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"I call this artwork 'Indigo'"
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this man ruins my sanity... | for @hoonamjoon
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what a relief that we have seven members, what a relief that we have each other - min yoongi
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indigo is coming 2022.12.02
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your monthly dose of bts : BONUS, ot7
day 24 / 30 (cr. namuspromised)
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the last archive of my 20s
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˚  🥣 ⏇ ✽ ( ◞‸◟)
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[081022] BTS performing For Youth + Yet to Come at the 2022 TMA
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94line at W Korea
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afth drabble 2: the big day
pairing: afth!jungkook x f.reader
genre: fluffy fluff fluff fluff
wc: 6k
drabble masterlist
summary; it’s finally the big day, the day jungkook is going to marry the girl of his dreams. hopefully everything goes to plan, more or less. 
a/n: pls keep in mind, that i am unable to represent the multitude of marriage ceremonies in different cultures, and i am not fully aware of all that they entail, as magnificent and wonderful as they are! i tried my best to keep it “traditional” and vague but i can only do so much. so pls don’t send hate and understand i did my best :) ily!
"Dude, breathe."
Jungkook takes a deep breath in, blowing it out carefully as Tae nods along with him, as if he's trying to calm a toddler after getting a scrape on the knee. 
"I'm fine," Jungkook says, a bit embarrassed. 
"Ok," Taehyung doesn't argue, even though Jungkook is visibly shaking, his hands wringing subconsciously as he paces the room. 
He's clearly in distress. 
"Is there anything we can do?" Tae asks, glancing at Namjoon sitting in the chair next to him. 
Jungkook shakes his head, "Uh, n-no thanks. I'm all good."
"Not even get you some soju?" 
Jungkook looks at Tae to see him smirking.
"I'm good," He repeats himself, trying not to laugh and scream at the same time. 
Damn clown, never taking anything seriously. 
He's getting married in less than an hour and his best man is making jokes. 
Heaven help him. 
"Look, I'm going to go and make triple sure that everything is perfect, okay?"
Jungkook nods at his best friend's words, relief flooding through him. Namjoon shakes his head, a smirk painting his features as he lounges calmly in the chair in the corner. 
Taehyung smiles knowingly and leaves the room, fully aware that Jungkook is just a huge ball of nerves and is convinced something will go wrong. 
Walking down the back hallway of the small church, he runs into the rest of the groomsmen coming the opposite way. 
"Hey," Tae calls out, waving to Beomgyu and Hoseok. 
"Hey!" Hoseok waves back, "Everything is in shipshape, no flower disasters and I haven't heard word that anything else is going wrong."
"Fuck it up," Tae grins, "That's what I like to hear. Kook's in the back having a crisis, might wanna go chill with him. Try to act totally calm, it might rub off on him."
"Will do!" Beomgyu and Hoseok make their way towards the back room where the groom is practically melting into a puddle of anxiety. 
"Jimin, can you please grab me the bobby pins?"
You sit patiently in the swivel chair, watching Yeona through the mirror as she thanks Jimin and takes the pins from him before turning back and continuing to do your hair. 
"It looks so good," Jimin watches in awe as Yeona messes with a few more pieces until they sit just right. 
You catch his eye in the mirror and he beams at you, giving you a thumbs up. You grin back and give him a thumbs up of your own, trying your hardest not to bounce up and down in excitement. 
"Th-thank you, Y-Yeona," you whisper, staring at your reflection, "I love it s-so much."
Yeona must have the magic touch, you truly believe that. Your makeup is so pretty, emphasizing the beauty you already possess, and your hair looks just like a princess', making you want to squeal with happiness. 
You never thought you could look this beautiful. 
"You're very welcome, love." Yeona puts her hands on your shoulder and smiles at you through the mirror, "Your natural beauty is doing all the work, I just helped it pop even more."
"I swear I'm not gonna cry," Jimin says defensively when you glance at him in the mirror. 
You smile brightly and shake your head at him.
You're so nervous you feel almost sick, but everything is just how you imagined. You have your best friend in the whole world as your man of honor, and one of your closest friends as a bridesmaid. The dress is perfect, your hair is perfect, the makeup is perfect.
Everything is perfect. 
A tiny knock on the door makes all three of you look over to it. 
Jimin walks over and opens it a crack, peeking his head through, "Yes?" 
You laugh at how silly he looks, trying to make sure you aren't seen if it's the groom. 
A second later, the door opens more as Jimin lets the surprise guest in. 
Your grin widens even more when you see Tae walk over. 
"Look at you girls," he smiles, "As radiant as always."
Yeona rolls her eyes, hiding a smile as she turns to make sure the bouquets are perfect. Then she goes over to Jimin, asking about the flower girl's whereabouts while Tae comes over to you. 
"You look beautiful, ____," he says sincerely, his choked-up voice betraying him momentarily. 
You swivel in the chair and stand up to hug him tightly and whisper, "Thank y-you."
When you pull away, you think you see him wipe at his eyes briefly, but you don't mention it, getting the feeling he was trying to be sneaky. 
"I should be with the groom, but I wanted to come in and say hi to you all before the ceremony."
"Hi!" Yeona exclaims, then she starts to usher him out, "We love you dearly, but now you must leave!"
Taehyung pouts, one of his hands landing on her waist, "Meanie."
"I don't care about being mean right now, there's a wedding to be had!" Yeona shakes a finger in his face. 
"You look gorgeous," he whispers, trying to tease her. 
"Shoo!" She bats at him, you and Jimin laughing heartily at the sight of a dolled-up bridesmaid scolding the best man, "be gone!"
Tae whines a bit more before accepting his defeat and calling out his last few compliments to the three of you as he leaves. Just as he's walking out the door though, a small girl rushes in, nearly bumping into him. 
"Oop! Sorry mister!"
Taehyung grins at the tiny flower girl, "Pardon me, little lady. I'll see you all later!" The door shuts softly behind him.
"Ae-cha! Y-you look lovely!" You exclaim, gushing over her adorable pale-yellow dress that matches the bridesmaid dresses of the same color and fabric. Yeona's looks more mature, with one sleeve and the skirt reaching the floor, whereas the flower girl's skirt comes to her knees and puffs out more. Both of them are chiffon, elegant yet simple. 
Jimin, the man of honor, is wearing a pale-yellow suit; the tone is so light it looks almost cream colored. It looks absolutely stunning on him, as you knew it would. 
"Thank you, Miss ____!" She claps her hands, "You look like a princess!"
Your cheeks turn pink as your former student oohs and ahhs over your white gown, unable to turn away even when Yeona hands her the small woven basket full of dandelions and agapanthus petals. 
While Jimin and Yeona put together the last details of what they need to make everything go smoothly, Ae-Cha comes closer and takes your hand in hers, "Mr. Jungkook is really lucky to marry a princess like you."
You bite your lip to keep yourself from crying at her sweet words. 
"Thank you, Ae-Cha."
"It's time, ____. Are you ready?" Jimin walks over, a smile tugging at his lips. 
"I- I think I'm as r-ready as I'll e-ever be," You laugh nervously, taking Jimin's hand and standing up from your chair. 
"You ready, Kook?"
Jungkook nods, trying to convince himself that he is absolutely not about to pass out or have an anxious meltdown. 
Not at all. 
"I can't feel my feet, but yes, I'm ready."
Tae laughs before linking his arm with his younger best friend's and starts walking towards the door. 
"You've wanted this for so long, just keep reminding yourself of that. How excited you are to finally marry the most important person to you."
If Tae said this to him a couple years ago, when he first realized he was falling in love with you, he would have laughed in his face then had an existential crisis. 
He never thought he deserved you, not even a little bit. He never felt good enough for anyone, that crippling pressure of always needing to work harder keeping him up at night and plaguing his nightmares. 
"You're fine," Tae whispers as they walk out of the back room and towards the front of the church. 
The sight of all the guests sitting in the pews has Jungkook's stomach flipping upside down and inside out and every which way he didn't know was possible as they walk up next to the altar. 
Tae stands next to Jungkook for a moment, whispering some last-minute encouragement in his ear before giving his butt a light smack and moving to where his designated spot is. 
Halmeoni's smile brings Jungkook's heart back to where it belongs as she gives him a thumbs up from the front pew. He returns the gesture, acutely aware of his knees shaking involuntarily as he stands there and tries to even his breathing. 
The priest approaches him, and they exchange a few words, which brings Jungkook's nerves down even more. He will be eternally grateful for everyone today, for keeping him from falling apart at the seams. 
The crowd is buzzing with excitement as it draws nearer to the time when you will walk through the doors. 
Time is all a blur to him, so he jumps a little when the piano starts to play, a soft beautiful song that makes him gulp and bite his lip to keep himself from tearing up before even seeing you. Just the thought of seeing you is making a lump form in his throat. 
Your best friend takes your trembling outstretched hand, holding it tightly in his own to keep you grounded as you stand outside and to the right of the doors leading into the nave where there are undoubtedly people waiting to see you walk in.
"I'm here," he reassures you quietly. 
"I'm sc-scared," you whisper.
The fact that in a few moments you will be the center of attention to more people than you're used to being around, is almost nauseating. 
"What's scaring you?" He asks gently, unjudging. 
He nods, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand gently, "I understand. Hey, the bridesmaids and groomsmen will go first, then me. Ae-Cha and Jisung will go out before you. You don't need to worry about being first. All you need to do is listen to the music and look at Jungkook."
You nod but he can see the panic in your gaze as the doors open and Yeona gets ready to walk out with Beomgyu. 
You're out of the line of sight of the crowd, but that does nothing to settle your nerves. 
"I want you to take a deep breath," Jimin whispers, even as you anxiously watch them start walking.
You follow his instructions, letting the breath out slowly with him. 
You take a few more deep breaths as you watch Namjoon get ready to walk with his girlfriend, Nina, whom you've grown quite close to and makes a beautiful bridesmaid. 
"Y-you're soon," your voice shakes. 
Jimin nods, "I know, but I want to make sure you're okay."
You give him a half-hearted smile, glancing at Hoseok and Sana, who are almost ready to walk out. 
Oh gosh. 
You're gonna freak out. 
Even if you just had someone to hold your arm while you walked, to keep you grounded. 
Your parents gave that up a long time ago, though. 
Jimin can sense what you're thinking as you stare after Hoseok and Sana with slight tears in your eyes. 
"You don't need that sorry excuse for a father, ____. You don't need any of them," he whispers, fixing a stray hair, "You made it on your own, you don't need someone to give you away up there."
Your watery eyes look back at your best friend as he adjusts the veil to cover your face. 
"No one is giving you away, you are deciding to become a family with the person you love."
You gulp and nod as he pats your shoulder before walking over to the doors. 
"Just look at Jungkook," he whispers, winking at you. 
You smile and nod, nerves finally starting to turn to excitement. 
Your man of honor gives you a thumbs up behind his back as he starts walking, making you giggle quietly. 
Ae-Cha and Jisung are bouncing on the balls of their feet in excitement as it reaches their turn. 
You give them both a wave as they take their places and start to walk, side by side to the beautiful music. 
Ae-Cha takes tiny handfuls of petals and drops them along the path, readying it for you to walk down as Jisung holds the rings carefully. 
You close your eyes and take another deep breath.
Then you take your place. 
Jungkook smiles at the wedding party as they process down the aisle and go to their places either near him or near where you will be standing soon enough. 
The sight of two small children walking down the aisle with huge smiles makes a delighted laugh ripple through the crowd, Jungkook chuckling quietly along with them as your former students gleefully decorate the walkway and keep the rings safe. 
When they reach their spots, the piano music changes to a different tune and that's when he sees you. 
His breath gets knocked from his lungs harder than he expected.
He can just barely see your face behind your veil, but that doesn't stop his eyes from welling up with the intense emotions swirling around inside of him. You look so beautiful. 
So radiant.  
Watching breathlessly, he sees a hint of a smile on your sweet face.
That's what breaks the dam. 
When you first started walking, your legs felt like cooked noodles. 
But the second you locked eyes with him, you felt a surge of strength go through you and a relieved smile spread on your face. 
The rest of the walk feels so surreal as you look at him, you almost don't notice the tears sliding down his cheeks. 
You only catch it when he wipes them briefly.
Smile widening, you try to telepathically let him know it's okay. 
You can cry. 
Jungkook can't take his eyes from you, not for a split second. 
It feels as though you two are the only ones in the building. 
In the entire world. 
It feels like an eternity but also like the blink of an eye before you're standing right in front of him, and he can see your face a little more. 
The look you give him is clear as he takes your hand. 
He doesn't feel anxious to be worthy of you, or that he is lacking in any way. 
Doesn't feel the need to be good enough to marry you. 
Your words from a few months ago suddenly fly into his brain as you smile at him. 
"There's n-no such thing as good e-enough. You don't h-have to be good in m-my eyes," you had whispered, "I don't want y-you to be perfect. W-with all your f-faults and morals and strengths and w-weaknesses, you are enough, J-Jeon Jungkook."
Anyone in the crowd would relay that it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever witnessed, the two of you lighting up the entire room just by being together was something they weren't sure they'd have the privilege of seeing again no matter how many weddings they attended. 
By the time the vows were said and Jungkook had slipped the ring on your finger, and you slipped the other on his, there was not a single dry eye in the entire church. 
The priest smiles warmly at the two of you before gesturing his hands out gently.
"I now pronounce you man and wife; you may kiss the bride!"
Jungkook takes the edges of your veil with shaky hands, lifting it gently and revealing your bright smile to him. 
You truly are the loveliest being to ever walk the face of this Earth. 
He cups your soft cheeks with his hands and leans close to you, his nose bumping with yours briefly before you feel his lips touch yours. 
You don't even hear the claps and cheers of the crowd, too enchanted by Jungkook's lips molding perfectly with yours, the breath from his nose fanning your cheeks as you feel yourself sink into him more and more with every passing moment. 
The kiss feels like forever but was really only a few seconds.
When the two of you finally pull away, you see his eyes come into focus on your face. 
He must've been in a trance for a minute too. 
"Whoop whoooop!"
You and Jungkook break into laughter at the sound of Taehyung cheering and whistling loudly. 
You turn your head to look at the crowd, seeing smiles everywhere as they clap and clap. 
The crowd's excitement doesn't dwindle as Jimin and Tae approach you two. 
Jungkook takes your hand in his and lifts them so Jimin can gently wrap a thick white ribbon around your wrists, connecting you. He steps back so Tae can hand you each a lit candle in your free hands. 
You and Jungkook walk over to the big candle to the left of where you were standing for the ceremony, lifting your candles and lighting it together. 
The crowd's cheers get louder. 
You hand the candles to Tae, who smiles brightly at the two of you and gives you a wink. 
In the next second, you drag Jungkook with you towards the front aisle to go out ahead of the rest of the wedding party. 
Stepping out of the little church's front doors, you laugh in delight at the sight of millions of bubbles greeting you as you walk with him down the steps, his eyes trained on you the entire time. 
The reception is in the basement of the church where you got married, the area more spacious than one would think. 
Tables around the room are decorated with the black and yellow wedding colors, as elegant as you had hoped. The dance floor in the middle of the room has plenty of space for the guests. 
All the families of the kids you taught back in Seoul and the families of the kids you teach in Busan are milling about, talking with the other guests. 
The toasts were made and now everyone is either enjoying the food or dancing on the dance floor to their heart's content as colorful lights shine around them. 
"Sure you're not hungry?" Jungkook asks for the tenth time as you two watch the guests dance, his hand rests on your hip as you look around the room with a beaming grin. 
You laugh and shake your head, "I a-ate already, Koo!" 
His shy smile makes your heart melt in your chest. 
"Are you h-hungry?" You ask quietly, a teasing lilt to your voice. 
He shrugs, "Not really, I probably will be soon though."
You nod, chest warming when his hand moves around your waist even more, the unconscious protectiveness about him making you giggle. 
"Hey, you two."
You and Jungkook turn to see Seokjin and Yoongi approaching, genuine smiles on their faces. 
"Hi!" You wave happily. 
"Hey, I wasn't sure you'd make it," Jungkook says honestly, a smile breaking out on his face.
"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Seokjin says sincerely, "We were sitting closer to the back of the church, so you probably didn't see us. Congratulations by the way!"
"Yeah, congrats! Beautiful ceremony." Yoongi chimes in happily. 
You and Jungkook thank them profusely, Jin exchanging a look with your husband that you don't catch. 
He really is happy for the two of you, and Jungkook can see that from the look he gives him. 
"I'm going to go grab some food," Yoongi says after some small talk, "I'm starving!"
"I'll join you," Seokjin laughs, "Have fun you two!"
You wave to them, then you look at Jungkook. 
"W-what's wrong?" You ask, worried.
He comes out of his brief trance and shakes his head, "Nothing, sorry. It just means a lot to me that they're here."
You smile softly and lean over to peck his cheek, making him laugh. 
"Hey, lovebirds."
"Hey, Tae," Jungkook greets the out of breath young man who has just come from the dance floor. 
"Mind if I steal the lovely bride for a dance?"
Jungkook looks at you to see you smile and nod at him, "Fine by me, as long as you don't steal her away."
You laugh at his silliness and take Tae's hand, letting him lead you back to the dance floor while Jungkook joins Namjoon at the drink table. 
"You're a lucky man, Jeon," Namjoon says before taking a drink. 
Jungkook looks over at you, watching with a smile as you laugh and dance with Taehyung clumsily. 
"I know," he whispers.
Then he glances at Namjoon's waist to see a small bulge near his right pocket, something definitely being kept out of sight but ready to grab. 
"You don't think anything's going to happen, do you?"
The man looks down and sees what his younger friend is referring to, then he shakes his head with a laugh, "Nah. I'm a hitman Kook, I never go anywhere unarmed, you know that. Besides, you really think I'd come to my friend's wedding without taking precautions? Hell nah. The boys are armed too," He gestures at the other hitmen that Jungkook and Tae lived with for years, wandering around the room, "Y'all are safe, okay?"
He knew that there was a shadow of doubt, of fear in Jungkook's mind about the whole ceremony. 
After years of living in secret and on the run, how could there not be?
Just knowing there are people keeping their eyes out, makes him feel much better.
Jungkook nods, "Thanks, hyung."
"Sure thing."
Jungkook takes a big gulp of his drink, keeping his eyes on you over the brim of his cup while you dance. 
He sighs after the long drink as he glances around briefly. 
His eyes lock with Seokjin's across the room, who is holding a plate of food. 
The officer looks pointedly at a few of the hitmen mingling, then he looks back at Jungkook.
The look is clear. 
I'm aware of who they are and what they have. 
He gives Jungkook a small smile and shakes his head in amusement.
Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything about it. 
A relieved smile spreads on Jungkook's face and he nods at the cop. 
A rough nudge from Namjoon makes the younger one turn to him. 
The elder smirks, "A little birdie told me the next dance is a slow one. Might wanna get your lady back before Taehyung gets any ideas."
Jungkook laughs and hands his cup to Namjoon, "Thanks, see you later."
Then he makes his way to the dance floor, his eyes trained on you the whole time. 
Your grin makes him smile subconsciously as you and Tae dance like a couple of goofballs in what appears to be a dance where you're acting as the man and Tae as the woman as you spin him around. 
The song ends and Tae high fives you, both of you laughing breathlessly as Jungkook approaches. 
"Hey, Kook!" Tae hollers above the noise of the crowd, "Come back to claim your bride?"
You smile at Jungkook as he nods, "As long as she still wants me after that dance."
"S-silly!" You giggle, taking his hand and squishing up to his side. 
Taehyung bows to you clumsily, then he's off to find Yeona. 
You feel Jungkook's hand on your waist and turn to face him as the next song starts to play. 
Your new husband bows deeply, dramatically. 
"May I have this dance, your highness?" He looks at you with a sneaky grin. 
You clear your throat and get into character as you look down at him. 
"Mm, I suppose. You are q-quite handsome, I m-must admit."
His grin widens as you take his hand. 
Jungkook pulls you in close, until your noses are mere centimeters apart. 
Needing to cross your eyes to see him, you giggle at his silly antics. 
Quickly pecking your nose, he pulls away so he can see you clearly, the sound of your giggles making his heart melt. 
"Is it how you imagined?" He asks quietly as the two of you sway gently to the music. 
"More," you whisper back, "M-much more."
His soft smile makes you feel like you need to scream, he's just too cute and handsome, you're not sure how you're able to handle it. 
What on earth are you going to do now that this ethereal human will be living with you and spending every waking moment at your side?
Heaven help you. 
"You're so beautiful," Jungkook says, taking you out of your thoughts. 
"Thank y-you, you've s-said that at l-least ten times since th-the reception started," you tease quietly, shy from his compliment. 
He nods, "You're right, and you're going to hear it a lot more."
You smile and shake your head at his cheesiness. 
"You're n-not the same b-boy I met," you look into his eyes, "He would n-never have been th-this open."
He chuckles lowly, "He never even thought he'd get married, let alone to the loveliest girl in the world. Give me a break, okay?"
The two of you continue to laugh and talk, just enjoying each other's company, not even aware of the other people in the room. 
Neither of you notice Tae standing just outside the dance floor, sneaking a quick picture on his polaroid camera, making sure to note to himself to add it to the collection. 
When it's time to cut the cake, which you had wanted to do a little later, you and Jungkook gush over the gorgeous masterpiece that halmeoni created, making her blush and hush you both. 
Jungkook hands you the knife, "Can I trust you not to kill me with this?"
You hush him with a laugh as he takes your hand in his and guides it to the cake, cutting it together with you. 
Once you've got a piece and Yeona is cutting the rest of the cake for the guests, you get a fingerful of the fluffy frosting and smear it on Jungkook's cheek before he even knows what you're doing. 
He swipes at the cake and the next thing you know; you've also got some frosting decorating each of your cheeks as you laugh. 
Then Jungkook takes the fork and gets a piece of the cake, holding it for you to eat. 
You do, the sweetness coating your tongue perfectly. 
Just what you needed. 
The guests keep complimenting halmeoni on a job well done as the cake is both stunning to look at and tastes incredible. 
She smiles and thanks them humbly, always the sweetheart. 
You set the plate down and grab a napkin, turning to wipe the frosting off your husband's cheek before he returns the gesture. 
You reach for your glass but as you're about to grab it to take a sip, you start to feel funny and the cup slips from your grasp. 
Thankfully, he was right by your side when the seizure started, holding on to your waist and supporting your weight as you stare blankly ahead. 
"I've got you, sweetpea," he whispers, watching your face while making sure you're safe. 
It only lasts about a minute before he sees your gaze come back into focus and you blink, looking around slowly in confusion. 
"You're okay," he says gently, one hand still around your waist keeping you steady, and the other coming up to cup your cheek, "You had a seizure, love."
You gulp and look at him with tears in your eyes, but he shakes his head and smiles sweetly at you, "It only lasted a minute, you're okay. Everything's okay, no one even noticed."
Nodding, you blink back the tears. 
"Take some deep breaths, baby," he instructs you, breathing slowly with you and nodding encouragingly as you start to feel more grounded, "Thaaat's it, good girl." 
His warm hand cupping your cheek is helpful in bringing you back to where you are, the sounds of the celebration coming back as you continue to look in his eyes. 
"Hey, is everything alright? ____, you okay?"
Taehyung is the only one that noticed something was happening as he puts a gentle hand on your shoulder. 
You nod as Jungkook tucks some hair behind your ear and answers for you, "She's okay, just a small seizure, no biggie."
"Is there anything I can do?" Tae asks. 
Jungkook looks at him, thinking for a second, "Would you mind getting her a glass of water? You can meet us in the lounge area."
Tae nods and leaves quickly. 
You let Jungkook keep a hold of you while he leads you just outside the basement doors into a small lounge where there are a few couches. The sound of the music fades as the doors close. 
Sitting down on the longest middle couch, you bite your lip. 
Jungkook kneels in front of where you sit, leaning forward and kissing your forehead sweetly, "Nothing to apologize for, baby."
The music drifts into the lounge briefly as Tae comes in, then it fades again as he shuts the door behind him. 
"Here's some water, ____. Yeona also suggested getting you some crackers."
You thank him as he sits next to you and hands you the glass, watching as you take a few sips and then handing you a cracker to nibble on. 
Jungkook stays on the ground at your feet, his hand rubbing up and down on your lower leg, just under your dress. 
Feeling a bit choked up, you swallow the lump in your throat. 
The way they both care for you is something you still have yet to grow used to, even though it's been the norm for a while now. 
It just makes your heart hurt in such a good way, healing parts of you that you hadn't known were broken. 
"Are your feet sore?" Jungkook asks, pulling you back to the present. 
You nod hesitantly, your cheeks heating up when he ever so gently pulls your shoes off and starts to rub your stockinged feet. 
It truly feels like you're being treated like a queen, much to Jungkook's intent. 
He wants to make sure you know how important you are to him, how much he loves you and will always love you. 
You and Jungkook look over to where Tae is standing now, the polaroid in his hand and a huge grin on his face. 
"What? You think I'd let this opportunity pass?" He scoffs, "I'll take every chance I can to document the proof of how much Jungkook is a fucking simp for you, ____. Your future kids will never let you live this down, Kook."
You look at Jungkook to see him chuckle, but it seems a bit sad as he looks back down at your feet and bites his lip. 
"I w-wonder what Lotus would s-say about this," you pipe up, to distract him, "Do you th-think he would die, kn-knowing the girl he's tr-trying to kill would be th-the one who’s feet he's rubbing now?"
Jungkook and Tae burst into laughter at your joke, the awkward silence completely dissolving into thin air. 
"He'd have a damn heart attack and croak," Tae guffaws, "I'd pay to see the look on his face."
Jungkook shakes his head as he laughs, cheeks tinted pink. 
When he looks back up at you, his heart aches in his chest at the look you give him. 
"I love you," you mouth, your big eyes shining brighter than he's ever seen. 
"I love you too," he whispers back as Tae shakes the image coming from the camera and blabs on about how well the whole day has gone. 
Better than you had ever dreamed of. 
Your feet are killing you even more than they were during your little break in the lounge area. 
It's nearly nine at night and most of the guests have gone home to put their kids to bed, but a lot of them stayed, partying until they couldn't anymore. 
Yeona hugs you tightly and kisses your cheek before pulling back, "Have a great time, and be sure to take a lot of pictures!" 
Taehyung hugs Jungkook before hugging you just as tight, "Keep him in line, babe. He's a troublemaker," he winks at Jungkook, who shakes his head with a laugh, "Jeon, you better get good pics, or I'll kill you myself."
"Why do you guys doubt me so much??" Jungkook asks incredulously as your friends laugh.
Jimin is the last one to hug you, holding you tighter than anyone so far, "Stay safe and have a wonderful time, ____. You deserve it so much."
"Thank you, J-Jimin." 
You wipe at your eyes when he pulls away, letting him squeeze your hand. 
"Get some sleep on the flight, okay?" Jimin reminds you sweetly.
You nod before Taehyung cuts in loudly, "Yeah, just because you just got married doesn't mean you can get freaky on the plane-"
"Kim Taehyung!" Yeona hollers as your face turns bright red. 
You glance at Jungkook to see a hand covering his eyes as if he believes that if he can't see his best friend, he doesn't exist. 
"What?! I'm serious!"
Tae winces when halmeoni smacks him on the back of the head. 
He rubs the sore spot, pouting, "It's not like I'm the only one thinking it-"
"Have a wonderful honeymoon!!" Yeona shouts happily, cutting off anything else her foolish boyfriend might decide to say.
You thank her again, then pull Jungkook towards the front where a sleek black car is waiting to take you to the airport, waving to everyone as you leave. 
Jimin brought you a change of clothes and your luggage, he and Yeona are going to take your dress and all of your gifts to the apartment for you, so you don't have to worry. 
The small crowd of friends continue to shout their goodbyes while you run to the car and Jungkook opens the door for you, letting you slide in before climbing in after you, waving once more and then shutting the door. 
It’s silent for a second.
"Fucking assclown," Jungkook growls, his face dropping into his hands. 
You can feel the embarrassment physically seeping off of him. 
"The airport?" The driver confirms. 
"Yes, p-please," you say kindly, "Thank y-you."
"Of course," The driver then pushes a button, and a black screen goes up, separating the back from the front, so that you and Jungkook can have some privacy. 
"I'm s-sorry, Kook..."
You watch as he stays hidden in his hands for a second before his shoulders shake a little with laughter, which brings a smile to your face. 
When he finally takes his hands from his face and looks at you, you can see how deep his blush is, even in the darkened car. 
"What the fuck goes on in that brain of his?" 
You shrug, your mouth twisting in an attempt to not laugh. 
But when you see Jungkook losing his own fight not to smile, you break, giggles slipping from your mouth as he shakes his head and leans back into the car seat with a loud groan.
"He's lucky we won't see him again for the next two weeks."
"He r-really is, I w-was scared you were g-g-gonna punch him."
"I almost did. Freaking dumbass."
It's silent save for your little chuckles for the next few minutes. 
Then you look over at him when you feel his gaze on you. 
"What?" You ask in a tiny voice, seeing him look at you in a way you can’t quite decipher. 
"No, t-tell me."
"I just love you is all," he says quietly, reaching over and taking your hand, "I can't wait to spend the next few weeks alone with you. And then the rest of our lives."
His words make your heart skip a beat, then it starts beating faster when he leans over and kisses your cheek, then your chin. 
"Do you think he can see through that divider?" Jungkook mumbles, placing another kiss on your jaw. 
"I- I d-don't know," your tummy is doing little flips as he kisses along your jawline before pulling back and smirking at your flushed cheeks. 
"I'm kidding sweetpea; I wouldn't take that chance. I'm impatient, but I'm not that impatient."
A nervous laugh slips from your lips and a low chuckle falls from his. 
"Not yet anyway."
a/n: and i oop- ;) stay tuned, ya siMPs
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A Date: jungkook x reader
Summary: reader! and jungkook go on a date to an aquarium!
Genre: fluff
Trigger Warnings: nothing, really. maybe, um, celebrity secrecy? fear to reveal identity in public? some kissing.
Word Count: 0.55k (approx)
also i suck at titles- like WoW- i should work on it
Tumblr media
~open the pic for better clarity~
"Hey," you greet him in surprise. You did not expect him to show up. But of course, you start grinning like a mad person. Your boyfriend is here. You've seen him a million times, but you always smile when you see him. Always.
Jungkook is standing in front of you, wearing a black mask, a black hoodie and grey sweatpants, with hilarious star-shaped blue shades on his nose. His grey beanie does not hide his messy, black hair very well. He waves at you, and you know he's smiling just like you are behind his mask.
He'd told you he mostly couldn't come to the date today because he had an important meeting. You decided to expect the worst because.. you get it. But he actually turns up. On time.
You're in an aquarium. There's sea animals floating around you within the glass walls, in the blue water. The biology enthusiast in you is screaming with joy. You've been here several times before, but bringing Jungkook here just makes it ten times better.
Jungkook lowers his mask and leans in with that smile on his face you knew he'd have, and he kisses you. He looks ridiculous with those glasses, but his face just makes your heart melt. He quickly wears the mask back, reddening slightly.
You hold his hand as you guide him through the aquarium, showing him around the place. You talk and talk, describing every living being you see in the waters and how they live. Jungkook nods along, amused, as you both wander through the place. You've only recently started dating, and he's never seen you so.. enthusiastic; in your element. Sometimes he doesn't understand what you're saying and sometimes you go into a tangent on a completely different topic, like the ocean currents and how they influence the water temperature, but Jungkook manages to understand whatever you're saying and enjoys it.
After a long last you guys finish your tour and go to the lake a mile away from the aquarium. It's beautiful. There's a canopy growing overhead, on the bank. It's full of flowers, well trimmed fields and a floor of fresh green grass. It's mostly deserted; Jungkook finally takes off his mask and smiles at you. There's a little cafe near the place, and you eat there, talking. There's no one there, except for the friendly owner (who makes a delicious pizza). "Did you buy this place?" you ask him, raising an eyebrow. Jungkook laughs as he stuffs a ridiculously huge bite of his pizza in his mouth.
You sit in the cafe and talk for ages, watching the pretty blue sky outside, until he looks at his watch by accident and yelps as he shoots out of his chair. He apologizes profusely as you wrap it up, pay your bills and go on your own ways. You kiss one last time, and you know you miss him already. You think he feels the same way too, judging by the sad look on his face.
You then sit in the train on your way back home. It's relatively empty. You pop in your airpods and play a song of Jungkook's. You close your eyes as you listen to it, the sun setting outside the window, and you know that you'll see him again. Soon.
please give credits if you repost/reuse the fic and/or the image! hope you liked reading this :)
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