @hynjnhwng
perfect toy by @/bngchnsi
peaches by @nightlychans
sex pollen by @/skz-hell
tease by abiaswreck
kinktober day 3 by seo--changbin
own me by multifandomfantasies
baby me by multifandomfantasies
baby boy by @cherryeol04
inexperienced with hyunjin by @/ballelino
red lights, red ribbons by @rred-lights
cocky university athlete hyunjin fic by @cartierbin
harsh by @ohmysparkle
pretty please by @ohmysparkle
sub!hyunjin by @/cartierbin
want to watch my girlfriend? by @/sparkystraynger
masterpiece by @/chvnnie
yes miss (ongoing) by @/scribblemechan
p*rnstar!au by @/huenjin
three in one by strayed-quokka
lollipop by tasteleeknow
space boy by kokobussy
i’m ready by @scribblemechan
3:00 am by @chvnnie
transfixed by @abiaswreck
surprise by @vanillaknj
i waited for you by @jkefelx
perfectly good by @lee--felix
live feed by @webangchan
beautiful stranger by lixesque
pegging thought by ipegchangbin
sparky’s masterlist — bc she’s one of the best writers on this app and all of her works deserve love.
ella’s masterlist — bc she eats and never leaves any crumbs for real I’m absolutely in love with her fics.
@/straylightdream’s masterlist — one of my first skz authors on this platform and I can’t praise her works enough.
ballelino’s 2022 kinktober masterlist
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seungisms · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: fluff and smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, eating out, blowjobs, cockwarming, overstimulation, edging, orgasm denial, sub!changbin 🗣🗣🗣 danni writing soft!seungmin for once? more likely than you’d think ! minho is more like him holding your hand rather than the other way round but we’ll just run with it okay? okay <333 
note: got a t a d carried away with minho cause i’m a whore for him and i’m sick of hiding it ! most of this is just senseless smut with a dash of hand holding, sorry i’m incapable at sticking to a theme oops. changed up my writing style a tad so let me know which you prefer ! 
Tumblr media
this guy is definitely a big fan of hand holding in general, but when you suddenly do it while he’s fucking you nice and dumb on his cock? he’s a goner. just about melts the moment your hand slips into his own, fingers intertwining together while fucking you slow and deep, easily slipping into your soaked cunt. is so lovestruck and will stare down at you with the most smitten look on his face - plump lips red, swollen and sticky with your gloss and eyes hooded - damp foreheads pressed intimately together as he struggled not to paint your plush walls with his sticky cum from the sweet gesture (nothing makes this guy cum faster than sweet, gentle moments during sex and no one can convince me otherwise) the feeling of your tiny pussy clenching around his dick only edging him further towards his intense orgasm, groaning lowly against your heated skin as your wetness spilled over his cock with every nudge past your folds. can’t help but goofily grin down at your fucked out form, dazed and looking oh so pretty filled up with his thick, veiny dick; fingers curling around his own and squeezing slightly with each stroke of his cock against your walls - letting him know how close you were to finally spilling onto him. absolutely loves the intimacy that comes with handholding during sex, feeling so safe and warm in your hold and you better believe he’s gonna find a way to sneak his hand into your own each and every time he’s balls deep inside of you without fail.
“my sweet girl, hang on a little longer for me yeah?”
uses handholding as more of a reassurance during sex. no matter how rough or cruel he’s being to your body, a slight squeeze of your hand letting you know you’re safe with him :((( will particularly come up while he’s eating you out for hours on end, he knows how intense the stimulation on your sensitive pussy can be and he just loves lacing his fingers with your own to remind you that he’ll stop if you want him too, but he knows you secretly love it no matter how much you whine and sob ! grins against your cunt as you cry out and buck your hips further towards his mouth, soft moans leaving your smeared lips and tears staining your pretty face, head thrown back against the soft pillows as he continued to lap at the wetness that spilled past your folds, his cruel overstimulation on your pussy almost sending you over the edge but one sharp glare from him - just daring you to cum - was enough for you to reluctantly resist the urge to finally drench his face in your slick. your hands desperately clawed at the sheets, grip tightening with every flat swipe of his tongue against your cunt, trembling beneath his touch and knuckles turning white as the warm knot in your stomach tightened, hearing him snicker cruelly against your slit at the pathetic mess he turned you into. interlocks his strong hands with your own once he notices your twitching, hearing you whimper at the sweet gesture compared to the mean torture he was inflicting on your raw pussy, the warmth of his muscle fucking into your heat making your cunt throb nicely. pulls away with your wetness and his own spit glossing his lips, a smile trigging at them once you mewled at the sight. kisses you messily to let you taste yourself, full of tongue and spit, squeezing your hand once more to silently let you know how well you did for him.
“such a good girl.”
another guy that uses handholding as a form of comfort during sex, except the one getting comforted is him cause he’s a big baby <333 whines as you tore his hands away from your hips, slight indents being left on the skin from his desperate clinging - pinning them above his cute face twisted up in discomfort, on the head rest of studio chair you were currently fucking him on - fully expecting you to keep his wrists locked in a dominate grip to stop his grabbing. but this loser nearly explodes the second your hands slides down to softly interlock with his own, squeezing his palm in reassurance, the soft gesture almost making him combust compared to the way you were fucking yourself on his throbbing cock, warm walls milking him of everything he’s got. struggles so much with keeping his hips from bucking up into you further, your teasing pace almost making him want to sob against your skin, nails starting to scratch at the skin of your hand as his dick twitched painfully deep inside your pussy, the curved top of his cock prodding at your womb so deliciously. wants so bad to reach out and touch you, the slight brush of your bare tits against his chest driving him crazy and your hot, open-mouthed kisses staining the sweaty skin of his neck making him whine and rut deeper into your heat - but he’d rather have you overstimulate him again and again until he’s sobbing mess, slumped in his chair with his own cum covering his stomach than have to tear his hands away from your own. the gentle gesture of handholding during sex while you’re fucking yourself on his dick always makes him feel so loved and protected - no matter how mean you are to him.
“y-you’re too good to me.”
would fully organise a protest against handholding during sex if he fucking could 😩 he just absolutely loves being able to touch and worship every part of your body while fucking you, you’re just such an angel to him and he’d be damned if he had to keep his hands in one place the whole time. his train of thought is basically: why intertwine your fingers together when they can be knuckle deep inside your pussy stretching you nice and slow. but when i say this man is a s u c k e r for handholding while you’re warming his cock, i mean it !! spoons you close from behind, keeping his warm, strong chest pressed tightly against your bare back - soft cock kept warm due to your pussy wrapped snugly around it, easily lulling him to sleep. always manages to snake his arm around your front to softly interlock your hand together, giving you a slight squeeze as his even breath fanned over your neck, feeling your fingers curl around his own in response. if he wakes up at some point during the night and his hand has somehow manages to slip out of your own, he’ll have no problem waking you up to pester you to hold his hand again. istg break up with him.  just such a fan of this, makes him feel so full and safe with his dick inside you all night while holding your hand.
such a fidgety boy that most of the time he won’t know what to do with his hands during sex. always so grateful when you force your hand into his own cause he knows how fucking annoying he can be majority of the time, especially when your mouth is wrapped snugly around his cock. soft groans slip past his kiss-bruised lips, smudged and stained so prettily in your lipstick, all his senses overflowing with the sensation of your tongue lapping up the thick cum that leaked down the length of his thick cock, hands desperately clawing at the bedsheets, searching for something, anything, to grip onto as you hummed around his softening dick. his hips jerked cutely once you pressed your warm muscle down hard on the slit of his tip - causing him to prod deeper down your throat - the feeling of it closing in around his overstimulated dick making him crave more yet begging you to stop. He forced himself to keep his head propped up, struggling to keep his glassy eyes focused on your pretty form while you continued tormenting his cock, spit and cum coating the entirety of his limp dick. he won’t even notice your hands slowly slipping into his own at first, too dazed and fucked out to take note of anything but your lips wrapped nicely around him. but once he does notice he’ll be sososo grateful for the small comfort, curling his fingers around your own and gripping like his life depended on it. although he does love the whole intimacy aspect of handholding during sex he mostly enjoys it cause he just has no clue where to put his hands, bless this boy 😭
holding hands during sex is more than a regular occurrence with felix, he just absolutely adores the intimacy it provides and instantly morphs into a huge mushy ball of live the moment your fingers softly interlock with his own while he was fucking you gently - unable to keep the lovestruck smile off his face as he feels you squeeze around his palm with every inch of his cock he slipped deeper into your tight cunt. presses his bare chest closer to your own and softly nudges your nose against his, keeping your fingers wrapped around each other before stilling deep inside your cunt, gently pushing the damp strands of hair out of your face before kissing your forehead in encouragement, smiling against your heated skin at the cute whimpers you breathed out as he filled you up with his cum - the spasming of your pussy milking him well. will whisper words of affirmation and praise as if he wasn’t balls deeps inside your guts and feeding your pussy his cum. handholding definitely occurs most when he’s cumming inside you, it’s such an intimate act and he’s never trusted anyone but you to do it with before so all his loving gestures come out most in those moments. will keep hold of your hand during aftercare too, kissing and worshiping your entire body to lull you to sleep - his thumb stroking over your knuckles in the most comforting manner.
“sleep well sweetheart.”
without a doubt seungmin’s favourite hobby is fucking you hard and deep until you’re dumb and crying on his cock, making sure you feel every curve and dent of his thickness. he’s an unhinged dom through and through and doesn’t really pay any mind to sweet gestures while stretching your tight hole out; he’ll leave that for the aftercare. but istg the one time you actually do it during sex and he just stills inside of you and practically melts in the palm of your hand, literally. my guy goes from rearranging your guts with absolutely no mercy to looking down at you with the biggest 🥺 eyes ever !! will softly start rutting into you again once he gets over the pounding of his heart against his ribcage (istg he was so close to leaving you there void of dick and calling himself an ambulance, my guy really thought he was gonna have a heart attack over how fucking cute you are) fucks you much softer and slower, curved tip nudging at all the right places deep inside your cunt. will squeeze your hand gently as a silent sign of encouragement, stroking his dick against the slick walls of your pussy as he edged you gently towards orgasm, loving the slight glassiness of your eyes as you stared up at him dreamily, unable to do anything but let him sloppily fuck your hole while holding onto his hand for dear life. coaxes you through your orgasm with pretty words and sweet praises, keeping a tight grip on your hand as you spill around his cock. defiantly becomes an even bigger fan of handholding during sex after this, he just hates how a simple interlock of hands can quickly turn him into a lovesick fool when all he wants to do is blow your back out - and to say you use it to your advantage would be an understatement, if you weren’t so cute he’d have fucking left you on the curb istg. 
“just a little longer pretty girl.”
another dom that loves ! loves ! loves handholding. defiantly can be a little mean to you sometimes so while he’s busy tormenting your pussy but he’ll always manage to slip in an affectionate gesture or two - mostly in the form of handholding. jeongin groaned deeply as he finally sunk into your cunt, nails breaking the skin of your hips while he fucked you nice and deep - one hand laid flat against the arch of your back and ass high in the air as your buried your face into the comfort of the pillows - biting down on the fabric to muffle your cries as he relentlessly abused your sore hole. taunts you with sweet words like, “c’mon, let me see that pretty face while i fuck you sweetheart.” and chuckles so cruelly when you whine in response, turning your head to the side ever so slightly, allowing him to catch a glimpse of your tear stained face and red lips, raw from his biting kisses. he loves the state he manages to put you in, how easy it is for him to turn you into a whimpering mess with a mere stroke of his thick cock. he can be so hard on you sometimes though, edging you towards orgasm again and again only to rip it away at the last second - the small cry you let out each time only causing him to rut excitedly into your hole even more. as much as he loves roughing you up a little, he also likes giving you a little sense of reassurance and comfort. snakes his hand up to where yours was currently clinging onto the bedsheets for dear life, knuckles beginning to whiten from the sheer force of your grip, only to feel his palm slide over the back of your hand; easing your tense muscles and interlocking his fingers over your own, chest pressed tightly against your back as he continued to fuck into you from behind. he’ll always make sure you feel safe and loved while he’s spreading you apart - soft praises mixed with handholding doing exactly that, no matter how mean he is to you.
“you did so well for me.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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healinghyunjin · 14 days
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hwang Hyunjin x Reader (fem)
Genre: romance, angst, fluff, smut; mafia!AU, strangers-to-lovers, 18+
Word Count: 4.5k
Warnings: swearing, mentions of violence, mentions of blood; explicit sexual content, unprotected sex (seriously guys - don’t do what they do here, in terms of protection or consent), loss of virginity (graphic)
Author’s Note: Hello everyone! I’ve been gone for a really long time, I know - but I’m finally making my way back to this blog and to writing again. I have a few fics in the pipeline, but here’s my first new release! It’s a very different style/genre/length from what I’ve posted here before; it’s a bit darker in tone and less fluffy (all’s well that ends well though lol) - so feedback and thoughts are extra extra appreciated!
Tumblr media
Summary: Sheer good looks aside though…you’d seen his face on the news. What was his name? You remembered that it was something elegant, soft on the lips - a name that didn’t seem to fit the cruel, hardened mafioso it belonged to. 
It was only when those cold icy eyes locked with yours, gaze chilling even from all the way across the bar, that it finally came to mind. 
Hwang Hyunjin. 
Tumblr media
You looked pathetic, you supposed. 
Sitting painfully alone, ignored in the midst of this packed club, idly stirring a drink you hadn’t taken a sip of, hadn’t even wanted in the first place. Your so-called date had foisted it on you…before he realized that plying you with alcohol wasn’t going to affect his chances of getting any either way, and quickly left to try his luck elsewhere. 
And it was just as well. You really weren’t cut out for this type of stuff. You’d never been, honestly - you’d gone to a few parties in college, gone on even fewer dates, and done nothing that ended up with you going home with someone. Your roommate had finally had enough though, and that’s how you’d ended up here. 
“Go have some fun for once,” she’d said. “You need to lose that V-card before your tits start sagging, love.” And before you could even think of an adequately snippy response, she’d thrown a phone number at you - a friend of a friend of a friend, supposedly - and sashayed out of your room, hollering behind her that she’d be out all night, so you could bring anyone you wanted home with impunity. 
You’d snorted, shaking your head. You? Bringing someone home? With your dating skills and general luck, you were probably gonna bring home a serial killer - if you even managed to hit it off with anyone in the first place. 
Still, you’d let her squeeze you into a pretty pink bandage dress and ridiculously high heels and send you on your way...just for it to go exactly as you’d thought it would. 
With a sigh, you pushed yourself off your seat, attempting to wade your way back to the bar. You could do with a tall glass of water - and maybe something a little stronger, something that you actually liked - before retreating back to the sanctuary of your own four walls and soft bed. 
Even in the hazy lighting of the club, punctuated only by disorienting strobes, it was obvious that there was something strange going at the bar. The sweaty, suffocating cluster of humans on the dance floor came to an abrupt end, with no one occupying the empty space right next to them. This section of the bar was jarringly, eerily empty, seats and counter all open - except for four men, lounging about like they owned the place. 
You knew better - you really did. But still - you found yourself pushing closer and closer, straight to the outskirts of the crowd, until you could get a clear view. Three of them were turned away from you, leaving you nothing to see other than broad shoulders and backs, straining against tight leather jackets. As for the fourth, however…
The first thing to catch your eye, unique and beautiful, even in the dim lighting, was a gorgeous black and blue tattoo, winding its way around the neck of its equally striking owner. Sheer good looks aside though…you’d seen his face on the news. What was his name? You remembered that it was something elegant, soft on the lips - a name that didn’t seem to fit the cruel, hardened mafioso it belonged to. 
It was only when those cold, icy eyes locked with yours, gaze chilling even from all the way across the bar, that it finally came to mind. 
Hwang Hyunjin. 
You knew you should probably stop. Men like that hurt people for just glancing at them the wrong way - and here you were, having a staring match with the most ruthless of them all. 
And that’s how you found yourself in the alley behind the club, pinned against the rough brick wall - with Hyunjin pressed between your legs. He was everywhere - his lips ravishing yours with hot, predatory kisses; one hand hungrily palming your breasts, the other hiking up your dress, trailing along your sodden panties. He moaned a curse against your lips as he felt just how wet you were for him. 
“You’re ruining me,” he groaned, hand hastily dragging away from your chest to wind around your waist, pulling your lower half against his firmly. “Tell me what you want, angel,” he murmured before breaking off into a hiss, clutching at you as your hips bucked against his. 
“More,” you moaned. Your untouched, unexperienced self was overwhelmed by this man. You were stone-cold sober, your drink abandoned untouched back at the bar, but you were positively high off him, addicted to the way he was making you feel. “Whatever you want to do to me - just more.”
He laughed, pressing a surprisingly tender kiss to the side of your head. “You’re gonna regret that.” And he immediately made to deliver on his promise. You gasped as he flicked the embarrassingly large wet spot marring your panties, nail dragging tortuously against your clit, before drawing aside the gusset, running his fingers through your wet folds. 
You couldn’t help but whimper. “Please.”
“Begging now, huh?” He barked out a laugh, but seemed ready to comply. As he dove in for a messy, passionate, soul-consuming kiss, long fingers of one hand still working your clit, you faintly heard the metallic clink of his belt buckle, the rustle of his clothing, the small sigh of relief he let out against your lips as he freed his cock from its confines. 
“Last chance, angel,” he groaned out, head falling back in pleasure as his hard, hot length slid against your folds. “I’m not gonna hold back after this.”
“I still want it - want you,” you whispered back. “I can take it.”
Those plush lips curved into a wicked, almost malicious smirk. “Good.” And with no further ado, he slammed himself home deep in your cunt.
A soft cry of pain escaped your lips. It stung - but within a second, past the initial resistance, the pain had ebbed away, replaced by a curious pressure, a blossoming sensation of fullness unlike anything you’d felt before.
Hyunjin, however, froze. 
You knew he’d probably felt that thin tissue - your so-called “innocence” - give way. With ominous slowness, he slid his fingers to the place where you were connected and lifted them up to the light. In the harsh gleam of the streetlights above, the faint traces of blood - your blood - marring his pale skin was obvious. 
And when he looked at you again, those ice blue eyes were mask-like, unreadable once again. 
“You know who I am, don’t you, sweetheart?” The endearment sounded like a curse in his mouth; his tone - stiff, chillingly empty - sending a small shiver down your spine. All you could do was nod, silently. 
“Then you must be out of your fucking mind,” he hissed, fingers biting painfully into the meat of your hip, body still pressed heavily into yours. “The hell are you doing giving someone like me something this precious?”
“It’s…it’s not though?” 
Hyunjin raised a challenging eyebrow at you.
“I mean…yes, I’ve never been with anyone before, but why does it matter?” Your words came out in a gasp, almost jumbled - mind and body craving what had been so abruptly interrupted, the pull strong enough for you to blurt out your true feelings…all of them. “I want you, Hyunjin - I want you, and I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you right now.” 
The iciness of Hyunjin’s gaze wavered, melted just a smidge. His death grip on your hip morphed into a heavy, possessive pressure; his thumb started rubbing circles into that sensitive crease separating your thigh from your waist. “Why?”
You could barely string the words together at this point - but you knew they had to be said. “I…I was alone, you were surrounded by your boys b-but - something made me feel like you were the only person in this club who felt the same…the same loneliness that I did.”
At that, his fingers stilled. Hyunjin’s eyes searched yours carefully - looking for what? You didn’t know. But whatever he found…it seemed to be satisfactory. For those long arms wound tightly around you once again, hiking you higher against the rough wall.  
“Fine. You can have it your way, angel.” And as his head dipped to your neck, lips bruising the signs of his lust onto your skin, a choked moan spilled forth from your lips as those slender hips snapped into yours - pushing his cock further into you, balls deep, stretching your sensitive walls beyond belief.
“So fucking tight,” he murmured hoarsely, now driving himself into you in a steady, punishing pace. “How much would it take to fuck you loose for the first time, hmm? Maybe I should take you home and test it out,” he mused, a chuckle just this side of unhinged bubbling forth from his lips. “Tie you down and fuck this sweet little pussy until it’s swollen and red and aching.” Even just the thought made you involuntarily clench down on him, drawing what was almost a growl out of his throat. “Such a good girl.”
And you? You were lost. With just a small shift in angle, Hyunjin’s cock was now sliding right against that sweet spot, deep inside you, his pubic bone grinding deliciously against your clit. The feeling of his lithe body caged in between your thighs, crushing you in against the wall; the sinful trail of fire his mouth was leaving along the delicate skin of your neck, your throat…if you’d known that this, this is what sex was like - you would’ve had it long, long ago.
…But a little voice told you that - this might just be sex with Hyunjin that felt like this. 
And with that, it wasn’t long before you shattered in his arms, heels digging into his back as the peaks of your pleasure rolled over you - only to scream as Hyunjin’s large hands slammed you down against him, impaling you fully on his cock as, with a throaty groan, he filled you full, hot cum splattering against your sore, sensitive walls. 
There was a beat of silence, with only the sounds of heavy breathing to break the still. As you leaned your head back against the wall, struggling to come back down from your high, you could feel Hyunjin’s gaze burning through you. 
“Beautiful,” he whispered, as if just to himself. You blinked your eyes open to see him watching you - but something about the way he was looking at you had changed. Where before they’d been fiery, filled with unambiguous lust, desire, cockiness - that frenzy had given way to something more…profound. Like he was trying to see you, see through you - see you for who you really were. 
You hated to break the moment - but now that you weren’t burning up with lust, the very physical ramifications of being fucked up against a wall were making themselves known to you. You danced your fingers over Hyunjin’s collarbone. “Can you…”
He snapped out of whatever trance he was in, hands surprisingly gentle as they cupped your thighs, supporting your weight as he let you down from the wall. When you stumbled on landing, the strength in your legs failing you, he steadied you against him. 
“Does it hurt?” His voice was gruff, clearly masking some emotion he didn’t want you to see.
“Pretty sore, yeah,” you admitted with a wry smile. “But hey - makes it more memorable, right?”
It seemed like he wasn’t expecting that flippant of a response from you, for the next thing he blurted out was - “Romantic fool.”
You could tell he hadn’t meant to be so abrasive, a cloud of regret immediately passing over his face, but you knew what he meant. 
“It’s okay,” you told him, shrugging it off. “I know I am and that I shouldn’t-”
You stopped when you felt soft fingers under your chin, lifting your head back up. Hyunjin looked deep into your eyes, the corner of his plush mouth upturned in a crooked smile. “It takes one to know one, angel.”
He bit his lip, hesitating. It looked he wanted to, was about to say something more - but then…
“Well, well…and what do we have here? A stray dog rutting in an alleyway, tsk tsk...” An arrogant, menacing voice called out from the darkness, accompanied by the sound of slow, deliberate footsteps - of more than one person. 
“Fuck,” Hyunjin spat out, blue eyes narrowed in icy fury. “These assholes don’t know what’s good for them.” You watched as he transformed in front of you, back into that cold, dangerous - honestly sexy - mafioso. 
“You need to get out of here, angel - I don’t want those fuckers to get even a glimpse of you.” Hyunjin passed his hands over you, quickly, efficiently straightening out your clothes and his. “Can you do one thing for me? Run back to the boys and tell them that the fucking pirates are sailing in. I’m gonna need backup here.” You nodded quickly, knowing you - and he - didn’t have much time. 
Just as you turned to run away though, Hyunjin caught your hand in his, stopping you. “I…I’ll come find you, okay?” His voice was pitched low, serious in tone. You could tell he meant what he said…at least, for now. You murmured a soft agreement before making your escape. 
Luckily, Hyunjin’s boys were still where you left them. You decided to go up to the one in the middle, the one with muscles straight out of a GQ magazine, who was watching you waddle back into the bar with a knowing smirk plastered across his face. 
Bicep Boy - you might as well call him that - spoke first. “Boss still recovering?” 
You felt yourself flush with embarrassment. For a brief second, you wondered what they thought of you - wondered how many times they’d seen Hyunjin do this exact thing. The thought sent a sudden shudder of jealousy through you - but that wasn’t important right now.  
“No - he, um, he sent me to get you guys. There’s a few guys outside…and he wanted me to tell you that, uh, the pirates are sailing in?”
You startled back as their relaxed, nonchalant attitude disappeared in a flash, the three of them jumping to their feet immediately. “Fucking hell,” the man in front of you hissed, looking pissed as he fished around for a tip to throw on the bar. “Those motherfuckers just can’t stay in line, can they?”
“Wait…” the man next to him, almost drowning in a fancy mink coat, piped up abruptly. “If hyung sent her back to us…does someone need to walk her back?” The three men paused for a second, the weight of their gaze prickling as they turned to look at you again, size you up. 
“No no,” you protested. “I’ll take care of myself - they couldn’t have gotten a good look at me anyways. I’d rather you go back Hyunjin up...make sure nothing happens to him.”
From their approving looks, you’d clearly passed some sort of test. “Take this then,” the third man, silent until now, shoved a ball of fabric into your hands - Hyunjin’s abandoned coat. “That dress stands out too much - and I’m sure the boss’ll be getting it back from you soon.”
And with a surprisingly warm, friendly smile - he and the others were off. 
You were left standing at the bar, with an expensive, bulky coat in your arms and the eyes of most of the club on you. With nothing else to do, you slunk your way out of the club, just as you had looked forward to doing just a short while ago…
But why did it now feel so disheartening?
Tumblr media
And…here you were. Alone, at home, on a weekend night - again.
You’d just curled up on your couch, idly watching TV - not because you particularly wanted to, but more because sleep had deserted you. Every time you closed your eyes, all you could feel was the ghost of Hyunjin’s touch - his body against yours, his lips, his fingers on your body. 
You shook yourself off. Maybe some ice cream would help, you mused, shoving off the blankets you’d just tucked yourself into to get up. 
But then - the doorbell rang. 
For a second, you froze. You and your roommate never really had visitors…and the fear that maybe someone had followed you home from that alleyway flitted through you. 
On the other hand though…what if it was him?
Taking a deep breath, you made your way to the door. Keeping the chain hooked, you slowly pulled it open, just a crack - and were immediately rewarded with the sight of those already familiar, icy blue eyes. 
“I’ll…I’ll leave this second if you want me to,” he started, fingers fidgeting with his bracelets. “But I just felt that we left some things…unfinished back there.”
You agreed, but even if you didn’t - you weren’t going to miss out on this. 
Quietly, you let him in. Even though you were positive shit went down after you left, Hyunjin looked perfectly fine - statuesque, just as before. When you gestured to an armchair, he shook his head. “I think I want to stay standing for now.”
Your heart sunk. Maybe seeking you out, coming all the way to your apartment…wasn’t to make the gesture that you thought. Maybe this was just an apology, an attempt to tie things off between you, neatly, permanently, with a bow on top. Maybe…
Shuffling slowly back to your couch, you sat down and waited for him to speak. 
“I…I don’t do this often. I know what it might look like, but…I don’t really sleep around, chase after women just looking for a quick fuck. That’s not who I am…and that’s not what I want you…or this to be.”
At your sharp inhale, he took half a step away from you - his eyes solemn, searching yours to see what he could find. He bit his lip. “This is so selfish of me, I know…but I’d-I’d like to see you again. Take you out somewhere, more formally…as you deserve.”
“Why is that selfish?” A little bud of hope had flowered in your heart…but you were still confused by his hesitance.
He took a second to respond. “You’ll be a target, you know,” he murmured quietly, gazing down at his clasped hands. “I know a lot of dark people - and they wouldn’t give a shit about…using you to get at me. Being seen with me, being with me…you’ll never feel safe again.”
Slowly, you stood up and walked over to him. Standing right in front of him without your heels, without the wall hiking you up against him, you had to tilt your head back to actually look at his face full on - though his eyes still wouldn’t meet yours. And so, you did, running your hands carefully up his arms to rest on his shoulders. 
“Then why do I feel the safest I’ve ever been, Hyunjin, standing here in front of you?”
At that, his head snapped up, finally looking at you directly. 
“I want to try this,” you told him, your voice calm and steady. “I would love to…do something more formal with you too. And…” your voice wavered, as you gathered your confidence in turn, “maybe you could stay with me for a bit tonight too?”
You wished you had a camera to capture how Hyunjin’s face lit up - how those plush lips curved, eyes crinkled up in a genuine, warm smile. “I would love to.” You felt your heart stutter, your own lips curving in response. 
“Well then,” you dusted your hands off, putting on a business-like air for him. “Let’s get you settled first. Want me to make you something? Or is there anything you want to make?”
“I’m useless in a kitchen,” he told you, cracking a sheepish grin. “But I can whip up a mean ice cream sundae.”
So, that’s what he did. You let him make you that sundae - which really was good. You sat side-by-side and watched three episodes of drama, sharing your ice cream in increasingly comfortable, companionable silence. Hyunjin didn’t need to know how much of that time you spent watching him, your lips quirking at just how caught up he got in the show.
You let him take you back to your bed, let him thoroughly, passionately destroy any innocence you had left with every weapon he had at his disposal - his fingers, his lips, his tongue, his cock. Once you’d gotten your fill of each other - once you let him take you and take you again until your cunt was sore and swollen, your thighs quivering from exhaustion - you laid there together in your bed - naked, your head on his chest, his arm tentatively, carefully wrapped around your waist. 
And then…he talked. About how he’d dreamed of being a painter, an artist one day…before his world as he knew it went up in literal flames. About how he would gladly kill - and die - for his boys, his strays, who’d banded around him, put their trust in him when he was nothing. About how being the boss, being the top was lonely - was stressful, painful and exhilarating, all at once. 
By the end, you could tell he was exhausted; his body had drifted down against yours, his head now cocooned against your breasts, and you both were doing your best to pretend the droplets of moisture on your chest were sweat. But still, he listened to you too, never making you feel like your problems - your purposelessness, your friendlessness, your inability to make your own dreams reality - were too mundane or unworthy, even compared to his. 
Finally, you let him pull your weary body against his, curl his lanky torso around yours. “I’ve never slept the night in someone else’s bed before,” Hyunjin offered up, voice soft and vulnerable in your ear. “That makes two of us,” you whisper back, running your fingers up and down the arm wrapped around your waist. He tugged you a little closer in response - and closer still as he fell asleep, taking you underneath with him. 
Tumblr media
Part of you had been nervous about going to sleep - in case you woke up just to find that…this had all been a dream. That you were alone, as always, in your cold bed - that you had no lover to wake up to. 
Those fears were dashed the second you woke up and felt Hyunjin’s warm presence still behind you. You rolled over slowly - only to find him already awake, watching you with a small smile. He was a study of contrasts in the pale morning light: soft, pouty lips; mussed hair - bruised knuckles; dark, swirling tattoos. He was beautiful, and - at least, for this morning, for now - he was yours. 
You shoved him headfirst in to the shower, and while he cleaned up and squeezed himself back into those delectably tight clothes from last night, you worked your ass off to make a feast for breakfast. It was worth it though - at least, the shy eye smile, the soft “thank you” that he gave you in response...it was worth it. 
And that’s how your roommate found you when she came back: the two of you perched on your rickety kitchen stools, Hyunjin’s arm now wrapped comfortably around you as the two of you giggled over a drunk video - a music video? - Bicep Boy (Hyunjin had laughed at you, telling you his name was Changbin) and the other two had fucked around shooting last night. 
“Oh!” She gasped. You whipped your head around to watch her do a literal double take at the sight of you and Hyunjin. 
Hyunjin stood up with a yawn, deliberately stretching himself to his full height. “I was just leaving.” You bit back a grin - sure, he might be shy, introverted at his core…but when he wanted to, Hyunjin definitely knew how to put on a show. So you just smiled fondly as, with a lascivious little wink, he leaned down to give you a whopping goodbye smooch, with tongue for good measure. He’d clearly listened to your retelling of your roommate’s role in this whole ordeal. 
“Bye, angel. I’ll text you.” And with a poignant look and a final squeeze of your hands, Hyunjin was off. You almost wanted to pinch yourself as another test, again. But before that - you had something - or someone - to deal with first. 
“Is that…”
“Yes,” you nodded. “The date you set me up with…didn’t pan out, but I ran into Hyunjin at the same club.”
“Looks like you did a little more than run into him alright,” a small, teasing smirk on her face as she looked you up and down. “That’s funny though. I used to…see one of the other guys from SKZ, a long while back…” she trailed off, lost in thought for a second. “It’s a long story,” she sighed, “but anyways…” She shook her head, turning her attention back squarely to you. “You and Hwang Hyunjin, eh? How’d it happen?”
“It’s a long story,” you smiled back up at her, before taking a deep breath. If you’d gained any perspective from what you’d spilled to Hyunjin last night, it would be that the only person who could lift you out of your loneliness…was you. “Wanna talk about it over breakfast?”
She stilled for a second, but you watched happily as a slow smile crept across her face.
“Let’s do it.”
As you got up to make her a plate, you heard a relatively unfamiliar sound - your phone buzzing from not just one, but multiple texts.  
> Hyunjinnie: Same time, same place this Friday?
> Hyunjinnie: If I can make it that long without you…
> Hyunjinnie: ❤️
You didn’t think your heart still had flutters left to give after everything that had happened…but here it was, flittering away. You responded in kind, telling Hyunjin you’d be counting down the days on your end too - and that was the honest truth. 
You’d just sat down again, about to pick up your fork, when your phone let out one final buzz. 
> Hyunjinnie: (Oh, and bring that roommate of yours too. I’m sure your ~Bicep Boy~ would be happy to see her 😉)
It took everything you had in you to keep a delighted giggle from spilling out past your lips. You eyed your roommate, who had a faraway look in her eyes as she methodically buttered her slices of banana. 
Things sure were gonna be interesting around here - and you were so looking forward to keeping it that way. 
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koorminii · 4 months
Tumblr media
A crude name for an even cruder site, and the self-proclaimed bane of your existence. Made by thirsty sophomores when you were in freshman year, it’s something that’s stuck like glue in the minds of the student body. No one can resist a quick click, seeing your peers showing off their sexual fantasies for others to enjoy, posting their sexual escapades for others to see— except for you who’s hated the site since you first knew about it. Still, a year later, you’re vying for it to get shut down. Well they can’t have that, can they? They’re just gonna have to convince you the site isn’t all that bad.
GENRES: smut, fluff, crack, angst — college au
WARNINGS: profanity, sexual content/themes, alcohol consumption; more warnings tbd in individual one-shots
A/N: hi my loves, this series was super impulsive 😭. I thought of it today, am posting the series masterpost today, and started writing the first one-shot today, but i thought it would be fun and decided why not— and it would be easier for me to follow a storyline anyway so hopefully it won’t take that long for me to complete. Since I doubt i’m doing kinktober in full and am working on a long halloween fic, I feel like spoiling y’all with other things when i can!
each one-shot shouldn’t be too long, but i tend to get carried away more often than not. The first one-shot (hyunjin) will be the longest since it’s an introduction to the CSC universe. The series will be loosely connected and will tie back on things, but don’t consider the fact that you’re with eight guys at once like cheating bc they all know abt each other and each oneshot is centered on one member. Since it does follow somewhat of a storyline, the order of the fics isn’t by age but by their role in the CSC.
send an ask or comment to be added to the taglist!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: hwang hyunjin x f!reader
GENRES: smut, crack, fluff (?), one-sided enemies to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: smut, alcohol consumption, profanity, inexperienced reader, corruption kink, more to be added
SUMMARY: There are three things you hate more than anything: 1. Your english Lit. professor, 2. Frat parties, and last but most definitely not least, 3. CollegeSluts.com and their founders. There are three things Hyunjin hates more than anything: 1. College, 2. Back alley blowjobs, and 3. The frustrating desire to fuck you silly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: bang chan x f! reader
GENRES: smut, fluff, crack, friends to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: smut, profanity, inexperienced reader; more to be added
SUMMARY: Just because you’re friends with the group of eight doesn’t mean you’re going to stop fighting for the end of CSC, and Chan knows it. He’s just gonna have to distract you from your goal in any way he can, and there’s one thing he knows how to do better than anything else.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: seo changbin x f!reader
GENRES: smut, crack, kinda enemies to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: smut, profanity; more to be added.
SUMMARY: problems arising in the CSC means stress. Lots of it, and who else would Changbin look for in order to relieve that stress besides the cause of it?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: yang jeongin x f!reader
GENRES: smut, crack, ? to lovers, jeongin doesn’t hate you but doesn’t trust you.
WARNINGS: smut, profanity, sexual “tests”; more to be added.
SUMMARY: Jeongin still has his doubts about you, and you can see on his face how even after all this time he’s still mistrusting of you. All you can do is pass his tests one by one until you succeed and he finally considers you one of CSC’s own.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: lee felix x f!reader
GENRES: smut, fluff, crack, friends to lovers
WARNINGS: smut, profanity, switch!felix; more to be added
SUMMARY: Felix has always been sweet to you, even when you were trying to tear down everything he’d ever worked for— to the point where you always wondered how he got wrapped up with this group in the first place. Well, you think you’re about to find out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: kim seungmin x f!reader
GENRES: smut, super fluff, best friends to lovers
WARNINGS: explicit sexual content, profanity, the feels; more to be added.
SUMMARY: Seungmin has been there since your freshman year, always ready to lend you a helping hand and support you no matter how annoying he sometimes could be, and this time is no different. After a falling out with the CSC, he’s there to rub your back, hold your hand, and make you feel good.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: lee minho x f!reader
GENRES: smut, angst-ish, ex-friends to friends to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: explicit sexual content, profanity, an annoying amount of bickering; warnings to be added.
SUMMARY: Three months after your inevitable fallout with the CSC, even after making up, your relationship with the guys is still tense. Minho thinks he can fix that— and give you the punishment you deserved all those months ago.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: han jisung x f!reader
GENRES: smut, friends to lovers, college au
WARNINGS: …. the same as the other 7 posts. rebounding; more to be added.
SUMMARY: Han has had a girlfriend for as long as you’ve known him, he’s never been close to you even after your integration into the CSC, and you didn’t think that would ever change.
mini taglist: @myjisung, @hwan-g, @hoeforstraykids, @americanokisses, @ughbehavior; i’m definitely missing some but i’ll update this soon!!
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strayngesparkyds · 19 days
♡ Share you with the boys (P.t 1) ♡
Tumblr media
Author's note: An updated version of my old fic. Thank you for 200+ followers! I hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to give feedback ♡ there are probably lots of mistakes... for now let's pretend we don't see them ♡
Characters: Skz ot8 x Y/N (Bang Chan and Y/N are in an established relationship)
Warnings: Y/N in litte space, Daddy kink, sharing, vouyerism, dirty talk, pet names (princess, baby), praises, spit play, tit slapping, nipple rubbing, basically Y/N's pussy being spread in front of 8 men
Tumblr media
Everyone’s in the living room, somehow the dance practice review that’s supposed to be at the studio changed venues to 3racha’s lair, and you can hear noises waking you up from your slumber.
Chan already told you about it last night, voice strained as he pounded into you like an animal, but he didn’t mention anything about being discreet. So, now, still in your little headspace, all you wanna do is go out there and greet your Daddy.  
See, you and Chan have an understanding with Changbin and Han. You’re practically the fourth tenant in their dorms, so some rules had to be presented. 
It’s not that you’re messy or noisy or anything of the sorts but you and Chan just have a particular interest in letting it all go once you get to a vicinity that no outsiders can have access to. 
The dorms is where you and Chan get to unwind and most importantly, indulge in you active sexual lives. But how do you do that with two other roommates being around so often? 
Well, you let them watch. Or listen. Or both. Depends on how they prefer to partake on that day.  
At this point, Changbin and Jisung are used to seeing Chan fuck you anywhere in the dorm. Kitchen, living room, the hallway and even in their rooms a couple of times – name it, Chan has definitely fucked you at, in and on it. And it’s only infront of Changbin and Jisung that you’ve ever referred to Chan as Daddy. 
“Is Daddy still at the studio?” “I miss Daddy so much.” “Will you drag Daddy out of the studio early tomorrow? I have a surprise!” 
To which they would always indulge and play along, answering, “Yup, your Daddy is still at the studio, little one. He’ll be back soon.” “Oh your Daddy misses you so much too. We saw him sporting a boner, so you better be prepared now, sweetheart.” “Of course, princess. We’ll drag him out early. We can watch too, yeah?” 
Chan loves and appreciates how Changbin and Jisung dote on you. He’s been enjoying the new living arrangements, not because he doesn’t like the other boys, no. But because he knows Changbin and Jisung would not throw away the opportunity to watch you get fucked on a daily basis, to hear your moans every chance they get. So, it works. 
Today’s a little different, though. He wants to share his goddess with the rest of the boys. He told you about it when he was busy pounding his cock into your tight cunt, informing you that the other boys would be coming over for the first time with you around, but he didn’t specify anything. He would have told you to be discreet but he didn’t. 
So, he isn’t surprised to see you walking out of his room, face washed and hair a little messy, but still in his satin shirt from last night. From the looks of how your nipples are showing, you didn’t bother to wear a bra and you’re definitely not wearing pants because your legs are all bare for him to look at. 
Or for all the boys to look at. 
Because sweet, polite Jeongin is the one to greet you good morning yet he only got to say “Good-” when he chokes on his own word, eyes frantic, not knowing where to look because he knows he shouldn’t be looking at you like this. You’re his hyung’s girlfriend but the way your tits are clinging to the shirt is making it hard for Jeongin to think straight. And the other boys aren’t any different than Jeongin. Seungmin and Felix are looking away, pretending to monitor the dance practice video while Minho and Hyunjin horribly fail in trying not to stare at you. Jisung and Changbin are the ones blatantly staring, chirping a cheery “Good morning!”. 
Chan appreciates the boys’ sensibility to not look at his sexy girl but that’s the thing. Chan wants them to look. Chan wants them to look at how pretty his girl is in his clothes. The way his shirt is too big on you but thin enough that they can still see the outline of your curves, the way your hair is still a little messy probably from the way he pulled on them the night before and the way you’re standing there, still processing if you should go back into the room and change, looking all cute and fuckable – Chan just can’t believe he’s the lucky person who gets to have you. 
“Daddy’s not in bed,” is what you say, gaining the courage to openly refer to him as ‘Daddy’ in front of the other boys. And the way you say it in such a cute voice with that cute little pout? Chan can’t help but feel his cock stirring in his pants. 
“Daddy has to work, princess. Why don’t you come here and join us?” he tells you, patting his lap, signalling you to come over and like the sweet, obedient little thing you are, you do. 
And Chan chuckles to himself when he sees you walking in the tight space between the members who are on the floor and on the sofa. You could have walked over from the front but no, you just want to torture the boys sitting on the floor because they can probably see your cute little baby pink panties. 
“What’s Daddy doing?” you ask shyly, trying to not focus on the eyes that are definitely on you, choosing to focus only on Chan, carefully sitting on his lap, making the shirt ride up a little. 
Your heart is pounding from excitement. You like to show off for Chan. You like showing people how good you can be for him. 
And you definitely like the attention you get from the boys right now. 
“I feel like we shouldn’t be here..” Hyunjin speaks up, clearing his throat, probably ready to sprint out of the dorm. 
Hearing that, you pout. You turn to Hyunjin, give him your prettiest puppy eyes and say, “I promise I won’t bother Daddy and his friends while working. Just wanna be close to Daddy.” 
Needless to say, the boys are smitten. Chan’s short comment of “You guys can look all you want” definitely changed the stakes. 
Now the dance practice monitoring session is long forgotten. Who can focus on that when Chan is slowly rubbing your niples over his shirt that you’re wearing, when you’re mewling like a cute little kitten, when your hips are subtly grinding onto Chan’s thigh? 
Who in their right mind would pass up the opportunity to watch this heavenly scene in front of them? 
“Da-daddy.. Your work,” you try to remind him but you remind is filled with how good all this feels, having Chan touch you while his members watch. You’re used to Changbin and Jisung, but the others? It’s a whole new experience having 8 men look at you like you’re their last meal. 
“But Daddy wants to take care of his princess. The boys don’t mind waiting, right boys?” Chan chuckles, amused how quiet the boys are, eyes dark as they look at your beautiful being. “Daddy needs some help though. Maybe Hyunjin can help me,” Chan speaks, calling Hyunjin towards the two of you on the sofa. 
“Yeah?” Hyunjin sounds breathless and it makes you feel so shy that you have your head buried in the crook of Chan’s neck. “Don’t be shy, baby. Daddy needs you to turn around, can you do that for Daddy?” 
And turn around you did. Now you’re greeted with a heavenly sight – seven boys staring at you, bulge evident and none of them care to hide their erections. 
“Spit on her tits, Hyunjin. Make the shirt wet,” Chan instructs the long haired blonde so casually he nearly trips on his way near you. Seungmin and Felix who are sitting a bit further away can’t help but scoot nearer. All of them wish they were Hyunjin right now. 
Hyunjin has his face near your tits and it’s taking all of your might not to arch your back into his face. You know Chan wouldn’t approve because no one can touch you but him. 
The blonde man gathers his spit as he looks at Chan and you interchangeably, wanting the green light to spit. The nod from Chan and the needy look you give are all he needs to follow through, slowly letting his spit drip onto your right tit, his hands holding onto the side of the sofa, so he won’t touch you. 
The sight makes you moan. And the feeling of his warm spit coming in contact with the fabric of the cold satin shirt makes you shiver, hands holding Chan’s as Hyunjin gives you some time to compute that another man just spat on your tits in front of your boyfriend and six other men. 
“You like it, baby?” Chan asks, clearly loving how your nose is cutely scrunched as you try to calm down from the littlest stimulation. 
“Fucking hell,” Felix curses, swallowing his own saliva as he watches how Hyunjin’s spit is leaving a dark spot that beautifully showcases your pretty nipple. Oh how he would die to just suck on it right now. 
Your attention goes to Felix when Hyunjin walks back to his spot, sitting with the other boys as he stares at you. But Chan’s finger rubbing your wet nipple over the fabric grabs your attention again, making you arch your back into his touch, moaning softly when he lightly pinches it. 
“My princess likes that, hmm? Like having other men’s spit on her?” Chan teases, kissing the side of your face softly. You nod absentmindedly, eyes closing as you melt into his touch, forgetting about everything else. 
“Daddy, please,” you moan, you don’t even know what you’re begging for, you just need something more. 
Tumblr media
And more you got. 
Now you’re spread wide on Chan’s lap, his clothed chest rubbing against your back as you try so hard not to buck your hips up while the boys take turns to spit on your pussy. You managed to stay still when the first two boys, Jeongin and Felix, did it but the way Changbin is looking at you with such confidence and the cocky smirk of his, you could just cry in wanton. 
“What a pretty cunt,” Changbin says before he spits rather messily, different from how softly Jeongin and Felix did, and the way his warm spit comes in contact directly on your clit makes you shake, the unintentional bucking of your hips nearly buries Minho into your cunt. 
Chan chuckles at your little movement, knowing how hard you’re trying to be good for him. 
“Daddy,” you whimper, almost crying at how difficult it is to stay still when you can feel the boys’ spit trickling from your slit. 
“Shh baby. Daddy’s got you. Just need Minho, Jisung and Seungmin to spit on your pretty pussy, then Daddy will fuck you, hmm? You can do that for Daddy, yeah?” Chan speaks, voice soft and assuring, you find yourself nodding again and again, spreading your legs wider, ready for the three remaining boys to spit all they want so that you can have Chan’s cock. 
Minho makes his presence known, licking his lips as he stares at your pussy and you nearly cry at the intensity. 
But you really cried when your boyfriend spreads your pussy lips wide, the boys whistling and groaning as they watch intently how the mixed spit from Jeongin, Felix and Changbin get to finally find their way into your cunt. 
"Tell all three of them to spit on your cunt, princess," Chan commands you, tone dark but laced with excitement, his fingers rubbing the side of your jaw softly yet possessively. 
And you never question Chan. Never. You believe he knows what's best for you, especially when you're in your little space.
"Please- please spit on my.. my pussy," you shyly mutter, earning a soft slap on the side of your right tit.
"Address them properly, baby. One by one," Chan says softly, like he isn't asking you to ask his friends to be filthy.
"Minho, Seungmin, Jisung - please spit on my pussy," you nearly mewl, hyper sensitive with all the attention you're getting. Your spread hole is beginning to feel cold with the air, making you crave their warm spit again. 
Minho and Jisung aren't exactly the shy type. They're ready, making lewd spit-gathering noises to tease you.
"A cock's gonna drown in there with the amount of spit she's taking," Jisung jokes.
"Gonna be a fuckin' tsunami if the cock cums in there too," Minho adds, making everyone groan. The dirty joke is rather cringey but the thought of cumming inside such a pretty girl makes the imagery a lot better.
The youngest of the eight is definitely not used to this. He can only be a listener to the wild conversation his hyungs are having. Heck, spitting on his leader's girlfriend's pussy is already an achievement unlocked. He's not greedy enough to spew dirty nonsense to you. Not yet, at least.
And Jeongin's right. It's dirty. It's filthy. And you love it that they're not being too careful with their words. Do you love sweet, vanilla sex with Chan where he would sing you praises and tell you how much he loves you? 100% yes. Do you also love it when Chan runs his mouth when he's teasing and fucking you? Another 100% yes. You're satisfied either way.
But Seungmin is a little different. He's calculative. Unlike Minho and Jisung, Seungmin doesn't say a word. The only indication of his excitement is through his heavy breathing. 
Yet what surprises you and frankly, all of the boys, is when he's about to spit. He lets Jisung and Minho spit together, only to bring his hand under you so he can gather the leaking mixed spit and drips it back on your puffy cunt, finally spitting himself. You moan at the sensation, feeling so turned on and touch starved. 
"You're really pretty," Seungmin praises, earning a chuckle from Chan and the boys. 
“Aren't you a pretty girl, baby? So pretty, hmm?" Chan coos and it makes you whine in embarrassment. 
"Why don't we all take turns and each have a go at fucking this pretty princess? What do you say, baby? Ready to be shared?"
Read Pt. 2 here
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ballelino · 1 month
day 31 ♡ ot8
Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: ot8 x fem!reader ⇢ word count: 10.7k (oops) ⇢ genre: smut, pwp ⇢ kinks: gangbang, creampie, praising ⇢ summary: you like sex a little too much ⇢ warnings: 18+, minors dni!; gangbang, oral sex (m. and f. receiving), unprotected sex, multiple creampies, cumshot, ass smacking, choking, use of ‘slut’ (not during sex) and ‘good girl’; the mc is sex-positive and loves sex ⇢ day 30 ⇢ masterlist ♡ kinktober masterpost ♡ updates ♡ read on AO3 ⇢ reblogs and feedback are always motivating and appreciated! ♡
if you want to support my writing, you can buy me a coffee here and let me know what you think about it here. thank you! ♡
A slut. You've been called that many times before, mainly by guys you've stopped fucking and the women who felt threatened in some way, like your sexual prowess had anything to do with them and the guy they wanted to be with.
It used to hurt, knowing that someone who enjoyed having sex with you was suddenly spreading rumors and telling people you're easy, it really did. You felt used and betrayed after the whole thing would blow up, yet you'd go through all of it again. And then, you realized there's absolutely nothing wrong with you—you just love sex. It’s just that some people feel better about themselves when they look down on others for loving it as much as you do. Granted, they'd be the first to jump at a given opportunity, but you've gotten tired of pointing that out. Through the years, you've learned to just admit that you enjoy every second you spend having sex. 
Most people say that and then have boring sex once or twice a month when they find the time. Not you. You mean what you say. There’s probably something wrong with you. In fact, there is definitely something wrong with you. Your therapist thinks it’s some childhood stuff that makes you seek something that you can never find, your friends think you just need to meet the right guy who you'll want to settle down with, but you don’t agree—why settle down when you could just keep getting your needs met, keep trying new things and have new, exciting partners? Half of the excitement is in that element of the unfamiliar. The point of dating is getting to know each other better, which takes away the mystery of it all.
So, you always look for more—you want to try more, see more, touch more, feel more. The more, the better. When you meet two very attractive men at the club on a random night, you decide you want them. The two seem surprised by how easy it seems—they don’t have to put in that much effort to get you back to their place, don’t have to promise you anything or lie to you, don't have to try to impress you; you’re just ready to leave with both of them. Why would you not be? They're both charming, attractive, and can keep a conversation—what more do you need?
The sex you have with Minho and Jisung is perfect, and it seems like they’ve done this together many times before. There is a sense of familiarity between them, and it helps you relax even more than you usually would with two complete strangers. After a night of great sex, you go home, wondering when you are going to experience something as fun as that again, mostly because the threesomes you have are usually awkward unless they're a regular thing with guys you already know.
And then, it happens again.
Tumblr media
“Ride it just like that,” Jisung hums, his hands behind his head as he rests on the bed and lets you ride his cock. You’ve been at it for a while now, but you’re too lost in the heat of the moment to care about anything, let alone the audience you have, the audience that looks like they are about to join any second now. “You love dick, don’t you?”
Nothing about his voice or tone or expression says Jisung is trying to shame you, but you decide to tease regardless. “Have a problem with that, handsome?”
The man under you chuckles, color flushing his cheeks. “Not at all. Like seeing it.”
“Yeah, I bet,” you say, planting your feet on the bed so you can start moving your hips up and down. Your bodies meeting makes the loudest, most lascivious sounds that fill the already full bedroom of his house. Your hands hold onto his firm chest, and you find it hard to stop staring. You've fucked Jisung a couple of times already and you're still not tired of him—he's doing something right. “I’d enjoy it too if I were in your place… Just lying there, getting what you want.”
Jisung laughs and moves his hands to your body, grabbing your tits. “I did offer. Besides, careful what you wish for, babe… One of these guys might just give it to you.”
When he mentions the other men in the room, you look at the one sitting on the bed right next to you two, Changbin. He looks like someone who won’t let you take the lead like Jisung does, especially not in front of so many men. In fact, he’s the one who’s been jerking off since this whole thing started, just gently tugging at his cock while he watches you ride his friend. Shameless—exactly your type of man.
“What are you looking at me for?” he asks cockily, giving you a smirk that makes you stop moving for a second. The tone he uses is playful, and you like the kind of energy he brings to the bedroom. You can definitely see him as the type of guy who drags you to the back alley and begs you to put out, assuring you that no one's gonna see, babe, and because he's so confident, you can see yourself letting him do it and enjoying every second of it. 
Deciding to match his energy, you respond, “Just wondering when you’re gonna put that dick in my mouth.” Changbin is definitely shocked by your response, you can tell by the way he freezes in place and looks at you questioningly. 
That’s one of the things you enjoy the most—watching men stare at you in awe when you say something unexpected and dirty. You’re sure most of them are used to nice girls, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It just leaves them unprepared for someone who's not afraid to ask for the things they want, even if they’re sexual, and that's all you do. Life's too short to have mediocre sex and keep your mouth shut about it so mediocre men wouldn’t get their little egos hurt.
“You’re so fucking hot,” he finally says something, pretending he wasn’t surprised by someone being that open. 
Minho, who's sitting on the edge of the bed, snickers from behind you, so you turn your head over your left shoulder to sneak a glance at him. He’s sitting in his boxers, staring at your ass as you ride Jisung. It's a scene he's witnessed a couple of times before, yet he's staring as if it were the first.
When your gazes meet, Minho grins. “Enjoying yourself?” he asks, even though he has to know you are. He should know you by now. “Sure looks like it, with the way you’re riding him.”
“Oh, yes,” you agree with a nod, easing yourself onto Jisung’s cock slowly, making the man grunt and squeeze your tits harder. “Why aren’t you?”
He seems to be the only one who’s not touching himself in one way or another, which is what you’re referring to. Since this whole thing—letting their friends fuck you or, better yet, letting you fuck their friends—was Minho’s idea, you're surprised he's not halfway to an orgasm right now. After all, he’s getting what he wants.
Minho simply scoffs. “Why would I touch myself when you’re going to do it for me?”
“Mhm,” you hum, “you’re right.” Another man to your taste, but you already knew that—that’s why you went home with him and Jisung back then.
“Don’t want to spoil it,” he says and looks down at your ass again. “Now, I know that’s not the fastest you can go. I’ve seen your hips move way faster before…”
You chuckle and place your knees on the bed again, palms next to Jisung’s shoulders while still looking at Minho and slowly rolling your hips. “You just want to watch me from behind.”
“Because you ride dick so well,” Jisung tells you, his hands sliding down to your ass, giving it a grab. “If you keep going like that, I’ll blow.”
“Can’t blame him,” the man sitting on the chair on your right adds, so you turn to look at him. 
He’s been naked for a while now, clearly very proud of his firm body, of the thick cock he’s not touching at the moment as it rests on his toned lower stomach. His hand is playing with his balls, rolling them around his palm, and you wonder what kind of noise he’d make if you took both of them in your mouth and sucked. You find manspreading so gross and obnoxious when not done by a naked attractive guy with a really nice dick. This guy makes it look hot, makes you want to walk over there and straddle his spread thick thighs, ride him until he whines for you. 
He continues, eyes glued to your ass, “It’s a great sight.”
“Oh, so you and Minho are definitely down for doggy style, Chan,” you say, hoping they are. The idea of these two guys taking you roughly from behind makes you ride their friend faster. You do that in the rhythm of the music that’s still blasting from the other room, focusing on making it feel nice for him.
While you’re too busy talking to his friends, Jisung moves in close so he can suck on your neck and grope your ass. This is exactly the type of attention you crave, and you're sure your therapist will definitely have fun analyzing why, but there's nothing that could feel better than riding a hard dick as the guy kisses and caresses you while his seven friends practically jerk themselves off to the sight, getting ready to fuck you.
“And you?”
You’re asking Jeongin, the one who’s sitting further down and touching himself sheepishly. When you look at him, the man smiles and looks down at his thighs. “I— Uh, whatever,” he mumbles, looking around the room in shame as his friends chuckle. “I will... “
“Hm, shy,” you giggle and turn to face Jisung, who’s grunting beneath you, kneading your ass as you ride him, “I like that.”
“Yeah, figured you’d prefer them shy.”
“Gonna love Felix then,” the tall blonde who's standing next to the bed and occasionally touching his cock says, referring to the guy right next to him with his hand down his pants, clearly not comfortable enough to take his dick out—not yet.
For this reason, you check him out from head to toe, clenching around Jisung on purpose. “Oh, I bet,” you hum and start moving as fast as you can, wanting to put on a show for them. “He’s cute.”
“God, what an ass,” Seungmin praises you from somewhere behind, and you wonder if his fingers are wrapped around his cock as he watches you fuck his friend, whose moaning is just getting louder and louder.
You've already made out with Seungmin earlier when he realized you're Jisung and Minho's friend who is down to have fun with them tonight. In fact, he's the one who approached you first and told you he can't wait to have fun, which is what led to you two kissing like two horny teenagers. “Volunteering for doggy style, too?”
Seungmin chuckles. “Reverse cowgirl. Make you work for it.”
You laugh at that, even though his words send shivers down your spine. You really wish Seungmin would. Since you’re not on top of him right now, you’ll have to do the best you can from this position and put on a show. 
Your hips roll faster than before, eliciting guttural moans from Jisung, who seems to be enjoying every second of this. For some reason, you thought he’d be a bit shy about fucking around so many people, but he managed to surprise you. So, you reward him and all the men in the room by moving rhythmically and moaning as seductively as you can. He’s still very hard inside of you and you focus on that feeling instead of all the sounds the men around you are making, all the dicks in your peripheral vision, all the possibilities…
The man under you moans and nods over and over again as he watches your body move on top of his, your cunt wrapping around him deliciously. “Fuck, I will—” You can tell he’s close without him having to say it—he’s predictable, loses all sense of control and coherent thought when he feels that good sort of tightening in his belly.
“Give it to me,” you hiss at Jisung, which makes him whine and grab your waist. “Want to feel you.”
He doesn't even warn you before he shoots his load, so you punish him by moving away mid-orgasm, right in the middle of a really whiny moan, right when he’s going through sweet release, you move away. Jisung’s cock lands on his firm abs with a loud, wet thud. Some of his cum squirts out of you and onto his stomach, over his still-hard cock that’s pumping cum onto his skin. “Fuck, that's so unfair—”
His whining is interrupted by Chan, whose weight you feel shifting on the bed. You didn’t even notice him getting up and walking over to the bed. He crawls up behind you and places his hand on your hip, keeping your body in place, hovering over Jisung’s legs. 
“My turn,” he announces in a whisper, one that makes you clench. You like men who take action instead of sitting there waiting for you to make the first move. Chan probes your entrance with his cockhead, as if he's checking if you can take him.
“It's okay, big boy, I've had bigger,” you hum teasingly, watching Jisung’s pout turn into a smirk at your teasing. He’s clearly gotten over his ruined orgasm the second he’s heard you teasing his friend.
“Suit yourself, gorgeous.” It's then that Chan shoves his cock all the way inside you, burying himself into you up to the hilt. It doesn’t exactly slide right in, but it gets there, and the stinging just turns you on.
You both groan at the sensation of his cock pushing between your swollen walls, still smeared with Jisung’s warm cum. He is still under you, panting, staring at you taking his friend’s cock from behind while you’re both practically straddling his legs. 
“So fucking tight,” Chan informs you, which makes you chuckle. You can hear the tremble in his voice and it sounds like he’s trying not to moan or show you just how much he likes it, which is another turn-on. Making big, strong men like him beg for you is always rewarding.
You tongue your cheek and hiss, “I know.” You wish you were facing Chan so you could see his face as he tries to move his cock with your walls wrapped around it tightly. It must feel like a huge relief—getting to stick his dick into something this tight and warm and nice, you’re sure.
Minho laughs at your teasing and crawls over, gently shoving Jisung to the side. “You’ve had your turn,” he says, motioning for his friend to move away so he can take his place.
“When will it be my turn?” Changbin mutters from the side, and you can't resist reaching out for him and cupping his chin as you chuckle. 
He’s similar to Jisung, you make a mental note to yourself—thinks he’s all that but just likes to whine and get taken care of. He could have been proactive like Chan and just gotten on the bed behind you, deciding to take you right here and now, but he didn’t, so he has no one to blame but himself.
“You'll get yours,” you whisper, hand still on his face. Changbin gulps and looks at your lips, and you wonder if he’s going to kiss you right now, while his friend’s dick is in you, while his other friend is moving away so another one can lie down under you.
“Let her get hers first, damn,” Chan hisses from behind you, big hands securely holding your hips as he starts to move in and out. Languid thrusts do it for you in this case because he is big, but that isn't exactly a problem—you’ll get used to the feeling and enjoy every second of it. His hands slide up your body and grab your tits before sliding back down and taking hold of your hips. “Stop bickering.”
You think it’s hot how everyone in the room falls silent when Chan raises his voice, albeit slightly. He’s big and strong and exudes authority, which always gets you going. A guy like Chan bossing you around, making you do things to him, making you beg for it? You can definitely see it happening and you can see yourself enjoying it fully. Sadly, it probably won’t happen tonight, not with this big of an audience.
While this is happening on your right, Jisung manages to move away from where he was lying under you and just lies on the other side of the bed, staring at you, enjoying the show. Minho throws the cushion to the side and sits in its place, firm thighs instantly spreading wide, showing you exactly where he wants you. 
“Get yours, then,” he tells you with a smirk you just can't resist, so you stick your ass out even further for Chan’s enjoyment and lean in just enough to take Minho’s cock into your mouth, wrap your lips around it and start licking its underside.
Both of the men grunt at this and even Changbin hisses, forgetting he was just complaining about not being the center of attention, which is something you can definitely relate to.
“Fuck, that’s hot,” Hyunjin joins in from behind, and you can hear how fast his fist is sliding up and down his cock. They all seem entranced by the sight of you taking two dicks. Good. That’s exactly where you want them—staring and enjoying.
Chan’s fingers dig into your waist. “Faster?” he checks, and you nod, humming around Minho’s cock. He, on the other hand, leans back and just places his hand on your head, pushing it further down, wanting you to take more of his cock. He knows you can take it, so you don’t mind.
“This was such a good idea, Minho,” Chan tells him from behind you, starting to move so fast you think you’ll choke on his friend’s cock. He’s big and thick but moves with precision, never too much. “Your friend here has such a nice pussy… Takes dick well.”
“Best idea ever,” Seungmin adds, sitting on the bed somewhere behind you. You feel his hand slide up and down your thigh from the front. “We need to party like this more often.”
You chuckle with your mouth full and look up at Minho, who grins. “She seems to agree.”
“You three need to relax, though,” Jisung says, shooting a glance in the other direction, towards Hyunjin, Felix, and Jeongin. You’d turn around to look at them, but you don’t want to let go of Minho’s cock. He’s always so confident and cocky that you just want to drive him crazy with your mouth. 
“Yeah, rela—” Minho grunts all of a sudden when you start sucking. He looks down at you with a cocked eyebrow and hisses. “Don’t make me fuck your throat. I’ll make a mess out of your mouth and you still have so many guys to kiss. You want to be a good girl and make all of them feel nice, right?”
You laugh again, walls clenching around Chan. “Threats make you clench, huh?” he asks and smacks your ass. “I bet we could turn her into a real good girl by making good on a threat or two…”
God, you could have so much fun with Chan one-on-one, when you could focus solely on him and what he’s saying and doing, when you could provoke him and make him snap at you, make him take you roughly and show you just why everyone is so quick to bend to his will. 
“Let’s make good on this one,” Minho says with a shrug, and the two start moving fast at the same time.
For a while, you just zone out and enjoy it, relax your jaw and pussy as much as you can. That way, the two men can just sway their hips and give you their dicks without hurting you. They’re good at that and there’s no pain at all, except when Chan smacks your ass, albeit not too hard. He just does it over and over again until it starts to sting. When he feels you pulling away, Chan massages the sore area. “Too much? Let me make it up to you.”
With that, he sets a different pace, a slower one, the kind that lets you feel his cock rub against your walls until he’s fully buried inside of you. It’s less rough than earlier, but that suits you, so you keep moaning in response, wanting Chan to know you approve of it, which is hard to verbalize with Minho’s dick in your mouth.
“Sounds so good,” you hear Felix mumble, his low voice impossible to miss despite the moaning and groaning.
Your eyes water with tears when Minho’s dick enters your throat even further, but you don’t give up or pull away. If you did that, he wouldn’t mind—he’d take it easy or let you take the lead. But, you want to make him crumble. So, you focus on moaning and on the feeling of Chan’s thick cock inside you, rubbing against your walls, the silky tip brushing against your g-spot with every thrust. It goes on for a long while, both of them moving their hips, their hands on your body, gripping it tight.
“Shit, I’ll blow soon,” the man behind you finally says something, and it makes you chuckle.
You let Minho’s cock fall out of your mouth. “Do it, show me what you’ve got,” you say while staring right into Minho’s eyes. He starts jerking himself off with one hand, keeping the other one on your cheek as Chan speeds his movements up.
A couple of hard thrusts later, he’s coming inside of you and biting down on your shoulders, his body pressed into yours from behind, breathing getting heavy. You feel your walls get warmer, feel the cum already starting to seep out, even though he’s still fucking into you.
“Come over here quickly,” Minho hisses, and you know exactly what that means.
So, you wiggle your hips to make Chan pull out and then move forward on your knees until you’re positioned right over Minho’s crotch. He impales you on his cock without a word and comes with his dick buried deep inside of you without a warning. Wanting to punish him for it like you did Jisung, you try to pull away, but Minho wraps both his arms around you and pulls you into his chest.
“No, no, don’t run away,” he mumbles and kisses you slowly, gently, as if he’s not shooting cum into you as he speaks. Because he’s acting so sweet, you have no choice but to stay there and kiss him back, let him caress you. “Good girl, take all of it, just like that… Mhm, squeeze again…”
“God,” Changbin mutters and kicks his head back, letting go of his cock for a second. He’s definitely close too, but you’re not surprised considering he’s been touching himself throughout this whole thing.
“Wanna come in me that bad?” you ask Changbin with a smirk, which makes him shake his head. He’s looking at you while Minho kisses the side of your neck, while you roll your hips against him, even though he’s already given you all the cum he has.
Changbin tongues his cheek and cocks his head to the side “You’ll see how much.” When he says that, he drags his fingers down his cock, wrapping them around the base, showing you just how ready he is to fuck you.
“Can’t wait.”
“Want to fuck you,” Minho mutters, clearly upset over coming from this instead of waiting and getting to have his way with you. But, he had you more than a couple of times already, and you’re sure you two will continue having fun even after tonight, so you don’t console him.
Instead, you pat his cheeks as you push yourself off his lap, enjoying the way his and Chan’s cum trickles down and lands on his thighs. “You next,” you say as you get off Minho, who smacks your ass when you do. Jisung does the same, chuckling when you shoot him a glance. Instead of turning to Changbin, as he expected, you walk over to Jeongin, who is still sitting in that chair all the way back. “If I don’t come to you, you’re never going to come to me.”
He seems flustered when you slide onto his lap and straddle him, planting both feet on the floor. Your hands wrap around his shoulders and you pull him in for a kiss. He’s a cautious kisser—instead of going all in and using tongue from the very first second, he pecks you and leans into it, letting you set the tone. You two kiss for a while but don’t get close to using tongue. You can feel Jeongin is not relaxed, so you don’t want to push anything. 
“Pretend they’re not here,” you whisper, and he gulps before nodding. “Good. Want me to touch you, suck you, fuck you?” 
He's overwhelmed, big-doe eyes staring at you and then behind your shoulder, at the seven guys who are probably watching the two of you, waiting for the fun to start. You lean in and whisper, “You don't want to do this?”
Jeongin’s breath shakes when he exhales and then gulps. “I want to, but—” He clears his throat again, and you know what he means. 
The guy wants to fuck, he's hard and he's gripping your thighs in a way that helps you understand just how horny he is, but he doesn't want people to stare at him while he does it. That's fine—most people don't like that kind of attention. You didn’t like it yourself until you grew more confident and something like this would have been your worst nightmare back then.
“No hard feelings,” you say and gently pat his shoulders before pushing yourself off of him. “Maybe later.”
Jeongin nods thankfully and you shoot Minho a menacing glare. It was his idea, so he should have brought guys who really wanted it, guys who wouldn’t freak out—not that you mind. You’re hoping Jeongin will change his mind later because he seems to be gentle and is a good kisser, even without tongue, so God knows what he’s like when he’s relaxed. Even if that doesn’t happen tonight, you hope he’ll at least have fun watching.
Someone walks up from behind you and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his frame. “Is it my turn yet? You left me hard back there.”
You laugh and sneak your hand between your bodies, grabbing Seungmin’s cock. He is right, you did leave him high and dry back at the party after your little make-out session, mostly because it was fun to watch him pout after you squeezed his cock and walked away. “How do you want it? Reverse cowgirl?” you tease, rubbing your ass against his crotch.
“God—” Seungmin exhales loudly and pulls you in closer, his mouth pressing into the back of your neck for a second. “I have a better idea now. Get on the table.”
You have a pep in your step as you make your way over to the table and get up on it, sitting before you let your back rest against the cold surface. Seungmin follows you instantly, sticking his dick in you without a hitch, hands grabbing your legs and keeping them in the air. “Good?”
“Perfect. Now show me what you wanted to give me back there.”
The other guys follow you two, at least some of them. Minho and Jisung continue lying on the bed, knowing you’re going to stay the night, which means they’ll definitely get to have you again. Minho is trying to wipe the cum off his thick thighs using some kind of a rag, and Jisung is just enjoying the view, looking forward to later. That’s what you three agreed on—you’d come to the party, meet some of their friends who have expressed interest in doing this tonight, and see if you vibe with them. To be frank, you expected one or two guys to be down for it at this party of more than 50 people, so hearing there would be eight in total definitely got you going. The more, the merrier, and this is the most you’ve ever had.
Chan is using a towel to wipe the sweat off himself, eyes focused on you, a smirk on his pretty face when your gazes meet. “Don’t look at me like that if you don’t want to get fucked again,” he tells you, even though his friend is already fucking you, and his threat makes you clench around Seungmin, who grunts. “Bet you’re clenching already.”
Jeongin stays on his chair with his fingers wrapped around his cock, eyes following your every move. The rest of the guys line up around the table and since they all look at you so hungrily, you lick both your palms, making sure they’re soaked with saliva. Then, you reach out and grab the two closest cocks you can find, which happen to be Hyunjin and Felix’s. The former lolls his head back and grunts, while the latter moans sweetly and places his hand over yours. For a second, you think he will stop you—maybe he doesn’t want you to touch him at all. But, he doesn’t. Felix just keeps his hand on yours as you slowly stroke his already hard enough cock. 
“So unfair,” Changbin fake whines again, which makes you laugh. He had all the chances to stick his dick somewhere in you, but he chose not to. Chan and Seungmin took the lead, and now Hyunjin and Felix just happened to be closer.
“Don’t make me get to you last,” you tell him with a smirk, to which Changbin motions to you that his lips are sealed and continues touching himself while you do the same for his two friends. 
The whole thing is really hot—Seungmin is trying to give it to you well, trying out different angles and tempos, trying to find something that makes you moan the loudest. Changbin is standing to his right with his thick dick in hand, jerking off while his gaze travels from your cunt up to your face and back. 
Out of the two men you’re touching, Hyunjin is the more vocal one, the one who’s not afraid to touch and grope and hiss, instructing you on how to touch him the way he likes it. While you’re jerking him off, he groans, “Faster, please. You can squeeze harder.” You do everything he asks of you, wanting him to have the best possible time. 
When you do as asked, Hyunjin rewards you by playing with your nipple, sneaking his hand down your sides to your ass and then back very gently. Felix’s hand is still on yours, guiding it, helping you get him off. 
“So tight,” Seungmin mutters to himself. “You’re so wet you’re soaking the fucking table.”
“Don’t fuck me that well then,” you mutter back, which makes a couple of them chuckle. Instead of saying something snarky back, Seungmin continues fucking you, now moving his hips a bit faster, having found an angle that gets you to moan with practically every thrust.
“Why not reverse cowgirl?” you moan the words, letting your head rest on the table. You can feel you’re already swollen, and you haven’t even reached your orgasm yet.
“This way, I can see you make all these pretty faces when I fuck you right.”
Now, that’s a good response, one that makes you clench around his cock. “Smart guy.”
“The view’s great from reverse cowgirl too,” Minho mutters from the bed, clearly not wanting the rest of them to forget that the two of them know you better, more intimately. “When someone’s that hot, they look great from every angle.” 
You wonder if he’s regretting sharing this little secret of theirs with the rest of their friends. It was his idea after all. I know a couple of guys who’d love to fuck you. You wondered how these guys even knew about you, and Minho looked almost flustered at your question, as if he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t have. Showed them a picture or two. Nothing explicit, just regular pics. When you asked if he was bragging about you, he started fucking you harder and muttered, Have you seen yourself? You can’t help but wonder what’s going through his head now that this idea of his is playing out right in front of him.
Unsurprisingly, Jisung agrees with him. “Especially if she’s also sucking your dick while riding someone else.” You remember the last time you three had done that and how whiny he sounded. Funny how Jisung is all confident now when he’s all the way over there on the bed, far from your reach. The two do make you laugh with their comments, but Seungmin’s thrusts soon get you to stop laughing and start moaning again. You’ll deal with the pair later.
“Sounds so good when she’s getting fucked,” you can hear Chan tell one of the guys in the back, but you’re too entranced by Seungmin’s cock to lift your head and look in his direction. You’re sure he’s staring and already wants to go again—you have a feeling Chan could go on all night. Something about that excites you even more.
The harder Seungmin moves, the more you moan, and that’s something that clearly gets him going. Maybe it’s that, maybe it’s watching the girl he’s fucking jerk two guys off, maybe it’s watching them touch her, play with her tits, caress her body… Well, that’s what turns you on about this, being spread on a table with one guy fucking and three closely watching and groping.
“I could fuck you all night,” Seungmin tells you before he starts cursing and hissing. Suddenly, he closes his eyes for a while, kicks his head back, and grunts loudly. You almost think he’s coming, but he continues groaning as he slides in and out of you. “Such a tight pussy…”
“You close?”
He nods and opens his eyes. “Can I come on you?”
“You don’t want to come inside?” you question, eyes focused on his face. Seungmin is even more attractive when he’s sweaty from sex, you realize. There’s something primal about watching these prim and proper, well-polished guys turn into complete messes when they get to fuck, all sweaty, hair messy, lips swollen from the biting to prevent moans that could be deemed too loud for men, like that’s a thing. In your book, the louder it gets, the better. Hyunjin seems to get that because he’s moaning just as loudly, even if you’re only playing with his cock for now.
“Nah, I think you’ll look great with my cum on you,” Seungmin mumbles and hisses sharply. “May I?”
“Sure,” you nod and continue to jerk the two men off while Seungmin gives you a couple of quick thrusts and then quickly pulls out, jerking himself off on your stomach, grunting while doing it. In your mind, there’s nothing hotter than hearing a man lose control like that, get vocal when coming, even if he wasn’t planning on doing it. And you’re sure Seungmin didn’t plan to make these noises in front of his friends. Yet, here he is, panting as he watches your body covered in his cum.
“That was hot,” you tell him, eyes glued to his cock that’s resting in his hand, his cum all over you. “Really.”
He chuckles but gets gently pushed away by impatient Changbin before he can say a word. “I’ll fucking blow if I don’t get to have you.”
You laugh and spread your legs, eyeing Felix and then Hyunjin. “You guys don’t mind if he goes first?”
“Just means I get to feel your mouth on me,” Hyunjin says and pets your head, pushing it towards his awaiting cock. You don’t mind the tanginess of the precum mixed with your saliva—the guy’s been jerking off for a long while now to the sight of you, so you make sure to be good and suck just the way he seems to like it.
Felix hums in agreement and rubs your side gently, so you tug at his cock faster. Meanwhile, Changbin puts just the tip in and goes slowly, inch by inch, until he bottoms out. When he does, he grunts hard—so hard you have to look at him again, your pussy clenching as you pull away from Hyunjin’s cock. “Like it that much?”
“You have no idea.”
Just as you thought—turns into putty in your hands when he gets a bit of pussy, just like Jisungie. “Show me how much then. I want to feel it.”
If you know anything about Jisung, it’s that he likes a good challenge in bed, so you’re betting Changbin is the same. You seem to be right because the guy starts fucking you hard from the get-go, so hard you can barely take Hyunjin’s cock into your mouth again, afraid of accidentally grazing it with your teeth. 
Changbin is fucking you so hard that the entire table moves, and you can hear Minho and Jisung joking about it, saying how they’ll charge him for the damage to the floor. If he’s heard them, Changbin doesn’t care—his hands are digging into your sides, fingers into your flesh as he holds onto you tight and just fucks.
“Slow down there, tiger,” Hyunjin mutters. “Be a gentleman and all that.”
“I can take it,” you grunt in response, feeling like he’s splitting you into two. You’re so horny and wet that his hard cock pushing in and out of you feels perfect.
“I have to give it to you hard when you’re making me do all the work.”
Oh, Changbin knows how to bait you already. Making you? 
“Just a second, guys.” You let go of their cocks and sit up before getting up and walking to the bed, grabbing Changbin’s hand in passing, making him follow. You’re not going to let him get away with this comment. If he minds doing all the work, you’re going to do it for him and see how long he lasts, which might just be his goal.
You get on the bed on all fours and wait for Changbin to put his cock in. The second he does, you start pushing your hips back, fucking him this way. You’ve practiced this position to perfection, which both his friends can attest to. Chan could too, if he’d let you move an inch instead of clinging to all control. You shoot a glance at him and find him hard again. This time, he’s not touching himself—just enjoying the view with a smirk on his face, sitting with those fucking thighs spread as if he’s inviting you to come sit on them.
“Ah, shit, that feels great,” Changbin mumbles from behind you, hands on your skin. He’s not doing any work now, which means he can just focus on your pussy dragging across his cock, wet and warm, all for him. “You move so fucking well.”
“Not gonna last a minute,” Jisung tells Minho with a smirk, and both of them look right at you. You wiggle your eyebrows because you know Changbin is fucked. They’ve both made similar comments before and you made them come as fast as possible. So, they know what he’s in for.
“Not a fucking chance he’ll last,” Minho agrees. “She fucks so well.”
Chan, on the other hand, stays quiet, but leans in and grabs your tit, giving it a squeeze here and there as he watches your ass move up and down, pussy squelching around Changbin’s cock. 
Proving him wrong isn’t the only motivator here—the guy sounds perfect when he moans in that low tone of his, even more so when he grunts and whines. You’re sure he’s staring at your ass because that’s all Changbin can do at this point. Soon enough, he starts hissing out swear words, and you know what that means.
“Shh, just relax, let me take care of you,” you hum at him, and Jisung grabs his cock, giving it a tug or two. Just like you thought, Changbin and Jisung like hearing the same things. The guy behind you moans and digs his fingers into your hips some more. 
“Fuck, fuck, babe, I’ll—fuck—” With that, he takes over control and gives you a couple of hard and fast thrusts, getting himself off inside of you. Then, Changbin pushes his cock into you all the way and stays like that for a second while he exhales loudly, grunting. “Fuck, what a nice cunt. You’re so good with it, made me come so hard—”
“Perfect.” Minho agrees, eyes never leaving yours. “Tired?”
You laugh and shake your head at him. “Not at all.”
While Changbin is slowly pulling out, giving your ass gentle pats, Hyunjin and Felix whisper amongst themselves behind you, and you realize they’re talking about who is going to go first. Hyunjin is urging his friend to do it, and you wonder if Felix will be too shy to do it. Meanwhile, Seungmin walks over to the bed and says he is going to take a shower and be back later.
While you’re greeting him, you feel the bed dipping under someone’s weight and you know it’s Felix before he says a word—he’s wearing this soft cologne that smells perfect and, right now, the scent is engulfing you. His hands slide up and down your sides again as he speaks, “Can you go again?”
You think it’s sweet he worries about you. Too sweet. “Mhm, can’t wait to feel you, Felix.”
This gives him the confidence he needs to gently insert his cock in you, grunting in such a low tone you can’t help but clench around Felix’s cock. “What a nice voice,” you conclude, which makes Minho smirk. Jisung wiggles his eyebrows and starts touching himself again.
“What a nice cunt,” he whispers from behind you, clearly a bit more confident when he’s not looking at you. You weren’t expecting something like that to come out of his mouth, but you’re enjoying it.
Felix is slow and gentle for a long while. It’s just gentle slides of his cock in and out, in and out, until he finds a good rhythm. The longer it goes on, the more he relaxes and starts making noises for you. Suddenly, his hand wraps around your neck from the front, his other hand reaching down for your clit. In an instant, it feels like he’s all around you, both arms on your body, his body pressed into you from behind.
You can’t help but ask, “Trying to make me come?”
“It’s not fun if you don’t come as many times as we do,” Felix explains, and you start clenching around him rhythmically, concluding he might be the most caring partner around here. Granted, Jisung and Minho always take care of you multiple times, but tonight’s different because there are so many guys. Jisung did make you come with his mouth before he asked you to ride him earlier, but that was just one orgasm. You know they can do better.
“Hot and caring?” you whisper, and he chuckles. You have to look backwards to see his expression and you find him blushing, as suspected. “Jackpot.”
“We’ll see how well I’ll do,” he whispers back and you just grin—you’re sure he’ll ace it. The quiet, shy ones always do, in your experience. His brow furrows as he focuses on rubbing your clit right. Every couple of seconds, Felix whispers a question to you. Faster? Slower? Harder? Circles? Up and down? 
You respond with instructions every time and, when you realize he’s overthinking this, you lean in and kiss him from the side since his dick is still in you, going in and out slowly. You do your best to relax and let Felix fuck and rub this orgasm out of you while you two kiss. He tastes you as sweet as you thought he would, and his scent is overpowering. For a while, you forget there’s anyone else there—all you taste and smell is him, all you feel is his cock and hands, one on your clit, the other around your neck. “There, just keep going—”
You hear the other guys whispering and talking, but you keep your eyes closed and rest on his shoulder as he makes you come. Your orgasm rushes through you quickly, making your legs shake. Felix’s grip on you tightens and he keeps fucking you through it, his lips next to your ear. “Sounds so good when you come… Feel good around me.”
“Fuck, Felix, that was good,” you whisper back, grunting at the end, finally opening your eyes.
He moans and buries his head in the crook of your neck, mumbling against your skin, which is when you realize he’s about to come. His entire body shakes against yours as his cum spurts inside of you, and you think you could have a lot of fun with someone as sensitive to touch as Felix. Yet, he might not be as gentle as he seems—that hand around your neck is still there, the grip never loosening. It’s an interesting option you could explore sometime in the future. His two friends won’t mind, you’re sure. Both of them are looking at you two with smiles on their faces.
Gently, Felix pulls out. “I’ll, I’ll go get you a warm cloth, I’ve made a mess.”
You can feel the cum trickling down your inner thigh and onto the protective cover Minho has put on his bed. Smart of him. He got it a while back, when all three of you got tested and decided you could have sex without protection. All of their friends who wanted to come here tonight had to get tested, too, which is why you’re letting them come wherever they want. “All we keep doing tonight is make messes.”
Chan gets up from the bed and says he is going to take a shower. “I’ll be back, though,” he tells you as he walks past the bed and shoots you a glance. “Don’t run away.”
“Yeah, I still have to put in some work,” Changbin adds and follows Chan, winking on his way out.
“Looks like you won’t be going anywhere soon,” Jisung tells you and reaches out to pat your side, sliding his hand up and down as if he’s trying to comfort you. “Do you want to rest?”
“I think Hyunjin still needs to go,” you say and look behind your shoulder at the man in question, who’s resting against the table and looking at you from the back, clearly enjoying the view.
“Not if you want to rest,” he says immediately, giving you a reassuring smile.
“I can take a lot more.”
Since he can’t argue with that, Hyunjin walks over, and you notice that Jeongin is still there too, hard cock in hand, precum all over his fingers. Clearly, he’s having enough fun just sitting and watching. Otherwise, he would have used the opportunity and left with one of the other guys, yet he’s still here, enjoying himself.
“How do you want it?” you ask, looking at Hyunjin, who gently grabs your hips and pushes them down onto the bed before helping you roll over.
“I’m an old-fashioned guy,” he says confidently, and you wonder how you thought he was shy in the beginning. Maybe he just needs to warm up to people to unleash the real him. Old-fashioned, though? You can’t really see it.
“Yeah?” you ask and spread your legs, almost giggling at how quickly he looks at your crotch. 
He chuckles and climbs on top of you, face leaning in until your noses almost touch. He’s even hotter this up close, when you can pretend you’re all alone and focus only on him, and not on his friend who you can see sitting in the chair and holding his dick.
“Yeah. Like to look at pretty faces while I fuck pretty pussies,” Hyunjin tells you with a grin and enters you easily. No wonder, after the amount of sex you’ve had tonight. “So warm.”
“So hard,” you tease right back, squeezing around him. You feel full that way and you can tell Hyunjin likes the sensation around his length.
“It would be a wonder if I weren’t,” he whispers at you, eyes not moving away from yours, the weight of his body comforting and warm. It’s definitely a change from the sex you’ve had with the rest of them. Maybe a part of you is old-fashioned, too, but sex is sometimes better when you’re this close to the person. “Been staring at you all night, wanting to be inside of you… You look so hot taking dick, figured you’d look even hotter taking mine.”
The tone he uses makes you clench around him, body yearning for more, for him to start moving and satisfy you. Still, the moment is a lot more intimate than the ones you’ve shared with the others, mostly because he’s on top of you, his face an inch away from yours, eyes glued to your mouth.
“Do you just look at pretty faces from this position or do you kiss them?”
Hyunjin smirks and leans in to kiss you, and you let yourself get lost in it. He’s probably one of the most attractive men you’ve seen, and his lips are plusher than you thought possible, so you really want to kiss him. Plus, he’s fucking you in missionary and why not kiss while you’re already there?
Your soft kiss gets interrupted by Felix who walks into the room with the cloth in hand and stops dead in his tracks, head leaning to the side so he can look at the two of you. “I brought this,” he announces a minute too late.
“Just give it to Jeongin,” Minho tells him, pointing to his friend on the chair. “They’re a bit busy.”
“Hyunjin wastes no time,” Jisung adds with a chuckle.
“I’m gonna go shower, too, and then I’ll be back.”
You don’t get to say anything to Felix because Hyunjin’s mouth is still on yours, his tongue gently rubbing against yours while his hips move at the same pace over and over again. When he pulls away from the kiss a couple of minutes in, you ask him, “Do old-fashioned guys know how to fuck hard?”
Hyunjin tongues his cheek before chuckling. “That’s what you want?”
“I thought I’d take it easy on you, seeing as they weren’t exactly gentle. Well, except for Felix,” Hyunjin notes and then pushes himself up on his elbows, moving his chest away from yours.
Your legs instantly wrap around his waist, keeping him in place because you’re sure it’s about to get hard, just like you asked. “Fuck me hard, Hyunjin.”
He does—the very next second, his hips change the angle and pace completely, causing your eyes to roll to the back of your head. Your loud moaning gets muffled by the tongue he sneaks into your mouth while he’s still fucking you relatively gently. But, the harder he thrusts, the less he can kiss you. 
So, eventually, Hyunjin gives up on kissing you and just gives it to you hard, the sound of skin hitting skin filling the room, your grunts loud and clear, his a bit lower. 
“You like being watched, right? That’s what this is all about?” 
He is right. Tonight is all about watching. Otherwise, you would have fucked all of them separately and still had fun. “I don’t mind it. I just want to fuck.”
Minho chuckles and moves in closer until he’s down on his elbows next to you, his hand caressing your cheek. “She likes fucking. Watching is just a bonus.”
You nod and look at him, wondering why he looks so proud of you. Maybe Minho is more into sharing than you thought. Maybe that’s why he wanted all of this to happen, even though he seemed jealous more than a couple of times tonight, possessive even. Maybe that’s why he’s shown your pictures to his friends, probably bragging about how many times he fucked you, how many times Jisung and he took their time with you and played out their fantasies, allowed you to do the same with yours.
Even if he’s talking about sex and you fucking his friends, his touch on your cheek is gentle, and you wonder if he’s worried about you because you aren’t talking that much. You are getting a bit tired, but who wouldn’t in your position?
“Oh, so that’s why you like Minho,” Hyunjin concludes, which makes you look at him with a chuckle.
“What’s there not to like?” You reach for Minho’s cock and he lets you play with it, his hand still on your face, thumb caressing your cheek. He’s still really hard, even though he’s come down your throat earlier.
“He told me he loves fucking you…” Hyunjin lowers his voice like he’s letting you in on a little secret, like the guy you’re talking about isn’t kneeling next to you, caressing you. “I can see why. Who wouldn’t?”
“Yeah? Good.”
Both Hyunjin and Minho laugh, and then the room falls relatively silent, save for the sounds of sex and moaning. Hyunjin gives it to you rough, his elbows right above your shoulders on the bed, so your body doesn’t move up and away from him with every harsh thrust. Soon enough, his moaning gets more frequent, eyes close and eyebrows furrow, and you know he’s close, so you encourage him, “Come for me, Hyunjin.”
“I will, so close—”
When he comes, Hyunjin leans in and kisses you gently, his movements slowing down drastically, cock just dragging across your walls to get all the cum out and inside of you, his hand on your other cheek. “So fucking tight still… Perfect pussy. Thanks for the treat.”
“Thank you,” you whisper back and peck his lips before he moves away, pulling his cock out of you as gently as he can. But, a bunch of cum still seeps out of you and onto the cover. 
Hyunjin excuses himself and goes shower, leaving the three of you alone. You’re lying on the bed, limbs splayed as you try to calm your breathing down. Every muscle aches, but it’s the good type of ache, the kind that reminds you of just how much fun you’ve had. 
Minho is next to you, caressing you, chuckling when you exhale loudly. “All good? Need a break?”
“I should clean up before we continue,” you tell him, your eyes still closed. “I can feel it all dripping out.”
Minho leans over and checks your crotch out with a grin on his face. “Now, that’s hot.”
“Get her the cloth,” Jisung says, throwing a pillow at Minho, who throws it right back.
In the meantime, Jeongin walks over to the bed. Your eyes are still closed so you can’t see him, but you hear him getting up, the chair squeaking when he gets up, his footsteps on the carpeted floor until he reaches the foot of the bed.
“Want me to clean you up?” he asks, his voice barely a whisper, but you hear him loud and clear now that there’s five less people in the room, now that there’s no sound of sex filling your ears, no moaning distracting you.
“Yes, please,” you say and finally look up at him, finding him towering over the bed with the cloth in his hand, a small smile on his face when your eyes meet. 
You get up in a sitting position and scoot down to the very edge of the bed, spreading your legs for him. He’s a mystery, mainly because he hasn’t said a word or done anything that could help you make assumptions about him. This is the first thing he’s doing, and it makes you think that he’s either a very sweet, caring guy or that he just loves creampie, especially when it’s other men’s cum he’s staring at. 
Whatever it is, you decide to not pry and ask about it. Jeongin seemed uncomfortable earlier, and you don’t want to scare him away by asking questions. This is a one night stand for the two of you, so you don’t have to know everything about him. He kneels and gently wipes the cum away, taking his time to get all of it. The warmth of the cloth paired with how gentle he is definitely make you feel better, so you hum happily.
When the cloth rubs against your clit, your hips buck towards him, and he pulls his hand away. “Sorry, too much?”
“A bit sensitive,” you tell him, keeping your voice down. “But it feels kind of good.”
At this point, Minho and Jisung are talking about something else, and you get that they don’t want to make their friend uncomfortable, which is why they’re not acting like you two are the center of attention. Them being distracted will make him relax, probably.
“It does?” he asks and brings the cloth down to your crotch again, gently rubbing your clit again. “Want me to, uh, continue?”
“You can do whatever you want, Jeongin,” you simply say, wondering why he said yes to this in the first place.
All the other guys, you get. Their friends said they have a fuck buddy—or whatever term they used—that would be down to fuck, so they agreed to it. If Jeongin is too shy to fuck in front of an audience, you don’t get why he said yes to this. He could have gone home with a girl and fucked her in the privacy of his own room, with no one else staring.
He nods at you and continues wiping just as gently as before. When he gets all of it off, Jeongin leans in further. You think he’s just trying to get a better look and make sure he got everything off, but he surprises you by pressing his mouth against your clit, which gets you to buck your hips into his face. “Fuck!”
“I’m sorry, too sensitive?” Jeongin lifts his head and asks, face scrunched apologetically.
“No, no!” You shake your head. “Feels great. Keep going, if you want to.”
“I want to.”
You’re surprised, but you can’t even think about all of that when he starts eating you out. Your legs fall open on the bed and you let Jeongin do whatever he wants with you. At first, he’s sheepish, just kissing around your mound and slit, wet lips pressing into your skin. 
Then, he focuses on sucking. He sucks your clit, your labia, licks around your hole and then sucks his way up gently. You can feel yourself get wetter, can feel the tingling sensation in you grow, the type of sensation that can only be silenced by a hard cock or a finger or two. 
“Fuck, Jeongin,” you encourage him with a moan, hands traveling down, tangling in his hair. “More!”
He takes that as a sign to give you a finger, which gets you to moan again. The more you do, the more relaxed he gets, which is why a couple of minutes in, he’s drooling all over himself, his tongue just flicking your clit up and down while his fingers curl inside of you. You give him pointers here and there—no one knows how to touch someone the way they prefer the first time they see them—but he’s doing a good job.
“Don’t be scared to move those fingers faster,” Jisung adds from behind you. “She likes it hard.” Jeongin hums and listens, which is what gets you to come not even a minute later.
“Shit, that was good,” you manage to huff out when your breathing calms down, when your heart stops beating so loudly you can hear it. “How do you want it?”
There’s a chance this is all Jeongin wanted, and you’re prepared to take no for an answer. He doesn’t have to do anything with you tonight, but judging by the way he looks up at you, chin covered with your juices and his spit, you’re kind of sure he wants more.
“Like you wanted to earlier?”
You realize Jeongin wants you to ride him on a chair, so you decide to give him the best ride of his life even though you’re swollen and absolutely spent. Jeongin doesn’t stop moaning from the second you sit down on his cock in the chair and start pushing yourself up and then slamming your hips down. You try to do it as graciously as you can, but you’re turned on, your body is buzzing at this point, and the guy under you is breathing heavily and looking up at you like you’re making all his dreams come true with your pussy. 
You hold onto his shoulders for support and ride him hard and fast, earning a couple of compliments from the two guys behind you who are awfully quiet. You’re sure they have a lot to say, but don’t want to make their friend uncomfortable. So, they only direct the comments at you, telling you how hot you look when you ride dick or how they want to smack your ass and fuck your throat. It’s dirty, but it makes you feel so good, makes you ride Jeongin’s cock faster, feel him all big and hard inside of you.
His hands roam your body, groping everything from your ass to your face, fingers playing with your nipples and grabbing your face so he can kiss you to try to hide his moaning. “Let me hear you,” you whisper against his lips, eyes looking right into his. “You sound so fucking good when you moan… Really sweet. I knew you would.”
Jeongin looks to the side sheepishly but continues moaning instead of trying to muffle it. When his grip on your ass gets tighter, you realize he’s close, so you give it your all to go as fast as possible. “Where do you want to come?”
“Your mouth?” Jeongin suggests in a low tone. A second later, he hisses. “I’m close, really fucking close.”
When you hear that, you push yourself off of him and get down on your knees, taking his cock in your mouth instantly. It’s tangy and salty, your juices mixed with his precum, but you don’t mind the taste, not when he rewards you by grabbing your head and moaning, hips gently bucking towards your mouth, cock sliding against your tongue. Soon enough, warm cum shoots into your throat and Jeongin continues moving until he gets every single drop out, moaning a lot more compliments than he’s given you all night, calling you hot and sweet and warm and tight and so fucking good. 
When you move away and go sit on the bed, Jeongin continues sitting there, panting and looking at you. “That was… Wow.”
Jisung gets up and walks over to him, patting him on the back. “Go take a shower.”
It must be a signal of some sort because Jeongin practically jumps up, puts his clothes back on, and thanks you before sprinting for the door. When he leaves, Jisung locks the door and looks at you. 
“No more fun for me?” you ask with a pout and turn to face Minho. “You didn’t even fuck me for real.”
“Babe, your eyes are barely open,” he notes, and Jisung agrees with a hum. “Why don’t we go take a shower and go to bed? We can continue in the morning.”
“The three of us?”
“If you want us to call one of the other guys over…” Jisung shrugs and lets his voice trail off while he walks over and takes your hand, helping you get up. “Think about it and then let us know in the morning, alright?” 
With Jisung’s arm around your shoulder and Minho’s around your waist, you walk to the bathroom, excited about the prospect of getting to do this all over again tomorrow.
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tasteleeknow · 28 days
thinking about hyunjin secretly having a thing for squirting and when you finally do he reacts differently from his usual enjoyment and blows his cover 😵‍💫
smut below cut. 18+ only.
He loves draping himself over you, fucking into you with you trapped under him—your tits pressed into the bed. He pants into your ear, whispering how much he loves how you feel under him. How hot and tight your cunt feels around his cock. He loves working you up, getting you so desperate and fucked out all you can do is whimper with each hard thrust.
Usually he finishes like that, pressing you hard into the mattress, filling you as he groans into your neck. This time, for whatever reason, he stops and leans back on his heels. You're too fucked out to react, whimpering as he pulls out of your sensitive cunt.
"Oh, baby," he mutters. "You're all swollen and twitchy. Love when your little pussy gets all drippy for me, hm?"
"Please," you whimper, reaching aimlessly back towards him.
"Just gonna play with you for a second, love. Just a second..."
Your breath hitches as he taps the tip of his cock against your sensitive folds, then again, and again. He's slapping you lightly, then rubbing his tip up and down—over and over and over. You can hardly breathe, hips bouncing a little off the bed as you twitch and whine.
You're hardly aware of anything at all when you feel a flood of wetness between your legs. "Jinnie," you whine, squirting all over his cock.
"Oh, god. Oh fuck," he groans, then he releases—coating your sloppy cunt with his cum. He'd never come outside you before. One of the first things you learned he liked was filling you up. One of the things he'd mutter into your ear every single time he was about to come was something to do with filling you. Gonna stuff you full, baby. Gonna take it all, yeah? You want my cum, love?
Not this time. He'd clearly lost control. You roll yourself onto your back, exerting all your remaining energy to do so. He's looking down at you, cheeks bright red and mouth hanging slightly open—like he can't believe what's just happened.
You grin at him. "Have you been keeping something from me, Jinnie?"
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